Delsen's Unconventional Foliage-Green Irusenth
Lonely Trundlings Egg
Steel grey bars create a crosshatch pattern that mars the otherwise plain sienna surface of this egg. Upon closer inspection it's clear that the bars are not as uniform as they may have first appeared - they bend and twist, contorting in ways that cause the eye to miss what is really there, and see what is really not. The illusion continues around the egg, yet the question remains; do the bars keep others out, or do they cage something in?

Lonely Trundlings Egg rustily stirs to motion. Rattling the cage, a green dragon fights to be free of the opressive tyrrany the steel represents… but she finds she doesn't have to, the bars giving way with alacrity. The egg splits into almost uniform rectangular pieces, the green left sitting, dazed, in the rubble.

Unconventional Foliage-Green Dragonet
Not what one would call feminine, this dragon bears no long and sinewy lines; rather, this green is sturdy in the full and stocky way. Her squarer body is softened by the muted shades of the forest, dark olive thinning in sides and legs, with highlights of a brighter, leafy green. Shadowy tones accentuate the blunted tail and shortened limbs, which stand in stark contrast to the finely-boned wings. Dappling forest colours mottle the wide expanse of her back with mosses, fading as they shade belly and knobbly legs. The lightest tones on her body illuminate the frail looking wing-bones, tans and creamed greens picking out the ridges of bone and floating slightly onto wing's translucence.

Public Impression Message: Unconventional Foliage-Green Dragonet approaches Delsen, kicking up sand in her haste, and in those eyes she finds the other half of her self.

Private Impression Message A puff of sudden spice ensnares the senses, a rolling cloud of red dust swelling in your mind. As if conscious that this was too much for a first meeting, a drizzle of strong smelling, yet smooth and cool polish works its way down, seeping through the cracks and insinuating itself inextricably into you, linking two together, forever. « I woke up this morning… » The words roll into your mind, encompassing you in the sweet twang of guitar and bright accent of harmonica. « I woke up this morning, and I found you. I am Irusenth! »

Name and Theme
Your Irusenth is a girl who is often misunderstood. While some see her as simple, she is infinitely complex in ways that you (yes, even you) cannot even begin to imagine. While she may let you into her world on occasion, it is hard not to get caught up in it so completely that you don't know yourself anymore. Beware… but have fun, always. We found inspiration for your lovely girl in the Blues. Our eggs fit into a Junkyard theme: what people had thrown away or left behind. Lonely Trundling Egg is based on the appearance of an abandoned shopping cart. They say that one man's trash is another's treasure, though: this strange-looking egg contains your soul mate.
Personality —
Irusenth is a departure from the norm, a dragon that follows the path that others tend not to tread, or fear to tread. She has her own rules about the way that things should be, and these rules don't coincide completely with what others believe is right, correct, and decent. These rules help to stray her from the path of good, every now and then. She has your best interests at heart every single time, and it's anything for her darling D'sen. That's one of her rules, see? If you were completely against something, she wouldn't try to force it, nor would she if danger reared its ugly head and threatened you. As with any venture into the 'dark side,' it is done with selfish gain in mind, you or she profiting.

This 'straying from the path' sometimes puts her into the mindset that she's better than the rest of her clutchmates… nay, the weyr, and unless they stray with her, they're hardly worthy of notice. She'll probably spend a lot of time acting up with Sakurath and Araganth, her worthy sisters

You will always be worthy of her notice though, and she'll forever be asking you things. « So. Is all cheese yellow? » This asking isn't so much out of a need to know, but more that she's concerned about your welfare, and wants to feel out your response rather than ask a general, « How're you going? » She's very centred around emotions and she tends to understand the dragon ones pretty well… but humans are a mystery that she will unravel, in her own way, and time. « Why don't people come in 5 colours? You don't know? Let's find out!» If there's something that Irusenth has in abundance, it's that 'can do' attitude. She will be able to work this question out (and if she can't, she'll forget about it in no time at all). As long as she can remember that she needs to do something, she'll be focused on its completion so utterly that wild horses wouldn't drag her… « Oooh, pretty horsies. » Perhaps that was the wrong example… well, she won't give up easily.

When she is up for drills, her fellow greens may know when to back down from tiredness, but Irusenth will carry on until she, or you, almost drop from exhaustion. Defeat is not a word in her vocabulary. She is also convinced that each time she does this… almost killing herself thing, she makes herself better, more resistant to the next exertion. It's all okay though, she may work herself hard, but she will learn fast that working herself too hard causes injury, and ends up with the both of you grounded.

Iskandeth may appreciate that hard-work ethic, just as Araganth and Sakurath will entice their sister from it - the gang of mischief of these ladies, with Llydyth and Jadziath joining in the plot, will tempt your Irusenth from work to play. When she's mellow, she'll enjoy the stories of her mates, Dushlanth's drinking songs and Jadziath's tall tales.

All dragons have quirks, the little things that make them unique and oftentimes, weird. Irusenth is no exception to this. You will learn to hide things that you want to keep very, very, quickly. Both she and Llydyth will have a wonderful time giving away both Savarna's and your things. And it will become a contest, most certainly, of both volume and quality. « Here. Have this. You can surely use it more than my rider. » Shame that what she just gave away was your last pair of underclothes. Or your best pair of trous. Or, or, or.

One of the reasons why Irusenth's taste in art is so peculiar « Abstract, really. Hmph! » might be because she's colour confused. She does /not/ see differently to most other dragons, but until you get the hang of the way that she describes colour, you will get very confused about what she says regarding 'that blonde girl', or the 'green headed boy'. She even fancies that she's red. Someone told her that she was all wrong about the colours early on, and imprinted into her impressionable mind that red was green, and so on. « You know, I knew that candidate would impress pink. » Blue, dear. « Ahhh, Blue. » Retraining her will take a long, long time.

Most music will bore her, and only the surprising turns of Jazz, or unexpected combinations of Blues will capture her interest for more than a few moments, and this will go the same way with male dragons. Her interest will not lie with one dragon for more than a sevenday, and she'll be forever forgetting which ones she's spent the night on the ledge with. Her memory isn't the best, but then, it doesn't need to be.

Proddy, she will be a terror upon the Weyr. « You call that /art/? That is not art. /This/ is art. » Slash, slash. « Much better. » Never mind the screaming women who spent the better part of a year on that tapestry. Beware that she and Tarin's Ryuth do not meet up, especially when she's proddy, as they will probably terrorise the Weyr with the Stages of Herdbeast Perfection… on a grand scale.

When she does rise, her flights will be dizzying to watch. She's a little on the small side, and she uses this well to duck and weave in and out of the pack completely unpredictable in every maneuver. The only part that is predictable is that she'll rise up, and even then there's a good chance she'll lose height in a dive, only to find a thermal and gain it again. The dragon that will catch her will be just as unpredictable as she (but not to the point of not following her at all, hah!), doing something that she would never expect to win her affections, and ensnare her in his wings.

Physicality — Irusenth will always be on the small side, even right from impression day. Don't you dare ever think that will hinder her though! She possesses a certain quality of grace even when she steps out of the shards of her egg; she'll remind you more of flowing water than anything else. But - and yes, there is a but - even though she's quite the performer, her grace will suffer when she knows there's hundreds of eyes upon her. In these cases, she may start trying just a little too hard, and that's when she starts tripping over her own feet. Be careful, and always make her sure she's doing just fine.

Physically, Irusenth's growth will seem to almost be nonexistant for the first part of her life- she'll hit a point, though, where a giant spurt is in order. At that point, it'll almost seem like she's growing piece by piece. First her legs may become just a little too long, then her wings may become ungainly. It'll all even out eventually, but it'll make for some interesting dealings in the meantime. Whatever area gets the sudden growth is the area you'll be concentrating on when it comes to oiling- which could easily change from week to week.

She'll finally even out just about where she was on hatching day - though a lot bigger, and a lot better proportioned. Her legs and tail will still be a little short, her face and wings a little elongated; but that's part of her never-ending charm. Still, by the time she's ready for her first flight, certain smooth lines will be imbued into her body, ironing out some of the blockiness.

Small or not, Irusenth still packs a certain amount of power into her little frame. Much like her sister Llydyth, her hindquarters will provide a strong start off the ground- and though she'll have a tendancy early on to fly all her energy away quickly, she'll soon learn it's better to save her energy for when she'll really need it.

Mindvoice —
It's always dusk in Irusenth's voice, a country sunset with the aimless plucking of guitar strings weaving in and out of every word. Her mind layered with soft, smooth reds and golds, she's subtly diminished, but never minor. A moment stopped in time, she's as solid as wood, but there is an undercurrent of warmth that will never be lost even when she's arguing with you. Brilliant cajun spice is laden within heated words but they soon cool, beads of water on a frosted glass offering peace and a truce, for now.

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Lyaseth
Egg: T'ai
Inspiration: T'ai, I'rao, Nerae, L'o and J'bal

Welcome to Fort, D'sen! Remember, this inspiration is only a guide. Feel free to tweak and touch up, or start over. It wouldn't be blues without a little improv! Only you know Irusenth best.

Posted 2004-March-6 by Zephre

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