The Hatching!
Part One
As told by Liessa
(And there's a bit missing at the beginning, too.)
The stone tiers curve around almost half of the immense hatching cavern, providing ample seating for guests to get off the burning sands and watch the spectacle of the hatching. The hatching ground spreads out below across the vast cavern. To one side is the egg mound, upon which rests the queen eggs when there happen to be any, for attentive brooding.

Waves of heat drape their stifling folds over breath and skin, scentless perfume from the black diamond that cover the floor of the Hatching Cavern. Scintillant, they burn the soles of bare feet; seduce the eye with their deceptive glitter in jet made prism and rainbow both. What cooler air there is flows in from the huge openings from the bowl, wreathing swift and teasing down the shafts of sunlight that ride them; at night, it is the large baskets of glows that dot which lend subtle illumination, the sparkling sands more subtle than starlight seen through a shroud of mist.
You see Fancy Fireworks Egg, Cirque Du Soleil Egg, Cotton Candy Egg, Lovely Bunch of Coconuts Egg, Big Top Egg, Ring of Lions Egg, Elephant Pyramid Egg, Three Ring Egg, Circus Balloon Egg, Tajiath, Syrth, and Llawenth here.

Maggie spies Amoret and points broadly in that direction. "That there, that's one of Caith's. A sure sign she won't impress. Like that Fiora there, at the end. But there it is. He wants to Search'm, so he searches them.

On the sands, Sofina edges forward, the last to join the growing numbers. Catching Rishis whisper she smiles and nods to pass the greeting to Rishi. "Al the best!"

On the sands, Blarinum whines to Fiora, "But they'll /get/ me! Please, just hold still… you won't even know I'm here!" He whimpers a bit more.

Felassa walks in.

On the sands, Creer eyes the egg as it twitches. No, no. It's happening? Even though he was told, and dressed and has been prepping for it for oh so long, he didn't think it would actually happen. The events of the past months have lead him to this? Incredible. It was real. Olkeryth /did/ search him. Amazing.

On the sands, Phredrik arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps onto the Sands.

Dalas stands close to the railing, standing instead of sitting, not wanting to be unable to go quickly should an emergency arise, he watches as the eggs begin to move slightly, and smiles at the candidates as the come in, he sure hopes they all paid attention, and none of them get hurt by the hatchlings.

On the sands, Maedrydd blinks, her eyes widening at the harsh reaction of the gold dragon to her presence. She nods politely, stiffly, to Katarra, and then frowns at the hissing Tajiath. "Is there something the matter, Weyrwoman?" she asks, attempting to hold back a tremor in her voice.

Maradydd has this knack for hearing her name, even in a din like this. She twists herself around and waves again to the Fort Weyrsecond, this time more decorously, mouthing something that might be "Glad you're here" or "Get me a beer," depending on how far back you're standing. Let's opt for the former, shall we?

On the sands, Bali snaps at Maedrydd, "You're making her angry, girl. Maedrydd, I think your name is, right? Hey, Uli searched you. Come stand over here so you don't make Tajiath even more angry. /Right/ beside me. Over here." Over and back behind the candidates and much farther away from the eggs than any of the others.

Dinuj hms, leaning back in his bench, "Really?" He looks at the Candies, "Those aren't /bed sheets/ they're robes." He grins, sticking out his tongue, "Well, hopefully she will, then?" He turns again towards the heated sands.

On the sands, Nicodemus gaze flitters all about the cavern, from candidates to the darkness of the galleries and finally to the eggs nestled like treasure on the dark sands. It all looks like some crazy dream he mistakenly stepped into. That's it…its a dream. Just stand still and wake up in a few minutes and…

On the sands, Krillin sighs at the quivering mass of human flesh. Good thing he is standing next to Fiora, well good for him, means he doesn't have to move that much. He gives Blarinum a slight shove on the shoulder, "Sheesh, Blarinum. They won't bite you.." Although, his next comment isn't very comforting, "That hard."

On the sands, G'briel's eyes flick to Tajiath at the hiss as well, and he frowns, a hand gesture to Bali calling her over "Bring her here, Bali. By Llawenth…. she'll be out of Taji's sight then." A strange thing to occur at a hatching, but there you go. "Perhaps after Taj has calmed down…" He looks at Maedrydd, his gaze narrowing "What did you do to annoy a gold, girl?"

Chandelle wishes she was down there with the candidates her eyes watching every movement of the eggs and the candidates

Valyn somehow returns the greeting to Jules… .before conking back out. "Wake me when it's over… ."

Alena says, indignantly, "I know what robes look like, and some of *those," she points, "are bed sheets!". And yet, her eyes still flit from candidate to candidate, from egg to egg, from candidate to egg, and egg to candidate. She sighs, "Too bad I'm too old to be down there. I always did wonder what it was like."

On the sands, Katarra turns quickly back to Tajiath, one quick look assuring her that Bali has the matter in hand. Leaning comfortingly on Tajiath's raised haunches, she assures, "Shhh, it's ok," she soothes. "Look." And her gaze indicates she refers to the sands, the rocking eggs, and the candidates waiting.

On the sands, Amoret watches with awe as she stands silently with the rest. Her eyes flash with pent emotion as she looks from Candidate to Candidate, the to the eggs.

On the sands, Sofina looks about, her eyes darting faster as hey try to see in everyangle that they can. her attention is only bought back by the hissing noise, but this just makes Sofina step back, her hands rubbing slightly together, as the heat begins to make then clammy.

On the sands, Mara stops in her tracks, smack in the midst of the jungle of candidates. There's domething large..and gold…hissing.Ooh….shoulda sprung for some teeth resistant clothes, too. Seeing Phredrik emerge, shegrins at him, "Hey Phredrik..nice sheet." she grins belatedly. Hers isn't at all better, looking a bit like a firestone sack on her form.

On the sands, Vae, distant and cross-legged on her blanket, lifts her chin from her supporting hand, and her eyes from the eggs, and.. /looks/, as Tajiath reacts. This is highly unusual. Flexing her legs, she stands and moves to walk over to Katarra, whilst high above Nyssath croons attemptive reassurance down to the younger queen, mead-glazed wings furling and unfurling, ebb and flow like waves against the shore.

On the sands, Rishi squeeks softly, the first sign of nervousness that she's shown, well at least in Rishi's eyes it is. "I dont think Tajiath likes klahpot Lady too much" she wispers to Sofie

On the sands, R'ea covers her eyes with one hand, shaking her head slowly. "I dunno what's happening, but if she's cheeked Tajiath like she cheeked me, things could be nasty enough?" A swig of juice, and she settles down to watch with something between concern and interest.

On the sands, Rhia rushes out after the others, her sunkissed ringlets tossed back out of harm's way, for the moment. The robes seem to drag at her slight frame, drowning her in that whiteness, that anonymity. But there is nothing but Rhia in the blue-grey eyes that flick from friends to eggs when she is not tripping over imaginary shards on the Sands.

On the sands, Fancy Fireworks Egg shivers with internal explosions, not quite reaching outward yet.

On the sands, Bali nods to G'briel. "I'll stand by her so she's not lonely, don't worry." She looks up, and then harrumphs. "OH, so now she gets here…" pointing up to her own green lifemate.

On the ledge, Ruulth goes down.

On the sands, Fancy Fireworks Egg shivers with anticipation. The excitement builds. The awe spreads. The deafening booms of those brilliant white flashes reach a deafening peak. The sky is suddenly filled with a grand bloom of cascading fireworks, and…. Fancy Fireworks Egg shatters with the last great crack, fragments flying in all directions as its occupant is finally revealed.

On the sands, Joyful Trapese Artist Green Dragonet
On the sands, Verdant medley of rich forest hues casts a dappled pattern of tropical leaves across hide and withers, ever shifting with the shadows of movement. Highlights play with capricious grace all along the sun warmed expanse of her spine - uncharted wood begging to be explored, cavorting yet further to traipse onto wide shoulders of smooth muscle. Strength yet untapped sits gangly new upon untried frame, the ripples and tide of coiled musculature cascading like an untamed waterfall into the deep pool green of sturdy haunches. Curling length of jungle-vine tail aids her antics as well as marking her mood. Crashing waves of cerulean depths leap high upon sail and spar, flexible bone and semi-transparent hues eager to ride the air and joyfully send her aloft.

On the ledge, Ruulth has arrived.

On the ledge, Jeretta swings down from her lifemate Ruulth's neck.

On the ledge, Jeretta heads down to be seated in the galleries.

Jeretta walks down the stairs from the ledges above.

Felassa says, "Ooh, a Green! That'll upset some betting…"

On the sands, Blarinum gulps, "Really!? But what about all those sharp teeth… they're just babies! They don't even know how to /use/ them yet…" he skitters some more behind the ex-steward. He blinks at the first dragonet, his eyes wide. Not with aw or wonder, but with fear. He squeaks and hides behind Fiora, ever watchful that his feet don't burn.

On the sands, Phredrik looking even dopier than usual looks at the others as he enters and down at his own clothes and smiles, "Yeah they're great aren't they." He allows a short laugh before his attention is grabbed by the explosing egg, when his attention is turned completely to the emerging dragon.

On the sands, Maedrydd scowls as she is suddenly surrounded by riders, allowing herself to be dragged away from the mass of candidates in her confusion. "I don't know what I've done," she answers G'briel sharply, digging her feet into the sand and hissing as the heat penetrates through the soles of her sandals. Suddenly, she recalls the conversation with Zaselpha and frowns. "This is ridiculous," she mutters, narrowing her eyes in the direction of the angry gold, more disturbed than menacing.

On the sands, Three Ring Egg is all dark anticipation, all breathless excitement, all the noisy murmuring that fades to silence as the show begins. As the first egg cracks, it twitches in concert, reacting to its brethren as if given the cue to begin.

Gepard ooohs tears coming to her eyes at the sheer beuty of that first dragonet, " i want to be a rider," she whispers revrently

On the sands, G'briel nods to R'ea, catching the brown riders words, and takes a sip of his own wine, still frowning at Maedrydd "Aye….very true. It's not good to insult a gold…they tend to get a bit testy about it, especially when they have eggs." Silly chit. "We'll both stand by her, Bali" he notes idly "That way if one of us needs to leave to get a weyrling, one will be here for her." He amends his frown a bit to smile faintly at Maedrydd reassuringly "Worry not…Tajiath might not hold a grudge."

Dalas says,"Shards first hatched is a green." Looking a bit disappointed, did he maybe have a wager on that? Or is it just that his superstitousness peering through.

Maradydd wakes Val up right now. "The first egg's hatched!" She elbows Klari, grinning in high good humor. "What do you think of it so far?"

On the sands, Creer would scream and wake up from the dream if he thought it possible. Instead, the instructions of the past months kick in. He stays alert and tries to stay out of the way of treading hatchlings if need be.

On the sands, Miraculously, Fiora is silent. Only side-stepping to put Blithering Blari back in the forefront of the action. Slipping to Krillin's other side again, she switches concentration between Maedrydd's little scene and the rock shells. A convulsive swallow and wide darting eyes pretty well sum up her emotions.

On the sands, S'era blinks, glancing towards R'ea. "She cheeked you? She got wine with me. Though she wouldn't sleep with me — not really fair, is it?" The woman gives a faint shrug, followed by a savoured gulp of juice. Yep, that's it. Juice. "Oh, well, nastyis fun to watch. Very fun to watch. I love the excitement of hatching days!" Ahem.

On the sands, Sofina manages a smiles as she hears the nickname for Maedrydd. Finally steping back to her place her hand reaches out for Rishi's. For support or to stable herself. Seeing Phredrik enter then from the corner of her eyes she mimes a good luck to him, though she is not sure if it is seen or not, for her eyes are drawn the the eggs before them.

On the sands, Rishi gasps loudly her eyes wide "a green" she says her voice soft and awed "they're hatching" she blinks again and again grabbing sofina's arm and hopping a little "Lookie!!!"

Above the sands, Uliaryth wings in from the upper entrance.

On the sands, Keria flexes up onto her toes, her sandals thick and protective, this day. "Oh look! Is she not just the lovliest little Green? Like a jungle, she is. Good job Tajiath."

Above the sands, Uliaryth soars out the upper entrance of the grounds, heading back to the bowl.

Alyssa appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.

On the sands, Nicodemus's breath escapes between his teeth with a hiss of suprise. His old worries fade at the presentation of new ones. Knees lock, eyes widen, and not a word is spoken or even thought. Can you say terrified?

Chandelle smiles at the dragonet "it is beautiful" she says as she watches the dragonnet still wanting to be down there on the sands.

Jules mutters, "Beautiful."

On the sands, Mara , in the midst of a vibrant conversation with some other random candie, trails off in midsentance. "It hatched! And, It's green." she smiles proudly, almost taking credit for that fact herself, but, of course she's not really. Promise.

On the sands, Tajiath doesn't calm quickly, her head wanting to turn and look about. She is drawn though, above to her dam and croons something dragonic up toward the legdes. Slowly her attention focus, wings settling and tail changing its rhythm. Her slender throad rumbles toward her first baby..

Valyn snores in appreciation of the first hatchling.

On the sands, R'ea nods decisively, raising her b voice so it'll carry to G'briel as well as S'era. "Aye, she did. I warned her how pregnant women can be, but it didn't stop her. Olkeryth just /adored/ all the scrubbing she did on him, didn't want her to stop."

On the sands, A young scamp of a Harper, standing near Creer, shifts uneasily from foot to foot. He is half the Trader's age, and about half his size. "Aintcha too big to a candidate?"

Gepard wipes her eyes on her sleeves sniffling lightly. "I want to be there,"

On the sands, Krillin sighs as he is forced to acquire his glowering look at Blarinum again, "Well, since they are just babies, you should be able to outrun them. Just make sure you run the other direction. I don't want to have to dodge you." Oh, an egg hatched. Green. Oh well. Krillin isn't that interested in a green..

On the sands, Big Top Egg doesn't even bother to twitch. Warm sand, a nice hollow…..ahh.

On the sands, Creer cheers! Though not too terribly loud. It's Green, it's joyful and… he won the bet. He looks at the young boy, considers jabbing an elbow at him, but rather points at the Dragonet, "Keep your mind on the moment, not my age. And we'll all find out soon enough I suppose."

On the sands, Amoret sighs at the sight of the beautiful green hatchling, her heart pounds. "magnificent" Am manages.

On the sands, Sofina stops trying to catch Rishi's hand as her hand is felt on her arm. As her attention is drawn to the hatched green she leans forward and what does she do? stat the obviouse. "Rishi…Green..Rishi.." smiling then as she raises herself back to her normal stance she wiggles her toes as her eyes scann the other eggs.

On the sands, Phredrik momentarily thinks of the bet he just lost, but the thought is quickly put aside as he watches the dragon, completely silent. For a moment, he is frozen there watching, but a hand rises to his chest and he comes to reality, watching the dragonet carefully, just in case he need to get out of it's way.

On the sands, The young Harper scamp would dodge the blow, if it came, but does turn his attention towards the little newborn dragons. "Mind on the moment, mind on the moment, mind on the… what if its not the right moment?"

On the sands, Fiora just stands awed. Far different this than being in the stands looking down. "One's hatched.", she whispers. Like the little one need her, near silent, announcement.

On the sands, The majesty of Sefried's wealth of perfect hair has its spotlight stolen by the first emergent dragonet. Well, isn't that always the way; someone's always waiting to upstage you. The Herder-turned-Candidate doesn't seem to be bothered at all, though, he just plants his hands jauntily on his hips, lifts his chin, and looks mysterious. A girl from Keroon stares for a second, then elbows her gossipmate— "I hope a dragon snots in his hair."

On the sands, Maedrydd folds her arms over her chest, her cheeks flushed in anger as she slowly shifts from foot to foot, attempting to hide her discomfort at the situation. Her nervous jitters gone in the flood of furious indignation, she glares at the sands — not at the gold, not at the eggs, not even at the riders surrounding her. "Is this really neccessary?" she mutters.

Alena falls into silence, her attention focused to intenly on the hatching at hand to notice, or respond, to anyone's questions or comments.

On the sands, Rhia bares her teeth, sucking in her breath with eyes too-wide and her heart in her throat. "Oh", she whispers to those at her side. And again, with nothing more to say. "Oh."

On the sands, Joyful Trapese Artist Green Dragonet shakes off the last bits of shell with a firm twitch of gleaming green wings, their leaf-dappled pattern swaying with her movements like wind rushing through the branches of a tree. A few halting steps are taken, testingly, her form a bit new yet for the feline grace she imagines it is. One thing works though, her voice. One loud happy creel is sent mother-ward and then she gives the candidates their first good look. Hmm….

Dinuj nudges Alena, "Not too old, just too …" he thinks a moment, "Allright, too old." He grins, "But you've got to think, I'm too old, too. " He looks at the sands again, "And I thought Creer was too old, too. That /is/ Creer, isn't it? The one over there, near that harper kid."

Above the sands, Astrilth wings in from the upper entrance.

Above the sands, Astrilth leaves for the Ledge.

On the ledge, Astrilth wings in from from above the Sands.

On the sands, Jeroint — a clumsy weyrbrat — simply gawks at the first dragonet, almost stumbling over himself with excitement. "Oh, look, look, look, look." We get the idea, already?

On the sands, Bali snorts, "Yes it is, girl, if we say it is, and it is. Now come down here with me. Yeees, you'll have fun over here, I promise." Bali pauses before asking the girl, "So, what do you think of the green? Pretty, or not your style?" Just making conversation.

On the sands, G'briel nods approvingly at the lovely green, whilst Llawenth grumbles nearby, though the comment actually made is silent. It brings an amused smile to Gabe's lips, however, and he looks back at the green standing protectively over Maedrydd with affection "No love, I don't like her more than you…" he murmurs assurance, adding something even more loving in his mind which brings a croon from the green "J'sen, Bali..need a drink? It's wine, but still cool." and the sands are hot. Maedrydd doesn't get the offering, of course. She's just a candidate. They were meant to suffer.

On the sands, Cotton Candy Egg shifts more surely, twisting in its own little sand dune, and rocking once, ddenly sending little hairline cracks shooting across the shell…

On the ledge, Nira takes time to climb down carefully from her lifemate Astrilth's emerald neck.

On the ledge, Nira heads down to be seated in the galleries.

Nira walks down the stairs from the ledges above.

On the sands, Cirque Du Soleil Egg waits anon, brighter than bright, and darker than dark. A few shellshards dance along the upper edge, reverberating again with the impatience of its dragon, for all the patience of the shell.

On the sands, Cotton Candy Egg :moves, sticky rainbow twisting suddenly, delicious pinks and blues stretching in sugar coated movement. A decent rock, and a head breaks free, capped gracefully by a section of shell. A great crack tears the sweetness apart, and Cotton Candy Egg breaks to send Comically Clumsy TightropeWalker Green Draonet sprawling onto the sands.

On the sands, Comically Clumsy Tightrope-Walker Green Dragonet
On the sands, Brightness envelopes this dragon with brilliant lime vivacity, swirled by blithe hints of apple brushing over the chubby form like the caress of a refreshing midsummer-breeze. Lemon warmth freckles over delicate headknobs, clinging to her crown - but a puff of chartreuse disturbs the luster, scattering it across her head to blossom over a blunt muzzle. Similar sunshine streaks over blunted neck-ridges, dappling them with the primrose that veils the plump underbelly. Wings are almost disproportionately large, billowing membrane of fresh peppermint woven with sunflower and amethyst petals.

On the sands, Rishi sighs softly "beautiful green!" she grins her eyes still just wide as she lets out another small squeel "another green look sofie" she points fanatically "beautiful" she hops a little more

On the sands, "Another green — double the luck, don't you think?" S'era almost seems to smirk, before the expression is drowned by another gulp of w— ah, juice. "If we're lucky, they might all be green!" She can hope, can't she?

On the sands, Maedrydd sighs, her shoulders rising and falling with impatience as she glances upwards at the hovering green and then out at the -now two- greens on the sands. With a nonchalant shrug, she feigns disinterest, though she sneaks in a second glance beneath lowered lashes. "Rather awkward looking, I say," she answers matter-of-factly.

On the sands, Amoret 's brow arches as she sees the next two to make their way into the world. Her heart races, her mind courses as she sees another Green take its first breath. "Some juice for me?" she asks.

Dalas says,"Two greens in a row, that can't be a good sign, but they are beautiful dragonets, and well its still a happy occasion," Said more to himself than to anyone as his attention is on the proceedings on the sands.

On the sands, Sofina raises a warm hand to her lips as the egg she longed to touch shatters. shaking her arm to try and get Rishi's attention she points to the new green dragonet on the sceen. "They really are all hatching…so vibrant!" She adds to Rishis comment.

On the sands, Tajiath bellows a hearty greeting to her first, a lovely daughter. Golden haunches finally settle to the heated sands as she watches, eyes awhirl with a mixture of emotional colors. Just as her head begins to turn a bit, another hatches and grabs her attention once again. Katarra beams beside her, giving the ashswept hide a pat. "They're beautiful, love."

On the sands, Creer smiles a wide smile. Heart pounding so hard you can see it through the loose gown even. So much happening. His senses are assaulted by images and sounds of pure joy. Dragonets hatching. Fellow candidates wishing. To think, these relatively tiny beings can grow into something as Great as the Great Gold who layed them. A hand is run through his hair and again sweat is wiped from a brow. "Wonderful."

On the sands, Phredrik's eyes fly over to the next egg breaking apart. Two greens? This is too much, he watches them both, his head going fromone to the other, waiting, watching. He glances over to Sofina very briefly to give her a smile, but then quickly turns his attention to the task at hand.

On the sands, Keria nods, delighted. "Green again, and so bright. See that, Elorath? They are beautiful indeed."

On the sands, Krillin nudges Fiora as another green pops out of the shell, "So, which one is yours?" So he is a little over confident. Although, he does tend to be that way towards the ex-Steward. A curious look at the pair of greens and Krillin shrugs. Still, not much of interest for him.

On the sands, Mara irratidly shoves her size five milions sleeves back up her arms, only to have them fall back down three seconds later. "Sharding…anyways" she mumbles, only half her words intelligible. And, suddenly, her robe-problems are forgotten, as another hatchling breaks free of it's confines. "Green again.." she comments to a candie next to her. "Dimglow" mutters the obviously /too/ nervous boy as he edges away from Mara.

On the sands, Lovely Bunch of Coconuts Egg wiggles and shakes, the colors swirling just a bit as the egg rolls in the sand. The brown splotches somehow look like they're getting bigger, but the egg suddenly goes still, at peace (or as close as this egg can get to it) again.

On the sands, Nicodemus is frozen despite the overwhelming heat of the sands. And he won't be thawing out for quite a long time if this keeps up. Another shockwave of unsurity hits him aong with the sight of another green. His thoughts quickly tottering between sheer nervousness and the intrinsic beauty of the hatchlings.

On the sands, G'briel hides a smile, glancing over at Bali with a roll of his eyes, then at Maedrydd "If that is the way you talked of Tajiath's eggs, m'girl, then I don't wonder you are over here with us instead of out there with the other candidates." He notes, "You say your dragon searched this one, Bali?" He tsks, shaking his head. What is the world coming to?

On the sands, Three Ring Egg sparks, again, with violent motion, anticipation fading into something more foreboding. Certainly the show is proceeding according to plan, but the occupant seems to have its own plans on how things are to progress. Lost in the din, there's a quiet noise: if one could get close enough to put an ear to the shell, they'd hear the faint growling, like thunder. It will be an entrance to remember.

On the sands, Blarinum squeaks again as Fiora steps away, and then steps behind her again. He's /not/ budging from behind her! "Stop moving, Fiora!" he says. At the mention of the second green, he squeaks again, and looks around, quite paranoid.

On the sands, Rishi blinks and hops again pointing at the egg she's been looking at "It moved!!" she exclames "it moved, really it did!" but its not moving now "ir really really did!!" she looks at sofi "did you see it!!"

On the sands, Comically Clumsy Tightrope-Walker Green Dragonet lifts her head, eyes croing before they focus on the sands ahead of her. So much white! Slowly, carefully, oversized wings stretch out, and with a hearty shake, she rids herself of egg goo, sending it flying out over some of the sands inhabitants. With a pleased chirp, she tries a step, wobbling her way out to hunt for…something.

On the sands, Rhia falters through the crowds to find herself, finally, front and center… only the center keeps moving as different eggs keep hatching. A little brown breaks out of its egg, and tumbles almost onto her feet before gathering itself up. Without so much as a glance, it moves on and away.

On the sands, Fiora's head swivels between the two, beautiful daughthers of Taji both. "I dunno.", she says with more than a hint of nerves in her voice. "I don't even know if I should hope or think or shards…toss out a meat roll or something!"

On the sands, Joyful Trapese Artist Green Dragonet takes her mother's bellow as the encouragement it is and sends her feet forward with eagerness. Wings stretch testingly as she goes, faster still in flight-like imitation. Oop! A trip comes quickly on the bumpy sands and she nearly falls - just catching her balance at the last moment. Her near-fall takes her into a cluster of girls who screech and run in opposite directions.

On the sands, Big Top Egg is easily recognizable by garish color, and also by the fact that it is the only egg not rocking now. Perhaps it is a dud? Or perhaps the dragonet inside is just too lazy to make a push to reach the outside. Whatever the reason, it sits in an island of silent motionless, its solidity coagulating amidst the chaos of shattering eggs around it.

On the sands, Comically Clumsy Tightrope-Walker Green Dragonet's eyes /cross/

On the sands, Circus Balloon Eggshivers with a faint hint of movement — just to add to the excitement already on the sands. Then it stops. Not going to pop yet!

On the sands, Keria laughs at Fiora, calling over. "You might try an entired 'beast, Candidate. But I doubt it would help."

On the sands, Amoret wipes the sweat from her brow as the heat takes its toll. She watches the first green take a stumble, "oh" she mutters.

On the sands, Sofina does not know where to let her eyes rest, eggs, much to take in. Catching Phredriks smile she nods something back before looking back to the sands as Rishi draws her attention to another moving egg. "So many all together…where to look…" Though she finds that her eyes linger on the two greens out there, making there first moves.

On the sands, The Harper beside Creer keeps babbling. "I mean, really. What if this is the moment, and you take it, because you are so much bigger'n me? When really its my dragonet and it just couldn't see me?"

On the sands, Krillin points at the 'Trapese Artist', "There you go, Fiora. She's just as sure footed as you are.. You'd be perfect together." As for her comment, he just shrugs, "Well, considering you don't have any pockets, I doubt you are hiding any meatrolls.."

On the sands, Maedrydd gestures vehemently at the sands stretched beyond them as her anger boils, her lips pursed into a pale line upon her face as her brows furrow in petulant distaste. "They're /eggs/. Just.. eggs.." she trails off and sighs. Eggs no longer, they're bursting left and right to spill their contents on the sands. She sighs, her jaw clenching stubbornly as she turns her gaze to the side, stil watching through the corner of her eye as she offers an aura of disinterest.

Dalas says," I can't see to well, has anyone impressed yet?" He asks to the gallery in general, watching the sands, craning his neck to see if any of his friends have impressed yet.

In the distance, the drums announce the arrival of Journeyman Lenore.

Ella walks in.

On the sands, Sofina does not know where to let her eyes rest, eggs, much to take in. Catching Phredriks smile she nods something back before looking back to the sands as Rishi draws her attention to another moving egg. "So many all together…where to look…" Though she finds that her eyes linger on the two greens out there, making there first moves.

Alyssa shakes her head "I can't tell from here."

On the sands, Mara rolls her eyes disgustidly as those wherry-headed cliquey girls scattter and run at the first sign of a dragon. "They don't have the brains of tubers, do they?" This time, her wise words recieve a chourus of agreements on all sides. Finally her wisdom is heeded…..

Chandelle nods her head looking down on the sands still wishing she was down there "not yet" she says to him her eyes on the Ring of lions egg"

On the sands, Creer looks at the kid, "Look, if you're meant to ride, you've plenty of chances left after this. A Dragon'll find you again." He looks at the sands and considers what he's saying. Has he finally accepted that there is a chance? "/Your/ Dragon will choose you if they are meant to." Silly boy, hasn't he been to the classes? A Dragonet would sooner tear through an obstacle than choose the wrong Candidate.

On the sands, Fiora shrugs at her pocketless state a self-deprecating laugh easing a small part of her tension. Keria's quip causes a blush to rise and a bit more of a chuckle. "Got one handy?", she calls back. A warning glance is sent to Blari and Fi moves once again. "If you don't quit..", she says. "..I'll throw /you/ out there!"

Maradydd just gives up on her cousin and focuses entirely on the event at hand. Hmm. Is Nic just shifting his feet or is the poor dimwit about to pass out?

On the sands, Nicodemus just seems to be all the more nervous by the closeness of the two greens, even if that closeness is the other side of the Candidates. All these eggs just suddenly bursting forth into hatchlings… He flicks a bit of stray hair from his eyes in one of the only movements he'll make on the sands tonight. Now back to being petrified.

On the sands, Bali snorts, "Your lifemate could be in there, you know, Maedrydd. I wouldn't call them 'just' eggs. They're a very nice bunch, so far." She looks at both greens and smiles, "Not nearly as pretty as Uli, but they'll do, I suppose."

On the sands, Creer moves away from the nagging boy to join Mara. Safety in numbers and who better to number with and another Enlander? "Hey." Is his greeting as he inches over. "Two Greens. I ah… good luck Mara."

On the sands, Rishi watches the two greens that have hatched, "I know" she says "soo much to watch" her head shakes slowly as the cluster of girls scatter shreaking "oh dear" she comments softly as her eyes drift about, looking at the eggs and the dragonets "oh boy"

Jules answers belatidly. "Not yet."

On the sands, G'briel is still amused, and leans against one green leg to watch the hatching more comfortably, his feet shifting. Even at the edges, this sand is sharding hot! "Hmmm…if they were just eggs, we'd have had them for breakfast ages ago," he notes idly, taking a sip of wine as no one else seems to want it. "What are you doing here, then" he asks of the candidate, his question idle, his eyes on the hatching dragonets and their paths across the sands to clumps of white-robec candidates "Standing on hot sands, if they are just eggs?"

On the sands, Joyful Trapese Artist Green Dragonetstands stock still in the spot where she recovered… er, that is stopped. She meant to do that of course! A summersault aerial half-flip completely intentional for one born to glide as she is. Yes, she moves on, ignoring the gaggle of girls. Completely unsatisfactory. She takes a few shuffling steps, thinking about her next trick. A partner would be nice… yes. Her tail twists with the very thought. A laugh catches her attention… and she turns. That sounded nice.

On the sands, Amoret nods as she overhears Creers sagely advice. "They'll find us alright." Amoret quips. She looks at the greens. She shifts her weight to her right leg, finding just a bit of relief for her left.

On the sands, The little brown that hatched near Rhia moves, past Creer and the Harper, past the boys from Tillek, past everyone and noone. He cuts a solitary figure, this little Brown, unnamed until a girl who was rigid with anger blinks, blinks again, and falls down beside him. "Qidamth! Oh Qidamth! I know I know I know. I waited for you."

Dalas thanks both Jules and Chandelle with a smile and a nod,glad he hasn't missed anything yet. He watches the antics of the hatched dragonets, and those that he is rooting for on the sands.

On the sands, The Keroon girl keeps watching in reluctant amazement as Sefried keeps his calm, keeps his cool — keeps his Pose — though the dragons are whizzing all about him. "Of course," she chatters to her friend, "They're all greens. Sefried, he likes guys." The Herder shows no sign of having heard, a wayward breeze tracing a lock of hair across his brow at the predesigned angle. His moment will come. He'll dazzle them all.

On the sands, Comically Clumsy Tightrope-Walker Green Dragonet steps again, tail lashing to keep her balance as she ventures forth. There's something out there that must be found, and she'd better start searching. Accidentally bundling headlong into a miner boy's knees, and lets out an apologetic cheep as she backs away, taking another shaky step as she sets out once more. A small piece of eggshell still balances atop her head, like a small hat, and she eyes it with surprise as it suddenly falls off, and lands before her. Fancy that!

On the sands, Mara grins at Creer. "Hey…getting a little tired of your little friend over there?" she motions to the babbling Harper boy. Changing the subject again, she points to the popcornin' egg. "So, what'r your bets on that one?"

On the sands, The Kid looks up — way up — at Creer. "That's not really true though", he says with all the pretention of a child, and weyrchild at that before his Harper-days. "I mean sometimes a dragon doesn't choose anyone, and then what? And sometimes it can choose more than one. You can see it. I've seen it." Arrogant little man, this one.

On the sands, Maedrydd refuses to answer, the clenching of her jaw visible beneath the flush of her cheeks as she changes her direction of attention, watching the candidates beyond as they bond in the excitement of the moment. Finally, her voice cracking, she answers quietly, "I don't know." She throws a mutinous glance at the pair of dragonriders beside her. "I'm here, though, aren't I?"

On the sands, Tajiath whuffles, sides billowing out with the effort. A soft rumble still vibrates her throat, as the taptap of her tail indicates her watchfullness. Muzzle dips and rises again as one trips, but.. ah.. recovers. Katarra sips her flask again, lips moving slightly with the ongoing commentary between her and the young queen.

On the sands, Blarinum pouts behind Fiora, and doesn't say anything. He's silent. Quiet. See? He's not even there. So what if he's ruggedly handsome. He doesn't want to be near those dragons!

On the sands, Phredrik watches the dragonets, his hand ever rubbing his chest, his face slightly pained and his eyes sparkle as a small tear forms in a corner of his eyes. He watches and watches, frozen in place, those lessons seemingly forgot for the moment and it seems he is not in Ista at all and for a second he loses his balance and nearly falls, snapping him back to the present and he looks up at the hatching dragons. He stands up straight and is finally ready.

On the sands, Cirque Du Soleil Egg dances some more, moving now to the continued thrum of the dragons and the internal call to break free. It shifts sideways, then back, cracking along the edges.

On the sands, Three Ring Egg is quiet. /Too/ quiet. Something's about to happen—

On the sands, Krillin hears the word 'breakfast', which means food.. Which causes Krillin's stomach to rumble. He looks around quickly, trying to find the source of that word. Krillin could do with a bite to eat.. It has been positively hours.. okay, an hour, since he last ate. To distract himself, he peers at Blarinum, "Hey, she did say to get out from behind her.. Wouldn't want Fiora to get gutted because your lifemate decided to run her over to get to you."

On the sands, Sofina literally pulls her eyes away as a name is called accross the sands. steping back beside Rishi she can not hold back her smile. "Did ya see.." She ask, though her mind does not stay on that for long. Watching the dragonets step and slide, call or cry she twiddles with her fingers as if releasing her nerves. Finally getting control her herself once again she breaths deeply which comes out in a deep sigh before she can stop it.

On the sands, Amoret chuckles as Maedrydd casts once again the dismissal of Impression "One that has you Mae, will change your mind about this whole thing."

On the sands, Creer raises a brow and looks at the egg, "I couldn't begin to guess." He winks at Mara, "I'm just going to jump out of the way when yours runs over here." The boy gets a /look/.

On the sands, The Boy looks back, cheekily, then turns away from the Trader to investigate a pair of little blues turning slow and intricate circles around one another towards the candidates. "This moment. My moment. My dragon?" He waits in eager anticipation.

On the sands, Nicodemus wishs everyone would be quiet for a bit. All that noise is so tiring, all that color and light. He just needs to take a few deep breaths, close his eyes and try not to get overwhelmed… . Everything will be alright.

On the sands, Keria pushes at a stray lock of hair, damp now with sweat as it clings to her forehead. She stretches out fowards, shaking out her hands. "I didn't see those two hatch.. nice to see some more blue though."

On the sands, Fiora is standing straight, breathing deeply and steadily. Blathering Blari fades into the background of her mind as surely he wants to in reality. Squeezing Krillin's hand once more, she glances over to him and just smiles..eyes a twinkle…"She tripped!", Fi grins.

On the sands, G'briel grins easily, eyes flicking from the two greens to a little blue that finds a plain-looking girl from Tillek, though her eyes shine with the wonder of impression "A good match, that one" he murmurs to Bali over Maedrydd's head, ignoring the candidate for the moment. "Who do you think the greens will go for? They're being a bit choosy, don't you think?"
He takes another sip of wine, finally answering Maedrydd, though his words aren't overly encouraging "Well, you are here. But you are not out there." He points out, a hand flicking towards the center of the sands, to the other candidates. "You must have done something."

On the sands, Comically Clumsy Tightrope-Walker Green Dragonet almost accidentally knocks over another candidate, her tail swinging wildly to restore her balance. This is not working. All she's doing is crashing into candidates, and whatever she's hunting for hasn't crossed her path yet. But wait, what is this? A small sand dune comes into her line of vision, and she sets off for it. What a perfect vantage point to spot out what she needs to find. Tail swinging, she sets off, plump little form wiggling towards the dune.

On the sands, The lone artist can go no farther. A warm burble of excitement ripples from Joyful Trapese Artist Green Dragonet as she glides toward the One who will be her partner forever. Awkward gait becomes fluid with eagerness, all hesitation thrown to the side in one final rush toward her safety net, Fiora. Nearly knocking right into the girl, sun-dappled muzzle lies with a thunk against Fiora's chest, whirling eyes gazing upward with an undying love for all to see.

On the sands, Joyful Trapese Artist Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Fiora.

Maradydd leaps to her her feet, nearly knocking over the snooze-slumped Valyn in her haste. "Oh, alright, Fiora! Yeeee-hoo!" She whoops it up for the fellow former Enlander (what a mouthful that is).

On the sands, Amoret smiles as she watches 'her' egg spring into motion. "There precious" she whispers

On the sands, Three Ring Egg is not enough to contain the greatest show on earth any longer; all that glamorous color and sparkle is violently flaked away by a force far more feral and fierce. A paw, a head — and then he is /there/, freed, and someone should summon the keepers for he will not easily be trapped again.

On the sands, Runaway Tiger Blue Dragonet
On the sands, Dragon, dragon, burning bright: the pale-edged hoarfrost of the night paints this creature a cold, siberian blue to frame all his fearful symmetry. Jungle-shadows stripe along an already-svelte, feline build, markedly so across the breathtaking span of aspiring wings; the fire of his eyes burns to back the subtle threat of wickedly sharp talons on those dread feet. Uncontrolled, uncontained, and never to be truly mastered, this world is his to prowl.

Valyn stays awake just long enough to see everyone start to cheer. Ouch! The noise! "Just… .oh Mardy. Sit down… " He turns in his chair and settles back into sleep mode.

A boisterous cheer bursts forth from the Enlanders, some of them rising from their seats/

On the sands, Mara eyes the Boy blandly. "You'll just have to wait your turn. When one wants you, it'll be there in seconds. " And, back to Creer, "Mmm..if only…I'll be jumping out of the way for yours, Creer. "Eyes grow wide, as beyond Creer, she see's Fiora. "Fi!!! Oh…Creer, lookit! Fiora…green…Fiora…"she stops squeaking long enough to catch her breath, before beaming. /Her/ very own aunt.

Dalas smiles as Fiora impresses the green," Congratulations Fiora!" He calls down to her, then looking to see if the candidate that was knocked down by the other dragonet is ok.

Jules shouts! "First Impression!"

On the sands, Fiora looks up with eyes of shimmering emerald tears. "Paniliath…Her name is Paniliath"., she beams.

On the sands, Amoret gasps as she sees the most spectacualar being "Oh, he's gorgeous!" Amoret's eyes well with tears, hope beyond hope she casts to Runaway Blue. "Oh beauty." Amoret heart soars with love.

Maradydd looks back at Jules smirkingly. "Never get a second chance, eh?"
On the sands, Keria's attention catches, as it has to, on the escaping innocence of the latest little blue. "Wow", she says in a hush. "I mean. Wow."

On the sands, And now a blue! Creer is amazed. Amongst the confusion, his eyes find Fiora. He smiles widely and a tear actually forms in his eye, happiness for his old friend, "Oh my! Oh my." His smile threatens to push his ears up atop his head and he pats Mara on the back, "Never a doubt to me though. Paniliath."

Cisusse looks distracted.
Cisusse has disconnected.

On the sands, Wait a minute. Blarinum's shield just impressed. Uh-oh. That gree is tooo close! He scampers away to hide behind none other than Krillin. "Help! Help!" he whimpers and hides behind him.

Jules just grins impishly.

On the sands, Sofina watches with longing eyes as one of the greens walks towards the group. Sudenly as she watches the moment and realises what she is seeing she gasps. "Rishi..Rishi!" she calls and hushes herself as it comes for more that a wisper. "Oh..Fiora Impressed green!" She exclames, then as a name is mentiond Sofina has to control herself not to clap or cheer. Instead she speaks quietly. "Oh..Congratulations Fi!!"

Maggie sits up a little straighter. "Look Caith. I told you Blues /could/ be cool."

On the sands, Runaway Tiger Blue Dragonet does not cheep, does not flutter around cutely, doesn't look to momma: he curls those long, sharp talons into the sand and /str-e-e-e-e-tches/ in slow, determined motion, eyes sliding open to burn at the jungle of white before him. It was crowded in that egg. It was prison. He is /not/ amused, and someone will pay.

On the sands, Maedrydd shakes her head, jaw shifting, the grinding of her teeth almost palpable perhaps as she continues to scowl in a petulance far beyond her turns. "No, I'm not, and I have no idea what I've done," she denies stubbornly, dismay flashing across her face before she covers it with a smirk at Fiora's Impression. "I knew it.." she mutters to herself.

On the sands, Phredrik eyes fall to the new blue, and he smiles broadly at it and watches it, ducking quickly out of the way of another clumsy dragonet just in time to hear Fiora's call. He smiles to her and glances to Sofina, wondering how she is faring in the midst of this near chaos.

Dalas looks over at Maradydd, wondering what she means by second chance, then his attention is back on the sands, looking at the dragonets that are now hatching.

On the sands, Nicodemus barely catches the impression, but he hears the cheers and eyes open in suprise. A horse whisper emerges from the taciturn woodcarver's throat. "Fiora?!" Finally he gains his voice. "Congratulations Fiora!" he says across the way.

On the sands, Cresting a small sand dune created during her dam's cburying of her eggs, Comically Clumsy Tightrope-Walker Green Dragonet pauses to look around, her abrupt half sending up a cloud of sand, and eliciting a small sneeze. Small, but large enough, for the movement sends her tumbling down her small mound, tip over tail, one oversized wing caught up in an uncoordinated foot, straight into a pair of knees. Untangling herself, she lets free a soprano warble of joy as she gazes up at one destined to save her from many more accidents: Sofina.

On the sands, Comically Clumsy Tightrope-Walker Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Sofina.

On the sands, The colors swirl a bit more as Lovely Bunch of Cocunuts Egg wiggles and waggles, it's shell expanding, rather like a balloon, and then deflating. Rest, for just a moment…

On the sands, Krillin beams from ear to ear, grinning down at Fiora, "See, I told you that one was yours." he would give her a hug too, but, she does seem to be rather busy at the moment.. So, he just beams at her and shifts from side to side.. Getting awful hot out here.

On the sands, J'sen makes his way across the sands to the newly Impressed Fiora, and her new green. "Fiora, Paniliath, if you could follow me to the side, we'll make sure you're taken care of."

On the sands, Fiora tears her gaze away for just a moment to beam up to Krillin. "Seems I should have"

On the sands, G'briel grins over at Keria, then up at Elorath…"Hope she doesn't get jealous is murmued in an aside to Bali," before he watches the blue with admiring eyes "Have to admit, though…she's right." He nods down at Maedrydd, not concerned now with what she did to be kept at the edge of the sands…"Ah….a good match for Fiora!" he notes approvingly, watching J'sen move to get the newest addition to the Weyr.

On the sands, Sefried straightens somewhat as the blue appears, one hand reaches back to smooth at his hair. Ah, well, isn't /he/ a pretty one. The Keroon girl, from where she's ducked behind her friend, nods sagely even as she sweats. "See? Told you he likes guys."

On the sands, Rishi gasps "beautiful blue!" she says softly and pokes at sofi "lookit!" she giggles "this is so exciting" she giggles again though her hands and legs are shking as she cheers for Fi…. then she squeels "SOFIE!!!!" she calls out then quickly clasps her heand over her mouth that was loud! "congrats!!!" her smile is huge

Madri walks in.

On the sands, Fiora heads out towards the main bowl.

On the sands, Paniliath heads out towards the main bowl.

On the sands, Rhia watches those to the right and left of her impress, unwilling to move now that she has a clear view of the eggs. Eggs. And all the little dragonets. She too tracks the little tiger-blue with her little lamb-grey eyes: hungerhungerhunger.

On the sands, Fiora walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.

On the sands, Paniliath walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.

On the sands, Amoret looks lovingly at the blue, her heart races as she watches his gracful stretch. "He's gorgeous." she musters.

On the sands, Nicodemus's first cheer quickly melts into a second. "Congratulations Sofina!" He's actually starting to loosen up a bit… probably because he's not looking at the ever-imposing eggs.

On the sands, Sofina hears the trill befpre her eyes meet the greens before her. with a sudden gasp she realeases the name that reaches her mind. "Yebanth…her name is Yebanth" Her voice getting loader with more confidence as she goes. closing the final distace Sofina looks up to the golden queen a smiles fixed in position.

On the sands, G'briel's smile widens even more as one of those searched by Llawenth impresses, and he moves with long strides out to the sands' center, his approval apparent, echosed by the bugle from his green; she chose well, even if it means another green at the Weyr.

Chandelle smiles as Sofina impresses "Thats a girl" she yells down to her.
On the sands, Amoret looks at Sofina with warmth. "She is precious Sofina>"

On the sands, It's to the prowl that the beast goes; Runaway Tiger Dragonet slides into feral, fateful motion, his hide a symphony of light and dark with each movement, the stripes confusing the outline of his frame. And that's how he likes it, mysterious and unpredictable, deadly and dangerous. No telling where he'll go, no telling what he'll do — and still those eyes /flame/, with dread purpose.

Dalas jumps up and gives a yodleing hoot, as Sofina impresses," Congratulations Sofi! " He yells waving at her, two good friends having impressed, his joy runs over a bit.

On the sands, Krillin just shakes his head at Fiora, "Silly girl." And then another Candidate is Impressed. Hmm.. Hey, Krillin was so busy looking at the greens he completely missed the arrival of the blue. Not a bad looking chap.. Although, he could use a few relaxation tips.. Awful energetic.

On the sands, Bali smirks to Maedrydd, "I just know you'd like to impress one, huh? Well, I felt the same way. Heh, Uli was the last out of her clutch…" and the rider continues her chatter.

On the sands, Lovely Bunch of Coconuts Egg vibrates with a small shudder, a little shake. An expectant pause ensues. Then, it ripples a little more, shifting and shuddering on the sands. Desert's tawny hues stretch and strain, rose and ebony repelling each other until they crack with sudden surprise. Crazed hints of blackness appear, then pause. Waiting for the perfect instant… and then shards melt away like smoke before the wind to reveal…. the Magician!

On the sands, Midnight Magician Blue Dragonet
On the sands, Incised from indigo-toned obsidian into an arrogant monolith, subtle shades of magenta and mulberry marble the dark dark hide until it is shot through with irridescence. His form portrays some slightness, an illusion created by a lean and compact build. Limbs, neck and tail proportions are well matched to a sinewy body, kept so by magnificent wings that sweep back from husky shoulders in an incandescent mantle. Spars are lined with zaffre, cobalt crazing velvet sails until they fray into glittering amethyst sparks.

On the sands, Fiora crouches off to the side now. Arms around her ..yes…'her lifemate'. Joy rushes out of her heart and into her eyes for all the world to see.

Sanlia appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.

On the sands, Phredrik gaze travels to Sofina. He stands there staring, just staring completely unable to say anything. Finally, he smiles broadly and begins to clap, tears running down his face for his friend. He stops taken by it all, it's just too much for the moment and his looks at the newly hatched blues.

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