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** HATCHING TODAY!! Saturday, May 18. 4pm EST/1pm PST.
** Jania is our new Assistant Headwoman! Welcome!
** Hanneke is Phoenix Wing's new Wingsecond! Wootoo!
** L'lia is Ista's new Weyrsecond! Woo!
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** Need to contact the staff? Write to *Ista Staff Foo (alias: *isf) or watch for B'roughs, D'nic, Fiora, Katarra, Kyla, Z'ryel, or Zureile.

The Universal Zone announces "Hey Everyone! Klari just changed the @party!! — do a @party to check it out!!"

If the eggs are a-rockin', ya better come a-knockin'! Yep, those lovely eggs on Ista's Sands are getting ready to break open so come on over and enjoy the hatching! Just @move yourself to the Galleries (#1816). See you there! —- Entered by Klari on Sat May 18 16:00:28 2002 EST

Sands (#1993J)
Waves of heat drape their stifling folds over breath and skin, scentless perfume from the black diamond that cover the floor of the Hatching Cavern. Scintillant, they burn the soles of bare feet; seduce the eye with their deceptive glitter in jet made prism and rainbow both. What cooler air there is flows in from the huge openings from the bowl, wreathing swift and teasing down the shafts of sunlight that ride them; at night, it is the large baskets of glows that dot which lend subtle illumination, the sparkling sands more subtle than starlight seen through a shroud of mist.
You see Suryareth, Minty Prairie Oyster Egg, Infinite Time and Space Egg, Genuinely Tiny Knickers Egg, Fear-Driven Feeding Frenzy Egg, Don't Call Me Peck! Egg, Sparkling Diamonds Egg, Velvet Curtains of Sadness Egg, Manhattan Mermaid Egg, Majestic White Iceberg Egg, Groovy Psychadelic Egg, Elephant Graveyard Egg, Decorous Glass-Case Egg, Great Big Tylenol Egg, Intergalactic Cockroach Egg, Saucy Bowl of Tangles Egg, Theronth, Tajiath, Jaqueth, Worldly Caverns Untold Egg, Swallow-Borne Coconut Egg, Dizzying Mask of Green Egg, As You Wish Egg, and Glowing Petals Under Glass Egg here.
M'gael, Katarra, D'nic, and Fiora are here.
Obvious exits:

Kyla walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.

B'roughs walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.

Tajiath paces restlessly, a deep thrum vibrating her throat.

Kyla slips out onto the sands, a wince for the heat and a sigh for the queens. "Do they always do things in pairs?" she mutters. A nod is aimed to the other riders on the sands as she goes to find her place by the large bins of raw herdbeast. Yum.

Fiora replies with a pleased smile, "It's the Ista Way it seems." as she takes her place just to the other side of the bloody bins.

Avi arrives from a tunnel under the Galleries and steps onto the Sands.

Kyla just shakes her head before giving Fiora a little grin. "But then why am I worried? You'll be there helping out." Mu hahahaha.

Apocalon arrives from a tunnel under the Galleries and steps onto the Sands.

Tamyka arrives from a tunnel under the Galleries and steps onto the Sands.

Azarin arrives from a tunnel under the Galleries and steps onto the Sands.

Maralia arrives from a tunnel under the Galleries and steps onto the Sands.

Lanara arrives from a tunnel under the Galleries and steps onto the Sands.

Carise arrives from a tunnel under the Galleries and steps onto the Sands.

There's M'gael, rooting from the sidelines, hands stuffed in his pockets. He's got on a casual outfit, a big broad smile, and eyes that swing from eggs to dragons to galleries: here it goes. Theronth, though, he's the proud father of so many of those rocking ovoids: he paces, just a little, near the back back back of the caverns.

Lanara drops a small curtsey to the queens, knees knocking with nerves, before she quickly walks across the sand with the other girls. She moves to stand next to Tamyka and dances from one foot to the other on the hot sands. She looks around at all of the people and then turns her attention towards the eggs and quickly becomes enthralled in the spectacle.

Katarra hustles the last of several drudges off the sands as they lug away bulky furniture and other odds and ends that she's accumulated over the last few weeks. All around the humming grows louder so she gestures rather than try to yell louder. All gone, she turns back to the pacing Tajiath, sending soothing thoughts. Coming up beside D'nic, she leans close to his ear to ask, "Did you think to bring anything to drink?"

Avi scurries out onto the Sands, so excited that she can hardly stand up straight. The girl skids to a stop outside the entrance, causing some other, slower candidates to bump into her. Avi gives them a dirty look, but is too excited to remain sedentary for long. She hurries out into the fray, beginning to do a curtsy — no, no luck there, her hands pluck nervously at the fabric — before simply bowing to the two Queens. She sidles over to the side, away from the main group of Candidates, and attempts to squint into the Galleries, searching for familiar faces. It's too bright, too far away.

Azarin takes a deep breath before stepping onto the Sands, eyes momentarily going to the galleries and the crowd gathered there. A push from another candidate has him regain his posture and he moves a few paces further out, bowing to the queens before taking his place before the moving eggs. "They're moving…" he says, to no one in particular.

Carise takes short little half steps as she starts across the sands, picking each foot up quickly, her walking somewhat amusing as she approaches the queens, fingers curling in her robe to manage a quick curtesy before turning to glance at the egg, eyeing the other candidates before moving to the eggs, standing close to the others.

Tajiath trumpets once, tossing her head as the candidates begin to appear. White means her eggs will soon find new homes!

Apocalon all but gets shoved onto the sands from the horde of eager adolescents behind him and quickly lengthens his stride to not be one of the last ones. One of the first things that dominate his field of vision is the queen herself, all in her radiant splendor. Lifting his right arm, the lad salutes the gold and holds the position for a few seconds. Let the games begin.

Maralia sucks in a nervous breath before walking out onto the scortching sands. She curtsey's to the queens and steps towards the other candidates. She eyes the galleries warrily and smiles.

Avi turns to glance at Azarin, huge, teeth-showing grin on her face. "They -are-!" she says inanely, "Look at that one!" Which one, exactly, she's pointing to is unknown, but the general jist of the gesture is communicated. Avi hops nervously as Tajiath bugles, and hurriedly regains her composure. "I wasn't startled," she informs Maralia, "Nope."

D'nic tips his head sideways towards Katarra's question, murmuring, "Of course I did. We've got three different kinds of wine, four types of juice, and plenty of water." Always thinking ahead, that D'nic. Which is why they keep him around at Ista. That, and the big bronze over there is sort of partial towards him.

Klari's leaned up against Daemith for the moment as she's found it to be the best way to keep your balance when standing on one foot while cooling the other. Blue eyes watch as the candidates make their way onto the sands, showing the proper respect.

Glowing Petals Under Glass Egg Reacting to the hums of the great beasts all around the sands and ledges, Glowing Petals Under Glass Egg seems to tremble in a breeze only it can feel. A gentle roll thiiiiiiis way and then a slide back to its original resting spot.

Cracking neatly in half, Great Big Tylenol Egg spills its encapsulated burden onto the sands. Rolling himself to his feet, the stout blue seems to make an instant decision and smugly makes his way over to the nervous and onfused Elaine. "Yes - yes - I'm much calmer now." She says. "In this crazy, mixed up, topsy-turvy world you're just what I need Ottoth."

Carise makes a face, biting her lip with quick glances at those closest to her, even if she never takes her eyes off the eggs for more then a moment. As an egg rolls, and then another hatches, she jumps, fingers plucking at her sleeves.

Tamyka shuffles out onto the sands, her fingers fidgeting with the fabric of her robe as she stops before the queen, dropping a curtsey and then quickly stepping across the sands and into place beside Lanara. Her face is set, blank, an expression of stern concentration, her eyes on the eggs. She offers Lanara her hand, squeazing, and continues with her free hand to pluck and fidget with her robe. As the first egg hatches and the dragonet Impresses, she nods as if accepting it, cataloguing that information for later.

Azarin happily takes up a place between Avi and Derik, his fingers moving at his sides while his eyes move from one egg to the other and once in a while dart toward the galleries, trying to spot someone there. Grinning foolishly, he shuffles his feet to keep the heat from reaching the flesh through the thick soles of his sandals. "Oh, look it's a blue," he exclaims, pointing to the hatchling who quickly finds his 'mate.

Jaqueth bugles his own greeting at the appearance of the first dragonet. His offspring. Ain't he a cute little thing, that Ottoth? Off to a good start, yes we are.

Lanara blinks as thinks start happening around her. Mouth stays wide in the classic 'O' right along with her wide eyes. Tamyka's hand gets squeezed as she gasps, "They really are hathching." Ulp.

Apocalon shifts his gaze around cagily, not exactly fond of the spotlight per se. The temperature is the equivilent of that of a clay oven, the intense warmth rising from the ebon sands and blurring everything to its liking. Claiming a vacant spot for himself, Apoc folds his arms and can do nothing but wait as a girl to his immediate left finds her Own among the clutch.

Three eggs crack nearly simultaneously, depositing a rusty brown, a sienna bronze and an ocean washed blue upon the sands. Three lads, from Telgar, Sea Cove and Bitra are impressed just as quickly. Handy bit of coincidence that was. Looks like these three are the solid core of a good wing.

Avi blinks. "My… that was awfully quick!" Avi exclaims, "I was -not- expecting that at all." The Trader eyes the newly Impressed pair, calling out a generic congratulations. Shifting from one foot to the other, the girl appears to be doing some bizarre little dance — normally she reserves that for the rain, of course, but we can make allowances for special occasions, right?

Kyla sighs to Fiora, "And off we go." She scoots over to the newly minted pair and ushers them to the meat bin. "Yes, he's wonderful Elaine. And I imagine he's hungry. Here you are."

Tamyka nods, almost absently, in reply to Lanara's statement, saying tonelessly, "Yes, they are." Her feet shuffle, and then she lifts one, and then the other, shaking sand out of her sandals. Her gaze remains steadfastly on the rocking eggs.

Maralia gasps as the first dragonet appears. She looks at the other candidates quickly to see their reactions. "Do they all go this quickly?" She whispers to Avi. Maybe it was just her or maybe not.

Fiora has a double handful for two of the others. She looks around trying to spot a handy helper to get that new bronze.

Carise continues pulling on a loose string in her sleeve, icy gaze tugged away from the eggs to glance at Maralia, just because. "They didn't seem to last time." But that, of course, was from a different perspective. The newest pairs are watches as they are escorted off.

L'zy echoes Kyla's sigh and slips off to help the new bronzer. "Yes, yes. Over here. Move off the sands." The group is growing quickly. Gotta love double clutches.

Avi shakes her head slowly. "I… I don't know. I've never been to a Hatching before, you see," the girl explains, not looking at Maralia — she's still watching the eggs hawk-like, determined not to miss a single second of this. Possibly vigilence will result in Impression? Who knows? "It does seem rather fast. Lucky Elaine; she doesn't have to worry about it again!"

Azarin raises a hand to bite a nail, his eyes following the dragonets escape from their eggs and find their mates, hoping that his was in one of those eggs. "Too fast," he mutters, glancing toward Avi with a lopsided grin on his face. Aza is used to things taking their time, and this was just happening too fast, with too much going on at once.

Another couple of eggs set to rolling and bounce off of each other with sharp cracks. The dragons on the ledges hum more intently.

Worldly Caverns Untold Egg simply shimmers slightly, then subsides. Timing is everything, and now is not yet time. First perhaps a few siblings to be cleared out? but for now it just waits almost as if holding it's breath. Anticipatitory? Reluctant? Very little can be decerned from what could be just a ripple of light across the surface.

Swallow-Borne Coconut Egg sways desperately-one last attempt at survival-before it drops headlong down the side of its comforting little hill and cracks with a writhing and a flutter of viney, feathery shards.

Outspoken Idealist Green Dragonet

New moss bubbles down the sanguine arch of an earthily verdant neck, creating a dappled effect: perfect setting for a delicate head with overlarge eyes. Her too-slender frame-a rich leafy hue-has been lashed with dull olive streaks, as of branches, from narrow shoulders over tapering barrel to the sleek tail trailing vinelike behind. Delicate wings dim to the venerable dirge of Spanish moss across slight wingspars and slighter sails. The unsophisticated shades diverge from the daintiness of her build; in fact, only at her talons does any elegance appear-crystallized style, peril absolute.

Kassanna walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.

Apocalon brushes his stiff lazurite gaze over everything he can see, mapping out the layout and those present in his mind. His concern lies not with the eggs, nor even the queen, but with the sheer density of people around. The happy disquiet from the balconies forges with the birl of dragons and splitting egg shells to become a cacophony to one who treasures silence.

Maralia gasps as she catches sight of the green, and then she hops slightly on the hot sands; standing still causes the feet to burn, after all. She looks around, eagerly, trying to catch everything that is going on.

Avi grabs Azarin's arm, clutching it excitedly with a death-grip. "Look! A green! From my favorite egg!" The awkward, strange looking one. She does the Candie-Dance again, before realizing she's still holding onto poor Azarin. Avi releases him nervously, and blushes. "Er. Sorry," she murmurs, before looking back at the green. "Oh, lovely…" Oops. Avi, in her excited dancing, has almost tripped. Again. Silly sandals.

Carise glances down at her hands then, realizing what she's doing, before crossing her arms tightly infront of her. No picking at her robe. Shifting from foot to foot, she rocks back forth. At newest dragonet, the green, she glances back at the noisy galleries, before paying attention to the surroundings once more.

Lanara blinks at the chaos around her and continues to watch amazed. "I had no idea that all of them would hatch so fast. Oh! A green.." She hears Avi's comment and glances over at her and back to the dragon.

As inevitable and as destined as time itself, Fear-Driven Feeding Frenzy Egg splits to expose a dour little hatchling onto the sands. Dignity personified, he pauses to survey the hopeful and frightened candidates, judging the worth of each one. And even though he was not the best of candidates and had been caught more than once with one with one weyr lass or another, it seems young Proctor, now P'tor, is found acceptable. "Yes Danforth" he says solemnly as he drops to his knees in front of the hatchling. "I'll be on the straight and narrow from now on! Anything for you!"

Amateurs. All of them, amateurs. You spend enough time on the sands, like D'nic has of late, you don't do those little dances that make it look like you have to go to the latrines. Didn't their mothers ever tell them to go /before/ a hatching? The Weyrleader stands stoically on the hot sands, seemingly not perturbed by the heat. Instead, he merely wears a smug grin, watching events unfold before him, mumbling, "Lots and lots of good looking young dragonets."

Azarin bites his lower lip nodding at Avi, offering her a grin as he looks over at the green she'd pointed out. Chuckling he nods, "does look a little strange, doesn't she," he mumbles, eyes darting around at the other eggs moving and more dragonets finding lifemates. None of his friends had found lifemates yet..

M'gael looks quite pleased by the comings and goings of dragonets and new-Impressees. His eyes lift, every so often, to watch Zureile and her reactions to the Hatching of Suryareth's eggs.

Apocalon shifts his weight and watches the procession with the look of one who enjoys watching but never thinks to participate. The nerve-wracking chain of events is enough to overwhelm even the most staunch of people. With his characteristic sang-froid, Apocalon wipes the beads of sweat collecting on his brow and once again returns his arm to its former place folded to his chest.

Fiora is as busy as a one-legged harper in a dancing contest. She's shoving bloody chunks of unfortunate beastie towards new riders and squalling hatchlings as fast as she can. "I think we need to hire more help Kyla."

Avi frowns at Azarin. "She isn't!" the girl exclaims, affronted. "How could you say that, Aza?" Avi is distracted again as she applauds for the newly-minted P'tor, shaking her head in amusement. "I haven't even -talked- to half of these Candidates. Have you? I s'pose that if we Impress we'll have to get to know them better…" This isn't really directed towards anyone in particular, just a general … statement. Or possibly just nervous babble. Either one works.

Outspoken Idealist Green Dragonet cries out with anger and hunger. This isn't right! She looks around angrily looking for the perpetrator, something isn't right. Her eyes whirl with red and tries to step towards the crowded group. One of them will help her rally.

Kyla wipes her hand on her leathers with a grimace. "You have anyone in mind? Nab em." And then she's off to make sure the little blue doesn't chew on his tongue. "That's it, get him to concentrate.."

Fiora swipes with a muck crusted forearm at her sweaty brow. "Where's Kr'lin? I swear that man's never around when I want him!"

Carise glances over at Avi and Aza, shaking her head slightly at the undecipherable conversation, hands tugging to put them over ears with a face. Half a step back and the heat of the sands is momentarily forgotten, the rocking stopping.

Klari finally moves from her spot against Daemith and wanders over to at least look like she's willing to help wherever needed. She's not sure if she's up for just standing around through this whole event. And look, help is needed! "I'll help, I'll help." Klari grins at one pair, distracted from such mentioned 'help.'

With a musical crack and crash the Decorous Glass Case Egg collapses to leave a jewel of a blue hatchling displayed amongst the shards and goo. With little fanfare and much aplomb, the finely proportioned blue makes his way across the sands to a High Reaches lad. H'epa cradles the delicate bones of the dragonet's jaw in his hands as he exclaims, "Oh Pepparth, yes I know you're hungry. Silly you, hatching woke you up? Let me get you breakfast."

Azarin's feet moves in the way that all candidate's feet move, lift one, then the other. Shrugging at Avi, he looks over the green again, giving the girl a slight nod. "Well, I s'pose she's not that bad…" he says, continuing to move his feet, glancing sideways at Derik, who's imitating his movements.

Dizzying Mask of Green Egg remains motionless for a time, the element of surprise is quite the basis of attention at times. Then finally, a quick sharp movement, a miniature turn if you will. Still quite a surprising first move, no? Or did it move at all? Whatever the answer may be, Dizzying Mask of Green Egg isn't giving a single clue. Not yet.

Jaqueth waggles his big ol' head, in an apparent effort to encourage the little green to go in a specific direction. Make the /right/ choice, little one.

Lanara warily watches the green look over the crowd. "What do you think she wants?" Yes that would be fear in her tone. Absently she moves further from the eggs.

Maralia gasps at the anger coming off of the young dragon, and without thinking takes a half-step backwards. She doesn't want to cross in the path of that green. Her hand covers her mouth instinctively.

Zureile, for the most part, is uncharacteristically quiet. She's standing beside Suryareth, hand placed against the gold's shoulder, watching the sudden bursts of activity on the sand. The gold is not quite so silent—-no, she's greeting each one of her young with a wide variety of sounds, from bugles to croons, pleased rumbles to outright trumpets. As if it weren't loud enough already. But hey, they didn't honestly expect her to keep her two marks to herself, did they?

Avi wags a finger in Azarin's face. "Now, what if she's yours, Aza? How would you feel about having said something like that?" The girl herself peers up Jaqueth before glancing at Maralia's reaction. Tsk. Scardey-cat, won't Impress with that sort of attitude! At least the little thing's showing spirit. Avi glances at the green dragonet, at the eggs… "More of 'em should hatch soon, right?"

Tajiath stops her pacing and settles somewhat near to Jaqueth, somewhat settles, that is, she's actually quite close to the bronze clutchdaddy. Her tail taps his, eyes awhirl as her head turns this way and that. Calm, little ones, calm.

Tamyka finally, after a moment, does glance over at Lanara with a blink and an answer to her questions, "They usually do Hatch rather fast. All young things have a prerogative to be born, and these young things of course also have a prerogative to find a lifemate and food." She she shrugs and squinches up her nose in a light sniff, and then her concentration and gaze return to the eggs and Hatchlings. "But, that isn't to mean there's anything to worry about. It'll be over and done with quickly," she says, absently, almost flippantly. "I've a few guesses who she'll want, but I'd rather not divulge them just yet."

Glowing Petals Under Glass Egg sways again, lazily testing the confines of its sandy hollow as the eager to be born hatchling tests its own, soon to be shattered, boundaries.

Apocalon works his tongue to generate some moisture as the heat seems to draw out the very heart of anything wet to feed its torrid wave. The green dragon is finally noticed, but not exactly given an access of thought. 'How long to these things take' reverberates through his mind as a new fissure ripples through a near-by egg.

Azarin's eyes widen as he looks at Avi, her words slowly entering his conscious. "Um… She'd understand," he finally says, after a long pause, looking back at the green, with a different expression on his face. What if she /was/ going to choose him? What then? How would he explain than he thought she looked stange?

Two greens hatch almost on top of each other, even bumping noses and getting their wings tangled before two candidates, actually brother and sister, come to the rescue. Soon all is set to rights and the well matched pairs make their way towards the weyrling master to the accompaniment of pleased cheers from a group of journeymen from the Weavers

Avi glances over at Apocalon. "Are you going to smile, at least?" she wants to know. "Just for today, and then you don't have to any more if you don't want." She attempts to tug her sweaty hair away from her face, in the process, letting the sleeves slip up to her shoulders. "Argh!" the girl exclaims, "I swear that someone altered this while I was asleep," she grumbles. "It doesn't fit…. oh, Tamyka, don't be close-mouthed. Who d' you think she's looking for?"

Outspoken Idealist Green Dragonet lingers at one rank in the uniformed corps, dwelling especially nearby a flyaway figure too ungraceful for femininity-not unlike herself. A pair of knees undergoes fierce scrutiny before she looks up, bugles none too appealingly, and surges forward to support those knees with her own sticky self. Elected!

Lanara blinks at Tamyka's outburst but then shrugs as she's lived with the girl for the last few months in the barracks. She doesn't push the other candidate for her opinions, but keeps an ear perked all the same.

Carise pushes a loose hair out of her face, edging towards the group with Tamy, Avi, and Aza to listen to what they're saying, nervously glancing back at the searching green and the unhatched eggs, hoping to hear the answer.

Outspoken Idealist Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Avi.

Dizzying Mask of Green Egg shivers suddenly, bits of clinging sand vibrating slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed as they begin to trickle, slip, and slide downward over the whirlwind of green markings that decorate the shell. Crevices and shadows shift and dance, stretching and blending into new combinations as the movement becomes more and more violent. The masked illusion changes it's face from one second to the next until finally there's no more room to give and with a momentous crack like that of thunder at the end of a storm, a wide split breaks the spell in two jagged halves. Slowly a form unfurls itself from the wreckage, a thin neck stretching and muzzle rising to take its first breath of real air and expel it with a raucous cry. Ssssssssssmokin'!

Mischievous Party Girl Green Dragonet

If ever a green there was - here she is. From snout to tail her fascinating hide pays homage to the grand variety that is green. In sharp contrast to the bright glitter of her multi-faceted eyes, the rest of her head sports a smooth kelly-green mask, giving nothing away and offering no hints to the thoughts that lie beyond. The rich mixture of an ancient emerald forest sprawls down her neckline, mixing sage along her shoulders, adding moss and pine to lazily cross her withers; marking its territory with an ageless firmness, deeply rooted, that can not be denied. Sunlit dappled leaves lighten the scape occasionally, only making the shadows elsewhere seem all the more serene and intriguing; olden secrets, olden ways, olden gods all but forgotten. A deep rustic jade coats her underbelly; hidden depths dark and mysterious until a stolen bit of passing light brings out a glimmering metallic bronze-blue cast; quick to come and go as she moves. Delicate wings pale to pastel hues of aquamarine, becoming white as frothy waves when seen through the light. And lastly, to the depths of the ocean goes her tail, sailing along behind like the graceful lengths of seaweed that dance to the ancient rhythms of the sea. Some may take her for gaunt and overly thin, but truth be told she has them all fooled for she is compact, delicate, and just as quick as the wind whipping over the edge of the weyr bowl.

Avi continues to clutch at Azarin as the green dragon approaches. "Look!" she squeaks, "She's coming over here!" Abruptly, however, there is a voice in her mind, and all other thoughts are shaken from her head. Avi trips, yet again, and ends up in the sand next to the Outspoken Idealist. "Afysanth?" she says, trying it out for size, "Afysanth." And that, of course, is all.

Apocalon smothers a cough in his hand, some foreign dust particle no doubt wanting to settle elsewhere to avoid the temperature. What he wouldn't do for a nice glass of water right now. Upon his name being spoken on someone's tongue, he speaks for the first time since his presence graced the sands. "Smile?" As if the quirk doesn't apply for him, "whatever for?" His words do not hit home as the green dragon Bonds with the girl he was talking to. Well, it looks like that conversation's cut short..

Lanara claps quickly. "Congratulations Avi!" Always exciting when someone you know meets their lifemate. "Ok. She didn't eat maybe it's not that bad?"

Timoner weaves a rhythmic shift of weight from side to side as he staves off a wicked case of hot foot out there on the sands. To either side, his lifelong friends Hakuna and Matata seem far less concerned. "No worries Timoner." Matata whispers. "Yeah man, just relax. It'll be great." Hakuna chimes in.

Azarin takes a step back as the green comes charging toward he and Avi, going for the girl, rather than him. Breathing a sigh of relief that he wouldn't have to explain to her - the dragon - that he thinks she looks odd. "Congratulations, Avi," he calls out, grinning at the candie, now turned weyrling.

D'nic points his finger towards Avi and Afysanth, mentioning to Katarra with a hint of pride, "Good, Avi impressed. I taught her everything she knows about dusting."

Charistan stands with nervous alertness on the sands. He quickly looks up to the stands, where his brothers, short Toulouse, weighty Zidler and the sleepy Yugo, wave and shout while sipping spring green wine. He begins to hum as the eggs begin to hatch, discharging their confused cargo onto the sands. Harper trained as he is, it's almost hard for him -not- to try and make a song of the event. ~The sands are alive with searching dragons…~

M'gael is amused when Avi — mischievous Avi — finds herself with a green; he shakes his head, and grins. "That will be fun."

Tamyka levels a glare on Ava, saying dismissively as if to a child: "Well, my guess turned out right." Then, she returns her gaze to the eggs and then to the newest green, chin jutting out somewhat almost…stubbornly, though she does offer an abrupt "Congrats" and then looks at Lanara, lifting a brow. "Of course she wasn't going to eat her…" She then falls silent, conetrating on the eggs.

Katarra grins at D'nic, dabbing a cool cloth on her cheek. "Just a well of knowledge, you are," she teases, nudging his arm slightly.

Carise had just turned her gaze away from Avi for an instant, and then it seems like she's Impressed. Blinking, "Congrat-" And the rest is cut off as another green pops out of an egg. Eyes opening wider, she shakes her head back and forth, eyeing Tamyka suspiciously.

Worldly Caverns Untold Egg tremors, shaken deeply by impending fate, or is it doom? The watery blue shimmers and stretches, but does not open, tiny cracks start to form almost imperceptably over the surfice, as if it were caught in some dark web beyond it's control. And yet it pauses, reluctant to give away it's secrets so easily.

Avi gestures to Afysanth, and grins at her. "No more latrine duty, dear," she comments. Afysanth gives Kyla a -look- as she hears the comment. "No, no," Avi shakes her head, and gives Tamyka a smug look. "We'll find something -good- for you to eat." And with that, she trots off to the sidelines, green dragon tripping in her wake.

"As my great grandpappy used to say. Did I ever tell you what my great grandpappy used to say?" "Yes you have Jimdear." Chime several nearby candidates with expressive rolls of their eyes. "Oh..ahem..well, he was a great bronzerider, you know. He used to say there was a rider for every dragon. And today I mean to be one!" Long, lanky and with a charmingly homely face, the Benden candidate watches the sands.

Kassanna looks at the pair and chuckles. "This is going to be interesting." She mummbles to Klari. "Will Avi on a green, with that attitude."

It wasn't fair what those bullies did to him, and now it's Mannimee who has to stand out on the sands, head shaved because of the red syrup they put in his hair and let dry. That rotten Docno and his snivelling sidekick Numtoo, it was all /their/ fault. Hah, but they'd been caught in the end. They'd be emptying chamber pots for a dragon's age!

Shattering in a brilliant explosion of color and accompanied by a resounding cheer from the galleries, Sparkling Diamonds Egg deposits a sinuous green beauty onto the sands. She approaches several of the candidates, but in the end there is only one choice, the Harper poet Charistan. "Oh yes, I do think you're beautiful!" he exclaims. "Yes, it's very true. You and I will fly together in freedom. But most of all Satineth—we'll have love!"

Maralia relaxes as Avi impresses the angry green. "Congratulations Avi." She edges away from the pair just to be safe and watches the eggs and the dragonets intently. What would happen now she could not guess in the slightest.

Mischievous Party Girl Green Dragonet surely got more attention breaking out of her shell than just twitching, right? She glances around slooowly with a pinch of trouble lingering in that gaze. Now, where was she? Ah, moving. The green slinks along a line of candidates with a critical croon loudly emitting from her small being. Then an even louder bugle that just begs for attention! Now!

Apocalon rubs his palms together to try to rub off some of the sweat that has accumulated there in a valiant attempt to make it look like he's doing something. Exhaling sharply, the male candidate decides he might as well take a tour to ease his mind. Encircling a pair of ovoids, he either marvels or chuffs at the appearance of each.

Azarin has lost his Sands-partner, or at least one of them. Derik is still at his other side, but being very nervous and un-communicative. Plucking at the sides of his robe, Aza watches the hustle and bustle missing most things in the speed of things. "If only they'd slow down," he says to himself, looking not at all pleased with the commotion.

Klari smiles and nods to Kassanna, crossing her arms as she watches Avi with her green, "Mm-hmm." Then her blue eyes venture out to the sands once more as she grows silent.

Carise continues to hover close to Tamy and Aza, even as Avi has left the group with her new lifemate. The slinking green is the recipient of a careful gaze, shoulders hunching up at the creel with a face made at the sound.

Fiora shoves a double handful of gore in the directionof Ch'tan and his sparkling-eyed beauty. "Now watch that she chews it. Don't wnat her getting a bellyache with her first meal."

Unnoticed at the back of the cavern, one dark egg silently births it's damp-winged occupant onto the sands. Only problem is the poor brown hatchling doesn't completely escape his shell. Shy and half blinded by the shard that covers one eye, he lurks at the back, hidden by his mother's tail and the shards of other eggs. It takes a sharp eyed Raoul to notice the hesitant shadow and go lead him into the light. "Phantomth, yes that name suits you well. R'ul says to his new lifemate. And when we're both older and you can fly we'll go and find Christine. But first we need to feed you."

Tamyka watches the eggs, just watching, having settled to ignoring Avi's comments. "Well, she's loud," she observes about the green, watching the dragonet with a modicum of suspicion. Her lips are parched from the heat, and so she wets them by mashing them together. Her feet continue shuffling, her hands once more fidgeting with her robes.

Jostled by the taller candidates and fearing he'll miss out on even seeing, let alone impressing, one of the hatching dragonets, Mannimee resorts to a well timed shin kick and a stiff elbow to get himself to the front of the lined up candidates. Push him again and he'll bite by Faranth!

One by one four hatchlings break free from their ovoid prisons and spread out like points on a compass to find their lifemates. Blue to the north, brown to the east and south, bronze to the west. Soon after, four new pairs stumble away to where their first meal together awaits.

Avi would watch to see whether or not her friends are Impressing, but there's so much to do… She peers at Fiora and any of the food nearby, Afysanth's hunger tugging at her own stomach. "Is there any for us?" she wants to know, hurrying up to one of the bowls without being bidden. This is too important for politeness. Indeed.

Kyla herds the newly impressed closer to the bins. "Be careful! Don't let them trod on each others tails.."

Azarin smiles at Carise as the candidate comes closer, lifting a hand to give her a slight wave. Not so much alone anymore. Starting every time a dragonet breaks free from its shell, he secretly hopes that it'll come to him. "I'm glad Avi Impressed," he says, glancing over at Carise and Tamyka. "I think she'll be a good rider.."

Fiora laughs. "You eat after your lifemate." Fiora replies to Avi with a wicked chuckle. "If you've still the appetite.

Mischievous Party Girl Green Dragonet just keeps right on bugling as she feels herself getting closer to the one that she wants, she sees who she wants, even! But.. but that certain one hasn't noticed her, isn't giving her the desired attention, and shards she's got a belly-ache. Slowly she lingers over past all those who the green has dismissed, turning sharply to give them all a last look and quickly spin back around, cutting off a bugle short.

Apocalon is attracted by a blur of navy from the corner of his eye and turns his head to to witness a blue dragonet charging with claws unsheathed and an eye for vengeance. Or maybe friendship perhaps? Instinct takes over as Apocalon flings himself to the right in order to avoid contact. But the hatchling was headed for a youth situated behind Apoc and together they walk off the Sands. Clutching a handful of sand, Lonny clambers to his feet and shakes any sand particles from his hair. Everything's cool.

To the tune of much applause, two bronze hatchlings followed by a smaller blue make their way towards a trio of Harper lads. It takes a moment to sort things out, but soon each is with their chosen lifemate and totally immersed in just being who and what they are.

Maralia licks her lips trying to wet them. "Everyone seems to be parting with dragonets." She says to Tamyka. She watches pairs bond and the candidate group getting smaller.

Worldly Caverns Untold Egg shudders as if shaken to its soul by some unseen force. The blue ripples in anticipation (or is it dread?) of the inevitable. The trinkets tremble and could that be a jangling rather than a cracking? No, for tiny fragments splinter then skitter away by the force of the exit of the occupant. Nothing can be held for ever and thus the shell disintegrates revealing a brown form to the world.

Shark in the Deep Brown Dragonet

Deep umber sweeps back over the solid shoulders to gracefully narrow haunches, folding over the whip like tail with reckless abandonment. Tight muscle coils under completely smooth hide, defining each angle sharply and flowing each fluid curve into the next in a tumbling cascade. Rich sienna caps the rounded eye ridges flowing down to the blunt, crafted muzzle. Splatters of the same hue fall between the ridges forming lighter streaks down the short neck and back. The almost too broad wings are filtered through with traces of blue and gold, like the faint glint of sunlight through the depths.

Avi beams at Fiora, quite beatifically. "Oh, don't…" She glances down at the dragon, worry suffusing her face. "Oh! I'm not ignoring you. No, no, not at all. I'm trying to find food for us, you see…" Avi breaks into a stream of nervous chatter again, "Look, over here, right by Kyla, there's some food for you, you see." The babble is cut short as Avi is forced to catch her balance again, almost tumbling over the little green in her excitement. "Come on, then."

Like a tumbling, falling pile of bones, Elephant Graveyard Egg collapses into a twisted pile of shards. Out from the wreckage tumbles a tangled ball of blue hatchling. He quickly rights himself and heads confidently across the sands. A close observer might notice the wrinkled noses and accusing looks that come from the candidates and searching hatchlings he passes. Soon, it's Timoner he stands in front of. "Pumbath?! Hey, no need to dance the hula. We've got some fresh porcine just outside."

Kyla hears her name and turns to see Avi and Afysanth. "Hmm?" The green gets a closer look and the ghost of a smile, "Ah yes. Hungry hungry. There's plenty here for you. I'm sure Avi will make sure that you don't bite your tongue or anything." Her tone leaves no doubt to the statement.

Azarin wipes a hand across his forehead, coming away with a rather moist palm. "It sure is hot in here," he says, suddenly noticing that not only his his feet hot, but his robe is beginning to get soaked and his hair is rather damp too. Looking over the Sands again, he points at the homeless green. "That one's been looking for a long time."

Carise nods her head absently to Azarin, a shy smile crossing her face as her gaze darts quickly here and there, trying to watch where all of the dragonets are pairing up as they emerge from their eggs. The green is watched, before her attention is tugged away by the brown. So many!

Shark in the Deep Brown Dragonet pauses a moment, taking the time to shake off the fragments meticulously before turning his head to eye the aray of white before him with disdain. Slowly he moves forward keeping low to the ground, almost a prowl. There has to be /someone/ here worth the time and effort. A young blond lad from Igen is ignored, as does a red headed girl from Telgar. No no this will /never/ do.

Tamyka mmms in reply to the Azarin's statement on Avi. She has, after all, settled her attention on the Hatching and little else, or perhaps she just refuses to comment on that particular girl. "Yes," she does say to Maralia, and then observes of the brown: "Nice coloring on him."

Happening so quickly, that the shell just seems to twirl and unswirl, Saucy Bowl of Tangles Egg unravels to deposit a sweetie of a blue hatchling on the sands. Gaining his feet quickly, the precocious beastie quickly minces across the sands to stand in front of the new rider J'dear. "Darlingth?" comes the ecstatic greeting. "Oh my grandpappy was right!"

Mischievous Party Girl Green Dragonet makes one more quick spin, putting off her decision completely for now as she dances about on the Sands, her tail flipping this way and that and several extra bounces added to her step and she bounces right on past the candidates then back through them, bugling as if she were to never stop! There is a point to her crazy flounderings though, she wants the attention of a certain boy. Surely he's willing to give it up!

As You Wish Egg shimmers, out here, ivory cream and smooth honey a striking contrast against Ista's ebon sands. But there's only that flicker, that glint, that comes from such a subtle, small movement within.

Mischievous Party Girl Green Dragonet has had enough of making the rounds. Her goal has never been in doubt, she just had to decide where it was exactly. Time to bring this party to a close and stake her claim on the one that pulls at her mind and heart like a drawstring - no matter how far she wanders she is always pulled back in the right direction. The only direction. Towards that special something lingering teasingly at the edge of her mind. Making a sudden perilous dash, she circles him one last time - here he is! - her dark-haired vixen, her beautiful soulmate, her lifelong companion, her one true love, the stars to her twilight, the bubbles in her bubblie oh how she could go on and on! Seaweed tail curling about one leg while over-zealous wings attempt to wrap about his thin frame, she looks into Azarin's cool grey eyes and rumbles like a star-struck wolf…mine!

Mischievous Party Girl Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Azarin.

Katarra's lips move in silent count. "Kyla is really going to have her hands full, eh?" she says in an aside to D'nic, gaze flowing over the many hatchlings and new pairs.

Apocalon looks as if nothing happened and dusts the sand clinging to his moist arms back to the ground where it belongs. The previous plethora of candidates has been steadily whittlied away until approximately two-thirds remain. Oh look, there goes Azarin, claimed by a green dragonet off to the sidelines. Holding the fort, Apoc meanders across the queen's path and sports a half smile. He'd much prefer hanging around the adults of the species, for the younglings seem a bit.. eccentric to him.

Azarin drops! The greens tail coming around his leg takes away his balance and he falls bottom-first, staring at the dragonet, who's staring back. "Lhokiyeth…" he says, looking startled and surprised, "of course I love you."

D'nic nods with a chuckle to Katarra, "Yeah, she will… but that's why we keep throwing more assistants at her." They've got to earn their keep /somehow/, after all. The bronzerider flicks his gaze to the newest weyrling, grinning, "And there's that Azarin lad, getting himself a green. Nice."

A leggy blue hatchling tumbles from the confines of Don't Call Me Peck Egg and lands in disgruntled bad humor on the sands. Darting his nose this way and that, he untangles himself and strides arrogantly across the sands until he comes on a rather diminutive lad from Crom. Looking the frightened boy over carefully, he finally gives poor Ufgoor a head butt in the chest. "Daikinith? I should call you Daikinith? Oh well, yes, suppose I should feed you too, eh? Yes, I am called U'gor now, aren't I?"

Maralia nods in response to Tamyka, "Very nice coloring indeed but…" Her voice breaks off as her attention turns to the newly impressed pair. Oh how nice. She turns her attention towards the egg that moved just ever so slightly, her gaze rivited upon it.

Finchley arrives from a tunnel under the Galleries and steps onto the Sands.

Two blues go trundling across the sands side by side to impress a pair of lads from South Boll. As the hatchlings arrive in unison, so do the two boys kneel and look into their eyes. Hopefully the rest of the hatching will go as smoothly.

Carise was just about to say something else, really. And then all of a sudden Aza's gone as well. Another face and she shyly stays huddled close to the other white-clad bodies, tossing glances around her, identifying the locations of the wandering dragonets. But somewhere in there she manages to add a 'Congratulations' to Azarin.

Shark in the Deep Brown Dragonet continues his search, methodical, he does not parade about simply hunts. It's here somewhere, he brushes past another lad, tail lashing once threatening to trip him. Bah! No good at all, now… his progress cuts short, causing a stumble which he takes a moment to collect himself from. He must work on his coordination. But for now he scans again for that thing that caught his eye, the movement, and he finds himself doubling back slightly towards his parents and the group of candidates nearest them.

Tamyka raises her brows as the green steps up to Azarin and Impression runs its course. She looks between both of them, stating a rather uneloquent: "Oh. Congrats, Azarin!" She blinks slightly, shaking her head, and then glances at Carise and from her to the brown dragonet.

Lhokiyeth bugles louder than before in delight! He /does/ love her and just think of all the attention he'll give her! Lhokiyeth nuzzles him affectionately, temporarily forgetting about that empty belly of hers! She continures her noise-making but calms down just a notch before she takes step back. Food?

A blue and a green head the opposite direction to halt a squabble between a pair of female candidates. As each is nudged in turn, the grumbles and sarcasm turn to sighs and whispers of awe. The hatchlings butt heads against their new mates in distress that they should be so upset and are quickly comforted, all dissension forgotten.

Frigid cerulean, teal and white explodes, shards calving off the whole to splash onto the sands in a ballet of primal energy. Left standing, a coolly composed beacon amidst the sand floating rubble. Wings spread and drying, the slender green hatchling lifts her chin and inhales freedom for the first time. Like a lodestone swiveling to due north, that chin soon swings towards one robed figure in particular. Call it fate, call it destiny - near, far, wherever they are, he is the one for her. As the winsome hatchling leans into her new lifemate's embrace, Dicapri, now D'pri says through joyful tears, "Winsleth, we'll stay forever this way. You are safe in my heart."

Azarin scatters to his feet, faster than anyone can say 'Azarin on green' and guides Lhokiyeth toward the sidelines and food. "She's /really/ hungry," he says, pleading with the people there. "Where's the meat?"

"Ah— and that's, Azarin," M'gael says to himself, nodding. Crossing his arms, he wanders closer to Zureile and gives her a slight nudge with his shoulder. "Glad it's all over?"

Apocalon is hungry himself. He didn't get to grab a bite to eat before the escapade began and is now paying the price for his actions, or lack thereof. The current dragons roaming across the expanse of black sand are a brown, two blue and two green. The one peering behind eggshells, colored brown, earns a second askance. What /is/ he doing? Probably looking for a way to escape like someone else we know.

Shark in the Deep Brown Dragonet focuses in on his area. No, that one is giggling fopishly with his friends, he'll never do. No, not there ah… and he moves forward looking not at eggs, but at candidates especially those seeking to /hide/ from the eggs.

Finchley shifts his feet on the sands to distribute his weight better before crossing his arms over his chest and narrowing his grey eyes at the remaining eggs. Azarin is given an askance grin as he Impresses, but Fin's gaze quickly travels to the brown on the sands, just watching, for there is nowt else to do at this moment in time.

Shark in the Deep Brown Dragonet turns his head suddenly to a group of white robed victims, eyes whirling bright blue and tail twitching impatiently. With a regal flick of his wings, he moves gracefully towards them, making a complete circle of the group as a cat on the prowl, taking his time singling out the chosen prey. He pauses in front of the raven haired lad with the solemn face. Nudging Apocalon's leg with his muzzle, his tail whips back and forth impatiently, as though to say, 'Well, are you going to stand there all day?'

Tajiath hedges a bit, molten gold wings spreading quickly enough to raise a small whipperwhill of sand. A rolling rumble, rising at the end, issues from her yawning jaw in proud acknowledgement of all her lovely offspring.

Glowing Petals Under Glass Egg seems to shudder and then shiver. Why? Why the movement after such a long stillness? The time has come. Either transform for love, or stay in this form forever! The last petal is airborne, wafting to the sands in the form of an egg shard. Silently it lands, though it seems to have set off an internal discordance, which ripples outward over the egg surface, almost in a spider web fashion, and the prison is shattered. Stoic Steed Green Dragonet lies in the remnants of goo and egg slivers, startled and bemused. Now what? Home. Must go home. Where's home? Perhaps one of those white shapes can tell me.

Stoic Steed Green Dragonet

Dark drapes of mossy hue highlight a frame that's best described as 'sturdy' from fanged muzzle and head knobs all the way down to spaded tail tip. The dark hue creates a cape of color that fades out along the edges to eventually end up a sunwashed pale mint along her belly and the insides of a pair of formidable haunches. As down to earth as her sisters are airy, she's a solid presence that would be hard to ignore. Wide shoulders provide a base for a solidly muscled neck and lead to impressive forearms. Her sides ripple with muscle…or rather they would - and maybe even do - but it's hard to tell with that generous layer of 'stored energy' smoothing any telltale ripples. She most definitely has a solid base. Crouching or walking, the extra muscle needed to lift her stolid rump into the air bunches with every movement. Overall, she's a picture of smugly plump strength.

Shark in the Deep Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Apocalon.

Kyla turns to greet the newest pair. "Azarin?" She nods to the meat bin, "There's all that you'll need for the moment." The green gets a nod, "She looks.." interesting? Frightening? "healthy."

Loud rumbles are audible from far away as the Groovy Psychadelic Egg cracks slowly — THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! — until a rather big-boned brown bursts to the sands. Far larger than the average brown hatchling, but he's dead sexy. He lumbers past two girls, aiming hungrily for the tiny, bald little candidate known as Mannimee.The tubby brown descends upon the boy, eliciting M'mee to squeak, "He says his name is Fasbastath, and that I look kinda like a baby! I need to put some food IN HIS BELLY!"

Maralia takes some of her robe in her hands and starts to nervously pleat the material. She smiles shyly in Azarin's direction, well at least Avi had someone she's friends with that impressed. Another candidate impresses. Shifting her weight slightly she whipes her forehead. "It sure is hot." She mutters under her breath.

Lanara continues to watch the going ons as more and more of her friends are paired off and move to the sides of the sands. Carefully she shifts from one foot to the other, the heat of the black sands penetrating her sandals.

Carise stands up a bit straighter, sighing as Apocalon is taken away from the little crowd as well. "Congrats!" The ex-nanny starts pulling on the loose strings of her robe again, chin dropping a bit to peer inside the sleeve, lifting her head now and then to peer at the eggs and the continual flow of dragonets hatching.

Stoic Steed Green Dragonet pushes to her feet with an optimistic grunt. Looking out across the sands she calmly eyes the huddled candidates before taking herself off for a visit. Someone out there is for her, she's sure of it.

D'nic smirks at the sight of M'mee and Fatbastath, "Now there's an interesting pair.. didn't think the little bugger had it in him."

Azarin graps whatever meat he can fit in his arms, carrying it back to Lhokiyeth, her voice constantly screaming in his head for food. "I'm coming, I'm coming. Here you going, sweetie.. See, all the meat you can eat," he says, kneeling down in front of the green dragonet, feeding her one chunk after another.

Apocalon spares another glance at the stalking brown and widens his gaze he he comes ever closer. Oh great, will he have to dodge again this time? Flicking his eyes to locate the nearest escape route, he is halted by a pervading voice. One that is like his own, but isn't. "Rhyolith?" As if it is the name of a lost sibling or.. friend. "We /both/ need food.." And Apoc looks as if he'd even eat raw wherry.

Hammering away from within Infinite Time and Space Egg in a desperate whirl of claws, a bronze hatchling so dark as to seem nearly black, breaks from the thick shelled egg. No creeling or fluttering for him. This large dragonet exudes an aura of authority and power even at birth. Yet one will command him. That one turns out to be a spritely, cocky lad from Nerat. "Maximilliath" says young V'cen, full of pride. "Let me get you fed so you can grow up and then we'll start planning on being Weyrleader, eh?"

Tamyka shifts her feet and wipes the back of her arm and free hand across her dripping forehead. "Congrats," she calls out for the newly Impressed pairs, and then goes back to being all uncomfortable. In her shifting, she manages to stick her toe into the hot sands and, hissing softly, she lifts her foot and shakes the sand off of it. Then, all is back to relative normality and she watches dragonets and eggs.

Avi is currently shoving cubes of meat into Afysanth's mouth, grinning widely as the dragon munches all of them down as fast as possible, smiling larger, if possible, as Afysanth impatiently licks the blood from Avi's fingers. "Oh, you darling," Avi whispers, before glancing up at Azarin. "She's lovely, too," the girl says, "And you know I'm going to get you back for that little comment you made." Sweet smile, and an accompanying, very intent look from the green.

Kassanna laughs as V'cen's statement. "It looks like you might be getting some competition D'nic."

Kyla watches more of the dragonets find their lifemates on the sands and sighs. "So /many/ of them.."she mutters before waving L'zy towards Apocalon. "Help him out." And the brown rider slips over to the new pair and helps them to the meat bins on the side of the sands.

Stoic Steed Green Dragonet snuffles and baby-whuffles all the robes she passes. She's not fast, rather plodding methodically along and being thorough in her search. Who will be the one to scratch that itch that's just beginning between her shoulders? Who will help soothe the gnawing ache in her middle? Poor hatchling just wants to go home!

Katarra's pert nose wrinkles slightly as she eyes the pair D'nic mentioned. "He /does/ look like a baby next to such a large dragonet!" she says with a shake of her head. V'cen's comment carries just enough to elicit it's own chuckle and she nods in agreement with Kassanna. "Better watch out, D'nic."

Lhokiyeth was bouncing around in circles waiting for A'zain to return to her so that he could feed her. That is part of the game, right? Upon his return, she calms and settles down onto her haunches to eat without a fuss. Time to be silent as the pair works on filling that belly of hers *together!*

D'nic winks at Kassanna, buffing his nails on the front of his tunic, "It'll be nice to have a challenge for once." He is, of course, kidding. Katarra gets an index finger poked playfully in her side, "You're the one who he'd be after, really."

A lanky bronze, accompanied by two greens like a verdant escort, crosses the sands to where two boys and a girl from Nabol await. The three look at each other and smile wordlessly before going to greet their new lifemates.

As You Wish Egg quivers, that seashell pink and soft firelight rippling along its sides. Lavender blue licks the sands with every flinch, every twitch; oh, but that rhythmic rocking is gentle, delicate.

Azarin blinks at Avi, understanding failing to come to the young man. He's busy keeping Lhokiyeth satisfied, after all. He's not even noticing the new Impressees joining them at the edge of the Sands for the ritual first feeding.

"You know the difference between me and the rest of y'all?" asks Willjay. "I make this candidate robe look -good-!" "Wow, check out that cool blue hatchling over there." He says, pointing towards U'gor and Daikinith. "I gotta get me one a these!" Were he not so busy talking, Willjay would've have noticed the wobbling crash of Intergalactic Cockroach Egg into its black and white blotched companion. He might also have seen the subsequent birth of the wobbley, awkward brown dragon. So it's only a suprise to him when he jumps and spins around to say, "What's up with that talkin' in the head stuff?" and stare all drop-jawed at the homely little brown. "Edgarth , he says his name is Edgarth! He's hungry!"

Carise watches the egg, sighing lightly as her favorite egg hatches a bronze, shaking her head, though she pays closer attention to the plodding green. It's getting a bit too close for comfort and Carise resituates herself between a pair of candidates who are chatting between themselves, worried about what's happening and that they'll be left.

Katarra's tongue darts out, ever so briefly. No one saw that, right? No one but D'nic for whom it was aimed. Still grinning, she turns back to the movements on the sands.

Lanara scoots to the back of the mass of white robes remaining, happy to be tucked out of the way. After all some of those dragonets are still gooey. Ugh.

Maralia glances over at Lanara with understanding. Moving back towards her she gives her fellow candidate a wavery smile. "A little intimidating aren't they?" She mutters to Lanara.

Rhyolith locks his wings to his sides and leads the way to the trough of food that looks like a million marks. Burying his maw in the rich crimson slabs, the brown doesn't wait for neither permission nor assistance. "Well it looks like I got one after all." Apoc says to the fellow weyrlings. Rhyolith turns to regard his Bond with a look that says, 'excuse me, I got /you/.'

Tamyka has to do something with her newly liberated hand, and the first thing she does is wipe the sweat from it onto her robe. Then, her fingers start fidgeting and worrying in the white fabric of her robe, twirling it, balling some of it into her fists. Finally she just lets her hands drop to her sides.

Leopard spots shift and slip on the Genuinely Tiny Knickers Egg, as if perhaps riding a tad higher? With a jostle and a sly attempt at nonchalance the shell of the egg ripples and turns, trying desperately to regain control of the migrant spots. Not there! Here! Back back! *Riiiiiiiip* Oh. Dear. Now what? Go with it. With unabashed joy the shards of the egg explode outwards, shimmering in the hot air over the sands as they rain down on those nearby. Dress code be darned! A green hatchling is here, please ignore the bunny tail.

Kyla chuckles at the brown, "Apparently he's got this all figured out." A nod of greeting is given to Apocalon.

Azarin sits quietly on the sand on the edge of the hatching area, not noticing the heat coming through the back of his robe. "Just stay calm, Lhoki," he says, his eyes locked firmley on the green while his hands automatically feed her chunks of meat. "There's plenty where this came from, I'm sure of it. And 'sides, I'd never ever let you starve. You wouldn't think so would you?" Keeping his conversation going with the green, his face is nothing but smiles and grins.

Stoic Steed Green Dragonet finally catches the scent or the sight of her goal. Yes! The sum of all her humble dreams is right there!

Stoic Steed Green Dragonet stumbles across the sands as she peers myopically at the confusion of colors and shapes, wincing at the seeming cacophony of cries, squeals and shouting applause that rides over the background of steady humming. Seeming to navigate more by some inner sense than any kind of visual stimulus, she moves hesitantly but unerringly towards the array of candidates until she stops in front of one young lass and looks up with an air of , 'I..I'm here. I made it!'

Stoic Steed Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Carise.

Finchley, meanwhile, stays put, tapping his fingers tightly against his upper arms and frowning intently at the proceedings. Brooding Finchley! Tearing his eyes from the eggs et al he peers at Lanara and Maralia a moment, "Intimidating? Not the adjective I'd use.. but I suppose so." His attention is yanked back by the hatching of the green, however.

Apocalon forfeits a mirrored nod. "I don't think I'll have any problems with him." In due time, the brown informs his new rider, almost insignificantly, that his name is now N'lon and that they are now stuck for life. Gotta love the humor.

The self -assured green hatchling pauses after her dramatic entrance and seems to catch a breath while peering around the sands. So this is what all the fuss was about. Maybe she /wants/ to remain a Singleton. Who needs a lifemate? Me! And with a most unflattering honk she scoots out from the shadow of her dam, barreling through the candidates. Off to the side a group of boys chuckle, watching the green antics, well all but one laugh. A dapper tall boy with broad shoulders and a smile to die for, simply watches apparently liking what he sees. The undecided hatchling almost heads the other way but turns and trips over a wingtip, only to find herself swept up in those broad arms with a happy sigh. "Yes, Zellwegerth. We are meant for each other." Daniel, now D'iel says with amusement.

Another egg breaks into multiple shards as a robust bronze smashes his way from within. Arrogantly he stalks away from the egg that so recently housed him, trudging in a straight line for several male candidates grouped together, their white robes blending together. A tall boy with black hair from Ista Hold is approached and the two meet eyes. Gleefully the boy whoops and reaches out to touch his new lifemate.

Afysanth pokes her head against Avi's leg, gesturing for the girl to -hurry up there- with that food. Avi complies readily enough, having calmed down after the initial excitement. "Not so fast," the girl orders sternly, "That isn't good for you andyes, I know you'reoh, hush, and eat," Avi says, giving in, eventually, with a laugh. She beams at the two riders — A'zain and N'lon… heh, that'll take some getting-used-to — and hands Afysanth another piece of rare meat, patting the dragon carefully on the head.

As You Wish Egg rocks back and forth in a very methodical fashion, occasionally spinning either clockwise or widdershins as the dragonet within seeks a way out. The force exerted from within the tiny space causes the myriad cracks that have formed to split, sundering the shell. Clumsily a talon emerges, pushing moist shell away, followed soon by a small snout poking through shyly and inquisitively to examine the small world of the hatching sands.

Vibrant Farmland Green Dragonet

Her hide is the soft, vibrant green of a rich, late summer farmland ripe with a burgeoning harvest. Muscles and flesh are like rolling hills and plains, verdant with green and growing fields of grain - their feathery tops swaying gently in a delicate breeze, creating ripples of light and shadow. Green the hue of forest conifers dapples her spine from the crown of her head to the tip of her tail, widening from the narrow band along her neck to spread over her wings like a leafy canopy of trees. Sunlight appears to dance across the translucent sails, creating a subtle pattern of bright peridot merged with fresh dark green moss. The faintest hint of brown seems to muddy her hide over her haunches and flanks like rows of rich loam planted with tall stalks of corn that nearly hide the earth with their leaves though the color fades into the lighter shade of dried grass green where it covers her belly.

Tamyka glances over at the Impression of Carise and the green hatchling, her eyes flickering between both partners as she observes both. "Ah. Congrats, Carise." Then, back to looking out over the eggs and other dragonets.

Vibrant Farmland Green Dragonet's paws are precariously placed admist jagged pieces of shell and sticky sand. There is a moment of confusion evident in her multi-faceted eyes, which lift to regard the looming white forms before her. Inquisitive — yet daunted — she stays stationed behind one of the remaining eggs, the tip of that forest green tail of hers flicking rapidly back and forth: her sign of excitement.

Maralia looks around curiously, spotting a new green dragonet hatching. She smiles at the pretty dragon before focusing her attention on Carise. "Congrats Carise!" She calls out softly but clearly.

Caoimhe walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.

Like a dolphin bursting up from the surface of the sea, a small blue sends splashes of the Manhattan Mermaid Egg all around as he comes up for air. The blue definitely has a case of the sea-legs as he flounders around like a fish out of water, before alighting upon Madison, the young girl who was Searched from the docks. The blue reels her in — hook, line, and sinker. "I don't understand. All my life I've been waiting for someone and when I find him, he's… he's a dragon." M'dson drapes her arms around her new lifemate's neck, tears running down her cheeks, "I always figured he'd be a fish, instead, but it's Kornbluth!"

Carise is caught off guard, dropping down to hesitantly touch the green eye ridges before she wraps her arms around her neck. "Chevalth! You have found me!" And slowly Aeri gets to her feet, keeping close contact with the green as she glances at the others around her, a shy smile on her face.

A brown and then another brown hatch side by side. Unerringly they are chosen by a pair of journeymen, one from the Tanners and the other from the Smiths.

Caoimhe strolls on in, for once looking a bit harried. With an explanatory mutter to Kylasomething about an emergency to take care ofshe takes her place with a disgruntled expression.

Minty Prairie Oyster Egg explodes with a burst of color and sound, cueing a flashy blue onto the stage of heated sands. He trills a greeting of saucy innuendo to the audience of white-clad hopefuls, then works his way through the crowd with a gimmicky shimmy and shake. He comes to an expectant pause of discovery before a male-female pair of candidates. Sally, starry eyes alight, meets the playful gaze and shrugs off her male companion as she crows with youthful delight, "Oh, yes, Emceeth! I will! I will be your star!"

A'zain is running out of meat and Lhokiyeth is running out of patience. "I'll get more.. I'll be back in just one moment," he says, running to the container with food, while the green bounds after him. "No.. Stay there, Lhoki." Balancing another armload of meat, his robe now quite bloody, Aza gets down on his knees again, feeding his lifemate again. "Are you sure you haven't had enough…? Still starving? Okay, then…"

Vibrant Farmland Green Dragonet slowly — timidly — creeps away from the egg shards strewn about the sands, lurking low so grass-green underbelly becomes speckled with black grains. Curiosity — or hunger, perhaps — drives her forward, towards the unfamiliar, on unsteady paws and with that ever-whipping, ever-flicking tail. Every so often in her trek across the sands, she pauses, unsure of herself and unsure of the row of white-colored candidates, and gives a soft, gentle creel.

Carise glances around her, and keeping her steps short for the sake of her new lifemate, she moves unerringly towards the side of the sands, and the meat. Not paying much attention to those already there, she smiles, nodding her head slightly. "We'll get you your meat, soon, don't worry love."

The last egg cracks, and a bronze hatchling lifts his head proudly, turning to look around at the candidates clad in white. A prince already, he moves with grace, as he attempts to survey them and find what he is looking for. Suddenly, he sees him, and the bronze moves with a purpose. The boy's cry is muffled as his arms wrap around his lifemate's neck.

Tamyka watches the dragonets Impress one by one and then waits, her gaze intent upon the remaining dragonet. She waits, shifting back and forth, to and fro, careful not to get her toe in the sands.

Maralia looks around seeing only one dragonet left. She bites her lip a little as she sees Tamyka watching the dragonet also. Looking over at the impressed candidates she nods. Straightening her shoulders and pulling her robe between her hands even faster she looks upon the dragonet with a yearning plea.

Afysanth's stomach is, to all appearances, filled. She makes a small hiccuping noise, rather like a belch, and settles into a sleepy looking crouch. "Finally, Afysanth!" Avi exclaims, snorting a laugh, "I thought you were going to keep eating until you'd burst." The dragon gives her a lazy look, and the girl pats her on the head. "Yes, I know you're not that silly." She can't seem to keep a wide grin from her face, beaming at everyone.

Vibrant Farmland Green Dragonet draws closer, studying every expression, every outline of every candidate; her footsteps are carefully positioned, her faded green and mottled brown limbs now well-managed — and onward, steadily, she moves, summer fields and vibrant green glinting. Oh, but — wait — without apparent reason, the small green halts her search, spreads wide her sunlit-dappled wingsails, and glides towards those sparkling blue-green eyes with an equally yearning plea.

Vibrant Farmland Green Dragonet seems almost a little lost as she wistfully peers into one more candidate face. Excitement causes her body to tremble - she must be getting close! Her wings flutter uselessly, flicking droplets of egg-goo in various directions, most of it onto the shards-strewn sand. With as much grace as a small dragonet can muster when one has never walked before five minutes ago, she struggles through the Istan dark sands, little black pellets clinging to moist hide as she nears one specific girl. As she approaches, her head lifts, her eyes rising to catch the eyes of Maralia before nudging the girl in the right thigh about a heartbeat later.

Vibrant Farmland Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Maralia.

A'zain keeps feeding a demanding Lhokiyeth pieces of meat, his head swimming with joy and heat and the hunger shared by his lifemate. Suddenly the green drops her head to the ground, closing her eyelids and seemingly falling asleep. "Lhoki…"

Katarra breathes a sigh as the last of the hatchlings finds it's new mate. Touching D'nic's arm, she tilts her head in silent question and moves to escort those still on the sands back to the barracks.

Tamyka smiles weakly over at Maralia, offering a brief "Congrats, Maralia" and then looking down at her toes. She looks over at Katarra and D'nic, and then leaves the sands.

Tamyka slips into a crack under the galleries and vanishes.

Maralia gasps as the little head budges her thigh. "Oh you darling." She beams down at the green. She smooths the head with her hand and bends down to entwine her arms around her lifemate. "Oh Nafanth! I'm so glad it was you!" A tear escapes from her eyes and rolls down to the sands. "Lets go get you some food."

Tajiath rumbles loudly, watching the last of her brood wander off. Thus begins a cursery inspection of the remaining shards - a nudge with her muzzle here, a push with her tail there. Ayup - they're all gone alright.

D'nic slips into a crack under the galleries and vanishes.

With the last dragonet, M'gael steps away from the sidelines to move towards Theronth. The bronze dragon — excited, proud — gives one last trumpet, as his Fortian rider gives him an affectionate slap on the shoulder. "I guess we should get ready to go, big boy."

Kyla slips off ahead to the barracks.

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