Egg Desc

Gothic Garnet Gourmet Egg

Deep purples and blues swirl into an ever-darkening abyss; every ounce of light and goodness are absorbed into the deepening blackness that sullies the lower sides of the egg. The only exception is the stark white fangs that hover mid-egg, a bloddy purple dripping down the sides. Traditional gothic fury and delight mass in glorious wickedness beneath the benign clouds of dark colors. Even the droplets of blood seem only to entice rather than repel. Temptingly, teasingly, this egg beckons the unwary to come closer, to reach out. The precipice of the twined teeth seem blunted, begging for the unwise to touch—cajoling the next in its snare.

Dragon Desc By J'fen

Verdant green washes her hide with the delicacy of sable strokes, each touch of the brush highlighting her diminutive frame with an artisan's skill precisely applied. Layer upon layer, a mantle of rich hunter hues builds up over her tapered, whiplike neck and elongated haunches before thinning out down under her nipped waist and bold linear tail. Above, the stretched canvas of her wingveils flutter unmarred but for the few grains of ground indigo that skirt the thin palette of arches' curled lengths, highlighting each vein and gentle tracery in a flicker of midnight shadowing of bone. If her color wanes, her spirit flares undaunted in that wide-eyed glance, each motion a vibrant, precise coordination of form set alive with fierce determination.

Inspiration by L'lia

Niabeth comes from Niobe. THe celtic name means tears, and her fluid, watery nature brings mood swings. Kylandra will go up and down with her, the two mated in a link that is tighter than life itself. Changes in either's mood with bring immediate reactions from the other. Kyla's frustrations will lead Niabeth to spread her wings and dance in frustration, and Niabeth's furious flights will leave Kyla panting for release.

Twined as they are, they are not out of control. For Niobe is fate in Pier Anthony's book, "With A Tangled Skein." Together, they will change enough others destiny. Each plays a hug part in influencing the other. Niabeth is likely to reject suitors for Kyla out of hand that do not feel right. As well, Kyla's distaste for a bronzerider will make Niabeth turn up her nose at the dragon. When they mate, they do it as a pair.

She's a touch dreamy, because she sees all the patterns of opportunity. While Niabeth isn't likely to do soemthing naughty, she's perfectly willing to fill Kyla's head with all sorts of options for her to explore. That helpful commentary is likely to keep Kyla from focusing as much on her work — something her weyrlingmasters will likely catch.

Once they pin down their dreamy natures, the pair will bouy each other up. Niabeth's quiet acceptance of the ways of fate will calm Kyla's fears and excitment over betweening. Together, they make a well rounded dragonpair who will likely become more and more alike over time.

Piers Anthony wrote in is Author's note, "If fate is the plot of life, then feeling must be its content. To be known, to be needed, to be loved — this may be the true problem of our society." (page 403 paperback edition) This is Niabeth's greatest desire, to be loved, understood, and needed. Together, Niabeth and Kylandra make a cohesive pair that only death could separate.

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