Brandi's Boundless Refractions Gold Lyaseth
Antique Aurum Egg
Seeming as if forged from the intangible rays of sunlight and cast into a perfectly formed ovoid, this egg could just be the culmination of someone's life quest. Sheets of processed aurum encompass the smooth contours with ease like dispensed molten metal just following gravity, whilst crystallized pyrite adds much needed texture to the glossy veneer. Fine lines, as if etched by a divine hand, roam across the remainder of any free space on the shell's gilded surface. It is a fine prize that likely holds another within.

Antique Aurum Egg gleams suddenly, as the clouds above shift, casting an opportune ray of sunlight down upon the sands below. Upon the sands, dragon hums intensify for a moment as rays of sunlight peel apart, glossy veneer falling away to reveal the golden dragonet within.

Boundless Refractions Gold Hatchling
Antique gold gleams with muted cheer, beneath scrolls of white-gold and pure gold that harmonize the extravagant curves of this dragon. Pure white light cast from a gentle diamond-star defines the elegant wedge of her head, highlighting the embedded detail of the rough oxidization tumbling over her eye ridges to frame oval eyes. Neck curves, swanlike, into a slightly elongated body, over which white and refined gold compete playfully for dominance, rough curves becoming more ornate as they slide towards her tail. Over underbelly and neck ridges the activity stills, tiny diamonds floating over a still surface of rosy Cornish gold. Champagne-tinged brilliance forms wing membranes defined and outlined by rose-gold laced wingspars.

Public Impression Message: Having inspected her fill of the white-robed candidates filling the sands, Boundless Refractions Gold Hatchling stops in behind of a dimpled girl with rather prominent ears and scraped up knees. The scattered scars and scabs of the girl are regarded with some amusement in rainbow whirling eyes before she raises her head and makes her choice public. Turn around, dear. She knew Brandi was hers all along, she just wanted to spy out everyone else first!

Private Impression Message: How can this be? A mental force hits you so hard that the repercussions are near to physical - you can almost feel your feet give way under the weight of the soaking wet, cold, salty wave that hits you. Wet? Salty? How? Through blurred vision, a golden form hangs before your eyes, as a lightshow of electric blue and deepest violet begins. A husky, warm voice rides in upon a ribbon of colour, which wraps around your mind in a knot no sailor could untie. It accosts you cheerfully: « Brandi! We have an eternity to have fun in. Let's start now! »
« My name is Lyaseth! »

Name and Theme
This egg is based upon the traditional fiftieth anniversary gift, gold. Its symbol on the periodic table is Au. It's a soft metal and can be easily shaped into many things. From the beginning of recorded history, mankind has regarded gold as one of the most desirable metals available.
Brandi, Lyaseth's name is based upon Alianne Cooper of Pirate's Swoop, the heroine in Tamora Pierce's about to be released novel (

Brandi, Brandi, this is your life(mate)! She's so many things - a rebel, a fighter, a gentle soul and so much more. She has theatrical flair to spare - she won't just land, she'll send up a cloud of dust that can be seen in Nerat while she does it. Your Lyaseth will do anything for a bit of fun. She's based partly on Tamora Pierce's character of Alianne, or Aly, and we've drawn two particular quotes from "Trickster's Choice" that seem to sum her up very well indeed:

"I've decided that my work is having fun. Somebody needs to do it."


"Aly seemed not to care a whit that girls her age were having babies, keeping shops, fighting in the war, and protecting the realm."

Your Lyaseth will lead you on all sorts of adventures you've never imagined, and to places you never dreamed of. Hopefully you'll survive it all! Welcome to life with Lyaseth: it will never be the same again…

Lyaseth's description is based upon an eternity ring. Here's a quick blurb on what these rings are for:
"My love will run out at the circle's end, and that leads to eternity." As "a diamond is forever," the circle of diamonds is a potent symbol reinforcing the bond with a ring for eternity. The eternity ring is placed on the third finger, where it helps channel the good spirit, and form a link directly to the heart.

It is bad luck if the diamonds don't face the sky, but don't worry! Your Lyaseth has diamonds on her underbelly and her neckridges, so her diamonds will always be facing up!

Personality —
Lyaseth in a nutshell? She's a rebel, she'll do anything for fun, she's eternally curious. She needs to learn everything for herself, but she's quick on her feet. She hates anything too feminine, but won't be called a tomboy - your Lyaseth hates labels, and won't let you put her in a box, no matter which box that might be.

Be careful trying to prohibit Lyaseth from doing anything - it's an instant way of making that one thing the most desired in the world. She loves to do things her own way, and doesn't take well to authority, although she'll give in to you on serious matters, if you can convince her that they are in fact serious. She'll do anything for fun, try anything once for a laugh, and very rarely cares what onlookers may think. Brace yourself! She'll poke her nose into anything just to see what it is, and she won't be told anything. You might tell her that that food will taste bad, that she'll frighten that herd, that she'll squash that tree, but she's going to need to taste, frighten or squash it herself before she believes you. Not that she doesn't take on board what you say, she just feels that she can't live through you - she needs to find things out for herself. And the trouble (and getting out of it) is half the fun… Lyaseth is particularly quick on her feet - she makes decisions on the spur of the moment, assembling the facts quickly and deciding which way she's going to jump. This is not always successful, but almost always interesting. She hates the fact that she's a feminine looking dragon - she'd rather be blocky and sturdy and strong. Still, she does have a very girlie enjoyment of love songs. She can't carry a tune in a bucket - beware when she tries to mentally sing along! - but she knows what she likes, and she'll listen to it for hours.

Additionally, somebody's told her about a song entitled 'The Miner's Rocks' *coughcoughS'rencoughcough*, and she's determined to find out what it's about, one of these days…

Lyaseth is not what you'd call the cleanest of dragons. She's not that good at picking up after herself, and she doesn't mind if you stop all that boring cleaning either. Your weyr will constantly be littered with interesting things she found to bring home, sorted into three enormous piles: Things to keep forever, things to keep for a while, things to throw out tomorrow, but never today. If only she could remember which pile was which… She'll have to pull them apart regularly to work it out.

Lyaseth will never commit to a mate for longer than it takes for the eggs to hatch. Just as Aly finds her suitors can never compare to conversation with her older friends, Lyaseth will never find anyone who compares to you. Similarly, she'll never much be interested in young, hers or yours. Her own babies will be somebody else's problem as soon as they're impressed, and should you have any children, she'll want to see the back of them within a week. Of course, this may be a fight she doesn't win, but her commitment problems will show up loud and clear. When she's proddy she particularly tends to suspect children, although she's always aware you need to be careful around them. Apparently they break easily.

Lyaseth views her dam with awe, and her sire with adoration. Convinced she'll never quite live up to Isabeth, she'll turn to the older queen for guidance nonetheless, hoping, if not expecting, to match her wisdom. When it comes to her sire, however, she's a daddy's girl to the core. She'll constantly be chirping comments at him through weyrlinghood, trying anything she can think of to amuse.

Lyaseth's always watching each and every one of her siblings. She must know all their secrets and will quietly observe them until she knows them, one by one. Tokeith's aversion to water will be remarked upon with quiet surprise. She'll work to understand this about him and may try to make things fun to entice him toward the waves she's so at home in. Xiphiath's idealism will fascinate her. She won't find it very practical, but fascinating. Kalth's curiosity will mirror her own and the two will find many things they can poke their muzzles into together. Jareriath's risk-taking will fascinate her as well and the two will dare each other onward and upward, never doing anything truly dangerous, but always pushing the other to greater heights.

Every dragon has quirks - so do people, for that sake. Your Lyaseth, however, is rather… unique. One of her most problematic, sometimes alarming quirks, is her penchant for imitating others - especially authority figures. Whenever you're slacking off or relaxing, a voice will ring out in your head, sometimes prompting replies to people who didn't speak, or aren't there. Whether it's the Weyrleader asking you why you're not at work, or the Weyrlingmaster wondering why you aren't on duty, you're guaranteed to have a few heart-stopping moments! If dragons could be spies, your Lyaseth would be leading the pack. The instant you tell her a place is forbidden, or out of bounds, she'll be dying to explore, find out, work out, know! But although Lyaseth wants to know everything, that doesn't mean she wants to tell. Like any good spy, she knows how to keep things top-secret. The only person she'll tell her gossip to is you, and even you'll have to work out there's a secret, and ask about it. She's also extremely good at decoding meanings behind phrases - trying to speak obliquely in order to fool her will seldom work. The only problem is that occasionally she'll read in meaning that was never there, alarming you with translations of gossip that was purely harmless, sending you off on wild goose chases.

When she's proddy, your Lyaseth is no picnic. She turns into a paranoid conspiracy theorist, determined to find out who's plotting against the whole weyr, and you in particular. « They're listening, Brandi!» If she can't find out, she'll want to run - you won't have much fun trying to persuade a weyrbound queen that she's not allowed to leave. Wild accusations will fly. « I know you did it! It was /you/! » Lyaseth has a mind like a trap, and when it captures something like this, well…

When it comes to flight-time, the conspiracies continue. Lyaseth will lead her suitors an amazing chase each and every time, as you finally allow her to give into her flight instincts, and she seeks to flee. The enemy will be everywhere! She'll be a flirt, though, and won't seek to escape too hard, if there's a male around she particularly fancies. She'll have fun leading them a merry, acrobatic chase, although she'll tend to travel a great distance, rather than to a great height.

Lyaseth has been safely caught, she has a mate for now, she is secure, she is safe, and the conspiracy is over. Hah! Are you kidding? This is just the /start/! Mind like a trap, we told you! Some queens are content to let candidates troop out and inspect eggs whenever they wish, and welcome visitors to the galleries. Not so with Lyaseth. Each time you want to hold an egg-touching, you'll need to be nearby to keep her calm, and she'll always be a broody queen. She'll demand her mate stay nearby, and inspect anyone seeking to come near with high suspicion.

Physicality —
Lyaseth, when a weyrling will be gangly and awkward. She'll have more trouble getting around on four legs than her smaller siblings, though when the clutch takes to the air, beware, she's let loose on the world! She will fly with unusual grace for a dragon her size, especially when completely grown. She'll be long, more than broad and will be able to dart through the air more easily than any dragon even near her size. Her entire belly, as she's growing, will be especially tender and sensitive. She'll beg for you to oil it often and if she has her way, she'll roll onto her back to give you room to rub oil over this sensitive area.

Lyaseth 's mindvoice is nothing if not colourful! When she comes up with an idea, you'll get a sound and light show to remember. Dominant are electric blue and a deep violet, but other colours will make guest appearances if she thinks they suit the occasion. She's an alto, and a strong one, with a husky voice that's very distinctive - think of Macy Gray, and you're close. Her mindvoice almost seems to jump out at you like a child leaping from a hiding place, shouting 'surprise!' when you least expect it, and is accompanied by a blaring fanfare of trumpets when she's feeling exuberant. Accompanying her powerful presence is the tang of the sea - and sometimes, just sometimes, the sensation of being slapped in the face by a cold wave of salty water, particularly if you're sleeping through some important moment.

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Isabeth
Egg: Jill
Inspiration: S'ren, R'sin, Zamara, Jules

Note: This inspiration is only a guide. One person knows Lyaseth best, and that's you. If something's not quite right, feel free to alter it, change it, play with it. Dragons are like fine wine - they mature and grow more complex with age. This will be the case with your lifemate, and we look forward to seeing you grow together! Welcome to riding at Fort, Brandi!

Posted July 17, 2003 by Zephre

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