F'en's Spellbound Starry Night-Blue Lumoth

From: Dark Lake Mystery Egg
he deep depths of murky aquamarine shelter this egg, shadows shielding the still shell with heavy mystery. Rays of soft brightness filter through the darkness, gentle warmth burning through the gloomy armour, feathers of light reaching across the curved surface to transform the murky touch to a hopeful turquoise. Clinging to the safety of the shadows, hints of serpentine curves are outlined by the light, the impression of emerald and forest curves glimpsed on the borders of illumination.

Hatching Message: Dark Lake Mystery Egg seems almost to implode within itself as shifting, serpentine curves relinquish the shadows to display the rather more blue curves of the dragonet within.

Hatchling Name: Spellbound Starry Night-Blue Dragonet

Hatchling Description: Startling crimson headknobs top a slightly plump cerulean head and a muzzle freckled with indigo. Midnight s dark hand has touched all other visible hide, bespeckled with great swirls of starlike sapphire which dance along his wingspars, thence to flow down over wingsails pinpricking the deep azure as it seeps outwards, casting a violet tinge along the edges. His wandlike tail is touched with ever lightening twilight along its length, dawn s light radiating from a star of gold high up on a dusky haunch. Slight legs conceal the power they hold within, though alabaster talons contrive to imply otherwise.

Impression Message: Let there be light! And there is, suddenly, so much light. Have your eyes closed, against the sudden glare? It won't do any good, it's more than the sun in your eyes this time, this prismatic light penetrating through your brain, illuminating every recess, every nook and every cranny, and blowing away whatever might linger there. It floods your entire mind and in the next instant it feels as if it's been that way forever, and then that
triumphant bright light that shimmers through the whole spectrum congeals into something more recognisable, and while you don't hear the individual words, you understand the message implicitly.

Two words should suffice as an introduction: chocolate frogs! And while /they /don't appear here, part of the rest of that world is all bound up in your dragon, he's who you might see if you look in the Mirror of Erised, he's your very own /Alohomora/, he's the illuminating /Lumos/, your guiding light, and most of all he's Ron Weasley. He'll be your staunchest friend as Ron was Harry's, he's got all the warmth and friendliness you could ever ask for, and he'll help you adjust into the draconic world, the world of being a rider, as surely as Ron helped Harry adjust to the magical world whenever he could.
His name, as you know, is taken from Lumos and pronounced Loo-moth…it just worked so well with him, and with you.

Congratulations! You might suddenly be finding the world a very much brighter place. Even when you close your eyes you're still seeing through his, and his vision is bright, like a filter. Ever tried on those gold tinted sunglasses? Well, that gives you an idea of what his vision is like. And he'll colour your view of the world. For him it's a warm and friendly place, where there's lots of love to go round. You might find this warm, golden, sun-tinted vision almost too glaring at first, and it'll be a while before you can turn his tone down, so to speak. But a little of that colour is going to be stuck in your eyes forever. It's more than glasses, more than contact lenses, for it goes beyond sight into perception, and from there to thought and word and meaning. Dark as his hide may be, the sun's always out in Lumoth's world, and now it's out in yours too. And if, during your first few months, you always think the sun's really out, even in the depths of the barracks in the middle of the night, or in the recesses of an Inner Weyr, you can be sure it's Lumoth colouring your perceptions, quite literally!

And with Lumoth you couldn't ask for a truer friend, nor one more loyal. He'll be by you in thick and thin, he'll almost always defer to what you want to do if you're assertive enough (he'll grumble, sometimes, of course, but
he'll do it - though if your course of action goes wrong or badly be prepared to hear him say »I told you so!« with some delight.) Here's a dragon who'll never go behind your back or try to trick you into doing something you don't want to do. If he wants something, or wants you to do doggedly. He doesn't give up, this one. He perseveres. Do you want to change the subject? You'll have a tough time getting him to drop it, and if he gets the idea you're keeping something back, it'll only make him more determined to get to the bottom of it. The same in conversations with other people to, he'll suddenly start making suggestions. »Why don't you say this?« Or simply, »Why don't you just say what you're thinking?«

Even though he might sound so very confident, he's very worried about what he looks like and what everyone else is going to think about him (he doesn't worry about them, and he's sure they mean well, but still.) and he tends to
see problems with himself where there are none. Of course, he thinks you're perfect and thinks that everyone else should think you're perfect too - and any ideas you might have that /you/ have problems with what you look like
and what people think about you will be instantly dismissed, you'll be reassured. »/I/ think you're perfect. You look just lovely.« And what else matters? He'll get bolshy, as well, if anyone does dare criticise you, he'll be standing up for you straight away. »And you can tell your rider that F'en isn't like that, /I/ should know, she's mine.« You bring out his confidence, and maybe he can bring out yours, the way a true partnership should be, each supporting and relying on the other.

It also has to be said that he's a bit of a one for breaking rules. This won't be so much of a problem the first few days in the barracks, but woe betide the growing up times when you're learning to chew firestone , flying, and going between »Why can we only fly so short a way at first? Let's wait till night and sneak out and try then. I know you can do it, and so can I. And I bet we can fly all round the outside of the Weyr - /twice/!« Holding him back could be a bit of a struggle, but then again he loves the thought of danger, and might well try his best to get you into it, firm in the belief that you'll always have a handle on the situation and will be able to get him out. Are you lucky? Do you get a thrill out of danger? You'd better hope so. He's a daredevil flier -»How close to the side of the Bowl do you think we can get before turning?« - and especially loves skimming around the clouds, diving in and out of them.

He's always happy to talk, and if there's anything you don't understand, he'll do his best to try and explain it, in the simplified terms that he sees and understands the world in. Just /how/ does he fly? »I think about it, then do it.« Which is a good enough answer for him, however frustrated it might leave you. And then he'll say »Look« - and try to show you, by doing it. Off on a long flight, and then he'll finally say, hopefully, »Do you see now?« He's no academic, he's best at showing, demonstrating, in actual fact rather than in reality. But everything he does tell you is accompanied by images, sensations, pictures - more that than actual strung together words. You'll sense the words underneath all this melee of what he's showing you, eventually, but at first you might find him a little confusing, as he talks more in pictures than words.

There's only two things he's scared of. Number One is Proddy greens. Now, normal greens, they're fine, small, good fun fliers for a race or something, or for idle chit-chat while lying around in the bowl. But when they're proddy? They're other creatures entirely. Lumoth will face down anybody, but at the mere sight of a proddy green he'll run a mile, and you might often find yourself with a long hike across the Bowl to the Living Caverns because Lumoth has flatly refused to go anywhere near that end of the Bowl. »But she's out to get me! I just know it!« (Proddy golds, they're okay - they're amusing, and he'll often have a joke to make about them, or for the affected bronzes and browns.) It might make him a reluctant chaser, though once he's in the air the fun of flying will take over, and if he did find himself catching he'd probably catch himself by surprise, and afterwards he won't be able to get away from her fast enough, and until his natural draconic memory (or lack thereof) takes over and blots it out he'll deny it
ever happened, you'll be able to feel his mental cringe. »I /didn't/! Ew!« (That said, he'll be the same about any flight he'll take part in, which might make post-flight antics easier for you - he won't be sulking about losing, quite on the contrary, he'll come back all flushed and happy »Flying's fun! What did you think about that steep dive I made? Wasn't it something? I bet not even Krumth could have done that!«)

And Number Two on that list is spinners. Lumoth /hates/ them. Your clutchfellows might complain when they find him in their couch (and complain even more if they were in it and he comes jumping in on top of them) because
there's the tiniest spinner lurking in the back of his. And once you get a Weyr, you'll find yourself establishing a routine of scouring through the Weyr before he'll even get up enough courage to enter. You'll be woken in the middle of the night because he's /sure/ he saw something. Or heard something. And they're horrid!

He wolfs his food, I'm afraid to say, it goes straight down the hatch without touching the sides which will lead to any a stomach ache for him, and stomach aches for you too at first - and headaches later, but it's one thing he'll never learn to do. In fact, he's not much inclined to moderation in any area. He's always all, or nothing. Though he's far more inclined to all than to nothing. And he's certainly all for you.

He'll be small for most of his life, built for speed unlike his brown brothers, but he has one not so little problem. His tail will grow faster than any other part of his body and will generally waft around quite dangerously. If he ever manages to master the 'swish and flick' then perhaps this appendage will not be so likely to be the cause of any accidents that he has, but until that day he'll 'swick and flish' and things will fall over, get tipped up, be knocked into and otherwise damaged resulting in many an »Ooops. Sorry.« to the unlucky weyrling, dragon, couch wall or whatever the latest victim happens to be.

His star will be, no pun intended, a pain in the butt. The top point will itch madly and while he's growing no matter how much oil you put in that one particular shiny spot, the itch will not lessen for very long. He'll try everything he can to scratch it himself before finally coming to you with a plaintive »Please? Could you maybe?«

Think of those loudest moments of 'Also sprach Zarathustra'! He's a brass trumpet fanfare: let there be light! Those moments of elucidation will spring into your mind with hardly any warning and there they'll stay and resonate, with a crash of cymbals and the thunder of timpani to accompany the very best ideas. He's not exactly shy and retiring, oh no, quite the opposite. He doesn't need much accompaniment: he's the whole blaring, blasting chord all rolled into one, manifested in a shimmering display of lights of all colours inside your head, rather like the Northern Lights hang in the sky as accompaniment to some unsung tune. The colours vary according to his mood - more crimson when angry, more indigo when at peace. He's next to never downcast or dejected, but you'll know when he is, for the colours will fade almost to black, and that chord will be thinned out, almost certainly missing the dominant, muted, and so very out of tune. His bugle's brassy as well, but it's no solo trumpet, rather it has the quality of a
massed brass section in a 20th century orchestral piece: large, powerful and cohesive.


Egg: S'ren.
Messages: Sissi, Shendti.
Name: S'naid.
Description: S'naid, Sissi tweak.
Inspiration: Sissi, S'naid.
Sire: Modrath
Dam: Edysanth

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

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