* Jacinth: from the stone dedicated to the mysterious dragon
supposed to be responsible for solar and lunar eclipses. A gem of incredible
power, its possessor was assured of certain victory over the spirits of evil
that bedevil the human heart.

Stalwart Ligure-Brown Dragonet
Oversized paws balance this big, zircon-eyed dragonet, his broad chest and
muscular tail only increasing the sense of sportive sturdiness. His glossy
red-brown hue darkens as it rises to spine and spars into a rougher,
unpolished ruddiness, highlighted by sunset's gold at neckridges' very peak;
the gilding hints as well at inquisitive headknobs and determined brow
beforefading into the darker brown of tapered muzzle. Rooted in mountains,
still his head's in the clouds, stability seeking the next grand adventure.

Hearthlit Mosaic Egg …………………………………………
Softer than glass, harder than paint, thicker than water — glaze claims each
random token of rock with a myriad of sumptuous colors: ocean waves, all
blues and greens and squid-thrown purple fired on stone, gloss each ceramic
wedge with its own, poignant hue. Inlaid into shell's marbled cream, they
juxtapose intrinsic solid strength with watery tint, reflected again by the
flickering umber of filtered, fractal hearthlight.

Hatching Message: ……………………………………………
Hearthlit Mosaic Egg distends, chipped colors seeming to flow together in the
sands' heat like molten glass; a crackleno, a /crack/ spirals from its
base, slowly at first, speeding breathlessly up along the lines of hue until
the very apex. There, a wingspar pokes free
then a dark muzzle—and the egg
yields altogether, mosaic fragmenting beyond recall.

Impression Message: …………………………………………
The sands burn hotter now, the air thick and clouded in your throat, and
within the dragons' thrumming emerges a low rumbling, just at the edges of
your consciousness. At first. /He/ looks at you, nostrils flared red against
his muzzle's dark brown, and the rumbling intensifies to tympanic thunder,
reverberating throughout your mind to know you as no one else has or ever
could. He is there for you, strong, potent beyond hatchling frailty of body:
» My name is Jacinth! «

Physical Features: ……………………………………………
Jacinth's big. He's sturdy, broad in the chest and muscular all
over. His oversized paws speak of plenty of growth ahead, and thus more than
plenty of food and oilings, though they'll always remain just a shade
outsized. Built for strength and power, he's more massive than his sibling
Tarranth; those broad wings will serve him well as he tests his strength
against the storms, giving him endurance in the worst of weather. Thermal?
He's on it. Downdraft? He's swooping. Never a smooth ride for you, Kiris!
(…Unless you really need it, in which case he'll /know/…) He'll never,
ever have a green's agility, but he'll sure /try/, and whatever success he
achieves will come out of not innate ability but sheer determination and
/lots/ of practice.
As for coloring, he's overall a jacinth's glossy red-brown, polished
to cabochon smoothness; the hue darkens as it rises along his spine and
wingspars into a rougher, unpolished ruddiness. Imagine the rugged Fort
mountains, and how the sunset highlights their peaks in gold; that's the
effect of his silhouetted neckridges, lit with gold as are his inquisitive,
comparatively forward-tilting headknobs and his wide, determined brow. And
then his eyes — jacinth's a zircon, so his eyes are zircons, but now
many-faceted rather than cabochon: quick to color-change and express his
mood, and forever more valuable than diamonds. The gold of his brow shades
into his dark muzzle — dark as his talons — which is likewise expressive,
particularly the seeking flare of nostrils, quick to scent absolutely
everything nearby. The only catch is that of all dragonets' itchy spots (as
in, all over), the sleek line of jaw is absolutely his itchiest of all. Get
used to rubbing it with your knee or toe, say, while you do other things like
making straps, or going to sleep, or even taking a bath. With soapy, lathery
bubbles. He /likes/ bubbles. They tickle.

Personality: ……………………………………………….
Jacinth isfor you, for allstrongly stable, an anchor in moments
of turbulence, though he's likely as not to drag you into the storms he
adores. He has no shortage of energy, and believes you, Kiris, can do
anything. Anything! He will push you (and himself!) to stretch beyond your
imagined limits, to juggle that extra ball, to learn that impossible
drill-maneuver, to accept responsibility beyond your years. And he will find
his satisfaction in your effort far more than in your success; for him, effort
is success, and he can be downright peskypersistent, he'll call itin his
Jacinth is tactile, very much so. He loves to be close to you,
curling his tail around your knees or your waist. Not because of any
insecurities, but just because he can, you're there, so why not? When he's
young and trying to manage those great big paws of his, he likes to wander
about with his head low and stuck to the back of your knee or small of your
back: stumbling a bit, pushing you forward, both mentally and physically.
Oops, did he trip over his tail? Oh, and he wants to know everything you
do, in a delightful way. What's that your eating? Can I taste? Show me!
What did it sound like? Sensation is everything and he shares it all with
you, 'Isn't this neat!' Jacinth will slowly grow out of the gawky dragonet
stage, but never out of the curiosity stage. He is an explorer, a venturer, a
wanderer to walk — no, /fly/ the winding path of life with… and often,
especially at the beginning, those shortcuts will be long-cuts. You're
learning and discovering together, so at times he acts the older, the wiser of
the pair — and then just as quickly he bubbles over, running to you — and
you teach him, and then suddenly you're /both/ there, discovering together.
Rarely do you disagree, but when you do — watch out, walls will rattle with
the thunder of his stubborness. He'll let you know, and how, reproachful and
strong-tempered at once. But.
He will be your best friend, and see you through the difficult years
of adolescence, his faith unshakeable in you in spite of any doubt you have in
yourself. However, well, Jacinth's a dragon. The potential wisdom he has is
great, but relative. You have to watch him, because he can not show much
strain even while he's wearing himself into exhaustion
go go go, but then
keel over, fwoosh! And conk you out with him. Unfortunately, you won't ICly
have a user's manual, complete with little lightning-bolt warning symbols;
you'll have to find this out by /doing/, and it could take Turns to truly
balance. His enjoyment is truly addictive, and can push you more than,
perhaps, you might want to go were you to think about it. (Which could get
you into trouble, but could also be very good indeed. It just depends.) Like
you, he loves to experience everything he can, and between the two of you,
that's a /lot/. Watch out, world!

Mental & Physical 'Voices': ………………………………………
His mind-voice is from the beginning a surprisingly low bass, earthy and
solid, that you /feel/ in your guts as much as hear inside your head—and
overtones of amusement often chord those deep notes. This can make for quite
a contrast to the hatchling Jacinth's physical squeaks! In general he'll
rumble, timpanic, booming instead of bugling, though if occasion demands he's
fully capable of adding brassy cymbals! Jacinth's mainstay is multi-sensory
images as counterpoint to what he's saying, though less visual than most. His
mental conversations are instead enriched with aural sound-effects — thunder
reverberating, gravel crunching, herdbeasts lowing — and are often
embellished besides with olfactory cues, such as sweaty leather, or even
flowers' perfume scented from afar.

Credits: ………………………………………………………..
Egg: Kevar
Dragonet: B'nal, Akira, Arien, Renna, Taleya

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