Kadarth In All His Glory

Janah's blue Kadarth

Impression message:
Blown-glass Blue Dragonet closes in on you, locking eyes with you as his mind scans yours. He traps your mind in his and he gently takes you, deeply connecting as he offers you his name, » Kadarth «.

Egg Desc:
Surreal Sapphire Sunfire Egg

Tropical blue washes endlessly over ovid curve, swell chasing ebb past distant horizons uncomprehendable in their vastness. Dazzling sparks of reflected light flash off peaked rises, blinding in their momentary brilliance. Pearly bright haze gives rise to sheer enormity of emptiness, overwhelming the tiny bobbing speck of pointed white, drifting rudderless along the rhythmic peaks. Balmy caressing light fades to unfriendly swirling dimness of angry gray. Snarling whirlwind thrashes through emptiness, no escape or shelter from the harsh darkness.

Blown-glass Blue Dragonet

Whirling eyes of faceted crystal dominate a wedge-shaped head composed of strong planes and angles. The angularity continues through shoulder and hip and crook of tail, softened by a hide of deep hot blue which smooths over bone and muscle like the flow of molten glass. Flecks of azure trail along his slender neck, catching the light with a diamond sparkle. Lightening in hue toward their trailing edges his wing vanes spread to reveal fine membranes of translucent purity. Of medium stature, the blue carries himself with a sense of self-possession and surety.

Physical appearance:
Big things come in medium sized packages… that's this blue's motto. So he's not the biggest fellow around. So what? He can swagger and sway with the best of the browns. And even if his coordination isn't the best for well, the longest while, he'll eventually understand what foot goes first. Or wing. Or that it's head first, /then/ the tail. He's just a mediocre blue, in size. Not gonna ever threaten a brown's stature, and he'll top an average green by a meter or so. Round as a blown glass vase at hatching with a baby's chubby body, he'll be drawn out through time and testing into a slim-lined blue. His form will be clean… nary a trace of roughness with mar his finish, from stem to base. And his color will remain as vibrant and clear as the day he's hatched. Rich blues ripple across his hide when sun-caught, almost electric and illuminated by an inner fire. His wings will always remain translucent, even as the broaden and grow to their full lengths. He's solid, solid as an ingot of glass. From nose to tailtip, muscle is layered on. He'll be a good flyer…. muscles will pull him through tight turns, give him the power to make those sharp maneuvers without having great mass like a brown. Power in a little package… kind of like a bad car advertisement.

Kadarth is a worrier, but only to you. For all his big bulky build, he worries. He worries /alot./ Call him the strong, sensitive type. But, is it the big things that worry him? Noooooo. It's the stupid little things that make Kadarth mutter for hours on end. Is it gonna rain? Will the rain be cold? Will it be hard, or light? Nevermind how long it's going to last, or how bad it's going to get. Is his ledge warm? Is he going to get to his favorite spot first? And he doesn't stay on one tangent… he'll bounce from one to four subjects at once. And with a dragon's brief memory, worries aren't remembered… so he finds new ones. You'd almost think he enjoyed fretting his day out. And, maybe he does. He certainly does it enough. As for you, he'll fill your day if you let him. Fret-fret-fret. But, you'll soon cometo realize when he's truly worried, and when he's just kvetching on the state of the world. Kind of like that annoying aunt you might've had as a kid who complained alot, but who on the whole wasn't actually too concerned. As for personality with other dragons, he's stubborn. This Is The Way Things Are. Anything goes against this, and he worries. He'll argue a bit… more than a bit. He'll pick an issue, and stick with his side of it. Where the best place to sun is. What herdbeasts taste the best. he's adamant about it… and all the while, he's fussing to you. That maybe they're right. We can just call you Jiminy Cricket. Also. He has a penchant for /shiny/. Shiny anythings. Buckles, baubles, beads. You name it, he likes it. Including shiny dragons and lizards. He'll oogle for hours at the bronzes and drool after golds. He /wants/ to have shiny hides like them. So, oil him. Until he /gleams/. Kadarth will be noncommittal where other people are concerned when he matures. Other folks are alright, but they're not dragons, and they're definitely not his rider. Some he'll like better than others, but the folks who's names he actually uses will be far and few between. Curiosity is there, but only on a mild level. He likes his world as it is …. and if something new comes in, well… oh /well/. He'll deal, but you'll hear about it. Just something more to worry about. Humor for him comes and goes. Sometimes, he's a bit droll, and dry… other times, humor, kidding, joking.. it all goes right over his head. /Woosh/. Was that a joke? Oh. But, the same goes for criticism. He'll take it as a joke… or miss it completely. Sarcasm frequently escapes him…. but he does have his rare forms. He'll not be all that verbal, for all his constant mental chatter. The most sound he ever makes is the traditional bugle when coming or leaving the Weyr, and a few rumbles now and again. When he does, it's quiet… he has to be jolted quite emotionally to be loud, except when he has to be. Mentally, thouh, he never shuts up. In mental voice he's a mild tenor, while his physical voice is rather bass.

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