K'fer's Thundering Sunrise-Bronze Khonsumaath
Walk the Plank Egg
Topped by a cap of sturdy brown color, the rest of this egg swirls and smashes in a sea of stormy color, deep green clashing with foamy white. Graduated shades of blue fade to near blacks as they flow farther along this egg's surface, sinking below the bed of sand this egg rests in.

Walk the Plank Egg waits no longer; taking the plunge it sprays shards everywhere. When the debris clears, a bellowing bronze pharoah sits in its place.

Thundering Sunrise-Bronze Dragonet
Broad-shouldered and long-limbed, this majestic dragonet's sun-drenched hide sizzles down his spine, each angled ridge a spot of darkening umber. Pale as a desert morning, belly and wingsails stretch taut and smooth, while cool shadows claim the long outer edges of wingspars and the glittering curve of talons. Massive, dark eyeridges dominate his head, and with the dark underjaw contrast the weathered limestone cast of neck and shoulders.

Private Impression Message Sappharine eyes meet your green ones with an intensity bright as the sun, dazzling in the brilliance and wonder of discovery! A new, thunderous voice digs down into your heart, but on his scales your worth is never questioned. Thus the sunrise-bronze claims you, for now and forever: »From dawn to dawn, Kiefer, I will illuminate your days. I am called Khonsumaath!«

Name and Theme
Your lifemate is based on two main influences - Radcliffe Emerson, from Elizabeth Peter's Amelia Peabody mysteries; and the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten.
Emerson, of course, you know, having requested him as your dragon. Akhenaten is one of the more well-known pharaohs of Egypt because of his radical conversion to the worship of a single god, the sun-disc Aten. To Khonsumaath, you are that sun-disc, the object of his affection and attention, and it may be that Khonsumaath will be your sun, as well. With the mix of brash, British archaeologist and radical, spiritual Pharaoh, you have a powerful and devoted lifemate.
You requested a long name, so we went looking for one that would fit our larger theme, and found your Khonsumaath in ancient Egyptian mythology. Khonsumaath (kon SOO mah ath): Khonsu, "the Traveler", was a god of moon and sun, connected to Horus, the falcon-god of the kings, and to Shu, god of the sky. Since Kiefer is a Traveler himself, this name fit his lifemate as well. Ma'at is the embodiment of Truth, and it is her feather against which the hearts of the dead were measured at their Judgement in the Underworld. Her influence will perhaps help Kiefer come to terms with himself, and find his path in the world.
Physicality —
Khonsumaath is, and always will be, big for his age. More rugged than handsome, his build is stocky, his muzzle a bit squared, his feet simply huge. His shoulders are broad and his chest deep. As a youngling it may be awkward to navigate that much bulk, but he will learn. Oh, he'll bump wings with his clutchmates and step on some tails, but exercise will do him good, for one thing, and flying will help him find his balance. As a full-grown dragon he'll settle into himself, and if he is never graceful, he will surely not be clumsy.

In color he is deeply tanned, sun-bronzed on his dorsal parts-neck and back and tail. But under his neck and down his belly, and in the folds of his wingsails, he is pale as sand. Whether it's by some sort of odd free association or whether it's a physical need, these light areas are where he will itch the most and demand frequent oilings. Neckridges and wingspars, eyeridges and jawline, even talons, are as dark as stark shadows on the Egyptian desert.

Mindvoice —
From the sands Khonsumaath's voice inside your head will be a rumbling bass, a distant thunder that swells like a storm when he is enthusiastic. We think he sounds like Sean Connery, maybe. His physical voice is also deep and gravelly, very pleasant as dragons go. Oh, but he can bellow when the occasion demands. Well, he can bellow whenever he jolly well feels like it.

Personality —
Khonsumaath would be grand even if he weren't physically large, because he is big inside himself. This is not a dragon with self-esteem problems. He dares to dream, and he is willing to work to make his ideas achievable. He likes to do! And he doesn't mind if his ways are not the weyrlingmaster's ways, not so long as you, K'fer, are part of his schemes. He does bask in your approval. You are indeed the center of his awareness; he believes in you.

Born with a strong sense of right and wrong, or at least of ought and ought not, Khonsumaath will take a stand for what he believes in. This may take some adjusting to on your part as you develop (or not) your own system of morality. For if you indulge in your tendencies to lie and steal you may have some explaining to do. Khonsumaath could very well be your own moral compass. Or you could be Sethos instead of Aten. But remember, in the Amelia Peabody stories even Sethos became one of the good guys, given somebody who thought well of him.

Khonsumaath has definite values. He believes in grand dreams, in effort and achievement. He believes in protecting his own. This includes you, of course, and his clutchmates. His wing. Your family, if you start one. His offspring. He believes in his own personal integrity, and yours. But he is tolerant of differences in others. He does not expect Istan dragons, for example, to live up to Fort standards. He enjoys frivolity in greens and incongruity in blues. He likes people the way they come, all sorts. The only one he tries to control is you, and that's because he loves you and thinks you should be the best you can be. It's a lot to live up to, sometimes.

Gregarious, Khonsumaath is anybody's buddy. The odder they are the better he likes it. He just fits right in. He loves the stories people (dragons are people, too) can tell about themselves. Truth is truth and lies are lies, but stories don't count, so the more egregious the better. There isn't anything better than standing around after a training session, blowing off the last bits of firestone flame and smoke and swapping tales.

He tends toward flowery phrases and epithets, too. He may announce himself when landing outside the living caverns this way: »Let the merriment begin, for I, bronze Khonsumaath, the brave, the strong, the magnificent, have returned! I have tales to tell of those Telgar cattle who fancy themselves dragons. Greetings, O Fylipaeth, most athletic of greens!« Of course, sometimes he just carries on normal conversations. Being flowery can be fairly strenuous. But he is apt to apply descriptive phrases to various individuals. »Look, there goes Sakurath, she who makes the wind shriek when she flies.«

Without any sense of contradiction, Khonsumaath is a study in contrasts. He is equally happy out having adventures or sitting comfortably at home, so long as it's with you. He enjoys his food but will not kill for sport. He is very competitive but doesn't care for violence. He can be something of a tyrant in his standards for those he cares about, but he cares nothing for changing the world or even the weyr. He loves the sky and he loves the ground-would it surprise you to learn that he's very fond of digging? He has no concept of monogamy but he finds romance fascinating (in a gruff and disinterested sort of way). Your romances, or those of your particular friends, for example, will bear watching, and possibly even meddling with. He has little use for accumulating new things but he's passionate about old broken ones. Have you ripped a shirt? He'll be so pleased. »Another shirt ruined!« And if you say "Shards!" he will insist on saving them.

A dragon of strong passions, Khonsumaath may be surprisingly reticent when it comes to mating flights. Oh, he'll participate when the time comes, and be fully engaged in the heat of the moment. But it isn't genteel to speculate about them, and he only brags in carefully select company. Yours, mostly. He will, however, be an attentive clutchfather when he has had a successful flight, and if he doesn't remember all his offspring he will insist that you do.

Sire: Razgulth
Dam: Llydyth
Egg: J'bal
Inspiration: B'nal, Zephre, and of course Elizabeth Peters

Disclaimer: Khonsumaath is your dragon, K'fer, and we hope he is your own dream come true. But if perchance you want to make him different than we've outlined here, remember, this inspiration is only a guide, not a set of rules. You play him as you please. Dream big!

Posted 30-Oct-2004 by Zephre

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