Nakiath's Inspiration

Egg Description ~

Golden Sphinx of Giza Egg
It's easy to miss this little egg, sitting so unassumingly on sands the same color as its shell. There's a pattern etched there, bricks of the same golden sand laid out in a length of lazy body, crouched haunches, and something that might be a face if the heat of the sands didn't rise up in long, languid waves to distort its features.

~ Egg Inspiration ~

The largest and most famous is the Great Sphinx of Giza, sited on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile River, facing due east ( 29¡ã58¡ä31¡åN, 31¡ã08¡ä15¡åE), with a small temple between its paws. The face of the Great Sphinx is believed to be the head of the pharaoh Khafra (often known by the Greek version of his name, Chephren) or possibly that of his brother, the Pharaoh Djedefra, which would date its construction from the fourth dynasty (2723 BC¨C2563 BC). However, there are some alternative theories that re-date the Sphinx to the pre-Old Kingdom ¨C and, according to one hypothesis, to prehistoric times.

~ Hatching Message ~

Golden Sphinx of Giza Egg grows terribly impatient with this waiting, and begins to move with more vigor upon the sands until it bumps against a neighbor, causing a fracture in its shell. This fracture grows and spreads like webbing lines until the shell finally splits from the force trying to escape within.

~ Dragonet Description ~

Mother of Deserts Green Dragonet
Upon a base of glistening sand, waves of palest beryl paint life into the otherwise desolate reaches of faded emerald hide — dull cimmerian lines falling in counterpoint from arching back to heavy whithers and across a broad chest. A hint of ochre lingers in thickened sails, wallowing in verdant doldrums between the rise and fall of sleek pinions and playing, as if wind-driven, across uplifted neckridges. Slender and spare, in the way of the desert, she has not an extra ounce of flesh upon her body and proves to be all muscle from narrowly-pointed snout, down a large and lengthy body to the heat-mirage of her perpetual motion tail.

~ Dragonet Name ~

Nakiath (Nah-kee-Ath) - Derived from the Egyptian name 'Nakia', which means pure and faithful.

~ Physicality ~

At first glance, Nakiath obviously comes across as a slender creature, a very long, narrow body that's spare to the point of her ribs sticking out at times. As she grows, she'll thicken up slightly, but she will never be the largest of greens by any stretch of the imagination, and instead will fall somewhere above average. Her description also mentions muscle, but this is not something she will have immediately, and is something she will build over time instead, until she's a svelte, but powerful green with more holding power, more stamina than most of her color.

Her limbs are long and rangy, but there is power in her chest and in her haunches, and her wings are incredibly tough with thicker, more leathery sails than the average dragon. Also, with her wings, you'll find that they're a bit oversized when she's young, and quite broad, so don't be too surprised if she occasionally finds herself complaining about them, tripping over them, or wishing she'd just /grow/ into them already!

~ Mating Flights ~

Ah, mating flights, a mix of personality and physical presence when it comes to your Nakiath, for she has stamina but her personality dictates that she not draw things out. She's not a trickster, she's a plotter, a planner, and an executer of her ideas —but believe you me, she'll give those males a run for their money. In fact, don't be too surprised if she more often chooses the larger dragons over the smaller, faster blues just because she CAN.

When it comes to her mentality during this time, she may become broody and quiet, not wanting to speak even to you, her beloved. She will become reserved, where normally she would share things with you, and instead of becoming an extreme flirt, she will instead calculatedly examine the males that are at her 'disposal'.

~ Personality ~

In a word, Nakiath is a mother —she is nuturing, loving, and tender with all she meets, but she shows her softest side to you. As a mother, she's also tough, because sometimes tough love is the only way to get on in life, and this she knows. This dual personality comes together in one neat package that will never be the enormous flirt other greens are, and will never have a flighty mentality, because she has too many responsibilities as far as she sees it, and you're the biggest one.

« You should eat more greens. I was told they are good for you. »

Still, as strong and loving as she is, she has her insecurities, and one of these is her appearance, because every once in a while she'll get the feeling that she's not perfect physically, even if you might disagree. She'll kvetch, complain, whine, and seek your reassurance that she's wonderful and beautiful, which of course she is!

« Do these straps make my chest look too wide? »

And oh, if only she could have children, she would be the most nurturing influence she possibly could, so don't be TOO surprised if she starts badgering YOU to have children as soon as you can (and indeed before you can!) In addition, you also should not be too surprised if she brings home stray animals, or refuses to eat one intended as her dinner! Her favorite animal, however, will firstly you, and secondly firelizards —oh how she loves firelizards, to the point she will share her wallow with as many as can and will save them food at times.

« Neia, my love, I can't eat that one. See, it has a limp! We should take it to see the healers. »

~ Personality Inspiration ~

The basis for Nakiath's personality comes from the Egyptian Goddess, Isis, who was worshipped as the archetypal wife and mother, as well as being known as a Goddess of great power. Her name literally mean 'throne', or Queen of the Throne, and this is portrayed by the emblem worn on her head; that of a throne. However, the hieroglyph of her name originally meant 'female of flesh', or mortal, and she may simply have represented deified, historical queens.

~ Isis ans the Seven Scorpions ~

Whenever Isis left Horus in the evening while they were in hiding in the papyrus swamps near Buto, she was accompanied by seven scorpians. Three of the scorpians preceded her, Petet, Tjetet, and Matet and made sure that the path ahead was safe. At her side were the scorpians, Mesetet and Mesetetef. Bringing up the rear were Tefen and Befen.

Every night, Isis warned her companions to be extremely cautious as to avoid alerting Seth as to where she was. She would remind them not to speak to anyone they met along the way.

One night, Isis was traveling to the Town of the Two Sisters in the Nile Delta. A wealthy noblewoman saw the strange party arrive and quickly shut the door to her house. The scorpions were enraged at her rude behavior and decide to teach the woman a lesson. In preparation, six of the scorpions gave their individual poisons to Tefen who loaded his stinger with it. Meanwhile, a humble peasant girl had offered her simple home as a refuge to Isis.

The scorpions anger was not ameliorated by the young girl's kindness toward their mistress, and Tefen snuck out of the house. He crawled under the door of the noblewoman's house and stung her son. Distraught, the woman wandered through the town seeking help for her child who was on the verge of death.

Isis heard the woman's cries for help. Although the woman was unkind to her, Isis could not bear the thought of the death of an innocent child and left with the woman to help her son. Isis held the boy in her arms and spoke words of great magic. She named each of the scorpions and thereby dominated them; rendering their combined poison to be harmless in the child.

The noblewoman was humbled by Isis' unconditional kindness and offered all of her worldly wealth to Isis and the peasant girl who had shown hospitality to a stranger.

~ Mind Tone ~

Spreading across your senses like silk, the touch of Nakiath's mind is tender, gentle, nothing but the best for her lifemate. She's smooth, cool green in shade and gives hints of myrrh and allspice in the colors that accompany her voice. Said voice is a warm, soothing alto that is much like your own voice, if not with all the same pitches and mannerisms.

~ Quick Quirks ~

As mentioned above, Nakiath is insecure about her physical form, and sometimes wishes she could change a few things here or there. In addition to this, do not be too surprised if she balks at the idea of water, as she /is/ a mother of the desert after all, and much prefers warm, dry heat to the cold of water and the cold of winter.

~ Bonus Materials ~

Egg description: Sia
Dragonet and Inspiration by: Liette

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