J'bal's Spiced Hot Cocoa Brown Kwaith

Apple Pie Egg
Favoured with the wholesome warmth of baked sands, sienna and amber encrust this egg's mottled shell, suffusing its flat symmetry with added richness. The seal of outer, bumpy mundanity cossets, even closets—yet glimpses of sliced golden brown can be caught at each of its poles, stolen from the core to erupt in molten cream. Where the sheerest slopes are, strokes of sugared chaos attempt to beguile, delivering the aftertaste of promises sweet or sour, purposes crisp or singed.

Hatching Message
Apple Pie Egg splits down the middle, melting as if from within. Golden crusty flakes shatter from the sides as the dragonet emerges, wings and head bursting through the remnants of the shell.

Spiced Hot Cocoa Brown
He's a solid hunk of a dragon, this brown, roughly hewn and awkward but with the promise of polish and muscle underlying that light hazel hide; he'll stretch — oh, how he'll stretch — but he'll never lose that almost daunting solidity. Darker cocoa splashes its flavor across his back and withers, stirring smoothly down a chunky chest in counterpoint to the occasionally obnoxious glint that brightens his eyes and quirks his blunted head. Spiced with cinnamon at the 'spars, fawn-colored wings are broad and square: sheets of sail that could beat the very air into submission.

Impression Message
Strange to feel enveloped in such a manner. You know there is /another/ within your head, you know that he is abosrbing everything that is you and at the same time you are being drawn into the solidity that is this brown dragon. Suddenly you feel a pressure, pleasant in it's insistence. »Never will you be alone!« is what you hear »I am Kwaith and you are Jubal. Together we are one.« And so it is. Things seems brighter, stronger as dragon influence seeps into your veins of it's own. »But I must eat y'know?«

Name Info/Introduction:
Kwaith is the name of your brown. Sprung fully formed from the mind of Vinnie, like Athena from the head of Zeus, the name itself is the best representative of your dragon. Solid, strong, and dependable, there's a subtle eccentricity about him, just like the Kwai of his name.

Kwaith is based on the music of Moby, most specifically "Honey" and "Porcelain". Although a part of the techno movement that has characterized the late 90's and early part of this century, there is a certain otherwordly, New Age-like vibe that pervades his music. Despite that, there is always an inner core, or strong undeniable beat, that comes out in each of his pieces. Such is Kwaith, a solid core and ethereal outer edge, much like his clutchsib Ayeleth.

Your Kwaith is a solid dragon, strong body complemented with a strong personality. His opinions are firm and quite hard to change. They might not be right or make much sense, but others are going to have a heck of a time getting him to see their side of matters. (Veluth) »Herdbeasts only have four legs, Kwaith« (Kwaith) »Five. There are five. See the other hanging down underneath him?« (Veluth) That's his…Oh never mind.« You'll have a tough time of it, that getting him to change his opinion thing, but you'll be able to get through to him…eventually.

Kwaith is entirely dependable, and meticulous like Edysanth. He has a set schedule of activites, in that he wakes each day and plans it out before he rises. Nothing changes this schedule for the day, barring any emergency. However, because that morning, his days are not planned. In other words, he's not going to plan out each week, or do the same exact thing every day, but he doesn't like surprises. He wants to know exactly when he's going to eat, bathe, be oiled, and fly each day.

That isn't to say that he's boring, or just like every other brown on the face of Pern. It's just that he likes to know he's going to have time to do everything he wants to that day. Those activities will include time for his Artistic Endeavors. They are known as Pranks to the rest of the world. He doesn't like pranks that are cruel, though, only the funny ones. Like goading you into stealing all of Xian's underwear, only leaving a pair of bright pink ones. When he's a weyrling, those pranks will be at least once a sevenday, but as he gets older the pranks will be more elaborate and also further apart in time.

Kwaith is also enamoured of music. The first time he hears it, he'll be entraced, but ever after that, he'll insist on 'dancing', at least as much as he can. It'll mostly be wiggling, as dragon bodies weren't designed for dancing as humans do. But he'll try to keep the beat with his tail and fan his wings at crescendos. You might find yourself often confronted with »Time to visit Harper Hall.« "Again?" »Yes.«

In his interactions between his mates, he's fairly loving and warm, much like a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter's night. You especially will feel the strength of his affection. He'll love to cuddle with you and maintain some sort of physical contact whether his tail curled around your waist or his nose *just* touching you while you sleep. Keeping himself away from you for any distance is hard for him, especially for the first few months but he will learn how to keep himself apart from you physically while still keeping himself firmly entangled within your mind.

Because, frankly, you won't be able to keep a secret from him. Your mind is an open book to him, though as he grows over he'll become more and more subtle about lifting information from your mind. Fortunately, he's not really a gossip, so the information you learn will be kept a secret until you'd rather it be known. It won't stop him from talking about those things with you, even if you'd rather not discuss them. »When that woman told you to meet her in the caverns, you were surprised. Why?«

Just like any healthy male dragon, Kwaith is deeply, instinctively attracted to females. Greens and golds, it's all the same for him, since it's the thrill of the chase that he responds to. Which is why he's never going to come to you depressed after a loss. He's be rewarded enough with exhilarating flights, the kind he can never seem to have when he's just flying on a normal basis. He enjoys flights so much, he'll always be on the look out for them, so that he can schedule them into his days. Fortunately for him, there's always the warning of proddiness. »Scherzath is going to go up today, probably in the afternoon, so I shouldn't eat this morning.«

Have you ever seen a linebacker? Big, solid, of course, squarish jaw, looks almost uncomfortable with his sheer bulk? That's Kwaith, except that as he gets older, he'll grow more comfortable with his own body. The problem in weyrlinghood is that his body is constantly changing, and just when he's gotten used to it, he grows again. Eventually, he'll find his stride, but for now he's a bit clumsy and rather sheepish about that.

Flying he adores, and will do so as much as possible. No landing in the center bowl and walking to the edge for him. He'd rather circle the edge until there's a space for him to land. He will also try to learn the aerial acrobatics of his green counterparts. The fact that what they can do will sometimes elude him might give him so frustration, but in the end all his trying will make him far more agile than your typical brown. It'll give him an advantage in a few green flights, and even in the gold flights as he'll be able to avoid the awkward maneuverings of other suitors.

His wings, however, are a particular source of irritation for him. They tend to itch, especially along the fine bones. Only your delicate touch, trained to handle the most unsettled of runnerbeasts, will be able to soothe the itch. »J'bal..get the oil. It's my left wing again..« will be a common complaint. For your efforts, you'll be rewarded with the gentle rumble of contentment, and often glowing compliments.

Like a pianoforte, he can be both soft and loud, depending on the intensity of his emotion at the time. The colors which correspond to his emotions will also depend on this. Annoyance, the soft twinkle of minor keys, the dull blush of red. Full blown anger, the harsh sound of hands slamming the keys, the blinding shock of crimson. Lust will have the shades of orange, happiness will be green, hunger will find a home in yellow, silliness in blue. His physical voice, however, oddly, seems only to have one deep tone, the kind of which vibrates your very bones even in weyrlinghood. For that reason, he won't use it that much, preferring instead to express himself telepathically to other dragons and through you to other humans.

Egg: ?
Name: Vinnie
Description: Jules, Kourrem
Dragon: Adara, Jules, Vinnie

Just remember, you know Kwaith best. This is just a guideline, not a rule. Enjoy!

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