Savarna's Sassy Honey-Gold Llydyth
Dirty Dolly Egg
This sorry-looking small egg is a tumbled mix of dingy colours. The sweet sky-blue shade grows dark and grimy in patches and places, as if smudgy hands had held the egg too much, and then discarded it one day. An under-layer of lighter colour runs tattered beneath. It is an aged yellow-off white. Dirty blondes tangle across the egg's top and crest over the patch of washed-out peach below. There are two faded smears of pink.

Dirty Dolly Egg gives a series of determined shudders. Testing, testing, one-two, one-two… and then cracks! Pieces of shell crumble away, shimmering to the ground to reveal the golden diva within in all her glory, ready to claim the spotlight. Ladies and Gentlemen, a big hand please!

Sassy Honey-Gold Dragonet
Swathes of golden honey cling like a caress to a curvesome figure, flares of breath-taking colour enveloping full-figured features. Scintillating saffron trails about headknobs and rounded muzzle, finally tumbling down rounded neckridges to blossom into bubbling champagne, this blinding brilliance sheeting across aureate wingsails. Sturdy, shapely haunches and tail sinuously display molten amber, while warm caramel gives way to drizzles of melted butter across her underbelly. Large feet gleam in flaxen shades, sharp talons coated copper.

Public Impression Message: Sassy Honey-Gold Dragonet shimmies to a halt, honeyed head held high for a long moment, as though she's scenting the wind. Or is she drinking in the applause? She's found the only person she could share the spotlight with: Savarna.

Private Impression Message A trickle of smoke insinuates itself into your mind, spreading with effortless ease into a layer of haze that banishes all thoughts of heat and sand from conscious consideration. «Aaaahhhh…. » A long sigh drowns out the shouts and calls around you. That light puff of smoke sinks into your consciousness, lost in a moment. Then a new voice awakens within you, coming from a part of your mind long dormant. Low, throaty, husky, right. Suddenly the sounds and sights come rushing back, as that voice announces with a laugh: «I am Llydyth! »

Name and Theme
This year our eggs were based upon objects you might find in a Junkyard, and your Llydyth's egg was based upon a discarded childhood toy. Our dragons were based upon music styles, and Llydyth is themed on AVant Garde or "Free" Jazz. Free Jazz is a variant upon regular Jazz, with all its grooving and swinging along without a worry in the world. In Free Jazz, soloists lead the band off in any direction they please, without any pre-planning or warning, taking their fellow musicians and the audience along with them on a journey without a map. Head to http://web.archive.org/web/20041029191438/http://www.allmusic.com/mus_Styles.html and click on the 'Free/Avant Garde' button under Jazz for more information on this style.
Oh, Savarna, welcome to a whole new life. Your Llydyth is so very many things! She'll shrug her shoulders and cruise through the stickiest of situations - she has Style, she has panache, she has Flair, and she knows how to have Fun. Rules? Well, they're more like guidelines, really… She has true presence - when it pleases her, she can be a diva right down to her toes, and she doesn't have to order a bowl full of blue m&ms in her dressing room to prove it - although that doesn't mean she won't, just for fun! When she has fun, she has Fun. when she laughs, she Laughs - a deep throated laugh that would shake her whole body if she were a human. She puts all of herself into everything she does! Llydyth's description is based on a number of things - first, we loved your idea of having a gold whose colouring is breath-taking, but whose figure is a way away from svelte. Because what's wrong with that? Llydyth will be absolutely comfortable in her own skin. Think of real life women like Queen Latifah, who don't conform at all to the idea of the twig-thin model, but carry their sexiness with them wherever they go. Llydyth is built along those lines - she's all woman. We've used a combination of breathtaking colours, delicious foods like honey and caramel that are smooth and sensuous and the curves found in a saxaphone to create her description.

Llydyth's name, pronounced El-i-dyth is taken from two Welsh words ­ Llonder, meaning joy, or gladness and Caniedyddion, meaning singer or songster. Say it out loud ­ now, say it slowly and draw out the syllables. That's how she likes it said best.

Personality —
Llydyth knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. Rules? They're for other people. She's so very many things - she's down to earth, she's a wild-child, she thinks for hours, she acts without thinking at all. Llydyth is instinctively understanding and generous to a fault ("Hey, those were my best leathers, I don't care how good you thought she looked in them!") and will often be found having a heart-to-heart with someone who looks like they need a good chat. She's wise and loving and she's the sort of dragon who'd really know how to carve it up on the dance floor. Complex? Oh yes, my word she is. One moment Llydyth will be teasing out the problems of a weyrling, comforting and reassuring, the next she'll be rolling in the mud and kicking her feet in the air. She knows how to play, and when she plays, she plays hard. Whatever she does, she does it 110%.

She's impossible to ignore! While you struggle to adjust to this amazing new part of your life, she'll be humming a tune and cruising through her lessons with one eye on the Weyrlingmaster and the other on an interestingly shaped cloud. When you worry about whether or not she's keeping to the rules, she'll immediately bury you in reassurances about how she's going to do that 'right away' and how that idea is 'terribly important', promptly going back to what she was doing the moment you calm down. Her complete willingness to stop what she's doing and agree that rules are important when you need her to might be all that keeps you sane, even though she'll never follow them, for all her nodding and agreeing. For her part, she might just convince you that there are times and places when sometimes (just sometimes) the rules can wait.

"Free", or Avant Garde Jazz is all about a soloist taking an unexpected path, springing surprises on the audience, leading them on a journey without any warning about where they might end up. And that's what Llydyth is all about.

Llydyth takes after her Mama in some ways, and one of them is her habit of thinking that picking stuff up after yourself is for other people. If she gets her way, your weyr will be a constant clutter, with piles of things that might come in handy littered everywhere - of course, this probably won't sit well with Savarna, and a stream of constant promises to clean up very soon, probably tomorrow, might be all that keep the peace. Of course, clean up her stuff without telling her and her ire will last only a day or so - memory is not Llydyth's strong point. One area where she might clash with Lyaseth, however, is on the subject of music. Lyaseth loves it, but has a tendancy to substitute « Blah, blah, blah, mmmmm » for the words. This will horrify Llydyth, true songstress that she is - the very thought! She'll spend patient, absolutely fruitless hours trying to get Lyaseth to do it right…

When it comes to mates, Llydyth isn't likely to settle for just one. She'll be fickle, rarely caught by the same male many times and rarely interested in them the day after. Except to insist that they do their bit on the sands - after all, how else will time be found for her beauty routine? While her dam is protective of her eggs to the point of paranoia, Llydyth will veer towards being - and there's no easy way to say this - a not-very-committed mother. She'll be constantly yearning to get off the sands and have an oiling or stretch her wings, complaining about being where she is, making sure the eggs' sire suffers just as much as she is and burying the eggs and forgetting where she put them (meaning she has to stay carefully in one corner while you investigate mounds of sand to work it out). And if you think she's letting you off the sands, think again! If she's in it, you're in it together.

That's not to say that she won't be protective when it comes time for egg-touchings - it's just that for her, the protectiveness will be more than half designed simply to break up her boredom. What about the path to the sands, though? When it comes time for being proddy, Llydyth carries on Fort Weyr's tradition of giving the whole Weyr a very hard time indeed. She's always singular, but come this time of the year and she'll be a diva all over. Not the sort she usually is, but the sort who wants 2 bowls of blue m&ms, 16 plush toys, a goldfish in a bowl and a string quartet in her dressing room, and NOW! She'll do her best to keep you and everybody else busy, so you'll probably remember her proddy times for the feelings of harassment they induce better than anything else! The other thing that happens at these times, however, is that her devil-may-care attitude can leak out a little. Savarna may end up surprising people with comments like 'Oh, I suppose that rule doesn't really matter just this once!'.

Certainly, when she takes to the skies it'll be nothing but a relief. This time might be something of a challenge for a rule-bound girl like Savarna, as Llydyth will be a complete wild-child, roaring her challenge to the world. She'll never be interested in doing more than blooding, eager to get up into the skies. She'll tend to travel a great distance, rather than to a great height, roaming out over the surrounding countryside and giving the locals some entertainment.

Llydyth will always be close to her dam, however different their personalities may be. Throughout weyrlinghood and well beyond, she'll be chirping out comments to her, informing her of what she's up to and what's happening where she is. In fact, whenever she goes strangely silent, it's probably best to check whether Lyaseth's just done the same thing… When it comes to her sire, she'll be respectful, seeking his advice at times, but never simply gossiping as she will with her dam.

In her rule-flaunting, she will no doubt find support and succor in her green sisters, the Gang of Mischief that they are. Sakurath, Araganth, Jadziath and Irusenth will aid and abet all adventures, all random thoughts, and they'll want to make sure that *thoughts* turn to *action*. The sisterhood of this clutch may well be a strong one, bound by those early explorations together.

Llydyth's musical tendencies will find echo in Dushlanth, who can always be counted on to ad-lib, but their tastes may not exactly coincide. At the least, Dushlanth will be an enthusiastic audience for his bigger sister. Iskandeth may not always have the patience to deal with Llydyth's sudden changes of mind and plans, but his tactician's mind may come in handy one day for those jaunts. The males, warriors both, will in general be less head-in-the-clouds than their green sisters, which Llydyth may appreciate in her quieter, more introspective moments.

Now, every dragon has a quirk or two, and Llydyth is no exception. The first word we need to use here is 'shoes'. No, you're right, dragons don't wear them. But that doesn't mean she isn't fascinated by them. Unfortunately, a lot of people have a habit of leaving shoes off when they go inside - which means there'll be plenty for her to procure. Whether they belong to a Lord or a weyrbrat, she'll think they're all just lovely. You try and get them off her. She'll have them all over her couch if you give her half a chance.

Now if you thought the shoes were going to be a problem, we probably need to tell you about The Thing With The Water. Llydyth has a deathly aversion to water. You'll have a battle royale to get her to swim, bathe or wash. She just doesn't like it - for no reason which can be discerned. It's splashy, the waves slap at her, it's just not nice. Since your lifemate has a tendancy to get herself a little grubby at times, there'll be more than one stand-off between you two at the beach.

Physicality — From day one, Llydyth will be on the curvaceous side. She won't be pudgy or seem fat - she'll carry her weight very well indeed. «Some males think that large hindquarters are very nice, you know…» One thing that her extra size will bring with it is extra muscle - her takeoffs will be powerful and she'll accelerate with surprising speed, although her turns will always be wide and fairly slow - one of the reasons she goes for distance on her mating flights, rather than tricky manouvres. Given a chance, she will always use her strong takeoff to avoid walking even short distances if she's allowed. When it comes to water, she's surprisingly graceless - she'll splash and thrash around, usually making an enormous fuss over not very much. That gracelessness will play on her mind - she hates being seen in such a state, and she'll put up a fight to avoid having to enter the water at all. Perhaps in the dead of night? As she grows, her rapidly expanding hide will require even more oiling than the usual dragon, since Llydyth has a bit more suface area than the usual dragon. In fact, you'll spend more time than it's comfortable to imagine oiling down your girl.

Mindvoice —
Llydyth has the voice of a jazz singer, pure and simple. She's a husky, smokey alto. Her presence will appear like a puff of smoke, wafting into your mind, impossible to ignore. When she's making a point, she'll change what you might term the physical feeling of her voice, from smoke to a thicker feeling, like honey or caramel. And those are the colours she'll invariably bring with her when she arrives, although she'll tinge them with others to make a point. Her mindvoice is also reminiscent of certain scents, namely smoke and honey.

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Lyaseth
Egg: L'o
Inspiration: R'sin, Brandi, T'ai, with Zephre

Note: This inspiration is only a guide. One person knows Llydyth best, and that's you. If something's not quite right, feel free to alter it, change it, play with it. Dragons are like fine wine - they mature and grow more complex with age. This will be the case with your lifemate, and we look forward to seeing you grow together! Welcome!

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