Shendti's Majestic Woodland-Green Naevyth

Rich Confection Egg

Layers of vanilla pastry bake daintily in their cases of cream and crustard, slim as ladyfingers dipped in espresso. Spices powder a top surface of cream in a rich vivacity of color against pale ivory and gold, flavoring the dainty ambiance with a russet aspect of naughtiness among serene sweetness; a mere moment on the lips with an unspoken promise of lingering presence.

Hatching Message:

Rich Confections Egg bursts in a flurry of flaky chocolate and gooey filling, revealing the promise kept hidden away inside, that wondrous treasure both dainty and naughty freed from the shell - and dragonet stretches, peers, and moves forward.

Hatchling Name: Majestic Woodland-Green Dragonet

Hatchling Description:

Evergreen, she is, smooth and polished with dew-jeweled pine from rounded headknobs and forward eyeridges down the firm spine to sharp cone tail. Moonlight silvers this dragonet's wings, taking forest foilage into luminescence at spars and sails, and reflecting in singular stripes down jade talons. Delicate that wood appears, but deep-rooted strength ranges through lean muscles and gives her confident presence, if not grace.

Impression Message:

*Bong* Like standing inside a bell as it's struck, you're struck by sound, and for a moment you shudder in opposition, then suddenly, an epiphany, and you are moving in tandem with this other, this majestic and confident being, «You are mine. We are so right.» The world comes into line with a new perspective, as you claim, and are claimed: «My name is Naevyth!»

Name Info / Intro:

Why Naevyth? We wanted to play up the N sound in your name, and this was one of our favorites. It comes from Naeva, which means, roughly, 'evening'. It fits that oh-so-dark hide of hers, but we'll come to that later. Plus, it sounds so wonderful with Shendti. Shendti and Naevyth. Naevyth and Shendti.

The song we chose for your Naevyth is Blessed Union of Souls' "Hey Leonardo", for which you'll find lyrics at the end of this inspiration.

The song is such a wonderful expression of affection, and we figured it could be used both for you and Naevyth equally. "She likes me for me!" Naevyth is absolutely convinced, after all, that you, Shendti, are the utter pinnacle of humanity, and you're probably just as certain that no dragon has ever been as wonderful as Naevyth, right?

Personality Info:

Your Naevyth is an authoritve thing. She's utterly confident, not only in herself, but in you, as well. She not only knows just what to do and how to act when everything is in an upheaval, but her confidence in you is so absolute that she forces you to do the same. Naevyth has no need to worry—Shendti will make everything right.

Unlike her sister, Edysanth, she'll remember events from the past, but not anything she has to do. You'll have to prod her constantly to remember appointments and get to class on time: » Oh, we had class this morning? « Also, she has a habit of mangling names. Some letters, and occasionally whole syllables, remain the same, but she's likely to point out poor Seonaid as Seonyada. She'll remember her own name, her clutchmates, and yours, of course. The interesting thing is that she doesn't even seem to notice this trait: » Look, there's Paranyia! « "That's Paria, dear." » Right, right, that's what I said! «

When proddy, the entire weyr will know it. Not only will she quite vocally voice her every distress, but who could miss those glowing silver streaks? Flights, though, will just be one more thing that is right with the world. All the boys chasing her; What could possibly be better than that? She won't be particularly quick in the air, nor particularly graceful, yet that same charismatic air that surrounds the rest of her movements will exist here, as well. She'll know what to do, when to do it, and she'll let you know.

Naevyth's style sense is, to say the least, at odds with your own. She gives constant Joan Rivers-esque critiques that just might drive your weaverly soul insane. Sometimes she'll insist that you dress just as she tells you, though usually you can redirect her attention by speculating at events that might occur. Watch out for those times when she refuses to let her attention be redirected.

Physicality Info:

She's a medium size, your green, neither the largest nor the smallest of her clutchmates. While young she may be fairly akward, but when she grows into those slender limbs she'll carry a certain charisma about her that is entirely unconcious. She'll always be rather slender, but has a habit of over-eating. You'll have to watch her to make sure she doesn't entirely gorge herself.

Her hide is the deep green of forest-foliage at midnight, shot through with those streaks of silver along her wings and talons, like moonbeams dancing through leaves. That dark hide, in fact, almost resembles a deep dye in its patterning, those silver touches embellishing lace that is a finishing touch. When she's proddy the silver will glow brighter yet, but her hide will contrive to be darker and deeper, even if only in contrast with those silver-moonlight flashes that blaze up so strong and clear.

Naevyth is particularly sensitive along the smooth flesh of her belly, and you'll find yourself more than once oiling her there while she grows. And even after, there'll be that tendency for her to lie in rougher ground so she can get a bit of a scratch at that itch by rolling around wiggling in the rocks. Sometimes she's curl up on her side, contrary to most of her fellows, somehow curling her wings out of the way so you can get to that sensitive belly flesh.

Mindvoice and body voice:

She's a gong, your Naevyth, pure and simple. She just bongs right in and says just what she's going to say, and after she's spoken the reverbarations just keep on coming. That gong is reflected in her physical voice, too - her bugles can be heard around the Bowl, so that everyone knows when Naevyth's angry or proddy. She's a clear alto, your Naevyth, whose gong presence is tempered by bells when amused, or thunder when upset. She's flavored with the cool mossy underbelly of the forest, and the crisp fresh scent of night air.

Credits: K'rali, Seria, Zephre, Cisusse

Hey Leonardo (She likes me for me)

Blessed Union of Souls

She don't care about my car

She don't care about my money

And that's real good cause I don't got alot to spend

But if I did it wouldn't mean nothin'

She likes me for me

Not because I look like Tyson Beckford

With the charm of Robert Redford

Oozing out my ears

But what she sees

Are my faults and indecisions

My insecure conditions

And the tears upon the pillow that I shed

She don't care about my big screen

Or my collection of DVD's

Things like that just never mattered much to her

Plus she don't watch too much TV

And she don't care that I can fly her

To places she ain't never been

But if she really wants to go I think deep down she knows that

All she has to say is when

She likes me for me

Not because I hang with Leonardo

Or that guy who played in 'Fargo'

I think his name is Steve

She's the one for me

And I just can't live without her

My arms belong around her

And I'm so glad I found her once again

And I'm so glad I found her once again

And I'm so glad I found her once again

Gazing at the ceiling as we entertain our feelings in the dark

The things that we're afraid of are gonna show us what we're made of in the end

She likes me for me

Not because I sing like Pavorotti

Or because I'm such a hottie

I like her for her

Not because she's phat like Cindy Crawford

She has got so much to offer

Why does she waste all her time with me

There must be something there that I don't see

She likes me for me

Not because I'm tough like Dirty Harry

Make her laugh just like Jim Carrey

I'm like the Cable Guy

But what she sees

Is that I can't live without her

My arms belong around her

And I'm so glad I found her once again

Found her once again

I'm so glad I found her once again

Once again

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