R'ish's Chauvinistic Slothful Brown Maialeth
From: Clotho Egg
From afar, the egg looks flawed and plain—a dull white orb with a dark grey splotch near the top. On closer sight, the splotch resembles a crooked claw of a hand, and fine threads of colour spread from its outstretched index finger. Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, violet, the threads trace a crooked path, as-yet unwoven strands of faint rainbow shades. Like the egg itself, they represent potential and beginning. Clotho creates a life unset. Soon the other Fates shall have their say.

Hatching Message: Clotho Egg, its job done, relinquishes its hold on the life it has created, the other fates quickly finishing the job as the shell unravels from the Chauvinistic Slothful Brown Dragonet that it has held for so long.

Hatchling Name: Chauvinistic Slothful Brown Dragonet

Hatchling Description: Antiqued pine coats elongated headknobs, colour drizzling down and darkening, encircling one great eye with ebony, before it meets with muzzle and melds backwards onto arched neck. Great shoulders show a slight droop in their earthy appearance, though back is straight, tinged with mahogany at the base of huge hewn wingspars from which wingsails flow like molten amber. Powerfully muscled legs carry his bulk with ease, their sculptured woodiness inlaid perfectly into the oaken touch of his chest, their very ends tipped with claws of purest ivory.

Impression Message: A lazy drift of ochre and green drifts into your mind, slowly taking up residence before filling your head entirely. There is love there, oh yes, but understated in its presence as finally a request and an introduction are made. »Fix me some food Rishi, I m hungry.«

Maialeth (My-Al-Eth). Why Maialeth? Two reasons, really. The main reason for the name is that it goes so well with your own Rishi and Maialeth, Maialeth and Rishi. It s a name to be despaired over "Maiiiiiiiialeeeeeeeth!" when he wont do something, to be muttered under your breath when you curse him, or to be smiled and nodded with on the occasions he pleases you. The second reason? Well, if you speak it out slowly, that s exactly what he is. Your Al. Al Bundy to be more exact, except he s not /exactly/ Married with Children.

He likes women, loves them in fact, but unfortunately its other women that catch his eye and get all the comments, human and dragon. He does love you, but now that he has you he feels he can go back to looking but still know you re there for him. This complacency does give him the unfortunate habit of expecting too much, especially from any women who do manage to get his attention and of course from yourself. He s also a touch on the chauvinistic side, firmly believing that women are there for specific reasons (i.e. looking good and pleasing him), and willing to share his time with the other males quite happily tolerating any women present as eye-candy and pretty much ignoring or putting down their thoughts.

Maialeth is unfortunately inherently lazy, he's quite happy to park his tail on his couch and not move so long as he has some form of entertainment. He'll also expect to be waited on hand and foot (or should that be paw and claw?) A habit that will be quite hard to break him from. You can pretty much expect him to be wanting to still be hand-fed well after he learns to hunt for himself. After all if someone s willing to hand him his food, why should he hunt. See, Lazy. Given enough time he will eventually go and find himself some food, but you can expect questioning looks afterwards. Exercise is another thing that he ll quite happily do while young and will actually be really good at chasing and burning the practice threads, but over time his enthusiasm and talent will lessen and lessen till he does hardly anything if he s not pushed into it.

He has a pretty down view of life, and his time as a weyrling will not be easy on either of you. You could almost say his motto is "if at first you don t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried". He s almost thankful for the draconic forgetfulness as it would hide his mistakes as he grows up and as all young dragons do, messes up. His dry sense of humour is there partially as a shield against any such failure but mainly so he can make fun of anyone else that makes an error.

Flights are a game to him, the luring of a pretty girl to him, the change to brag about it to his friends. He wont stay about long to snuggle with them afterwards, after all he needs to get back to whatever he was doing before he was distracted and besides he does have a wife at home you. In spite of everything that he does/says/thinks he loves you and would never want that one constant he has to disappear even if he d never admit it.

He s pretty sure he's a dud, an attitude he'll try to pass onto any male offspring he should have, as for his daughters so long as they smile pretty and keep out of his way till they re old enough to look good, he's fine with that. Eggs will likewise be treated with disdain, mainly because he gets bored with them not doing anything, just like his sire, Modrath, does.

He' ll always be a pretty average size, although he ll think of himself as being big and muscular. His shoulders droop slightly and may eventually give him a look of being overweight simply because of the way that his skin folds, but he ll never let himself actually get fat.

His black eye might cause him a bit of trouble from time to time as the very tip of the bruising gets a little itchy, or the bottom beings to nip a little. It will lighten over time as he grows, turning more yellow in places than its hatched black, but will never fade entirely from view.

He has an ultra-itchy bit on his stomach, just around what would be his waist. Many s the time you ll probably find him propped up somewhere on talon scratching at his belly or simply resting there after a nice good scratch. It doesn t entirely look very becoming, but its necessary for him, maybe a bit extra oiling will dot he trick there.

His talons will always have to be just-so, and he really enjoys getting them touched up and oiled, and his feet massaged. Give him half a chance and you ll be manicuring those ivory talons twice a day, every day. Well it saves him the work you see and foot massages are really nice at any time.

For mindvoice think leaves in the breeze drifting happily along. His voice is a languid tenor but is generally a little on the harsh side, crisp even, like the crunch of the leaves underfoot, tinged with reds, ochres and occasionally bursts of yellow if he s really happy. His mindscent is one of new leather with just a hint of polish until he gets angry that is. When he's angry, truly angry, you'll definitely not be able to ignore it or mistake it for anything else than what it is, mouldy greens and sweaty feet.


Egg: Tarin
Inspiration: S'naid
Sire: Modrath
Dam: Edysanth

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

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