Sire and Dam: Gold Tajiath and Bronze Polth
Hatching Date: Monday, August 2, 2004
Theme of Clutch: Hiding Places
Theme of Dragonets: Forces of Nature
Hatchling Name: Stormy Whipping Winds o’Twister Gold Hatchling
Dragon Name: Niliath
Clutch Message
Tajiath grumbles and rumbles and launches herself with great strides that seem to take every bit of effort she has left. The ground is mottled from so much traffic, looking like a sea of sand with piles and dips of rolling curves both of sparkling grains and soft designer shells. Tajiath moves to a centrally located spot amidst all the previously delivered eggs and creates a brand new couch for the last of her offspring. Shimmering wings spread as she bugles roughly and brings them home.

Tajiath drops Kept In The Dark Egg.

Tajiath drops Under the Bed Egg.
Kept In The Dark Egg Black as the sand below, this egg will stand out like a sore thumb or a broken toe. There isn't a spot of color or a glimmer of light to be shared with the viewer's eyes. Not even a hairline mistake dares to mess with the dark cloak this one bestows. Particles of sand may try and blow themselves upon this egg but not a soul would even notice.
Hatch Message Kept in the Dark Egg comes to life with sudden intensity, rocking about like a tornado out of control. Time to give up its secret and shed light on what has been hidden within its dark interior for so long. Flickering glowlight shimmers off its vibrating surface, unable to pinpoint a still position on which to settle. When at last the shell does crack, it does so with lightning swiftness – one swift bolt from top to bottom and each half crumbles to bits around the form that uncurls from inside. The shocking opposite of its contents is revealed, dark to light, sunshine gold glistening through the sticky goo in sharp contrast to the inky remnants of shell still stuck to her hide. Shaking off the last, stubborn pieces of egg, Stormy Whipping Winds o’Twister Gold Hatchling makes her entrance into the world.
Stormy Whipping Winds o’Twister Gold Hatchling Nature’s fury has taken female form, gathered the four winds, and composed them into a single robust shape. Looming large from the end of her pearly blunt snout to the tip of her long gilded tail, she exudes a wild strength and energy, powerful and a bit unpredictable. Blustery swirls of iridescence shimmer across her hide, rising to peaks of golden ivory that coil around her headknobs. Having reached their breaking point, the feisty eddies then careen down her spine in a distinctive receding splash so pale as to be nearly white. The soft, pastel glow of a sunny summer breeze runs the length of her underbelly while storm clouds of molten amber roil and churn along the length of her sides, turbulence spiking in the shine of silver talons and the luminescence of delicate, gossamer wingspars.
Impression Pose (what the audience sees) Stormy Whipping Winds o’Twister Gold Hatchling pauses suddenly and lifts her pearly blunt snout into the air, her body going still as the eye of a storm. With a curious high-pitched whine, she takes off at a trundling trot, hot on the trail of a particular scent. With growing excitement she narrowly misses plowing down a small knot of distracted candidates, leaving them spinning in her wake. Sand rises in little puffs behind her as she flaps her moist wings, eagerly trying to reach her goal faster. There! There she is! Skidding to a halt too late, she tumbles into a dark-haired figure in white, bumping the girl’s legs. She creels pitifully until turning herself aright and gazing lovingly into the blue-green eyes of Kabrielle.

Impression Message (what you see)
Your mind is suddenly filled with a reeling vortex of thunderous sound, whipping emotions and blurry pictures blindingly spinning with seemingly reckless abandon, pure energy threatening to envelop your very soul. Something bumps you physically but your mind is so clouded… so full… so distracted… And then, as quickly as it started, it changes – becoming something warmly apologetic and inviting. The vortex slows, dissipating into a blanket of barely restrained excitement, still bright as a shimmering rainbow but more cautious. »It is you! I have found you! Kabrielle – we are together!« comes a bubbly alto voice, airy and light as aged champagne. The words come from inside you, already becoming a part of you; a strange but somehow comforting sensation, like something that has been there all along and you never knew it till now. Your stomach suddenly rumbles just as that sweet voice speaks again. »I am Niliath, and I am hungry!«
Egg Theme Hiding Places — In the Dark
Name Theme The name “Niliath” is based on “Ninlil”, which is Sumero/Babylonian for “Queen Wind” Your lifemate’s name is especially fitting for several reasons. The theme of her clutch was “Forces of Nature”, and she draws her particular likeness from the mighty winds of a gusty tornado. But the comparisons don’t stop there. As you will see, she shares both physical and personality traits with Storm, one of the heroines of X-men fame, who controls the elements of air and was worshiped as a goddess of the wind in East Africa. And of course, being born gold, Niliath is a true queen in her own right.
Inspiration Theme Physical:
Physically, Niliath is adorned with a wildly beautiful coat exuding the energy of a gusty tornado. The distinctive white streak down her spine is indicative of Storm’s trademark hair.

Niliath’s personality is a unique mixture that makes her especially fitting for you. She is ¼ Storm, ¼ unique, and ½ inspired by your comments and personality.

Physical Of all her clutchmates, Niliath will be closest in size to bronze Chaerath during her first few turns, but once she starts to grow she’ll outdistance him by far, easily surpassing her small-to-average parents and, if you make sure she gets proper food and exercise, even challenge the likes of Suryareth someday. As is often the case with adolescents, she will not grow evenly from tip to tail, so will need your love and support. At different times her wings may seem too awkward to function the way she wants them too, or her tail too long to be a proper rudder in flight. »I can not move another inch! My feet hurt. My wings are tired. I did not mean to knock over that pile of barrels with my tail…. *sigh*…. Kabrie, am I fat?« Your reassurances will mean the world to her and be an important part of building her self-esteem. Eventually things /will/ even out and then she will be beautifully unique in a way no other dragon can match.

Personality Emotional.
While she is usually gentle and understanding, her emotions can be as finicky as a leaf blown by the wind, easily swinging in unexpected directions or simply further than expected in a predictable direction. If Niliath gets excited or provoked, look out! It will be easy for her to forget her own size and strength when clouded by a thick fog of determined stubbornness, but with time you will find it easier to reign in those brief tantrums or outbursts, even predicting them at times and knowing how to curb them beforehand.

In her youth, she won't be mindful of proper behavior at all. Out to have fun and enjoy herself to the fullest, she rarely imagines convention to be something strong enough to hold her back from what she envisions herself doing. However, with age and maturity, particularly with such milestones as her first flight and clutch, she will begin to understand the scope of her responsibilities and then you will see glimpses of the queen she will become. She'll take her duties very seriously, but she'll also find joy in her free time, which will often mean returns to her youthful ventures.

Again, this will be a greater challenge for you when she is young and full of youthful energy and curiosity. Sometimes, her energy combines with her curiosity to get the better of her, sending her poking her nose in where she shouldn't, often with humorous results. Other times, curiosity alone overtakes her, and you may find her sitting half in the water, or half in the sun, in the middle of some task, lost in thought as she dreams away the afternoon, concocting wild fantasies that she'll only be willing to share after intense persuasion: »No, I don't want to tell you about my ideas for fish that can fly! You'll think it's silly!« »Oops.«

As she gains more experience and widens her interests, her daydreaming will find more focus than the wild wanderings of youth, concentrating on several themes that you'll become very familiar with, namely, her fascination with far away places, and her constant desire to be (re)decorating your weyr. »These cushions need to be replaced«, she'll tell you, »We need something new. Something different.« No matter that you've only had those cushions for a couple weeks, she'll constantly be having some new vision for your space and your things, usually one that involves intense effort on your part. »Why does the weyr have to be this cave-shape? It is so plain! We should make it into a pyramid. That would be different. Do you have a shovel?«

And, by the way, while you're chipping away at the walls, she'll be busy explaining to you her ideas for the new furniture to match the pyramid shaped weyr, the new wall hangings, throw pillows, potted plants, new clothes that you'll have to get commissioned to match your new weyr, and of course most of all she’ll want to have your drawings of all the places the two of you have visited hanging nearby (with her in them, of course), so that she can admire them at any time.

This would all be very nice if it weren't for the fact that she is unable to stick to just one thing she likes, and so will likely spend a good part of her time wavering back and forth between several options, constantly asking for your opinion, making a decision, and then changing her mind again. She will rarely have a favorite of anything for very long. It will be up to you to either become frustrated by her whimsies and flights of fancy, or join in the fun and accommodate her. Either way, she will keep you hopping and life will never be boring!

With so much gusto and creativeness, Niliath is afraid of very few things. Her size and innate sense of leadership give her a natural confidence. But in Niliath’s case, this lack of general fear has instead focused in on one particular fear – that of enclosed spaces. Nililath is claustrophobic. She must have her space! A roomy couch, a sizeable weyr – she will grow nervous and jittery if she can’t spread her wings freely and finally shut down completely until only you will be able to break through her fear. She won’t even like sharing the sands with another queen, although she will if she must. She will spread her clutch as wide as she can so there is no crowding whatsoever. For that reason she will also prefer to fly by day and want you close at night. This will definitely create some unique situations for the two of you, but because of your deep relationship you will manage to work things out somehow. Niliath has complete confidence in you.

Niliath’s energy and exuberance do not lend themselves to being neat and tidy. She has way more important things to think about and way too much fun to be had for worrying about meticulous grooming. In that regard she is of the same mind as her clutchsister Glissiereth, not really understanding what all the fuss is about. »It is just a little dirt,« she'll remind you, »What does it matter? These fish over here are more interesting than some dirt. I'll take a bath later.« Luckily for you, though, her love of the water will help make sure that the dirt never really gets a chance to pile up, even if she is able to convince you to put off actual bathing for a day or five.

It’s a good thing you are naturally thin, because otherwise the link you share with Niliath might prove too much to resist. Niliath has a lot of growing to do, and a lot of energy to spend – which all means she needs lots and lots and lots of fuel! You'll definitely build up some muscle shoveling meat into her maw as a weyrling, when her constant growth leaves her constantly hungry. You’ll have to exert more than the usual effort to keep her full enough. »Kabrie, when was the last time I ate? My stomach is rumbling,« she'll tell you, and no matter how many times you assure her that it's only been an hour or so, she'll insist that it's been too long. »But I am starving!! Can we eat again yet?« She will find a fellow fan of eating with gusto in her green clutchsister Vittorynth. Your own strong will and firm guidance will help her maintain balance.

The Hunt.
Once she gets big enough to feed herself, some of the pressure will be off you, but there will still be plenty of work to go along with her. Her love for fresh-fish sushi will never be able to satisfy her appetite, and besides, Niliath actually enjoys hunting. Hunting being the key word. »Shhhh!« she'll warn you, »I am hunting wherry! You will give me away!« She doesn't just pluck her prey off the ground and eat it cleanly, oh no. She enjoys stalking, and will refuse to acknowledge how silly the idea of a giant gold trying to hide and sneak up on anything is. You may try to dissuade her at first, since it can be a drawn out process that often ends with her liberally coated with feathers, fur, mud, and such, but it can also be amusing to watch, provided you can keep your stomach in check as she shares the gory details.

Dignity and grace will come with time, but till then she’ll need plenty of love and supportive reminders from you. And in return she’ll complete you in the most intimate way imaginable – an unbreakable bonding of heart and mind that excels all else and lasts a lifetime.

While a beautiful, graceful sight to behold once in the air, Niliath does not come to that same grace naturally on the land. Due to her size, she will have to consciously work on remembering to not swing her tail, to tuck in her wings, and to walk slowly enough for you to keep up.

Niliath’s favorite thing to do is fly. She won’t be completely happy until the two of you are approved for solo flights where she can really let loose and dominate the skies. The sense of weightless freedom and total control fill her with overwhelming abandon. You’d better learn how to make strong, sturdy straps to keep yourself, passengers and/or belongings firmly attached because she’s likely to take the more entertaining route than the safe route at a moments notice. »Oooooo, do you feel that downdraft Kabrie?? I just HAVE to ride it!« And away you’ll go, so hang on tight!

Her size will always require lots of extra work for you. That’s a whole lot more hide to oil and wash, all the more itchy spots, dry patches, scrapes and chafings to soothe, a bigger couch to keep fresh and full, not to mention a whole lot more work to keep her stomach full. Fortunately for you, Niliath also loves to swim. In fact, she not only loves to swim, but she loves other things that swim. A few pawfulls of fresh fish make for a very nice afternoon snack (think dragon-size sushi) and dolphins are fun to watch and chase. »Look at them jump, Kabrie! I can do that too. Watch this!« You might want to get in the habit of keeping a spare set of clothes on hand.

Niliath’s mind voice bubbles up in a light, airy alto reminiscent of aged champagne. When she's happy, it often bubbles over with bright, optimistic enthusiasm, and when she's feeling frustrated it can be flat and gray. Proddy, she doesn't shut up, babbling on and on about anything and everything, but when she's angry she'll be silent, speaking only in clipped staccato that doesn't bother to hide her displeasure. Her usual mind colors are similarly bright pastels, light, cheerful, but not as immediate as the bold primary colors reserved for emergencies. Her thoughts are expressed quickly, flitting through your mind like a sudden breeze, there and then gone. Her scent will carry hints of her demeanor; sometimes tangy, right off the ocean, other times sweet and fresh, as if having just wafted down from mountain meadows. As changeable as the weather, these subtle shifts in scent will help you to forecast and better understand the state of her internal climate.

Niliath isn’t overly flirtatious, though she has no qualms about appreciating a fine set of male haunches when she sees them. Her curiosity about your relationships will no doubt be irritating at times, embarrassing at other, but again those awkward moments may grow less frequent as the two of you become more and more solidly in tune with each other. On the other hand, when she becomes proddy you might as well throw the rulebook right off the weyr ledge. Where she is in life, recent circumstances, and your own strong emotions will all play a part in how she will react from one cycle to the next. She may be steady and rather predictable most of the time, but then again she may surprise you and twist about like the feisty tornado that adorns her hide.

Credits Egg: Klari
Hatchling: Katarra and I’van
Hatcher: Katarra
Clutchmates W'on's (Woden) Blue Suranzalth
E'lyce's (Delacy) Green Vittorynth
Velura's Green Glissiereth
R'kan's (Rylkan)Bronze Chaerath

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