T'ai's Moonlit Forest-Green Kalth
Conspicuous Kindlings Egg
This egg seems to be carved from rich wood. Shavings curl around the bottom while numerous rings have settled on the top, revealing its false age. Knots of darker brown hues can be found amongst the lines throughout, completing the image. Still, hints of wild, fresh vegetation can be seen if a closer glance is taken, possibly even a few specks that could be vtols or crawlies.

Conspicuous Kindlings Egg cracks neatly down the middle, split by the inner blade of dragonet talons that now fall into the Sands among the shards.

Moonlit Forest-Green Dragonet
Leaf mold and lichen trace a forest of dusky greens across this dragon's hide, from holly-shaded headknobs down slender neck to the argent-gilt ridges dripping moonlight down the length of her long tail. Whorls of moon-touched holly grow up from mirrored talons to the shadowed undergrowth of her belly, rising to cleave to translucent veined wingsails, from their loam-dark joints to glittering silver spars.

Public Impression Message:
Moonlit Forest-Green Dragonet knows that here she's found the one who will care, and leans forward to make contact, at last, with her matchless mate, T'ai.

Private Impression Message
Suddenly the Sands isn't chaos enough - the clatter of metal on metal, the bright reflections of sunlight on polished silver, the busy murmur of purpose and movement, the wafting scent of moonflower and forest leaves - all form a kind of harmony in the directed joy of *her* mind. «We'll pull this together. Show them all what we're made of. You and me, Taiver.» And what a mind it is, full of love and longing. Love for you.
«My name is Kalth!»

Name and Theme
The theme of this clutch is Wedding Anniversary Gifts. For the fifth anniversary, the traditional gift is Wood. The modern update for fifth anniversary is Silverware. We've combined the silver and the wood into your Moonlit Forest desc, and we've pulled on the entertaining flatware and leading lady of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, as well as a touch of other Disney Princesses, to give a little something extra to your dragon! The name Kalth comes from the Greek kalos, for beauty. The etymology completes the parallel - Kalth the always loving, proudly daring, sometimes trying Beauty to T'ai's confused, bitter, and ultimately redeemable Beast.
Mindvoice —
The quiet chime or galloping clatter of performing silverware… It sounds rather like the chaos of a theater's backstage or a busy restaurant's kitchen. Echoes of echoes, all just out of range but somehow interrelated, scented with the gentle beauty of a moonflower blooming under the stars. This is Kalth's voice - a harmony out of chaos, pulling things together to make magic. Her anger comes with a shattering roar of things gone awry, dropped and broken; her contentment with quiet chimes of antique silver in their proper place. Glitter, yes, but also substance - a wealth of love and longing, and knowing the value of what she has - what you both share.

Personality —
Your lady Kalth loves you deeply and passionately. She will always do so, no matter the temper of your mind. Finally, someone you can depend to love you…for you.

Her personality is gleaned from several different Disney princesses:

From Belle, we have curiosity, intelligence, and a definite pernchant for poking her nose where it may not belong. For her, day to day, life is an Enchanted Castle full of new surprises - but the real draw, of course, is the West Wing - delving into the delight and mystery that is T'ai, and their relationship. «But what about you, T'ai, tell me something I don't know!» She'll want to know you inside out, and with her short memory, she'll want to know the same things over and over again. Perhaps eventually some of her wonder will touch T'ai, too, at his own memories and life.

From Jasmine, she can be fussy and demanding, but still comfortable with her own sense of beauty. She's aware of her power, of her allure, but she also knows that a pretty face isn't everything. Although some days she might need reminding, as she needs to keep herself beautiful. «No, not the Vineflower oil, I want the Moonflower oil you got from that trader today.» She doesn't need flattery, though. «Yes, yes, I know the oil makes me shine and glisten. That's what it's for.» Flattery is only words, after all, and she wants actions.

From Cinderella, she has a knowledge of timing - good for flights. A lady knows when to leave, and hopes that she'll get high and far before the spell breaks. She'll always be the pride of the ball, arriving in her own time to captivate the pursuing princes, then choosing the perfect moment to let herself be caught and carried away. Don't expect emissaries bearing glass slippers, though - she tends to forget her desire and her paramour the moment the spell of the flight is over. Whether mating flights or wing flights, Kalth will probably fall into a pleasant enough rivalry with the others in her size, fellow greens and even diminutive blue Xiphiath, as they test one another's limits.

From Aurora, she feels a free-spirited communing with nature - a love of trees and forests, all things green - she'd love it if T'ai had a green thumb, but if not, she'll take long visits to Lemos's forests, Ista's jungles, and the wild, endless green of the Southern Continent. Her forested coloring allows for camoflauge in those dark primeval places, and she'll love to sink her talons into the squishy, loamy dirt wherever she can squeeze her little body into the trees. She'll have an odd and intimate relationship with wild things - tunnelsnakes will fascinate her, vtols and crawlies will provide endless amusement, and firelizards will flock to her as a kindred spirit. She might find a fellow animal-watcher in Tokeith, who seems fascinated by insects, and they could probably teach the class a thing or two about good timing, between them.

All those gifts, like Fairy Godmothers at a Christening, but really, mostly, she's still Belle at heart - able to speak for herself and DO for herself, but always with T'ai haunting her mind, T'ai's life twining with her own, his happiness just as vital, his temper an equal to her own.

Physicality —
She'll always be small, your Kalth, dainty and neat with her personal grooming, but a little on the plump side. Her round figure may look awkward on the ground, but that musculature lends itself to high flying and quick turns. Her wings will be huge, almost absurdly so, during weyrlinghood, and constantly in danger of tangling. Soon, though, she'll level out and the rest of her body will catch up. Her particular itchy spots are the zone right along the spars of her wings, and her underbelly. Those special scented oils will be put to good use keeping those spots soothed.

She'll eat well, and often, to keep up her energy for flying with you. Her compassion for animals extends in a detached way to the herdbeasts and wherries in the Pens, but like any carnivore a respect for her prey doesn't mean she won't relish the hunt. Though she be but little, she is fierce, and those talons make short work of her dinners. She'll know, from the start, that she's beautiful, even when in the awkward adolescent growth spurt stages, but it wouldn't be amiss if you reminded her every so often. Her love is young and fresh every time you do so, and will remain so even into her later years, when her body shows the inevitable wear of age.

She'll know she's beautiful because she sees herself in you, T'ai.

Congratulations and welcome to Fort Weyr! We know that you and Kalth will fly high and far together!

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Isabeth
Egg: Skyler
Inspiration: Jules, Zephre
With input from: S'ren, R'sin

Please note: This Inspiration is by no means set in stone. Feel free to take what you like, leave what you don't, or start from scratch, as you will. Kalth is *your* dragon and only you know how to play her best!

Posted July 17, 2003 by Zephre

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