Ista Weyr

The smallest of Pern's northern Weyrs, Ista is situated on the southwestern shore of Ista Isle in a volcano which is a "dramatic half-peak….the blackstone like giant jagged fingers." On the lower side, facing the sea, is a plateau with a fenced in corral that fills the narrows between the Bowl and the plateau.

Too few weyrs are available within the Bowl to house all the Weyr's riders and dragons, so additional weyrs below the plateau are occupied, hidden in the lush greenery surrounding the base of the Weyr mountain as well as on the outer mountain on the south facing wall overlooking the heavy forests that cover the island. Lower still is a bay where dragons and people go to swim just off the black sand beaches.

Come by and grab a drink at The Klah Pot in Ista's lower caverns, or drop by for an impromptu spiderclaw bake on one of our many beaches! The evening often brings bonfire dances and the occasional dice game on the inner shore of our waterfall and lake.

As you can tell, Ista Weyr has taken a somewhat laid back view this current generation. While we have yet to resort to colorful tropical shirts and sitting under umbrellas on our beaches, there is a very friendly and informal feel. Maybe it's the fact that most of Ista's leaders are currently amongst the younger members of the population.

Either way, we love new people and also welcome visitors from other areas! So hop on a boat from the mainland or get a watch rider to bring you by. We'll keep some chilled fruit and a bonfire going for you!

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Weyrleader: S'tao Sr. Weyrwoman: Wyn
Weyrsecond: Tia Jr. Weyrwomen: Lisya
Wingleaders Ai'den, S'tao Rt. Weyrwoman: Katarra
Weyrlingmaster: I'deni Headwoman: Mika
Steward: (Open) Asst. Headwoman: Vyune

Ista, though one of the smallest Weyrs, is also the best situated: based on a subtropical island wafted by sea-born breezes. The living cavern is always full of people going about their business and you're more than welcome to join in!

@move to #2070 or snag a boat from the mainland to explore. Feel free to @send *isf or page any of the staff with questions. If you'd like to become a resident write *isf with your request. There are a few requirements to keep in mind, namely that you have a programmer's bit, that you have a reasonable description, and we'll need a /short/ written history blurb from you (send it to *isf). Think about what sort of job you'd like to do as well - everyone at the Weyr works in some capacity or another.

Staff: Jordan, S'tao, Ai'den, Rh'iad, and Wyn

Last updated: April 25, 2012

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