Io's Classical Orchestra of Green Jadziath
Corroded Bumper Egg
Coats of rough textured red cover the surface of this slightly lopsided egg. The red is mixed with various shades of orange and brown, which look as though they could peel off and fall to the soft sand mounded at the egg's base. Here and there along the egg are bright spots: not yet subdued by the encroaching rust, they form angular patches of greyish-silver that help hint at what might have been.

Corroded Bumper Egg, having lost all structural integrity, simply disintegrates. From the brittle wreckage a lone green hatchling first curls up even more tightly; then, realizing her vulnerability, leaps into alertness. Whiplike tail twitching behind her, she sends russet pieces of egg flying, andin the confusionflees the scene of the crime.

Classical Orchestra of Green Dragonet
Dusty sage and rosemary greens grow over the rounded form of this Junoesque dragon, shadows clinging longingly to the sweetness of her plump curves. Glimpses of pearlescent ghost-gum are nestled among the deep fir-green that cascades from headknobs down swanlike neck, meeting the refreshing crispness of mint as it envelops the sweep of her translucent wingsails. Cool moss green creeps from her serpentine tail to the curvaceous lines of her full haunches, the quiet of darkness-kissed underbelly showing surprising hints of a brighter lemongrass. Delicate feet are distinguished by ornate talons, opalescent absinthe glittering against hunter green.

Public Impression Message: Classical Orchestra-of-Green Dragonet has found her - there can be no doubt. She has plans in mind for the future, and what would they be without the perfect partner in crime? And so, with absolute certainty, she chooses Iosha.

Private Impression Message Hunting horns, away in the distance, sound their questing calls within your mind. Far off they may be, but suddenly they drown out all other sound, leaving you lost for a moment within their cry. Hear them? Hear her? Now, see her. Eyes rimmed with amber look into your cloudy grey-blue ones, taking your measure and finding your worth. That horn sounds again, a triumphant howling claim that sings into every fibre of you, the green before you settling with alacrity into a world new for you both, her voice brassy, but warm. » I am Jadziath. And you… you are mine. »

Name and Theme
Our theme for eggs during the hatching of Winter 2004 was things you might find in a junkyard. We chose the Corroded Bumper Egg for you because the colors in it were somewhat wolfish, and because it was very cool. The theme for dragons is different styles of music. For you and Jadziath we chose the classical orchestra as a signature style. Specifically, we thought of Prokofiev's wonderful "Peter and the Wolf." You can see already, we bet, which character Jadziath is based on.
In Prokofiev's musical tale, the presence of the wolf is portrayed with a french horn theme. Do you know it? Go here: http://web.archive.org/web/20041029190929/http://www.goodmusic-brighterchildren.cc/listen_to_samples_Peter_and_the_Wolf.htm. (No sooner had Peter gone out, than a big grey wolf came out.) It is ominous, even a little sinister, but very classy. "Jadzia" means princess in Polish, and we thought this was fitting for you… she'll give you as much lip as you give her. She's only a little spoiled.

Personality —
Jadziath, while not physically huge, has a personality that's larger than life. There's so much going on with her that it's hard to get a handle on what exactly she is, a lot of time - you will be discovering her for many turns to come, as she will be discovering you. She has many of the characteristics of a wolf, she can be playful or all business. She'll be keen on her pack ­ in this case, her clutch ­ but content to spend long hours alone. Alone, that is, with you. She'll be a bit of a manager, we're afraid, needing to know that each member of her clutch, or, later, of her wing is just where they're supposed to be. She'll be gregarious as a pup sometimes. Other times, we're sure there are parts of her that she won't ever divulge, and you will have to guess.

Jadziath is an infinitely complex creature. She's levelheaded and as cool as a cucumber where you are impassioned… or rather, when you need it most. She can have a keen sense of logic and strategy, or just be convinced she knows best (and is often quite wrong). But, sometimes, when you don't need her to be your rock, she flies in skies of passion. There is balance in everything she does - intense passion may be tempered by quiet introspection or even depression later. With every high there comes a low.

She is subtly manipulative at every turn, tweaking at your heartstrings to make you do something or act in a certain way, but in every case it is either for your benefit or her own. She wouldn't place you (or herself, for that matter) into a position where harm could come, but sadly, her foresight is lacking. Sending you to Bitra to get drunk alone is not one of her smartest moves, but she means well. She will tend to get amused, though, rather than annoyed at things like this, and in fact, anything that annoys her. She won't hold grudges (unless they're /big/ ones), rather she'll laugh things off. Beneath it all though, she'll let you know exactly what she's really feeling, but pass that, and her 'anger' clears.

Expressive, Jadziath has a love for putting words into other peoples', or things' mouths. » That vtol wants you to leave your meatroll behind. » She is acutely aware of small things like that vtol you may not even have noticed — the snap of a twig as somebody walks up, or the fragrance of wild wherry on the wind. This can become a problem when she tells you some action is required—that someone said something to her, when they really only looked at him. You'll get some strange looks if you act upon instructions he purports to be passing along, whether it be wrong or right (she's more often the former — she's good, but not that good).

No doubt she'll spend long hours chewing the fat (perhaps literally, over a haunch of herdbeast) with Dushlanth, also a storyteller in the clutch. Jadziath may find a great subject for her stories in the adventures and exploits of her clutchmates, in fact - they are a motley crew of rowdies, but in a tight spot she'll be glad to have the lot in her corner - to have, in fact, a pack.

For logic and strategy, Iskandeth is the bronze to see, and although he seems uptight at first, there's a wild dragon in there somewhere. With her sly appeal, Jadziath may draw out that wildness in the bigger dragon.

Jadziath will find her sisters excellent packmates, on the whole. Golden Llydyth's good-natured improv complements Jadziath's complex strategizing. And between Araganth's reckless abandon and Sakurath's endless glorious party, there lies a glorious potential for fun. Perhaps the biggest challenge for Jadziath will be Irusenth, whose capacity for self-interest matches Jadziath's own, and who isn't above a little dirty dealing to get what she wants. See the sparks fly if ever Irusenth and Jadziath are after the same goal!

She's good for you, but she isn't necessarily motivated by wholesome goodness. She's big on enlightened self-interest, and of course you, Io, are part of her identity, so she's big on Io-interest too. He can be cunning or sly—or she can be generous to a fault. Mind she doesn't go about adopting strays. We've all heard rumors of orphans being raised by wolves, right? You might want to avoid orphans.

Jadziath will be a hunter. She'll eat that chopped beef you feed her in the weyrling barracks, but it will never quite satisfy. Neither will the beasts in the feeding pen make her especially happy. She's one to seek out her own prey, to fly and stalk and pounce and rend—and eat. She loves wild wherries especially, or any of the smaller game. She isn't greedy, though, and may even think to carry a kill or two back to her most recent mate. The females of many species do the hunting, a wolves are no different.

When proddy, Jadziath cannot stand the light. She becomes something of a nocturne, only coming out in the evening hours (Drills excepted). And she'll keep you up with her, complaining about the moons. » Why can't the sun be a moon as well? I would like that. Can we go up there one day as ask? » It might make you laugh at first, but when it's night after night before the flight, you'll be driven mad. She'll want to hang out in the woods, and when she's not in the woods, she'll want to be in the water… or more specifically, under it. Doom and gloom she becomes, with the intensitiy rising before she does.

Speaking of mating, flights will be full of sound and passion, and it will seem as if she's hunting her suitors, rather tan the other way around. She will rise at night, and if it's raining, even better. If there's a forecast for rain, she might even hold out for it by sheer force of will. She will prefer smaller suitors… she is small herself, and the larger ones get oh-so posessive. It's something that she just can't handle, and she will never like a wing over her - it's too restrictive. There will be exceptions - smaller bronzes will not feel as threatening. She will likely mature early, ready for anything before many of her clutchmates have thoughts about such things.

Jadziath isn't too much of a private dragon, though she isn't a gossip, either - she will talk easily with clutchmates or strange dragons, but she won't give up information without it benefiting her in some way. If it will, though, she'll have no qualms in using that information in the way that it'll serve them both best.

Physicality — Her looks are deceiving. Since she's a curvy girl, she'll never be that nimble. When she's fully grown, she will gain a certain grace in her movements - not classic grace, but she will know what she has, and how to move it well. She'll grow at a nice even pace, an unlike some of her class mates, she will pretty much always be in proportion. She's one to care about her looks, and she will need regular oiling. If she doesn't get it, then you might find yourself hunted, and tossed off the ledge… not really. But she can't give herself a bath, as much as she will want to. She'll itch all down her neckridges, meaning that you will have to climb right up there to itch her, and like her sister, Llydth, she will not particularly like water, but unlike her sister, she won't have the extreme aversion to it - it is something to be tolerated, not enjoyed.

You know what's really great about Jadziath? Her face. Did you ever, perhaps on television, watch the facial expressions of a conductor as he guided his orchestra? He doesn't just use his hands. His eyebrows are acrobatic, his mouth passionate. His eyes flash. That's Jadziath. That narrow face is shrewd and intelligent, and very active. Where all dragons' eyes will whirl and change colors to illustrate their emotions, Jadziath's will be particularly demonstrative. They are bright and slightly elongated, and their colors will be jewel-toned. Happiness is not blue; it is sapphire. Anger? Not red, but ruby. Hunger will show as topaz. Her eyeridges, too, will convey emotion, stretching upwards in consternation or when you scratch just-the-right-/Spot!/or slanting down to convey puzzlement and irritation. Then up again they'll goshe saw a handsome blue.

Mindvoice —
In the real world, Jadziath is possessed of a huge (for her size) brassy voice. Even as a youngster her voice will carry far, bouncing off the walls of the caverns and filling the barracks with such -sound-. She will be the bane of the weyrlings from time to time, as she'll roar and howl away to the moons on bright restless nights. As she grows older, she will become quite vocal. She'll always be rumbling, "speaking" to others in her vicinity. She and Dushlanth will make quite the pair, those nearby knocked off their feet by the reverberations. Her baleful voice will carry for leagues, and sometimes cotholders will frighten their naughty children about the source of that sound. You, Io, will know her sounds best, and their meanings… often a word in the mind is not needed. From a disdainful snort to a low and shuddering growl, you, and sometimes others, will know. However…

No one won't know what the growl means.

In your link, Jadziath will fill your head with such sound. Her strong spirited voice rings with the soul of the horn. Snatches of music will score her internal conversation with you. From the pleasurable piping of woodwinds to the sharp scrape of the strings, you'll know precisely what's on her mind. She may be mysterious and frightening to others, but never to you, Io. You know the music of your savage beast.

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Lyaseth
Egg: J'bal
Inspiration: T'ai, L'o, B'nal, R'sin, with Zephre

Note: Please remember that Jadziath is your very own dragon. While we hope this inspiration is, well, inspirational, remember that it is only meant to be a guideline. We want Jadziath to ­live- for you, but you, Io, must give her voice. Run with her as you will, and enjoy.

Posted 2004-March-6 by Zephre

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