Dayne’s Wandering Shadowed Bronze Naudeth

Shield Your Mind! Egg

A curious example of Lyaseth's progeny. This small silver egg has a crinkled appearance due to its crazy case: bumpy-looking from a distance, gray, white, distrusting. It looks as though it had been shaped by the anxious kneading motions of a huge pair of hands. It is all hunkered down in the sand by one of the bigger eggs, perhaps strange to see, but at least it is safe.

Shield Your Mind! Egg shivers, its crinkled appearance becoming more pronounced as a tapestry of small cracks shudder through the egg. For a moment, the egg seems to hold – then there’s one huge heaving movement and the egg shatters to reveal:

Wandering Shadowed Bronze Dragonet

A juxtaposition of gleaming youthful bronze and world-weary darkness tints this wiry dragon, echoing the contrast between the sparse frame of his body and the extravagant curve of his wings. Gritty oxide clings to his extremities, highlighting the overstated features of his face before shading his tail and each honed neckridge. The powdered black fades to reveal a polished rose-tinted sheen over toned flanks and underbelly. From long wingbones drape expansive membranes upon which veins of pallid barley form minute geometric patterns.

Private Impression Message

There’s a world of emotion and thoughts – not yours – just beyond your reach. It’s like the muffled sound of a far-off crowd, slowly getting louder and coming closer. As inevitably as the tide, they start to push against your brain, short thoughts lapping through your barriers: » It’s been a long journey, hasn’t it? « » We’ve trials and challenges ahead. « » Still, now I’m home. « As that final thought echoes into your mind, there’s a moment of complete chaos, his thoughts and yours intermingling then slowly settling, linking, and becoming both two and one. » I am Naudeth. «

Name and Theme

Our eggs this time around were based on conspiracy theories, and yours was based on the mind-control conspiracy - and the use of tin-foil hats. We thought that was somewhat appropriate due to the very persuasive nature of your lifemate!

Dragons were themed on ‘banned books’. Your dragon is based on The Odyssey – believe it or not, this book has been challenged in the past! Plato suggested expurgating it for immature readers (387 B.C.) and Caligula tried to suppress it because it expressed Greek ideals of freedom. He bears more than a passing resemblance to the cunning Odysseus – a clever talker with a sharp mind, and quite a leader.

Naudeth comes from the Ancient Greek for ‘Sailor’.

Physicality —

He is youth and age at once: the power and agility of the young, the wiry tone of one aged beyond his turns. He is not a particularly large dragon, though neither is he small, a beast of compact musculature, somewhat short limbs, but a long tail, long torso, and impressive wingspan.
He is built for distances, short bursts of speed, and plenty of gliding. Not the best build for the daring acrobatics of chasing greens but, coupled with his cunning mind, perfect for chasing golds. His ability to endure would make him an ideal leader in Threadfall, were it not an Interval.
As he grows, you will be hard-pressed to keep him fed, that lanky build burning everything off seemingly as soon as he has eaten, as it stretches and expands this way and that. When it comes to oiling, the places that will likely require the most attention will be his joints, especially in his wings; his most itchy spots being the points where wing meets shoulder.

Mindvoice —

His mind is typically filled with dark tones, like the deepest depths of the ocean, with a voice that cuts through the darkness in flickers of foggy light. Faintly tasting of salt and accompanied by faint whiffs of rotting wood, his voice is a flexible tenor: he’s able to imitate tone - even accents! - and can convey a world of emotions. He’s quite talkative and that voice is going to become very familiar to the dragons of the Weyr! Often, you’ll find his thoughts intermingling with yours, and to begin with you’ll find it confusing working out whose thought is whose. Yet, this tangling means that you’ll be able to make intuitive leaps that might surprise others.

Personality —

Naudeth is a complex soul; he presents one face to the world, and one to you and those close to both of you. To the world, he is a smooth-talker, a diplomat who constantly tries to smooth over problems. He’s got a honey-tongue, but unlike many dragons, he’s an oratory snob with a hatred of cliché so he’ll come up with some very surprising compliments! Since he’s able to make people think the best, and able to calm people down, he can make a great leader. The only problem is that he tends to make decisions on his gut-feelings, and Naudeth is a terrible judge of character. He’ll trust scoundrels, and be terribly cynical about the most innocent of personalities. For example, he thinks that Qiadarath is one of the most hard-working fellows you are likely to meet.

With quite a sense of humour, Naudeth will constantly keep you amused with his private asides. He’ll constantly be imitating others, and his satire will often have quite a bit of bite! He can be rather sadistic with his timing, though, and he’ll often come out with a little gem just when you needed to keep a straight face. Incidentally, his imitations of Thigarath are particularly memorable. Since diplomacy is something he’s going to grow into, he might even share his displays with the rest of the Weyrlings.

Naudeth is someone who constantly needs to stride towards a goal. Often, he and you will have quiet times, when he’ll discuss the future and what you both want. When that is decided, he’ll start pushing towards it. Fear the time that you change your mind – Naudeth will take a lot of convincing that (for instance) you no longer want to be the first rider to do a loop-de-loop while riding his dragon backwards. He becomes even more resolute in the face of trials, and will stand solid in the beliefs that he holds to be self-evident. He's quite the activist and may find himself fighting on the side of Zazerkath to stop injustice.

Naudeth will want to travel to every small hold and picturesque scene on Pern. His clutchmate, Ceadath, explores because she loves the outdoors, and they'll probably share some advetures together although their motivations are different. For this bronze it’s like he’s searching for something, sure that somewhere on the surface of the planet is an experience that’s going to complete both of you. Unfortunately, with a dragonic memory he’ll often forget the places he’s been and Dayne will try to figure out some technique to prove to Naudeth that they’ve been there, done that. One of his favourite places are the oceans of Pern - Naudeth has salt-water in his blood, and will be filled with joy at his first sight of ships. In fact, he’ll want a small one of his own to push and pull about the water of the Fort Weyr Lake with the most delicate of care! If you give him the chance, he’ll fill your Weyr with sailor memorabilia, crowding your living area with old sails and figureheads.

While sweet to those he’s close to, Naudeth has Commitment Problems and will want to chase every girl with wings. There'll be a lot of friendly competition between him and his fellow ladies man, Qiadarath. Unfortunately for him, Naudeth will have singular bad luck with the greens – through no fault of his own, often making the wrong decision at last minute. Similarly, he’ll treasure those you love but will always prioritise your needs and often push you to ‘chase’ others.

Sire: Govanath
Dam: Lyaseth

Egg: L'o
Inspiration: Savarna, Diocelen

Disclaimer: Naudeth is your dragon, Dayne, and we hope he is your own dream come true. But if perchance you want to make him different than we've outlined here, remember, this inspiration is only a guide, not a set of rules. You play him as you please. Dream big!

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