Lily's Smoking Outlet-Green Jareriath
Child's Blooms Egg
Spirals, blotches and wriggles of color grace the top and sides of this egg in shades of red, peach and yellow, with a few hints of purple creeping in here and there. They are splattered on much like a child's finger painting over the majority of the egg, with hints of green near the bottom as if this shade was an afterthought. At the very bottom is an encircling blob of brown, its attempt to contain the wild mess above clearly in vain. In the background, a light breezy sky blue glows through complete with a molten blotch of yellow on the crown of the egg.

Child's Blooms Egg sizzles, and a puff of sand blows from the eggs's side. It cracks once fast, then appears to shatter in place. Pausing still as if not yet broken, the dragonet finally bursts from inside as shards fly like darts in all directions.

Smoking Outlet-Green Dragonet
Buffed to dragonic perfection, this green shines bright lime with a continuous pattern of richer malachite swirls wiped on in a continuous pattern. Small in girth and length, extensive wings are almost out of sync; their length made more substantial by the thin coating of soot that takes over to envelop her wings with smoke-grey puffs at the tips. The stain is echoed in crevices, hiding at the tip of her slight head, underneath delicate paws and at the end of a slightly condensed tail.

Public Impression Message: Smoking Outlet-Green Hatchling is indeed dashing towards something worth dashing to. In fact, she almost seems like she's going to collide with a woman with blonde hair and long legs — unless the dragon reduces her speed quickly. Which doesn't look likely. For Smoking Outlet-Green Dragonet has made her decision, found the only one that can complete her. The only one to meet her every wish and demand, the one to oil her on command, the one to make sure she eats only the select pieces from a 'beast on any given day. Yes, yes, she has found the girl to be her socket!

Private Impression Message Energy rushes through you like a lightning bolt. Buzzing of electricity fills your ears and yours alone. «You! Yes, you!» Sparks fly while the connection quickly takes place. «I'll have you as mine.» Smells of smoke seems to fill the air and it is complete. «Let's eat!» «My name is Jareriath!»

Name and Theme
Jareriath is based on the Japanese word 'jareru' meaning to be playful; to gambol; to be amused (with something); to frolic; to joke; to flirt with. Basically what Jareriath is, along with giving you the -iath sound you like.
Traditionally, on a couple's fourth wedding anniversary, they are given the gift of flowers. Today, though, they are given appliances on this anniversary. So while Jareriath's egg was based on flowers, Jareriath herself is based on appliances! With appliances comes everything you said you wanted in a lifemate!

Personality —
Jareriath will always be speedy! «I'm gonna race Xiphiath! Coming?» Lots of pep and rearing to go places once you've fueled her with the desire to do so. This of course won't ever take more than you mentioning a certain place, thing, or creature. «Think Xiphiath would let me go with him?» Jareriath will be likely to take to Xiphiath the quickest, being as they have so much in common. «He's great. Don't you think?» Like Xiphiath, Jareriath is always dieing to travel, flying at top speeds even if just for a drive through the bowl so buckle up and hold on tight. Whether you enjoy it or not, she'll be yelling with delight. (sports/race car)

Risk-taker, that's what Jare is! Like when flaming; she'll give little warning to those around before she lets a blaze rip. «I was /not/ aiming for Kolyath! I was aiming for Pirogeth!» Someone's bound to get hurt! Usually, Govanath will be her main target yet she will speak of him the least. «I just don't like him. That's all.» Don't expect to ever get more of an answer on that from her, she would rather find new targets once you ask. «Tokeith's so dry, I bet we could set him ablaze..» Jareriath will spit fire every chance she gets once she learns, striving for the best flame known to all of Pern! Shards, the sight of firestone will tend to make her drool if you don't watch her closely. Of course Jare will be risky whenever she wants, not just with firestone. And when you don't let her do what she wants, Jareriath will burn you like hot coals. (outdoor grill — blazing, hot, you love it!)

«But I can't stand that color on you! Take it off!» Picky! Picky! Picky! And don't expect to get anything past this girl, at least not until you have mastered the art of giving her the slip. She will constantly be in your business. «No! He is out of the question! Far too pale! He won't do.» And turn right around and blame you when things don't work out. « I told you that boy was perfect! Who cares if he doesn't get much sun?» Oy! Be careful when taking advice from your lifemate. «Try Kalth's next time. Nice greens make for nice lifemates.» (radio — fuzzy one second, clear the next)

«Cabbith doesn't know, but I know where she likes to hide!» Being sneaky comes natural to Jareriath. «Let's go run Tokeith into the ocean!» Not only is she good at sneaking off to places and back into place before you might notice, but also excellent at wiggling ideas into your mind that may not have already been there. If all else fails, she will feed you bull when you are really just wanting to sleep — the best time to get people to believe anything, you know. «Govanath? Now why would I have been on his couch?» So don't be surprised if you find yourself wasting time, money, or energy. (television — infomercials)

«Let's go deflate Sparneth's ego, he's looking delicious today. But not before we steal Pirogeth's mint leaves.» When proddy, your lifemate will be nothing but mean and evil, no matter how mad you get with Jare or how badly you want to take her outside and beat her, Jareriath still won't do what she's supposed to do. Possibly from something you did or just because she *feels* like shutting down on you, blocking you out, etc. Of course, how you act at this time is completely up to you. Sometimes her rising will be completely sudden, other times she will drag out the time that her hide glows before she heads over to drain blood. (computer)

When she does take off for flight, Jareriath will be faster than ever. Of course her size gives her the advantage over the boys, making it a bit unlikely for even browns to catch her. And bronzes, well they might catch her once in a blue moon! «That Byzanth was just amazing!» Jare will definitely show off at this point, whether she realizes it or not is another story. Afterwards, she will tell you that it's all about getting away from those unworthy first. But like any female, she will eventually tire; most often she won't be able to go any farther at all before she gives up though. «You know I don't go down without a fight.»

Physicality —
Jareriath is a compact, sleek, and lime colored green dragon! Yes, she's as bright colored as you're thinking. The color of her hide is her trademark.. oh, and let's not forget she is THE speed demon of her clutch! Swirls of slightly darker shades of green entwine along her toned legs and underneath her belly where the markings appear to stretch and grasp her sides. And let's not forget that the sooty color that's dark on her muzzle and the tip of her tail, while gently blending in to her natural limey color. Both darker and lighter shades give a first impression to most people as "Holy Faranth! /She/ certainly stands out." And, indeed, she certainly does. «I feel pretty..»

Wings. Though frail looking from a distance, their strength exceeds most others. How else do you think Jare gets all that speed up in the air? Easy! One *swoosh* of her wings and she can take off with a single bound into the air. One *swoosh* of her wings and she has that extra oompf to surpass others with the utmost of ease. One *swoosh* is all it takes for a little more power. Her wings are lengthier than her body is, so, naturally, she's a tad bit gawky during weyrlinghood when she's testing out flight for the first time. But, never fear! She will quickly learn how to control and use her wings. You'll occasionally see her wings bump into things from time to time and perhaps they might get in her way as well. Hey! No one's perfect. *CRASH* «I didn't do it?»

Jare will hatch out of her shell and her wings will seem *huge*. Alas, never fear again! She'll eventually grow into them, though not completely since they'll always be large. Her appearance won't be so clunky as she ages and when she reaches full growth, she'll knock 'em dead! Oh, yes, and all through weyrlinghood you'll be pestered by her constant complaining about a particular itch. An itch so *itchy* that it'll need fast attention! Where is this annoying spot? Right between her toes. Yes, her toes. «Quick! It itches! It itches!» You'll have to construct your own home made remedy to this problem.. perhaps a piece of carved wood will do nicely since it can reach right between her toes to relieve the itching? «Try a broom!» Or a broom. Or *something*. But, you better be quick! When that itch arrives Jare might be tempted to leap around to try and relieve it herself. Just.. don't have anything breakable in your weyr if that were to happen (like grandma's glass pitcher).

She is dainty throughout for the most part. Being smaller than most of her clutchmates isn't that big of a disadvantage since she can beat them all in simple flight. «Cabbith's small, too, you know.» The Dragon Games will be a breeze when it comes to the races! «Of course. What did you expect?» What she lacks in size, she makes up for with speed. «Yes!»

Mindvoice —
When Jareriath enters your mind you'll be overwhelmed with the sense of security. She speaks with a soothing voice, low in tone and easy to understand. Along with this secure feeling that wraps around you, you'll notice that perhaps there's a hint of spice that you can almost smell. An enticing scent that you can't *quite* put your finger on. Oh, and the colors! When she first enters your mind, the sudden shimmer of emerald engulfs you and she speaks soon afterwards. With this combination color and alluring spice she seems perfect for those times when you need comfort and understanding. Her voice is nice to listen to right before you fall asleep as well. It's *that* soothing.

As Jare grows older, her voice will naturally mature into that wonderfully easy to listen to tone. But, until then, when she hatches and first enters your mind, it's that of a young girl. So young. So innocent. «Ha!» In fact, it's down right cute! And, of course there's actual weyrlinghood when she hits her 'teenage' Turns. This is when her voice starts developing those hints of maturity and she sounds like a.. well.. a typical teenage girl. Almost on the brink of maturity is when her voice fully develops into that strong feminine I'm-Every-Woman sound.

There you go: Jareriath in a nutshell! She's yours to do as you please. Jare will, no doubt, change Lily in some ways (even if only on the inside). We had a blast making her for you and hope you have a blast playing her! Jareriath is *your* dragon and you've earned her. Congratulations and welcome to Fort Weyr!

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Isabeth
Egg: Jules
Inspiration: Jill, Skyler, X'in

Please note: This Inspiration is by no means set in stone. Feel free to take what you like, leave what you don't, or start from scratch, as you will. Jareriath is *your* dragon and only you know how to play her best!

Posted July 17,2003 by Zephre

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