Willow Flute Egg

Smooth and bland as sanded willow, umber gently blends with palest yellow in
long and narrow cascade. Whittled with a blunted blade, hollows dip into the
surface, each to follow each in single row, patterned so that fingers
could find fit in easy stretch. Rounded ends bear blackened etching,
symmetry offering illusion of slender channel through the very core, as
though wind's subtle shifting would softly wheeze a mournful drifting
cry, or brisker breeze evoke adoring lullabye.

Hatching Message

Willow Flute Egg quivers with treble delight, high-reaching, soaring —
and is cut off, as cracks split it in two, splintered by the stretch of
a decidedly dark claw.

Champagne Grape Blue Dragonet

Sun-ripened hues of damask purple gleam brilliantly against dew-frosted blue
all along this dragonet's curved and compact frame. No straight lines define
his diminutive form; the curve and curl of shortened limbs bunch beneath him
in buoyant, bubbly afterthought. Airy wingsails arc high overhead, marked by
tiny circlets of bitter grape; champagne limns them as well, though, tracing
the wingspars and tips with earthy, greenish-brown. Wide, expressive eyes
highlight the paler frosting of muzzle's tip, echoing with delight the
distilled wine that touches tail's tip and tilts him towards heady

Impression Message

Like the tart burst of an underripe grape in your mind, this Other washes
over you with a cascade of pure devotion and effervescent joy. » You are
mine, my Kethlai. « The heady intensity takes you over, makes it even
harder to think, and then you know:


Egg Desc : B'nal
Hatch Message : Ariana
Dragon Name : Ariana
Description : Millae, Ariana
Impression Message : Millae, Ariana
Inspiration : Millae (with help from Toria and Ariana)

Ilurath's Inspiration


Ilurath is derived from Ilura, a minor Indian goddess of moon and night.
She's the sister of Parma Shiva, but is also identified with Parvati — a
major Indian goddess of, notably, earth and nature, love and sexuality,
intelligence and creativity, and ceremonies. Additionally, she's considered
an aspect of the Devi, and she's the daughter of ether and intellect. While
it is a female goddess for a male dragon, we think it fits well. :)

Ilurath tends towards the middling purple side of the spectrum. He's not as
dark as Ryuth, but rather lighter: like champagne grapes, who have a lovely,
plummy color, his blue has definite highlights of that. But he also has more
hues on him, other than just that plum. Golden-brown champagne touches his
wings, tracing between little circled dapplings of deeper grape that are
very much like the grapes we mentioned above — very very tiny. As well,
long waves of icy blue curve up from his belly to his sides, and even color
the bottom of his chin with that same cool color; his toes, as well, are
pale, pale ice-blue, but tipped with long and narrow talons of dark indigo.

Looking like a full grown dragon in minature, Ilurath will never grow to
the size of some of his fellow blues, and may be the same size of some of
the larger greens. And while this may give you pause when his clutchmates
are soaring in size around him, he'll not give it a care. Agile, quick
and plucky, his wings will be more than ready to grace the sky when the
time comes. However, at first, he'll also tend to be a bit of a klutz —
those fingersails are more than a little rounded at the ends, and it will
take him a bit to adjust. Fleet of form, he'll be able to match any green
when she takes her acrobatics to the skies, but with such gifts come a
price. He'll never have the endurance to fly marathon flights like some of
the larger dragons.

Curves and an almost pudgy roundness grace his tiny form now as a wet winged
dragonet, and while he will firm up with the exercise and work his
enthusiasm and energy will bring, he'll still never lose those curves. Put
together with endless circles, his neck flows with an S curve into a body
that swirls up into a gracious sweep of vine stenciled wings. He's all
curves and arcs, with a slightly bow-legged appearance and a sinuous manner
to him; those shortened limbs might grow out a bit later, ending up with
muscles that are powerfully bunched, but end in surprisingly fragile paws
and tail-tips. Those large eyes are set just a touch too far apart in his
somewhat rounded head — and his neck is perhaps a bit short as well, but
definitely muscular. Bunches of muscles, indeed! It may not be as long as
some of the others, but it's /strong/ — so watch out! And that tail of his
will never sit still, constantly twisting and turning into new and
expressive forms. For now, though, he tends to be more squat than agile, and
he'll grow more slowly — but for longer — than his brethren. Of course
he's beautiful, if in a different way, and he'll always be more rounded
where others are sleek — but he won't always have that babyfat.

As for quirks, well, all dragons have them and Ilurath is no exception. When
it comes to oiling, he makes no secret of the pleasure he takes in it, often
telling the whole weyr that he is being oiled. And where exactly. And how.
And how often. This means, of course, that if you forget even /once/
everyone will know. He tends to need to be oiled especially on his sides,
which are blessedly easy to reach — but his headknobs tend to itch, too,
and the ridges on his muzzle. And his withers, right where the straps go! He
likes oilings to be group projects — he likes to be admired and petted upon
when being oiled, and will have no qualms with insisting you get all the
firelizards to help and the other weyrlings (and riders, and runners, and,
and…) His philosophy is: the more the merrier!

*Mental Signature*
Tart and effervescent, his mind is almost bubbly in the words and pictures
he shares with you. Even more so than other dragons, his mind is
/constantly/ in contact with yours, even if it's just to mentally taste
your name, an endless repetition of the sound echoing through both your
minds. All new riders must deal with the strong sensations of this new
'other' that is part of them, but for you it will be an even harder task.
Ilurath is a powerful telepath, and his experiences will be your
experiences in almost the exact intensity they are for him. Those
first few months of bonding in his first turn may find you acting as if
tipsy as he pours into and out of you. His first mating flight will be a
fireworks along your nerves….

Ilurath adores you and your every thought, delighting in the ecstasy he
finds in being part of you. But make no mistake, he'll never put up with
any selfpity or demeaning emotions you feel about yourself — and he is Not
Cute. Any intimation of that will likely be met with strong objections, and
he dislikes being sappy in any way, shape or form. He'll take immediate
action to push you past feelings of sadness, mainly because he really does't
understand what the problem is. He's impatient to a fault, at times, having
just no understanding of what it means to /be/ unhappy. You're wonderful,
he's wonderful, the world is wonderful. He is a sensualist, taking a joy in
every feeling and experience life has to offer — but having a bit of skill
at avoiding taking on Responsibility or problems. He prefers to avoid
problems, and he'll need you to turn him around, even if he's grudging about
it — and he /can/ hold a grudge! (at least for the length of his memory) —
when he gets out of hand. Swimming will be one of his favorite pastimes
till he gets into the air, just as any physical activity will enthrall him.
While in no way hyper, he will keep you on your feet.

Make no mistake, he's not dumb. In fact, he's rather contemplative for a
dragon so active, but when it comes down to it, his memory is horrid. All
dragons have short memories, but Ilurath will be even worse. As he sits
there seriously contemplating a 'deep' thought, five minutes later he'll
have to ask you what exactly he was thinking. In his first turns this will
mean a tremendous amount of reteaching as he forgets lesson after lesson.
But it will reinforce his pure joy at life. He forgets for himself — but
not for you, sometimes, mind. That impatience you see. Go /now/. Swim /now/.
Play /now/. Or, even worse: « Let's go fly! » K'it changes. « Let's go
swim! » But you wanted to fly. « No I didn't. » How would you feel if you got
to experience everything anew? And you will as he sends his excitement
washing over you as he does constantly.

When he matures, which will be a bit late, as he'll grow for even longer
than his brethren, he'll be an active chaser, but he won't be much of one
for proing during the flights. Afterwards and before, well, he'll try to
talk to most any other dragon, delighting in drawing others into his fun.
But the problem is, of course, that memory: he's outward focussed, cheerful,
happy, exuberant… he just forgets what he's been discussing so seriously.
So be prepared to remind him.

Like any good wine, he'll take time to mature… And he will, turning into a
lovely, solid fellow, one to make both you /and/ he grow up, past the point
of cuteness into a strong pairing.

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