Friday, March 05, 2004. Fort Weyr's Winter 2004 Hatching. Themes: Eggs-Things found in a Junkyard; Dragons-Musical Styles. Gallery POV. Logger apologizes for not recording descriptions of eggs and people.

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It's hatching time! '@move me to #881' is a shortcut if needed. —- Entered by Lola on Fri Mar 5 22:08:23 2004 EST

Galleries (#881J)
Level upon tiered level of hard stone seats, best cushioned for comfort if one is to stay long, arc in spacious, showy display — all the better for viewing other spectators, as well as the heated sands so far below. Though centuries-old pillars suspend these galleries high in the air, the mammoth cavern's peak extends dragonlengths higher yet, the grey rock lending an illusion of clouded, nighttime skies that's only enhanced by the constellations of living, growing glows and the intense, perspective-warping heat.
Broad staircases spiral downward to the floor of the cavern, the middle of each step indented by generations of treading feet; a narrow walkway circles northeast towards the dragons' ledges.
You see Kharma, Orinion, Viserion, and Urben here.
S'naid, Liette, I'rao, Lucian, Malak, S'ren, T'ai, Sennia, Bullemorte, Nerae, and Ella are here.

Eggs present:
1. Corroded Bumper Egg 8. Lonely Trundling Egg
2. Shattered Window Egg 9. Busted Piano Egg
3. Kitsch Fifties Refrigerator Egg 10. Crocheted Blankets Egg
4. Dilapidated Washing Machine Egg 11. Dirty Dolly Egg
5. Tangled Cables Egg 12. Mysterious Substance Egg
6. Busted Monitor Egg 13. Discarded Yard Art Egg
7. Wistful Meanderings Egg

Renna approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

On the sands, Dirty Dolly Egg shifts every so slightly. Or was it a trick of the light?

Lucian moves closer to Malak again, but this time it's to make room for the new Harper arrivals. "I've got six brothers and sisters, what 'bout you?" Suddenly conversational, Lucian looks expectantly at Malak. That is until the chorus starts. Leaning over towards her, "I think it's gonna start now."

Nerae is swift in sweeping from ledges to stairs- she's on a mission, and isn't having anyone in her way. Onward!

On the sands, L'o walks in from the entrance.

Nerae makes her way down the tiers towards the exit.
On the sands, Nerae walks in from the entrance.

Kella comes in, all wide-eyed, with Journeyman Suzuki. "I can't believe it! You didn't finish your project because you were waiting for the hatching? Oooh, you're so sneaky." Suzuki just looks smug. "Not at all. This way we can study what people wear to hatchings. It's work-related, one hunnerd percent." They hunt for seats.

Laih follows one of the staircases up.
Zhyfath comes home.
I'rao makes his way down the tiers towards the exit.
On the sands, I'rao walks in from the entrance.

Charlie trails in behind Harper Craftsecond Charlton, but she just calls him, "Dad! Wait for me!"

Squeals and general nonsensical babblings of a toddler are heard a few seconds before Renna arrives - arms full. "Shush, my love, you'll see Grandpa soon". Renna struggles to remove the straps of the Baby Booster Bragon seat " She grins ruefully at a few folk she knows and steps over P'ppy and A'rson, to sit, settling Robner on her knee. "See the eggs, see the pretty eggs?" which only earns the response of "I wanna egg!" from the freckled three turn old wrapped in straps.

On the sands, B'nal takes quick action. "R'sin, it's definitely time. Send for the candidates."

Malak moves suddenly so people can sit next to Lucian without Lucian sitting on her lap. "I have four brothers and two sister. My brothers are all older. How about you?" Looking nervously in Lucian's direction hope he is going to jump in her lap.

On the sands, R'sin nods, carefully skirting the edge of the hatching grounds as he makes his way around to the bosses. "Sparneth says Kolyath - by which I assume he means Gr'ym - is on it."

On the sands, Nerae tentatively steps on to the sands- she didn't want to do this again, shardit. It's just so /hot/. She might melt. "T'aaaai," Is wailed plaintatively as a 'hey you!' kind of greeting.

Bullemorte has connected.

On the sands, B'nal nods, as he and Byzanth coordinate messages to watchdragons everywhere to bring in the dignitaries and visitors. His eyes close, pop open to watch the eggs, then close again.

Pemba follows one of the staircases up.

On the sands, Brandi nods and shakes her head and then takes a deep breath and smiles at the others "Lyaseth is a bit…" how does she describe her lifemate, the love of her life "antsy, so step carefully and hopefully Kolyth will warn the candidates of her mood. She's happy they are hatching but fearful that things will still go wrong." She sighs and rubs her head, crooning inside and outside. She moves to the gold's side to reassure her with physical contact, leaning her head against the golden neck.

There's no danger of laps being jumped into. At least not just yet. Lucian will wait till the hatching actually begins as least. "Four younger brothers, one younger sister and then Colie at Fort with the new baby." The answer is a bit distracted, "Is the humming getting louder to you?"

Ella nods at Master Charleton, but she's focused on her *brood* and calls out to her collection of apprentices "Listen up. This is not a vacation! or a day off! Hides and charcoal up. The object of today's lesson is descriptive writing. When I read these essays - I want to feel the hatching. Schmiga - you are not to use alliteration, Sandy - watch your spelling. Corrie" Ella casts a long suffering sigh at Corrie "Just try for once, would you?".

On the sands, News travels fast around this neck of the woods, and T'ai is soon on the sands, looking like he owns the joint. But not too much - he's not going anywhere near the eggs, nor is he stalking towards Lyaseth. Skirting around the edges, he tries to find a good vantage point, and he hopes that no-one tells him to get lost, as they have every right to do. Eyes go this way and that, as he looks for those who may try to send him away.

Malak barley hears Lucian's answer, she is paying to much attention to the crowd. "How it is starting to get loud in here. Is it going to start soon?"

On the sands, A deep thrumming echoes around the ground as dragon after dragon arrives, passengers dismounting and jostling for positions in the galleries. Noise rises, both human and draconic.

Pemba climbs up the stairs, a blanket thrown over her shoulder. She narrowed her eyes a moment, a curious, scrutenizing look. A moment later, and she beams brightly, takes two steps, and throws her blanket onto the gallery seating. With a satisfied look, she plops her butt down and turns to the sands.

Charlie and Charlton, who winks at Ella, sit a little behind that master and her brood. "Hey, Dad," Charlie pulls at Charlton. "Livy said Master Sass might not want to be apprentice master any more. What about her?" Charlton hushes the child, his hands on her mouth. "What a harper hears is for the Harper's ears!"

Urben sneezes, looks both ways, and disappears ::between::!

On the sands, I'rao does not want to be on the sands, even if he's stationed at the very edge thanks to being conscripted for candidate-duty. He was plenty warm while hiding out in Southern. A rebellious look is shot towards the stands and presumably Liette—this is all your fault.

Makare walks in.

On the sands, Byzanth keeps an eye on that T'ai.

Sandy mutters to Schmiga "D'ya think we could feed Master Ella to a dragon?" Schmiga mutters back "Who'd wanna eat her! They'd get indigestion and we'd be made to clean it all up" Corrie reaches over and looks at Charlie then pokes Sandy in the back and makes hushing noises "Shush, you wanna be scrubbing latrines for another seven day?"

Kevar walks in.

On the sands, Nerae's mouth turns into a frowny-pouty sort of thing, watching T'ai skirt away. Not getting away that easy, buddy. A moment of rocking her weight back on her heels, and she's jogging forward, waving.. uh.. girlishly. "T'aaaai!" The name spills out again, this time with a peevish note to it as she sidles up. "Purposely trying to avoid me?" Sniff.

On the sands, T'ai looks over his shoulder… he's got that feeling of eyes upon him, but he can't see where they're coming from. Perhaps it's Nerae. "Nerrrr." He heard her greeting before, but he was somewhat occupied, then. He slurs it back. "How come you're here?" He thought he was sneaking on, and here she is, plain as day. The same question could be asked of him. "I'm not avoiding you… I'm avoiding /them/." Brandi and B'nal are looked at.

On the sands, Dirty Dolly Egg definitely shifted that time. No trick of the light was involved - the memo has arrived: we're hatching, get moving! And it does, rocking every so slightly back and forth.

Renna soothes the toddler on her lap with an ageold promise "Maybe when you're older" Until then, he'll have to be content with chewing on Byzanth's tail. "Oooh look Robner, there's Grumpa, can you see Grumpa? Wave, wave sweetie. Wave at Grumpa."

On the sands, Crocheted Blankets Egg wobbles slightly out of nervousness perhaps or worry or anxiety, not wanting to leave behind the cosiness of a security blanket just yet. It waits, its stillness obvious now after its previous movement.

On the sands, Wistful Meanderings Eggshudders, rocking just-so before settling into temporary stillness.

Liette tilts herself forward upon her seat, eyeing the sands with some small amount of interest, her chin plopped into her hand.

On the sands, Busted Piano Egg gives the tiniest little wiggle.

[En masse (and paraphased for spam's sake):]
On the sands, Iosha, Aodhan, Savarna, Taylin, Delsen, Aoiffrin, Ikaelya, Lislin, Zamara, and Woden step onto the Sands and find their places. [With them come] Gr'ym, Jules, and B'royev.

Viter walks in.

Kevar slips in at the back, his eyes on the eggs.

On the sands, Like a tidal wave of white foam, Fort Weyr's Candidates emerge on the Hatching Sands. Two by two, their careful stride resembling a rush of water as they traverse the gritty expanse, they part almost at the last minute to form a respectful semi-circle about the rocking eggs. This is one tide that isn't in a hurry to retreat.

Lucian grips Malak's arm instead of her hand. His feet are removed from the bench as people climb over him looking for seating. "It should be." Wincing as the higher pitched sounds coming from somewhere behind him, "There they are!" Lucian points at the candidates, eyes searching the group.

On the sands, Lonely Trundling Egg rattles in the hole that it has made for itself, the bars on the cage stirring to a semblance of life. As candidates arrive it stills… did it even move, in the first place?

On the sands, Brandi turns slightly at hearing Nerae call out T'ai's name and she beams at him and holds out her hands to him to come join her by her side "T'ai, darling, I am glad you could make it, what this candiacy and time on the sands would have been like without your patience and everything." SHe beams happily at him and then smiles at the others, she turns and leans against Lyaseth, perhaps to keep the queen from attacking the candidates or just to keep her still.

Pemba glances towards the sands. Her happily curious look turns into one of utter excitment as the candidates enter. The young girl bounces in her spot, a wide grin on her face. "Finally!"

On the sands, As a well drilled group, or something resembling one at least, the Candidates stride toward Lyaseth and Brandi and Byzanth and B'nal. Some stride confidently while others shuffle with nervous energy, but they do move as a group. Having arrived before the Dragons, Weyrwoman, and WeyrLeader; the fifty-plus Candidates bow as one, having been given the signal to do so. First to Lyaseth, then to Brandi, Byzanth, and finally B'nal. From the galleries it might look like a sea of white, closer to a pond actually. Both Dragons and their Riders are thanked in turn by the white garbed hopefuls, for the honor of Standing for this Clutch. It is a long process as each of the fifty-plus Candidates want to thank and show respect to the four in their own way. Finally though, as one, the Candidates step back a few paces and resume standing. Some manage to do so gracefully while others narrowly avoid falling on their white-clad bottoms.

Malak follows Lucian's arm as he points to the canadiates. "There he is there is Aodhan. Do you see him?" point towards the line of people

Viter heads along the narrow walkway to the dragons' ledges.

On the sands, R'sin edges around the sands, finding himself a nice spot near the Weyrleaders. "I've got something cold coming out soon, if S'ren doesn't forget to find a drudge." Conversational, that's R'sin. And perhaps excited, neck craning slightly to examine the candidate group.

On the sands, Nerae sniffs again. "How come? Not because I want to, I'll have you know." Oh, that's what she says /now/. Fingers waggle with a beam at Brandi, but then she's tugging on T'ai's sleeve and pointing at the candidates. "Aw, look. They're so cuuuute."

On the sands, Dirty Dolly Egg wobbles. A definite wobble. The time is coming, and soon.

On the sands, B'nal stands by Brandi's side and looks happy and excited, while Byzanth dips his head to acknowledge the candidates, and to watch.

On the sands, Iosha steps back from the group bow and gropes for the hands closest to her, and manages to net Aoiffrin and Savarna respectfully. "Did that one just move?" She hisses jerking her head towards the Lonely Trundling Egg. It appears even Iosha isn't immune to the candidate-on-the-sands-babble.

Obedient for once, Robner does just that and waves and waves with all the might one would expect from a three turn old. Unfortunately he doesn't just constrain himself to waves and bounces upon Renna's knee hollering at the top of his young lungs "HI GUMPa, HI BYTHANDS. Gumpa! Gumpa! HI HI HI HI!".

Viter approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

On the sands, Busted Piano Egg can no longer be constrained; gyrating to an urgent inner tempo it explodes into a thousand ivory shards. The hatchling escapes in a flurry of vitality, bombastic sass propelling her debut.

Dancing Serrano-Green Dragonet

Serrano green sweeps the voluminous curves of cheek and chest, also embracing this dragon's broad shoulders, wide-mouthed snout, tight torso, and wire-whip tail. The color's waxy depth turns to sweet-tart lime over her sturdy legs, slender forelimbs, and long, narrow talons — all ten tips glossed with fuchsia up to the nearest knuckle. Lime shimmers again in her abounding wings, evoking an adventurer's cape or a dancer's swirling skirts.

On the sands, Tangled Cables Egg gives a jerk, then goes still. Not yet.

On the sands, B'royev scratches idly at the scar on his side, hidden beneath his clothes, and tries hard not to pace around the candidates like a herding dog.

On the sands, T'ai looks really, really scared. Brandi is being nice to him? Still, one does not look a gift-runner in the mouth. Perhaps standing with Brandi will afford him the protection that he desires. As such, he heads over towards the Weyrwoman, dragging Nerae along if she's still tugging on his sleeve. "Yeah, they're adorable." His tone suggests anything but this.

On the sands, Gr'ym hotfoots off to the side where the vast quantities of chopped raw meat are being amassed by his not-that-evil minions.

Lucian stands up, "Where, whe…" Someone from behind takes the privilege of grabbing the back of Lucian's shirt and forcibly dumping him back in his seat. "Owww. No I don't see him." Sullenly said, Lucian quickly stops pouting to look for Aodhan. Leaning over Malak's out stretched arm, "Ohhh, not I do."

On the sands, Savarna is not exactly the most inspired looking candidate at the moment; she almost seems to drag herself into position, one foot moving normally, but the other dragging in an over-sized sandal that leaves a lop-sided pattern on the sands. "Aodhan? Iosha?" She almost sandwiches herself between the two, accepting Iosha's hand with an almost crushing grip as she looks around with an expression which is three parts fear and one part excitement. "There's the first one- Oh! Look at those talons."

On the sands, Woden bows to the clutchparents first and then the weyr's leaders. He straightens up to take his place in the semi circle. Woden sets his jaw firmly as he watches the moving eggs. As the first one cracks open and he nods a little to the green dragon, "A beautiful begining." He says to no one in particular and he doesn't seem to mind the heat of the sands.

On the sands, Zamara holds onto Lislin's hand, grinning around while she walks and is one of those that nearly falls flat on her hind eng. She recovers though and winks at Taylin while she tugs Lislin over to a spot near her favored eggs so she can easily see what they hatch. "Wow, they're already popping open."

On the sands, Aodhan, well, /squeals/. Crushing Delsen's hand in an iron grip, he hauls the other boy around once the obligatory polite moment is over. He bounces from foot to foot, turning in a circle to regard the stands as he attempts to pick out any familiar faces. All those little round ovals look alike, but that doesn't stop him from throwing his arm up in his usual shoulder-wrenching wave. One of these days, he's going to /break/ something doing that.

On the sands, [Delsen] says, "Ow, ow, ow, Aodhan! You're gonna break something." Delsen refers not to the wave, but to his /hand/. Nevertheless, he holds just as tight as he pats his hair, straightens his robe, and wipes the back of his neck. "Green!" Brilliant, Delsen. He spots the color right off, finger jabbing towards the newly hatched dragonet. He, however, does not /quiet/ squeal. "It's green!"

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On the sands, Ikaelya looks nervously at the Busted Piano Egg bursts, "That one just hatched. It's a green." She hops from foot to foot, whether because of nerves of too thin sandals is a mystery though.

Schmiga grows bored and her attention turns to watch a lady holder "Wow, she's fat!". Apparently, that was said too loud as the Ladyholder sniffs and huffs past the apprentices. Schmiga reaches over and tugs on someone's shoulder "Oh look, it's Ikaelya and that other Harper apprentice - the one with all the pimples." Losing any sense of decorum she hollers "Go Ikaelya, remember we were in Song class together."

Kella can't help it; she squeals. "First is a green!"

Above the sands, Elorath flies in from the Bowl.

On the sands, Aoiffrin was one of those who just about fell, the girl almost tripping over her own two feet. Luckily, her balance was righted and with a 'I-meant-to-do-that' look. Her hands gets taken, and she smiles when she looks over and sees Iosha. "I think so." Aoi says, letting a shaky breath out. "And that one there, and over there. Shards, they didn't move /before/!" Then again, they also weren't about to hatch then. "AH! Look! One hatched! Already! Geez, I figured we'd be waiting out here for a bit." Just as well they weren't, or her sandal-less feet might turn into cinders.

Above the sands, Elorath wings down to the ledge.

On the sands, Taylin calls after Zamara as she recovers from a moment of staring at the new hatchling just spilled upon the sands, then trots after her briskly, getting sand in her sandals. "Zamara, wait!" Realizing how loud she's being, she grins sheepishly as she presses in close to her fellow candidate, trying to blend in a bit.

"don't you see him it is the one holding the other boys hand? He is right there." Malak points again

Keria approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

On the sands, Lyaseth barely acknowledges the greetings the candidates give, she is above all this, a bundle of nervous energy, restrained by a gentle hand of Brandi's. Brandi smiles encouragingly at the candidates as they fan out, she remembers her own hot nervous day. She grins at Zamara warmly and winks, remembering last time Zami snuck on. She smiles as the first egg hatches "There Lyaseth, one down, well let's hope she finds someone and then one off your list of cares." She grins at T'ai and Nerae "Isn't this exciting, I mean Lyaseth hasn't attacked anyone yet and the candidates look so pretty, now I see why they are all in white, it looks lovely and doesn't she look a little beauty?" Words tumble off her tongue, she is always nice to T'ai, she's just overly excited to forget that he might rebuff her friendly advances. She grins at B'nal and then beams at L'o "You made it?!" she announces happily and then grins at R'sin "A drudge in this kerfuffle, we will be parche!
d before we get anything cold or S'ren could drink it himself?"

On the sands, Lislin lets Zamara pull her around, more reluctant to let go of her friend's hand. Hot sand, lots of people, noise everywhere…. She shivers a bit, suddenly, then blinks. "Look, one already!" she exclaims, pointing at the green who's just appeared. "They're bigger than I expected…" she says, before glancing back up at Zamara. "They won't really run you over, will they?" she asks, before waving at Taylin.

On the sands, Nerae tags along behind T'ai with a beam, nodding with insistance. "They /are/ cute. Don't you think so?" She was cute, too. At least, /she/ thinks so. Giggling behind her palm, she nods at Brandi. "Yeah. 'Yet'."

On the sands, Dancing Serrano-Green Dragonet bounds lightly to her feet and gives a little shimmy-shimmy-shake. Look at all the company! She dances out to take auditions.

On the sands, Iosha squeaks once more as a dragonet makes it's appearance. "Sweet Faranth, anyone would think they are in a hurry." She hisses once more as the Busted Piano Egg really busts to reveal a green. "She's pretty." She admits, beginning to sway with the heat seeping through the soles of her sandals.

On the sands, Dirty Dolly Egg gives a series of determined shudders. Testing, testing, one-two, one-two… and then cracks! Pieces of shell crumble away, shimmering to the ground to reveal the golden diva within in all her glory, ready to claim the spotlight. Ladies and Gentlemen, a big hand please!

Sassy Honey-Gold Dragonet

Swathes of golden honey cling like a caress to a curvesome figure, flares of breath-taking colour enveloping full-figured features. Scintillating saffron trails about headknobs and rounded muzzle, finally tumbling down rounded neckridges to blossom into bubbling champagne, this blinding brilliance sheeting across aureate wingsails. Sturdy, shapely haunches and tail sinuously display molten amber, while warm caramel gives way to drizzles of melted butter across her underbelly. Large feet gleam in flaxen shades, sharp talons coated copper.

On the sands, Crocheted Blankets Egg wobbles again, tired of being still, hidden beneath the smothering layers of wool on the sands, shimmies again, what lurks beneath that crocheting?

On the sands, Woden whistles as he sees the gold dragonet, "Well that will make some girl happen." He shifts his feet a little as he watches with his hands clasped behind his back

On the sands, Lislin blinks, eyes widening hugely. The Dirty Dolly egg had been her favorite and now… "Zama! Look! A gold!" As if anyone could fail to notice. "She's beautiful…" she says, concentrating on the dragonet. "I wish I could draw her now…"

Lucian leeeeeeeeeeeeeans way over "There he is. ohohohohohohohohohho They're hatching. Look look look looklooklook…" Lucian's grip on Malak's arm only gets tighter.

On the sands, L'o shows a weary, loving smile; he has made it. Fresh from their posting to the hold, and from Faranth only knows where else, he quietly makes his way toward the throng of riders. He has slushy rain still clinging to his tough leathers. His eyes stray with wonder to the baby dragons.

Ella turns to converse with her neighbours, ignoring her Harper charges "Lord Jeffrim. How are you. How are the piles? Oooh weren't you smart to bring a cushion." Patient confidentiality agreements get violated right left and "oooh, Hello Weyrwoman Olive, did you get your healer to lance that boil yet? No? - Wow that must smart going between"

On the sands, Taylin shifts uncomfortably on the hot sands realizing now just why so many of the other candidates were so nervous about today. She looks up at the spectators in a stunned fashion before returning her gaze to the others. She steps forward a pace or two just to make sure that shes in line.

Malak leans a little but is to excited to notice how close Lucian is to her. "I see one it is gold. Pretty"

On the sands, Ikaelya watches the dancing green, such a beautiful dancer deserves beautiful music. She shuffles anxiously, her eyes mostly on the green, but darting around in case she should have to avoid a charging dragonet. She eyes the green with awe, but her eyes return to the dancer. "They're so beautiful and so big!" She backs up a step, bumping into another Candidate.

On the sands, B'royev grunts, feigning nonchalance. A gold. Great. Likely some weyrling is gonna be insufferable.

Kevar applauds the arrival of both little dragonets by clapping his open hands to their alternate elbows. "It will be good to see new dragons at Fort. Yes, it will be very good."

On the sands, Lonely Trundling Egg trundles. That's the only way that movement can be described. It trundles down the side of the mound that it's on, sliding as it rocks its way to a more level surface. Again it falls still, so still that it's clear that the time is not now, at least for it.

Laih pchaws. Gold. So what.

On the sands, Aoiffrin puts her free hand up to her mouth, as she just takes in her surroundings. "Alright, just remind me, I'm not still asleep, right? Cause I swear, just a little bit ago I was in my cot, dreaming about this /really/ cute looking guy, who waited on me hand and foot and I never had to move…" It was the greatest dream she has ever had, truly. Blinking and rubbing her eyes, Aoiffrin frowns for a moment. "Nope, this is real. Oh! Another one… she's just as lovely as that green is. In a baby dragon, just hatched kinda way."

Keria folds her arms and agrees with Laih. "Nice green", she says conversationally.

On the sands, Dancing Serrano-Green Dragonet moves lightly across the sands, her wings spread as she spins toward the white figures on the sands. She looks at first one, then the other, seeming to listen as much as see. Where's the music? Where are the shiny lights? She knows it's all there; she can just feel it.

Bertha takes the opportunity of her Master's distraction to scoot closer to Schmiga "psst, look at this" and she opens her coat to reveal a folded bundle of cloth - clearly lettered and clearly contraband "We made it up last night in the dorms. If our Harper's impress, we'll all stand up and unravel it, okay?" She nods her head earnestly and grins "Pass it along"

On the sands, Jules grins, smiling her amusement at B'royev, giving him a nudge. "According to you, they're all insufferable, remember?"

On the sands, Savarna's eyes seem fixated on the green's talons - she shifts around so that Iosha is in between her and the dragon. Every now and then, her head darts around to glance around the sands, eyes flicking from egg to egg - hence, she happens to be looking in the wrong direction when the gold egg hatches. "Where'd she come from?" Voice is surprised, as Savarna tugs on Iosha's hand. "Iosha? She's … big. And I'm getting a blister. How'm I going to run in this sandal?"

On the sands, Aodhan looks mildly disappointed as a gold hatches, despite the enthusiasm most other people — Okay, most /girls/. — would show the little queen. "Yawn," he opines. "Although she is pretty shiny." He reaches down to scratch his ankle, tracking the green dragon instead. "But so's she! Hey, Delsen. Think one of us will impress her?" The gold is ignored, beyond this pair's realm of possibility, as Aodhan and Delsen both turn attention to the green.

On the sands, Delsen scoots forward a step, then back a step, then to the side a step, pulling Aodhan with. "C'mon! I can't see everything." He isn't lying: some big lunkhead of a candidate stands in front of them, blocking the view. Both scoot to the side to try to get a better view, chattering under their breath at one another.

On the sands, Lyaseth croons greetings to her two daughters, a kind of, go out there and find partners, find your own weyr, don't expect to find your room here when you return kind of croon. A greeting of hello, about time you got here and away you go, fly from the nest. Brandi beams at the gold "There, isn't she beautiful, course she would be, I mean how could Lyaseth's children not, but look at them." SHe is not surprised at the gold, Lyaseth had warned her of this eventuality. She grins at the expressions of the candidates and smiles happily.

On the sands, Iosha gasps as the gold hatching appears to have taken the inititive. "Oh my, she's pretty too." Okay for once Iosha doesn't have a smart reply, or very much to say at all. In fact drooling wouldn't be entirely out of the question at some stage. They all look so yummy. "Urg, what is it about babies that make my brains dribble out my ears?" She asks in a flash of irritation.

On the sands, Zamara turns to grin at Lislin and then holds her hand out for Taylin to take the free one, standing with many of the other candidates that she's become close to in that time. She shakes her head at Lislin. "Nah, they won't run you over unless you get in their way." She can't help but be amused at all the nervousness. "Don't be so fussy. Think of it as an adventure!"

On the sands, I'rao has disconnected.

On the sands, B'royev can't argue with Jules' comment, so he grunts instead.

On the sands, Woden continues to stand right where he is and watches the two dragons on the sands. He watches where the greens go and hmms, "I wonder who they are going to pick."

On the sands, Sassy Honey-Gold Dragonet tosses her honeyed head, striking what can only be called a pose. Here she is, world! She glances back towards dam and sire for a moment, trying out her baby voice in an attempt at a brassy bugle that ends up more like a cough. Whoops! Perhaps time to try something else. Shaking her head, she sets off, slithering down a small mound of sand. Time to see what sort of audience this can be found at this gig. Perhaps a duet partner? One of these ones in white might do the trick… She examines and discards a Vinter girl, plunging towards the main body of candidates. Now, let's see…

Laih glances out at the green skeptically; a slow appraisal; a shrug. "Showy."

On the sands, T'ai finally registers that Brandi said a thankyou, about the candidates, to him. "Oh. You're welcome." It's probably so late in the conversation that it doesn't really matter anymore, and no-one will understand, but it's a little politeness from him. "Remember the bets we made, last time?" He asks of Nerae, an invitation in the comment, as well.

On the sands, I'rao has connected.

Bertha stretches forward to peer at the sands and leans over to talk past Schmiga at Corrie "My mama said my sister might be here or in the Crom mines. I couldn't really tell, my firelizard ate half the letter?"

On the sands, B'nal says, "Enh, Brandi, now look. We've two fine daughters. I mean they do." He nods up at Lyaseth and Byzanth, both very involved. "It's all grand. And what a finewhoah!loud gold!"

On the sands, Gr'ym hands meatbucket-number-one (bless him, he had numbers painted on them) to Jules. "True."

On the sands, Ikaelya moves back another step, once the other Candidate is out of her way, she spies Io and moves toward her humming to herself, trying to calm her nerves. She walks slowly, with a shuffling step over hot sand, almost dancing herself.

On the sands, Nerae gives T'ai this blank look that plainly says 'no'. "I remember making them.." She says slowly, "But not what they were." A short pause, as she considers, lifting one foot up from the sand- good thing for thick soles. "I think I lost most of them."

On the sands, Taylin blinks at the hatchlings "Remarkable, totally remarkable." She's trying to watch all thats going on, so she turns her head from side to side while dancing from side to side as well.

On the sands, Woden turns to look at the females candidates to see who the gold and the green are going to pick. He makes sure he keeps an eye on the green, incase she starts to wander this way.

Keria shrugs into a smile. "Well at least she's not so noisy. Nor molten. Just think of all the work it will take to keep her so shiny. Nevermind the sheer amount of hide you have to scrub."

Lucian bounces in his seat, in a very unLucian like manner, "Faranth, I hope Aodhan impresses. Ohhh, that greens going to someone, I can't tell who."

On the sands, Jules maintains a straight face as she notices the bold number one on the bucket. She takes it and prepares for whoever impresses first. First bucket, first impressee. She nudges B'royev again, pointing to the bucket and smiles, rolling her eyes.

Armed with her wine skin and the marking hide acting as a fan, Ella looks incredibly comfortable now that the brats er apprentices are otherwise occupied. If it were not for the unhappy parents of a Southern Bollian boy who are worrying loudly and desperately that some dragonette will take their darling away from them forever, she'd be almost 'happy'.

On the sands, L'o hulks up to T'ai with a stern, husky baritone: "Turning a profit off innocent young dragons, are you, fella?" A beat, and he laughs, saying,"Is it too late to get in on that?"

On the sands, Aoiffrin slowly picks one foot up, wiggling her toes. "Feet are starting to feel hot. Not bad hot, yet, but none of you better be surprised if I ask for someone to hold me. My feet are sensitive." Sagenod. "Oh! They are both on the move now! This is more nerve-wracking then I thought it would be." And warm, did she mention it was warm? "You two holding up over there?" She leans over, eyeing Iosha and Savarna.

On the sands, B'royev looks puzzled for a moment, until he notices the number Jules is pointing out to him. "For Faranth's sake," he mutters, and sticks his hand out to get a bucket of his own.

On the sands, T'ai grins. "You did lose most of them, but that's half the fun. We were betting on what colours were coming out of what egg." He points to the crotcheted egg. "What d'you think's going to come out of that one? One mark says it's… bronze." Turning to L'o, there's a genuine smile on his face. Whatever he was mad about a while ago, the reason has long since disappeared. "Not too late at all. What d'you think about that one?" He points to the Lonely Trundlings egg.

On the sands, Lislin bites on her lip as she watches the hatchlings roam around the sands, alternatly squeezing hard on Zamara's hand and then forgetting and nearly releasing it, only to clutch tightly again when something happens. "Who do you think they'll pick?" she asks, looking at the other two girls.

On the sands, Dancing Serrano-Green Dragonet finds one candidate who must surely feel the rhythm of the night as she does, for she dances too. The green imitates the shuffling steps, and pauses. Like that?

On the sands, Gr'ym distributes to his good friend B'royev meatbucket-number-three.

Shocked my Lucian's manner Malak smiles as she weaves to and fro trying to see around and thru people. "I can't see what is happening. Has a bronze hatched yet?"

On the sands, Brandi frowns at T'ai, indeed she cannot recall the conversation and she shrugs and giggles "We have? Yes indeed they do." She tilts her head "Thank you B'nal." she says quietly, she means it, he has had to put up with a lot from her. She shakes her head "Think they will find someone, we have enough choice for them don't we?" Lyaseth's worries reflected in her choice of words and the tone. "I hope they find someone soon." She pauses and then frowns as if it just hit her that as senior weyrwoman she might have to supply guidance to the latest goldrider and she is not sure that is in her. She breaks off these thoughts as L'o approaches, almost a line of dragonriders between queen dragon and the candidates. She beams "Of course he is but why not, harmless fun." She giggles and points to the pink one "Definetly a green in that." she decides.

On the sands, Zamara hasn't seen much activity from the eggs she was keeping an eye on, though her eyes dart over to the two dragons she's noticed more closely. She shakes her head, giving a bit of a shrug. "There's no way of knowing that, the dragons will take whom they will."

Laih visibly imagines. "That's why I like greens. Nice small packages. Sharding annoying, sometimes, but scrubbable."

On the sands, Iosha sways gently, wincing as the noise levels continye to rise. "It's loud." She informs Aoiffrin with a wince. Her eyes are caught by a small little dance number that appears to developing. Apart from a small smirk she says nothing. It's all about watching and waiting.

On the sands, Lonely Trundling Egg shudders in its place, the surface of the egg seeming to ripple. But… bars don't ripple, do they?

On the sands, Taylin picks her feet up a little higher as she discovers that the sand is just getting hotter and the thick soles of her sandals are not helping her very much at all. Sweat runs down her forehead, stinging her eyes as she wipes futilely at her upper lip while swaying side to side.

On the sands, Savarna frowns in Aodhan's direction, brow dipping down. "You're kidding, right? All you'd get is scratched as she… second thoughts, why don't you go and ask her?" Voice drips with sweetness, before she gives a shake of her shoulders. "No, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. That was an interesting noise. Was it musical? Another dragon that sings?" Savarna's tone deaf. "Where'd that other one go?" Savarna's still on hatching watch, trying to see the whole sands at once - and failing miserably.

On the sands, Crocheted Blankets Egg wobbles again, moving, shifting the sand around it, preparing a stage for the arrival of what is lurking beneath, a large shudder, then all is quiet again, all has stopped, resting for the big moment?

On the sands, B'nal surveys the candidates. "They're a gracious plenty, and that's sure, Brandi."

On the sands, Nerae crosses her arms with a smirk. "Yeah? Well, I've got /two/ marks it's blue. Whattaya say to that?" One brow raised. "And two on that one for.. brown." She's pointing to the wistful meanderings. She's going to be so right, it hurts.

Keria catches Zhyfath's name out of the ether as easily as honey catches Candidates. "What does your Zhyfath make of all this then? Does she like all the bother and fuss?"

Apprentice Mickey watches in utter jaw dropping amazement. So many dragons moving on the sands, he simply has to have one. A potentially awesome career as a Harper is gone in a *poof*. He pokes at his partner and points - eyes huge and round with longing.

On the sands, Ikaelya keeps shufflying over to Io, humming to distract herself from her hot feet and the fact that she's scared to death. "How are you holding up Io?" In other words. Are you as scared as I am?

On the sands, B'royev nudges Jules. "Three," he mouths. Clearly, B'royev is the last in the pecking order.

On the sands, Quite wrong. A'ren gets meatbucket-number-four.

Lucian shakes his head violently, "Only a green and a gold, I think." He attempts to stand yet again only to pulled back down, yet again. "Do you see Aodhan?"

Kevar cheers on the Harpers then, even when he cannot always remember their names. There is one he does remember and will randomly spout out: "Go Ikaelya!", and other similiar happy phrases. "Impress one for the Blue!"

On the sands, Sassy Honey-Gold Dragonet tilts her head this way and that, half flaring champagne wings to keep her balance as she charges forward. This girl knows what she wants, and she knows what she has to do to get it. With a swing of her tail, she changes direction once, then twice. You? No. You? No. She essays another bugle, just to make sure she holds the spotlight.

On the sands, Jules just laughs.

Freezing as she sees an opening to look through. "Yes, there he is he seems excited and yet he is not looking at the two hatched. What is he doing? Grrr.. I am sorry my window just closed"
Makare has disconnected.

Laih shifts in her seat and glances over at Keria. "She loves bother and fuss. She just prefers to be in control of it. She's over there somewhere, I think, sandwiched between some nice big browns." This is sour.

On the sands, Dancing Serrano-Green Dragonet dances between two candidates, shoulder-bumping lightly the dark-haired one.

On the sands, Breath in, and breath out. Yes, Aoiffrin can do this, though it would be easier if she had some wine. Mmm… wine. "I'm thirsty!" She says, randomly, wrinkling her nose. "If they ever ask us if we know how to make hatchings better, I'm going to suggest giving us a lot to drink before we come out here." Not like they will, but at least she has the suggestion! "Faranth, Io, you're right, that gold /is/ loud. Then that green is quite a mover and a shaker."

Apprentice Corrie and Apprentice Bertha are all quiet "Oh faranth" one mutters to the other "all those years of harpering practice suddenly wasted" At least one's astute.

On the sands, Woden watches and smiles, "Seems like the gold has made her choice." He says as he leans out to see who she has picked.

On the sands, Lyaseth bugles back to her daughter, an impatient tone in her voice at the hatchling holding things up because she wants to hog the spotlight. There are other hatchlings out there who want their time on the sands. The tone though is gentle, tinged with love for her two daughters, especially this golden one.

On the sands, Iosha frowns, Does Ikaelya really think Io's gonna tell the truth? "Oh I'm just fine. It's better'n a walk in the woods." She lies, In other words she's petrified. "Hey." No wait, she's not making much sense.

On the sands, Tangled Cables Egg jerks again, as if being kicked harshly.. and repeatedly. Soon, yes.

Lucian spots Aodhan on the sands, finally. "I don't know what he's doing. Oh, the greens about to chose, the gold looks kinda close."

Keria moves closer — people do get out of her way, afterall, even when she is not carrying a big stick. She walks softly. Now she will not have to shout to Laih but instead she can murmur things more discreetly. "There are certainly worse things to be sandwished between?"

On the sands, T'ai decides that the heat, and the wine will have him plastered before he can take a smell, let alone a sip. "Nah. I think Blue for that one." Whistful meanderings is indicated, the one that Nerae marked for the brown. "You got most of them wrong last time, so learn from the master, okay?" No, T'ai is not arrogant. Never.

On the sands, Zamara reaches up to cover her ears, or tries to before she remembers her hands are taken. She glares over at the gold, frowning. "Hey, some of us have ears here!" She sticks her tongue out at the gold like a child about ten turns younger and then glances at Taylin. "You alright, Tay?" Her makeshift robe droops several inches as she shifts her feet and several frayed ends stick to her arm.

On the sands, Iosha does move as the green dragonet pushes her aside, despite her protestation.

On the sands, Dancing Serrano-Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Ikaelya.
On the sands, Dancing Serrano-Green Dragonet matches her own driving tempo to one individual heartbeat—Ikaelya's.

"Hey Lucian do you remember what egg Aodhan wanted?" Turning towards Lucian as Malak says this.

On the sands, Aodhan grins over at Savarna, flashing her a big grin. "I always kid! And do you really think I'd get scratched?" He runs his hands down his arms, then down his sides as if checking for phantom maulings. "I'm ready to run, though! Well, I'm gonna climb. I'm climb right up to the galleries!"

On the sands, Delsen glances over at Aodhan, hopping from foot to foot with an equally wide smile. "You climb, I'll run. Hey, hey, hey! Aodhan, do you think that green—" He trails off, eyes wide as he pulls, /hard/, on Aodhan's arm to earn a yelp. "Aodhaaaaan! We gotta find another green. There's lots of greens, right? It's the most common color, right? A lot more, right? Right?" Apparently, Aodhan's infection: Delsen's caught the babbling disease. There's an argument to be made that he's had it for a long, long time, however.

On the sands, Taylin tilts her head toward Zamara with a glad smile for her presence, but shakes her head nervously at her all the same as she shuffles her feet repeatedly. "I think so," she breathes, then turns as Ikaelya impresses, a smile spreading across her features. "Congratulations!"

On the sands, Nerae will probably get most of them wrong this time, too, and be all the poorer for it. She's ignoring that for the moment, though, clapping her hands together in glee. "Oh, look! That green picked Ikaelya. Isn't that just /sweet/."

Kevar puffs himself up like a happy adder, as if his cheering had some bearing on this, the first and (in his humble opinions), the best of today's Impressions. "Hurray for Harper! Well done Ikaelya!"

On the sands, Brandi beams at B'nal "I will trust you are right, you've done more of these then I have." Perhaps the tremble of her hands, the shuffling of her feet are not from the heat but from the nerves, this is only Lyaseth's second clutch after all. She grins at T'ai "You think blue?" she's not going to bet on that one, she will let him continue guessing, she will hold the rest of her ideas to herself. Indeed she probably has an inside edge with Lyaseth being the clutch mother. She pauses, holding her breath at the moment of impression "Oh." She beams proudly at the impression "A harper!" Lyaseth trumpets as the first choice is made.

On the sands, Ikaelya stands perfectly still, beside Io, "What do we do if one charges. They're so big and fast, I doubt we can avoid them." Okay so she's a bit panicked. "What's the green doing?" She pauses a moment, "Sakurath!"

On the sands, Woden smiles and claps as he sees that it's Ikaelya that has impressed the green. He knew she could do it. Now she'll be able to save her sister. He looks to Aodhan and Delsen and chuckles, "I"ll throw myself in the dragosn way so you two can escape."

On the sands, Lonely Trundling Egg rustily stirs to motion. Rattling the cage, a green dragon fights to be free of the oppressive tyranny the steel represents… but she finds she doesn't have to, the bars giving way with alacrity. The egg splits into almost uniform rectangular pieces, the green left sitting, dazed, in the rubble.

Unconventional Foliage-Green Dragonet

Not what one would call feminine, this dragon bears no long and sinewy lines; rather, this green is sturdy in the full and stocky way. Her squarer body is softened by the muted shades of the forest, dark olive thinning in sides and legs, with highlights of a brighter, leafy green. Shadowy tones accentuate the blunted tail and shortened limbs, which stand in stark contrast to the finely-boned wings. Dappling forest colours mottle the wide expanse of her back with mosses, fading as they shade belly and knobbly legs. The lightest tones on her body illuminate the frail looking wing-bones, tans and creamed greens picking out the ridges of bone and floating slightly onto wing's translucence.

Ella offers Kevar her wine skin and echoes the cheer - hers may be a little assisted. Enthusiasm was never her strongest suit.

On the sands, Gr'ym laughs as he hears two of his favorite Harpers (Ramon, his son, and the excellent Agnes) yell out "No!" as they see former Harper Ikaelya paired off.

On the sands, Iosha sniffs, she's just been pushed aside in favor of a harper. "Congratulations Ikaelya and Sakurath." She grumbles grudingly, seeing as she is the nearest.

On the sands, Savarna's gaze goes flying back to the noise of the bungle and she starts, simultaneously letting go of Iosha's hand as she's pushed aside. "What—" She looks highly confused, torn between seeking out the source of the bungle and watching what's happening to Ikaelya. Ikaelya wins, briefly.

"Congratulations! And you didn't even get blooded!" Aodhan's comment sends a faint shiver, and Savarna backs back, stumbling a step closer to the galleries. "She might scratch. She seems… assertive. Where- oh, there she is."

Kevar is not so lost in the display on the Sands that he does not notice the skin. It is good that he has long arms and can catch it up to toast Ikaelya's impression already — and who said the feasting and celebration has to come later?

On the sands, Woden whistles as he sees another green hatch from the eggs, "Looks like another green. Quite beautiful too." He makes sure he keeps an eye on the gold.

On the sands, Zamara squeals as the green chooses Ikaelya, jumping on her toes and then coughs and grins at her comrades. "She's lovely. That's wonderful for Ika." She's concentrating so much on Ikaelya that she completely misses the hatching of the other green.

Kella bounces in her seat. Never mind what anyone here is wearing. "Look, look!"

Lucian points towards a rocking egg, "That one, I think. We came up a coupla days ago and he showed me but I think it was that one." Lucian half stands, half leans forward trying hard for a better look. "That harper girl impressed."

Laih is quite suited for shouting, really, but there's nothing wrong with a little company. She even works on closing the distance herself. Those in the way can move or be moved. "Well, I have nothing against browns, in particular. It's the riders of these particular browns that bother me. They're so…male."

On the sands, Aoiffrin's mouth hangs open, as she looks over to Ikaelya. "Holy shards! Ika! You…" And she's speechless, though for only a moment. "I'm so bleedin' happy for you! That's so neat!" Aoi sniffles a moment, before gathering her wits about her. "Sakurath, that's her name? That's beautiful." And now, the hatching gets the candidate's attention once more. "Oh hey, another green popped out. Seems to be very female out here."

On the sands, Lislin blinks, then smiles. "Congratulations!" she calls to Ikaelya as everyone else does, before glancing back at the gold. "That's exciting," she comments, "Someone we know!" Then she blinks. "Another green, look."

The collective voices of the apprentices in the stands scream out in cheer and they stand more or less in unison ynfurling a banner «HARTER IKY ROCKS!». Undoubtedly a Master's going to correct their spelling tommorow, but for today….they celebrate.

Malak weaves to see where Lucian is pointing "I see she got the green one. I hope Aodhan's egg hatches soon. Hey Luc do you think Aodhan has a chance?"

Keria tries to see onto the ledges but a bulk of colors makes all but the closest dragons nothing more than thrummming, humming hulks. "There is that trouble with many a rider, Rider. At least with brown dragons there is some chance that his rider might be, well, not male?"

Laih sulks. "That's not the impression I'm getting."

On the sands, B'nal stares up into the galleries, where a banner is suddenly waving. "Harter Iky rocks?" he reads. "What's that?"

On the sands, Taylin gives a surprised jump when she feels something brushing against her leg, but when she glances down all she sees is her own robe where it hangs too low. A hand clutches at her chest at all the same as that sheepish smile comes back to her face.

On the sands, Sassy Honey-Gold Dragonet pauses for a moment, head twisting around. Is that someone trying to escape at the edges of the group? You don't leave before /this/ show is over. She whips around once more, ready to investigate this. She checks out some talent on the way, poking her nose right up into Delsen's face, before discarding that possibility with a sniff. Defninitely not. She also appears to consider T'ai in a brief, sidelong glance. But no. Wish a shake and a shimmy, she's off through the crowd again towards a particular set of blue-grey eyes she's spotted.

On the sands, Aodhan gives Woden a big-bad thumbs up. "Thanks, Wo!" He hauls Delsen's arm in return as a green hatches, glancing over at Savarna with a grin. "Assertive? Naah! She seems fun! Hey, Delsen. Lookie. There's another one." Poor Ikaelya doesn't get a second glance as Aodhan tugs Delsen bodily in the direction of the newest green. "I like her. Too bad they aren't, like, y'know, firelizards or we could go steal the meat and try to wave it at the dragons and maybe we'd get one even if we weren't supposed to."

On the sands, Delsen, hauled along willingly enough, ooh's appropriately. "Good eye, Aodhan. She's kinda neat. I bet she'd get lost in a forest. If you can lose a dragon. Think you can? Or will a rider always know where their dragon is?" Ah, the mysteries to which he is uninitiated. He belatedly /eyes/ Aodhan. "We'd get in /so much trouble/." He pauses. "You think anyone's ever /tried/ that?"

Laih's attention is fixedly on Savarna. Come on. Fringe it, girl.

On the sands, The team of weyrlingmasters is all over Ikaelya and Sakurath, seeing as they're the only pair thus far. They shepherd her off to the side, where Jules coaches Ikaelya on how to feed Sakurath from meatbucket-number-one.

Keria nudges the other with her elbow, if she can. "It is what it is, I guess. Oh I do wish more dragonets would hatch though, look at all those unimpressed Candidates out there. One of them will be a female on brown, yes? We can hope?"
Keria follows the attention — "Someone you know?"

On the sands, Unconventional Foliage-Green Dragonetis not dazed for long, her wings ruffling. She is slow to rise from her backside, but once she's there, she darts off with speed that a hatchling probably shouldn't possess. Towards the sides of the caverns she goes, content for the moment to let the honeyed Gold take the spotlight, seeking the shadows, the darker places. She isn't hiding, her head held high, but she doesn't care for the direct attention. Let those look on her who understand, not just those who are blinded.

On the sands, Woden nods to Aodhan, "You're welcome." He grins, "Looks like the gold finally pick who she likes." Woden leans out to see who it is, keeping an eye on the other green. Ready to leap out of the way for rampaging dragonets.

On the sands, Zamara suddenly stills, turning her head up to the galleries, eyes seeking out L'o's Govanath and she watches him for a long moment. A smile curves her lips and she seems loathe to look away. Taylin's jump distracts her from her staring and she grins at her. "Easy, Tay, enjoy it." She turns her head as Lislin points out the other green, and she laughs. "Oh, she's lovely. Shy." She tries to elbow Lislin with a grin. "Hey. She looks right for you, eh?"

On the sands, Iosha sighs. "Ah well, there's another /Harter/ lost." Dont think she hasn't noticed the banner waving and what not. The gold is watched absently and so is the green. "Delsen come away from there, you don't know where she's been." Well he does, but that's beside the point.

On the sands, Taylin grins suddenly at Zamara as she clutches her hands against her sides and squeezes her robe tightly. "Sorry, I guess I'm a little nervous after all… who knew?" She sighs softly and glances over at the eggs, gaze straying across her favorite one.

On the sands, Discarded Yard Art Egg seems to ruffle its feathers.

"Well, Zhy just likes to…nudge." Cough. Laih offers Keria an innocently annoyed smile. "Shove, rather. Oh, I'm sure there will be. I know several female brownriders. They're all okay. They're…female." Her gaze flickers back to Savarna. "Sort of. I'm not sure if we're friends or enemies. She's okay, though."

On the sands, Ikaelya moves over to where the Riders are staning not sure what else to do, she approaches Jules and B'royev a little nervously, Sakurath by her side.

Lucian's bouncing only gets worse with each dragonet to hatch. "I don't know, I just know he wants to." Eyes fixated on the happenings below, "Ohh, there's another."

On the sands, Savarna wobbles, almost falling backwards as she stumbles a little closer to the galleries - the over-sized borrowed sandal seems to be not helping matters. Eyes are wide - almost about to pop out of her head - and there's a slick shine of sweat on her forehead. "Aodhan… Iosha? I don't want to be… shreaded." Her pose tenses, muscles bunching as if she's making ready to run. Someone has been dropping hatching horror stories in her ears, it seems.

On the sands, Jules waves Ikaelya and Sakurath over to her, where she has a bucket ready. "Is she saying she's hungry, Ikaeya?"

Malak realizes it is pointless to try to talk to Lucian because neither person is paying attention. "Ok"

On the sands, Taruble, one of the candidates from Bitra who busted Woden's bed, dances around. "When's a guy one going to hatch, huh?"

On the sands, Sassy Honey-Gold Dragonet shimmies to a halt, honeyed head held high for a long moment, as though she's scenting the wind. Or is she drinking in the applause? There will be no shredding today. She's found the only person she could share the spotlight with: Savarna.
On the sands, Sassy Honey-Gold Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Savarna.

On the sands, Ikaelya nods slowly, "It's kind of odd, hearing voices in my head. Like a song that insists on being heard. And yes, she's very hungry."

Keria considers the Candidate, one among many. Perhaps she considers the wrong one. They are all quite far away and they all look quite alike. "Not too elegant, is she — Oh look. That was her, wasn't it? Well you had best be friends with her now, I say."

On the sands, Lislin reddens a bit at Zamara's joke and nudges her back, but does watch the shy-seeming green closely as she slips around the sands. Then she blinks, and elbows Zamara. "I think the Savarna just impressed the gold!" she says, standing up on her toes to try to see better.

On the sands, Aodhan says, "You aren't gonna be shredded, Savie!" Aodhan's so reassuring. "Just get ready to run!" He makes running motions in exaggerated form, stepping high and stomping down with a wide grin — that falters and then doubles. "Oooh! Nevermind! Don't run! Don't you dare run!" He jumps in place, literally, bouncing like the little idiot he so often is. "Saviesaviesaviesavie~"

Kevar applauds the little queen's choice as well, and toasts Savarna too. "Oh, did you want this back?" He swings the skin back towards the other Harter… erm.. Harper, but he does not let it go.

On the sands, Tangled Cables Egg writhes as if a current surges through it, greens and reds warping to reveal the glitter of bronze. As the egg falls apart in disorderly mess, the one live wire in the bunch, that bronze dragonet, struts out to seek his destiny.

Majestic Sword-Bronze Dragonet

On the sands, From rusted wing membrane to earthen hindquarters, the mark of age is upon this dragon, with his wiry form of ancient bronze forged into sharp, angular lines. Aged amber accents deepset eyes and a stubborn jawline, echoed along his muscular shoulders from which sweep corroded wings. Rust bespeckles the translucent membranes, a spattering of glowing heat against the cool of polished metal. Contrasting with that burnished brilliance, his earthen-stained hindquarters, mud ingrained in a whipcord tail and creeping up his dark underbelly. Dully gleaming talons are set in ochre feet, camouflaged with a faint hint of tarnished green.

Brakton claps for the gold impression, and makes marks on his betting scroll. "Twenty-five down, seven up, hmmm. Okay."

On the sands, Woden grins at Savarna, "Congratulations Savarna." He smiles bright as he's glad to see the candidates that he knows the best get the golden dragon. Woden politely claps and shrugs to Taruble, "Maybe there won't be any." He smiles as another dragonet hatches, "There is your guy dragon Taruble. A nice big bronze."

On the sands, Jules nods. She understands. "Feed her this, piece by piece. Make her chew, not gulp. You've got to be her mother now." she says kindly.

On the sands, Delsen steps back slightly inwell, fear? Not really. More like 'I don't wanna bother you if you don't wanna bother me' type stuff as the Sassy dragonet gives him a little poke. At least he's discarded thoughDelsen on a gold? Eh. Side stepping slightly, he tilts his head towards the foliage green dragonet, giving her a thoughtful look before tugging on Aodhan's arm and pointing, "I bet she's yoooours!" Because if he thought she was his well—y'know, it'd be kinda self-centered or something. "She's so pretty…"

On the sands, Crocheted Blankets Egg moves a bit more insistently this time, sand shimmies or perhaps that is flakes of wool or shards of egg. It shakes, it shimmies, it rests.

Apprentice Corrie pokes Bertha, her end of the banner fluttering, and motions to the sands "Oh look its Schmiga's sister Schnoozie isn't it? She looks scared. She's a bit stuck up and aloof. Ikaelya was okay. Studied way too much though. Oh Shards! I'm gonna have to take her place in the chore rotation. This sucks!". The banner is forgotten as reality sets in.

"Hooray!" cheers Charlie, non-specifically. "It's all exciting. They didn't get a blue yet, though."

Laih blinks, uncomprehending. "Did she…what…oh dear." How amusing.

On the sands, Zamara turns her head as Lislin points out the gold and then grins. "Woooo!! Do you think. She seems to be right there with her. Oh wow. That's so /cool/." Her gaze moves around on the sands, looking to see what else she can see, not too interested in any specific dragon.

On the sands, B'nal takes a deep breath. "There he is, Byzanth."

On the sands, Savarna's pose relaxes so much that she almost seems ready to collapse - which might not be far from the truth. It seems that there's not going to be any running today. Instead, a nonsensical flow of non-words escape her mouth until Savarna runs out of breath. "Llydyth!" Simultaneously, she reaches towards her lifemate, fingers entwining over egg-goo slick head-knobs as minds link. "She's Llydyth!" Voice is a horse shout torn from her throat.

On the sands, Gr'ym trots out to negotiate some way for Savarna and Llydyth to mosey on over to meatbucket-number-two.

On the sands, Ikaelya nods slowly in understanding, offering the meat to her new lifemate. "Here you are Sakurath, eat slowly now, you don't want to make yourself ill." And she gives the meat to the green slowly, accompanying it with loving caresses.

On the sands, Majestic Sword-Bronze Dragonet is pretty. He knows it. And he's here, and that's what's important. Pausing a moment to crane his head upwards, he strikes a pose for daddy- aren't you proud? Tail whips impatiently as he steps out from his shards carefully.

On the sands, Brandi grins at B'nal in surprise "What too many women for you men folk? I think its just about right." She says softly, "Though some more men about the place to decorate it won't hurt either." She pauses as Lyaseth croons softly to her daughters, those who have chosen and those who haven't and a welcome to the bronze that now stands on the sands. "Llydyth, that's pretty don't you think L'o?"

On the sands, "Ah man." Aoiffrin says softly, gulping. She grips Iosha's hand a bit harder, squeezing it. Always good, to know someone else was there. "I think I'm starting to choke up a little here. Must be something in my eye." Sniffle. /Sniffle/. "All our fellow candidates are going /away/!" To something bigger and, possibly, better, but still, it's a little sad. "Not that, y'know, I got to attached. Oh! A bronze!" Hurrah for short attention spans.

On the sands, Taylin jumps slightly from the heat and from the hatching egg "Look at one and it was fast to find its lifemate at that." Grinning she calls out a soft "Congrats." Taylin stands silent now unmoving, watching the progress of the hatchlings with a small smile on her pale face. Bonded pairs get soft "Congratulations," before her attention is quickly called back to the hatching going on around her.

On the sands, Discarded Yard-Art Egg suddenly becomes a bunch of pink shards!

Big-Band Bronze Dragonet

If a dragon could look like a sousaphone, this bright bronze does. He carries his neck curved, his tail curved, and his wings flare out like the bell. And wouldn't you know it? His head even has horns.

On the sands, "No, don't even." I'rao, who somehow got roped into herding candidates since he was one of the closest riders on the scene, fixes a look upon a boy who takes advantage of all the commotion and starts to sneak up on some unsuspecting girl. "I don't even want to know what you're thinking of doing. Just don't. Bad choice, mister." Iri, although internally shrieking, 'yay! baby dragons!', maintains an almost sulky expression.

On the sands, Woden watches the bronze and looks to Delsen and Aodhan, "I don't think you two wanna run away from this one." He watches to see wher ethe bronze is going and he is tense as he's ready to get out of the way of the dragon should he come towards the end of the line, where Woden is. He whistles, "Wow, two bronze dragonets. Two big boys."

On the sands, B'nal just grins at Brandi. He's a little overwhelmed.

On the sands, Lislin is distracted as she loses sight of Savarna in the crowd, and the bronze hatchlings catch her eye. "Look a—Oh wow, two bronzes!" she says, bounces up on her toes again to peer at them. These two, at least, she can look at without being nervous, because there's no reason for them to come near her!

On the sands, Aodhan tugs /back/ on Delsen's arm with a manic giggle. "Delsen, she's so pretty!" He totally misses the bronze dragon hatching, engrossed in the idea of being Just Like His Mother. She's probably up in the stands somewhere, likely drinking or with a wineskin at her side. He can't see her, either way. He focuses on Delsen. Tug. Tug tug. "Delsendelsendelsen." He has nothing intelligent to add, bouncing from foot to foot with a laugh on his lips. Woden distracts him and he glances back over, spotting the bronzes with a soft, "Oooh. Hey, you're right. That one looks kinda — I bet he thinks he's king of /everything." He immediately looks around to see if Mr. I'mSoGreat around, speaking of thinking one is King, then turns back. "Although they are shiny!"

On the sands, L'o watches Brandi and the eggs with equal fascination: if the Weyrwoman could hatch, then it would be the best of both worlds. In distraction, he does not appear to hear the entirety of what she says. A pleased, besotted smile answers her anyway.

On the sands, Big-Band Bronze Dragonet bellows like a big bassoon. He's hunting for Trouble!

On the sands, Unconventional Foliage-Green Dragonet is now all alone on the sands, but not for long, as a brother appears. Looking at to her father, Byzanth, she almost seems to look down on him, rather than up at him. Still, she takes a cue and steps into the light, blinking as she adjusts to it. Her hide rippling as the egg once did, muscles propel her on the path less travelled, around behind the candidates. The ones that were standing off to the side are in her way, and she brandishes talons (though she would never use them) to make them move in her search for… if not happiness, perfection.

Keria nods. "She did. At least, I think that was her. And have I missed all the blue hatching? We never have enough blue at Ista. I keep trying different ways of feeding Elorath in hopes that she will breed nothing but blue but I have not yet worked out the proper formula."

Renna still has Robner on her lap, but her head looks like it might explode as the child bounces up and down, swept up in the excitement of it all. "Gumpa Gumpa Bydands Bydands" seems to be the litany of the evening. Renna casts a harried glance for something to stuff in the child's mouth. Every single firelizard in the vacinity chooses that opportune moment to disappear. Apparently B'nal's grandson has a reputation. In the end, Renna borrows someone's riding gloves and lets the toddler drool all over it "I'll get weaver to make a new set" she whisper apologetically.

On the sands, Byzanth looks fondly back at the leafy green.

On the sands, Taylin holds out her hand as if seeking some form of comfort from a candidate nearby and hoping to give some in return, in face of all the new dragonets.

Bouncing in her seat Malak grabs Lucian's arm "Look the bronze is walking towards Aodhan"

On the sands, Iosha isn't really paying much attention to the words around her. It's all just a blur of colors and shapes as far as she is concerned. "Huh? Oh yeah." She murmurs to Aoiffrin before adding her congratulations to Savarna. "She's a pretty one." She mumbles, her concentration more on keeping her feet from getting burnt rather than what's actually going on around her.

Laih scratches an eyebrow. "Blue. I'm sure there's been blue. There's always a blue somewhere." Muttered curses.

Keria tilts her head. "You do not like blue either?"

On the sands, Savarna starts, looks around, and - in a mixture of helpfulness and clinginess - helps Llydyth as they skirt around the outside of the candidates towards The Bucket Of Meat. She's so wrapped up in Llydyth that she doesn't even notice bradishing talons. Much.

On the sands, Taruble dips into a pocket for a smidgen of sen-sen. He shouldn't-a had that couple or five beers earlier.

Laih coughs. "I have nothing wrong with blues. Just blueriders. Some of them, anyway. Actually, a few in particular."

Laih says, "Well, they're not so bad."

a flash of uncertainty crosses Lucian's features, "I can't tell."

Laih is very wishy-washy today.

On the sands, Zamara grins at Lislin. "So excitable." She might be nervous, but who can tell under all that Zama bounce. She shifts her weight and nearly trips over the hides she's got wrapped around her feet. She rights herself and frees one hand to reach down and adjust things at her feet so she doesn't trip again. "Hmm?" She takes the dropped hand back up.

On the sands, Delsen defintely didn't hear Woden, but that's probably because he's too distracted by the almost-scary green who's brandishing her talons. That can't be safe, can it? But instead of running like a chicken, he semi-ducks behind Aodhan, giving him another little arm tug as she makes her way through the other candidates, "She's—" Too pretty for words? Yes, he's still staring.

On the sands, Majestic Sword-Bronze Dragonet moves with purpose, and with determination. His steps are somehow rhythmic, in time to the swaying of his tail behind him. He pauses another moment, allowing his adoring fans to get a good look at every square inch. He's quality, baybee.

Keria bites on a laugh, unsure how it might be interpreted in such a crowd. "Yes. Well. It is what is is" she says again somewhat helplessly.

On the sands, Woden looks at both of the bronzes watching them with his eyes as they move across the sands. He breathes slowly so he doesn't faint and he keeps his arms behind him. Woden fights the urges to get his hopes up and his feet shift a little bit in the sands.

On the sands, Big-Band Bronze Dragonet marches without hesitation to the one candidate who he can not only feel but smell—Taruble.

Laih smiles encouragingly at Keria. "Things are what they are. And then they aren't. And then something changes. And then you forget. But, really, I don't really have anything against blues or browns or bronzes, it's just the maleness of the male riders, in particular, that bothers me." This could be a Sign. A flashing neon, sign, in fact, reading something like: 'Recent Unhappily Proddy Experience.'

On the sands, Aodhan cranes his head to eye back behind his shoulder. "Deeeeelsen. Deeeelsen." I am the ghost of hatchings — present! He reaches back to grab at the other candidates white robe and push him out in front with a breathless giggle. "She's kinda scary. Y'know all those stories about mauling? I think she might do it," he adds under his breath. "I don't wanna impress her. YOU impress her."

On the sands, Taylin watches as a hatchling begins to move, sighing softly as the heat starts to get overwhelming again. Whiping her hands on her robe as one hatchling is watched emerging from its shell and searching. "So quick, though those two are taking their time, to each it's own I guess."

On the sands, Taruble feels like the day when W.C. Handy, John Philip Sousa, and all those other names nobody remembers came marching into town on the very same day. T'ruble is (forevermore) with "Capitalteeth!"

On the sands, Aoiffrin shuffles her feet around, the fact they are starting to burn is beginning to register in her mind. Ouuuchie. "They just keep -hatching-!" And to think she thought that this was going to be a reallyreally fast affair. "And moving. Making me kind of motionsick. Watching them all scurry around, along with some of the others. Ooooh man." Cue queasy stomach.

On the sands, Brandi catches L'o's eye and grins back and then goes back to watch the choices and the impressions and the hatchlings, hard to watch everything at once. Lyaseth seems calmer now the initial impressions have taken place, her little babies are moving on. She croons again.

Viter goes home.
Brakton goes home.
J'bal walks in.

Keria smiles back with the cracked lips of a Rider that rides too far, too often. "Yes. Well put. It is what it is, except when it isn't, and then it changes. I agree. Still, I know a few men that can be quite decent if you give them a chance. Just a few, mind."

On the sands, Ikaelya smiles as Savarna approaches, "Congratulations to both you and Llydyth. You must be so happy to be a future Weyrwoman. And Llydyth is lovely."

Kevar is still here. He drinks. He merry makes. He cheers them all on (especially the Harpers). Kevar considers Harpers to be a renewable resource.

On the sands, Iosha shifts once more, feet struggling to maintain integrity. "You think they'd have some way of turning the temperature down." She moans to Aoiffrin.

Kevar suddenly isn't there anymore — make up your own excuse.
Kevar has disconnected.

Laih glances over, looking drolly hopeful. If such a look is possible. "Well, I suppose there is the occasional odd one out. There is an extreme for everything. Unfortunately, that means that there are extremes on the opposite end as well. I have personal experience there." Grimace.

On the sands, Zamara grins at Taylin, laughing at her words and then gives a shrug. "Sooner or later they all have to chose someone. Like that bronze over there. That one that chose the boy who broke Woden's cot." She laughs. "That's great. I'd never have guessed him on bronze."

On the sands, Savarna snaps out of her happy mist for a moment. "Future what?" For a moment, there's a blank look, before the happy smile curves back again and she's reaching for food. "I wish they'd told us it would be like this."

On the sands, "But but—" Squeaking as he's shoved forward by his supposed friend, and coincidentally nearly trips, Delsen swallows hard, staggering a bit in his step, especially since his robe is starting to unstitch along the sleeve now, which causes him to lose a bit of balance while he tries to tend to it. Attention span? MIA.

On the sands, Unconventional Foliage-Green Dragonet's talons are only a mock threat, but they work… in most cases. A noise of what can only be surprise is expressed, and she makes her way towards the protector and the protected, her head cocked to the side. Each of them is eyed, her consideration carefully made. She seems to ignore any words from either, her muzzle descending to sniff at both pairs of sandals. You can tell a lot about a man from his footwear.

On the sands, Taylin's nose wrinkles slightly at the mention of the one who broke Woden's cot, her head tilting slightly as she comments, "Isn't he the one that… smells?" She doesn't look like she wants to outright malign someone who just impressed bronze though.

Ella parties right along side of Kevar. "Turning her back to the sand, she waves at Master Farmer Kalen three rows behind "Helloo - how's that runner foot you have? It was an odd place for it to grow, wasn't it?" Her attention is drawn back as yet another candidate impresses "Ah no, that one had potential as a harper. Shard it". More wine is consumed to ease the loss "Ah well, a loss for the hall, a gain for Pern".

On the sands, Majestic Sword-Bronze Dragonet has no more time for flexing- it's down to business. Now is the time to plan, to carefully cultivate a plan of attack. If he flanks the left side, he can sweep down and take the robes by surprise.. wait. What's that? Eyes turn suddenly scornful, as they affix on his sister. Is she.. moving torwards.. oh, no, he's going to have to put a stop to this. Full on barreling torwards the same pair the green is investigating, he bugles haughtily. How dare you!

On the sands, Crocheted Blankets Egg shimmies again, it wants to be out there and at them, while there is still a gaggle to choose from, adventures are waiting, places to be discovered, people to be conquered ahem met. It quivers as cracks appear in its sides.

On the sands, Sakurath nudges her lifemate as the flow of food stops briefly. Ikaelya takes the hint and continues feeding and reassuring the green the she too is lovely. She looks in awe once more at the green, yet somewaht distracted as if listening closely.

Keria folds her arms and nods. "Agreed. Again. And Zyh is no help I suppose? — Oh /do/ hurry up and pick someone", she yells out towards the little unimpressed green. "It really does not matter who, you will love them anyways." To Laih, "I think they are wired that way you know. I have decided a dragonet could impress the first Candidate it stumbles across and decide that is who it wanted all along."

On the sands, Woden looks to Taruble, now T'ruble and nods to him, "Congratulations." He gives the former candidate, now weyrling a friendly smile. He doesn't have any hard feelings over his cot being broken. It was in the past. He goes back to watching the other dragons on the sands. Woden first looks to the green and then back to the bronze to see where he will go. He watches the green sniff at the sandals of Aodhan and Delsen. Woden steps back away from them as the bronze comes over and he just watches with a smile on his face.

On the sands, Zamara jumps, pointing at the Crocheted Blankets Egg as it shifts. Finally a reaction from Zamara other than acceptance. "Ooh, look guys, its /wriggling/. Think it will hatch soon? Any bets on color? I think it'll be blue. Blue would be very pretty from that one."

Lucian is all but jumping up and down in his seat as the two dragonets both approach the boys. "Looklooklooklook, Aodhan and Delsen are going to impress."
On the sands, Like how big-his feet are. Yes, you can definitely tell how big a man's feet are by the footwear he dons. And since Delsen's still /technically/ a boy, well, his aren't that big. Andwell, they're surrounded. Eyes widen in a surge of mixed emotions, the fright causing his knees to shake a little as he half clings to his partner in crime, "Um—Aodhan? Um…" Squeak. "She's um… hi." Eh, can't forget to greet a pretty lady, eh? And her brother. "And hi." More like: Don't eat me, please?

On the sands, Aodhan makes a quite intelligent noise: "Gheee!" He points at the green dragon, then snatches his hand /back/ lest she bite it. "She's gonna bite your toes!" Well, maybe not. As the bronze makes a move, Aodhan takes a step back with an echoed, "Gaah! He's gonna bite off your whole /leg/!" Naturally, both dragons will attack Delsen, not Aodhan. In an undertone, jsut to help matters along, Aodhan quickly adds: "Delsen tastes better!" He pats Delsen on the shoulder — hard. Manly shoulder clasp! "Face it like a man, Delsen." Aodhan, meanwhile, eyes the distance to the nearest climbable surface.

"I hope I hope" Malak says bouncing with Lucian

On the sands, T'ruble beams over at Woden, his new second-best friend in the whole world. "Thanks, old bean." He fixes all his attention on Capitalteeth, and they move toward the weyrlingmasters and their nice buckets.

On the sands, "You'd /think/ they would be able to." Aoiffrin snorts out, lifting her left foot up, to give it some time to breath and cool down. "But I think they all get some sick joy out of watching us sizzle out here. Poor li'l us, sweltering out here. Man… I need a drink." Leaning forward, Aoiffrin spys movement of well known candidates. "Hey, those two dragonets seem to be interested in Aoddy and Del. Or maybe they are just hungry. Not like they'll get much of a meal. Well… Aodhan might fill 'em up."

"Not really." Laih rumples out the folds in her skirt - well, it kind of looks like a skirt - and draws a deep breath, fighting off a passing wave of frustration. "Though, I mean, some of the most irritating bronzeriders I know don't require her prompting to be insufferable." A low growl? Could it be? Who can tell, with all of this racket? She glances out across the sands again - she's been rather ignoring them for the past while - searching for something. "I don't suppose it really does. Though, you know, they have to make such a big fuss about it. That gold. I mean…really, it could have been worse, really it could, but…this will be interesting." Pause. "Yes. Interesting." Almost hopeful.

Charlie watches it all, prying Charlton's hand off her mouth periodically. "Quit. When does the blue come, huh? And *stop* it—Ramon might see you do that."

On the sands, Iosha glares at the dragonets. "Oi, those two aren't all that great." She mutters to Aoiffrin, not wishing to incur the wrath of mommie and daddy by yelling at them directly. "If they Impress I'll scream." And that's about all she'll do. No congratulations, no nothing.
On the sands, Brandi smiles happily, tears in her eyes, perhaps from sand or perhaps happy for everyone. Zamara's voice brings her back to here and now and she sighs softly and glances around to see if a dragon is searching out her friend.

On the sands, From the shadows where he's been hoving, Hobomagan hollers, "Don't eat 'em!" Then he ducks.

On the sands, Taylin hops around from foot to foot, eyes darting quickly around the sands, from bonded pairs to the unbonded hatchlings to the eggs that havent hatched yet "Its all so different, much different then last time." Speaking to those nearest to her.

Keria mutters an old Igen curse: "May you live in interesting times", to the back of a hapless bronzerider in front of her. "I will admit that Elorath does nothing to encourage the insufferability of others and for that I am truly thankful. She has a preference for Harpers though, which is of no use in a Flight of course. I mean when a Harper becomes a Rider, they really cease to be a Harper do they not? One is just a Rider. As if were sprouted from the shell as much as the dragonets do." And then, watching — hoping — for more impressions. "Yes, interesting."

On the sands, "Whatarehey! If they eat me, you have tmerf!" Taking a deep and brave breath, Delsen gives Aodhan a little shove for his wussiness and continues to stand there about a hand's span apart from the other boy, eyes shifting between the two dragonets opposing him. "Ifif you eat me, you have to eat him too. But I won't let you eat him 'causeI have to protect him!" Just look at that chest puff!

On the sands, Unconventional Foliage-Green Dragonet notes the advance of her brother, and sticks her head between the two candidates, her lips drawing back a little in a snarl, and a growl comes from the back of her throat. It's not a full growl, just another one of those threats, like the talons, before.

On the sands, Majestic Sword-Bronze Dragonet snorts at his sister, quickly turning and puffing up with pride. He plays the crowd, basking in the glory of victory before she possibly can, as his first campaign concludes here: with Aodhan.
On the sands, Majestic Sword-Bronze Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Aodhan.

Keria relaxes, finall. "And about time too, even if he is decidedly mail. Are all Candidates so young? I do not remember us being so young."

On the sands, Zamara turns to look at Taylin and completely misses the bronze choosing Aodhan. "Hmm? Oh, it is. I can't really put into words how, though." She nudges Lislin. "What other dragons have you noticed?"

On the sands, Crocheted Blankets Egg Threads begin to snap and fray, the frazzled ends slowly unwinding as chartreuse showers the ground, followed by broad flakes of fuchsia and ochre cast off by the frenzied unraveling. A ball of nervous energy is revealed, up and at 'em, as the dragonet within abandons her home. Exploration calls!

Reckless Margarita-Green Dragonet

Salty margarita green gleams taut and smooth over every lean muscle and sinew of this slip of slender dragonet. Turquoise shadows eye ridges and head knobs, skimming the edges of sharpened spinal ridges to spill in a pale lime froth to the flattened arrow of her tail. Marbled along shoulder and legs, her hide fades to quartz's white along each spar of her thickly veined wings, crystal echoed in talon's points. A slash of dark hazelnut across that narrow muzzle lends her otherwise refined presence a compelling, feral beauty.

Lucian all but lands in Malak's lap, barely missing it as the bronze attaches itself to Aodhan. "He did it he did it!!!"
Malak shoots up jumping in the stands. "He's got one he got a bronze one. Can you see that?"
Ella's head snaps up and she mutters a word that has gotten her kicked out of more then one bar let alone stands "Shardit. I'd hoped that Aodhan wouldn't impress! He's too good for a dragon". Them are fightin words!

On the sands, Wistful Meanderings Egg shudders once, twice, thrice: its time has come. Soon, now, very soon.

On the sands, Unconventional Foliage-Green Dragonet approaches Delsen now that the other has been claimed, but she wanted this one all along. In Delsen, she finds the other half of her soul, and in those eyes, she finds the windows to herself, as well as to him.
On the sands, Unconventional Foliage-Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Delsen.

On the sands, Woden nods to T'ruble, "You're welcome." He turns his attention back to Aodhan and Delsen and smiles at both of them, "Congratulations you two. They are wonderful looking dragons. I knew you two would impress." He watches them go off the sands and then turns his attention back to the other eggs. Woden smiles as another green dragonet appears on the sands, "A lot of beautiful greens. He says to no one in particular as he is suddenly all alone.

Journeyman Suzuki scribbles as fast as she can burn hide, but Kella doesn't take nary a note. "Wow," she breathes. "It's just all so dramatic and romantic and, and ballistic!"

On the sands, B'royev murmurs an uh-oh, as he spies Aodhan and Delsen start to go all vacant-eyed. "Give me an extra bucket," he mutters. "I'll bring those two in.

On the sands, Taylin gives a half-hearted swipe at the sweat on her forehead, as watches and waits, Look that egg over there is twitching I think. Straining forward just a little in her spot Yup it moved I saw it. For being so in need of comfort earlier Tay has seemingly recovered.

Lucian flings his arms out to Malak like he's going to hug her, in fact, he'd twirl her if there was room.

Keria arches one narrow unorange eyebrow. "Too /good/ for a dragon?" She heard that, though she cannot tell who said it.

On the sands, Aodhan, belatedly reminded, eyes Delsen. "Oh, yah. I'll prot— Eeee!" He clamps on to Delsen's shoulder. "Eeee. Eeee." He remembers to breathe somewhere in there, but only under duress. "Iskandeth, Iskandeth, Iskandeth," he repeats under his breath, time and again as he drops to his knees and throws his arms around Mr. I'm So Great. SQUEEZE! He has none of the nobility of the bronze dragon, and all of the childish glee of, well, /himself/. "And I promise not to call you Isky, you're so beautiful. You're much better than a gre— Hey! You have green on you." The rest of the babbling, for it definitely continues, is inaudible.

On the sands, Iosha watches the scene with her brother intently, and Aodhan and Delsen both Impress within moments of each other. It is then she takes a deep breath and grumbles. No scream yet, she'll wait until she's off the sand. It won't do for her to be squished before her life-mate finds her.

Malak without thinking first embraces Lucian tightly. "Yes"

On the sands, Reckless Margarita-Green Dragonet walks away from her egg with not one look back. Her egg dreams are over, this is her new life, that vessel is finished with, for now she will explore and find someone to captain her ship with her. Eyes whirl merrily as she looks this way and that, sniffing at knees and looking under robes for the hidden treasures, never still, she skips from groupings of candidates to groupings of candidates.

Laih has been sort of staring off into space, nodding rhythmically, ever since Keria mentioned the word 'Harper'. Does this make sense? No. An occasionall flicker of an eye is granted to the back of that hapless bronzerider, though. A wary eye.

On the sands, B'nal shakes his head. "Uh-oh. I think we have triple trouble now." But he's grinning all over his wide face. Up in the stands, his grandson squeals and he squints up to stry to see.

On the sands, Wistful Meanderings Egg trembles, wobbles and then shakes expectantly. A frantic tapping begins from within, the sound reaching out until noise and shaking stop and the shards begin to slip. No grand entrance, no blast of energy, just a steadily increasing rain of shards that litter the ground and finally release its occupant, who uncurls slowly, a mischievous glint in his deep-set eyes.

Fierce Woad-Blue Dragonet

The underlying strength of darkened earth battles with lapis lazuli, the intense hues smeared across the bulky muscles that dominate this roughly hewn blue's form. The brightness is strongest over square head where streaks of fierce woad exaggerate craggy features, fading to mere smudges of lapis over blunted neckridges, powerful haunches and stubby tail, tethered with thick muscle to body's form. Earthy-blue wings are shorter and deeper than average, the limestone veining along wing-membranes tipped with the slightest hint of cobalt, echoed in the blue-tinged ebony of talons' sharp points.

On the sands, Aoiffrin finally snaps out of her delusional state. "Whoa… I think I just fell asleep standing." Blinkblinkblink. Is that even possible? "Did I miss… OHMYFARANTH! Delsen /and/ Aodhan 'pressed. I… suddenly feel really bad for the weyrlingmasters." She clears her throat, shielding her extremely amused look. "Way to go, guys! Congrats! You both are gonna be the cutests li'l weyrlings out there!" Aoiffrin places her hand on her stomach, making a small face. "Nooot feeling good." Bleeeh. "Hey Woden, you look lonely, c'mon over 'ere! I've got a free hand for you." Fingers are waggled.

On the sands, Taylin shuffles off to the side, momentarily crowding her neighbors as she moves slightly away from Zamara. A foot lifts off the ground, shaking wildly as she works the built-up sand from out of her sandal and back where it belongs.. with the rest of the sand! "It's about time a blue hatched," she comments.

On the sands, Brandi giggles "Trouble? What with Byzanth to watch over them?" She eyes the proud daddy "He'll be wrapped around their little talons won't he?" She smiles, Lyaseth croons proudly, fit to be burst and Brandi's face reflects this pride, a beautiful lot of eggs, a stunning array of weyrlings and impressions happening left right and centre.

On the sands, Uh oh. Can you really blame Delsen for stepping to the side at the growl? Even if it wasn't directed at him per se. Nerves man, feel the nerves! Especially since "Aodhan? You're umow?" One moment he's there, and the next by the bronze. But that's okay because you know what? Irusenth is. Dropping to his own knees, he extends a hand to pet the dragonet's muzzle, a slow grin forming over his face. "Irusenth-that's really pretty! You're really pretty!"

On the sands, Zamara is completely distracted as the Crocheted Blankets Egg hatches and she gapes at the green for a moment before she regains her composure and looks pointedly away. "Hmm? Stop fidgeting, Tay. A dragon'll find you. Really. Have some faith." Her eyes return to the green, expression unreadable. Then her gaze shifts to the other egg she was watching. "A blue! Out of that one. That's so cool. He's lovely, isn't he?"

Sleepy_Guest walks in.

On the sands, Shattered Window Egg isn't all the way shattered yet. It's close, oh yes, but.. oh, nevermind. There it goes.

Elevator Music-Blue Dragonet

One giant dull shade of blue everywhere- from head to tail, this dragonet is a dusky cobalt, with no other markings visible anywhere. Eyes are half-lidded, giving him either a sleepy or dopey appearance. We're not sure which.

On the sands, Woden watches the blue hatch and smiles at both of the dragons,

On the sands, Gr'ym wanders out into the fray to collect the latest round of impressees. Seeing Delsen and Aodhan claimed inspires four new grey hairs to sprout from his salt-and-peppered scalp.

On the sands, Fierce Woad-Blue Dragonet climbs free of his egg's scattered remains and surveys the wreckage. He flexes experimentally, shaking himself briskly to make sure that all's in working order, and that he's no sullied by any remains. The pesky goo is sticking… but is it soon forgotten, attention turning to the rest of the battlefield—er, hatching grounds. Now, he lumbers towards the largest thing in sight: Lyaseth. Tally ho!

On the sands, B'nal shakes his head in denial. So does Byzanth. "Aw, look, a pair of blues."

On the sands, Lislin blinks. "Aodhan -and- Delsen at once!" she remarks, making a bit of a face. Aaieee! Tayling and Zamara both get smiles before she turns to look at the blue, nodding. "About time," she agrees. "No browns yet, either!"

Keria nudges the bronzerider in front of them with her boottip. When that does not work she nudges him again. Then she gives him a little kick. When he finally turns around she hides a pointed finger behind an upraised hand and suggests to him that Laih did it, not her.

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On the sands, Woden watches the blue hatch and smiles at both of the dragons, "Going to make two…no now three happy." He says as another blue hatches. Woden laughs as he watches the dragon charge at Lyaseth, "Better her then me." Woden says to himself. No way he's moving anywhere, it's dangerous out there with dragonets running around. Nope he'll stay right here, hot feet and all.

On the sands, Savarna starts, looking up and lifting a blood-stained hand to shade her eyes - and leaving a streak of red across her forehead at the same time. "Aodhan and Delsen, did you say? What?" Eyebrows jerk upwards as a grin curls over her lips. "Good luck!" She doesn't mention if the luck is for the Weyrlingmasters, the dragonets or the boys.

On the sands, Reckless Margarita-Green Dragonet continues her exploration, not pausing long at each place, sniffing here and there, cold egg-gooey muzzle shoved at knee height of many different candidates but she cannot be held back or caught, she is off again. Occasionally her tail twitches and shifts a candidate robe here and there, not revealing anything but just in fun, a twitch, a flick, her tail seems to have a lift of its own, an obvious expression of her thoughts as she dances over the sands.

Laih is busy reminiscing. To the ceiling. One might notice, though, that her feet are decidedly bare. No boottips here.

Lucian wraps his arms around Malak in elation. Poor, poor people behind the pair trying to watch. Abruptly letting go and sitting hard on the bench, something's just occurred to Lucian.

On the sands, Taylin nods eagerly over at Lislin, then leans down and rubs at her knee, bending over slightly and tilting her gaze away from the hatchlings. Her attention is instead upon her favorite egg as she lets out a husky little sigh, having been so hopeful it would hatch soon, but it hasn't just yet.

On the sands, Elevator Music-Blue Dragonet lurches- literally. Is it morning already, mom? I don't wanna go to school.

On the sands, Zamara turns again at Lislin's comment, eyes searching the sands. "Hey, you're right, I haven't seen any browns." She shakes her head. "That's odd. Lots of greens, though. That's a good thing."

On the sands, Gr'ym will likely have a whole head of grays or no hair by the time he's done with -this- weyrling group, particularly Delsen and Aodhan.

Muwah. Standing, Delsen makes to pick up the green as if she were a baby, but allows her to maneuver herself to the sidelines to await further instruction. "Aoooooodhan… you/bronze/!?" he snortgiggles, giving his crony a good nudge. "He's really handsome thoughbut Irusenth is better!" Naturally.

Keria never really plans her mischief out very well. Still, when the disgruntled bronzerider turns back towards the Sands and its new little dragonets — and blue! — she is shaking with inheld laughter.

Malak is to excited to care about Lucian falling to the bench. She turns towards the sand "Woo Hoo" she says but she is not heard through the noise of the crowd. She takes a set next to Lucian. "Boy that is exciting."

On the sands, Aoiffrin's face is starting to turn just a bit green twinged, as she tries to watch everyone at once. Memo to self: Not a good idea. "Iosha, if I throw up, do you think the Weyrwoman will get mad at me? Cause… my stomach is not agreeing with the heat, the movement, all the colors… whooo…" And the world is spinning for poor Aoiffrin. "Ugh. Alright, I can handle this. I sure can." Just keep thinking that. Distracting herself, the candidate looks out and spys more dragons. "Hey, look at them! Two blues, and another green. 'bout time things equaled up. And…" Stare. "is that one blue actually charging at Lyaseth?"

On the sands, Aodhan looks over at Delsen, looks down at Isky— Er, Iskandeth, then looks over at the sidelines and 'meatbuckets'. "Oh, yah, food. I'm hungry too," he agrees mindlessly, lost in a vague haze punctuated by random giggles. If he spotted the apprehension the twinned impression caused — it would only make him giggle even /more/. As it is, he sounds vaguely possessed. "Nuh uh! And of course it's bronze. I always wanted bronze." Lies! "Iskandeth is the best dragon /ever/. Isn't he awesome? You're the best, Iskandeth," he finishes, the note of fondness in his voice obvious.

On the sands, Ikaelya grins at the pair of trouble makers as they approach, "Congratulations Aod, Delsen. They're both wonderful dragonets, but Sakurath has them both beat." She grins at them and continues feeding her beloved lifemate.

On the sands, Fierce Woad-Blue Dragonet eventually figures out that Lyaseth is not his eventual goal. He maintains cheerfulness with a loud, throaty, reverberating bugle - more like a deep bass rumble - then about-faces and assesses those left on the sands. He picks a new target, and off he goes, purposefully moving towards those white-robed candidates. That one? Too pristine. He makes for those with tattier robes.

On the sands, Reckless Margarita-Green Dragonet catches sight of treasure, true gold, the red-gold curls almost a flag waving in her eyes, a star twinkling to guide her by, she is willing to follow that light where it leads. She leaves the candidate she's been teasing and heads, two dimpled knees might not be visible but she's determined to see if it is so, an adventure to be had to be finding such gold, true gold, pirate's gold. She's a woman on a mission and no one is going to stop her, ok well she might flick that black haired candidates robe with her tail but her eyes are fixed on that light that beams brightly at her.

Bullemorte wanders about in the galleries, using an absurd swagger to carry him within oggling range of every 20-something and under female. Grinning broadly and sliding up next to Kella, he waggles a brow at her. "So…you going to the after party?" What a pick up line.


On the sands, L'o touches Brandi's elbow, and then her shoulder. He smiles down into her face, and then looks beyond— his eyes following the daring blue that had made a charge for Lyaseth. This amuses him greatly.
On the sands, Taylin wipes her hands off on her off-kilter robe and stands back up, glancing around herself once more just in case a dragonet got close and she wasn't paying attention. One can never be too safe, right? She side-steps back in Zamara's direction, then smiles and asks, "So, who do you think he's looking for?" A hand gestures at the searching blue.
On the sands, Woden continues to watch all by himself off to the side. He smiles bright as he's truly happy for those who are his friends and for those that he didn't get along with. Woden shifts his feet a little as the heat is finally starting to bother him.

On the sands, Lyaseth makes a deep noise within her chest, almost a chuckle and then a bugle to remind the blue which direction to go. White he needs to choose, not gold. Brandi shakes her head and grins up at L'o, at his gentle touch and she leans against him for support, getting tired and then she blinks "Hey R'sin, where's that something cold you promised?"

Keria turns her attention back to the hatching sands. "Well. Now. That sleepy looking blue reminds me of some of Ista's last dragonets. They all had that punch-drunk look to them, especially around the eyes. Its those ones you have to watch out for. You might think that they are rather dim, and the — bam! — they've knocked you flying."

On the sands, Zamara is ignoring the green for the blue, though her eyes dart a bit away and then back, giggling. She shakes her head at Taylin's question. "Well, he can't impress Lyaseth, so he'll have to make his choice." She reaches down to tug up her robe enough to scratch a rather scratched up knee and then straightens to glance over at Brandi and L'o, smiling a moment.

On the sands, Elevator Music-Blue Dragonet trudges on with a yawn. Well, if he /must/ get up, he must. Doggedly heading forward with his head down, he all but runs into one lone boy. Both are knocked to the sand - and both respond apathetically. D'ull smiles slowly. "Sleepyth.."

Kella looks at Bullemorte excitedly. "Oh, yes, I hope so. I mean, yes. Did you see? The harper was the first to impress, and then there was a bronze and another-bronze and some blues and some greens! Oh, and a gold!" Perhaps she'll defeat him with the sheer rapidity of her speech.

Lucian jumps back up straight off the bench. Making vague shooing motions with his hands, "Come on Malak let's go down. I wonder how long it'll take for the new weyrlings to go the caverns to eat."

On the sands, "I'm starving. Hey Aodhan! I dare you to eat a piece of the meat!" Maybe /after/ the babies get fed. Irusenth's certainly reminding the once-Delsen so, with several head prods (they're affectionate, /really/) in the side. "Okayokayokayover here! How much do we feed them?" he asks ofwell, whoever's around, but particularly the once-Aodhan.

On the sands, Lislin's eyes flit away from the green to focus on the blue a moment, then she turns back to look for the green. Where'd she go— "Ahh!" Lislin doesn't scream but she does squeak as she is suddenly flicked with a tail, releasing Zamara's hand and jumping about a foot in the air.

Malak jumps up to follow Lucian down the stairs. "Excuse me" she says as she steps past people.

On the sands, Fierce Woad-Blue Dragonet provides his own soundtrack with deep, rumbles that cause the very sand under his feet to reverberate. He bypasses the first few candidates after a long look, then spies someone who makes him step a little quicker, if not lighter: hot feet, no sandals, but most importantly, a spunky spirit. She needs a drink, does she?

On the sands, Reckless Margarita-Green Dragonet finally reaches the goal she had in mind, the scratched knee is nuzzled at, yes this is the treasure she's been looking for and her tail lashes out, circling to entrap Zamara's ankles, not to trip, but to treasure. Her mind is made up: Zamara is just the one to share in her adventures.
On the sands, Reckless Margarita-Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Zamara.

On the sands, Taylin turns slightly as if to start saying something to Zamara, replying to the conversation no doubt, but then pauses instantly when she notices the green coming close. "Oh shells!" That's enough to have her backing up.

On the sands, Lislin's eyes widen again as she lands. Oh no! The green has got her friend! "Zama!" she says, eyes widening. "Oh! Congrats!" She fidgets, bouncing akwardly now that her (unlikely) anchor is gone. "Congratulations!" she says again, grinning suddenly. Yay!

On the sands, B'nal's knees give a little. "Oh, no. Zamara," he whispers, but Byzanth is bugling his approval.

On the sands, Aoiffrin raises her hand, expecting to find her bandana. Scowling for a moment, she instead just feels her hair. "Arrrrg." She exclaims, "My feet are /burning/! Badly!" Her own fault, perhaps, but still! "And I think I'm starting to sweat. I don't think I've ever sweat in my entire life. It feels… really nasty." The dragons are stared at, or at least, where she last saw them. "Where did… oh! That green went to Zamara. Congrats!" She shouts out, raising on her tiptoes but not without a wince of pain. Focusing her attention back in front of her, Aoiffrin's eyes widen as she spots the one blue yet to 'press near her. "Uh…" She looks about madly, face going slightly pale. "Hel…lo there." Ahem. Leaning towards another candidate, Aoi whispers, "What do you think he wants?"

Bullemorte stares at Kella in dumbfounded surprise, with just a hint of mirth hidden somewhere in his open, cheerful features. Wait, did his lame pick up line actually /work/? He stutters for a moment as he attempts to recover from this shock. "Uh…uh yeah, the Impressions were great. Its always nice to see a gold on the sands. But you know, the after party is going to be even better. Surely a lovely lady like yourself is in need of someone to escort her there?" Play it smooth, Bullemorte. Play it smoooooth.

On the sands, Brandi beams happily and straightens up again from where she has been leaning against L'o "Zamara!" She claps her hands together joyfully and bounces. Her friend impressed. "L'o! Lookit! Lookit B'nal! Zami impressed!" As if they don't know. Lyaseth blesses her daughters choice with a bugle as all the other impressions have been so announced.

On the sands, Zamara's attention is sharply brought back into focus and she looks down at the touch at her knee, surprised to find the green there. She wanted her so much she couldn't even look at her. "High? Oh yes, Araganth, we'll take this world apart one wing at a time, eh?" She beams down at her new companion, her own personal gang of troublesome adventures. "Shards and shells, we've got to fill that belly before you get me wanting to eat that raw meat. Blech."

On the sands, Iosha wriggles her nose. "Honestly, I think some dragons don't have any taste." She mutters to Aoiffrin. "And don't you dare throw up on me or I'll smack you upside the head." She threatens as yet another of thier number is taken by those ravening dragonets. "Nearly finished." She chirrups. "I think he wants you, to be his slave and work from sun-up to midnight without meal breaks." Okay it's heat induced insanity.

On the sands, B'nal believes it, but he's on his knee—checking the temperature of the sands, of course. He stands up again pretty quickly.

On the sands, Ikaelya squeals as Zamara Impresses, "Congratulations Zama!" Sakurath looks toward the newly Impressed pair between mouthfuls, urging Ikaelya to give her more once the moment has passed.

On the sands, Woden smiles as the green finds Zamara he claps for her, "Congratulations Zamara." He watches to see who the blue will go for, probably not to him as he's all the way on the other side of the sands. Woden peeks over to see if there is any eggs left over.

Lucian ushers Malak out of the stands in front of him. He silently heads down them, he waits about half way for Malak to join him.

On the sands, Fierce Woad-Blue Dragonet pauses at Aoiffrin's feet, looking up into her eyes with love and wonder. He's always wanted a raven-haired beauty… of course, 'always' has only been about seven minutes.

On the sands, B'royev does his best impersonation of a herding dog again, making sure that new weyrlings are seperated out, supplied with food for their dragonets, and some instruction on how not to get their fingers bitten off.

On the sands, Lislin bounces, chewing on a fingernail as she watches Zamara and her green head off the sands. She waves again, but know she won't see it, so turns back around to try to find those blues again. Taylin gets a bit of a glance, and she slowly edges a bit closer to the other girl.

On the sands, Taylin mumbles a congratulations to Zamara, her voice low as she steps back just a little bit more not wanting to get in the way of the newly impressed pair. Still, she can't help but smile for her friend as she watches them closely, giving a little sigh of contentedness… until she's reminded the sand is hot. She resumes shuffling and bouncing slightly from foot to foot.

Malak heads down the stands with Lucian. As she passes Lucian she says "Hurry Hurry"
Lucian makes his way down the tiers towards the exit.
Liette walks out.

On the sands, L'o hugs Brandi, tightly, looking over her shoulder to Zamara and her new lifemate. He smiles, and lets his eyes close. The last piece has fallen into place in his life.

Malak walks towards the exit. "Will we see Aodhan?"

On the sands, Araganth pauses a moment to tug at Z'mra's legs with her tail, then lets go so they can walk and lets Zams lead her over to the food. "Of course its time to eat, Araganth. We'll get you fed and then we'll go .. mmm.." she just grins and then winks. "Don't worry, we'll stay busy."

On the sands, Iosha groans. "Sweet Faranth are you things gonna take all my friends?" She grumbles to herself, and not to the blue, Lyaseth's big, and Io's small, you do the math. "Is it over?" She asks as she moves closer to the huddle of those-left-behind. "Is it not hatching?" She asks quietly as she spots one last egg sitting on the sands. She's just full of questions this one.

On the sands, Fierce Woad-Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Aoiffrin.

Kella just beams at Bullemorte. "Oh, but I have an escort. Journeywoman Suzuki here goes everywhere with me. And I think that harper boy over there might ask me to dance, because he winked at me once. And if Ramon is there I'm going to see if he might talk to me. And—hey, what just happened?"

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On the sands, Brandi returns L'o's hug, she's happy, she almost cannot stop bouncing to return the hug "This is the best day well not the best for that was when Lyaseth chose me and well when you did too and well then there was the time Master Charlton let me join Harper but still this is a great day" she finally ends up… trailing off and grinning stupidly. She eyes B'nal "Are you alright? Shouldn't kneel on the sands, they're hot." She pauses "Ooh I don't have to sleep here tonigth do I. Where's that island you told me about L'o?"

Keria was holding her breath, so lets it out. "Well that certainly took him long enough. Well done little blue!"

Ella is more than half in her cups and she pounds Kevar's shoulder congienally (sp) and raises her skin "To Harper Hall eh? Cracked shards, do we ever produce dragonriders! We should charge the weyrleader a tithe and not the other way round, eh?"

On the sands, B'nal brushes sand from his knee. "Fine, fine. Look, Aoiffrin's got that bright blue dragon. Good for her."

On the sands, Woden claps his hands for Aoiffrin as she impresses the blue. "Congratulations Aoiffrin." He looks over the sands and brushes himself off. Well at least he didn't get injured. Woden keeps his chin up and his expression that of a smile. He too see the last egg and then looks back over the the Weyr's leaders. Is it a dud, or will it get more time?

On the sands, "…what?! Work?!" Aoiffrin looks down right petrified, as she stares at Iosha for a second. "Do you really think that's what he wants? Cause… I can't work!" It's against everything she believes in. "Maybe he's just passing b—…" But oh no, Aoiffrin just can't seem to babble anymore. Instead, she just stays completely still, her face still holding that lovely green look. But that doesn't matter anymore to her, neither do the burns on her feet. "Oh… my shards." Aoiffrin chokes out, falling to her knees. "Dushlanth. He's Dushlanth. My Dushlanth."

On the sands, Lislin turns to see Aoiffrin Impress, and smiles before turning to look back at the last egg and the remaining candidates. She chews absently on her lower lip, fingers twining and untwining in front of her as she waits.

Bullemorte looks positively thrilled, but he quickly quells his excitement for fear of giving himself away. "Journeywoman Suzuki? I'm sure I could be persuaded to escort the both of you. I mean, after all, I do have two arms. And…." He trails off as Kella's attentions jump all over the place. "What…what happened?" He glances at the sands. "Nothing important, I'm sure. More impressions. You know. Now trust me, you would much rather appear at this party on my ample arm then with some lowly harper boy." Forget dragons, man, Bullemorte's all about the ladies.

Laih seems quite pleased with herself as she beams out the blues. Perhaps Keria's enthusiasm is really a contagious disease.

Keria bounces up and down on the balls of her booted feet.

Kella flaps her hands at Bullemorte. "Shhh. I want to watch now."

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On the sands, Dilapidated Washing Machine Egg —rocks agitatedly.

On the sands, Buster Monitor Egg flickers, a crack running down it's side. Talk about busted.

Urban Hip Hop-Brown Dragonet

This dragonet is short, decorated in deep shades of brown, and has something of a sneer on his face. A band of dusty red goes across his forehead, and a golden-brown stripe makes a v down his chest. His eyes speak of the street- he's been there, yo. He's hardcore.

Lucian follows one of the staircases up.

On the sands, Iosha is kinda lost, after all she's not the one who's been to a lot of these things. "So…Uh?" She makes conversation, she's almost tempted to go over there and give it a good talking too. "What'do we do now?" She asks, before blinking. She had forgotten that there were under-cover eggs. "Ooh look there's another one." It's almost like magic.

Laih glances appraisingly at her sands-watching companion, and then proceeds to start bouncing herself. One can always use a good bounce.

On the sands, Taylin gives Lislin this sidelong look before she abruptly steps in her direction and sidles up to the other candidate. "Soooo… I guess it's just us now, huh?" She doesn't look too worried about it though, not nearly so nervous as she was in the beginning.

On the sands, Woden chuckles a little, "Well now it's a full hatching. Had ever color." He smiles as he watches what this brown will do. Woden shifts his feet again and looking over to the girls he calls out, "Good luck." That includes Iosha.

Malak is confused but follows closely behind Lucian.

On the sands, Hobomagan ventures, finally, a little further into the fray, lured by the brown. "Yo, yo, yo!" He's not talking to it; he's just excited.

On the sands, Urban Hip Hop-Brown Dragonet is the storm after the calm, yo. Nevermind that it's supposed to go the other way around. He's got a cocky stance, and a glint in his eye to boot. Turning with flair torwards the stands, he waves his wings emphatically. A shout-out to all his homies, G.

On the sands, Dilapidated Washing-Machine Egg goes into a spin cycle and breaks.

Harmonic Barbershop-Blue Dragonet

What a sweetheart. From his big head to his stumpy little tail, this blue dragon sings of four-part harmony. He even comes in four different shades: a mellow aqua at the throat, a clear lake-blue along his back, a midnight around his paws that deepens into glossy black talons, and a smoky greyness in the membranes of his wings.

On the sands, Lislin doesn't notice Taylin's look, which is just as well, but she nods at the other girl. "Guess so," she murmurs, looking at the brown. She leans around to see who's left and nods. "Well, there's one more lucky person left, I guess," she says, glancing over to smile at Taylin. "Good luck."

On the sands, Lislin blinks. "Oh," she says, a bit surprised, having not noticed
that other egg. "Two, then."

On the sands, Seems that hidden beneath the sands are still eggs that have stopped waiting to be found and are going to just come out and find their partners. Don't count the weyrlings til all the eggs have hatched.

On the sands, Still no movement from the Corroded Bumper Egg. It lays along, left behind, almost forgotten in the birthing-chaos of the sands. Then: singularly, powerfully, it gives an ominous pulse of foreshadowing.

On the sands, Iosha inserts herslef into the gaggle of girls. Okay so there is only 2, but you know more than one is a gaggle. "Lyaseth buried alot of them you know." She instructs solemnly.

On the sands, Woden blinks as he must have missed that egg too. "Another nice blue." He smiles as he watches the two dragonets move on the sands. "I guess we counted out eggs before they hatched. Woden chuckles a little bit as he forgot the gold did bury some. He watches and watches, "Wonder how many she buried." Looks like three so far.

On the sands, Lislin blinks at Iosha's sudden arrival. "I guess she did," she agrees, still biting on her lip. Unlike the rest of them, she's openly nervous, watching the brown and the blue and the unhatched egg with quick flicks of her eyes.

On the sands, Urban Hip Hop-Brown Dragonet has to make his rounds yet, yo. Where his peeps at? There's that blue over there- Yo brah! Got some time to hang?

On the sands, Corroded Bumper Egg — having lost all structural integrity — simply disintegrates. From the brittle wreckage a lone green hatchling first curls up even more tightly; then, realizing her vulnerability, leaps into alertness. Whiplike tail twitching behind her, she sends russet pieces of egg flying, andin the confusionflees the scene of the crime.

Classical Orchestra-of-Green Dragonet

On the sands, Dusty sage and rosemary greens grow over the rounded form of this Junoesque dragon, shadows clinging longingly to the sweetness of her plump curves. Glimpses of pearlescent ghost-gum are nestled among the deep fir-green that cascades from headknobs down swanlike neck, meeting the refreshing crispness of mint as it envelops the sweep of her translucent wingsails. Cool moss green creeps from her serpentine tail to the curvaceous lines of her full haunches, the quiet of darkness-kissed underbelly showing surprising hints of a brighter lemongrass. Delicate feet are distinguished by ornate talons, opalescent absinthe glittering against hunter green.

On the sands, Z'mra stops over by the weyrlingmasters and presents she and Araganth. "Food!" She doens't wait for permission and grabs up a chunk from an abandoned bucket. "Ew! Yes, this is what you eat. No I'm not going to have some." She makes sure the pieces are small enough and then starts to feed her lovely green gently. "Yeah, we can do that afterward, but I think they're going to make you sleep before too long."

Keria gave Laih a last nudge of farewell and was slipping sideways along the bench hoping to get to Elorath before the traffic jam set in. "Oh, look, it did hatch."

On the sands, Harmonic Barbershop-Blue Dragonet sidesteps over to his Hiphop brown brother, crooning. He has business to attend to, but he's easily distracted.

On the sands, Taylin jumps, startled by the sudden disintegration of the corroded bumper egg, her hand leaping up to cover her heart as she regains her composure rather quickly. "Well, that was fast!" she breathes heavily in Lislin's direction as she moves just that much closer to the other candidate. Maybe she isn't all that 'firm' just as she thought she was.

On the sands, Woden smiles as he sees the green and he tries to keep an eye on all three dragons at once. He turns his head to try to track the one that would be closest to him, but keeps a look out for any stampeding dragon. No need to get injured in the wanning moments of the hatching.

Pemba has disconnected.

On the sands, Aoiffrin gets to her feet, nice and slowly, the girl still beyond shocked. "I… just can't believe." Yeah, talking in full sentences is going to be something she won't be able to do for a bit. "Now… do we…" The candidate-gone-weyrling looks around the sands in complete helplessness, all the while Dushlanth bumps her leg. "Yes…" Aoiffrin says slowly. "Food. I can do that. I… think." Looking at the other weyrlings, she spys food, or what might be food, that they are handing over to their dragons. Making up her mind, Aoi makes a motion to Dushlanth, and hopes he understands her, before moving towards the others.

On the sands, Gr'ym is all industrious, herding his weyrlings, hauling meat around, and gently guiding sense into those who've gone far out of their minds with the wonders they now know. For instance, one poor guy — he used to be a herder — almost ate some of the meat himself.

On the sands, Llydyth's feeding is beginning to take on slightly less frantic, giving Savarna time - at last! - to turn her attention towards the sands. "Ikae, there's another green!" It's going to be a very interesting time if they all go proddy at once. "Say, no one has been… eaten, or anything."

On the sands, B'royev has become the retrieval guy, going out in search of new impressions, and bringing them back for Gr'ym and the others to watch over. He escorts Aoiffrin a few steps in the right direction with a gentle tug on the elbow.

On the sands, Hobomagan suddenly finds his courage. Sticking out his chest, he waves his arms in the air. "Yo, yo, here I am!"

On the sands, Iosha nods and watches. "I think that's all of them, I dunno. It was really hard to count them when they kept on changing like the did." She comments conversationally. "Oooh Brown, Blue and Green." She comments, just in case any of the girls are color blind.

On the sands, Ik'la resists the urge to go and hug Z'mra and Aioffrin. She has Sakurath to worry about. And so she diligently feeds her green companion. She coos and caresses and generally adores Sakurath. She answers Savarna, "Lots of greens. I wonder what being proddy is like anyway."

On the sands, Classical Orchestra-of-Green Dragonet runs only so far, before her pace slows to a trot. Her keen eyes whirl over the candidates, searching them, scanning them, looking for a sign. She looks for the best to go after, to perhaps chase down. Her head bobs slightly.

Keria admires the bling bling on the last of the dragonets. C'mon, you know which one, but she's still sidling towards the ledges. "Brown, blue, and green. The finale."

On the sands, Lislin nods at the two other girls. "I think that's all of them," she says, peering back and forth between the three. The sands have cleared out an awful lot, so its easier to see everything, now.

On the sands, Woden looks over to Hobomagan and then back to the dragon. He doesn't wave his arms or try to call out to the dragon. "Good luck." Woden says with a frindly smile to Hobomagan as he shuffles over towards the center a couple feet. He watches the dragonets and smiles as he wonders who'll they'll pick as their lifemates.

On the sands, Taylin takes a very deep breath, as if she's preparing herself for the inevitable of being ushered off the sands without a new lifemate. The chance of her impressing one of the last few dragons is slim and she's being realistic about it. "Yes, I think you're right," she agrees with Lislin as she lifts up the edge of her robe and wipes her hands upon it repeatedly.

On the sands, Urban Hip Hop-Brown Dragonet looks all conspiratorial. We got a record to make, see, and we gots ta get down to biznass.. oh, wait, what's that dang fool over there doin? Man, you gots some cah-razy peeps here. He's more into the quiet type- like that guy over there. Sidling over, T'pac grins. "What it is, Shakurth!"

On the sands, Harmonic Barbershop-Blue Dragonet slides across the sand to the waving candidate. Swaying, he gets into the rhythm—back and forth, up and down, doo wah, doo wah, do Hobomogan.

On the sands, Woden smiles as the two candidates impress and he claps for them, "Congratulations both of you. Lovely dragons you have." He turns his attention to see who'll the green will go after.

On the sands, Iosha sighs, she's trying hard to keep on keeping on, but the hatching has been going on for a life-time now hasn't it? Or does it just feel that way for her. "Congrats T'pac." She wiggles her fingers at Perns latest brown-rider sensation. She knows where he lives, he should be afraid.

On the sands, Ho'magan sings joyfully: "Idaroseth!" Idaroseth is home again.

On the sands, Classical Orchestra-of-Green Dragonet lowers her head until it comes level with her shoulders. Her slit nostrils flare. They are wet from egg moisture and several grains of sand stick there. Her forked tongue lolls out of her mouth, and then curls up sharply over her snout and muzzle. She sneezes, and looks alert. With sudden intent, she strikes out across the sands in a stiff-legged stalk.

Keria leaves her laughter in her wake.
Keria heads along the narrow walkway to the dragons' ledges.

On the sands, Iosha looks about. "All gone?" She asks hopefully. "They should be, then we can go get a drunk ay girls?" Iosha smells freedom, and it's the sweetest perfume.

On the sands, Lislin blinks as, just like that, the brown and the blue impress. "Oh," she says, "Congratulations…." She doesn't know either of the boys anyways. "So…. just the one," she says, gnawing on a fingernail, now. "I wish this would just get over with…"

On the sands, Taylin abruptly bends over and pulls up the crooked end of her robe to wipe at her forehead, ignoring the way the entire construction pulls up slightly in back. It's not like anything's showing and the neck of her robe is too tight to get her face against. She wipes at the salty sweat that's trying to dribble into her eyes, momentarily shutting out the sight of the sands around herself.

On the sands, Classical Orchestra-of-Green Dragonet shaves close to the outer edge of the remaining candidates. The children and youths scatter away from her, dodging a few snaps and bites that wing their way. The young green runs on, circling the flock, until she finds what she seeks from among their number. She heads in, breaking into a full loping stride.

On the sands, One by one, all the remaining eggs hatch—all of them. There are no duds here. They're all manly guy-dragons, too. And they all quickly find their mates in manly broad-shouldered candidates.

On the sands, Woden watches the green and smiles at the girls that are left on the sand. He keeps his hands clasped behind his back and waits to see which one of the grils the green will be lucky enough to have as a lifemate. Woden jumps back quickly and falls on his behind as she comes barreling around close to him, "Boy this one has alot of spunk in her." He says with a chuckle as he picks himself up off the sands. No manly broad-shouldered candidate here.

On the sands, Taylin's head is down, so she misses the hatching of her favorite egg and also the charge of the remaining green upon the sands, her attention completely elsewhere. She wipes at her face a few times then stands up with her eyes still lidded over, her head tilting back as she eases her spine by arching it slightly. She probably feels like she's been out on the sands for hours, and the heat is abominable, of course. "Is it over yet?" she mumbles.

On the sands, Iosha squeaks, third times a charm. "Sweet Faranth, She's going to run us over." Of course if they moved then it wouldn't be a problem. "Oh my. I think Brunhilda just Impressed." She comments as one of the manly braod shouldered candidates connects with a big baby brown dragon. "It's kida sweet."

Bullemorte has been sulking and half-heartedly watching the hatching this whole time, mostly just grumbling to himself about the lack of accomodating females. Finally, he nudges Kella insistently. "There now, are you content? All the dragons are hatched. Now then, about this whole Ramon and harper boy thing…" One day, he's going to get himself smacked. Maybe that day will be today!

On the sands, Classical Orchestra-of-Green Dragonet has found her - there can be no doubt. She has plans in mind for the future, and what would they be without the perfect partner in crime? And so, with absolute certainty, she chooses Iosha.
On the sands, Classical Orchestra-of-Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Iosha.

Kella's head swings back and forth as dragon picks boy, dragon picks boy, dragon picks—hm. Somebody with broad shoulders who is androgenous in that white robe. And now, finally, the classy green impresses too. With a sigh, she turns back to Bullemorte. "Oh, yes, I'm very happy. Aren't you?"

On the sands, Lislin's eyes widen as the green comes charging, and she quickly steps out of the way, away from Iosha as the hatchling barrels towards the other girl. "Oh!" she exclaims, still a bit shocked. She was almost run over, you know. "C—-Congrats."

On the sands, Woden watches the green pick Iosha and he claps for her. "Congratulations Iosha." He smiles at her and now that she isn't a candidate anymore he doesn't have any hard feelings towards her. The dragons have made their choice and Woden isn't going to question that. Seeing the sands empty he turns towards the Weyrleader and the Weyrwoman, to await instructions so that he can leave the sands.

On the sands, Nerae lost more than a few bets today. Ho-hum.

On the sands, Taylin doesn't look too surprised when the last dragonet impresses to Iosha, but instead has a congratulations at the ready. At the same time, she's turning the other way to track toward exit, stopping there to wait for the other who did not impress. She looks faintly proud, her chin lifted high.

On the sands, Savarna waves a particularily juicy meat in Iosha's direction - "Iosha! She's really sweet! What's her name?" - only to start as a nearby weyrling goes to snap at the mouthful. Whoops.

On the sands, "IO!" Delsen squeaks, having looked up just in time to see the latest impression, having been prompted by his sister's squeak. "Io! She'sgreen!" Oh, right. He's got one of those too now. With a quick sqeak of happiness, Delsen soon turns back to his own lifemate, giving her lots of scritches and another piece of meat. "Heydo we have to burp them like a baby?"

On the sands, Taylin has disconnected.

Ella stares up, off and deep into space. Soft dreams pull her slowly away…..
Ella has disconnected.

Lucian makes his way down the tiers towards the exit.

Bullemorte's expression takes on his twinkling, deviously plotting grin once more. "Oh yes, I'm quite happy. The impressions all went well, and I'm talking to a wonderful young woman." He pauses to flash a marginally charming smile towards Kella. "But I'd be even happier if you'd agree to allow me to escort you and the lady Suzuki to the party." He's persistent, yes, and very much annoying. Or motivated, depending on how you look at it.

On the sands, Iosha is happily in the middle of her ruminations about the beauty of ugly people impressing. That is until her attention is diverted. "Jadziath." She breathes as a rather wobbly hand makes contact with the greens face. "Jadziath." The rest that tumbles from her mouth is kjust babble anyway.,
"Oh," says Kella in complete surprise, "I'm not sure Master Calandra would like it if I had a particular escort." On the other hand, Suzuki is saying "Yes, thank you, that would be splendid."

On the sands, Lislin looks a bit lost as first Iosha and then Taylin disappears, and she turns to wander towards the exit, clearly not quite sure what she's supposed to be doing.

S'naid goes home.

Bullemorte turns his cheesy smile upon Journeywoman Suzuki and offers her his arm. "I don't think you should worry, Kella. I mean, after all, you're with a journeywoman. You could just tell Master Calandra that you were taking lessons from a higher ranking member, yes?" Oh, he looks positively gleeful, as if he may break into a little victory dance at any moment. Beware.

Zephre makes her way down the tiers towards the exit.

On the sands, B'nal smiles first at L'o and then leans over to give Brandi a kiss on the cheek. "We're free, lass. I'm going to take the other candidates out and see if I can help them."

Laih withers away like a wizened apple, until she's nothing but a wrinkled skin.
Laih has disconnected.

On the sands, Brandi smiles as her cheek is kissed "We are indeed B'nal." She sighs, almost a sigh of regret but not quite and she smiles "Poor things not impressing but there is always next time." Her eyes scan the sands, all mounds empty now, the sands littered with lost candidates, egg shards and weyrlings. "Free…" she says softly.

Kella swallows, her mouth suddenly dry. "Well, I don't know. I'll walk in with you two but I want to talk to Woden, too. He didn't impress, you know."

On the sands, L'o returns the Weyrleader's smile with a bright, fierce, adoring expression. He sees him off, whispering something to Brandi.

On the sands, B'nal nods, and moves out onto the sands, bending to pick up a shard or two and put them in his pocket. Straightening, he calls, "Now, Woden, Taylin, you others. Come on with me and we'll get you straightened out. Chin up—that's right."

On the sands, Lislin blinks and looks up, recognizing the other names even if her own isn't called. Dutifully, she follows the Weyrleader out, glancing back over her shoulder to look at her friends before she goes.

On the sands, Gr'ym lines up his little troupe of drama queens, leading men, and supporting cast. "If you have any wits about you, go find your respective parents and give them a kiss. When you hear me call 'back to the barracks,' I mean 'get to the weyrling barracks post-haste.' Everybody clear?"

On the sands, Woden was waiting to see if B'nal or Brandi was going to make some speech to those candidates that didn't impress. When it seems they are not going to Woden bows low to them and then to the clutchpartens. When he straightens up he keeps his chin high as he turns around to slowly walk out on the cavern. Woden stops in his tracks and turns around. "No need sir. I just need to get my things and some supplies. It's a long walk towards High Reaches. One that I'd like to make." Or so Woden believes. "There is no need to trouble yourself." He waits for B'nal to dismiss him. Woden's eyes are distant as perhaps he is all ready planning his trip towards the North.

On the sands, B'royev tries to look as menacing as possible as Gr'ym addresses the weyrlings. He's in charge of weyrling attitude readjustment. At least, he thinks he is.

On the sands, B'nal gives Lislin a pat on the shoulder, and shakes his head at Woden. "You came in together; we'll go out together. COme along."

On the sands, B'nal gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.

On the sands, Ik'la nods, "Yessir."

On the sands, Savarna nods, dully; by now, the energy seems to be draining away, and all that is left is a young woman who really could do with a wash. Or at least, some deoderant. "Will do. I mean, yes, Weyrlingmaster. Right. Whatever. Sure." She opens her mouth to add more, before glancing down and shutting it with a snap.

On the sands, YES SERGEANT! Er, "ButI don't think-Io?" Turning his head towards his sister, Delsen silently inquires of her. Is there a mommy out there? He forgot to tell her, so hopefully she remembered to send word.

On the sands, Woden nods to B'nal, "Yes sir." He waits for the other candidates and he moves out last.
On the sands, Woden gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.

Bullemorte nods, all understading pouty looks and such. "Yes yes, of course. You'll go talk to Woden, but you'll come in with me. I'm assuming he'll need some comforting or something. I know /I/ certainly wouldn't, I'm real man, but I can understand if others can't take it." Its quickly becoming plain and obvious that Morte's a whole lot of talk and not a whole lot of much else. Ah well.

On the sands, Lislin starts slightly at B'nal's pat but nods, heading off the sands as well.
On the sands, Lislin gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.

Zaynne walks in.

On the sands, Taylin follows along, chin high. [spoofed by B'nal]

On the sands, Aoiffrin wrinkles her nose, crossing her arms. "Oh wow, he's kinda pushy, isn't he?" She says, looking to Dushlanth, as she raises an eyebrow at Gr'ym. "Why is it such a big deal that we stay out a little longer?" The blue rumbles in response. "Heh. Right. What's the worse that could happen?"

On the sands, Gr'ym gleams at Aoiffrin. "How little ye know."

On the sands, Iosha is the last to make it to the buckets of food. "I may be yours Jadz, but that doesn't mean I'm your slave." But still she paitently feeds the baby dragonet. Io has alot to learn shortly.

On the sands, Savarna blinks towards Aoiffrin, lifting a hand to brush at a lock of particularily sweaty hair. "You have the energy to stay out? Seriously?" Disbelief is obvious, and she gives a shake of her head. "Personally, I could sleep for a turn. Or two. Or three." Her lifemate has more energy, it seems - she's currently knocking over a half-full bucket of meat.

On the sands, Ik'la moves over to Io and Aoiffrin, "Wasn't that just the most wonderful moment of your lives? Sakurath is all full and ready to meet people, though probably not my parents."

On the sands, Cenki blinks in from ::between::!

On the sands, Aoiffrin unknowningly takes a step backwards. She's not intimidated, of course not. "Energy? Nah, not really. It's my nap time." Sagenod. "And Dushlanth's nap time as well." The dragon snorts at that. "I just don't like to be told what to do." She mutters this, pursing her lips.

On the sands, Gr'ym leads part ot the pack on.
On the sands, Gr'ym gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.

Bullemorte smiles one last time to Journeywoman Suzuki, who is carefully enfolded in his right arm, and extends his other arm to Kella. "Shall we, then? To the afterparty?"

On the sands, Irusenth follows D'sen.
On the sands, D'sen gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.
On the sands, Irusenth gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.
On the sands, Aoiffrin watches as Dushlanth wanders closer to her.
On the sands, Iskandeth follows A'odh.
On the sands, A'odh gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.
On the sands, Iskandeth gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.
On the sands, Aoiffrin gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.
On the sands, Ik'la gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.
On the sands, Sakurath gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.

Kella doesn't look kindly on Bullemorte. "Well, I bet he feels bad, that's all." But she takes his arm, all the same.

On the sands, Jadziath follows Io.
On the sands, Io gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.
On the sands, Jadziath gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.

Charlie sighs happily. "Plenty of blues, after all. I reckon they'll be some good dragons. Riders, too." And Charlton, this time, doesn't cover her mouth. "Reckon so," he agrees. "Reckon so."

Ella yawns slightly - glances over at her *crew* and utters the regretable words "Stay out of trouble and your'all to meet T'xi and Cabeth in the Eastern Bowl at the 8th bell. Sharp!"

On the sands, Savarna watches as Llydyth wanders closer to her.

Bullemorte has disconnected.

On the sands, Savarna follows some of the other Weyrlings, limping slightly - it seems her over-sized sandal has been lost amongst the sand somewhere. Perhaps it'll be lost forever - or found the next time candidates are on the sands. At any rate, she seems too busy to notice it.

Robner has fallen asleep in Renna's arms and she begins swaddling the toddler in safety straps. Kissing the child lightly on his forehead she whispers softly "Wake up, so you can go terrorize your Grumpa". And so they go, in search.

On the sands, Savarna gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.
Kella smiles toward that winking harper boy as she goes out with Bullemorte.
On the sands, B'royev gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.

Charlie troops down the stairs, chattering about the party. Every eighth word is 'Ramon.' Every sixth word is 'blue.' And every other word is 'wonderful.' One of the words is 'impossible.'

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