Title: Ista Weyr Candidate (formerly Smith Craft Senior Apprentice) Location: Ista Weyr (formerly Ista Hold Smith Hall)
Age: 18 Turns Gender: Female

Physical Attributes: She has very dark skin and hair (kept close-cropped. Her eyes are coppery brown; She has an athletic build with ample curves and is right about the middle range of average in height [perhaps 5'5"]

Brief History(See +history Marjani on-game for the full version)
Born of a brief dalliance between Kerron kitchen drudge Mabesta and Smith Journeyman Rijan, she spent the first seven turns of her life fostered in Keroon. When Rijan found out about her he brought her back to Ista to teach her what he knew. It was discovered that she was bright and quick to learn. Additionally, her hands were deft at manipulating delicate or small objects. An accident at 10 left her with a sporadic and slight tremor in her right hand but she decided to seek Apprenticeship in the Smith Hall anyway and focus on less delicate areas.

At 12 she was accepted to the Smith Hall at Ista and showed promise in problem-solving and the fields of metal-smith and stone-smith, but her injury kept her from learning much of glass smithing. She can work jewelry but only very slowly. She has traveled to learn and seems to like the concept of engineering and construction but Rijan urged her not to specialize early on. She was promoted to Senior Apprentice at 14 1/2 turns and is strongly considering specializing in Construction should she ever become a Journeyman.

A few months past her 18th Turnday, and a working trip to Ista Weyr ended in a night at The Klah Pot, which resulted in Marjani finding a spot with the latest group of candidates.


As drawn by her player

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