Vibrant Fern-Green Lyrioth in Silvered Moonlight Egg
Her movements feathery-gentle like ferns that grow deep in the old-growth forest, this young green's glance is by contrast demanding with unabashed interest. She's built more rounded than sleek, hued a lovely clear green that gradually darkens from the vibrant tone of sundrenched foliage at her muzzle, to the deeper notes of the underbrush along her tapered tail; the delicate edges of her wings shade with lacy swirls of colors following the lines of ichor that pulse in the translucency of wing membrane. Her bright gaze hold an straightforward openness uncommon in one so young, as well as an underlying drive that flavors all she does.

Name: We just liked it. :) Lyrical. And the ending was different.

Physical Description: Overall a deep, clear soothing green, like a cluster of ferns hidden in the shadows of a moss-covered tree beside a quiet forest pool, her hide bears no distinguishing marks or blazes on aught but her wings, except that it gradually (almost unnoticeably) darkens from muzzle to tail. Her talons are a dark mottle of blue/brown/green, like the base of the fern, and seem much too large, a taste of her future growth. Her wings are equally oversized, but alive with designs, the edges of their sails softly feathered with green like the lacy edges of a fern. The shading darkens from wingtip (where it is a lovely sundrenched green) to base to blend in with her body. There is nothing delicate about her constitution, though! She's as healthy as they come, and though gawky and awkward for a while, she'll round out nicely into a deliciously sleek (and fast!) dragon.

Personality: Like the fern, Lyrioth is content to live in the undergrowth anddoesn't mind when others overshadow her. Not only live, but thrive! especially on your love and attention, and is very protective (perhaps too much so) of her lifemate. To Lyrioth, you are like the delicious fiddlehead (not that she wants to eat you :) ), curled tight inside a fragile bitter shell, and she will devote herself to using her warmth and affection, as well as strength, to help you unfurl and face life's sunlight and rain; she will draw out your fear and anger and lay them to rest. Good thing too, as Lyrioth enjoys music, especially pipes and the deep throbbing of drums. But her heart beats for you. :) She's loyal, charismatic, perhaps a tad lazy when nothing's going on (why waste energy?), and /very/ talkative. (Squeaky for the longest while, when she does find her physical voicevery much unlike her normal resonant alto mindtouchshe'll indulge in a great range of dragon noises from the deepest thrum to the
most delicate of warbles.) Straightforward to a fault, indulgent (too indulgent!) to her rider, outgoing, open, steady, and even-tempered, she rarely gets upset… but when she does, LOOK OUT! she's many a trick hidden under her hide. Her curiousity runs deep, but she listens quietly, sharing her discoveries gently, without inhibitions. Delighted by life, and most of all Amery, she has a peculiar fascination for firelizards. Doting as she does, she's not above demanding a scratch when it's needed, and is apt to itch incessantly down the inside of her forelegs.
Ah Amery, you'll never be alone again. Lyrioth will forever boister your
confidence, quell your fears, and brighten the darkest corners of your soul
while claiming your heart for always. (And she can understand you, even if no-
one else can, and that is all that matters. *grin*)

Credits: Hatchling desc and inspiration writeup, K'lora; egg desc courtesy of Elsinora.

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