Game-Wide Announcement:
Clutching time!! Eggs are arriving on the black sands of Ista Weyr! Zip over to #1816 for a good view from the galleries as the clutch of Tajiath and Mnemaxath makes it's grand debue. Bring your marks for betting, as well as your stomach and dancing shoes for some fun afterwards!

* People have already begun to gather in the galleries as the log begins….. *

The stone tiers curve around almost half of the immense hatching cavern, providing ample seating for guests to get off the burning sands and watch the spectacle of the hatching. The hatching ground spreads out below across the vast cavern. To one side is the egg mound, upon which rests the queen eggs when there happen to be any, for attentive brooding.

Rissa walks in.

Alak quickly looks towards the man. Ahhhh…an Enlander! 'Holder Alak of Druhl's Ridge Hold.' A polite, though stiff nod goes in Creer's direction. 'My daughter Katarra is a Candidate.' he states, inflicting the word Candidate with almost painful presicion.

Maki flicks a few wild curls back and sighs, muttering something about the Hold-bound relatives of his. 'Its Kat's day. I say she deserves this.'

Brianna appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.

Riyan walks in.

Waves of heat drape their stifling folds over breath and skin, scentless perfume from the black diamond that cover the floor of the Hatching Cavern. Scintillant, they burn the soles of bare feet; seduce the eye with their deceptive glitter in jet made prism and rainbow both. What cooler air there is flows in from the huge openings from the bowl, wreathing swift and teasing down the shafts of sunlight that ride them; at night, it is the large baskets of glows that dot which lend subtle illumination, the sparkling sands more subtle than starlight seen through a shroud of mist.

On the sands, G'briel has arrived.
On the sands, Qia has arrived.
On the sands, Jeretta has arrived.
On the sands, Kirewyn has arrived.
On the sands, Katarra has arrived.
On the sands, Josen has arrived.
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Creer mulls it around in his mind, "Druhl's Ridge Hold? I believe I've been there. Right nice it was. Where abouts is that again?" He smiles proudly, "My Niece is a candidate."

On the sands, Arilynne has arrived.
On the sands, Buroughs has arrived.
On the sands, Keria has arrived.
On the sands, Zaselpha has arrived.
On the sands, Rhea has arrived.

On the sands, Rhea has arrived.

Kalrania steps down to the third row, about or something. Harper seeks her own kind - hark. "Brianna!" she calls, waving. Needles to sy, Valyn is ignored. Then she turns to the Sands. "The Candidates! KATARRA!"

Aroe blinks at this bit of news. "Your Niece Creer? Good buddy why didn't you say so? Who is your nicewe by the way?"

On the sands, G'briel stands by the entrance, herding the candidates after him. He does a head count, then indicates the queens "Make your bows, and then form a semicircle about the eggs" is murmured to them quietly before he moves off to the sides……..now it is up to the candidates.

On the sands, Katarra steps onto the sand, immediately awash in heat and noise. Green eyes immediately light on the large queens and she dips a graceful bow to each, lifting the corners of her robe.

Fiora leans over the rail and calls to her friends, "Yeah, Qia, yeah Katarra, yeah Aril, yeah Buroughs!" she stops, cause /most/ of them are her friends. She'll be hoarse before it starts!

Maggie walks in.

Valyn breaks into cheers now, not even caring about her family noticing the lad who, last hatching, insulted them to their face basically. Ah well… 'Katarra!! KATARRA!!! Wooooooo!'

On the sands, Wullan stands to one side of the sands, obviously happy, but a little anxious too - Isabeth glowers off to one side, eyes whirling redly as she watches each candidate closely as if they exuded some strange odour.

On the sands, S'era steps out onto the sands; it's a good thing that she's wearing thick soles because for a moment she freezes, her head turning towards the hum; then, her wineskin tucked underneath her arm — hatchings do take a while, and who could surveive that long without some… substenance. A hand is waves towardss the candidates; "This is when those ribbons will come in handy!" she calls, before therider slides off into a nice, quitet corner of a sands. With her wineskin. Of course.

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On the sands, Qia's fingers are already plucking at her robe as she almost runs into the boy before her in her haste to get onto the sands. Nodding at G'briel, she bobs at the queens, and almost everything else too, before nodding at S'era while making her way to a spot on the further side of the eggs.

Brianna jumps a good two feet before pushing and ducking her way to the 'blue' section. "Hello…" A hand is lifted, and Bri shoulders a skinny apprentice to one side before plopping down. "Anything happen?"

On the sands, Jeretta steps onto the sands, picking up her feet a bit at the heat. A bow, as graceful as she can manage, is tendered to the two queens, black hair brushing black sands. Again, as gracefully as she can, she rises and takes her place in the semicircle.

On the sands, Tessen's Fanned Flames Egg rocks gently, burrowing a bit into the sands as the Candidates arrive, as though feeling a bit shy.

Creer nods to Aroe, "Indeed she is."

On the sands, Prophecy of the Two Made One Egg gives a slight, anxious wiggle, before pausing. No, I didn't move.

Creer doesn't cheer, but smiles and nods encouragingly to Qia. Not wanting to embarass her.

Alak looks towards the sand as the cheering starts and smiles, alright he admits it, proudly. And Katarra even curtsied. All else aside from his daugter is wiped away.

On the sands, Rhea's eys flick quickly over the sands as she steps out, a cquick bow made to first the parents, and then their lifemates. Rhea's bows are not graceful, mo nor likely to become so, but they're completed, and she moves a little closer to the candidate circle.

On the sands, Ellya watches quietly as the candidates filter onto the sands. She watches G'briel especially, and even nods her approval at the way he comports himself. She gives a cold, satisfied smile before relaxing. A stern gaze is directed at each and every one of the candidates.

On the sands, Arilynne follows the rest of the candidate line, stepping smartly onto the Sands. It's only then that she realizes that she's forgotten her sandals. Owowowow! Bow to both queens and sires is a rather funny chicken dance as Aril tries not to keep her feet on the Sands for too long, the heat already overwhelming. Nervous, she skip-steps her way over to Qia, holding out her hand in hopes that the other candidate will grasp it in a show of support, sweaty though it is.

Molphin walks in.

On the sands, Zaselpha muchly copies the others, bowing carefully, her movements quick and light. Edgy even. S'era is spotted out of the corner of her eye and the little Harper turned Candidate due to ribbons makes a face in the greenrider's direction. Then of course, she slots into her place in the semicircle.

On the sands, Kalona has propped herself against the wall, watching from behind the sanctuary of the weyrleaders, her last wish being to invade upon Rh'esh's line of site. Eyeing the candidates, she attempts an encouraging smile and mouths a silent Good Luck to the group.

On the sands, Janah settles at the side of the Sands, watching as her dragon trills and thrums and generally makes a fuss. She opens her wine skin, taking a long gulp be3fore waiting for the action to start.

On the sands, Keria crowds into the hurricane of white that are the candidates, playing some small role in adding to the confusion: she jostles, she is jostled, she pushed, she is pushed, she stumbles, — she bows - and with a murmured greeting to both the Dragons and the Riders she steps onto the Sands and into the circlet of white.

Valyn immediatly settles and watches on the edge of his seat, already hoping beyond hope for Kat and Josen and Arilynne and all the others…

On the sands, Buroughs strides grimly onto the sands, determined. He faces the eggs, hands clasped behind his back. In an attempt to look casual, but tension and excitement vibrates from every muscle. He some how finds himself at the trail end of the line, and ever so slightly back from the rest.

On the sands, Josen steps into the heat and noise of the hatching sands,nerves of course making the adrenaline rush through his body. He bows to both queens, and both sires, then nods to all the riders on the Sands. Once that's done, he moves into position, perking up as he notices the movements of one of the eggs.

On the sands, G'briel sends Ellya a rather mischievious grin before he wanders towards Rh'esh, giving the weyrleader a somewhat more intimate smile before leaning back. His job isn't required yet, and he watches the candidates carefully to make sure they are all here and doing what they should. Waiting for dragonets.

On the sands, Qia ignores the sweat coating Arilynne's palm since her own is much the same as she grabs and /clings/ mightily to that little bit of support. It's a good thing, considering she's never done this before, and the other girl has. Biting down on her lip, she stills her voice utterly, just staring wide-eyed at the eggs that seem larger than they did at the egg touching. Eep!

On the sands, Kirewyn follows the others onto the sands, quick-stepping it as the immediate heat is noted. A nervous nod is given to G'briel, and she dips into a clumsy sort of bow before Candidate moves to take her place in the semi-circle. "Joooosen," she whispers loudly. "You really don't think I'm gonna die, do you?"

On the sands, Kalona's attention is drawn by the flask carried by a certain bluerider. Reaching over, she nudges Janah in the side. "Hey, share some of that?" Anything to get her mind off this awful heat. What possessed her to come out here anyway? Just because the view is better is no excuse.

On the sands, The Prophesy of Two Made One Egg gives another quiver; light and dark seem to reach towards each other as the shell is pushed out of shape. The battle is within now, and gains momentum — one large contraction, and the egg is pushed off its mound. It rolls, end over end as it moves down the incline before skidding to a halt and pausing, still.

Cisusse decides that her seat beside a wagonhand just isn't right, and wiggles her way out. "F" she tries, poking her head over Fiora's shoulder. "R" again, and at last: "Fire-a? Which one of those people is ours?"

On the sands, Janah gives Kalona a brilliant smile. "No. You're a Phoenix." All toothy grins and happy winks before she gives in, offering the greenrider a sip.

Cammoden, Mr. Brawn over Brains of the Druhl RIdge gang, keeps talking even while the candidates file on and finally Kassar gives him a sharp jab in the ribs.

On the sands, Jeretta begins to fidget, trying to keep all those lessons from Lady Yasmine on behavior, reserve, and deportment in mind, but still worrying a lock of her hair out of nerves.

On the sands, Universe of the Four Gods Egg seems to shiver, though not really move. After all, the mystery should remain for a little bit longer, perhaps.

Kalrania bobs up and down. "Zaselpha…Josen…Katarra…all there. Good job. Now, let's start Impressing, please?"

On the sands, Wullan strides across the hot Sands, mincing as heat pierces even her thick boots, joining Isabeth quietly before standing beside her lifemate, one hand on her teakwood muzzle.

On the sands, One Ring To Rule Them All Egg shivers just a little, coming alive in one swift movement. It jerks, rocking forward slightly, then shifting back into its hollow. Movement ceases for a few moments before another flurry of flailing begins as the creature within tries to break its way free.

On the sands, Katarra finds a place in the loose semi-circle, head turning this way and that in an effort to take in everything at once. Settling for a moment on the riders on the sands gives her a moments relief from tension. They look so calm. She smiles, and tugs on the sleeve closest, which turns out to belong to Keria, standing close for mutual comfort.

On the sands, Arilynne squeezes lightly, turning her head to smile at Qia, trying to look wise and knowing, which is hard to do as feet bear the brunt of the black sand's heat. "Oh look, that one moved, and that one…" And then there are too many for Aril to point out, each becoming larger than life.

On the sands, Buroughs gives Kirewyn a glance, but says nothing. Teeth clenched, until one egg rolls down the incline of the mound. With that he seems to relax a fraction, as now takes over and the future can wait a bit.

Fiora points for the little girl, "Right over there, next to the blond girl. There's Qia! Wave to her!"

On the sands, Six Signs the Circle Egg shifts slightly against the dark sands, holding down its small corner of the universe. Its sibling eggs jostle and jostle it, but it stands firm, the seventh son of a seventh son… Seventh daughter? The occupant inside stays hidden for now.

On the sands, Rh'esh flashes a smile back at G'briel, spotting him enter among the throng of white-clad candidates. Official-looking? No, he isn't hardly, his own job seemingly just to loiter here until the activities of the day are through. Syrth looks a bit more imposing, using his bulk to loom impressively (well, maybe more awkwardly) over all assembled.

On the sands, The time is come; The prophesy must be furfilled. Prophesy of Two Made One Egg gives a massive shake as amethyst and darkness reach towards each over. Who will win the battle? No one. A crack slides between the two, and…

On the sands, Keria finds herself standing contrast beside Katarra: black hair to her gold, scrawny, stick-thin from to a more filled out framework, root-beer brown eyes to Kat's sea-green.. and a rough, almost scruffy white robe to Kat's work of art. But perhaps they share the same excitement.

On the sands, Keria turns slightly and winks at the other candidate, offering her her hand. "This is it Kat, good luck to one and all."

Rissa walks out.

On the ledge, Byrnith has arrived.

On the sands, Josen shakes his head, eyes not leaving the motion of the eggs. "No, you're not going to die, Kirewyn," he replies. He finally looks at her and grins. "And hopefully, neither will I."

Creer wrings his hand together, nerves getting the best of them. He looks around and tugs on Fiora's sleeve. "I can barely watch. I'm more nervous than she is it looks."

On the sands, Qia doesn't want to look at the crowd, but at Arilynne's comment, she turns and glances at the galleries, a little shake running through her. All those eyes staring at them! Though she does take a moment to look for familiars, like her uncle. "They're all moving.." she replies, or so it would seem, as she watches.

On the ledge, Veluth has arrived.
On the ledge, Jules swings down from her lifemate Veluth's neck.
On the ledge, J'cent swings down from his lifemate Byrnith's neck.

"Qia?" Cisusse echoes. "Qia who?" Regardless of whether or not she actually knows the candidate, five spindly fingers are poked up into the air and waved furiously. "Why are we /waving/, Fire-a?"

On the sands, Jeretta fidgets her hair a bit more, nervous sweat giving the lock a certain dampness as she stands somewhat isolated from her fellow candidates, who seem to have formed small knots around her.

On the ledge, Jules grins at J'cent and says, "I never thought we'd be seein' a hatching from /this/ perspective!

On the sands, Buroughs's back is to the galleries. He doesn't look. He doesn't dare. He faces the eggs, the Prophecy egg recieves a raised eyebrow no more. The tension is hidden now, but no less present. Revealed in his stony silence.

On the sands, Naralen arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps onto the Sands.

Taric, usually so on the edge, seems to have calmed down by whispering endless sweet nothing's into his betrothed's ear. Usual simpering silliness, most probably, but at least they won't be a bother.

Creer finally stands and waves at he sees Qia search the stands. He refrains from yelling, but she's obviously looking to see who's here. He wants her to know.

On the sands, Kirewyn shifts, hopping from one foot to the other. She regards the eggs a moment, gaze flickering from one to the next, then back again. "But I'm sick," she tells him. A exaggerated sniffle accompanies her words, and she unconciously fingers the so-short hem of her robe. "But.. but.. maybe it's just a cold." Like the Healers have been telling her all along. A glance is given for the galleries, and she shades her eyes with her free hand, peering. "I wonder where my Ma is."

On the sands, Katarra nods, gold tresses bobbing over her shoulder. She squeezes Keria's offered hand. "Same to you," she beams. Breath catches as eggs begin to rock in earnest. Is that her stomach that just fell to the sands? Feels like it. And, in a moment of non-egg filled clarity, she glances over her shoulder at those people filled galleries. So many /eyes/! To many bobbing heads to pick out the ones she knows…

Molphin squiggles her way nearer to where she can get a better view, and smiles down at Buroughs, even though she sees only his back. She waves to him, and whispers Good luck to him.

On the sands, Rhea shifts slowly from one foot to another, eyes flicking form one egg to another. A pause, and she edges slightly towards Jeretta, glance cast toward her as she settles near her. A small smile for her fellow candidate, and the harper turned candidate returns to her slow foot shifting.

On the ledge, J'cent chuckles to Jules, and nods, "We'll probably be seeing many more. If our dragons keep telling us about 'em.." He slaps his brown fondly on the neck, as Byrnith pushes himself up, intent on seeing each Hatchling as it appears, a low rumble emittind from rusty-brown throat.

On the sands, Arilynne follows Qia's gaze to the galleries in puzzlement before laughing softly and digging her elbow into the other candidate's ribs, drawing her back to the Sands. "No, not there… the eggs, silly. Even the queen eggs. They're all moving." And it's all a bit too much for the girl. Head swings left and then right as she tries to take in each movement of each egg from each clutch, not wanting to miss anything.

Fiora grabs herself, at Creer's sleeve. "Qia look's so nervous! Oh and Aril forgot her shoes!" Fi, bends down to 'Susse, "She's next to the tall blond girl. You remember her don't you?"

On the sands, Zaselpha fidgets, shifting from one foot to the other as she tries to look at -all- the eggs, all at once. She's alone too - or is until she spots Jeretta nearby and scoots nervously over. "Look, Jeretta, look! That one. The one with the amethyst." Obviously she's indicating the Prophecy of Two Made One Egg.

On the sands, Naralen scrambles into place at the end of the line, bowing hastily to the dragons.

On the sands, Josen blinks. There! His favorite egg has moved. Anxious, he even steps forward, before cating himself and staying put. "Just a cold," he argees tonelessly with Kirewyn, having stopped really paying attention to her.

On the sands, G'briel wanders now to S'era, "Can I have a swig? I'd forgotten how hot it is out here." His gaze moves back to the candidates, then the eggs, frowning "Hope they hatch soon…those candidates might die of nervousness otherwise..or melt of the heat. Won't be much use to dragonets at that point."

On the sands, Tessen's Fanned Flames Egg appears consumed with its' fiery self, frantically fighting against the flames that threaten to engulf it completely…

On the sands, Qia's gaze recenters on the eggs and she licks her lips that are rapidly drying as she nods blankly at Arilynne, looking like the stereotypical blonde most think she is. "Uh huh," comes the intelligent response as she waxes over, looking stunned. "Oh bother…"

On the ledge, Veluth is already beginning to hum, experimenting with it, then finally finding just the right pitch. Nudging his clutchsib to get started on doing the same.

On the sands, Jeretta glances up, and then peers in the direction of the point. Yep, that's the egg that moved. "Mmm-hmm." Nerves have had the effect of clamming her up. The lock of hair begins to get braided.

On the sands, Universe of the Four Gods Egg Isn't moving, aside from the veriest shiver, taunting those waiting for it to do so. Contrary, perhaps, or just not ready. Either or, it rests firmly in its hollow, barely quivering.

On the sands, Tessen's Fanned Flames Egg crackles, stress from within dulling the brilliance of outer shell, appearance no longer a concern. Brazen surface crazes wildly before it finally disintegrates around it's occupant's damp, rumpled form.

Valyn watches, almost amazed to find Katarra, of all people, nervous. Ms. Poised and Calm at All Times actually appears to be frightened. And that certainly doesn't help this Harper's nerves very much.

On the sands, Buroughs nods quietly to Naralen. "Hello." He says in a tight voice. Hands behinde his back, watching the eggs. But no longer alone heseems to be a bit more relaxed. Not so tightly strung. "Good luck" He mutters to all, but probably only loud enough for Naralen to hear.

On the sands, Kalona takes a long drag from the Janah's precious flask, before handing it back to the bluerider. Smiling gratefully she acknowledges, "I owe you one." She uses the back of her hand to wipe off bits of sweat which have collected, noting, "Perhaps after this mess is through?"

On the sands, "Hot — you could fry an egg on these sands. Hey, I want them to hatch soon just so that we gwe can go back to the living cavern and drink a few more skins." S'era 's lashes dip down in a quick wink, and she passes her skin towards G'briel. "Bendind rend. What else would you expect at a hatching? Just hope the hatchlings don't want a drink, because I'm not sharing. Then again, if the hatchlings find that the candies have melted, they can always drink 'em then."

Cisusse remembering someone? "No," she bluntly answers Fiora, brows knitted, "But I never 'member." Okay. Sit still. Be good. Trying to cross her hands and not fidget, there's another question on the tip of this girl's tongue…

On the sands, Keria shifts her feet wider apart as the world seems to lurch under her feet. She is glad of the other hand in hers, despite the heat, and squeezes back as she turns her attention to the shifting, squirming, shaking world of eggs: tales spun along the curves of each shell, building a mystery to tempt and tease them all.

On the sands, Naralen murmurs to Buroughs, "Thanks. Same to you. Don't get scored :)"

Kevar walks in.

On the sands, Arilynne bounces slightly, one foot lifting in not quite cool relief and then the other as Aril regrets her lack of footwear. Bounce. Hop. Skip. Adrenaline supplying the candidate with the energy she needs to keep up her energetic display.

On the sands, Wizened Dwarf Green Dragonet lurches forward, damp wings clinging to her sides as she shakes off the remainder of her shell shards. She blinks, in an attempt to clear some liquid from her eyes, then blinks again. Are those mountains over there? She peers near-sightedly towards the white-robed things.

Fiora hugs the little one with a smile, "Just watch sweetie! The eggs are going to hatch! Just like my lizard…only /bigger/!"

On the sands, Kirewyn doesn't notice Josen's lack of attention, really, focus flitting here, there, everywhere. "Hope so." She plays with the idea of a dathly sickness, remarking, "Maybe I'll just drop stone-dead on the Sands." The notion is abandoned, then, as eyes alight upon the first dragonet to break free of its shell. "Oh! Oh! Look!"

On the sands, G'briel isn't fond of wine in general; but to chase away the parched thirst from standing on the sands, he will drink anything. Skin is tilted, wine is swallowed, and he passes the skin back to S'era with a grateful smile "Don't think I'll be joining you there. My job starts after this things over." he murmurs. "And the candidates can't have wine." That added absently as he once again frowns at the eggs.

Kassar watches wistfully, seeing the whole hatching as though it were a drama of epic proportions. Already planning his artist's rendition of the event in his mind.

On the sands, Sneaky dragon! Hatching without showing itself. Mischievous little creature.

Wizened Dwarf Green Dragonet
Misted verdance hangs over lean, compact frame, blanketing blunt muzzle to saffron-tipped tail with a cool, serene forest. Tranquility shines through sun's flickering rays that graze steely wingspars and mountainous neck ridges, gilding the two sturdy mosaics that are her wingsails. Elegant muscle ripples from wide, chiseled chest to gold-dusted flank and haunch, hinting at yet untapped strength. Midnight-shaded claws make a deadly end to brawny limbs that curve like mint-kissed foothills. Emerald eyeridges and sleek headknobs shadow jeweled eyes that stand sentinel from high atop a defined, wedge-shaped head; ancient wisdoms hidden from everyday view.

On the sands, Naralen gasps, startled by the sudden emergence of a hatchling, when he had thought himself prepared.

Riyan starts paying attention again.
Riyan has connected.

On the sands, Janah sticks her tongue out at Kalona, before gathering back up her wineskin with a grin. "Mine. Look, hatchlings."

On the sands, Qia almost jumps as she sees that little body out on the sands. "Look!! Aril! Look!" As if the other girl hasn't seen it already, well, at least it's highly unlikely.

On the sands, Arilynne blinks, gaping at the first hatchling, the first to be born. "Oooh look, Qia," she squeezes the other candidate's hand again, sweat building on her slight form. "Green!"

On the sands, Katarra jumps as the first egg reveals it's lovely occupant, nerves strung out to snapping tension. "OH," she breathes, tugging on that anchor of a hand belonging to Keria. As if the other girl could have /possibly/ missed that fact.

On the sands, Isabeth bugles shrilly in greeting to the newly hatched one - sniffing a bit as though emotionally overcome. A head is snaked towards her lifemate before she returns to her restless shifting from one limb to another.

On the sands, Buroughs gasps, and his eyes go wide. But he doesn't move. He is rooted to the spot as if bolted there, eyeing the hatching with a mixture of awe, hope, and curiosity.

On the sands, Arilynne blinks, gaping at the first hatchling, the first to be born. "Oooh look, Qia," she squeezes the other candidate's hand again, sweat building on her slight form. "Green!"

On the sands, Katarra jumps as the first egg reveals it's lovely occupant, nerves strung out to snapping tension. "OH," she breathes, tugging on that anchor of a hand belonging to Keria. As if the other girl could have /possibly/ missed that fact.

On the sands, Isabeth bugles shrilly in greeting to the newly hatched one - sniffing a bit as though emotionally overcome. A head is snaked towards her lifemate before she returns to her restless shifting from one limb to another.

On the sands, Buroughs gasps, and his eyes go wide. But he doesn't move. He is rooted to the spot as if bolted there, eyeing the hatching with a mixture of awe, hope, and curiosity.

On the sands, Arilynne blinks, gaping at the first hatchling, the first to be born. "Oooh look, Qia," she squeezes the other candidate's hand again, sweat building on her slight form. "Green!"

On the sands, Katarra jumps as the first egg reveals it's lovely occupant, nerves strung out to snapping tension. "OH," she breathes, tugging on that anchor of a hand belonging to Keria. As if the other girl could have /possibly/ missed that fact.

On the sands, Isabeth bugles shrilly in greeting to the newly hatched one - sniffing a bit as though emotionally overcome. A head is snaked towards her lifemate before she returns to her restless shifting from one limb to another.

On the sands, Buroughs gasps, and his eyes go wide. But he doesn't move. He is rooted to the spot as if bolted there, eyeing the hatching with a mixture of awe, hope, and curiosity.

Fiora quietly passes the wine skin to Creer, after taking a healthy gulp herself. (In a ladylike manner, of course!)

On the sands, Kalona looks. Hatchlings, indeed. "Always adept, my dear Janah," she notes sardonically. "Perhaps they'll impress some of those kids, too, nyeh?" Emerald eyes twinkle at the baiting game, one winking in mirth to assure she'll have continued access to that wine.

On the sands, Josen blinks, staring at the small, damp green. Harper though he is, the only word to escape his mouth now is, "Whoa." Slowly but surely, though, the heat begins to register and he begins to shift from foot to foot. Ouch, hot.

Cisusse mutters: "Hatch. Hatch? Hatch!" with her head bowed, auburn ringlets falling like a curtain over her eyes. Action is forgotten, as she contemplates what's gonna happe— "Oh-oh-oh! Look, Fire-a!"

On the sands, Prophecy of the Two Made One Egg radiance seems to swell, expand, becoming blinding as all colour fades from the shell, the cracks forming in thin lines melting into the brilliance of egg's aura. As it dissipates finally, the egg is gone, leaving behind only it's winged offspring.

Mischevious Faun Brown Dragonet

On the sands, A swirling mist of creamy klah settles over the dark fawn of this dragon's head, pale tendrils stretching loving fingers over his neck. Eyes whirl wih jewel-toned mischief, tempered by the underlying touch of sober oak. A cheeky sprinkling of forest dust settles over his eyeridges, specks of green life dancing towards the serious sienna stained muzzle. Muscles bulge, tickled with feathery strokes of mahogany; rich topaz wingbones stretch, displaying the draping of delicate membrane. Pine and olive grow in an entwining duet, vines accompanied by a ribbon of earthy bronze glittering cheerfully as it clings to his wings. His tail is seeped in soil, a rich grainy darkness climbing towards his muscular haunches, while talons gleam, a magical veil of iridescent pearl settling over their ivory sharpness.

Creer is frozen in a stare at the scene on the sands. He pushed the wine absently away. "I'll have some later."

On the sands, Jeretta finds her now-free hand captured in a deathgrip, and winces slightly, attention momentarily diverted from the business in front of her. Yeowch. Pain is soon forgotten, though, and violet eyes follow the green with intense interest.

Galadriel walks in.

On the sands, Janah makes a nasty face back to Kalona, noting, "That /is/ why we searched them, you know. So that they'd Impress the dragonets and we wouldn't have to."

On the sands, Qia sways on her feet, bumping hips with her fellow and grasping at her hand for dear life it would seem as she blinks at the green deposited on the sands. "Green…" Thinking. Thinking. She drifts off a bit mentally, even though it's hard to do in this state. "Brown!" That snaps her out again.

On the sands, Keria feels like a kite untethered — thank Faranth of Katarra — else she might just dirft away up and off the sands: her heart beats so loud and fast she can feel it throbbing against the heat of the earth beneath her bare feet. "What? Oh… She's lovely. And look at that one! He looks like Klah on the tabletop!"

On the sands, G'briel nods his satisfaction, giving S'era another smile "Thanks for the wine" is again murmured, and he wanders away, towards Rh'esh again, this time moving close to the bronze rider "A green….was that one of yours and Nyssath's? Or Isabeth's..she seems to think its hers, I think….somewhat of a shrivelled thing. We will fill her out, though." This said with satisfaction. He's rather looking forward to it.

On the sands, Zaselpha uh softly. "Brown." she murmurs, eyeing off the Mischievous Faun Brown. "Ooops. Sorry Jeretta." Her grip loosens.

Cisusse eyes Fiora's wineskin. "May I have some, please?"

Kalrania scoots companionably next to Brianna. "There's Harpers out there," she informs her helpfully. "And there' s Harpers up here. Go Zaselpha." She grins pleasanntly at her.

On the sands, Buroughs grins, as the next egg reveals a brown. The green is pretty well ignored, as he relaxes a touch more. But his eyes waver back to the eggs with a trace of uncertainty, but no fear. Which one? If any. "Take care all." He murmurs.

On the sands, Kalona sticks her tongue out at Janah before noting, "Of course it is. Oh sage one."

Maggie never had any manners and proves it, stomping out.
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On the sands, One Ring To Rule Them All Egg shifts in place, its shell quivering with the force of pressure pushing out from within. Cracks striate the shell, but do not come unattached, leaving the egg one perfect whole, though it does look like it might go to pieces at any moment with the merest hard blow.

Creer furrows brows as Cisusse's comment snaps him out of it. "No you may not." He takes the skin and takes a gulp himself to hijack this skin from Cisusse.

Valyn hits an unpredictable wave of happiness. Look at them! Green and brown and who knows whats to follow. Fingers crossed, he watches the Hatchlings, wishing he could mentally move them towards Kat.

Fiora hugs and answers, "I'm watching, sweetling. Look, another!" she pulls the wineskin out of reach, "Not this, you can't dear. Here.." She passes a cup, "Have some juice.."

On the sands, Wizened Dwarf Green Dragonet stumbles towards the white mountains, pausing only once to acknowledge the queen bugling behind her - but as the white-capped mountains seem to call to the very core of her, she cannot but march towards 'em, determinedly, damp wings now held out to her sides to dry.

Zathrus appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.

Jysirka walks in.

Molphin is rooted in place, staring out at Buroughs, at the green, at the brown, tense from the tension. She suddenly snaps out of it as she hears a familiar voice. "Fiora?" she turns around, looking, then not seeing her (mainly because of the abscense of real thought at the moment), she turns her head back to the sands.

Kevar glances at Kalrania and Brianna, nodding in greeting: excitement fey dances the Harper-blue of his glance, soon turned back towards the eggs. "Aye… the Harpers. I always feel torn between wishing them Impressed, and wishing them back in Class."

On the sands, Kirewyn breathes, "Another!" She reaches out to jab at Josen, then points wildly at the latest dragonet. "Brown, too!" Attention is split between the two, and she excitedly queries, "Which do you like best?"

On the sands, G'briel grins "And a brown! Well….a good start, I think." Shoulders touch to sand-warmed walls as he flicks his gaze to the candidates "A good selection of candidates for our dragonets to choose from."

On the sands, Rh'esh nods to G'briel. "Isabeth's, I think." He flashes a grin at his weyrmate. "Hopefully they'll fill out… though Syrth never did. He's just gotten bigger… and maybe less cute." It isn't the bronze's job to be cute, of course, and he simply snorts softly in the direction of his rider, intent on 'his' now rocking eggs.

On the sands, Josen brushes hair from his eyes as he watches one..no, two..hatchlings stumble around the Sands. "Uh, best?" he repeats, as though he didn't have a mind. "I..I think they're…both..good," he babbles, unsure how to react to them. "Which do you like?" he asks in return.

On the sands, Arilynne perks up as well, the brown noticed next. "Oh shells," she breathes out with a hefty sigh, "Look at him! He's amazing." Fingers twitch as heat on heat makes them sweat more and Aril still bounces, her feet noticably becoming red as the heat slowly sinks in. Something, /there/, can be seen bobbing along on her ankle, black stone gleaming faintly.

On the sands, Jeretta flexes her fingers surreptitiously, making sure there's some feeling left in them. Finding them still functional, she oohs at the brown before letting her eyes slide over towards the ring egg. Eyes then slide toward the brown, and the green, and back to the egg, and back, and forth…

On the sands, Naralen reacts with a bit more dignity to the second emergence, standing tall and regarding the brown with curiosity. He rocks a bit from side to side, keeping an eye on all of the rocking wonders about him.

Brianna smiles a bit at Kevar before craning her neck around a rather tall Standing Person to see "Yes…lots of them, this time…" Bri doesn't cheer however. She just grins and watches with an expression nothing short of glee

On the sands, Ellya eyes Rh'esh dubiously, "Rh'esh? How -can- you determine Isabeth's eggs from Nyssaths? They're not really seperate from each other."

On the sands, Rhea's eyes widen, and the smallest of gasps escape as she watches the newly shelled make their entry into the world, and a couple of shuffling steps are taken backwards. A pause, a deep breath, ans she straightens up, chin lifted slightly as steps take her foraward again.

On the sands, Janah hrmphs softly, taking another gulp of her wine as she watches the green and the brown. "Nice." Kadarth is almost beside himself on the ledge, crowing greetings, as his lifemate checks them out. "Lovely green."

On the sands, Keria shifts again, right foot, left foot, hot foot, hotter foot. "C'mon Kadarth… C'mon Kadarth.." The little scruffy candidate mutters her dreams to herself, holding out for a crystalline blue of her very own. She eyes her most favorite of eggs, one of the smallest out there, and repeats, "C'mon Kadarth… "

Keoke walks in.

Cisusse plants her hands on her hips, attention firmly diverted from the Sands. How can you not expect her to indignantly ask Creer: "Why /not/?"

On the sands, Katarra keeps Keria grounded, all right, probably leaving a permanent imprint on the girl's hand. Lips part as the brown hatchling arrives, soft murmers for his creamy sienna hide. A hand lifts to tuck dampened strand of gold behind one ear - the vibrating heat finally making it's presence known whether she acknowledges it yet or not.

On the sands, Isabeth certainly doesn't make any differentiation to the eggs - she calls out greeting after greeting, adopting the little ones briefly before sending 'em out towards their futures.

Kalrania sniffs. "/I'm/ not torn," she tells Kevar firmly. "Master…" she adds quickly. A mournful glance is turned out onto the Sands. There's sure to be more people added to the list today.

On the sands, Mischevious Faun Brown Dragonet's creamy head tilts down, eyes awhirl with interwined cyan and turquiose. Oooh. Eggshards; what can I do with this? His head dips, muzzle pushing against one, before he glances up again. A startled cry escapes from him, and he darts backwards, promptly falling on his tail. Ow. People! Whiteclad people at that! Wonder if one could help him with those shards.

On the sands, Rh'esh grins at Ellya, arm waving with general sweeping movements. "Of course they are. These here are the ones Syrth's been pushing around for five sevendays. And I don't doubt /he/ can tell."

On the sands, G'briel chuckles at Rh'esh, slinging a companionable arm about his shoulders "Well…whether Nyssath's or Isabeths….they did well. Good colors to hatch out first" he murmurs "You all should be proud."

Creer pats the young girl on the head. "You're too young susse. Someday." And not far off either. She's grown a lot.

On the sands, Qia would probably be yelling red, purple and otherwise if it were feasible, at this point, but of course, dragons don't come in those colors really. "I don't know what to think…" she spouts suddenly in Arilynne's direction, then notices the green setting out towards the patch of white. Eep!

On the sands, Buroughs bites his lower lip, betraying his uncertainty to the out side world, but waiting, watching the first the green then the brown. Not moving much until at last the heat seeps through the thick soles of his shoes.

On the sands, Zaselpha uh huhs softly and sighs there, shaking sand out of a sandal before shifting her weight yet again. "They're all moving. All of them. Oh my."

On the sands, Kirewyn brightly responds, "Both." She isn't very specific, to say the least. She considers, head tilted to one side, as she fidgets upon the Sands. "What if they come our way?" Stricken, she gulps. "What if they /do/ come our way?" She eyes Josen, nibbling upon her lower lip. "Can I hide behind you?"

On the ledge, Byrnith watches with excitement as the eggs break and out come the Hatchlings, his own hummed pitch rising and falling as he gets caught up in the birth of his own species.

On the sands, Jeretta watches the little brown trip head over tail around those eggshards, and freezes momentarily. Dinner-plate-sized violet eyes turn their gaze toward the labyrinthine egg, which as of yet has not moved.

On the sands, Janah's gaze flicks from Keria to Qia, watching both for a long moment before she turns stoic gaze upon the sands at large. Whatever happens happens.

On the sands, Josen shakes his head again. "I don't think that would be a good idea, Kirewyn," he replies, voice and manner returning to normal. "What if they're looking for you? They won't want to see me," he explains, trying to smile as he hops from foot to foot.

Kevar manages a grin at Brianna and turns back to the eggs. He whispers, soft as snow, "That's my Keria out there."

On the sands, Ellya's blue Narimeth is joining Kadarth in excitement. He's leaning out over his chosen ledge, warbling loudly, and even occasionally emitting a loud trumpet. He keeps his gaze well on his chosen candidates, head glancing from one to the other like a mother hen. Ellya watches the playful blue from where she stands, giving a little sigh at the undignified behavior. "You know, Narimeth is my complete opposite sometimes. He can be so friendly, big hearted and mothering. Look at him? He's like a big child." But then if Ellya only looked deep within herself, she'd probably discover thatshe sometimes — if rarely, behaves like that too.

On the sands, Universe of the Four Gods Egg Again shivers, the slightest of movements. Such a tease, this one is.

On the sands, Wizened Dwarf Green Dragonet arrives at the first of the clusters of candidates, now jogging at the quick-step as the sight of the mountainous white things drives her. She skids to a halt, sniffing the air delicately as if attempting to find the nearest mountain meadow. She pokes at a girl standing near her, then wades into the crowd of white robes, perking her headknobs to one side and sniffing again. A particular sound can she hear - a shifting of something…avalanche? She takes a step to investigate a pair - young man and young lady - who stand nearby.

On the sands, Naralen takes a deep, singer's breath, and lets it out slowly, squaring his shoulders and affixing a knowing smile to his face. With a nonchalance he can only pretend to at this point, he strolls toward the other Candidates.

Brianna's brows lift just a bit at Kevar before she grins, returning "Congradulations." Just as softly. Still no cheering, though…

On the ledge, Jules says, "Ooo…that green looks like she's going to choose. Remember how it was for us?"

On the sands, Arilynne turns her head so that green and brown can both be watched, eyes wide. A rush of familiar and yet faintly different emotions floods the girl, her heart beating in her chest as she watches each one's progress. "Oh Qia, Qia," she chants softly, nibbling her lower lip as it finally hits her. "This is the moment." Glance settles on the green and she pants in the heat, "I think she's close."

On the sands, Buroughs's attention is finally drawn to his feet. mouthing a silent 'yeouch!' he too begins to shift from foot to foot, but not hopping. Just shifting his weight enough to alow air beneath the sould of his boots, before his eyes go back to the playful brown and the rappidly moving green. He sighs as she disspaears from sight and he turns his attenion back to the brown.

On the sands, Kirewyn blithely assures, "Oh, they're not looking for /me./ Why'd they wanna do something like that?" She moues a pout, heaving a melodramatic sigh as her suggestion is turned down. "But I won't hide, I won't, if you really think I shouldn't." She flutters lashes, then, abruptly, exhales a muttered curse as she leaves feet settled for too long. "Faranth! Hot hot hot!"

On the sands, Katarra slowly begins the inevitable shuffle, one foot lifting a moment and then the other. Why oh why are sandals required? She'd really like some handspan thick soles on a pair of boots… The tugging continues (poor Keria) as Katarra points to the action, smile widening as a hatchling nears their friends.

On the sands, Six Signs the Circle Egg spirals deeper into the sands, hiding beneath the dark sands, hiding in the dark from the light… For a few moments, at least. Its time is not here yet.

On the sands, Keria glances at Janah, missing the look, but glances none-the-less. Kadarth laid his claim, what will be will be. She looks back, looking now past the galleries and all that she cannot see to the Blues on the ledge beside. Somehow they offer almost as much comfort as Katarra's tight hand. Out of the side of her mouth to Kat, she says, "One for you, one for me, it is not too much to hope for?" But Keria knows the odds are against them. "Or we could share?"

On the sands, Rh'esh grins at G'briel, giving the taller man a poke in the ribs. "Have you made bets, then, about what colors should hatch first?" Rh'esh hasn't, though he probably intended to. Suddenly, chewing on his lower lip, he points a finger at the little drama going on with Arilynne and Qia.

On the sands, Josen can only watch, falling silent as the hatchlings roam around the Sands looking for lifemates. A hand goes up again to wipe at his brow as he shifts again. Too long robe hastily pushed off his feet, to give them some ait.

Silk appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.

On the sands, Qia's hand tries to squish Arilynne's into a new shape. Conform! Conform! "Where?! Where!?" she says excitedly in response, her gaze whipping around enough that her messy braid flies, threatening to become an assault weapon at this rate. She's entirely too excited for her own good, but this being her first time on the sands and in fact, the most exciting thing in her life as yet .. well.

On the sands, Wizened Dwarf Green Dragonet Wizened Dwarf Green Dragonet carefully seeks the One she has been feeling. her partner, her mate, her other half. Deeply pondered, yet never hesitant movements take her in the general direction of that One, somewhere out in the row of white. Suddenly, she Sees a bright glint of copper on the sands, and studying further she Looks and Feels that He is the One. With an uncontrolled trumpet of joy, she dases to Josen, the One.

On the sands, Wizened Dwarf Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Josen.

On the sands, Arilynne turns a smile Naralen's way, waving him over, but she's not sure if he sees her or not. Heart pounds, feet shift, as she watches the little green's progress, anticipation warring with something more base. "Who… who do you think it will be? Josen!!!"

On the sands, G'briel shakes his head, chuckling, ignoring the poke as he watches the moving dragonets. "No….I wouldn't do such a thing. Seems rather…insulting to the dragonets, and to their dam and sire." He grins "Not to mention somewhat of a long odd. I mean, 1 to 5 you are going to be wrong, right?"

Kalrania surges to her feet. "JOSEN!" she shrieks. She's a Harper all right; but that was more a bellow of outrage than a shriek of surprise. "Josen!" You /idiot/.

On the ledge, Jules cheers, "Yeah Josen!"

On the sands, Qia's head turns again just in time to catch the impression and her jaw drops towards the ground. "Josen!!" Echoing Arilynne's call, she gives a little hop, either from the heat or from the excitement for her fellow .. both are enough impetus.

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On the sands, Mischevious Faun Brown Dragonet pulls himself upright; wings unfolding to catch his balance, displaying the viney duet that dances across the goo-dripping membrane. Goo, however, is ignored, as choatically swirling eyes survey the white-crowd. Now, he needs a partner in crime like… whose that boy? The one russet hair? The hatchling slowly inches towards the boy, before snorting oh so delicately and waddling in a different direction. A shy, bonde Southern Boll boy hides behind a group of taller ones; The brown hatchling pursues him, loudly announcing his excitement. "Ugh! No! Get away from me!" What fun! But — oh, that's more interesting. A dark hairedwoman is quietly contemplated, before the hatchling gives a shake, and moves aside. No.

On the sands, G'briel laughs, clapping softly "Well done…Josen gets the first!" He moves away from the weyrleader, in the direction of the newly impressed pair, ready to lead them to the side.

On the sands, Naralen pauses, seeing the green heading for a certain pair. He certainly wouldn't want to intrude, as perhaps she's made up her mind already. He hangs back behind Josen for a moment, trying to keep an eye out for everything around him.

On the sands, Zaselpha was watching. Yes she was - "JOSEN!" she half squeals, half calls in delight as she sees the green make her choice. "Ohohohohohoh! J'sen!!" Fidget, dance. Zase tries to stand on tippy toes to see better too.

On the sands, Kirewyn hastily moves out of the way as the green approaches — charging dragonets, ahoy! "Eeph!" She scrambles, eyes wide, grabbing for the nearest Candidate's hand. "Oh, oh, oh! Josen!" She told him, she did. The green don't want her - the green wanted /him./

Valyn shouts out an overly loud, 'JOSEN! Yah!' Oy vey, those Harper lungs! 'Go Josen!' Or J'sen to be exact.

On the sands, Jeretta gets her hand squeezed into submission, but finds herself dragged into a tippytoe stance. A rare, wide smile is proffered for the first Impression of the day.

On the sands, Buroughs grins and in a brief moment relaxes completely in jubilence "Josen!" He cheers, before turning back to brown, and eying him levely as he makes his rounds. "Who could he be looking for?" He asks Naralen, atlast joining the speculations of the others.

On the sands, Katarra blinks at Keria's whisper, mind a little sluggish about processing her comment. Suddenly she laughs, tension much eased at the change of thought. "That's not asking too much, I think," she winks. Head spins as calls ring out. "What? Josen? Oh, Josen!" She releases Keria's hand just long enough to clap once.

On the sands, Naralen gasps, then mouths softly, "J'sen." He smiles, somewhat wistfully.

On the ledge, J'cent heaves a reminiscent sigh and nods to his clutchsib, "Aye. How could I forget?" He smiles slightly, the hand on his dragon's neck scratching idly. "I remember a green or two looking around like that, and hoping she'd be mine. Not that I mind /you/, 'Nith." He grins to his brown, who snorts through his hum.

Cisusse pokes her nose out past her Fiora, wrinkling it in distate. "/Why/ is everybody shouting somebody's name?"

On the sands, Rhea sheds her silence, and her nervousness to raise her voice and shout Josen's name in tones that betray her background as as trader, carrying acoross the sands in celebration. "Josen!" Brown isn't watched as the candidate observes teh new pair.

On the sands, Keria hears the Impression before she turns towards J'sen and his new lifemate. Plasure ripples through her and, for athat signular moment, she forgets the heat of the Sands. "Oh good. /Josen/. J'sen? The Harpers will have songs to sing tonight."

Molphin wiggles all over. "J'sen… the first Impression!" she says, a bit too loudly to answer the unknown voice.

On the sands, Locket of the Moon Princess Egg is reluctant to take up the required task and quivers in childish fear when faced the daunting prospect of that which must be done.

Songs to sing? Not Kalrania; she sinks into her seat, grumbling. Another name on her list. Bah. Creer smiles widely and proudly. He'd love for Elaira to see this.

Brianna grins at Kalrania - for she is grinning now, an ear-to-ear variety - "Wasn't that just wonderful. Well done." Approval, yes. A few nods, and Bri's back in her seat, watching.

Aroe blinks waking up from his nap, wondering what all the fuss is about.

Maki watches the Impression with a grin, hoping - no knowing - his sister will be going through the same soon. And hopefully for that queen egg. 'Come on Kat!'

On the sands, Mischevious Faun Brown Dragonet waddles along, looking over one then another candidate. This is fun! Fun — but something's missing. Suddenly, he starts; nostrils quiver as he turns, slowly. Tangled dark curls — ribbon free — are contemplated, and the white robe, before swirling eyes fix on hers. Ah. Rhea?

Cisusse cranes her neck, futilely beating the back of the enormous Enlander beside her to see around him. "First the say Josen, then they say J'sen," she complains. "The first Imp— Imp-what?" She can't /see/.

Fiora finally gives up and picks up Cisusse and puts her on a seat so she can see, "They're cheering for the young man who impressed the 'green' dear!"

On the sands, "You must be joking," J'sen informs the green in front of him. "You've got to be kidding," he tells her, shaking his head. "I..are you sure?" he asks again, but finally looking up and proclaiming in amazement, "Her name is Sophioth…"

On the sands, One Ring To Rule Them All Egg spins with a purpose now, a bright spot of golden color blurring as it twists forward, leaving the safe wallow it had been embedded within. Bits of black sand cling to the shell and then scatter, along with flakes which fall like chaff from wheat.

On the sands, G'briel grins down at the stunned candidate, shaking her head "If she's told you her name, and taken over your mind, I think she is sure" he notes softly, then gestures. "Come on…let's get her comfortable away from this crowd…the edge of the sands, if you please." He guides the pair to the waiting group of riders on the sidelines.

Creer cheers for J'sen!!

Alak turns beady eyes on Maki. 'Be a little more quiet Makimar. All your cheering won't help those Hatchling's make up their mind.' A snort towards his youngest son. Really, the boy can be so crazy sometimes.

On the ledge, Jules tugs uncerimoniously at J'cent's sleeve and says, "Lookit! Rhea impressed the brown." Looking worriedly at J'cent she says, "But what about Arilynne?"

On the sands, Arilynne almost misses the next pairing, and then… gasp! "Rhea!! Oh Rhea, congratulations!" Tear are blinked back at that pairing and she sniffles happiily and leans over to comment to Qia, "Oh, I bet that pair will be trouble." What fun trouble, though.

On the sands, Mischevious Faun Brown Dragonet lurches forward, the light glinting at the drape of his wings as he stumbles. A forearm reaches out, catching on the white fabric of a candidate, and his head lifts, opal eyes swirling excitedly as they fix on Rhea's face. A rumble resonates in his throat as he recognizes her: his new partner in crime, from this moment on.

On the sands, Zaselpha just beams there, happy as a lark. And looking like one too. "Sophioth. Lovely." she states and then her gaze falls on Rhea. "RHEA!" Shocked, definately - but she hadn't realised the smile on her face could get bigger. "Rhea!"

On the sands, Buroughs grins, and watches as the brown heads for Rhea. Eyes intense body hunched forward waiting, until his gaze in renched back to the eggs by a convulsive rocking.

On the sands, Rhea turnsher head back from her observation of J'sen and Sophioth to eye the dragonet before her with amazement, head tilting to one side as she watches suspiciously, weighing up what she sees before her.

On the sands, Mischevious Faun Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Rhea.

Fiora hugs 'Susse in her excitement, "Did you hear? He said her name, Sophioth! How sweet!" She adds quickly, "His name is J'sen, now that he has a dragon, before it was Josen. That's just how it's done.."

On the sands, Katarra leans forward a bit, feet smarting as she leans weight on both at once. "Sophioth?" she repeats, glancing toward Keria for confirmation. "What a pretty name! Soft sounding." And there! She turns to tugging on Keria's sleeve instead, taking pity on the girl's hand. "Rhea! And a brown!"

On the sands, Locket of the Moon Princess Egg cannot bear to let friends brave the unknown dangers without a companion to cover their backs. Gathering courage from previously unknown corners the secret identity held with batters at the confining barriers.

On the sands, Qia blinks towards Rhea and bounces slightly, taking Aril's hand with it. "Rhea!!"

On the ledge, J'cent looks down to forer fellow Candidate on the sands, and his head shakes, "Oh, I hope she Impresses. I don't know, you can never tell… But it'd be so great if she did." Hands are cupped around his mouth as he yells above the clamor, "Go Aril!!"

Kalrania growls, "Rhea. Another one. Another one…" There's another name on hte list.

On the sands, Jeretta smiles, with a trace of a well-covered wince…her poor hand. It'll be a bit before she does any more embroidery…"Rhea!" Oh. My. Did she actually just /say/ something? Yes, it appears that she did.

On the ledge, Jules does the same, wanting to lend her hope to one who was, is a friend. "Yeah Aril! Chin up dear!"

On the sands, G'briel gets Josen and Sophioth on their way to the sands' edge, and heads now for Rhea. Dragonets impressing right and left keep the weyrlingmasters busy, it seems. He hovers at the edge of the impressing couple, not wanting to break through the bond until Rhea recovers slightly.

On the sands, Arilynne's free hand flutters up to her heart, the excitement and emotions overwhelming her. Shift. Hop. Beam. Shout! "Sophioth, oh J'sen she's wonderful!"

Keoke, watching, recognizes Aril.. hearing someone else cheer for her, adds hers as well. "Go Aril!!"

On the sands, Kirewyn quirks a smile after J'sen and his lifemate - attention hurriedly shifts, though, as another name is announced. "Rhea?" comes her hesitant call, following up after others' congratulations. "Oh! Rhea!"

Smile adorns her face, and she bounces in place from foot to foot. "Rhea!" The Candidate's hand that she so tightly clenches manages to free itself from her grasp, and Kirewyn hunts for another.

On the sands, "She's my cousin! My aunt! My Mother! She impressed, did you see, ? I told you, I did, it's the ribbons. That's why everyone should wear ribbons!" S'era moves, starting forward before skidding to a halt and pulling herslef back. "What's his name? Rhea, the brownrider, my Mother!"

On the sands, Keria wriggles her freed fingers, feeling the sweat ease for a moment as she shakes out her hand. "Sophioth… how lovely. And Rhea too! Oh this /is/ exciting." Keria masters the art of understatment, watching candidates fall like drunken Harpers on either side of them. "And .. oh! I forgot the ribbons!" For one brief moment, Keria looks panic stricken.

On the sands, Wullan chuckles as S'era proclaims the Impression of Rhea. "Yes, what is his name, rider?"

On the sands, Qia is very much caught up in everything as she starts hopping around in short little jumps, jogging Aril's grasp as she doesn't know where to look first anymore!

Valyn cheers for Rhea, though not quite so loudly. 'Hurray! Rhea!' Two HAtchings, Two Harpers. Coincedence? I don't think so… .

On the sands, Janah has to point out, ever so cheerfully, "You know this means she could catch Vuiyth someday, S'era." The thoughts.

On the sands, Rhea gasps, dropping to her knees with a peal of laughter, pure happiness expressed. Fingers go to touch headknobs wonderingly as she grins, speaking, andnods. "Yes, this is /definitely / fun." Her head is raised and she calls out, triumphant, "His name is Olkeryth!"

On the sands, Kalona steps the side as a pair of newly joined dragons pass with their new lifemates. Eyes sparkling she steps up just behind Janah, and peers over the bluerider's shoulder. "Oooh. Pretty soon and they'll be gone. Then they're someone else's problem for a while, nah?"

On the sands, Buroughs utters an inareticulate cheer for the newest pair, eggs forgotten even as they had demanded his attention. Standing there he waits for the name of the brown, rolling the name of the green about, as if trying it out. Sophioth. What will the next be?

On the sands, Locket of the Moon Princess Egg spins once, then reveals the mystery of identity as it breaks apart to release the treasure held so long within.

Stout-hearted Stupid Gaul Bronze Dragonet

On the sands, Mountains of massive, craggy wings and magnificent muscles make up this monolith of bronze; a Viking's battle helmet guards his mammoth muzzle, traversing 'round vaguely empty eyes to the plateau of forehead and 'knobs, and steps down the terraced landscape of his ridged spine the full distance to low-lying tail. His wings are vast, their sails boundless, and those immeasurable arches are braided with crimson that likewise laces his stout and sturdy legs. With gargantuan paws, and a heart as large, it is a shame that his huge head remains empty.

On the sands, Naralen steps smoothly toward Kirewyn, watching as the second pair prepares to depart the sands, "And away we go … " he remarks, to no one in particular.Cisusse easily hopes up on the bench with Fiora's aid, auburn bounce crowning the head that sticks above the crowd of 'dults'. "Thank you. Just how it's done? Who decided it would be done that way? It's /silly/."

Bali has a dream. She's sitting at an ancient computer, and then she logs onto a game! Heh. How strange.
Bali has connected.

On the sands, "Rhea could fly Vuiyth?" S'era's lashes dip down and she blinks, starting back; warmth encompasses her cheeks and the wineskin is liftend to the greenrider's lips for a few hearty gulps. Finally: "Nah. Vuiyth wouldn't let that happen."

On the sands, G'briel nods, stepping closer to Rhea and brown Olkeryth. "A lovely name, and a lovely dragonet, Rhea" he murmurs "Let's move him to the side, with J'sen and his green, Sophioth" He indicates the sidelines. This way."

On the sands, Katarra winks at Keria, saving the day by lifting her arm for the other's inspection. Thin strips of color surround her wrist. "In case they were needed," she explains while unwinding one. "Here. I think I'll have to tie mine up quick. Too hot on the neck." So saying she hands Keria one and lifts her heavy tresses - not by much, but at least they aren't sitting on her neck now.

Bali has a dream. She's sitting at an ancient computer, and then she logs onto a game! Heh. How strange.
Bali has connected.
Bali climbs up toward the ledge.
On the ledge, Bali climbs up from the galleries.

On the sands, J'sen is still in the process of leading his new lifemate over to the sidelines, as it were. "Yes, there's food over there," he reassures her.

On the sands, Stout-hearted Stupid Gaul Bronze Dragonet moves about the sands with a spritely skip to his step, unnerving to those around him for he seems ready to collide with anything which may impede his progress. Faceted eyes whirl rapidly with a merriment as he searches for his partner, not in crime, but in smashing any pesky interlopers.

On the sands, Jeretta gasps at the entrance of a bronze, all thought of reserve being swept away in the blaze that is Hatching excitement. Eyes sweep to the boys…who will rate this one?

On the sands, Zaselpha speaks with satisfaction then, as another Harper Impresses. She approves it seems. "Olkeryth. Suits him. And oh, look, Jeretta! Look! A bronze!" Lets state the obvious again as she hops up and down impatiently.

On the sands, Kirewyn, somewhat relieved, allows a brief smile to touch her lips as Naralen is spied. "Just like that." The latest dragonet - the bronze - is noted, also, and she crows out: "Look!"

On the sands, Arilynne sniffles again, glancing at Rhea and her new lifemate. "Olkeryth! Well done, Rhea, well done." Hazeled orbs mist happily, and then something glimmers in the corner of her eye. Turning, she gasps, "Bronze, a bronze Qia." Aril's hand is going numb, but she'd never release Qia's, not for the world.

On the sands, Rhea nods, fingers carefully removing a tiny piece of shell form Olkeryth's headknob as the two start their journey to the edge of the sands. A hand is raised to S'era, and the girl giggles aat some comment unheard.

Molphin relases a breath that she did not know she was holding, and immediately starts to feel the heat. She stands up to move to a cooler spot, and regrets it… her head starts to spin and everything starts to go dark. She manages to grab hold of something, and hold on to conciousness, too. With a slow, sad look back at the sands, feeling horrible for missing all the fun, she slowly turns and teeters off, holding her head and moaning a bit. One last look back… with a whispered somethingortother to Buroughs, and she leaves.

Molphin goes home.

On the sands, One Ring To Rule Them All Egg smoulders redly, minute striations in the surface of the shell causing a flickering of fire 'round the base, golden rings shimmer in the heat, glow brightly, and suddenly explode, shards spinning off towards the rest of the clutch as the dragonet within makes her appearance.

Gangly Scarecrow Gold Dragonet

On the sands, Fastened loosely to her frame, pale cornsilk whispers its longing for summer breeze with every lurching movement of bony joints lying beneath the delicate hide. Spring's protective husk has ripped nearly free, its last vestiges clinging perilously to an overlong, untamed tail. Massive wingsails hang from her back, threatening to rip away precariously achieved balance at the first hint of zephyr. Stalks of green streak her legs, the poorly tied bundles permitting rows of pilgrim's gold to scatter down the limbs before disappearing into loamy brown talons which hug the earth in gratitude for her support.

On the ledge, Bali looks distracted.
On the ledge, Bali has disconnected.

On the sands, G'briel looks about, nodding to himself. Other dragonets are being led to the side; green, blue, and brown. His grin is definitely satisfied as he turns to look for the next impressee…and halts. To look at the gold just hatching. Always an impressive sight.

On the sands, Naralen watches the progress of the bronze with interest, smiling wryly, "We'd better be carefully to stay out of his way - he doesn't look like the type to go around /anything/."

On the sands, S'era's wineskin is waved at the pair. "You get to muck ,too. Congratulations! Onya, Rhea — oh, is that egg hatching? A gold?"

As the crowd ooohs and ahhhs, Valyn joins in absently. And he adds to the awed and hushed murmur always at Hatchings. 'The Gold… . .'

On the sands, Qia's poor hand is just as squished at Arilynne's as she clings to the other girl. A kissing victim! "This is soo…. exciting!" she exclaims, then blinks at the newest arrival on the sands. "Bronze! Gold!" It's the pot at the end of the rainbow.

On the ledge, Bali has a dream. She's sitting at an ancient computer, and then she logs onto a game! Heh. How strange.
On the ledge, Bali has connected.
On the ledge, Bali goes home.

On the sands, Janah offers a twist of a smile at the gold. "That is a very interesting gold. Very… Interesting." She makes a face.

On the sands, Isabeth trumpets at the top of her voice as her golden daughter hatches, red eyes whirling proudly. A look at her lifemate seems to say, we done good…

On the sands, Buroughs's gaze is drawn to the bronze, but he makes no motion. Such splendor is not for him, not outside of his wildest dreams. Instead he turns to speculation at the gold. Which of his friends shall be accepted? He turns to Naralen. "Yeah. You're probably right." He murmurs. "I wonder who is going to take him on?"

On the sands, Ellya eyes Janah with a chuckle. "No more interesting than some, Janah dear," Says the graying ex-Weyrlingmaster.

On the sands, Janah points out, immediately, "Kadarth was not awkward like that when he was hatched."

On the sands, Arilynne's heart beats madly as she nods her head, "I'm feeling woozy," she confides, especially as the newest arrival makes her appearance. "Gold, Qia. Look, gold." As if the other candidate couldn't tell. Aril's brain's been fried by the Sands, that's it.

On the ledge, Jules is holding her breath as the gold hatches and seems to be mentally asking her to find Aril, her friend.

On the sands, Jeretta pulls her free hand to her lips, covering a gasp. A /gold/. A somewhat gawky gold, but a gold nonetheless.

On the sands, Zaselpha is watching the bronze. Yep, the bronze. Indeed, it is only the whispering calls of the others that brings her to regard the newest hatchling with disbelief. "One of the new golds… Oh my." Lost for words for once, Zase? Still, she hops edgily, hot enough to almost melt [All S'era's fault] out there on the sands

Kalrania's comment is somewhat less happy then others. "A gold," she groans. Pooh.

On the sands, Kalona's voice titters as she eyes the gold. "She's awfully…" Well, if you can't say nice things. Still. "The color is pretty, at least." Her view gets blocked once again and she leans forward on toe-tips to see past the head of a very large young man.

Fiora's attention is riveted on the sands, yet she distractedly tries to answer Cisusse, "That's just the way it is, hon. No one knows why…it just..is.." She is distracted once more.

On the sands, Love's Lost Promise Rose Egg gently rocks, carrying itself down the side of the egg mound to a pile of shards where it stops for a moment, pausing quietly.

On the sands, Keria jbreaks into a sunny grin at Katarra. "Kat! you're a lifesaver!" She tugs loose a Harper-blue ribbon from the other's wrist and fumbles with it with eager, trembling fingers. A sweat-damp strip of black curl is pulled from behind her ear and she ties a ratty bow on the end, shifting still from foot to foot. The knot is only half done when she looks up to see the scrawny new hatchling. "Oh my… Look Kat!"

On the sands, Rh'esh looks startled as the gold hatches. "Looks like Syrth," he comments. "Funny… wasn't that egg from the other clutch?" He looks up at his bronze lifemate and they exchange glances. "We could hope she fills out better, I suppose."

On the sands, G'briel moves back to the sidelines…for now a dirth of weyrlings to guide. "Llawenth wasn't very clumsy…I don't think." Actually, he can't remember much of that hatching. He was too busy teasing Katarra.

On the sands, Katarra fairly bounces right off her feet as eggs hatch in quick progression. Eyes alight on bronze, but quickly shift to the cornsilk golden hide. Her mouth opens, but nothing comes out. She merely tugs and points, knocking damp strands of hair loose from her freshly tied ribbon.

Aroe goes home.

On the sands, Universe of the Four Gods Egg still sits, resting, relaxing; its time has not yet come, though its continued spasmodic quivers tell of its impatience.

On the sands, Qia gives another little bounce, the energy starting to flag within her, even though the hatching isn't anywhere near complete. "Ooh…." Markly lacking in conversational skills right now, she sticks to noises instead, staring at the hatchlings on the sands.

On the ledge, J'cent leans forward with a gasp as he sees the gold, "Gold, Jules. And Aril still Unimpressed." He reaches for Jules' hand, squeezing it slightly, "Y'think?"

On the sands, Stout-hearted Stupid Gaul Bronze Dragonet pushes his way through press of human and draconic flesh alike, unconcerned of the damage his bulk might cause. Thankfully, most dart out of the way with an agility he fails to possess. One robed boy is tossed carelessly out of the way, catching the breath of those in the stands before he sits up slightly dazed.

On the sands, Wullan sighs a bit, noting S'megol and Gollumth's conspicuous absence as the young queen hatches. "Gollumth's a pale bronze, Rh'esh," she comments.

Jerlana walks in.

On the sands, Gangly Scarecrow Gold Dragonet turns her head with a wobbling motion as she scans the rows of candidates. She starts to move confidently forward, but somehow gets tangled up in herself. Her awkward body doesn't seem to have the right way about moving yet as wings get in the way of feet and her body bobs forward to sprawl ungainly in the sand.

On the sands, Rh'esh nods to Wullan. "True, but not half so awkward."

On the sands, Kirewyn points a finger, which wavers unsteadily as she jabs towards that one, this one, then — the gold. "Oh, look." The gold recieves most of the Candidate's attentions — who ever heard of a girl Impressing bronze, after all? "She's all wobbly," observes she, intuitive.

Kassar's breath catches at the sudden shine of gold down on the sands. This entire drama is to amazing even for artist's eyes to really capture. What beauty… .what flashing color… what… . His eyes can only stare and widen in awe.

Cisusse just /isn't/ satisfied— but that's not unusual. "Hmmph." Thin arms crossed, she fidgets. "I guess that one's im-por-tant," she surmises of the gold to no one in particular. "It's… funny."

On the sands, G'briel watches the gold, nodding to Wullan's words "Yes…I think that is definitely Gollumth's get." he nods. "I think Nyssath and Syrth didn't create that, though Syrth /was/ somewhat…gangly..as a weyrling" He casts his weyrmate a grin.

On the sands, Isabeth snakes her head over the sands, obvious distress whirling in her eyes as her queen-daughter sprawls out in the sands. She croons to the dragonet, encouraging her to stand once more and face the white sea before her.

On the sands, Yep, it's all S'era's fault.She shufffles areound the edge of the sands, talking in a loud voice. Who to? Pprobably herself. "Strange. That gold would probably look better with ribbons. That's what'd make her better. Ribbons. Yepyep. Not as good looking as Vuiyth, no, no."

On the ledge, Jules tears her eyes for a moment away from the golden body to J'cent. "Oh I hope so J'cent, I really do." And squeezes back, not letting go as if she's reliving Veluth's hatching.

On the sands, Naralen frowns a bit at the brutish nature of the bronze, craning his neck to make sure the boy wasn't hurt. Plotting the likely 'flight path' of the beast, he calculates time-to-intecept and nudges Kirawyn toward the left, closer to the newly-hatched gold. /She/ isn't charging anyone down, at least.

Jerlana lurks 'round the back of the stands, melting into the shadows to watch.

Kevar folds his hands together and just watches.

On the sands, Zaselpha ducks her head then, chignon of hair gleaming softly as the girl tugs her robe gently. Wince. Numbweed has worn off again and sunburn is most uncomfortable. Sunburn is S'era's fault too. Or maybe Vuiyth's? "Oh dear. Clumsy. But she's lovely anyway… Least I think so." That's on the gold, afore Zase turns her gaze on the bronze once more.

On the sands, Stout-hearted Stupid Gaul Bronze Dragonet trips over his own wingsail, sending him colliding into a blond boy of almost impossibily short stature. Pushing the dragonet smartly to his ungangly feet, A'sterix proclaims in an amused yet blessedly intelligent voice, "His name is Obelixith!"

On the sands, Singing Sword of Need Egg trembles within its sheath of sand, the slightest of ripples seen across its shell. It appears to know what time is appropriate, though, and that time is not yet come.

Creer is nothing but nerves. Hope… hope.. hope… he mumbles under his breath. "C'mon." He whispers to Cisusse, "Yes it is important. Hasn't the harper been doing those ballads with you?"

Jysirka watches silently, a tinge jealous.

On the sands, Arilynne gapes at the newest queen's gangly movements. "Aren't they all supposed to be graceful," she asks Qia tactlessly. Don't get her wrong, Aril feels sorry for the sprawling queen, but, well, she doesn't exactly fit the norm, does she? "I do hope she's okay, though," she adds worriedly, wavering on the hot sands, for a moment reddened feet forgotten.

On the sands, Katarra pauses on indrawn breath as the gold stumbles and tries to get aright. Fingers clench in automatic mental straightening. "Keria! I hope she doesn't fall!" This said as if the other can /do/ something about it. One foot catches behind the other calf, seeking brief release from the heat. She balances by holding on to Keria, so hopefully the girl doesn't move.

On the sands, Buroughs whinces as the bronze manhandles his way through the crowd. Glanceing to see if the candidate was injured. He eyes Naralen, and a couple of the other boys near by, as if judging odds. His arms have withdrawn from his back and now rest across his chest. And grins as someone he hadn't considered, impresses. Just shows what he knows.

On the sands, Qia winces as the boy is thrown by the bronze, then again as the new queen takes a nosedive into the sands, commisserating in her mind as she thinks just how hot those sands are. Speaking of hot, she starts shifting her feet more, surely dehydrated by now with all the sweat that's spilling down her brow and coating her hand that clutches at Arilynne still. Arilynne the anchor. Buff. Studly. "We're not all graceful…." is her reply.

On the sands, Naralen sighs and nods at Buroughs, "At least he managed to Impress without hurting anyone else!"

On the sands, Love's Lost Promise Rose Egg begins to rock again, attempting to work around the heaping pile of shards in its' path. Crystal sparkles off the skin of the egg, pale rose petals seem to fall one by one towards certain doom.

On the sands, Gangly Scarecrow Gold Dragonet trills a high, soft warbling note, unwavering confidence implied in the rich soprano tone. She reassures the gigantic queen as she lurches back, correcting limbs with unfamiliarity. Somehow she gets everything right and her halting shuffle across jet sands begins again. She seems steadfastly intent as she moves toward the woman whom she has chosen, though just who it is doesn't seem clear yet. She walks along oddly, as if not quite used to the body she lives within yet.

On the sands, Keria's sorry little bow of Harper-blue clings to a strip of hair… barely. Her hand finds Katarra's again, eagerly taking solace from the other candidate. She only moves a little, shifting right to left and back again. "Kinda scrawny, isn't she?" The elf-eared candidate looks beyond the gold, trying to see the littest blue egg. "C'mon Kadarth!"

On the sands, Buroughs nods. "Yes. Did you see what happened to the boy he knocked over?" He flicks a glance back at the eggs. "I could see…..>"

"/I/ think the green one is prettier." Cisusse contradicts just because she can. "No, wait. The brown one." Leaning down — taller than the wagonmaster! — she impudently answers: "Yes. But they're boring."

On the ledge, J'cent's lips are still with a tender smile, eyes staying on the gold, even after she falls, "C'mon girl, get up. Find yer match.." Eyes track to Arillynne, and he grins, "Look't her. She deserves a dragon."

Adria walks in.

An odd cheer comes up from a rather short, or should we say vertically challenged, group in the corner for A'sterix, the impresser of bronze. Must be family.

On the sands, Kirewyn winces, peering towards Buroughs. "I /did./" Nevermind that he probably wasn't speaking to her - Kirewyn assumes so, and quickly steps over. "Ow."

On the sands, Jeretta's wide violet eyes watch the gold intently, since the bronze seems to have found the brains to its brawn without /too/ much damage. A slight hesitation is made over the marvelously twisty, turny egg, then attention is returned to the cornsilk gold.

On the sands, Naralen nods, affable but distracted as he watches the other eggs, not to mention the gold wandering about, "He looked like he'll be okay. You gotta keep your head about you, and know when to duck out here, or those things can hurt you."

On the sands, Arilynne is very, very buff. She could even be a warrior princess if she wanted to. "Oh look," she sighs in relief, admiring the confidence the young queen exudes, "She's up!" Eyes lighten to a curious greeny-brown and she /clutches/ Qia's hand, unconciously urging the little queen forward.

On the sands, Love's Lost Promise Rose Egg delicately shatters, crystalline structure forming microfractures which cover the surface in a matter of minutes, more and more until the egg dissolves, leaving the dragonet within to face the world alone.

Spirited Zesty Zelda green Dragonet

On the sands, Malachite green is caged by the diabolic beauty of this minikin dragonet: dark bands of black and gold jail sleek legs and countoured forearms, subtle bars to capture the royal hide beneath. Rich emerald and the polish of jade mark muzzle and tail, the treasures of hue and timber unearthed with her every lithe and supple movement. Her wings, a dissembling, alluring, magica green, are enough to tempt heroes to their deaths and cause villains to implode with desire.

On the ledge, Jules is doing her own encouragement and has to restrain herself from humming with Veluth. Her hand's still firmly attached to J'cent, the two the only ones up on the ledge. "Aril's /got/ to impress! If not gold, then something!"

On the sands, Katarra watches warily now, having forgotten one can get /hurt/ on the sands as well. The excitement is just so overwhelming, ya know. A slight smirk settles upon her lips as she glances beside her. "Wouldn't you just fall over if Kadarth /did/ pop out of one of those eggs?"

On the sands, G'briel nods approval as the bronze finds a lifemate, then lets his eyes wander back to the gold "I hope she will make it to the candidates..as clumsy as she is, they might have to go to her." He's teasing, of course. But still. "I bet she will be large. The gangly ones usually are, aren't they?"

Adria hurridly shuffles up[ the stepas, coughing madly. Still coughing, she finds her seat in the back row, craning her neck to see better. "C'mon, Buroughs." she says to herself. "You can do this!"

On the sands, Zaselpha turns her attention away from the newest bronzerider, onto the Rose egg. Curiousity indeed is reflected in her expression as she casts a sidelong glance at Jeretta. And then back to sands… "Only the gold." she murmurs. "Oooh! A green. Oh she's lovely. Bright."

On the sands, Janah watches the gold. Watches the female Candidates. Watches the gold. Peers at the green. Notes to Katarra and Keria in a cheerful voice, "Kadarth wouldn't fit in those eggs. He's too big." And then drinks.

On the ledge, J'cent nods, "I can't imagine what it'd be like if I didn't get 'Nith. And to miss out on two Hatchings in a row…"

On the sands, Buroughs glances for the first time to the galleries. And smiles to her, but no more. He inexhonerably turns back to the eggs, and the new green. He nodds at Naralen. "Indeed." He takes a single step towards the green before stopping himself, and waiting if not particularly calmly.

On the sands, Keria edges, if she can, even closer to Katarra. "I would! You would have to hold me up Kat. — Well he fit once, Janah! Perhaps he has a little cousin?" She looks to the older dark-haired rider hopefully, still shifting from foot to foot. Each time she moves that little lucky ribbon comes a bit more undone.

On the sands, Spirited Zesty Zelda green Dragonet blinks curiously at the light, baby eyes attempting to focus too closely on the shards of her shell before she takes a step forward. But no awkward dragonet is she; almost from the moment she discards her shell, her proud bearing marks her for greatness. She rakes her gaze over the white sea of Candidates. Are any worthy of /her/?

On the sands, Qia's fingers start slipping within Arilynne's grasp do to the heated lubrication that's being supplied by both of them, but still she clings, even leaning towards her fellow that's become a good friend. "I think she knows what she wants," she observes, then tilts her head the other direction towards the new green. "Look! Another green!"

Above the sands, Uliaryth wings in from the upper entrance.
Above the sands, Uliaryth leaves for the Ledge.
On the ledge, Uliaryth wings in from from above the Sands.
On the ledge, Bali swings down from her lifemate Uliaryth's neck.

On the sands, Gangly Scarecrow Gold Dragonet moves with a frustrating slowness, casually using the time between egg shell and chosen mate to perfect her ability. She gradually improves, each reeling step better than the one before. A glimpse of blue admist darkness and bright lures her whirling-eyed gaze. It is imperitive that she get to where she's going quickly. Determination quickens her plodding shuffle.

On the sands, Kirewyn sees that green, she does, although she sneaks a glance towards that clumsy gold every so oft. "I wonder.. I wonder.." Half-started sentences are cut off, and she dances around in a little circle, attempting to keep feet from staying too long upon the so-hot Sands. "Where's she gonna go?"

On the sands, Janah thinks. "Actually, those would be his nieces and nephews… Some of them. And some would be his grand-nieces and nephews. So no cousins for you." Eyes twinkle.

On the ledge, Veluth stops his humming for a quick bugle of greeting to Green Uliaryth

On the sands, Gangly Scarecrow Gold Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Keria.

On the ledge, Byrnith notices the arrival of the green as well, and nods his head to Uliaryth before whirling eyes return to the excitement below.

Kalrania leaps to her feet with a cry of despair. "Keria!" she wails.

Kalrania leaps into the air and screams. A mean ogre is threatening to kill her.
Kalrania has disconnected.

On the sands, Isabeth crows in thunderous accord as the gold Impresses, spreading her burnished teakwood wings to the sky.

On the sands, Katarra giggles at Keria's comment, pale brows arching toward Janah. Well, he /did/. Suddenly she faulters, a golden form so /so/ close. Green eyes widen to remarkable proportions as she releases the girl from their fierce grip. "Keria! She wants you!!!" Yah, obvious. But, wow!!

On the sands, Janah blinks. Twice. Then turns to crane her head up at the stands, to verify that there might be a Harper there to watch… And a crystalline blue who nearly falls off the ledge as he thrums. His catch got a /shiny/ dragon.

Valyn breaks into another cheer. 'Yaaaaa Keria!!' Three Harpers in a row! What representation! What choice those Hatchlings have. But…what about Kat?

Brianna walks down the stairs to the entrance.

On the sands, Kalona grabs Janah and begins to throttle, the excitment having been just too much for the diminutive greenrider. "Keria impressed a /GOLD/ Janah! A /GOLD/!" She can hardly contain herself and bounces happily on her toes.

On the sands, Arilynne's own hand readjusts it's position, loosening and then clasping close again. "Another green. And she seems /so/ imperious." Golden child is returned to in time to catch… Impression! "Keria!!" And Aril can do nothing but beam happily at her fellow candidate, "She chose well!"

Keoke cheers for the person she doesn't know who impressed the gold.

On the ledge, Uliaryth humms all the way in, having been humming for quite some time now, even though her rider was nasty enough to be taking a nap. "Silly dragon," Bali mutters as she dismounts and leans against the crooning green. Uli in turn gives a flirty trumpet of a greeting to both dragons here on the ledge, and then to all dragons present. Yes, she loves this.

On the sands, Buroughs cranes his neck around. Cheering maddly as the gold impresses to Keria. And he waits eagerly for the name. Hands clenched in fists with a mixture of joy and anticipation. what would be next? Who the next lucky one?

On the sands, Keria was about to grin back at Janah when suddenly there's something in the way. In her way. She blinks once, twice, three times and then follows the falling blue ribbon down to the sand beside the scrawny gold. That she still holds Kat's hand is entirely forgotten and she places her soul into Elorath's. "Elorath! Elorath! Its okay! Its okay you are not Kadarth! Its okay!" She finds herself hyugging the scarecrow of gold, crying.

Maki blinks hard as his sister's friend Impresses. 'Come on Kat.' He murmurs. She's just /got/ to Impress!

On the sands, Janah whimpers. "Please don't throttle me! I'm as happy as you are…" She nearly whimpers, smacking at the greenrider. "I wanna hear the name…" A blink. "Elorath. Lovely."

On the sands, Wullan smiles happily, as tears run down her face. "She's lovely, Keria!" she calls when she can speak. "Elorath? What a beautiful name!"

On the sands, Singing Sword of Need Egg trembles with more fervor now, the need to escape now more urgent than ever. It wobbles a bit within its divot of sand, knocking against one of its neighbors in agitation.

On the sands, Jeretta lets out a most unladylike shriek, bouncing to tippytoes and rather unintentionally dragging Zaselpha with her. "Keria!" Reserve? What reserve?

On the sands, Qia's blinks steadily for a moment as her hand is released, then grabbed again, reassured once more by that little bond. "Keria! Eee!" Intelligible sounds come from her lips as she takes another hop forwards, her robe starting to slick down with sweat and cling to her curves. Oops.

Adria glances over at the ledge. Dear Faranth! It's… /Bali/. She quickly ducks behind the person in front of her. "C'mon Buroughs." she mutters. "Impress/."

On the ledge, Jules chokes as the gold goes to another. "OH J'cent, She impressed to that former harper lass." Which is good too, but her eyes are on Aril as she edges just a little closer to her clutchsib for comfort.

On the sands, Spirited Zesty Zelda Green Dragonet remembers what she's here for and suddenly swoops down upon the crowded Sands, black granules flying everywhich way as she targets a particularly large group of boys. Boys with /big/ muscles. Just what a girl like her needs.

On the sands, G'briel blinks at Kalona, than laughs "You know…Kadarth might take exception" is noted before he is off, after the newly impressed pair…."It seems fitting" is murmured to himself. "Elorath! A lovely name" That to Keria "Come on…to the edge…there are folk there who want to admire and congratulate…and some meat for your lovely lifemate!"

Siri walks in.

On the sands, Zaselpha is less vocal. In fact, she can't speak it seems as she watches Keria and Elorath with wide open eyes. "Oh my." she breaths again.

On the sands, Katarra's hands cover her mouth, which is a good thing for the opening might have swallowed dragonet and new rider both. She beams, nearly crying herself at seeing Keria's happy tears. "Beautiful name! Elorath…" She tries it out for size.

On the sands, Kalona drops her hands from Janah's side, blushing as she does so. A cough clears her throat of embaressment and she nods. "S'rry," Stil she can not contain her delight. "And Elorath. It's /perfect/."

On the sands, Naralen doesn't have big muscles, but he he's at least near Candidates who do …. he cranes his neck to see who the green has taken an interest in.

On the sands, Kirewyn chomps on her lips, incredilous, as Keria and the gold - Elorath - find each other. "Oh! Keria! Oh!" She stops shifting, momentarily, to peer towards the latest pair of lifemates. "Oh!" The green demands the Candidate's attention, then, and she methodically lifts one foot, then the next, wary. "Eek. Hope noone gets in that 'un's way."

On the sands, Kalona turns bewilderly to G'briel, blinking once. "Kadarth? Exception to what? Huh??"

Allamar sniffles. Alak should never have let Katarra come here. He should have had Camm take her back the first time all this mess insued and then this wouldn't be happening a /second/ time. She belongs back home, but its too late now… .

Adria slips silently into a corner, knowing that no one shall notice her absense. Adria has disconnected.

On the sands, Janah gives G'briel a grin. "He's happy for her too. He searched her, y'know. And it's quite all right that Elorath isn't Kadarth."

On the sands, Buroughs murms the name softly, like he is savoring some rare delicacy, before turning back to the green quietly. Lost in wonder, waiting for her choice and the next egg to hatch.

On the sands, Arilynne watches green movements, only peripherally hearing newly Impressed queen's name. Turning her head towards Keria, she listens to cheers of congratulations. "Elorath! Wonderful Keria, wonderfully." Smiling softly, she tests the name out, lips moving silently as she repeats, Keria and Elorath, Elorath and Keria.

On the sands, Six Signs the Circle Egg suddenly ceases to move, then, in a final surge, the war of light and dark is ended: the Six have served their purpose, leaving One to go alone.

Burnished Brown Incubus Dragonet

On the sands, Fire-licked mischief echos infinitely in soul-searching gaze, wicked joy reflected in the burnished, burning siennas of coal-dark hide. Sharpened headknobs slope back from an aristocratic brow, expressive face reflecting arcane intelligence, easy familiarity. Sultry grace slithers the lean length of his serpentine form, alluded to in the curve of lean haunch, the graceful flick of fire-bronzed tail. Wings mantle high above, cream-tones glimmering beneath brimstone, a hint of almost feathers dancing merrily along wingspars and sails.

On the sands, G'briel grins at Kalona, catching the question as he brings Keria and Elorath back to the sidelines "Kadarth might take exception to your throttling his rider" he murmurs cheerfully "And Maggie too, perhaps. Congratulations, Keria." And J'sen, and R'ea.

On the ledge, Jules says, "look! A brown!"

On the sands, Jeretta rips her gaze away from the newly matched queenrider to the newly-hatched brown in front of her. This one's trouble, she bets. The hand not being throttled by Zaselpha begins to worry a not-too-damp strand of hair.

On the ledge, Uliaryth croons. Oooh, another brown to play with…

On the sands, Keria smooths her hands all over the little dragonet, brushing sand kicked up to muzzle and headnobs. Fingers brush the soft velvet of her nose, the tender 'knobs, the scrawny neck.. they flick up the dangly little neckridges and help resettle her field of wings. "Elorath Elorath Elorath, you are utterly /perfect!/". Nevermind that the queen is stuck standing on her own tail and complaining about it.

On the sands, Spirited Zesty Zelda Green Dragonet focuses her whirling gaze on a particular young lad, one with strapping muscles and lots of potential. She knocks him down and plants her forelimbs one on either of his shoulders. "Hillarith?" blinks C'linton, "I swear, I'm telling the truth - you are the only one for me!"

On the sands, Kalona shrugs away G'briel's concerns. "I'll just have Branwenth ask him to forgive me." Sure, it's not playing fair. That's part of the fun of riding a green.

On the sands, Singing Sword of Need Egg trembles, steely-coloured surface resonating from within as leathern shell is strained. Fissures form and rapidly expand, sands' heat over the past sevendays at last proving it to be too brittle to resist this change. Green dragonet's narrow, awkward form tumbles free as the egg cleaves in two.

Desert Sage Eshu Green Dragonet

On the sands, Residual heat makes draconic hide glow darkly luminous, the colour of char edging wingspars and 'sails, casting ashen highlights across all-over sage brushstrokes. Evening hues darken at flanks and beneath wings into desert-cast greenery turning autumnal, sky at sunset, wind granulating dust in air through which light filters and kalidoscopes colour. Slim hips and long legs well-suit ebon talons echoing in blunt, darkened neckridges. Her wedge-shaped head ends in an elongated muzzle, eyeridges and headknobs polished to gleaming turquoise which shifts in the light, its glimpse cool relief like an oasis.

On the ledge, Veluth is eyeing the green closely despite all the goings on. He stretches a tenative wing out towards her in an invitaion to get /close/

On the sands, Naralen hmphs with interest, spying the newest brown. "Shoulda figured that egg had a darker one in it."

On the sands, Zaselpha is back to egg-watching again, catching sight of another brown. "Lovely." she manages, fascinated for long moments about the newest hatchling. "Where'd that green go?" Yes, where did it go? Hand clings to Jeretta's even tighter now. Harpering gives strong hands. "Oh there. Hillarith! And another green!"

On the sands, Katarra is still in a state of recovery, but manages to slip a wink Janah-ward and query, "You think Elorath will have a liking for blues?" Since Keria did. Grin widens mischeviously. She bounces slightly on her heels, wanting to give the new queen rider a hug, but knowing she shouldn't interupt the newly formed pair. She watches, hands clamped tightly before her.

On the sands, Buroughs's eyes widen as another hatches before the green moves again. Brown. Entranced by the dancing senuous patterns. Green forgotten in the spell of dancing flame.

A rather lewd shout of several young girls goes up from the center for C'linton and Hillarith. Not a promising start. ..

On the sands, Qia's cheeks flush like a jar of redwort as she sways on her feet, the energy having started to wear off even as she catches a little spark with each new impression. "Look!" She points towards the new green and digs her toes in the sand. Eep! Bad idea.

On the sands, G'briel moves off to bring in Hillarith and C'linton, shaking his head. Easy to see that is going to be a troublesome pairing already. He smiles as another green emerges to follow brown.

On the sands, Burnished Brown Incubus Dragonet slithers out of the remains of his eggshells, wriggling delight as he spreads cream-toned wings to dry. He is here now, and despite the furor his gold sister makes, he will find his own.

On the sands, Jeretta eyes the two newly Hatched dragonets, but returns her gaze to the faintly demonic contortions of the Goblin King's Conundrum. It still hasn't moved, though.

Siri goes home.

On the sands, Kirewyn, in her too-short robe, settles somewhat as she eyes the newly hatched dragonets. "Green, brown," she idly notes, mostly to herself. "She's cute." Brown is disregarded in favor of the green, and she worries her lip as she watches.

On the sands, Desert Sage Eshu Green Dragonet rises from the remains of her shell, feet in motion almost from the start. She's not the most graceful creature, though, half-stumbling, eyes blinking pronouncedly as she cranes her neck around, scanning the field of white for something recognizably Hers.

On the sands, Magic Underfoot Egg rocks, to an internal beat, shell quivering with the tune.

On the ledge, Jules mutters, My but they are hatching all at once!

On the sands, G'briel leads the pair to the sides, and looks at the green again. He smiles, noting to Rh'esh "I like that one. She has a lot of promise." Before searching out S'era's wine again. This trailing after weyrlings is thirsty work.

Mayvar appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.

On the sands, Keria joins the rest on the sidelines, still pawing Elorath and helping her each time she gets herself all in a tangle, which is everytime she moves: both of them small, both of them scrawny, both of them almost scruffy looking, it is the little Keria that keeps the dragon together… for now. "You will meet Kadarth, Ella, and you /will/ like him. I know you will." She forgets the rest, she forgets the hatching continues, she lives only as two made one, the ring that binds them unbreakable.

Creer waveat mayvar

On the sands, End of the World Letter Egg remains quite still, not even a whisper of a movement gracing it's surface.

On the sands, Katarra turns attention once again to the sands and wandering hatchlings. My, how much time has passed? It feels like /hours/ in only a few moments. An excited grin sets her expression and it doesn't look like it's diminishing anytime soon. "So many greens," she comments idly, eyes examining the hatchlings. Fingers with nothing to cling to anymore find an errand strand of gold and start twisting it around and around. Nervous habit.

On the sands, Qia takes a -deep- breath and tries relaxing as she stares out at the sands, looking at the eggs left, then to the hatchlings searching out there. "Shew.. it's hot. I don't know Aril, but I'll cross my toes for you…" Silly Qi.

On the sands, Burnished Brown Incubus Dragonet saunters with loose grace from the remains of his shells, a few flutters of wings before he neatly flips them to his back, going forth to search, to seduce, to find his own other half, a co-conspirator… He has such lovely plans, and no one to share them with!

Mayvar slips to a bench by the traders.

On the sands, Buroughs shakes himeself as the brown moves breaking the spell. Deliberatly he turns to the others, to Naralen he remarks. "I supose so." He shifts nervously once more. "What do you think that one will hatch?" He asks indicating End of the World egg. Not looking back at the brown, as one would avoid the gaze of a sphinx.

On the sands, Desert Sage Eshu Green Dragonet believes in love at first sight, sure. The only thing is, she is presently most interested in feet. She goes down the row of candidates, checking them out. Ew, too hairy, ingrown toenail, something green between the toes—nice color, sure, but not exactly what she's looking for. And all these sandals just seem to get in the way. The things a poor girl has to put up with the first day she hatches.

Adria comes out of a dark corner, and silently joins in.
Adria has connected.

On the sands, Zaselpha shifts yet again, screwing up her face for a moment as burn gets rubbed - and then hastily unscrewing it as the touch of sun on her face objects. "Lovely brown." they're all lovely. For egg-goo covered hatchlings that is. "Lovely green." Pat. Hair still in place? Yep.

On the sands, Buroughs looks distracted.
On the sands, Buroughs has disconnected.
On the ledge, Byrnith goes home.
On the ledge, J'cent goes home.

On the sands, Spellsinger's Duar Egg shudders against the thick, humid air. A low note teases eardrums within the chambers, its presence barely audible to human senses yet sufficient to form cracks across shell's surface.

On the sands, Buroughs starts paying attention again.
On the sands, Buroughs has connected.

On the ledge, Jules heads down to be seated in the galleries.
Jules walks down the stairs from the ledges above.

On the sands, Naralen considers the question, and responds to Buroughs after a moment, "Green maybe? About half of them seem to be green, and it's a bit on the small side."

On the sands, Wineskin is pushed forward, as S'era's lips press together in a firm line. "None of the greens are half as good looking as Vuiyth— or your lifemate, as well, G'briel." S'era isn't vein on her dratgons behalf, is she? "Ah, wine. Good thing I took the skin with me. Imagine watching this /dry/." Shudder.

On the sands, Kirewyn considers the green, mulls over the brown - and eyes her own feet as they move swiftly. Up, down, up, down. "I'm going to /melt!/" she declares. "Hotter than Igen, it is."

Jules finds a spot not too far from the edge, notes the Harpermaster and greets him politely, not that he'd remember her or anything. "Master Kevar, how are you this fine hatching?" Valyn is seen too, but duly ignored.

On the sands, Katarra starts to squirm a bit as skin already pinkish from too much time out in the Istan sun is accentuated by the heated sands. With a mental shrug she consoles herself. At least that cream she slathered on held out this long. Twist. Twist. Shift. Shift. So distracted, she tightens her twist on strands of gold, fingers turning just a tad blue-ish.

On the sands, Qia wanders off into her thoughts — she's a lost cause now.
On the sands, Qia has disconnected.

On the sands, Arilynne skip-hops yet again, heart rat-a-tatting as she watches the little green's progress, hand unconsciously clenching at Qia's, "I daren't hope…" she sighs and yet eyes are drawn to her searching form. Toes wiggle in the Sands as she once again pauses, caught up in another hatchling's progress.

Creer starts paying attention again.
Creer has connected.

On the sands, Naralen grins at Kirewyn, his own tough-soled feet beginning to feel it, as well, "Part of being a Candidate. The _experience_. You probably won't quite blister before it's over, if it's any consolation. If you don't Impress, you can soak your feet, and if you /do/ Impress, you likely won't care what your feet feel like."

On the sands, G'briel stands ready. The dragonets searching out their partners seem to be making their way closer to the Ones….

Valyn is starting to gget overly nervous now. The Hatchlings are nearly all hatched, the Impressions nearly all impressed and nothing for Katarra yet. It can't happen again. Its /impossible/!

On the sands, Qia snaps back to attention, her lapse having -nothing- to do with her haircolor, honest.
On the sands, Qia has connected.

On the sands, Burnished Brown Incubus Dragonet drifts down the sands, near-slithering over the jet-black sands, his burnished hide brimstone-bright as he circles a hop-skipping clutching pair of candidates, studying one then the other with curious intensity.

On the sands, Desert Sage Eshu Green Dragonet seems to be getting the hang of this walking thing, hips seeming to sway of their own accord. And these feet just get more and more interesting… as a test, she snakes a tongue out and tastes one of 'em. Yuck! Turned out to be one of those hairy ones! She'll have to be more careful next time. But wait—what's that? One of these ankles seems to have something interesting on it, and those toes sure look nice in the sand. She sweeps back around behind the ankle in question to get a better look.

On the sands, Kirewyn laughs a bit, a high-pitched sort of nervous giggle. "Yeah, well. I'd skip this part of Candidacy - I don't want blisters." She shudders slightly, not daring to allow her tender feet to stay still for long. "I wish these sandals worked better….why can't we wear boots?" she asks, plaintive.

On the sands, Qia digs her toes out of the sands and mumbles under her breath, nodding at Arilynne with a blank expression, attempting to regain her .. composure? Perhaps. She gives her head a little shake and glances towards the eggs again.

Adria comes out of her dsaze, and eagerly peers down on the Sands. C'mon, Buroughs. "Go Buroughs!" she screams raspily, hoping that the Candidate will hear her.

Eulb walks in.

On the sands, Zaselpha deftly shakes sand away from her foot yet again, standing on tippy toes to eye the unhatched eggs again. "This is taking longer than I thought it would." she murmurs to Jeretta, slightly hushed. "Look! I think the rbown and the green have found people…"

On the sands, Naralen grins and shrugs to Kirewyn, "I dunno. I suppose we should be grateful we get sandals - have you seen those old tapestries? Some of those guys were out there _barefoot_!"

On the sands, Buroughs watches as the brown and green both seem attracted by something. Which shall it be? He gives the eggs a glance, but no more. His entire attention fixed on the hatchlings.

On the sands, Katarra side-steps a bit, hoping to find a spot even one degree cooler. She'd notice, believe me! Sand slips into her sandals, making it even worse. Mincing slows however, as the hatchlings seem to make their choices and she watches with baited breath…

On the sands, Arilynne eeps, hazeled eyes going wide. Hands up, you're surrounded. Oh wait, no that's wrong… "Hsst, Qia," she hisses at the girl beside her, "Don't make a move. Perhaps if we just stand perfectly still everything will be okay." Irises flicker down to study the green with the foot fetish, heart thudding so hard in her chest, eveyone must be able to hear it's bass beat.

On the sands, If Jeretta was on a chair right now, she would have fidgeted her way right off it by now. A slight mincing step is commenced, as the Sands' heat finally penetrates her perception. An ear is turned toward the murmur from Zaselpha, and she nods, almost imperceptibly, still watching the goblin egg.

On the sands, Desert Sage Eshu Green Dragonet at last pauses in her wandering, narrow tongue slips out to flicker for a half a second along girl's trim ankle and taste the grit of salt and sand, before she looks upward, following slender legs upward to boyish frame and then hazel eyes. A creeling thrum bubbles up from within her throat, excitement betrayed as she finds her One and Only, Arilynne.

On the sands, Desert Sage Eshu Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Arilynne.

On the sands, Qia keeps her hands down, but blinks rapidly at Arilynne for a moment and goes utterly stiff, peering slightly forwards and slightly downwards. "Oh bother…" Well, that does it .. her hand slips free of the other girl's. She has something else in mind.

On the sands, Burnished Brown Incubus Dragonet nearly hisses at his sister as she comes a bit too close to his. His other half, his lovely curvy sweat. As the sage green picks one half, he chooses the other, tail slithering, slipping around his choice.

Jules gasps as impression is made for her friend..at last. "Arilynne! Oh Aril!"

On the sands, Burnished Brown Incubus Dragonet tilts his head playfully, hints of brimstone evident in his swiftly whirling eyes as he meets Qia's gaze intently, staking his claim for once and for all.

Eulb walks down the stairs to the entrance.

On the sands, Burnished Brown Incubus Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Qia.

On the sands, Zaselpha suddenly gasps then shrieks in delight. "ARILYNNE!" she squeals/calls/sings out, her expression that of someone utterly and totally delighted.

On the sands, Kirewyn winces, grimacing as she hears Naralen's words. "Oh, ugh. That'd be horrid." She slants a grey-eyed glance towards the green with the fascination for feet, then peers towards the brown — "Arilynne! Qia!" Names are shrieked out, and a hand snakes out to poke at Naralen. "Look, look!"

Charlton walks in.

On the sands, Spellsinger's Duar Egg thrums with the throaty notes of the dragons perched around and about the cavern, glowing in incandescent violet, before shattering as the frequency matches that of the shell, leaving behind the dragonet within.

Forge Smudged Brown Dragonet

On the sands, Forge born muscles bulge across a barrel-thick chest, continuous through a massive frame. Sooty black cakes an unshielded muzzle and darkens forelimbs far past the second joint, where hide shifts in hue to sun-browned tan. Wrought gold traces like a winding lode down a thick spine, embossing brown from head to tail with his maker's grace. Thin wingbones extend, charcoal dripping with ash dusted membrane; under the ash, red ocher glows with warmth.

Creer jumps to his feet!! Words escape him, but he just yells!! Hugging Fiora, "A b… Brown?! Oh my!" He waits for the name. "QIA!" Yep. She's happy.

Valyn applauds heartily at Arilynne's impression. He may have only met her once, but its just too good not to applaud. 'Arilynne!!'

On the sands, G'briel is there, first with green and Aril, then with brown and Qia, ready to guide them one after another….busy, busy, busy.

On the sands, Katarra claps hands together, waving quite ineffectually toward the lucky pairs. She can't help it. Excitement does strange things to people. Especially when you're overheated too. "Aril, Qia!! Ooo, ooo, ooo!

On the sands, Forge Smudged Brown Dragonet fights against the fluid which supported him inside the egg, now clogging his nose and mouth. His bulk collapses against the sands, dislodging the obstruction and allowing massive lungs to suck in his first breath, safe from harm.

Zathrus stands and waves too "Yeah QIA!"

Jiri goes home.

Kevar is not really watching the Sands anymore, so sees the Master harper arrive and nods from his seat among the Harpers.

On the sands, Qia seems to have something else to do as well, as her mind is intruded up upon and she blinks rapidly down at the brown before her. "Huh…." Intelligence is optional in a moment like this as she blinks down at the dragonet before her and reaches out, quite tentatively to touch the brown hide. "Elith?" Question comes with a little tremble and she looks at Arilynne, then back at the dragon. Yep, he's for her. "Elith!" A more sure tone comes forth.

On the sands, Universe of the Four Gods Egg has waited long enough. Impatience overides prudence. The mystery must be dissolved!

Adria glances up just in time to see the two Impressions. She appluads, weakly, but it's appluase. "Buroughs had better Impress." she mutters.

On the sands, Universe of the Four Gods Egg seems to quiver with vibrations, gilt leaf curling and cracking as the movement becomes more violent. The ripple down shell's surface seems to move, weaving and undulating as a crack appears — widens — becoming a canyon between the two sides of the egg, molten fire glinting from within. Indeed, there is more than hope in that quick glimpse, and the promise is made truth in one gleaming instance as the shell bursts into a myriad of golden shards; what was once mysterious is made very clear as the dragonet within unfurls her wings in flaming glory.

Enchanted Aes Sedai Gold Dragonet

On the sands, Firelight's golden hues glint smokily from the sleek hide of this compact queen, flickering across ash-swept neckridges and bronze-kissed withers in waves of shifting colours, and finally down haunches and forelimbs to the gloam of swiftly hidden talons. Flames leap high upon delicate wingsails veined in rivulets of molten gold, tempered by darker, antique gold belly and the dull gleam of sooty fires sweeping across her teasingly twitching tail. Burnished golden fire blazes from her polished headknobs, licking at the goldleaf of dainty muzzle and eyeridges. Fire glints from the depths of her whirling eyes, proof of her temper softened somewhat by her innate sweetness.

Jules eyes tear away for a moment as one enters; one who she hasn't seen for quite some time. "Master Charlton! Over here's a good spot!"

On the sands, Jeretta can't find adequate words to express her swimming emotional state…so she settles for bouncing in place, partly out of excitement, and partly out of a desire to retain as much of the soles of her feet as possible.

Creer can't keep his excitement at bay. "Elith! Is that what she said? And Aril."

On the sands, Aryne falls down upon bent knees, hands going around the dragonet's neck and tears stream down closed eyes. "Dasuth! Oh Dasuth, I must have been waiting for you. Waiting all my life!" Tabeau freezes as the pair forgets those around them, caught up in their own meeting, their own meldings of hopes, desires, fears, and assurances.

Cisusse looks left; looks right. Even this lass needn't ask if 'their' Candidate Impressed. "Um" she starts, poking meekly at the tiny figures on the Sands. "which one is ours?"

Fynno walks in.

On the sands, Buroughs shouts with glee as the two impress. He resists the urge to swing the nearest candidate about, but turning back to the eggs, especially End of the World egg. Golden eyes glinting over brown, then the gold…..A /second/ gold. "Another gold!" He cries out in astonishment. Now which lucky girl would get /this/ one?

Valyn jumps at the second gold's hatching. Now it has to be Kat's turn… 'Come one Kat!!' Has to be, it has to be Kat!

On the sands, Katarra suddenly regains her composure, brinking it back from the ledge just in time. A quick glance over the remaining eggs confirms one of her favorites is yet unhatched… she sighs both yearning and hopeful. There's still a chance. But then…. her back goes ram-rod straight as the very egg she was eyeing hatches and out pops a… golden vision of flames and firelight. Her breath catches and refuses to leave her lungs again.

On the sands, Goblin King's Conundrum Egg turns and twists, unable to find the path leading to eventual freedom from the endless walls which restrains it. Through terrors unknown and hardships unnumbered, it will fight for the justice which must be had.

On the sands, Zaselpha bounces too, just like Jeretta. And then she sees the latest hatchling. "Oh -look-." she insists, eyeing off the molten gold. Molten. Suits this hot broiling place all right. And Jeretta did a good job on Zase's hair - it's actually staying neat and tidy and in place for once in her life!

On the sands, Magic Underfoot Egg shakes, gently. Cracks dart throught the weave of colour tin the

On the sands, Forge Smudged Brown Dragonet struggles gamely to his feet, heartfire strong now that his life is no longer threatened. Greeted by a mothering bugle and sea of whiteclad figures he gains faith and heads into the crowd. His muzzle first mets that of a smallish girl, who he finds not to his liking. Another pair is bypassed as he treks across the sands in search of something he can not define.

Maki takes a deep breath. 'Go Sis!' he shouts horsely, waiting for that beautiful gold to move to Katarra.

On the sands, Qia's attention is -quite- upon Elith before her, but other things begin to intrude upon the rapture that ensues with that joining. She glances towards the side and the waiting Weyrlingmaster, giving the brown a gentle nudging stroke. "Food, and then -anything- you want.." she assures him, trying to get used to this strange male voice in her mind. With that, they set off for the edge of the Sands.

On the sands, Jeretta looks in the direction of Zaselpha's insistence, eyes settling on the /second/ gold for a second, before a shake of movement in the egg she's been eyeing all day catches her attention. For a moment she is torn between watching gold and watching egg, so she settles for watching sand between them.

Creer grabs Cisusse by the shoulder pointing. "The girl with the brown." He thinks. He hopes.

Jules holds her breath, waiting for Arilynne to reveal her lifemate's name

Zathrus whistles and waves "Come on Katarra you can do it!"

On the sands, Magic Underfoot Egg shakes, gently. Cracks dart throught he weave of colour, slight grey shadows that separte the huse, inching forward before stalling and freezing. I wasn't doing anything.

On the sands, Kirewyn spies the gold, she does, and gaze feasts upon her as she shuffles from foot to foot. "Ooh, she's a beaut." Quite the opposite of the earlier-hatched queen, it seems. "I wonder, I wonder who." A quick glance is given for the diminishing half-circle of Candidates before focus slides back to the eggs and dragonets.

Charlton slips gratefully into the seat Jules offers, offering a commismerating glance back to Kevar. Later, that'll translate into wine.

On the sands, Olkeryth follows R'ea.
On the sands, R'ea heads out towards the main bowl.
On the sands, Olkeryth heads out towards the main bowl.

Noa walks in.

Noa says, "hi"

On the sands, Enchanted Aes Sedai Gold Dragonet gazes about her domain, eyes whirling briefly with the yellow of irritation before smoothing out to a calm and serene blue; musn't show emotion, after all. She steps from her shell, eggs shards fluttering about her onto the sands, and turns to survey the clumping of white robes. Disgraceful. Someone should keep apprenctices in line. Her, perhaps. Calm, steady steps take her forth.

Alak sighs heavily, eyes trying to determine what will happen in the next few minutes. How many turns did he spend protecting his daughter and now it comes down to this?! He'd best leave the cheering to Maki, for his stubborn heart won't shout anything from the rooftops.

On the sands, Buroughs traces the path of the brown, apparently with only part of his mind. The rest of his attention is directed on the eggs, though he's still grinning with maniacal fervor, as he hears the names of his friends' dragons are called out.

On the sands, Keria is quite delighted with the opposite of Nyssath's young queen, and continues to both assure Elorath that she is indeed perfection on paws, and to fight their growing hunger. "Soon 'Lora.. Soon. See? Look at all the other little dragons."

On the sands, Aryne now has an excuse to step off the hot Sands, she and Dasuth following Qia and her brown to the edges, where food awaits. "Oh darling," she soothes, "Yes, we'll get something to eat. I know you must be hungry. This way."

Arturo blinks in from ::between::!

On the sands, Naralen smiles, catching Kirewyn's excitement, despite himself, "She's gorgeous. I'd advise getting closer, but of course distance wont' matter to her."

On the sands, Goblin King's Conundrum Egg ignores the false alarms set in its path to pursue its elusive quarry, that which lies beyond the castle at its core. Bulging with the imprints of paws pushing against its sides, the shell still shows no visible sign of progress.

Jules nods a friendly greeting to the newcomer, but turns back to her former Master. "It's been a long time Master." Still calls him master, habit…must be.

On the sands, Elorath just pushes her pale muzzle into Keria's arms and stays there: safe.

Taran walks in.
Taran says, "hi"
Noa says, "hi"

On the sands, Fortunatly some innate instinct reminds Katarra to breath, and she does. Not that she notices. Green eyes are focused on a living flame, walking on the burning sands. Somehow it seems completely appropriate. Finger's grip winds gold nearly to her ear before letting go and starting over again.

Happy_Guest walks in.

On the sands, Forge Smudged Brown Dragonet feels a glorious greensong echoing through his being as he turns to find a whiteclad young man whose build echoes that of the sturdy brown. A youthful baritone bugle breaks across the caverns as A'vin announces somewhat tearily, "His name is Smith!"

On the sands, Jeretta, still visibly torn between watching the gold and watching her pet egg, settles now for watching her pet egg. The gold probably already knows who she wants, and besides, she (meaning Jeretta) has been watching the labyrinthine egg all day long. She has to at least see what was in it.

On the sands, Zaselpha fidgets again and then stills, taking a huge breath and gulping away nervousness. Nervousness about what isn't said. "Oooh. That brown. Didn't see him." Wistful? "And, oh look! The last ones, they're moving!" And soon she'll be off the heated sands and back to her music.

Noa says, "wow"

Charlton is still a master, just not Jules', any more. "Far too long, brownrider, far too long. Is it just me, or is there even more tension in the air than usual, at a hatching?"

On the sands, Kirewyn, startled, peeks back towards Naralen. "Me? Never, me. She'll run me over, or something." And they all saw that happen, earlier. "I really don't want to get my robe all dirty — or get all bloody. That wouldn't be fun."

On the sands, Magic Underfoot Egg quivers, ribbons of colour expanding; magic and thread stretching under internal pressure. A crack slivers through the pattern, darting between cyan and navy, the weave unravels as it crumbles, collapsing to lie upon the black Sands, under it's former occupants talons.

Stylish Stile Blue Adept Dragonet

On the sands, Jockey-small and runner-swift, this moiety of muscle and brevity of bone are neatly packaged into a dimuninitive bundle of blue. Blue. A truly magical blue, like the rich velvet of a sorcerer's cloak, is a spell woven in color from charming snub-nose to a tail half-drowned in silver. A scientist's fervor for the truth might light those eyes, but the rippled curtain of his sails are nothing but magic: lyrical blue sings along the nimble arches, and whispers pale tones down to the pewter polish of his trendy spars. Adept across dimensions, each interpid movement dares the world to try and pull this dragonet off course.

Jules tilts her head to the side as if testing the air. "Yes, I must agree with you. Perhaps it's due to the double hatching?"

On the sands, Enchanted Aes Sedai Gold Dragonet is perhaps a walking, breathing flame, and has the temperment to match; and yet, the almost disdainful air of quiet calm about her suggests a disassociation from such fiery beginnings, an acceptance of the patience that brings greatness, even if it is only a veneer to hide her true nature. Firm, graceful steps lead her towards the unkempt grouping of white robes, her intent to scold them into order clear by the glint in whirling eyes…though she hesitates. Perhaps her purpose is not to scold but to….find? Perhaps.

Charlton nods, and gives himself to watching, intrigued.

On the ledge, Bali has a dream. She's sitting at an ancient computer, and then she logs onto a game! Heh. How strange.
On the ledge, Bali has connected.

On the sands, Naralen shrugs, still shifting from foot to foot. He replies with a grin, "Suit yourself. If they want you, though, they'll find you. You just have to be sure not to be the one between them and the one they've got their eye on."

On the sands, Zaselpha's intrest flares again and she hops up and down, trying to see better. "A blue! See, Jeretta? It's blue! Isn't he lovely???" She won't stay still right now - shes almost dancing with impatience as her smile returns in full force.

Adria's head snaps up as the blue hatches. Coughing harshly, she makes her way down to the first row, in a nice place off to the side, where no one can watch her lean over and shout hoarsly, "He's yours, Buroughs! The blue!"

On the sands, Stylish Stile Blue Adept Dragonet blinks down at the crumbled shards below him, before looking up again and crying, a remarkably loud and brassy sound. Thank you, thank you. Stylish Blue has entered the building. Aha, Aha. Oooh, baby, is this crowd /all/ for me?

On the sands, Naralen diffuses his growing nervousness and sense of doom by lecturing. A Harper habit. Some of them die hard, it would seem. Refuge in the familiar …

On the sands, Buroughs's grin vanishes to turn to a smile of appreciation for the newly hatched blue. Small light quick. Well, well, well. "Now there is one……." he trails off. Adjectives seem to fail him so he just settles for the non spacific. "Wow! What a blue!"

On the sands, Goblin King's Conundrum Egg twirls in the midst of a dance, dogging unsuitable partners before that which is trapped within hurtles itself bodily at its prison. Thousands of hair-thin cracks begin to form across the maze that is its domain, heralding journey's conclusion as its world comes falling down.

On the sands, Katarra yelps suddenly as heat sears her forgotten feet. Brows furrow as she lifts one foot, then the other to the opposite knee. Fingers quickly try to soothe, fanning air ineffectually. She puts the last down tentively, and with a sigh. That's what she gets for getting lost in a vision. She always did get yelled at for daydreaming. Green eyes flicker over the sands casually, but dart back toward a gold form most of all.

On the sands, Jeretta is forced into a dance as well, although hers is more of a bronze-level quickstep than anything else—more than slightly unsteady, and characterized by irregular rhythm and an occasional slip. "Yep, a blue." She grins, still watching both egg and gold.

On the sands, Kirewyn agrees with a whole-hearted, "Exactly. If she wants me, she'll /find me./" Sharp nod accompanies words before she quietly adds, "And I won't get killed." She's supposed to die from her cold, not a dragonet. Candidate sniffles quietly, next peering towards the blue as he hatches, as well, remarking, "He's rather nice-looking, too."

On the sands, Naralen smiles, agreeing with Kirewyn, "He's got a nice sort of dignity to him. Self-contained."

On the sands, Randock pulls his fingers through his dark black hair, pushing pas a candidate to leer at the gold hatchling. "Oooh. I'm going ot impress a bronze and fly that baby!"

Harkel glares at Noa.

On the sands, Enchanted Aes Sedai Gold Dragonet steps forward once again, nearing the grouping of candidates, although skirting them widely as her eyes search. Scold is forgotten as something else dominates. A presence…somethi ng familiar….something she needs to know.. or find. A yelp is heard, and her head turns quickly, almost snapping about to trace the sound. Yes. That one. Her. Bold suddenly, veneer of disdain begins to crack, melt, fade away as the golden dragonet moves on instinct to a power greater than her own.

On the sands, Zaselpha hesitates and then sighs softly, seeign the gold's attention is caught… "Who?" she murmurs, eyeing the little group of Candidates way over there curiously. "Not many more."

On the sands, Jeretta quicksteps, and quicksteps, and quicksteps some more, heat getting to her finally, this far through the festivities. Still intent on that goblin egg, she watches the gold out of the corner of her eye.

On the sands, Buroughs's gaze shifts from the arogant blue to the few remaining eggs, then black again cooly. Completely calm for the first time all evening, even as he dances abit on the sands to keep from scorching his feet. His arms remain crossed, and eyes burn with cold, cold hope.

On the sands, Katarra looks calm, yes she does. But that's only from a distance. Up close is a whole other story. Pose is straight, sure, by also /still/ as a tunnelsnake hiding in a wherry pen. As if she daren't move for fear of breaking some spell. Green eyes are wider than normal, suddenly no longer checking that gold's progress but watching it come closer and closer. And lips are parted, but is breath coming out?

On the sands, Enchanted Aes Sedai Gold Dragonet blinks - haughty indifference can only sustain one so long, and jewelled eyes turn to the One who can hold loneliness at bay; a soft murmur bubbles forth from slender golden neck, is stifled, then becomes a hum of anticipation as pride is lost completely under a rush of warm expectation. Defenses crumble completely as smooth golden muzzle lightly touches Katarra's hand, draconic emotions whirling for all to see as separate destinies become one, woven into the pattern of life for eternity.

Zathrus waits impatiently to see who the gold is heading tword, it has to be Katarra it jsut has to be!

Valyn jumps up in boundless joy, in rapture unexampiled. 'KAT! You did it! A /GOLD/! Alright Kat!! Woo-hoo!' And as long as those strong Harper lungs don't fail him, he'll cheer till the proverbial herdbeasts come home.

Maki immediatly stands up and begins an unstopable inundation of cheering. 'You did it sis! And a Gold! GO KAT!!' He knew it could - and would happen.

On the sands, Enchanted Aes Sedai Gold Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Katarra.

On the sands, Kirewyn concentrates her attentions upon that self-proclaiming blue — "He's /fashionable,/" she corrects. And that's all that matters, right? She does, however eye the gold a moment. "Look, there she goes." But where is she going? That's the big question. And then, it's clear — Katarra. "Katarra!"

Alak, for once, loses his calm, Holderly pose. 'Gold? …My Katarra impressed a. .a gold?' After a few seconds, the amazment leads to belief and belief to a cheer. 'Katarra!' And turning to a few near-by folks, he states with pure pride, 'That's my daughter.

Allamar sniffles one again. 'If it had been up to me… ' Much too late now for that.

On the sands, Jeretta grins hugely as the gold chooses Katarra…seeing something vaguely appropriate in that. Her attention shifts back to the rumbling, twistingly tortured egg.

Jules cheers For the new Goldrider Katarra. "Yah!"

On the sands, Stylish Stile Blue Adept Dragonet turns his head; ooh, whose that good looking boy? The one with black hair? With those charming boysish good looks? Elvis.. ah, the Stylish one… turns on his tail and runs towards Randock. Come here! Admire me! Sign an autograph, baby! We'll be together through matingflights, benden red and… you guessed it…

Fiora jumps up screaming and grabbin and hugging, Creer, Zath and Cisusse, "Look..look Zath! She got the Gold, Oh my!" Heart is pounding as she waits to hear the name.

Cammoden just watches bluntly. 'Hmmmm?' So he's not the swiftest of souls. But as soon as he spots Katarra with that shimmer of gold, he leaps up too, shouting cheers with selfless abandon.

On the sands, Keria draws Elorath's head up from her arms, finding herself crying again. "Look Elorath, look! That's my friend Katarra."

On the sands, Stylish Stile Blue Adept Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes on Randock.

Zathrus jumps up and down and screams hugging whoever is next to him "Woo Yeay way to go Kat! I knew she could do it.!"

On the sands, Goblin King's Conundrum Egg collapses in slow motion, having no power over the dragonet within, shards floating upon the air as they fall towards the Sands in sync with the hour's final tolling.

Bold Brownie Brown Dragonet

On the sands, Cloaked in earth's brown, a step backwards blends a diminutive dragonet seamlessly into the landscape of a forgotten forest. His patchmeal hide aids the blending process, beginning with a distinctive cap of mousy brown atop the skull while a sunwarmed nose of golden tones peaks emerges beneath eyeridges. Rowan's darkness, stolen from a summer ermine, forms a cape down his back before climbing dramatically up his wingsails, accented by a stripe of near black which completely follows the course of neckridges all the way to tail's tip. Underneath it all lies a rarely seen belly of pine, strangely grafted to the carved ebony forming chest and legs.

On the sands, R'ok and Rolleth are here to stay!

Adria diverts her attention from the blue, just a second after Katarra Impressed. "Katarra!" she screams out raspily. "Now, if only Buroughs would Impress…" she muses to herself.

On the sands, Bold Brownie Brown Dragonet darts daringly from the egg which has collapsed around him. Despite his size, he is more than dragon enough for that which lies ahead. Scrunching close to the sands, he tracks through across the cavern as if hunting an elusive prey.

On the sands, Ellya laughs and shows some geniuine pleasure for once as Narimeth bugles loudly and obnoxiously from his perch. The blue dragon nearly falls off of the ledge in his exhuberant excitement as he does his best to show how smugly pleased he is. His candidate!

On the sands, End of the World Letter Egg shudders visibly, buckling under pressure from within. At long last, cracks appear, delicate striations widening gradually, until, finally, the egg gives up its' secrets and shatters into a thousand tiny pieces.

Curious Selkie Blue Dragonet

On the sands, Sea depths at midnight wash over petite withers and swirl around the sharpened neckridges of this inquisitive dragon, only to rush swiftly down his back to coat coiling tail with ocean spray. Engulfing wingsails lined in violet sealskin drape cloaklike from his cerulean sides, mantling him in darkness when fully spread. Cobalt oozes down headknobs and eyeridges, to blend with silvery whitecap's splash across muzzle, which shines like a beacon leading his curiously whirling eyes towards discoveries previously unknown.

On the sands, Kadarth echos Narimeth's cheer. /His/ candidate got gold too. Even if it wasn't him. Janah just wriggles deeper in her chair, another gulp of her wine. "It's very very hot."

On the sands, Buroughs's calm is broken for an instant as Katarra impresses, then the blue, but it is for Katarrah he cheers loudest, not the newly paired R'ock and Rolleth. Then, inexonerably his eyes go back to clutch and the small brown, then blue. He tenses onece more, waiting the final choices of night.

On the sands, Jeretta gasps and loses her footing entirely as her (so to speak) egg collapses, revealing a brown. A vaguely mousy looking brown at that. Her right foot, searching for firm ground, instead finds her hair, and down she goes with a dismayed and somewhat pained yelp, to be echoed when thinly-clad rump impacts with /hot/ sand. Yeowch.

On the sands, Kalona is about to wilt from this heat, a tortured existence which has shut her up for a good long time. Someone get her outta here!

On the sands, Katarra seems completely frozen in time right up till when that golden muzzle touches her hand and sends a flame through her whole body that melts her in a single second. Falling to her knees, for once not caring whether dirt mars her pure white apparel, she wraps arms around burnished fire headknobs and blinks unabashed as tears roll down her cheeks. "Tajiath! Her name is Tajiath!" she says aloud, voice breaking.

On the ledge, Uliaryth goes home.

On the sands, Bold Brownie Brown Dragonet takes a nose-dive into the sands and is surrounding by a sparkling dust-cloud. Shaking his head vigorously, he releases a solid sneeze casting more sand into the air. His movements slow to a stumble, dazed by diamond dust he has inhaled. The sea of white has /one/ is /the/ one?

On the sands, Curious Selkie Blue Dragonet pokes his head up and out of the shards of his egg, floundering a bit as he attempts to achieve balance, thrusting one wing out and digging the other into the sand. He blinks drowsily at the trapped wingtip, then at the sea of white before him. Hmmm. What to do, what to do…

On the sands, G'briel steps closer to Kat and the new golden queen, grinning to beat the band. "Conratulations, Kat" he murmurs, ready to lead them to the edge of the sands, and to the gathered riders and weyrlings there.

Taric stands in a loud cheer, even stopping his inncessant chatter to his betrothed to cheer for his dear sister. 'Katarra! Congrats!!' And, of course, his sonn to be wife cheers along demurely, all the while sideglancing towards him.

Adria gasps as she sees the other blue emerge, and completely does /not/ notice Bali's arrivle until she makes the mistake of turning around. Uh oh. No escape now. Maybe the greenrider won't notice her… "C'mon, Buroughs!" she shouts again raspily, shortly followed by a coughing fit./ There goes her one chance of survivle.

On the sands, Jeretta sits where she sat for a second, wrestling her altogether too long hair out of her way enough to stand up…only to sit down again when she treads on the hem of her robe this time. No luck today, that's for sure. She finally manages to collect herself, brushing dark sand from her white robe rather selfconsciously.

On the sands, Zaselpha dances aside as Jeretta falls, glancing down at the girl anxiously for a moment. "Y'ok?"

On the sands, Kirewyn casts a beam Katarra's way; near-wistful gaze travels after the blue — Rolleth — as he Impresses, and the Candidate peers towards the next to hatch, resolute. "Not many more, are there?" she voices absently.

On the sands, Buroughs's attention finally rests on the blue as he examines every inch of the sleek, if floundering form. He shakes his head in the direction of Kirewyn. "No. Not many." He admits almost ruefully.

On the sands, Naralen has withdrawn into himself a bit, his eyes looking a tad glazed as the eggs hatch, and the pairs form. "Nope," he replies quietly, "Not many more."

Zathrus waves and grins still excited "Way to go Katarra!"

On the sands, Jeretta glances at the other girl, and nods, still favoring a slightly roasted bottom. "Yes…I think." She hopes. Searching for something to do with hands that feel rather leaden, she settles for tying her hair in a knot that pulls it away from her feet.

Taran smiles. "Just next time, don't hug me :)"

On the sands, Naralen again takes refuge in familiarity, doing a breathing exercise to focus himself, put on his stage-manners, not-feel ….

Fynno looks distracted.
Fynno has disconnected.

On the sands, Bold Brownie Brown Dragonet drags himself upwards, standing periously now on his feet. Faceted eyes scan the cavern. Here a girl, Woo! There a girl, Hoo! But /there/, is his faery queen brought to life! Entraced he moves drunkenly across the sands towards a white robe likewise glittering with a dust of sand.

On the sands, Katarra giggles at the possesive tone of sweet dragonet voice in her head. "Of course I am, Tajiath," she sniffs. "As you are mine." Fog filled mind slowly returns to the outside world and G'briel's words register. "Oh!" she smiles, getting to her feet. "Yes, we must go this way. You /are/ hungry, arn't you?" she asks, arms never leaving contact with her new lifemate. Watery green eyes beam on high at G'briel as she smiles thanks, and follows his directions.

Valyn repeats the name of the beautiful gold in a quiet and awed mumble… 'Tajiath and Katarra. Tajiath, how it trips off the tongue.' It's finally happened. After turns of waiting, hoping, disappointment; its finally happened. And just think how Kat feels!!

On the sands, Curious Selkie Blue Dragonet tugs at his wingtip, finally freeing it, causing him to lose his balance and tumble sideways, only to be caught at the last minute by his other wing. Finally righting himself, the journey of discovery begins at last, for he lifts his mantling wings high, out of sands' way, and descends upon the ragged remains of the candidate crowd, seeking /someone/, but whom?

On the sands, G'briel grins back at Kat, motioning her to lead. "You have a handful in that one, I'm thinking" he murmurs. But his tone is teasing, pleased.

On the sands, Jeretta, being far too busy un-sanding herself to pay attention to her surroundings, is oblivious for just a second to both wandering hatchlings, attention focused on her hemline. She'll probably have to re-embroider part of it.

Charlton, focused for the moment on Naralen, shakes his head and scans the crowd for Telenia, the young man's mother. He does not find her. "I'm not sure Naralen can take another disappointment of this magnitude, Jules. He's always been so sure."

On the sands, S'era goes home.

On the sands, Bold Brownie Brown Dragonet stumbles his way through a swarm of obstacles, picks a path through the crowded Sands with the singular purpose of a lovestruck youth. Bugling a fair sonnet to the hall, he proclaims eternal love for the center of his universe, the fair maid Jeretta.

On the sands, Bold Brownie Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Jeretta.

On the sands, Buroughs watches strung harpstring tight as the blue rushes at the crowd. Ready to dodge out of the way should such be nessicarry, but not untill then. He remains resolutly in place. Motionless as if to move would be a betrayal.

On the sands, Kirewyn allows her gaze to rest upon the floundering blue, lips pursed in consideration. "That 'un's cute," she decides. Thought-process is cut short as bugle interrupts, and she looks Jeretta's way. "Oh!" A singular monosyllable is Kirewyn's first remark. "Jeretta!"

Jules murmurs and aside to Master Charlton, "Not much longer until you can have some wine at the Lower cavern." ON the subject of Naralen she says sucking in a breath, "We'll have to be there for him then, offer our support." WOrried eyes meet his, "Surely he'll regain his composure won't he?"

On the sands, Jeretta looks up from her hemline…and into a staring pair of whirling dragon eyes. "Uhm…you…want…/me/??" she stammers, going down on both knees, oblivious to sand once again staining her hemline. "His name is Ruulth!!"

On the sands, Curious Selkie Blue Dragonet ceases his forward motion suddenly, cobalt headknobs bobbing as he inspects the crowd of white robes, seeking the answer to the mystery that drives him. Whirling eyes fix on a particular robe, and violet wings mantle high in accord as Curious Selkie Blue Dragonet lets out a bark of joy! The answer, it seems, has been found, and the dragonet wastes no time in lifting his facetted eyes to meet Buroughs' own.

On the sands, Curious Selkie Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Buroughs.

On the sands, Buroughs gasps as his gaze meets that of the blue. "Inigoth!" He crows falling to his knees as a light voice washes over his mind.

On the sands, Wullan sighs as the final dragonet finds his lifemate. "Inigoth - good name."

On the sands, G'briel smiles at Buroughs, ready to lead him to the side, having deposited Kat there. "Come on….lets get these weyrlings to the barracks" he murmurs, nodding to Bali to start off with the ones already on the sidelines.

Adria screams loudly, a little too loudly, and a little too raspily. "BUROUGHS!" sge screams. "YOU DID IT!" If she could hug huim, she would. As it is, it's almost as if /she/ Impressed. Tears stream down her cheeks as her friend suddenly gets his own dragons.

Taran cheers. "Wahoo!!"

On the sands, Buroughs gasps as his gaze meets that of the blue. "Inigoth!" He crows falling to his knees as a light voice washes over his mind.

Noa says, "ya!!!!"

On the sands, Wullan sighs as the final dragonet finds his lifemate. "Inigoth - good name."

On the sands, G'briel smiles at Buroughs, ready to lead him to the side, having deposited Kat there. "Come on….lets get these weyrlings to the barracks" he murmurs, nodding to Bali to start off with the ones already on the sidelines.

The entire Druhl's Ridge clan is cheering loudly, still endlessly shouting for Katarra and gold Tajiath. Amazing how family views change in the drop of an egg shard and the catching of a whirled dragon eye, isn't it?

Jules sends out her congrats as well, "Well done Buroughs!"

Bali pokes a finger at her chest? Me? Oh, well. Now where'd Uli go?

On the sands, Zaselpha goes home.

Bali walks down the stairs to the entrance.

On the sands, Bali walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.

On the sands, Wullan slips into a crack under the galleries and vanishes. Fiora leans over the rail and yells, "Way to go Buroughs."

On the sands, Kirewyn quirks a smile for Buroughs as he finds his lifemate — "Well done," she offers. Glance trails towards Naralen, and she attempts at levity: "Look likes that's it, huh."

On the sands, Naralen bows politely to the golds and exits without flair for once.

Jysirka goes home.

Keoke cheers for the various people.

On the sands, Naralen slips into a crack under the galleries and vanishes.

On the sands, G'briel heads out towards the main bowl.

Adria does a little impromptu jig, which is a very funny sight, before getting out of the Galleries.

Adria walks down the stairs to the entrance.

On the sands, J'sen watches as Sophioth wanders closer to him.

On the sands, J'sen heads out towards the main bowl.

Noa says, "way to go B'roughs!!!!"

On the sands, Kalona breathes a massive sigh of relief and edges her way out of the caverns, glad to have this over with. As she goes a final, "Whew," can clearly be heard.

On the sands, Qia watches as Elith wanders closer to her.

On the sands, Janah slips into a crack under the galleries and vanishes.

On the sands, Bali gives a bow to the golds as she enters, but calls out to those who have Impressed. "If you will please follow me, ladies and gentlemen and dragons?" She herds the new weyrlings out towards the bowl.

On the sands, Qia heads out towards the main bowl.

Mayvar walks down the stairs to the entrance.

On the sands, Rh'esh accepts Syrth's proferred forelimb for a boost and vaults up to settle between two neckridges, the bronze turning back to whuffle his lifemate affectionately.

On the sands, Aryne watches as Dasuth wanders closer to her.

Jules eyes Charlton after watching NAralen's exit. "PErhaps a word from you would be helpful Master? For naralen?"

On the sands, Syrth leaps off the sands into the air!

Above the sands, Syrth has arrived.

Above the sands, Syrth winks into ::between::, a dispersal of smoke and ash on the wind.

On the sands, Kalona heads out towards the main bowl.
On the sands, Aryne heads out towards the main bowl.

Syrtin blinks in from ::between::!

Taran looks distracted.
Taran has disconnected.

On the sands, B'roughs speaks softly as he leads his new lifemate off the sands. "Yes!" He laughs at the blue. "We'll get you food!" The two slowly make there way to the exit of the sands.

On the sands, B'roughs heads out towards the main bowl.

And finally the whole of Katarra's family moves off down the stairs in high spirits, Maki's laughter rising often above the cheering.

On the sands, Inigoth heads out towards the main bowl.

Valyn walks down the stairs to the entrance.

On the sands, Kirewyn heads out towards the main bowl.


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