A'odh's Majestic Sword-Bronze Iskandeth
Tangled Cables Egg
Red, green, and yellow all twist together in a mindless cacophony along this egg's surface, each shade twisted and pulled into an elongated strand and knotted in on each other. Bright copper frays out from the ends of some, though hardly eye-catching among the rest.

Tangled Cables Egg writhes as if a current surges through it, greens and reds warping to reveal the glitter of bronze. As the egg falls apart in disorderly mess, the one live wire in the bunch, that bronze dragonet, struts out to seek his destiny.

Majestic Sword-Bronze Dragonet
From rusted wing membrane to earthen hindquarters, the mark of age is upon this dragon, with his wiry form of ancient bronze forged into sharp, angular lines. Aged amber accents deepset eyes and a stubborn jawline, echoed along his muscular shoulders from which sweep corroded wings. Rust bespeckles the translucent membranes, a spattering of glowing heat against the cool of polished metal. Contasting with that burnished brilliance, his earthen-stained hindquarters, mud ingrained in a whipcord tail and creeping up his dark underbelly. Dully gleaming talons are set in ochre feet, camoflaged with a faint hint of tarnished green.

Public Impression Message: Majestic Sword Bronze Dragonet ends his inspection and puffs up with pride. He plays the crowd, basking in the glory of victory, as his first campaign concludes here: with Aodhan.

Private Impression Message The house lights fade in your mind, and a sudden silence steps in. An electronic hum surges, while strains of deep bass and soaring guitar weave around one another, melting together to form words. « I have such plans, A'odh. » Colors slowly rise with the sound, turning the darkness into motleys of reds, yellows and blues. « But I need your help. I can't do it by myself. I am Iskandeth! »

Name and Theme
A'odh, your lifemate is based on two main themes: Alexander the Great, and Heavy Metal Rock and Roll Music! We felt that the two of them matched very well, since in both themes there are elements of men conquering vast landscapes, specialized costumes, massive destruction, and leaders who think they're gods. ;) Alexander's brilliant mind is represented here, as well as the raucous freedom and resounding sounds of the rock guitar. Specific music to keep in mind is that of Metallica.
The name, of course, is for Alexander, who was Iskander in Greek.
Our egg theme for this clutch was things found in a Junkyard. We thought the Tangled Cables Egg matched our Heavy Metal theme very well, as there's nothing quite like the sea of wires backstage at those shows. These tangled wires have yielded a very promising show-stopper, though, for A'odh!

Personality —
Arrogance, thy name is Iskandeth. He is good. He knows it. He is not chary about flaunting it. He truly believes himself to be supreme. Now he does not take it to foolish extremes /too/ often. It is a great game of strategy to him, how he can move his pieces his ‘allies', or even his words and then gain the affect he wants. While strategies must be boldly planed if they are to succeed with any greatness, stupidity has killed many a general. Iskandeth is not stupid by any stretch of the imagination.

His ego does, however, have two sides to it. He will not be backwards in making his displeasure known when things do not go the way /he/ thinks is best. He /will/ yield to logic and experience, however reluctantly. It is, after all, only good tactics to listen to those who have already done what you wish to do so that you may emulate their successes and avoid their failures. As he grows he will learn some measure of diplomacy.

This need for discipline will no doubt put him at odds with his green siblings, that Triumvirate of Mischief, Sakurath, Irusenth, and Araganth. Their constant flaunting of the rules will drive Iskandeth to distraction sometimes, but you never know - even the greatest general has to loosen up sometimes, and they may be just the greens to accomplish that. After all, at some point that inner Rocker will rear his head, and Iskandeth may discover a showman in himself he'd buried under the tactician.

He'll probably be on uneasily good terms with Jadziath and Dushlanth, though, whose hunter and warrior natures will mesh with Iskandeth's own. Still, your Iskandeth tends to think in lines, while the more organic and free-form Jadziath and Dushlanth may throw him a wild curve with their sudden leaps of non-linear logic.

He does not accept failure, though he will be more tolerant of your failings than his own. He values discipline, of self and others, quite highly and to him, failure is a breakdown of his own discipline, else why would he /not/ have succeeded? When he does fail to meet his goals, he will retreat when logic dictates, but on minor losses he will refuse to acknowledge them. The major ones he will push himself to the point of dropping to remedy. If he lost to another, then he will demand (he will never admit to begging) for a rematch until he does win.

He is prone to sulking, especially when he has been thwarted, deliberately or no. There will be times when he retreats into your weyr or drags you to the wide open spaces where you two can be alone to work things out and plan to, as he would say, build anew. Every show has the occasional snag, but there's another concert over the next horizon to plan for. Yesterday's campaigns end, and you both have to work with the result to build tomorrow's.

Iskandeth is a bundle of contradictions, yet somehow a balance between them, both the volatile and the disciplined. He is himself and that is sufficient.

Physicality — Iskandeth is short for a bronze, but muscular. This gives him a slight edge over /most/ other bronzes, as he is agile (for a bronze) without sacrificing a great deal in the way of stamina. However, his muscle mass does make him a bit slower to build speed in spite of all his mobility. He is not a sprinter by any stretch of the imagination. He will grow strangely, in fits and starts, and never all at once. First his wings may shoot out, then his neck and tail, then he'll bulk up. Or he'll keep bulking and the rest of him will follow.

He is very stable in both the air and on the ground. He is /graceful/ even though he'll never even give some of the small browns competition for aerobatics. Once he stops growing he will become eloquent in motion. As a hatchling he'll be more graceful than many, but it will only be his determination not to trip over his own two feet that will prevent such things sometimes.

Mindvoice —
When Iskandeth is silent, he is the darkness that encompasses all just before a show begins- visually, you will see nothing, but will always be aware of a dull electronic silence, which is way of saying "I'm with you." When he speaks, you won't really be sure if his voice is the rumbling bass or the soaring guitar; or if the two share a duet of line and phrase, of rhythm and meter. Your bronze enjoys using flashes of light to add emphasis to his words. Beware, however, for when he gets angry he'll have a tendency to pepper you with a strobe-like flashing, ensuring a quick headache. His words often have an undercurrent of crackling electricity beneath them, all the more emphasized in times of excitement, and the scent of a restless crowd is ever present in the background of his thoughts, a manifestation of the subconscious assumption that he's always under the microscope.

No matter the challenges, you'll meet them together, A'odh!

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Lyaseth
Egg: Nerae
Inspiration: Nerae, J'bal, T'ai, Zephre, R'sin

Welcome to Fort! Please remember this inspiration is just that - inspiration. Feel free to take what you like, leave what you don't, and make up the rest! Iskandeth is your lifemate and you know him best!

Posted 2004-Mar-6 by Zephre

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