Seonaid’s Effervescent Vanilla-Soda Brown Modrath

Egg: Octopus Sushi Egg

A sliver of inky violet ripples down the longitude of the shell, splitting one smooth face of sweat-beaded ivory from the other, mottled and broken into hundreds of pale jasmine rice lumps. Crossing the purple, standing in stark contrast, a thick stripe of verdant seaweed belts the whole broad circumference of the egg.

Hatch message:

Octopus Sushi Egg splits, seaweed stripe falling into pieces, rice scattering across the Sands, a carpet of shell for egg’s occupant, who now bursts into movement – free.

Hatchling Name: Effervescent Vanilla-Soda Brown Hatchling

Hatchling Desc: A kaleidoscope of movement inhabits a compact form, colours swirling, darting — fizzing — over the dragon's tawny brown hide in a symphony of energy. Flashes of the finest flavoured vanilla brilliance extend, X-shaped stars dappling the muscular curves of his neck and back, fading over the haunches as contrasting swirls of subtle salmon-toned warmth loop along the curve of his tail. The underbelly is tickled with a foam of opalescent chalk, sparkling with an enthusiasm that leads stray bubbles to escape and, leaving trails of pallor, lead a meandering path towards the stars. Wingbones are equally ashen, smoke clinging to their arching forms from which effervescent membrane drips like liquid tiger-eye, the darkness of rich coffee gradually brightening to spectacular amber wingtips complemented by the satisfying chocolate darkness of his 'sails. Similarly luxuriant are the silver forged talons, graceful curves honed to Samurai sharpness and mottled by a burning copper weaving through its depths.

Impression Message Personal: Joy tempered with bone-deep certainty bubbles up and up, a dizzying fizz in your head that draws yellow and orange sparks before your eyes. And there, anchoring deep in your heart, comes the steadfast warmth and enduring love of a lifemate and best friend, «You're perfect. I'm keeping you! » «My name is Modrath!»

Public (in case it's needed): Effervescent Vanilla-Soda Brown Dragonet skids to a sudden halt, head whipping around as he finally latches onto that one particular candidate, the movement nearly overbalancing his body, so that goes tumbling and rolling to fetch up at the feet of his chosen. A throat unaccustomed to use is employed for a triumphant bugle that suddenly turns to a squeak, as deeply whirling blue eyes meet a pair of steel blue eyes. He has found her! His Seonaid!

Name Info/Intro: You told us that in a brown you wanted a dragon based off a really energetic puppy, with all the enthusiasm, joyfulness and sense of mischievous fun that a puppy brings to life - Modra is the Irish for 'dog', and we thought it made a lovely dragon name. It's lovely to say aloud, too. It can be uttered suspiciously, upon the discovery of a large horde of boots in your weyr that just can't all be yours - » Mod-raaaaath! How am I ever going to get these back?« Suspicious uttering will probably happen quite a lot, come to think of it. Your Modrath is absolutely one of a kind - he's energetic, enthusiastic, curious about absolutely everything and always ready for a game. Just as integral to his personality, though, are the loyalty, the gentleness and the generosity of spirit that you'll find in his every action and thought.

We decided to that when it came to music for your Modrath, there was no other choice than the Barenaked Ladies. Think of their song 'One Week' (you'll find the lyrics at the end of this inspiration) - I know that every time I hear it in the car I endanger traffic by starting to sing at the top of my voice and dance along in my seat! They fill all their music with such fantastic energy, such a joie de vivre, it's full of happiness and movement. That said, some of their lyrics, despite the frenetic pace and innate sense of humour they're wrapped in, are thoughtful and meaningful, exploring human emotions and problems. They're a versatile band, and they sum up Modrath's balance between energetic enthusiasm and almost innocent, yet thoughtful insight perfectly.

Physical: There's so much energy in Modrath that it just has to show – movement encompasses every inch of Modrath's hind, as if the colours within were just too excited to stay still. There are quite a few elements of the lyrics of One Week worked into his description - in reality, they all would be, and more - that's an indication of how 'busy' his hide looks. Even the tawny background hue is more of a marbling than a wash, subtle currents running throughout dragging with it streaks of darkness. More noticeable examples of movement and energy are the flashes of vanilla (it /is/ the finest of the flavours!), as if the sunlight has caught by the sheer personality of your lifemate and shattered into four beams that extend over the curves of his muscles.

They're curves, his muscles, not bulk - understated, but defiantly there. Compact, containing all the strength he needs, without turning him into a muscular bodybuilder look alike. It just wouldn't look right on a brown as small as him. For Mordrath is small - one of the smallest of the browns. That doesn't mean he's petite or scrawny - he's perfectly proportioned, just on a smaller scale to most browns. He'll still be bigger than a blue or a green, and seem larger than he is simply because of the amount of energy he has. His wings look brilliant, whether in stretched in flight or hanging relaxed, the darkness of coffee absorbing the light only to have it sink down and escape through the luminous amber. Because of the colouring, it seems almost more liquid than substantial - the best shade to look at it is when it's not in direct sunlight, so that shade and light have equal opportunities to dance along its lengths.

His talons are almost metallic - they catch the light when he moves, and can be used to good effect when he wants to tease people by looking intimidating (if he could do it with a straight face - but it doesn't really matter, since dragons often show their amusement by having their jaw drop a little, and /any/ dragon teeth can appear daunting).

Growth: Some dragons grow smoothly, some in fits and spurts, and each one individually. And boy, is your brown an individual when it comes to growing. While it's not unusual for a young dragon to have a growth spurt, followed by a period of very little growth at all, it's not that normal for -parts- of them to have growth spurts. Modrath's feet will grow, a frenzy of itching, leaving him tripping over them every time he takes a step. Next, it'll be his wings, suddenly hugely oversized and threatening to tip him over until that tail catches up, giving him some brief semblence of balance. A few days later, though, it'll be his tail once more, lengthening into some uncontrollable serpent, sending things flying every which way.

Itchy Spots: While he'll certainly itch in every conceivable part of his body (and some completely inconceivable…. « I just -know- it's at the base of the inside of my throat. Perhaps I could eat something scratchy?» , Modrath will, as all dragons do, have his own special spots. In particular, he'll always be prone to itching around the talons on his right forefoot - no, he hasn't learned to 'shake hands', he's just begging a scritch, with an endearing croon. Another particularly bad spot will be the length of his nose, just along the top. Have you ever seen a dog trying to tip its head upside down so as to scratch the top of its muzzle on the ground? Now imagine a dragon doing that. You imagining? Then you can imagine the problems this might cause… During weyrlinghood, he'll be prone to bursts of fiendish itchiness, and you'll be summoned from whatever you're doing when he suddenly manages to convey his problem to clearly that your very own nose starts itching fit to drive you to distraction.

Movement: Every dragon has his or her element, and Modrath's is most certainly the air - when he's there, he'll engage in the most astonishing acrobatics, twirling and twisting, diving and pulling up so fast he leaves your stomach hovering somewhere above the ground, 50 feet below. « G'wan, just one more ride around the bowl before bed? I'm almost sure that I could pull a backwards loop-the-loop, if I just try the twist a little earlier, we won't end up tumbling like we did last time…« You'll probably end up making yourself special straps eventually, with extra safety harness able to attach you and keep you protected from those unexpected embellishments he loves to add to flight. When he's learning to fly, there'll be no sign initially of his skill - he'll resemble a child doing bird imitations - all wild flapping and effort, with absolutely no result. Once you persuade him he won't fall out of the sky if he stops flapping like a hummingbird, he'll discover the joys of gliding. And you'll never stop him.

On land, he bounds like a puppy, tail swinging, feet going in all directions, presenting clear and present danger to anyone within a 20 foot radius of his tail. He puts a great deal of energy into his movement, and the style that results is all his own - think of a puppy on a polished floor, slithering and sliding out of control, but loving every moment of it, and you'll get an idea of what Modrath's like.

When it comes to water, he's like nothing quite so much as a toddler. You'll have to chivvy him and harass him to get him into his bath, mentally dragging him every step of the way. Then, just as he's standing there, protesting to you just how clean he is, he'll leap without warning, sending up tidal waves likely to soak both you, and anyone else in the immediate vicinity. You never met a dragon who loved to 'bomb' the water? You did now. He'll throw himself in without the slightest forewarning, and mentally howl with laughter at the reactions he gets. From there, he'll splash contentedly for hours, protesting with real energy when you try to remove him. Swimming comes naturally, but never gracefully. He'll splash and thrash, and appear at every moment that he's about to sink, without ever actually getting himself into any danger. Not for him any serene floating, wings spread across the water's surface to steady himself. He'll want to play, swim, submarine, splash and jump all day long. Just you try letting him to stay still and be scrubbed. He adores the sensation, as do all dragons, but he'll be wriggling, bringing his tail around to mischieviously splash his helpers, ducking under water entirely without warning, and generally making things as hard as he possibly can for you when it comes time to get him clean.


Modrath is an eternally cheerful dragon, effervescent with energy, bubbling away madly at something constantly. Think of a puppy that never grows up, throw in a dash of pepper and some really fizzy lemonade, add miles of compassion and generosity that's so unthinking that if he were a human he'd end up without a shirt all of the time, and you have a picture of your lifemate. However puppyish, playful and excitable he might be, however, you mustn't ever make the mistake of believing he's not clever. He simply has an overwhelming passion for life - he siezes every moment and lives it, draws the best out of every experience! Modrath will partake in flights enthusiastically, there's no doubt of that. He'll tend to view the whole thing as a huge game of tag, chasing a green or gold with an unlimited supply of enthusiasm - he's also the dragon most likely to produce a running commentry of the whole event, complete with humorous remarks. True, he won't always win, and sometimes that'll sometimes be because he got distracted by a particularly good glide, and glided on past the pack, and too far from the chase, but he'll have his share of catches, and when he does, he'll expect high praise. He's not a snuggler by nature, and he'll never hang around the green or gold he's caught for too long, but while he's there, he'll be affectionate enough. Deep down, though, he's your boy.

When it comes time to move into a weyr, you'll not stand a chance of decorating it by yourself - but you could probably figure that out without being told. Modrath likes to be involved in every part of your life, and the decoration of your weyr is no exception! He's almost artistic, although his attention span isn't really long enough for him to attempt to design anything in depth - halfway through he'll simply wander off, leaving you with two huge bolts of red cloth, a blank sheet of canvas, sixteen feathers and no idea whatsoever of what he'd planned on doing with them. Even when he does manage to see things through, he's just as like as not to accidentally tear down a hanging with a high-spirited flip of his tail - and of course it'll be the hanging that he made you search seventeen holds and halls for.

Every dragon needs a few quirks, and Modrath has them in bucketloads. What else did you expect? The biggest problem, without a doubt, is The Shoe Thing. He's fascinated by them. Mesmerised. Why do you need them? Why do you need so many pairs? Surely you could just get one pair, and wear them forever, couldn't you? In his endless quest to understand the need for shoes, he collects them, and that's where the problem arises. He doesn't just collect yours. He collects everyone's. He'll collect your clutchmate's shoes, the weyrlingmaster's, the weyrleader's, the weyrwoman's if he can manage it. The shoes of visitors, of children and adults, of crafters, holders and riders. And you, lucky thing, get to try and return them. You'll spend endless hours trotting around with a small bag, producing red boots and green heels, to ask over and over whether anyone recognises them. And in the back of your weyr will be a small pile that will go forever unclaimed.

Another problem Modrath has is his penchant for highly inappropriate remarks. He's that member that exists in every group who pipes up with something really cringeworthy just as everyone else falls silent. « Well -I- don't see what's so special about his behind, personally. Just looks like any other human's to me. Why do you stare at it so mu….oooh. Why is everyone looking at me?» One of his mottoes for life could undoubtedly be: « Ooh, did I say that out loud?»

Should you have children, Modrath will have the time of his life - he's a natural playmate, and he'll entertain them for hours, romping and bouncing letting them swarm all over them. It'll take repeated reminders, though, and frequently, to make sure he doesn't let them fall off the ledge. He's not the perfect nanny, he's the perfect playmate. Should he sire eggs, he'll find those a little less interesting. They don't do much, you see. Oh, he'll be dutiful, he'll probably hang around until he drives the gold in question to distraction, but deep down, he'll be bored. Once they hatch, that's when his interest'll kick in - he'll make you point out which ones are his again, and again, and he'll drop into their heads with random bits of advice from nowhere. « It's always a good idea to swim in the sea, instead of the lake. The fish taste good. »


Modrath's voice is a lovely tenor, which will sound youthful for all his days, no matter whether his body slows. Well supported and ever enthusiastic, even when he's gently comforting, his tone will remind you of all the wonder to be found in the world, if you'll look. When he's really excited, it'll crack to a squeak, much to his embarassment, although usually he's too busy rushing on to pay much mind to it. In the background, the strong sounds of a really good brass section will sound, rull and strong, playful and energetic. Occassionally, when he's sleepy, or just awakening, a gentle hint of windchimes will sound, with a hint of bass timpany behind them, but that's only ever for you, or those he's very close to.

Yellow! Bright, sunflower yellow will mark Modrath's waking mind, swirls of amber, orange, saffron and sand shifting through his thoughts like bubbles, which is probably a very good approximation of how he thinks. This, perhaps, explains his foot-in-mouth problem a little - a bubble of thought is instantly vocalised and visualised, a complete unit, without the internal editing another dragon or a human might have in place. And he can switch tracks as easily as bubbles are blown, as well. Pop, and he's onto a new topic. Even when he's sad, he'll rarely stray into the realms of blue or grey, preferring the colours of the desert, oranges, reds, yellows golds and browns, with perhaps the smallest hint of wasabe green lurking, swirling through in a promise of things to come.

The scent of Modrath's mindvoice is instantly recognisable, never bland, and never boring. Rich with spices, it is, warm, exotic, hinting at adventure to come, with a hint of wasabe ever in the background, a tang added to his more urgent ideas. The scent of his mind often preludes any words - it's a 'Wake up! I'm here!' type scent, guaranteed to snatch at least a little of anyone's attention. When he's dozing, distracted or asleep, it settles back into a milder musk, but his scent will always be around, always lurking in the background.

Curious, enthusiastic, playful, gentle, generous, bouncy and eternally cheerful, that's your Modrath down to the ground! He'll be your staunchest supporter, your most unfailing ally, and your constant entertainment for as long as you live. We're thrilled to have you both riding for us here at Fort, and we look forward to RPing with you both over and over again! We've loved building Modrath for you, but always remember - he's your dragon, and if something's not quite right, you must feel free to change it. After all, he's your lifemate.

So, welcome to Fort, Seonaid and Modrath! Clear Skies!

Credits: R’sin, S’ren, Zephre

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