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Marryn is the oldest son and middle child, heir to Southern Boll Hold, and a young man still finding his own way of doing things. He is nearing the time when he must be confirmed by the Conclave of Holder's as the official Lord Holder of Southern Boll, so has been slowly building support and ties throughout his own territory and beyond. Subtly subverting these efforts is an old enemy of the family, Lord Bitra, who works behind the scenes to mar Marryn's reputation and cast doubt on his ability to adequately manage the Hold.

Age: Mid-20's

Description: Marryn eminates a smooth easy grace, his confidence a gift of nature and providence. Raised with the knowledge of leadership on his shoulders, he carries himself with straight-backed surity and pride, topping off at just under six feet tall. Thick obsidian waves fall shoulder-length, slipping often enough into his view that he's acquired a habit of flicking his chin to swing them out of the way. Dark eyes light with copperish mischief, but most of the time he has a fine-tuned control over strong, hawkish features of angled nose and thick brows. With a ready smile, good southern tan, and trim, muscular physique he presents an appealing figure, something of which he's well aware and strives to ensure. There's a sense of restrained passion about the firm set of lips, copper-tinted gaze and solid step - a passion for love, life, and action. His motto: I see, therefore I do.

Typical attire: Marryn sports a flattering loose white shirt with three-quarter sleeves and open partially down the front, the cut of which is crisp, neat and deceptively simple - the mark of fine workmanship. Charcoal trousers and a thick black belt with silver buckle complete his attire, finished off with the traditional southern footwear of choice - sandals.

Family: Auryn (mother), Shel (older sister), Amarik (younger brother)

Significant people in his life (IC): Aeroulyn (girlfriend, Journeyman Smith), Th'deus (friend, Fort Weyrleader), Taini (friend, Fort Goldrider), Thera (friend, Fort Brownrider), Toncho (friend, Stablemaster).

Significant people in his life (NPC): Lord Bitra (enemy, Bitran Holder), Markis (father, deceased).

Current Events:

  • Marryn and Nienan are engaged and grand handfasting plans are underway. Things seem amiss though as the couple are anything but the mooning, sappy-eyed young pair one would expect.
  • As irony would have it, Nienan and Aeroulyn were in the infirmary at the same time and both gave birth to baby boys. Aeroulyn gave the name Rouwin to hide her son's parentage, but really the brown-eyed babe was named Laeryn.
  • Suspicions arose when Aeroulyn overheard Nienan say things that indicated Marryn might not be the father of her child after all. She went to Amarik for help as well as confessing that her own son was Marryn's, and the younger Bollian agreed to keep her secrets long enough go to Nerat and attempt to find out the truth in time to stop the handfasting. Under the cover story of camping with his goldriding lover, Taini, he fudged his way through a chat with Marryn and set off.


  • Auryn and Bitra: There's some bitter history between Auryn's family and Lord Bitra (all off-camera) stemming from when Auryn, Bitra, and Auryn's older brother were all teenagers. Auryn left Bitra and ended up at Southern Boll, later becoming the Lady Holder.
  • Confirmation: Marryn is set to become the official Lord Holder soon and is facing Confirmation from the Conclave of Holders down the road just a bit, so has been making political trips to various other locations working on securing support. Marryn is also a very randy young bachelor so has been taking advantage of this introduction to the rest of Pern to engage in flings at practically every stop. Amarik enjoys teasing him to know end about it and it's already been a sore spot between Marryn and Aeroulyn.
  • Pirates: Now, at the same time pirates have come into the picture and decided to make Boll a frequent stomping ground. That's a TP that has been going on for some time now with several large scale IC events and a lot of posts about off-camera smaller incidents. No one knew why the pirates seem to focus on Boll at first.
  • Bitra: Lord Bitra meanwhile, never having forgotten his issues with Auryn, took advantage of not only the pirates but a series of mishaps (all deliciously IC! Funfun!) around the Boll area to indulge his love of just being pure evil and to get revenge on Auryn by bad mouthing Marryn and attempting to seriously undermine his chances at a successful confirmation. Later, various rumors, gossip and behind-the-scenes spying revealed that Bitra was actually behind the pirates attention on Boll but nothing could be openly proven. So the subtle war between Bitra and Southern Boll continues. Lately the two main lines of Bitra's efforts (pirates and confirmation sabatage) have been calming down a bit so one might think the old man has given up. But that would be a deadly mistake. His most direct bid to take action against Marryn yet is about to begin - launching off the ongoing Gather in the form of a lovely young spy named Nienan.
  • Aeroulyn: Now for Marryn and Aeroulyn. =) They met on one of Marryn's trips to Ista Hold and didn't like each other at first. That eventually changed but both acted like it hadn't until one particular arguement exploded in a duel where both intended to do damage to the other, but they ended up sleeping together instead. ha! They kept the relationship a secret, though rumors at the Hold were inevitable considering with Marryn's rank every move is noted and speculated on. Then the rumors reached the ears of Lord Bitra (thanks to an Istan goldrider named Quinn who is not only Marryn's cousin but a spy and betrayed his trust after he spilled his guts to her). Aeroulyn was living temporarily at Boll by then on a smith assignment and one day while she was out working with another smith named Aodien both were kidnapped by pirates secretly backed by Lord Bitra. Both smiths suffered horribly and Marryn nearly ran the hold (and himself) into the ground trying to find them. Eventually they were rescued but really the pirates let them go for secret reasons of their own (that hasn't been discovered yet). So then everyone knew how serious Marryn and Aeroulyn were but ugly political issues continued to brew because Aeroulyn is not only non-Blooded but suffered physically at the hands of the pirates so is now tainted as far as the purists are concerned. Pressure continues to hammer on Marryn and simmers doubts in Aeroulyn but the pair ignored it all to indulge in a sickeningly mushy recovery that seemed to cement their relationship for good.
  • Truth or Dare - Beware! Then Marryn went to Ista Weyr and fell victom to his two worst faults - drinking and gambling. A dice game of Truth or Dare ended with him shirtless, kissing one girl and passing out in the lap of another who was herself shirtless and happened to be a past lover of Marryn's named Aadi. Those rowdy weyrfolk - shameless!! Aeroulyn found out about it through mis-relayed rumors, assumed Marryn slept with Aadi, and the two had a vicious fight, ending in their breaking up. Tension is thick enough to crack glass every time the two are forced to interact because of Aeroulyn's position as leader of the smith expedition lodged at Boll, or accidental encounters and both are foolish enough to keep hurting each other instead of talking it out. Aeroulyn went and slept with Aodien out of revenge, which only solidified Marryn's prideful determination not to tell her the truth about him and Aadi when he found out. After one especially emotional incident wherein Marryn attempted to put Aeroulyn in jail, she suffered a mental breakdown and was taken to the infirmary, where she found out she was pregnant with Marryn's child. A new fear then presented itself, as Aeroulyn was sure Marryn hated her and would take the child away if he knew. So the child remained a secret, for the time being.
  • The Gather - Rugen The Summer Gather at Southern Boll was filled with more than the usual fare of runner races, countless wares and rounds of gossip. The unintentional discovery was made of a known criminal in their midst when Rugen was arrested for a petty disturbance, then recognized by Toncho. Before the man was set to be interrigated by Captain Zarl he mysteriously escaped, and the most disturbing part of it was that he appeared to have inside help.
  • The Gather - Aodien The last day of the Gather turned out to be most eventful. Marryn arrived and was in the middle of complimenting Taini on her beautiful new dress when he was assaulted by the flying fist and accompanying body of Aodien, who held him in contempt for his treatment of Aeroulyn and the two threw heated insults at each other while simutainously trying to bash in each other's skull. Despite the attempts of various onlookers to seperate the two, Q'luin, T'jano, Marjani and Th'deus were pulled into the fray. Guards eventually arrived to calm the ruckus and Aodien was ordered to the jail by a furious Marryn. But before he could be taken away, T'jano and Marjani helped him escape. Marryn put out warrants on all three of the cohorts.
  • The Gather - Misha At the Final Feast, a young woman named Misha was crowned the Summer Queen and given a crown of flowers as well as a seat at the high table with the Holding family during dinner. Marryn and she danced, as was required, and the heated debate that carried through both their energetic and slower moves surprised the young Lord-to-Be. Misha proposed herself for the role of his advisor but her sharp tongue raised his ire and the two parted on ill terms, having raised more than a few brows with the seemingly passionate motions of their dance.
  • Nienan Immediately after the Gather, a young woman named Nienan approached Marryn while he was out chopping wood alone one night. She was beautiful, and sweet, and very pregnant. She claimed Marryn was the father. Shocked, but unable to deny her claim for lack of memory and convenient timing of events he assured her he would support her and the babe however was needed. However, he quickly learned she intended a handfasting, and that her powerful uncle, Lord of Nerat, expected it as well or would pull all his political support for Marryn's upcoming confirmation.
  • Storm-watch Marryn discovered that Aerou was secluded far out along the beaches in temporary shelters the smiths had built for their research. Furious, but determined to only show concern as he would for any fool-headed person under his care, he went out to the shelters. However, finding her in a trance, sitting before a broken window cut and bleeding, and with a massive storm roaring through the opening he picked her up and fought the maelstrom to get her to another shelter. Shaken by her condition, he struggled to rouse her and when she did the two were overcome by emotions and gave in to what they'd both been restraining for so long. The morning found them asleep and entwined, and the night's balm gave them the excuse to talk a bit, though not enough. One thing that was accomplished was that although Marryn would not remove the warrant for Aodien's arrest completely he did agree to not keep the smith in jail but in a room under guard instead.
  • Engaged
  • Musical Cells The jailhouse of Southern Boll was busier than ever when Marryn took a trip away from the hold one evening. Aodien decided to sneak back into the hold to visit his sole living relative, his grandmother, and was caught by the guards. At the same time T'jano decided to visit the hold himself and discuss the warrant out for his arrest . Both men scuffled with the guards and were put into jail cells, T'jano walking in of his own accord and Aodien being summarily thrown in by a pair of eager muscle-heads. T'jano took it upon himself to use his lock-picking skills to free Aodien, yet again, but he remained as he intended to speak to Marryn. Aodien made it as far as the back clearing before he ran into Iona, a teenage Fortian goldrider and strong friend. As luck would have it, the same two guards who had dealt with the smith earlier came along and discovered the pair. Another fight ensued and when Iona wouldn't identify herself the guards threw her into a cell of her own right beside Aodien and T'jano. By time Marryn came home the next morning, the hold was abuzz with the news and Marryn marched to the jail immediately to set matters straight. Having promised Aerou that he would not keep Aodien in jail, he intended to take out some verbal venting and send the smith on his way but, as usual, the younger man's tongue got him in deeper trouble and his sharp insults sent Marryn's temper soaring. He was sent to the infirmary to have his wounds tended but kept under strict guard and chained to the bed. Iona's identity was discovered and she was released, but fainted on her way out so Marryn carried her to a guest room where she was cared for till she awoke. As for T'jano, Marryn sent word to Th'deus and the message that came back was surprising. Marryn no longer wished to harass the greenrider for his involvement at the Gather, but Th'deus requested that Marryn keep his younger brother in jail, under loose restrictions, for his own sanity due to issues in his personal life. Thus T'jano stayed a week longer and most thought it was still because of Marryn, though he was eventually released by the arrival of two fellow riders, Thera and W'ren, who thought their friend needed rescuing. Eventually Marryn released Aodien as well, banishing the smith and warning that he would rue the day Marryn saw his face again.
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