Ita is the daughter of N'lon and Liette. She has been raised in a Weyr all her life. She has a lot of siblings at both Weyrs, but her only full sibling is L'ton, whom she loves a lot.

She started to find out as she matured that she could hear the dragons talking. Instead of driving her crazy like it might have if she lived in a hold and then visited, Ita found she liked the noise and that it comforted her. So much so that she doesn't like to leave the weyr because it's "too quiet."

Instead of following in her parents' footsteps, Ita has decided to become a healer, probably eventually specializing in dragonhealing. Since she much prefers the weyr, she's learning from people at the weyr mostly, and only going over to the Hall for short periods of time so that she can keep close to home.

Right now, Ita is working on her journeyman project. It has to do with the effects of mindhealing on dragons and riders.

A new greenrider transferred from Telgar Weyr. J'cobi,Reineth's rider was nearly a Journeyman Healer when he Impressed. So, he's been helping in the infirmary as part of his duties, since Althia seems to have taken a needed leave of absence. His mannerisms and attitude have drawn the young apprentice to him, and she's developed a crush on him.

The picture is actually a little prettier and a little older than Ita really is, but it's the general idea.

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