Character Description:
The Turns have been kind to this woman: few lines mar features save the fine creases that mark humour and nature and the jagged scar that now highlights her right cheek from apple's crest to angled jaw-line. A lasting reminder of her recent encounter with Thread. One time sun-caught wavy brown hair has been bleached a lighter brunette by daylight's kiss, while rich carmel-hued rivers cascade into loose curls and layers that swing mid-back. Skin, now caressed with the sun's golden light would have been fair were it not for the long hard days working out in the elements. Evenly set eyes slanted just enough, reflect a more amber tone rather than the one time hazel, but still glow with an inner exuberance that can only be credited to her adored lifemate. Full lips, high cheekbones, and a firmly set chin add to her overall appearance. Height is on the average to tall-ish side and the overall frame of her body is curvy with lean and toned muscles keeping things slender and fluid; a 'gift' from long turns of active riding.
Light has been eclipsed by night: blackness dominates across a tunic of nubbly linen plunging neckline nearly meeting the hem as it falls only halfway down her torso. Raven hues of the outer jacket drape shoulder from round neckline, edged in fine woven trim. Shadows play along fitted sleeves, desinged not to impede but yield to Madri's movements. The night is again confined by the blackened skin tight leather of her trousers that follow her legs to greet her boots a study of midnight indifference.

Character History:
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