Ista Weyr Hatching '05

Saturday March 26, 2005

Galleries (#1816J)
The stone tiers curve around almost half of the immense hatching cavern, providing ample seating for guests to get off the burning sands and watch the spectacle of the hatching. The hatching ground spreads out below across the vast cavern. To one side is the egg mound, upon which rests the queen eggs when there happen to be any, for attentive brooding.
You may 'look on sands', or 'look on ledge', or even 'look on sands' (or ledge).
B'nal, Brandi, Lassara, Diocelen, Sleepy_Guest, and Saldia are here.
Obvious exits:
Stairs Ledge

On the sands, Rhyolith is here, but his rider isn't, and Liette looks none too pleased about this as she starts pacing at the far end of the clutch of eggs, moving away from her lifemate who is now hovering and swaying over her brood. She keeps a close eye on the one egg that already looks close to cracking and clearly frets as she waits for the candidates to be rounded up and shooed onto the sands. "Just a little longer…" she mumbles to herself.

You look down onto the sands, craning your neck for a good view.
Sands (#1993J)
Waves of heat drape their stifling folds over breath and skin, a scentless perfume from the black diamonds that cover the floor of the Hatching Cavern. Scintillant, they burn the soles of bare feet; seduce the eye with their deceptive glitter in jet made prism and rainbow both. What cooler air there is flows in from the huge openings from the bowl, wreathing swift and teasing down the shafts of sunlight that ride them. At night it is the large baskets of glows that dot the walls which lend subtle illumination, the sparkling sands more subtle than starlight seen through a shroud of mist.
You see Zhyraeth, Rhyolith, Sparkling Scholls of Life Egg, Yellow Submarine Egg, Danger in the Deep Egg, Translucent Jellyfish Egg, Lost Treasure Egg, Silvery-sided Minnows Egg, Enchanted Grotto Egg, Bioluminescent Lights Egg, Filtered Sunlight Egg, Swaying Seaweed Egg, Sunken Shipwreck Egg, Glorious Starfish Egg, Octopus's Garden Egg, Poisonous Cephalopod Egg, Submerged Pebble Egg, Orinoco Orca Egg, and We Found Nemo Egg here.
IstaWeyrBldr, Liette, E'lyce, Ambermoore, Rikau, Oreias, Erika, Angelica, Shihali, Adani, and Z'en are here.
Obvious exits:

Dappled with pale freckles, a charmingly crooked nose divides the imperfect oval of Liette's face down to the snubbed round of her stubborn chin and the pale expanse of thin lips. Watery green eyes flecked with sienna gaze through a ragged fringe of dun-colored hair cropped short and messy over a wide forehead and distinct widow's peak. An ill-defined waistline, wide hips and generous bust coupled with short legs leaves little room for curves at her very average height of five and a half feet, but dexterous fingers and swift feet make up for any obvious lack in strength and speed.
Weyr black and Istan orange twine tightly with a broad thread of canary yellow, noting Liette's status as a Junior Weyrwoman paired to gold Zhyraeth.
You can't make out what she is wearing from this distance.
Liette is 32 Turns, 6 months, and 22 days old.

B'nal clambers up the stairs looking pleased and excited. "It's today, it's today!" he exults. "I thought it might be, and here we are, aren't we?"

Eyes twinkle a good-humored blue in this square and sturdy brick of a man who walks and talks in slow, careful cadence. Red hair rusts into gray with age. Freckles fade, splotching his face's ruddy tan. But B'nal's shoulders are still straight and wide, and he holds his head up with a bronzerider's gullible confidence.
A weyrleader's knot in Fort's black and brown hangs from B'nal's oh-so-sturdy shoulder.
Buttery ivory sisal defines his tunic, detailed with vibrant goldenrod at sleeves and placket neck, comfortably shapeless despite its close fit. Brighter saffron belts his waist, the full desert-brown leather trous themselves tucked into boots as flat and dark as an endless night.
B'nal is 55 Turns, 6 months, and 22 days old.

Brandi is walking next to B'nal and she laughs gaily at his excitment "You're just happy it isn't you whose been stuck on the sands this time aren't you?" She teases.

Tall and thin she is still but her body seems more in proportion now except for her long neck, her arms more rounded with muscle. A heavy weight of once again auburn hair is plaited into a crown to surround her angular face. Her green eyes are looking less muddy and more clear and her ears, if one thinks about these things, look closer to her skull then they were before.
Around her neck is a necklace: a thin cord strung with little shells. Cowries, and fan-shaped ones, smooth and ridged, some cream-colored and others buttery. The undersides have a deep gorgeous blush of purple. Her knot is almost hidden, just slight glimpses of tassles and loops and gold can be seen.
Brandi is wearing a plain simple dress, designed to shift gently and flutter around her legs and keep Brandi cool. The dress flows in colours of rich brown shot through with gold that sparkles in the sunlight. The bodice is cut to frame her torso but not restrict or bind and the curved neckline highlights her long neck and the necklace she wears around it. Her feet have been shod with matching brown slippers. Brandywine regards you, perched atop Brandi's shoulder.
Brandi is 22 Turns, 8 months, and 14 days old.

Lassara comes in her two little one's in hand and sits down looking around and sitting near the back.. Smiling at brandi and geeting herself comfortable.

Has long legs that only add to her already tall stature of 5'7. Coppery-brown hair that falls in thick curls to her lower back while her bangs brush against the sides of her cheeks. Dark lashes frame her eyes, which are a blue-green with highlights of amber.Her cheekbones are high and show little in the way of of fat, giving her a very stern appearance.This sternness is offset by her thin eyebrows which always seem expressive. She is visibly pregnant with a small pooch to her stomach and a roundness to her breast and hips.
She is wearing a blue dress made out of stretchy material for her growing belly. it is accented by a light blue denim jacket that is open in the front for it no longer fits her pregnant frame. Her hair is done in a white ribbon and tied up in a bun at the top of her head. Her feet are adorned by simple sandles that strap at the ankle.
She is 17 Turns, 2 months, and 13 days old.

B'nal grins at the truth of it, and declares stoutly, "I never mind sharing sands time with you, Weyrwoman mine. You know how to make it merry."

Once Daemith started humming, Klari started running. Which is exactly what she does up the stairs to the galleries. Well.. A jog really, not wanting to lose Saldia in the process. Finally at the top, Klari pauses to catch her breath. "Made it."

Brandi grins and tucks her arm through B'nal's "Ahhh you say the sweetest things B'nal." She laughs "Remind me of that next time I make you jump through hoops when I am on the sands, though I for one am glad it isn't me though this probably means Lyaseth is due to rise any time now." She grins and shakes her head "Now where shall we sit. Where's the best place that we can see it all… oooh was that an egg moving?" The excitement is evident in her voice.

On the sands, Poisonous Cephalopod Egg trembles abruptly, only to stop just as quickly as it started. It lays there in its wallow of sand, looking rather abandoned as it's away from the rest of the clutch.

Lassara grins Klari is here… "Hello Klari." she says Warson and Lasson being very content.."

Saldia grins at Klari and then glances around the galleries taking in the sights, who is there, who is not there, eyes on the sands but her attention still on Klari as she pauses so she can catch up "So what's this you just /have/ to tell me?"

Slight is the commonly used word, for Saldia is a whipcord tough creature built of lean muscle. Yet few would ever mistake her gender; there is too much wild femininity in her delicately shaped figure and too much rippling glory in her thick, midnight hued tresses that fall a little below her shoulders in length. Light complexioned, her face is fine-boned with sentively drawn features and yet, the slight slant to her eyes and cheekbones, the cast of her nose and finely chiseled lips all combine to give it an exotic edge. And beneath elegant eyebrows of sooty black, her eyes are dark walnut; liquid brown with a smoky-silver surface and framed with eyelashes like thin lines of ebony ink in the air.
Orange and black twine around each other, and as if that weren't bright enough, a thread of lurid green traces through the her wingrider's knot.
A gold bodice with pink roses dashed acroos it, hugs and accentuates her curves. Lacing up the side allows pale skin to peep through except when she is wearing her Griffon jacket. Midnight wherhide is brightened and highlighted with a griffon stretched out to full glory across jacket. Golden thread highlights the golden griffon that screams challengingly from the left breast of the jacket. Deep red ruby chips highlight the beasts anger and challenge in its eyes as wings are outspread over shoulders and jacket collar. Their feathers sweeping down to frame the lean feline body and the powerful hanches. The powerful tail, with blunted feathers wraps itself around right arm, circling down and laying claim, the tip at her right wrist. Powerful claws lash out to grasp at dark blood coloured buttons which range the front of the jacket. As if this combination was not enough, teamed with it is a lurid green skirt which does not do much for the colour combinations she is wearing but allows lots of leg to be seen.
Saldia is 37 Turns and 18 days old.

"I like to be smack in the middle, right here," B'nal points with his free hand and turns to see the eggs, just missing the movements. "Not quite yet?" He turns his attention back to the seating, and offers a mass greeting, "Hello, everybody!" Fort's here.

Brandi grins at B'nal and follows his gesture and nods "Looks good." SHe carefully makes her way there, trying to avoid stepping on toes. SHe pauses and frowns "You sure, I am sure I saw one move."

Lassara looks out at the eggs.. Not really up for talking right now and looking around "Klari, Have you seen W'on today?"

Klari's blue eyes scan the stands to see who all has arrived thus far. Hearing Lassara not too far away, Klari gives a quick wave and a shake of her head before finding good seats for her and Saldia where there aren't many bodies crowding yet. Taking her seat she sighs, "D'nic and I.. Well, he kicked me out. Within good reason but.. Figured you'd want to know." As her friend. If Klari weren't so excited about the hatching and still so out of breath, she likely would've drug it out for a while but no, to the point. Her eyes lock on the eggs on the sands. "You know.. I didn't even make any bets this round. I think that's a first, Sal."

It is lucky that Saldia had seated herself before Klari got the gossip out. "Wh… Wh… What?" She stumbles over the word, her jaw hanging down. "You? He?" She shakes her head, amazed at how quickly the news came out and how calmly Klari seems to be taking it "Eggs Schmegs, we've got time before they hatch though I bet you 1/4 mark the first will be brown." She grins as she gets the bet in "Why? What happened?" she is amazed and what's to know.

On the sands, Liette's pacing picks up… pace, as she moves rapidly back and forth, looking repeatedly to the entrance of the hatching grounds or alternately up into the galleries. She's looking for someone or someones, probably the candidates or Rhyolith's incredibly errant rider.

B'nal mms noncommitally and settles into his seat. "Maybe that one there just did, I'm not sure. The heat makes the sands shimmer. Look, there goes Liette. Wonder what keeps the candidates?"

Klari extends her hand to Saldia to shake on the bet, "You're on. I say the -second- will be green for a quarter mark." As for what happened, Klari's eyes scan the stands again, but only because she's checking for listeners. The bluerider shakes her head anyway and refocuses on the sands, getting a little choked up.

On the sands, We Found Nemo Eggrocks softly, in time with the quickening thrumming from the dragons in the ledges high above the Sands. A persistent tapping sound can be heard by those closest to the egg, as if the inhabitant is trying to type a message in morse code.

"Look, there's Erika!" B'nal stands up and waves hugely. "Good luck, Erika!" he booms.

On the sands, Z'en hangs back at the edge of the sands as he sees his charges off one last time.

Mostly balding, with hints of wispy brown hinting that once upon a time more hair existed atop his well-rounded head, Z'en is not an imposing figure. With a frame wiry and muscled from typical rider duties, he is otherwise rather nondescript in feature and coloring.
You can't make out what he is wearing from this distance.
Z'en is 36 Turns, 5 months, and 2 days old.

On the sands, Sparkling Scholls of Life Egg suddenly crumbles, its shell splitting into a multitude of pieces that scatter across the sands. Within lay a small green dragon, who unfolds herself and quickly begins scouting amongst the candidates. When she pairs herself up with a short, black-haired boy, there's a cry of anger from one of the other candidates, but the boy hears none of it. "Oh Cletusth, you're so perfect, so wonderful," J'bob can be heard saying.

Lassara goes up to sit next to klari letting the little one's sleep.. "So you haven't seen W'on.." For some reason she grins that her Weyrmate is absent.

On the sands, Adani manages to make sure that she's in the back of the crowd, less chance of coming in contact with sharp baby dragon teeth. Adani counts that as a good thing. She's smacked in the face with the heat of the sands, almost forgetting her bow.. but the sight of the large golden dragon reminds her quickly. She sticks out her left leg, planting the heel in the sand.. and bows low over that extendedleg.

Adani's hair is cut short, in a style that most would consider more of a man's short cut. The short hair is often found sticking up in random ways, but it fits her heart shaped face well. Her pale grey eyes are a stark contrast to her dark brown hair, and tanned complexion. She has a sharp, and slightly unfriendly appearance, both her nose and chin are more pointed than is considered desirable. Her unfriendly appearance is accented now a long scar starting just under her right temple and ending at her chin. She's just slightly taller than the average woman her age, and while she possesses a wiry build, she isn't lanky or gawky.
Adani wears a bright new knot of Orange and White identifying her as a candidate at Ista Weyr.
You can't make out what she is wearing from this distance.
Adani is 18 Turns, 11 months, and 13 days old.

On the sands, Erika presses her hands together and bows, yogi-style. First dam, then sire, then humans, who get lumped together as one colorful blur on the heat-rippled sands. Then she, too, drops back, near Adani, and tries scanning the crowd. There - the Fort Weyr colors, and people waving and shouting. "Is that my parents?" Oh, the mortification.

She's tall. That's the obvious thing - this girl has got to hit six feet. Her oval face is well-freckled, evidence of much time in the sun, and framed by wispy mahogony-brown curls, while the weight of her hair hangs in waves to her waist, usually braided out of the way. Her eyes are hazel, framed by long lashes under lighter brows, and both nose and chin have distinct points. She's lean of build, which makes her look a bit like a scarecrow these days, all long limbs and the barest hint of feminine figure.
You can't make out what she is wearing from this distance.
Erika is 16 Turns, 6 months, and 3 days old.

On the sands, Ambermoore sticks close to Angelica. She bows rather than Curtseys. Curtseying is just not her strong point for all her acrobatics. The moving eggs do make her pause, but only half a heartbeat before she moves with all the more determination. She has kept ahold of Angelica's hand, not letting the other girl stop now.

Blood red hair cascades down well-muscled shoulder blades in violent profusion. Sharp, honed features are too mismatched for beauty, but the vaguely lupine effect as a certain appeal. She is small and lithe, but with a very pronounced figure which she seems to ignore. Her eyes glitter a fierce almost manically piercing green. Depending on her mood, they range from a deep almost black jade to a vivid emerald. Her complexion is pale, as if no amount of sun could darken it, but startlingly devoid of freckles. Her slender long fingered hands frequently twitch, or she crosses and uncrosses her arms, as if not quite sure what to do with them. There is a reckless energy about her, a mischief that is never quite absent, no matter how serious she is being.
You can't make out what she is wearing from this distance.
Ambermoore is 19 Turns, 9 months, and 8 days old.

On the sands, Oreias slips out onto the sands and looks around wide-eyed. It is indeed a completely different thing to be out here when eggs are shifting and moving about. A lump instantly wells in his throat and is gulped down before he follows the line out and makes a deep bow to the clutchparents. He looks a little lost but stays by the group for the most part.

Oreias is the norm of just about everything. He's not tall, but he's not short. He's not tanned, but he's not white. He's not muscular but he's not completely lacking. He's not fat, but he's not skinny. He has one of those faces that people tend not to remember because he looks like everyone and no one at the same time. His hair is shoulder length and wavy, onyx in hue with an almost blue-ish sheen to it. Eyes are a deep gray, like the color of fire's smoke. His eyebrows are bushy but luckily they do not form a unibrow and dark brown, almost black, freckles speckle sparingly over his cheeks.
You can't make out what he is wearing from this distance.
Oreias is 20 Turns, 3 months, and 16 days old.

On the sands, Rikau's forehead immediately begins to perspire upon stepping onto the sands, a hand quickly swabbing at it before he pays respect to Zhyraeth and Rhyolith both. With that, eyes go wide as an impression's already made, causing him to tug on Oreias's arm, "Hey! Look! They're already hatching!" But whether or not the other young man follows is up for question.

Sun kissed, helter-skelter locks rest undisciplined atop Rik's scalp, a look of youth and glory portrayed with the freedom despite adultism creeping up on him. Enigmatic azure reflects from almond-shaped orbs, resting below russet brows, shaped to conform within his facial structure naturally. Smooth, lightly tanned skin remains unflawed, with the exception of a few minor scars upon his legs and elbows, childhood activities accounted for. Having already hit the growth spurts of life, he stands at roughly six feet tall, give or take an inch.
He bears a knot made of a single looped cord in white, denoting his position as a candidate for impression. Horrah!
You can't make out what he is wearing from this distance.
Rikau is 19 Turns, 7 months, and 14 days old.

On the sands, Angelica approaches the Queen and performs her very best curtsy. Nervousness is no excuse for improper manners or forgetting about the importance of style. That done, she can be terrified again. So she waits until Ambermoore has finished her show of respect and reaches for her hand once again.

Tall, graceful, and beautiful… and she knows it. Her platinum hair cascades down her back and over her shoulders and frames her face in a torrent of whitewater curls. Bright sapphire blue eyes, with long lashes, gleam from between carefully trimmed eyebrows and high cheekbones, standing out against the lightly tanned skin. She has a small, pert nose and full pouting lips, which are painted a dark red. She is tall for a young woman her age, standing at nearly 6 feet. Her figure is lithe; A generous bosom curving to a petite waist and then shapely hips and long slender legs. Her arms too are long and slender working their way into long-fingered, delicate-looking hands with well maintained fingernails.
She wears the white knot of an Ista Weyr Candidate.
You can't make out what she is wearing from this distance.
Angelica is 18 Turns, 3 months, and 15 days old.

On the sands, Shihali shuffles the first few steps on the sands before quickly high-stepping instead. Once in the appropriate range she starts to curtsy, then mid curtsy she starts to bow. Trying to do both at the same time nearly knocks her over but for the boy on her left steadying her elbow. Steadied she curtsies correctly whispering a thank you.

This girl stands at her highest at just a bit over four and a half feet. Her short stature is the only outstanding feature to be seen. Limbs and all attached to them are quite proportionate for her height. Her eyes and hair seem to match, each just a plain klah brown color, neither showing any hints of another color. Skin is tanned to the same tone that every other Istan seems to reach. The hair is long and more often then not it is tied back into a braid, which easily reaches her waist, to keep it out of her way. Lips, nose, and ears are all typical, and just off of being perfect, nothing special really, just average.
You can't make out what she is wearing from this distance.
Shihali is 14 Turns, 1 month, and 27 days old.

On the sands, E'lyce strides over towards the clutch, bowing herself in respect to Zhyraeth before nodding to Liette as she positions herself near to the side so that she can direct the new weyrlings once they've Impressed.

Mousy brown hair, thick and full, normally neatly chignoned at the nape of her neck, the ever-escaping curls softly framing her oval face, now hangs freely in soft waves that undulate down to her mid-back. Her slightly slanted, tawny eyes, along with her dusky skin, lend her an exotic air, and draw attention away from her non-descript nose and over-large lips. A petite frame suggests fragility, but there is a certain subtle strength about her which can surprise at times, and which is reflected in the supple muscles of her hands.
Double cords of ebony and orange twine together to form a triple loop with a single tassle, entwined with a verdant sisal ribbon and bound with gold thread, announcing her status as Ista Weyr Weyrlingmaster, and rider of green Vittorynth.
You can't make out what she is wearing from this distance.
E'lyce is 18 Turns, 10 months, and 20 days old.

Klari shakes her head quickly at Lassara, "No, haven't seen him in a good while actually." Klari's mind's far too distracted for much conversation now. The canddiates are on the sands! "Lassara, it's a green! Sal, you owe me a quarter mark, it was green."

On the sands, Zhyraeth looks supremely disinterested in the candidates now pouring onto the sands, that is until one of the impresses one of her children. A roar fills the cavern as she shakes her head back and forth. Liette, on the other hand, looks /extremely/ relieved at the candidates and actually gives them a sweaty smile before stalking toward another rider who's holding out a skin of fruit juice for her. "I hope this is a fast one… I can't /wait/ to get off these sands."

On the sands, We Found Nemo Egg wobbles a little as the life inside begins moving around more and more. A moment later the egg suddenly breaks apart into dozens of shimmering pieces, none of which is smaller then a large human hand, and out emerges a small blue. He stops and peers down at his feet for a moment, then at the egg shards around himself. One blue foreleg then reaches out to poke at some of the pieces laying at his feet.

On the sands, Darkness and Light Ocean Blue Dragonet
This dragonet at first appears to be all of the same color, a rich and comforting blue, the same as the sky on a clear and bright sunny day. The blue hide stretches easily over the frame, smoothly covering in a blanket of continuous blue from nose to tail tip. The continuity is not complete though as several spots seek to break from the norm. All about his right eye, a much darker indigo encircles as would a patch. Upon his right wrist forward, and right bottom leg from the knee down, similar dark splotches appear. Running along and underneath his chin the blues deepen again. Rich navy blue stretches easily out over his wing tips. Not too large for his color and quite well proportioned except for his slightly stunted tail that tapers off into a shimmering turquoise.

Lassara grins and sits down next to klari.. "You won.. I thought for sure we would have a blue first.. but I didn't bet.." She then stops and grins a blue she was close.. "Well i wouldn't have been to far off a Blue1"

On the sands, One of the largest eggs on the sands, Sunken Shipwreck Egg, suddenly cracks right in half, spilling onto the sands a beefy looking bronze who creels in displeasure. The sound is repeated more than once as he looks for his lifemate, and when he finds him, it modulates into one of moody joy. "Umarrenth, oh…" the normally withdrawn young man L'san sighs out in happiness.

On the sands, Oreias turns to peek at Rikau as he tugs on him and this causes him to completely miss the pair since he wasn't really looking in that direction in the first place. "One already?" But by the time he's done there's already another one out and he just blinks a few times at the blue's appearance and barely catches the bronze's hatching and impression. "So fast." He notes to whomever happens to be near to him.

Klari watches as a blue hatches next and then a bronze, "Man. Way off." Guess Saldia gets to keep her mark piece. Klari laughs with a nod to Lassara and points, "Okay.. The /next/ will be a brown. No money, though."

On the sands, Adani glances around again, slightly dissapointed to find that most of the others have moved off into groups.. she carefully makes her way towards a crowd of Bitrans, hopping and shifting all the way, but changes her mind as two more dragons tumble onto the sands. She carefully makes her way, watching those newly hatched babies of course, over to where Ambermoore and Angelica are.

On the sands, Darkness and Light Ocean Blue Dragonet shakes the last bits of egg from his hide, examining each one carefully before he slips out of the shards. Wet wings are flapped quickly to dry them, then the little blue dragon blinks up at his much-larger mother, chirrups a query, and hops out of the way of another hatching egg as he wends his way towards the white-robed ones looking suddenly so interesting.

On the sands, Ambermoore manages not to laugh at Shihali's production… it's much easier when the first of the eggs actually cracks. She glances up at Angelica, seeing how the taller girl is handling it. Adani's approache is noticed, "Get on the other side of Angelica… that way she's got suport on both sides." Amber murmurs to Adani.

On the sands, Orinoco Orca Egg shudders violently within its cradle of sand, the shell holding up to the battering that's now coming from within. Rolling slightly, it bumps into a neighbor and stops there, resting for now as the dragonet inside gathers its strength.

On the sands, Rikau's eyes widen as yet another dragon impresses, his head nodding in agreeance towards Oreias, "Aye, no kidding. I can't believe it. It seems like it takes forever, but when you really think about it, it's over before you even know it." Licking his lips, his attention falls upon the unhatched eggs, watching them wobble and fissure with slight unease.

B'nal gets quiet as the action heats up, leaning forward so as not to miss a blessed thing.

On the sands, Lost Treasure Egg wiggles.

On the sands, Adani nods to Amber and gives Ange a small smile.. an actual friendly smile for the moment. "We'll keep each other from being scared of them?" she mutters. She glances up towards Shi and offers a small welcoming wave. Wonder if the white robes make them look like a line of those little paper dolls?

On the sands, Angelica looks quickly from side to side as eggs seem tohatch and Impressions appear to be made at an alarming rate. It's nice that the other two girls have her hands, it makes her less inclined to run in blind panick. So she'll just stand stone still instead. She'll panick once one comes her way.

On the sands, Shihali high steps her way across the sands further in towards the eggs, following a crowd of other girls. The boy who had steadied her earlier trails after rather looking like a lost puppy. Arriving at Adani's other elbow she looks over and gives her a nod. "Good luck."

On the sands, Yellow Submarine Egg and Filtered Sunlight Egg suddenly break shell together, depositing a very closely matched pair of greens onto the sands. They trundle off together, staying close, and even pick lifemates who are near to each other. One settles with N'min and the other with Kassala, who in turn cry out their dragon's names as the bonds are made. "Vittorshyth!" "Kroceith!"

Lassara nods and watches carefully grinning and keeping her eyes open for her weyrmate. She grins at klari.. "I bet the next will be a green.. but I'm not putting a mark on it."

On the sands, Erika jumps slightly as the bronze hatches and Impresses so abruptly, but then she starts to relax into the experience, fascinated as much by the eggs and shards as by the dragonets, at least until a hatchling gets close enough to see up close. She paces, trying to see it all.

On the sands, "I imagined this would take longer. I've never seen them hatch before." Oreias admits to Rikau but he should already know that. "Oh, look at the blue, he's looking at us." Us as in the candidates. "They're kinda ugly when they first hatch out. All gooey and stuff.." And now no one's going to feel sorry for Oreias if he gets mauled.

On the sands, Lost Treasure Egg winks and teases, movements as subtly elusive as it's lost treasure namesake.

On the sands, Darkness and Light Ocean Blue Dragonet finds his stride, and nearly falls over himself in his haste to meet up with the candidates. He stumbles slightly and a wingtip becomes befouled for a moment, causing the little blue to croon in distress before he manages to free himself and has a good look at the 'tip to make sure all is well. Looking back up, he appears torn between two groups of candidates, one a pair of girls and the other three boys. Apparently the girls win out, because the little blue dragon makes a beeline for them, snuffling around on the sands as though testing out the waters.

On the sands, Lost Treasure Egg shudders, a sea of motion taking over its rounded shape. Cracks appear like spider's webs upon its shell, spreading from the algae green bottom to the rippling miasma of hues at the top. When at last the egg is split asunder, a treasure in sweet sea green is revealed.

On the sands, Cormorant Island Girl Green Dragonet
Sea green tints delicately feminine hide, darkening like waves upon a rocky shore over neckridges and back, slipping into intricately woven patterns along her lean sides like the dappling of the sun upon active waves. Translucent twin sails sally forth from dainty shoulders, balancing perfectly when spread to catch a thermal or take that first down stroke, while the polished gleam of silver edges her fingerbones and spars, catching the light like the sun off the ocean's rippling surface. Satiny seal colors her paws and flanks, the shadowy depths adding emphasis to her muscular form while the deadly silver of curving talons speak of her true mettle.

Klari eyes Lassara as the next is, in fact, a green. She's silent a moment before shaking her head as she leans back to just watch, "I give up."

Saldia snaps her fingers "Blue/Brown, same thing, come on spill Klari…" she pauses and realises they are in the midst of a crowd "Oooh a pretty green… you and I after this, we are going drinking and you are going to tell me all about it!"

On the sands, Adani offers Shi a nervous smile before she nods, "An' G'luck to you!" The Bitran stiffens slightly as more eggs pop themselves. She quickly looks out into the galleries, trying to see where her brother might be. Then as if remembering that he's supposedly watching, she squares her shoulder, and sets her teeth, determined not to show she's afraid. That determination fades however when the blue makes sudden darting movments, she jumps.. and gets ready to leap out of the way if need be.

On the sands, Rikau sucks in and holds his breath for a long moment before letting it all out, "Wow, what's that, four? Five now? Sharding hard to keep track at this point," he remarks, giving Oreias a wide-eyed look, "Seriously? Wow… yeah. That's right," he nods, giving him a light shoulder clout before cupping it to give it a small shake, "Enjoy it while it lasts, anyway. Oh, shardit, look, a green!" he sniffs, wiggling a finger towards the newest hatched dragonet. "You're right though. They're not—" he trails off, just shaking his head.

Brandi grins at B'nal "Well they are deifnelty moving now… look at them all hatch!"

Lassara grins… "I won.." she whispers and then looks down as her little ones are rousing. "I will say next a brown.. then a blue.. again no money."

On the sands, Orinoco Orca Egg is on the move again, its neighbor having already rolled away, cracked and deposited its contents on the sand. Cracks appear at the top, spreading rapidly downward, beginning to threaten the intregrity of the otherwise rather solid shell.

On the sands, Ambermoore stands firm, "Relax… Panick later… once this is over with you can panick all you want." Ambermoore advises. "It's always best to panic later because if you do it before you wear yourself out… if you do it during you can't react right… so you do it after… It always works for brawls." Amber rambles, but even A snort of disdain might break the tension a little.

On the sands, Darkness and Light Ocean Blue Dragonet turns from the lad he was eyeing and looks to Adani, suddenly looking almost as if he were grinning. He wasn't looking at that other - not really - just couldn't give himself away, but now he gives himself away fully to Adani; to be caught by her and for him to catch her in turn when needed.

B'nal says, "Goodness gracious yes." He nods, not tearing his eyes from the sands. "Is that blue headed Erika's way, do you think?""

On the sands, Darkness and Light Ocean Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Adani.
Crew> » Misphith has awakened! «

On the sands, Angelica notices the hatching of the green and shudders, "My what long talons she has…" All the better to maim her with. She tries to control her breating as she looks to either side for support. And then Adani Impresses the blue and one side of her support is gone. She mutters a congratulations and turns to Ambermoore. "Right, panick later."

On the sands, A trio of eggs break shell all at the same time, the hatchlings within quick to converge upon the candidates as cries of joy intermingle in the already loud location. "Shamasuth!" Eleta can be heard saying as a blue butts her in the legs. Skikriel, now S'kri, cries, "Harcoth!!!" as he impresses an enormous brown. Then there's little Reisa, who no one thought would impress, but her cry of joy is the loudest of all as she joins with an little green. "Paeiath!"

On the sands, Shihali watches in complete fascination, actually managing to forget about the heat of the sands for a few moments. That is until the blue winds up a few paces from her. Stumbling back a step, the same boy as before steadies her again, and this time they both blush. Seeing the blue fixate on Adani she grins "Wow" is all that can manage to come out as she watches.

On the sands, Cormorant Island Girl Green Dragonet slowly unfurls glossy wings still slick with goo and raises her delicate snout. A soft whuffle turns into a cough that shakes her from headknob to talon. Stepping out from her broken home she peers nervously at the sea of ebbing white. So many! So many! So many after being alone so long. With a pitiful wail she lifts her snout toward her golden parent.

On the sands, Zhyraeth tilts her head down to eye her green daughter, her muzzle dropping to whuffle the youngling for a moment though she mentally encourages her to move on, move out, find someone. With a rumble, the queen settles back, her wings fluttering slightly and then resting against her back once more as she sets up that deep thrum which greets all of her children when they hatch.

B'nal shakes his head. "No, I was wrong. Maybe that one, then." He points; it isn't clear where.

On the sands, E'lyce smiles broadly as the little blue finds Adani on the Sands and motions for the pair to make their way towards the sides with the other new weyrlings already there.

On the sands, Adani looks as if she's about to dart out of the way as the blue turns to look at her, panic starting to rise.. but then.. suddenly that panic seems to melt away and a smile forms "I know plenty of secrets Misphith.." Adani kneels down to touch the young blue. "Come this way.. food over here." Casting a smile to those near her she leads her new partner off to the side.

On the sands, Oreias' eyes drift over to Adani as she's claimed by the blue. "Oh.. Congrats!" He calls out even if he doesn't know the girl that well. And then the green draws his attention. "She's quite darling.." Even if she is gooey and by Oreias' standards ugly. You can be darling and ugly at the same time in his book. Odd one he is.

On the sands, Erika paces backward as the blue stops in front of Adani, forgetting even to smile or cheer as folks tend to do. She's feeling the heat, breathing deeply to hold herself steady, and is feeling slightly hunted on the sands full of wandering dragonets and white robes.

On the sands, Rikau grins widely, tossing Adani a thumbs-up sign at the impression, "Congrats!" he echos the young man beside him before his head cants in the direction of the green, "Yeah, haha. Maybe she'll be /yours/," he jibes, grinning wickedly.

On the sands, Liette has found herself a skin of drink and is sipping at it quite contentedly while chattering animatedly to another rider who's obviously stepped in to take N'lon's VERY painfully absent place. She watches with interest, but is clearly just as happy to see the eggs hatching and the dragonets impressing, if it means getting herself off the sands all the faster.

On the sands, Angelica continues to watch the green nervously. Ambermoore suggested being herself more. But right now herself is terrified. She'll just stay still and watch and be ready to run if one comes her way. Sounds like a plan. She can't stand completely still though, as her feet are beginning to feel the heat of the sands through her sandals, so she'll shuffle fwom foot to foot in one spot until she needs to run.

On the sands, Submerged Pebble Egg explodes into sudden action, shards of shell flung far and wide as the hatchling within tumbles to the sand with a confused creel. Wet and shaking, the blue finally hauls himself to his feet and looks blearily at the crowd of whiterobes. With a little encouragement from Zhyraeth he finally steps forth and meets his match in young Basil, who's busy goofing around. A tug and the boy finally pays attention, now B'sil he says, "What? Pay attention to… oh shards! Huferth!"

On the sands, Cormorant Island Girl Green Dragonet flutters her own wings in miniature imitation of her mother, turning back toward those mysterious figures in white with a bit more confidence in her stance. Maybe she doesn't have to be so alone, not anymore. She takes a few halting steps toward a pair of girls and opens her jaw to bark an inquisitive rumble.

On the sands, Orinoco Orca Egg trembles as the force within takes firm control of the shell without, splitting it cleanly down the middle and spilling forth its contents onto the sticky sands. Ethereal sky takes over fluid sea as a pallid bronze emerges with a long, loud creel of surprise.

On the sands, Spirit of Sparrow Hawk Bronze Dragonet
A ghostly visage of pallid bronze and highlights of blooded cinnabar, this dragonet looms large upon a horizon of vaulted wings, heavy haunches and nigh too muscular body. Jutting headknobs stroked with fresh cream play counterpoint to the shadows dwelling in the smooth ripple of descendant neckridges, streaks of soot following the fading line of a quirky tail. Darkness lingers in the cusp of overlong wings, a hint of antiquated coppery green shading spars and sails with aged color that likewise tints pinprick talons. Tightly cupped, the pale sling of his belly forms a definitive line from the hardy barrel of his chest to heavy hindquarters, solidly connecting this heavyweight to the ground while hawk-agile wings take him aloft.

On the sands, Shihali shuffles closer to Angelica, closing the gap that Adani left. Her eyes dance between one hatching and the next and then to the eggs trying to guess which will hatch next.

B'nal grunts in satisfaction as the newest bronze appears. "Looks like a fine, solid fellow, there."

On the sands, Ambermoore does understand. She's doing her best to try and reasure Angelica, for whatever good it'll do. She waits where she is, and holds firm to Angelica's hand. She's not about to let the girl run! No indeed!

On the sands, Swaying Seaweed Egg shivers in a light 'breeze', or rather it trembles with the power of the hatchling that is struggling to remove itself from the insides.

On the sands, Erika paces closer to Angelica and her miniature guard of honor - offering them a brief grin as she comments, "Blistering out here, huh?" in an undertone. Something totally mundane, absolutely unrelated to the rampaging dragonets.

On the sands, Rikau swabs at his forehead again before using his thumb and index finger to rub gently at the bridge of his nose. Heat getting to him a little? Maybe. As the newest bronze hatches, Rik gives a quick taptap to Oreias' arm before pointing, "Or maybe he's yours. What're you hoping for, anyway?"

On the sands, E'lyce smiles at the newest weyrlings, ushering them off the Sands while her assistants do the same on the other side of the Hatching Sands. "This way, this way, get yourselves out of the way of the dragons and over here, please, weyrlings," she calls, in her businesslike way.

On the sands, Zhyraeth snorts heavily as yet another hatchling pauses to look at her, her eyes whirling rapidly at her egg-gooey children. She encourages them though, that thrum growing stronger as she carefully leans down to nudge one egg away from the other, separating two that are knocking against one another.

On the sands, Crack! Pop! Two eggs follow one right after the other, dumping their innards onto the sands. One yields a tiny blue, the other a surprisingly large brown, and bets begin on who they'll impress to. When they both choose female partners, a cry goes up in the galleries, but the two lucky new weyrlings are

On the sands, too lost in sudden merge with their lifemates to even notice.

On the sands, Angelica continues to shuffle from foot to foot, she's to scared to think of a witty retort, so she settles with, "That's an understatement. Better to keep moving anyway in case we need to avoid a charging dragonet."

On the sands, Oreias clears his throat and shifts his feet as the heat starts to seep through the sole of the foot coverings. "I'm not hoping for anything really Rik. Just kinda here for the experience. Didn't we briefly talk about this that one time?" His memory working all that well with the cracking of eggs going on all around him. "Looks like a fine fella though. I wish you luck." He nudges Rikau and winks at him.

On the sands, Spirit of Sparrow Hawk Bronze Dragonet lifts himself from the ground, a shake sending tiny flakes of shell away from his shivering body. Then he stands tall, or as tall as a newly hatched dragonet can, and flexes his wings as if testing them. He's reluctant to move, that much is clear, and instead peers blearily at the candidates from where he stands.

On the sands, Rikau nods his head quickly, "Yeah, sorry. Forgot. I think it's the heat," he offers by way of excuse with a little grin before purposely wiping at his forehead again. "Best of luck to you too, man." As for the other guys on the sands, well, they're on their own for finding luck.

On the sands, Cormorant Island Girl Green Dragonet is cautious still, too new to this crowd thing to be completely comfortable. She gives the pair of girls a wider berth slipping around behind them. When nothing untoward happens she gains a little more confidence and draws in a breath that puffs out her chest, letting it out in a fine impression of her adult counterparts' roar. Surely the one she's supposed to find will hear /that/!

On the sands, Ambermoore chuckles, "Well think at this rate, it'll be over soon enough." She bounces on her toes slightly, trying to keep her feet from frying. She didn't think it could /be/ hot enough to bake through these sandals and yet it was!

On the sands, Danger in the Deep Egg shudders where it lay, stuck upon its side with the darkest of its shell facing the crowd of candidates. Another shudder brings along with it a rather resounding crack, though motion stops suddenly there after.

On the sands, Ambermoore jumps a little at the roar. Twisting around to see /exactly/ where it came from. It was Too many things were happening at once for it to be easy to say which particular creature made which particular noise, though the green is definitely noticed.

On the sands, Angelica keeps her head darting from side to side. Trying to keep an eye on all these hatching dragonets isn't easy, though it helps that her companions on either side are about a foot shorter than her. Their heads don't get in the way. She sees Ambermoore turn and tries to find what caught the other girls attention.

On the sands, Shihali lets out an undignified squeak and nearly jumps out of her sandals as the green lets out a roar. "Oh dear. They're not getting mad now are they?"

On the sands, Spirit of Sparrow Hawk Bronze Dragonet eyes the crowd thoughtfully, then moves with a sudden brashness that startles some of the candidates, scattering them out of his pathway. He's powerful and he knows it, not wobbling like most of his siblings do, at least not too badly. Charging at the candidate group once more, he slides to a skittering halt before a set of girls and stares at them willfully, until one tries backing off from the odd bronze.

On the sands, Cormorant Island Girl Green Dragonet pauses upon the sands, her still-wet wings held slightly aloft as she considers the crowd of white-dressed beings surrounding her. Finally she lets out a croon of discovery and sweeps toward a petite girl with brown hair and eyes, seeming to merge with her as she wraps her small green self around the candidate's legs.

On the sands, Cormorant Island Girl Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Shihali.
Crew> » Imaranth has awakened! «

On the sands, It happens in a flash, but Filtered Sunlight Egg suddenly cracks in two, the halves falling away to reveal a medium green who is surprisingly quick to get to her feet. She shuffles toward the candidates, tasting them with smacks of her tongue against their robes, then settling upon one at the very end of a row. "Hah, I told you I'd impress," Lylianne from Nabol tells another candidate in a snotty tone. "Ah, Hyriuth, yes, you're perfect. Too bad you're not gold though."

On the sands, Rikau can't help but laugh at the bronze dragonet's antics, despite the scare and ruckus he's causing among fellow candidates. It's mostly associated with the fact that he's staring down the females, to which Rik nudges Oreias once again, "I think we're about to make history here on Pern," he snickers, waggling his finger towards the bronze again.

On the sands, E'lyce grins as the little island green finds someone, finally. "Good for you Shihali," she calls, "What's her name?" She motions for the weyrling pair to come towards the side of the Sands, away from the madding crowd.

On the sands, Oreias doesn't start or look scared or make any noise as the green decides to test out her vocal cords. "Interesting partner she's going to make for someone." And then that someone is decided upon and a thin smile curls on his lips. "Well there we go." And then the bronze gains his attention. "Looks like he's a tad confused there. Bronzes aren't for girls." A light chuckle escapes him before he smiles widely at Rikau and as he's nudged again. "Don't think that'll work well. Bronze with a female rider would be a tad weird."

On the sands, Angelica sighs, her support system, as small as it was to begin with keeps shrinking. That's not good. She does manage to utter a "Congratulations" to Shihali though, before looking back at Ambermoore to make sure the other girl hasn't Impressed and left her as well.

On the sands, Erika is starting to wish that she'd fasted for the day as the heat and the chaos and the noise are combining to give her some really exciting nausea. She rubs her temples as she watches, realizing slowly that Shihali has Impressed. "Oh. And who - Lylianne? Hmmph." Some people just don't know when they're lucky.

On the sands, I'ali blinks once, then twice, staring at the green around her legs "Immerath! I'ali… oh well yes that does sound wonderful, come lets get you fed."

On the sands, E'lyce nods at I'ali, and grins. "That's the way, I'ali," she says. "What did you say her name was? She's a beautiful colour of green, don't you think?" She glances upwards towards the ledges, but recalls that her lifemate ilies still sleeping in the bowl instead of on the ledges above the Sands.

On the sands, A blue and a green break shell together, though one remains with the shards and the other goes toward the candidates. While the green finds her lifemate with considerable ease, settling upon an older boy from Nerat Hold, the blue waits until pushed. When Zhyraeth finally gives him a nudge, he toddles forth, looking suspiciously if needily at the candidates. When he settles on Mashana of Ista Weyr, a cheer goes up in the galleries. "His name is Pifth!"

On the sands, I'ali gets the green towards the side and nods to E'lyce "Imaranth, oh and she is such a beauty. It's like I am back at the beach looking at the sea."

Faehon, a quiet youg man in his early teens sits near the back of the galleries, watching the goings on below.

On the sands, Spirit of Sparrow Hawk Bronze Dragonet leans forward to 'taste' one of the female candidates, and gets a very bad reception to his advances as the girl turns and runs screaming away from the bronze dragonet. A roar from Zhyraeth suddenly ends such escapades though, for the dragonet reluctantly listens to his mother's command and starts seriously considering the males that are nearby. He sidles this way, then that, angling ever closer to two boys in particular.

On the sands, Rikau nods his head quickly, still grinning, "Aye. Definitely would. That'd be like a male on a queen. And that ain't happening any time soon, I'll tell you that!" But, you never know nowadays. After licking his lips once again to replace the evaporating moisture, the lips purse as the bronze makes his rounds away from the females, "Think his mum just yelled at him!"

On the sands, Danger in the Deep Egg grows more shadowy as time passes, the lines of cracks forming along its otherwise perfectly smooth shell, the sinister secret within seeking escape. In just a few moments, it's all over, when the egg finally bursts into multiple pieces and deposits its brown contents onto the sands.

On the sands, Shadow and Flames Viking Brown Dragonet
Burnt sienna is his base, a hundred fires burning in ruddy undertones beneath earthen char and streaks of sooty ash, from blunted snout to pointed tail and everything in between. Stocky of build, he's short and compact, with a brawny forechest, heavy front legs and even boxier hindquarters, shadow and flames rippling over the startling bulk of his muscled body. Beneath stunted headknobs that falsely suggest a lack of intelligence, deeply set eyes glitter keenly from brutish features, the planes of his face flattened from muzzle to sloping forehead and the low rise of neckridges. Only his wings are truly glorious, an inferno of angry cinnamon mixed liberally with vermillion, struts and spars delicate like a rapier and just as sharp.

On the sands, Poisonous Cephalopod Egg shivers, the last flecks of sand fleeing in rivelets down its shell.

On the sands, Liette chokes on her juice as she watches the female candidate running away from the bronze, her eyes watering as she tries hard not to laugh and of course ends up sending liquid down the wrong pipe. Still, it's a rather amusing site, even if she should likely be disapproving of such antics on the sands. Ah well…

On the sands, Oreias watches the bronze's antics before his brows crease down. "I thought they knew who they were going to impress right away. Bronzes should know they can't impress girls." He makes a throaty noise before his brows are then pulled up as it heads in their direction. "Incoming.." He inches away from Rikau and waits for the young dragon to make his choice. "I guess so, how embarrassing, getting yelled at by your mother."

On the sands, Silvery-sided Minnows Egg and Glorious Starfish Egg seem to be in concordance upon when they should hatch, for the two knock shells in the middle of the sands and abruptly split open to reveal their innards. One brown and one blue spill forth, making their way toward the candidates in time. The former settles with a young lady from Greenfields, who cries out, "Pelagiath!" The latter ends up with P'rate who looks terrified and reluctantly touches the blue with a finger as he says softly, "Caribeanth?"

On the sands, Erika turns at the screaming, and shakes her head in disapproval, either of the girl or the dragonet. She paces a bit backwards again, though, at the sight of the newest brown to hatch.

On the sands, E'lyce just shakes her head at the running candidate and the bronze dragon. "We'll have to watch that one," she notes to one of her assistants. "Can you calm her down? She's frightening the other candidates, not to mention the dragonets." She motions for the other assistants to continue getting the candidates together.

On the sands, Angelica looks from right to left and right again, trying to take in all the action. She grips Ambermoore's hand even tighter as the brown emerges, "That one doesn't look very friendly." She keeps shuffling her feet, though she'd much rather be running for her life.

On the sands, Ambermoore shakes her head, "Don't worry, he's brown… he'll probably be heading for the boys." Taht wasn't /completely/ the case she knew but any bit of reasurance, though Angelica's nerves were somewhat contagious. Amber did her best to ssquash them by attempting to anticipate which way the new hatchlings were going to stumble.

On the sands, Shadow and Flames Viking Brown Dragonet stretches once upon the sands, the black flecks clinging to his wet, burly body. Once upon his feet he heaves himself forward and nearly tilts onto his nose, not looking nearly so dangerous as he first did upon hatching. An annoyed creel greets the lack of cooperation from his limbs, before he begins to trod forward, intent on finding something in the sea of white before him.

On the sands, Poisonous Cephalopod Egg is determined not to be left behind and show all who doubted its small stature that size doesn't matter! With a wiggle and a jiggle it shifts in its bed.

B'nal murmurs, "Go, now, you fine young fellows."

On the sands, When Swaying Seaweed Egg decides to crack, it's done so in a slow, casual manner and the hatchling within seems to just appear when the shards schluff off of her. Rolling to her feet, she's very slow to take note of the candidates, but when she does she is quick to find her match. "Tershiath!" a young Bitran girl cries as she falls to her knees before the dragonet.

On the sands, Angelica nods, calming slightly. "You're right, what brown in it's right mind would choose a girl, let alone me." She certainly hopes that brown is in his right mind.

On the sands, Rikau's eyes go wide as the brown hatches, a small grin tugging at his lips, "Looklooklook! Brown! Here's hoping," he mutters, but then, he's distracted by the bronze, if only because Oreias mentioned his incoming. Without even thinking, he takes a step back, probably remembering how he treated the females and expecting much the same.

On the sands, Spirit of Sparrow Hawk Bronze Dragonet begins to pick up speed, wings spread wide even though he cannot fly, and legs pedaling his heavy body as quickly as they can across the sands. Momentum builds, so that when he finally crashes into a tall young man with sunlight-kissed hair, it is with great weight he first greets his new lifemate, and great joy as well.

On the sands, Spirit of Sparrow Hawk Bronze Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Rikau.
Crew> » Kelsheth has awakened! «

B'nal says, "There, now. There."

On the sands, Shadow and Flames Viking Brown Dragonet tries this whole movement thing again, his legs pedaling one after the other until he finally gets it down pat and really makes progress toward the crowd of candidates. He sniffs a girl, then a boy, then moves on to one he's not too sure about and pauses to study, staring up at the white smock of clothing that's standing before him.

Klari nearly jumps from her seat as something sparks in her. "Yes! About sharding time!" Quite loud indeed. But then she glances around and clears her throat. Everyone has their favorites, right?

On the sands, Rikau doesn't even have time to yelp before he's tackled by the bronze. Alas, for all of the swatting self defense he's giving, it's soon gives way to the young man leaning back against the sands, one hand reaching up to pluck a small eggshard from his muzzle, "So wait, I'm confused. How do I—how'd you… we're gonna have to practice that whole mindspeech thing, I think, Kelsheth," the new R'kau laughs, shaking his head before wincing slightly.

On the sands, E'lyce grins as the bronze finds his lifemate, then calls to R'kau: "Congratulations, R'kau and Kelsheth," she smiles. "Over here if you please, leave the Sands to the hatching eggs and candidates."

On the sands, Poisonous Cephalopod Egg suddenly shivers violently from top to bottom, then grows still. After a few seconds it begins to sway, a gentle rocking motion. Trance-like state is shattered by the appearance of a wide crack that quickly runs a ragged course down the side splitting the shell into two even halves. One, two, three more shifts and it gives way tipping completely over and spilling forth its wet gooey occupant.

On the sands, The Jeweled Sea Green Dragonet"
Emerald elegance coats a petite frame with the smooth even strokes of a master artist. Jeweled highlights wink and hide among the shadows of muscle and bone, underlying tones that flow with each shift of movement and enrich her lush green overcoat with unique hues and shades. Diamonds dot her snout like so many freckles, a glittering trail that underscores her most beautiful feature - large expressive eyes that encompass an array of precious jewels in fascinating kaleidoscope; ever changing, ever reflecting like a glassy sea the emotions that move her. Hints of sapphire sift gently over the rise of rounded head knobs, melting down her back to disappear beneath the one place her hide sparkles truest with a blazing pool of emeralds, and only returning much late to shade the curls of her surprisingly short tail. Wingspars' underside shimmers with an effervescent mixture of opals and pearls, perfect for stretching wide to balance or embrace the wind. Her belly is softened by velvet tones of ruby that darken to garnet as they ebb and flow toward the glistening pearl of sharp talons.

On the sands, With only one egg left on the sands, a few of the candidates are starting to get worried looks upon their faces. Zhyraeth seems not to be bothered at all by the fact that things are nearly over, for she'll always have her children … if she can remember them.

On the sands, Angelica is too busy being terrified and trying to see everything to notice Rikau impress the bronze. Besides that dangerous looking brown is still out there somewhere. And now there's that new green to watch out for as well. Too many to keep a good eye on.

On the sands, E'lyce ducks off the sands for a moment, having been summonsed by one of her weyrling crew.

On the sands, E'lyce heads out towards the main bowl.

On the sands, Oreias' eyes go slightly wide as Rikau impresses before stepping aside to allow the newest pair their space, "Congratulations!" he calls out to them, biting his lip nervously as a hand lifts to his neck, giving it a quick scratch in nervous gesture. He's left alone, all alone! Thankfully, there're others still present nearby, at least.

On the sands, Shadow and Flames Viking Brown Dragonet moves slowly, not because of a lack of intelligence, but instead for the fact that he's thinking, considering, not wanting to choose poorly. When at long last he comes upon a graceful girl with platinum hair, it is instant kismet and he's finally there. With a creel he pushes demandingly against her legs and gazes up at her with those keen, whirling eyes.

On the sands, Shadow and Flames Viking Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Angelica.
Crew> » Rensyth has awakened! «

Saldia grins at Klari and raises an eyebrow "ABout time you say?"

On the sands, Ambermoore stares at the green thoug hshe's starting to loose feeling in the hand that Angelica is clutching. "One egg left. And only a few hatchlings." She belatedly gave the running tally. "it's almost…" She cuts off as the brown comes directly towards them, firming up her grip so Angelica /doesn't/ run, or so she can pull the girl out of the way if she needs to.

On the sands, R'kau grimaces as he stands, giving Kelsheth a little nudge to allow him to stand. As he does so, a quick nod is given to the weyrlingmaster, "C'mon, you heard the woman. Let's go get you some grub. But you're on your own, bub. I'm not touching that meat…" We'll see about that in about five minutes from now, eh?

On the sands, Liette eyes that last egg, clutching one hand in a tight fist as she waits for it to hatch, the two dragonets on the sands ignored, especially as one impresses and the other one surely will soon. "C'mon… c'mon… I need to get off these sands!" she can be heard saying, at least by those close enough to hear her.

On the sands, Erika fairly gapes at Rikau, then at Angelica, then generally. Wait - where'd all the dragonets get to?

On the sands, Angelica looks at the brown and suddenly he's not so firghtening anymore, just perfect. "Do you mean that Rensyth? It's true, I could never be a pain to you. So I suppose you're hungry?"

Klari glances over to Saldia and points out to the sands, "The bronze. It took forever…" Klari finally laughs and eyes Saldia, "Can't I get excited? People got excited for us, I'd hope."

Saldia still has a raised eyebrow "INdeed, it is not as if you won a bet on it or anything Klari…." She shakes her head "People can get excited its just that…."

Brandi eyes the last egg "It will hatch won't it B'nal?" she says worridly, hating this bit on Liette's sake, remembering her own times on the sands. Her hands clench together as she watches, eyes darting between the happy unions and the egg that is left.

On the sands, The Jeweled Sea Green Dragonet rolls head over heels several feet before coming to a sprawling stop. Her head wobbles as she gets her first look at the world outside her shell, turning large expressive eyes as far around as she can.

B'nal nods. "It ought to, Brandi. Give it time—everything else happened awfully fast. Well, a lot happened fast."

Klari can pay more attention to Saldia now, "Just that what?" Klari's attention shifts momentarily but then it's back to the greenrider. Yeah, she's got her curious now.

On the sands, Angelica walks toward E'lyce half in a daze with Rensyth by her side to await food and instructions.

On the sands, Ambermoore lets go of Angelica's hand, and grins like a maniac. "Congratulations, Angelica… now go get him fed. I'll catch you afterwards at the feast if they let you out!" Amber promised, though she does resist the urge to actually /cheer/. With that she turns her attention back to the dragonet and egg on the sands, relaxing a bit for the first time since getting out here.

Saldia grins "well for someone who hasn't laid any bets, just seemed very excited that…" her eyes squint as she looks to see who the union is "Just very excited over some candidate getting a bronze, unless it is not just some candidate?" She asks curiously, a hint in her voice.

Brandi laughs "You know me by now, never want to take time when I want something to happen now B'nal." She pauses "I doubt it feels fast to Liette, never ending more like it."

B'nal nods, tearing his eyes from the activity on the sands to smile at Brandi. "I know. You're thoughtful that way. All will be well."

Klari shakes her head at Saldia, "He's a friend of mine. But no, that's not what happened between D'nic and I. At least, not with him." Klari says this and slowly pulls her gaze from her friend to the sands. "But it was me that screwed it up this time. And I was honest with him." And kicked to the curb.

Brandi wrinkles her nose "Most people call me thoughtless and scatterbrained." She says making a face as a certain memory crosses her mind. She grins "But least there have been many happy unions." Her gaze goes to the sands again, to the egg and then across to Erika "But so many are left behind." She sighs.

On the sands, Oreias is feeling a tad weird as everyone around him seems to be disappearing and there is only one dragonet and one egg left. The sands are starting to feel mighty empty right about now. He stares for a moment at the spot the Rikau once stood before he drags his attention back to the green and instead watchs her.

Saldia tries to look innocent "I wasn't suggesting anything Klari, well ok not much and well I wouldn't pick you to start anything with a candidate, but /just/ a friend?" she queries. She sighs and looks sympathetic "So you were honest and he punished you?"

B'nal pats Brandi's hand.

On the sands, Erika stops trying to see everything at once and instead looks directly at the lone green dragonet just rolled out of the egg. What does she want, what does she see? A wrinkle forms on Erika's brow as she tries to think what the dragon thinks.

On the sands, The Jeweled Sea Green Dragonet is quickly on her feet. Not one to waste time dawdling is she - not when there's something new and exciting to discover. With a shake of her wings she sets her feet in motion and pads across the sands, jewel-toned eyes searching.

Klari's eyes go wide at Saldia, attempting to get her to drop the issue and just stick with one. "A friend, Sal." Then Klari nods, "Yeah. We'd promised each other we wouldn't. And for more than the past five turns, neither of us had.. I miss him, Sal."

On the sands, Ambermoore looks to Oreias and gives him an encouraging gesture before turnning her attention entirely back to what is left on the sands. As she told Angelica. It is allmost over one way or another.

On the sands, Liette starts to get irritated with the green on the sands, and even more so at the egg that's refusing to hatch —it hasn't even MOVED yet! She gesticulates wildly at the hatchling, as if that'll help to get it moving, and starts up a rather heated discussion with the rider standing next to her.

Saldia grins and isn't known for dropping a subject, flitting from one to another than back to another yes but dropping one altogether, nope. She grins "I believe you, if you say just a friend Klari, then its just a friend." She smiles "If that's the truth and the one you want to stick to then I will trust you." She sighs and wraps an arm around Klari "I am sure you do, you and he have been through so much together that to cut off all ties, have you tried to speak to him about it?" Whatever it is.

Brandi squeezes B'nal's hand tightly "Come on" she says, whether to the green hatchling or to the unhatched egg she doesn't make clear.

On the sands, The Jeweled Sea Green Dragonet finds her balance at last and sets sail for the greatest treasure of all, the one jewel that has evaded her so far. With renewed speed she changes direction and veers unerringly for Ambermoore.

On the sands, The Jeweled Sea Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Ambermoore.
Crew> » Siddharth has awakened! «

On the sands, Oreias' gaze drifts over to Ambermoore as he feels eyes on him. A faint grin wiggles its way upon his lips before that little green finally kicks into motion and Ambermoore is snagged. He makes a little bit of a face and pulls his legs back into place. He was going to make his way over to her but.. guess that's out of the question.

On the sands, Ambermoore blinks in shock as the little green seems to suddenly regain her control. Then she forgets what she was about to say, or even if she was about to say anything, "Siddharth? Of course… Food. Right away!" Ambermoore's instincts kick in while her brain is still trying to process what's going on. She doesn't notice the last unhatched egg, though she does give Oreias a smile as she walks by.

On the sands, When the Translucent Jellyfish Egg finally decides to crack, it's without fanfare that it does so. The shell simply shrugs away from the shoulders of a small bronze dragonet, his head lifting high and wings stretching before he takes off in a march for the candidates. When at long last he finds a red-haired boy to his liking, he butts him to his knees and then is instantly remorseful for the hurt he causes. "It's alright Abbacath, it'd take far more than that to hurt me!" G'bor says, last to impress, but not least!

Klari leans her head on Saldia's shoulder, she'll fill her in about R'kau another time. "He's still too angry with me to look at me. The only reason we've talked at all is because of our kids. Which makes it harder but better at the same time." Klari sighs before wrapping her arms around Saldia for a quick embrace.

On the sands, Erika looks after Ambermoore, and that wrinkle in her brow becomes if anything more pronounced. She turns back to the lone remaining egg without much optimism, glancing at the white robes still lingering, not fainting, in their array across the sands. And then it's done, before she can blink, and she stands there, like a fish out of water, her deep breathes become gasps.

B'nal leans back, letting out a long gust of air. "There, now, all done, and all done well. Only our poor Erika is still standing out there. Scant comfort to her now, I know, but at least it's a chance for us to have her on our sands at Fort."

On the sands, Liette suddenly jumps a foot or so in the air, her arms lifting above her head as she tastes freedom at last —but there're candidates to attend to, the ones left on the sands. More solemnly, she clears her throat and holds Zhyraeth back from rushing out of the cavern as she rounds them up and seeks to address them. "Thank you all for standing today, we couldn't have had a better group, but as you all know, not everyone can impress. There're never enough eggs, but that doesn't mean /your/ lifemate isn't out there, won't be out there sometime in the future. We'd like to invite you all to stay here as long as you please and to /please/ join us in the living caverns for a feast."

On the sands, Z'en stirs to life, having been quietly and proudly watching as one by one impressions were made and new lives begun. Now he sighs - the excitement is over - and steps forward to gather those who didn't find their lifemate today and escort them back to the Living Cavern.

On the sands, Well that is that. And as the last egg finally hatches and quickly impresses Oreias smiles faintly and makes his way off the sands.

On the sands, Oreias heads out towards the main bowl.

On the sands, Kelsheth follows R'kau.

On the sands, R'kau heads out towards the main bowl.

On the sands, Kelsheth heads out towards the main bowl.

On the sands, I'ali heads out towards the main bowl.

On the sands, Imaranth heads out towards the main bowl.

On the sands, Angelica heads out towards the main bowl.

On the sands, Erika goes home.

Saldia squeezes Klari back "I am sorry Klari, it sounds like….." she sighs, not knowing the full story, wanting to support Klari but D'nic is a friend of hers as well "Sounds like he is taking it hard but to treat you like that, that is unlike him." She shakes her head "I think you and I need to celebrate all the hatchlings and get drunk!"

Brandi grins "That is good, poor Erika, it will be hard to comfort her but I would rather her to ride one of LYaseth's and keep her at Fort if truth be told."

Klari nods to Saldia as she sits up a bit, "That's for sure. Celebration is in order." No matter who impressed, it's a good excuse! Always has been, always will be! "Got somewhere in mind already?"

B'nal nods. "Aye, indeed. Poor lass."

On the sands, Liette waits until all the candidates have departed, then gathers up her lifemate, so to speak, and rushes out into the open air of the bowl. "Freedom!"

On the sands, Liette heads out towards the main bowl.

On the sands, Zhyraeth heads out towards the main bowl.

Saldia grins "Well not the klah pot. You want to stay close to home so all we have to do is roll home or go somewhere far away and give the holders a terrible impression of riders?" She winks "We might find some amusements but at least here the drinks will be free for the celebrations, at least til they realise how much we mean to drink."

Brandi giggles as Liette darts away "I know how that feels. Should we collect Erika or let her come home under her own steam?"

B'nal stands. "Let's go see what she wants to do."

B'nal walks down the stairs to the entrance.

On the sands, Adani watches as Misphith wanders closer to her.

On the sands, Adani heads out towards the main bowl.

Brandi walks down the stairs to the entrance.

Klari stands with a stretch and begins to make her way down to the bottom level of the seats, "Hmm.. Good point about keeping the drinks free. Why not the klah pot? Scared of the mass crowd?" Klari laughs but then nods, "Me too. No Klah Pot, definitely. C'mon, we'll figure something out." And with that, Klari heads down to the bowl.

Saldia grins " Klah pot, you can't get drunk there." SHe follows behind Klari, in search of free drinks and gossip.

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