Ista Hold

Ista Hold is on the southeast corner of Ista Island in Big Bay. Blessed with a subtropical climate, they grow orange, yellow, and green citrus fruit, sweet-cane, and peppers among other crops. They also mine various gems and the docking cavern is always busy with fishing and trading ships coming in and out of port.

To get to Ista Hold you can take a boat from Southern Boll on the mainland, or Ista Weyr on the island, or you could @move to #1711.

If you are interested in residency, please @send the *istaholdstaff mailer. Please include a small snippet of history.


Lord Holder: Sterling Lady Holder: None
Steward: Joseph (NPC) Headwoman: Petrian (NPC)
Asst. Steward: Thevaryn Asst. Headwoman: Brielle (NPC)
Guard Captain: Vallog (NPC) Groundskeeper: NPC
Guard Lieutenant: Dyrcas (NPC)

OOC Staff: Sterling, Lisya, Rh'iad, Apollyon

Last updated: September 25, 2012

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