Ista hatching Double Clutch

Ketrion waves, "Hey, Kh'rys.>"
Jerlana walks down the stairs to the entrance.
Mattie walks in.
Kh'rys abandons Ysaleth to the ledges as she makes her way into the
galleries. Flying jacket left behind with the dragon, she's ready for
the sands' radiating heat. Eyes scan, zero in: Fortians. A smile,
easy as the knot holding her hair, "Ketrion. Hallo."
On the sands, Rampant Ruby Ravager Eggshifts restlessly against the
caressing sands, pushing their unwanted touch away.
Ariana walks in.
Breia smiles softly and a leittle shy, watching the comings with interest ,
and settles herself down eyes avis/ avid and wide…
On the sands, Telenia takes a deep breath, and carefully straightens
herself. People are coming. And, it's almost over. She nods politely,
and goes to welcome the other riders.
Gilrel walks in.
Ketrion makes room for Kh'rys, hoping behind hope that she'll sit next to
Kylie flicks a glance at the Weyrwoman as she enters, then her attention is
caught by a blast from zoot. "Hush now.. It'll happen soon enough."
Sylvie takes a seat with a good view as well, before it gets too crowded
Ariana makes her way up the stairs, smoothing flight-wrinkles from her
skirts. She waves down towards Chandari and Telenia on the Sands, then
makes her way towards the Fort contingent.
On the sands, Mysterious Moonstone Manifestation Eggnestles amongst many
brothers, awash with movement in it's stillness.
On the sands, Ed'ard smiles softly, holding out his hand. "Almost time,
On the sands, Consecrated Citrulline Conflagration Egg:, while seemingly
utterly stationary, is surrounded by the hollow hiss of sand as
thousands of granules unite into minute falls cascade from the mound
upon which it rests.
Jary walks in.
On the sands, Autumn Amber Artifice Egg automatically adjusts, angling away
from awkward areas of annoyance to amble into a asthetically unpleasing
N'fra walks in.
On the sands, Overwhelming Opal Oblation Egg shifts restlessly in the pile,
digging closer to the warmth of the sands.
Z'lo appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.
Hatchings are always crowded, no way around that. Kh'rys does indeed sit
next to Ketrion, slipping into the seat easier in sisal than her normal
leathers would allow.
On the sands, Cylina steps lightly over to the edge of the sands, grinning
at the rest of the riders.
Z'lo walks in behind N'fra, and glances about, nodding at everyone,
offering a 'Hello."
N'fra wanders in, quickly taking an unoccupied seat, motioning for Z'lo to
sit beside her.
Gilrel wanders about, looking for an empty seat, in this crowd of stranges,
only to find one in the very back, he takes a seat.
Z'lo ambles over and sits down. "Feels different somehow."
Anais appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.
On the sands, Enticing Emerald Entanglement Egg oozes around in its place,
knocking against nearby eggs as it resettles.
Arien walks in.
On the sands, K'vair adjust his leathers, brushing off some errant sand -
wherever that came from. He stiffens, and takes up a position near the
weyrleaders, staring out over the clutch.
Zoot leans forward from Kylie's shoulder and chirps a greeting to the
Fortian lizards now arriving to oggle the new bigcousinhatchlings.
Ariana sits on the other side of Ketrion, since it's free. Muahahah, you're
caught now.
Anais etners, wringing her hands. No candidates down there yet. She takes a
seat forefront and as close to the center of the galleries arc allows.
On the sands, Maggie falls into line, slipping after the rest of the riders
to take up a pose in the shadows - vogue. Watching eggs, freckles meld
into a green and she grins at K'vair. "Remember this Kelv? Last time we
were out here together we wore white."
Arien meanders into the bleachers-Katrineth gets a glinting grin, and the
sands' contents, queens and eggs and aides a longer one-and goes
seat-hunting. Behind-Ket, hmm?
On the sands, Tayla snorts in the general direction of the ledges, no doubt
a comment for her loudly humming lifemate.
Ketrion just grins. Look Ariana. Next to him. He says, "How ya doin'
Weyrwoman." Proud as a peacock. If he was walking it'd be a strut.
On the sands, Jerlana's dark eyes sacan the ledges, looking for familiar
faces - friends.
On the sands, Matalin arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
Ariana grins, fingers arranging her skirts. 'Not bad. not bad at all. You?"
Let him strut, hah. Mom's watching from behind.
Arielana walks in.
On the sands, Lauren arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, Kylandra arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, Maranne arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, Krilin arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
Tr'vyn appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.
On the sands, Ducay arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, Brooke arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, Vae arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps onto
the Sands.
On the sands, Alisia arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, Cashar arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, Nimue arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, Cylina bounces on her toes, not so much from the heat but
from the excitement. Her eyes dart to the tunnel as the candidates
appear, waving madly.
Ketrion suddenly shrinks from arrogant manchild to humble child man. "Oh.
Hullo, mom." Man oh man oh man.
On the sands, Daeron arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
N'fra pokes Z'lo in her shoulders, whispering, "Lookie…..healer-candidate
Gilrel looks about, sitting high in the veryback trying to see if anything
is happening.
On the sands, Rayne arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, Matalin leads the group onto the stand, heading directly over
to the queens and bowing, properly. She stands back up, and moves to
the opposite end, starting the half-circle. Squared shoulders, she
stand perfectly in place.
Kh'rys twists a bit to murmur greetings to those she sees all the time-so
predictable: go to another weyr and then bunch into gruops from Home.
Ah, well. Hatchings are mixing times as well, specially /after/.
On the sands, L'lia arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, Tayla smiles at the masses of arriving white before turning
to wave at her sister, remembering the last hatching.
On the sands, Janah arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, Carvill arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
Ariana streeeetches up to peer on the Sands. Look, a cousin! Eyes single
out Kylandra for a grin, before she settles back to watch more them all
parade on.
On the sands, Ducay looks around, stunned… and rather uncomfortable.
On the sands, K'vair nods distractedly to the bluerider. "Been a long
time, indeed," he says, trailing off as the candidates make their
On the sands, Uakarik arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, Ina arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps onto
the Sands.
On the sands, L'lia stays on the sidelines, watching the candidates
intently, with a touch of possessiveness. /Her/ candidates.
Ketrion swivels around, making /sure/ that's mom behind him. But he can't
help learing at Ariana, anyway. Afraid its' just in his nature.
On the sands, Jerlana leans back against the wall, one knee bent. Arms
fold under her breast, as she watches the parade in white.
Anais half stands on sighting the candidates. Only retaining her seat by
the frantic whap of an old auntie's cane on the back of her head.
Spotting Janah she waves, knowing even as she raises her hand that the
candidate's eyes have only one sight they can comprehend. The eggs.
On the sands, Lillian arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
Z'lo nods at N'fra and grins a bit, "I suppose I shouldn't, but I wonder
how many the hall will lose this time. I'm hoping for Kylandra and Vae
and Janah…and the Apprentice."
On the sands, Kalona peers at her boots. Her /nice/ boots. Her /SHINY/
boots. Her, This sand had better not scuff these babies or the very
/first/ candidate to annoy me gets to spend all of his weyrlingdom
polishing them, boots.
On the sands, Caith stirs, but not really on the sands. His great blue bulk
looms over the arriving candidates from his perch above the entrance and
he skulks, dropping a snout into the fray of white… where is it where
is it where. ./there/. The blue gets in the way of the candidate with a
hurt expression.
On the sands, Rayne lets out a long breath as he steps out onto the sands,
hopping for a moment as they burn into his bare feet. With a wry grin,
he bows to Aluranth and Telenia before making his way forward to join
his fellow candidates.
On the sands, Lauren grabs Kyla's hand and another candidate near to her as
they arrange themselves in a half circle. She watches the eggs and
absently hears the crowd behind her.
Ariana smiles easily back. Leer away; she's in a good mood.
On the sands, -And /here/. Same heat, same Sands, even same queen; Vae
bobs along in that steady trickle of whiterobes, dipping bows to
Aluranth, her rider, and the others even as they all do. With shuffled,
near reluctant steps, she takes her place, and lifts her chin. /Look/.
On the sands, Janah stumbles onto the sands, mincing toward the two dragon
pairs. Dropping four obligatory bobs to the golds and bronzes, she
pokes toward the other candidates, snagging Kylandra's hand on the way.
"Oof!" Paz squirms past this person, and then that one in her attempt for a
look on the sands- "Hey! What's /happening/! I can't /see/!"
N'fra provides, "Krillin." She leans foreward, looking down to the sands.
On the sands, Telenia turns and smiles, watching the Candidates enter, a
sigh escaping slowly from her lips.
Arien waves again-down, down, down. Even if she isn't wearing turquoise.
Glances back, "Hmm? Heya." It's her. "Trev!"
Z'lo nods at N'fra, then leans forward as well, murmuring, "Reminds you,
doesn't it?"
On the sands, Kylandra quickly walks forward catching up with the
fluttering white robe before her. She stops in front of Aluranth and
quickly bows to the golds, clutching Janah's hand.
Catey appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.
On the sands, Alisia halts at Caith's bulk, eyes soothing the blue hide.
"Caith..they'll get mad at me." is a soothing whisper.
On the sands, Cashar takes in a large breath as he wals out upon the sand,
eyes gleeming as he tries to take in the immense cavern
On the sands, Nimue bows to Aluranth, eyes fixed on the queen, then makes
her way 'cross scorching sands to huddle with her companions, the ones
with the matching outfits.
Tr'vyn works his way through the sea of faces.. some familiar, some not and
heads towards the Fort group with a elbow here and a rather rough nudge
On the sands, Lillian moves to one side of the sands, working with her
assistants and several drudges to get trays of meat prepared.
Kevar walks in.
On the sands, As she steps upon the stands, Krilin's eyes widen in a moment
of awe. Blindly, she lowers herself into a respectful bow towards
Aluranth and Telenia. She then turns slowly, instinctively following the
N'fra mms, noding slowly. "It does….wish them the best of luck."
On the sands, Chandari steps forward from the shadows to stand next to
K'vair, watching silently as the candidates file in.
On the sands, Lauren forgets what Lillian told them already, she belatedly
gives her greetings to the bronzes and their golden glowing mates (and
what lovely things they are!). She looks at the eggs and then back up at
the metallic bodies.
On the sands, HotHotHot. Sand slips inside the loose sandals worn by
Maranne, burning sensation rubbing deep through skin. "Yowch!" Brooke,
where's Brooke?- "Roo!"- ah-hah. "Stay near me," she whispers,
quietly; a long, steady bow for Aluranth, smile for her rider; the
shaking Candidate shuffles closer to the others.
On the sands, It isn't difficult for Uakarik to remember to acknowledge the
queen, her being so big and all. What *is* harder to remember is to look
away after the bow. He mutters an soft exclamation as he hotfoots it to
catch up in line. Even his knees blush as he thinks he hears his mother
cheer him on.
On the sands, Rayne moves to stand near Cashar, attempting to give him a
little moral support. He's done this before, after all. His face betrays
his nervousness, though, as he looks about.
On the sands, Heat. Heatheatheat. Ugh. Brooke stumbles onto the sands
bowing to queen and rider as the rest do- Then she inches over to
Maranne, eyes wide with both curiosity and worry. "Mara!" Brooke'll stay
near her bud- You can bet on that.
On the sands, Ducay notices everyone bowing to the queen,a nd does
likewise… He looks up at the bigggg Blue… and then stares down at
the Snads… his hands shaking.
On the sands, Carvill poses a good 'ole hometown type bow to the Lady of
the Weyr, and the beauty repsonsible for all these fine lookin' eggs.
Magoheny eyes sparkle with amusement at his latest adventure and maybe
steal yet another opportunity to check out the occasional candidate of
the opposite sex. Hot dang.
Arien welcomes, "Kevar."
On the sands, Cashar takes a large sweeping bow towards Aluranth as he
makes his way towards rayne, then he whispers "Geesh, this his HOT!"
On the sands, Caith isn't so easily comfortant. Sulking he just curls his
head down around Alisia and whines. Big, /big/ large eyes stare
mournfully at his candidate and then, only when Maggie mentally kicks in
the chops does he go back to hunkering on the ledge, still whining.
On the sands, Jerlana catches sight of Arien up in the galleries. Bright
wave leads to toothy smile. To say, Lookie. We got eggs.
On the sands, Telenia smirks at the candidates - already complaining about
the heat, "Little do they know - I'm just glad I'll be able to sleep in
my own bed tonight."
Kevar hovers as he is apt to do and squeezes into the crowd, trying to find
a clear seat to see from.
Toria walks in.
Catey quietly finds herself somewhere to sit.
Jary, still standing behind everyone else, can't believe how big the eggs
really are.
On the sands, Rayne flashes a smile at Cashar as he shuffles from foot to
foot. His voice is soft as he says "You should try mining some time."
On the sands, Garath raises his head, his neck arching protectively over
Aluranth, eyes glittering as he looks over their children.
On the sands, Ducay stumbles a bit, his pre-adolecent body even more
unweildy in this environment.
On the sands, Telenia nods to those gatheirng in thte galleries - those she
recognizes, at least.
Toria's shining face peers through the crowd for people that she knows.
On the sands, Daeron follows Krilin and Brooke onto the sands, his breaths
becoming a bit short in the hot air. The sight of the cavern and all the
voices and dragons puts him in somewhat of a daze, and his bow to the
beautiful Aluranth, clutch, and rider is reticent.
On the sands, Alisia tries for a deep breath as she moves around the sands,
pace measured. Green eyes dart from Aluranth to Telenia, dropping quick
bob before both. Chin lifts as Caith is moves back…remember that
return ticket?
On the sands, Ed'ard chuckles, nodding. "Clean sheets, a real mattress,
and all the water you can drink, Lena?"
Arien gesticulates a pair of horns for Ketrion, semaphoring back to
Jerlana. Righto. She sees. Amazed. Utterly awed, say the hands
melodramatically clenched to forehead.
On the sands, Cashar thinks about laughing, but finds that he cannot, way
to nervous, he nods towards Rayne as he shuffles from foot to foot, now
what is the best way to do this, he thinks
On the sands, K'vair leans to whisper something to Chandari, gesturing to
the eggs before them.
On the sands, L'lia searchs out Daeron with her eyes, giving him a
half-smile. SHe mouths, "Good luck.."
On the sands, Janah stands straight, blue eyes focusing on the rocking
eggs, weyr-shaking humming and galleries ignored for the beauty of the
heat-filled sands and its occupants. Squeezing Kylandra's hand, she
braves a smile to Vae as well.
On the sands, Consecrated Citrulline Conflagration Egg begins a soothing,
rythmic waltz upon the black pearlsence sands which make its throne.
One, two, three, four; Two, two, three four to the melodic hummmm of its
predecessors which echo throughout the cavern.
On the sands, Caith remembers. He will take her.
On the sands, Lauren doesn't bother with the Galleries anymore - Too much
going on down here as it is. Finding herself temporarily alone, she
moves with grace to take her place in the half circle around the eggs.
She smiles with happiness to the candidates who stand around her.
On the sands, Telenia smiles, her eyes twinkling, "and a /bath/! - To be
able to get clean, and /stay/ that way, not come 9out here and be in a
sweat again after 10 minutes."
Allisah watches as the candidates file out onto the sands. Then the eggs.
Back to the candidates.
On the sands, Frantic-azure eyes flicker about the sands, instantly
searching for Daeron. Krilin inches towards her dear friend, clinging
tightly to his side. The heat-It hasn't hit her yet, though she stares
aimlessly towards the eggs, waiting for the first move
Toria smiles as she sees the Fortians, and hurries up to find a seat
amongst them, waving and nodding to those she passes.
Z'lo grins and waves to Toria, nodding. "Hello."
On the sands, Ed'ard grins…he can't help it. "Scrub your back?"
On the sands, Rayne shoots a glance up to the Galleries, searching for
somebody up there quickly. Spotting her, he waves hurriedly to Cylina
before his blue eyes swivel back to the eggs.
On the sands, Rampant Ruby Ravager Egg starts to spin slowly, winking
agaist the light as it flings the sand away with its dervish-like
On the sands, Cashar eyes are suddenly dawn to the /dancing/ eggie, as he
almost, for a second forgets about the heat
On the sands, A chuckle from Jerlana at Arien's acting skill. Charades is
a game to /not/ play with the Fortian. Loose at it. A glance draws her
attention back to the game at hand. Those ovoid things moving in the
Tr'vyn finally reaches his goal with a flash of a grin added for effect. He
wiggles an edge of seat out for himself.. and a hand instinctively
raises to check hair's placement.
On the sands, Ducay moves towards the end of the conglomeration of
Candidates, and shuffles from foot to foot, eyes moving quickly side to
side, silent.
On the sands, /Arien/- Vae sneaks a futile glance to the galleries; her
gaze meets none, and then she's back on the Sands, with the eggs, in a
crowd and yet alone. Her feet try to stay firmly planted, though heat
prompts motion now and again.
Kevar can't help it, he grins, not only that but its a goofy grin and he
quickly tries trailing after Toria, staying close but not too close.
On the sands, Wallflower smiles, and bows to everyone individually.
On the sands, Cylina waves to Rayne from her spot against the wall, giving
him a good luck grin before her attention returns to the eggs.
On the sands, Kalona glances over at Tay, passing notes via eye contact at
a /hatching/. But then Kal was /always/ a rebel, right? - Look for
ones /we/ want Tay. Gotta stake 'em out early this time, before those
grubby griffons … Hey, I like that. Grubby Griffons. … before they
start skimming the cream again.
On the sands, Alisia dodges congregating candidates as the first egg
trembles. She lunges for Vae's hand in the haphazard semi circle, while
green gaze searches the galleries.
Toria turns to see Kevar following and reaches for his hand, smiling,
"Wanna sit by me?"
Gilrel takes a moment to look about the stands trying to see if there is
anyone that he knows. Sighing he falls back to his seat and waits to
see whats so special about an hatching…
On the sands, Maranne peers through wedged finger-cracks. Eggs. Lots-big
ones! Uh-oh. Time to panick. Crowd-gazing glance sweeps the
Galleries, falling idly upon faces she knows; smile, wave-enough is
enough. Candidate focuses attention back upon sided Roo, giving the
girl a nudge, eyes hesitantly dancing back to the eggs. Breathe. Just
On the sands, Janah gasps, turning to the eggs, golden fire, racing ruby
both taking her attention, head creaking slowly from side to side,
watching the eggs dance and disco about.
On the sands, Autumn Amber Artifice Egg contemplates the sands, feeling the
warmth seep in through shell's leathery curve to stir, again, the life
that flickers within gourd's hardy core. Warmed to ripe harvest, the
eggs time draws closer.
On the sands, Galleries and the friends that are up there are of little
importance right now as Brooke peers around- Everyone else somewhat
confused too? "Mara? They're moving. The eggs I mean." Said in the
whisper Brooke almost forgot when actully /touching/ the eggs, she
settles her gaze upon the most-wiggly-egg. "Interesting, right?"
On the sands, Telenia smirks at E'dard, "It's more like hide. I should
probably ask my firelizards to help."
On the sands, Uakarik gets too close to the candidate before him and
retreats a pace, stepping on Ostyn's sandal lace. Before the other
candidate has a chance off tripping, Uakarik calls "Ostyn. We have a
problem here." Uakarik can't forget where he is, but the hot sands
prompt him to shift his weight, letting the leather lace slip free.
T'nar walks in.
Arien doesn't eye Kevar and Toria, particularly, but there's a decided
smile playing about her lips. Let's look down at the sands. Spy
healers. Vae-saw you!-Janah and Ky-"Your cousin, Aria?"
On the sands, Vae is set upon - not a dragonet /already/..! No. Just an
Alisia. The Healer blinks in confusion.. and then looses a smile.
"Ready?" floats the whisper.
On the sands, Tayla grins back at Kal. Grubby Griffos indeed.
On the sands, Golden head rises regally as Lyramanth wheels her head
protectively over the eggs, eyeing the candidates carefully.
Ariana nods and points her out: small, red curling hair. "Kyla, yes."
On the sands, Ed'ard laughs! "Ouch! That should do it, though." He steps
in, hugging hard and briefly, then steps back and takes a deep breath.
On the sands, Daeron blinks. Someone touches him! He jumps, but quickly
relaxes as he sees that it is only Krilin. Patting his chest, he looks
onwards towards the clutch, now in motion. His mouth is in a nice small
On the sands, Maranne pokes at Brooke. "Quit, Roo; I'm listening." To
what? Nothing. But she /is/ listening. Whispering, "And my name's
/Mare/." Hatching or no Hatching, she couldn't let Brooke slip the
On the sands, It moved! And so does Krilin. Nimble feet burrow within her
sandles, though they already prove useless. The heat begins to seap into
her toes, but she ignores then; instead, she stares into the stands,
looking for a face..any face.
On the sands, Cashar eyes are befuddled bye all the people and bright
colors, not to say the huge dragons hovering over them eggs, mouth
gaping open, he glances about the Galleries, trying and hoping to
recognize someone.
On the sands, Lauren stands with hands nearly stiff at her sides. The time
has come. The moment of truth is at hand. All she can do is smile, not
a dumb smile, but a nice smile nevertheless. She hums very very quietly
under her breath as she does a bit of a dance, foot to foot.
On the sands, Tantalizing Topaz Treat Egg shakes slightly, trembling on the
sands. Only a slight tremor, and certainly no indication of hatching.
With a whirl of action, it begins moving rapidly, spinning in a
concentrated movement.
On the sands, Cylina intercepts that eye contact and sniffs. Grubby!
Hardly. Always clean, just… messy. Yeah.
Tekno waves to cashar!
On the sands, Mental math for the Istan Weyrsecongd as she recalls her
bets. Who will she owe marks to this time?
Z'lo watches, Healer to others he supports, a grin on his face. "I'm
hoping for a few people."
Catey waves to Alisia
Kyrie walks in.
On the sands, Ducay shakes in confusion and his nerves and on overtime…
he stares at the eggs, wondering… possibly, could it be?
On the sands, The tempo changes. A waltz no more, Consecrated Citruliine
Conflagration has begun the tango. A dance of passion, a dance of
/love/. A slightly roudy rhythm which topples the egg from its mound to
the basin of the sands.
Arien murmurs back, "Saw her earlier, too. Going to bet?"
Aw shucks, he /does/. Still looking far too goofy, the Harper slips long
fingers into Toria's and nods, "If we can find room." Do not want this
oen to get squished. Kevar has not noticed the Hatching, not yet.
Slipping to a nearby seat, apprentice-/free/, Ara bobs to first one, then
another harper see sees. No homogeneous grouping for her.
On the sands, Alisia shakes messy curls as abject terror and inbred
curiousity vie for domination, "Vae." a plea? oh yes.
Janni moves to sit beside Gilrel in the back…
Busy, busy, bumblebees-no. Busy everybody. Kh'rys' eyes, for her part,
arecertainly busy, scuttling back and forth 'tween arriving people,
rocking eggs, and already-there people, half-listening to conversations.
On the sands, Kylandra quickly grabs onto Janah's hand tighter, while
pushing at the tall candie in front of her, "I can't see.."
On the sands, Rayne's eyes move hurriedly from egg to egg, trying to look
at each and every one at the same time. His slow hopping from side to
side begins to subside as feet once accustomed to the mines now accustom
themselves to the hot sand.
N'fra nods to Z'lo. "S'am I. Perhaps…." but she keeps the opinion to
Anais looks briefly worried as she pats at various pockets. Finally,
beneath her skirt she finds her quarry. Slipping a flask from the top of
one stocking, she uncaps it and takes a long pull. Even as her head
tilts back for the drink her eyes never leave the sands.
Z'lo glances at N"fra and grins. "Perhaps…?"
On the sands, Not that Brooke has ever said Maranne's name correctly or
anything. "Hey, um, Daeron!" A hand sweeps about in the air as she
attempts to get Daeron's attention- "Over here! /Here/! Not there. No,
no, no /you/!" Brooke crys to the candidate at her right.
Gilrel shoots to the side, smiling at the girl as he makes room for her.
On the sands, Shuffling from foot to foot, and trying to think of a better
way to do this, Casar, eyes once again falls onthe seemingly dancing
egg, weird very weird, but hey, so was everything else as of late.
On the sands, Tantalizing Topaz Treat Egg continues spinning, in a faster
and faster movement that rocks it against other eggs and keeps it moving
Kyrie makes her bee-line for Arien, plowing quite indifferently-selfish
greenrider, she-over inconsiderate legs and knees and even the
occasional body. "Hey," she greets casually. "I'm late." And sits.
On the sands, Tantalizing Topaz Treat Egg shatters into a thousand
fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
On the sands, Calligraphy Green Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, Dark, squiggly scroll-work etches the narrow arches of
carefully held wings, each inky-grey sail angled perfectly against the
convex sides of her large frame. Poise infuses her effortless motions
as she balances on incisor sharp talons, quill-like tail controlled with
regimental care. The irridescent green of pin-feathers heightens the
shallow cavities of jaw and throat, setting off the natural highlights
of the rather dark hide that flows unwavering over her long bones.
Spirit whirls within the facets of her sharp glance, shapely body filled
with a wiry, independent strength.
Toria smiles brightly at Kevar, and tugs him up the stairs to sit by Ariana
and Co. "Hello.."
Ariana curves a smile. 'Perhaps. I think she'll do well." She considers
then decides: "Blue."
N'fra winks. "You'll know if it happens."
Ariana grins, and points. 'And green!"
Kylie spots her sister's entrance and glowers.
On the sands, Carvill's eyes catch sight of one /very/ likely less; prim,
proper… even /creased/. A more pristine set of white robes there
never was.
On the sands, Vae twines fingers with that Fortian who was not so long ago
- eons ago, ages ago - a nemesis of sorts. "Alisia." Her tone is warm,
her squeeze insistant.. and her wonder apparent. "Look."
On the sands, Janah pokes the tall one with her elbow, making him move away
quickly. Hot feet are ignored, the Healer's brain frozen on the eggs,
and now….a green. Jan gasps softly, watching the green crack shell
with eyes full of awe.
On the sands, Kylandra hunches down, hearing the shatter over the mumuring.
Peering between the tall candies legs, she catches a glimpse of a
dragon. Oh..eyes widen.
Arien points to Ketrion in front of them-fair game-and scoots in; "So you
are. Comfortable?" In the crowd? "-Blue it is."
On the sands, Calligraphy Green Dragonet stretchs her wings, glancing
aournd with a calm control. Precision in her gaze, she looks with a
certainty. She knows what she wants, and doesn't move until she sees
On the sands, Maranne digs poking nails into Brooke's tender skin. "Roo!"
Whispering- "Look.. a /green/," gaping stare of awe falls over the
punctual green dragonet. She gasps, tugging at Brooke's robe.
"C'mere-don't leave me, Roo!" Now /who's/ the older one here…?
On the sands, Cashar eyes burst upon the sight of the baby green
dragonette, he looks suddenly at his other fellow candidates, then back
to the green /amazing/.
On the sands, Lauren ohs softly as she sees the first dragonet appear. A
green! ANd what a pretty green she is. She watches her every move as
things definately look different from down her than from the Galleries.
On the sands, Krilin burrow her feet deeper into the ground; azure eyes
momentarily flicker towards the green, though she moves not an inch.
Paralized by amazement-awe-nervousness, she simply stares.
On the sands, Nimue is near a Telgar girl. Never met before on the sands.
But as candidates, tuberpeeling partners. Nimue's eyes watch the green
tenuously from a bit behind the other girl. Gape.
Tekno strokes Rapia, remembering…
On the sands, Alisia gulps back a starled meep as the hatchling bursts
through its shell, " Lemme look." bobbing up on tiptoe over a dark
haired harper, almost hauling Vae with her.
Kyrie looks indifferent to the hatching; too many now for her, to have any
of the luster left. Not to mention the green chanting spells in her mind
even now. "Oh. -'kira about anywhere?"
On the sands, "A green? Mara, is that a green? That's not a /green/ is it?"
Eyebrows are arched, Brooke's gaze settled upon the recent hatchling and
then- "Ow! Outch! /Maranne/!" The name comes our correctly "Don't pinch
me, it /hurts/!"
On the sands, L'lia watchs everyone start at the green. A smile crosses
her lips, waiting.
On the sands, Rayne's eyes widen slightly as the first dragonet breaks free
of her shell. He watches from over the shoulder of a small candidate
infront of him who appears to be about ready to faint from the heat and
the excitement.
From a ledge, Caith momentarily stops moping and just appreciates. Little
greens grow into big greens, this he knows.
Tr'vyn tosses a casual smile Kyrie-ward (considering he nearly was trampled
by her, its hard -not- to notice her presense) then flips his attention
back towards the sands. "Hey, isn't that Janah down there?" says he to
no one in particular..
Anais grips the rail before her with whitenned joints. Fingers unconciously
drum a taptap of impatience as she watches the healer portion of the
candidates with childlike wonder in her eyes.
On the sands, Matalin shifts, ignorming the others on the sands. SHe
smiles serenely at the green, and shfits her feet. She doesn't say a
word, her poise something bordering on perfection, and she waits.
Dakoa walks in.
Kevar follows, squeezing in near Ariana. Nodding here, smiling there, he
settles in to watch.
On the sands, Ducay's eye go wide… A real-dragonet! He never believed
it could be so… he almost moves his arm, maybe to attract
attention… maybe because he wishes to run… No, he stands,
confident… sure of himself for the first time in Turns.
On the sands, Uakarik's spirit would whirl someplace that isn't subject to
the intensity the scorching sand is providing. Mind is preoccupied with
conflicting messages his feet and his eyes are giving him, leaving him
in a quandry over what he should do.
Catey wows
Gilrel stretches in his seat, trying to get a good view, trying to see why
people are Ooooing and Awwwwing..
Z'lo nods at Tr'vyn, "Yes, ti is." Slowly, he stretches, "Ltos of healers
there too." Healers. Num.
Kyrie considers a flicker of apology down to Tr'vyn, replacing her deadly
boots in their harness beneath the bench before hers. "Eh. Hey, Trev."
On the sands, Ostyn lags in late. behind. He bows quickly, robe hiked up
past his knees to allow running room. Vroom! He skids to a stop near
Uakarik. 'Lo. Eyes catch the green. He is mesmerised.
"Mm-hmm," Arien agrees. With Trev and Zelo both. And points to Anais,
partial explanation.
On the sands, Kalona winks at Tayla, and goes back to scanning the mass of
candidates. Who, oh pray tell who?, shall volunteer to keep her boots
so shiny? Why, horrors! there's already a scuff upon them! What scuff?
That one. Right there. No, look closer. Closer. Closer still.
There it is! Do you see it?
On the sands, Janah unconsciously flicks a damp strand of hair from her
eyes as the green's gaze sweeps over the crowds. Inner thoughts still
as the moment arrives, the egg hatches. Now, it is time to wait. To
see what will or will not be.
On the sands, Daeron tries to get a better view of that green hatchling!
Anxiety and a good bit of over-eagerness causes his hands to curl into
tiny fists. His eyes try to focus upon what he can see of the green
beyond the candidates, and he leans forward to get a better view, but
still remains in the semi circle.
On the sands, Chandari stares at the green dragonet before turning a harsh
eye to the group of white-clad candidates standing nearby. They'd
better be worthy.
Zoot's deep bluesy hum fills the cavern, though somewhat drowned by the
On the sands, Maranne refrains from releasing Brooke. Silence overcoming
an otherwise loudmouth, the lanky Candidate simply stands, staring over
the dragonet. Sand kicks slightly up from time to time, restlessly
toying with the warm ground beneath her.
On the sands, Jerlana's gaze drifts unbidden to her own boots. Polished.
Shame. Now, what to scuff them on? Phoenix rider? Might not be
abrasive enough, though…
Anais' ears do redden slightly at hearing the word, 'Janah', behind her,
but her eyes don't dare leave the woman. Her face does match her ear's
complexion as well. My, Janah did skimp on the fabric for her robe.
Jary is awestruck at the green dragonet.
On the sands, Calligraphy Green Dragonet just looks around, as everyone
focus on her. SHe bugles, and takes a step forward. Her wings flitter,
still wet with baby-egg, and she looks around.
On the sands, Ducay, with his eyes wider than the bubblies he so enjoys,
watches, hopeful… daring not to dream.
On the sands, Vae gets treated like a leash. "-Careful! Not so close.
Watch. Wait." Experience speaks, from somewhere; the Candidate raises
her own gaze to the dragonet, head tilted. "Watch," she repeats. "Wait."
Though since when was Alisia known to listen?
On the sands, Kylandra finally pokes the lanky Candidate in the back,
causing him to move with a "Oof." Finally a view, feet shift on the hot
sands, uncomfortable sandals or not.
Kh'rys has the merest fluttering of a smirk on her lips as green hatches
first: how appropriate. Ysaleth would certainly think so, and does,
from her arched neck up there amongst the ledge-lurkers. The greenrider
slounches herself more comfortable in her chair.
On the sands, Consecrated Citrulline Conflagration Egg was rattled by the
abrut conclusion to its rhymatic endeavors. Its ego is shattered. Or
at least cracked. /Really/ cracked. So cracked it's leaking?
On the sands, "Ugh! You got hot /sand/ on my foot Mara." Flicking sand from
foot, Brooke returns to the study of dragonettes.
On the sands, Rampant Ruby Ravager Egg sinks deeper and deeper as the
whirls burrow around and away, seeming to flee the angry motions of
thewinking red orb.
On the sands, Consecrated Citrulline Conflagration Egg explodes in a
brilliant shower of color and light, shards arcing away to expose the
phoenix within.
On the sands, Candleflame Gold Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, A small queen, she, the warm hues of a candle's flame drench
her in soft luminescence. Flickering shadows span wide-swept wings and
body, limning her with aureate light; deeper gold smolders along her
belly and throat, gradually intensifying to the brilliance which accents
wing-spars and withers. Sturdy of frame, smooth of form: the unsteady
abandon of grace and surety combine with innocuous felicity, inkling of
a windsong yet to come.
On the sands, Rayne shrugs broad shoulders, flexing large arm-muscles
unconciously as he waits and watches. Sweat begins to gather on his
forehead, but it is ignored as he watches the green dragonet.
Occasionally, he shoots a look at the small candidate infront of him,
checking to make sure that she is still ok.
On the sands, Cashar eyes are still wide wide as he nudges Rayne, and
notices at the same time the lanky legged weaver boy infron of him,
those legs must be noodles!
Catey whispers "Oh, my…"
Tr'vyn misses the connect that Ari suggests, but that's the norm for Trev,
eh? Still he nods mutely and shimmies a bit on his stony pearch. The
better to see the girl who was Candidate with him turns ago. Then eyes
blink, and he states the obvious, "Look! Gold!" Duh, Trev.
On the sands, Janah starts at the tiny green's loud bugle, attention
whipping toward the cracking gold egg for only a moment then returning
to her slow survey of the grounds, watching for the first Impression to
occur, the first Weyrling to be made.
On the sands, Calligraphy Green Dragonet takes another step forward, wings
arched as she tries to dry. Hearing the gold hatch, she glances over
her shoulder, acknowledging the young queen. Determinely, she moves
away from the younger hatchling, searching for her lifemate.
On the sands, "Daeron-Look!" Krilin softly exclaims, lithe fingers tugging
tightly against the boys robe. Ignoring scorching flames beneath her
toes, she fixes an intent gaze upon the gold, though it quickly plummets
to the ground, concealed by a fierce blush.
Jary's eyes go wide as the gold dragonet hatches. He has never been this
close to a gold dragon before.
On the sands, Lauren ohhs again softly as the small queen emerges from her
shell. Small though she may be, beauty she has. A tall candidate moves
in front of her and she moves a couple of steps to the side nearly
bumping into another. Who will each of these dragonets choose? Who will
they find acceptable?
On the sands, Nails dig deeper and deeper into Brooke's hand. Maranne
gasps at the new-Hatched queen. "Roo…" the name comes out in more of
a sigh, rather a title. Adding, "She's so pretty," before returning
attention to the moving green dragonet.
On the sands, Nimue's eyes widen impossibly at the gold. A queen, of all
things to hatch so /early/. Shifting weight on the sands, veteran
candidate skill comes into play. Just how long to wait before the
shitft. All the time, eyes alert for moving dragons.
On the sands, Kylandra gasps as she sees the golden dragonet emerge. Then
she turns back to the wandering green, making sure to stay out of the
way. Unconsciously she scoots closer to Janah.
Kyrie sighs a bit wistfully. "Oh well. So much for that idea." She glooms.
Ista has too many golds. One, two, three, four too many. By her count.
Or was it five, now?
On the sands, Telenia breathes quickly, shallowly, as the children begin to
emerge, weariness and wonder in her eyes.
On the sands, Ducay looks as the larger gold dragon appears, but his eyes
are not for that one… he isn't eligible. His eyes and hopes drift
over to the first one… that green…
Ariana grins, suddenly. "Oh, lovely. " And eyes follow her - and her - in
curious interest. Who to join the ranks?
On the sands, Still shuffling from foot to foot, Cashars eyes catch a glint
of gold, his attention suddenly shifts back towards the candidates, then
towards the hatched Dragons
On the sands, Aluranth bugles to her young golden daughter, a greeting and
a careful welcome.
Toria smiles as the hatchling breaks from its shell, eyes moving amongst
the candidates to catch their reactions.
On the sands, Alisia has started the hatching shuffle, heated sands making
themselves known through delicate sandals. Step step hop - step step
ouch..Come on Vae, you can do it too.. Tug tug on the healer's hand,
"Oh, so, gold" eyes bounce as she does.
Gilrel jumps in his seat trying to see, swearing he caught flashes of
On the sands, Daeron continues to watch the green one, not even noticing
the gold and the clutch as he is taken by the first hatchling's animate,
if somewhat ungraceful motions. "Isn't she a beauty, Kril?", he asks the
candidate that clutches near him… referring to the green.
On the sands, Rayne turns his head, looking down at Cashar as the younger
man nudges him. Rayne's eyes too, are wide, but not quite so much.
Experience comes in handy, it seems. His attention is distracted as the
golden dragonet hatches. He lets out a little gasp. "She's beautiful" he
On the sands, Hand flys to neck-line to scratch- "Oo! Maranne, lookie
/that/! S'a gold!" Fingers sweep at frayed neckline before grabbing at
Maranne's hand. "I hear that gold dragonettes like to maul candidates ..
sometimes," Brooke says with an interesting tone.
On the sands, Candleflame Gold Dragonet shakes her delicate head, obscured
by a wildly positioned wing. Rattled, she is, from an overexuberant
hatching experience. But pride overpowers distress and she rights
herself to peer up. up. Up. UP. at the vaulted cavern into which she has
On the sands, Tayla steps back to watch the dragonets spill from their
cocoons, largely ignoring Kal and her boot problem.
On the sands, Frozen with anticipated fear, Janah scoots closer to
Kylandra, two crimson hands intertwining in support as the female
dragonets pick and choose from those presented before them.
On the sands, Noodles-legs obligingly moves out of Cashar's way to stand in
front of Uakarik. "Did another hatch? I fink I could see better if …
Fanks." Uakarik can see again. I spy with my little eye two dragonets.
Count them? One. Two. Mwahaha!
On the sands, K'vair points out the gold to Chandari, unnecessarily, as the
weyrwoman has already seen it and is staring at it in wonder, almost as
a candidate would.
On the sands, Maggie tries not to skulk like Caith and straightens,
attentin wavering before the virest and the second, green and gold. She
mutters, "Least neither looks like Garath." What a blessing. - Hi
On the sands, Ostyn holds back a gasp as the gold emerges. Not for him.
It's a /girl/ dragon. Well, gold at least. Tehy wouldn't like Ostyn.
He watches the green…
On the sands, Calligraphy Green Dragonet heads down a line of candidates,
looking into each face and moving on furthur. She seems quietly
decided, knowing she will find her lifemate whens he gets there.
On the sands, Vae does many things. She Heals. She eats. She drinks. She
has been known to dance, on occasion - but bounce? No. The majority of
her form holds stationary while the arm-that-is-attached-to-Alisia
wiggles and waggles and gets snaked all about. "Pretty," she agrees,
keeping her own thoughts carefully quiet.
On the sands, Lauren clutches her hands together in pride as the young
queen strives to upright herself and succeeds. What bravery she has
already in her young life. Absently, not really paying attention to the
heat anymore, she switches feet slowly and lifts them only a bit from
the sands.
On the sands, Cylina leans against the wal, trying to appear much more calm
then she is as her eyes constantly dart between the two dragonets,
wondering how many marks she's going to win off that gold.
On the sands, Kylandra wonders if she should maybe climb onto Janah's
shoulders. Then the sand wouldn't burn her feet and if the gold does
maul someone, it won't be here. But though thoughts fly through her
head, her feet can't seem to move, transfixed.
On the sands, Cashar eyes huge eyes gaze the green, she is a patient one,
yes, As Cashar shuffles from foot to foot, he still idel wonders if
there is a right way to keep them tootsies of his cool
On the sands, Ducay watches as the Calligraphy Green approaches, spying the
yes as they search for just the right one… still nervous, but yet
resigned to his position, and hopeful… he does his shuffle, watching,
On the sands, Rayne's eyes return to the Green as he wonders silently who
will Impress. He looks around quickly, peering from one Candidate to the
next. Finally, he shakes his head slightly, knowing that it would be
almost impossible to guess, and looks back to the other eggs once
On the sands, Calligraphy Green Dragonet looks intently at Alisia for a
moment, and then moves on down the line. /She/ ignores her goldsister.
Her lifemate will want her, not the gold.
On the sands, Whether from scorching toes-or extreme nervousness, Krilin
face flushes a violent hue of crimson. Sweat threatens to pour about the
edge of her brow, as she swips a stray golden tress from her eyes. Azure
eyes continue to stare upon the ground, occa
On the sands, Kylandra's lack of movement is probably a good thing, for if
she attempted to climb on Janah's shoulders, the petite Healer would
collapse. Leaning in for needed support, Janah watches the green tick
off Candidates. Duck, duck, duck? Who might the goose be?
On the sands, Maul? Candidates? /Maul Candidates/?? Uh-oh. Maranne
gulps, sideways glance lingering over the gold dragonet. "I wish they'd
just /decide/," she whipsers hastily. Brooke receives a few quick
On the sands, Overwhelming Opal Oblation Eggshimmers, light dancing across
its surface as it wobbles slightly. And stills.
On the sands, Digging one foot into the sands, Cashar winces at that idea,
wasnt worth it! His eyes still gaze at the wandering green, waiting for
her to impress.
On the sands, Matalin shakes her ehad, trying not to stare. She glances
from the gold to the green. SHe waits. One will come to her, if she is
patient. SHe has /faith/.
Gilrel shifts in his seat as he, tries to look through the windows of
people's bodies, every now and again cathing some of the sights on the
On the sands, Alisia freezes under green gaze..was that a wimper..nah,
couldn't be..remember the Holder Rule #3..Never let them see you
perspire (Ali doesn't sweat).
On the sands, Lauren watches the green as she goes through the candidates
trying to choose one. Picky though they may be, they make the proper
choices in the end.
On the sands, A less than attractive pinkish egg wobles amongst the group.
Doesnt fit with the crowd. Outcast looking.
On the sands, Kylandra catches more movement from the clutch. "Which one
just moved, Janah?" she quieries, eyes never leaving the wandering gold
and green.
On the sands, Daeron blinks! A gold! It looks so distant but it is
definitely a gold. His eyes shine in a distant admiration of the little
queen. He can feel sweat gathering in his hair and forehead before it
evaporates, and his feet shift timidly to stave off the uncomfortable,
barely bearable temperature.
Anais brushes bangs from her forehead with an irritable swipe, a sweaty
forehead being one fo the prices to pay for such a good view of the hot
sands. A repeated harmony whispers from her lips, a name murmured in
On the sands, Wiggle, squirm- "Will you /stop/!" Brooke finally crys after
a larger pinch from Maranne. "That hurts." Then arm is rubbed while,
amber-flecked gaze is switched to wiggling eggs.
On the sands, Nimue :just watches, hands gripping at her robe, nervously.
You'd have thought she'd not be nervous, having been through before,
On the sands, Candleflame Gold Dragonet rises, her grace emulating that of
the most seasoned ballerina. At least until she trips over her own
talons. No art was ever perfected in a single try, the testimony to
which the myriad dancing candidates add credance as they attempt to cool
their feet.
On the sands, Janah smiles softly, gesturing to the opal. "The one I like.
The Opal one." Green and gold's path are watched, yes, but one eye
remains on the shimmering opal egg.
On the sands, An egg cracks, shatters, explodes, disintegrates into the
proverbial million shards: an analogy, if you will, of the destruction
of morality. A bronze tumbles hatchling tumbles out with maw agape, tied
with long strands of slime to that moist egg-sac so long its home.
Another lesson. Of sorts.
On the sands, Ducay squirms some… the green is getting closer, and he's
on the end of the liine of candidates… well, close…
On the sands, "Don't /squirm/, Roo!" Maranne was always good at shifting
the blame. Green dragonet is spied, gold dragonet is watched; hasty
gaze dancing endlessly between the two.
On the sands, Calligraphy Green Dragonet moves towards the candidate of
choice. She /knows/. Her's.
On the sands, Calligraphy Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Ducay.
On the sands, A reassuring squeeze to that perspiring hand, then, and Vae
watches rocking eggs and tumbling dragonets with the same quiet that
pervades most of her actions: to gold, to green, sea-swept gaze shifts,
wondering - and /there/. Her voice lifts in hail to the new pair.
On the sands, Oops! Krilin juts momentarily away from splattering sand;
furrowed brows fix upon the gold, as if prying her up with a soft
glance. But grin stays where she is, paralized by amazement.
On the sands, A soft gasp is muffled, as Kyla attempts not to go into a
giggling hysteria. Pretty the gold may be..but not graceful. Eyes
flicker to the bronze, and the giggling is gone.
Tekno whispers, "What a feeling. How lucky they are."
On the sands, Cashar quickly wipes his sweaty hands against his poor robe,
Eyes catching a glint of bronze, no it couldnt be, yes it is, Shifting
from foot to foot, he notices Ducay's luck, and attempts to say
ssomething, but cannot, his throat being parched
On the sands, Matalin shifts, watching the green impress. Her eyes turn to
the other dragonets. Patience. Her fingers run down her sides as she
watchs, shifting just a little.
Catey sighs wistfully, watching.
On the sands, Lauren instinctively puts out a hand to help the golden one
but then just as quickly withdraws it as she remembers Lillian's rules
that she told them. Don't help the dragonets. But she clenches her
fists and silently wills her to straighten her wings. She glances
briefly at Ducay as he is the first to become a weyrling out of this
group and flashes him a brief smile. She then turns back to watch the
golden one's progress.
On the sands, Rayne reaches up a hand to wipe sweat from his forehead
before he looks back to the eggs, paying very close attention. His eyes
linger for a long moment on the bronze before finally moving on.
On the sands, Janah neither shifts nor shakes, taking in gold's clumsiness
and green's Impression at the same instant. Her fellow Candidate's luck
elicits a smile as she turns back to the main arena.
On the sands, No /true/ dancer ever perspires, at least not the females.
Righted once again, the candleflame gold hatchling launches a second
choreographed strike against coordination, her worst enemy for this
moment in time.
On the sands, One of a small crowd of buxum, yellow-braided Candidates from
Harper-T'nol's contribution, and a lovely one if not particulary
demonstrative of /quality/ control-tumbles over a hummock of sand to
Impress a scrawny blue. "Hifth!" he trills with tenor glee. In the
galleries, a certain bronzerider chokes. "She was a /boy/?"
On the sands, Ducay's eyes open wider than they've ever been before… All
thoughts of bubblies, all desires for food or other earthly pleasures
are eraticated… His thoughts exists only upon his tooth. Tooth! A
bright smile gives him an older, more experieence appearance, and his
voice rises to a deepening, joyful pitch. "Her name is Tooth!!"
On the sands, L'lia waves to Ducay and Tooth. She helps them over to the
side, and allows Ducay to start feeding the lovely green.
On the sands, Alisia bites her lower lip with the first impression and then
a wince as the ochred hide stops her dance for a stray talon. Her
bouncing subsiding as the excitement blinds her to heated toes. Another
shell exudes its occupant, a bronze!
On the sands, "Ugh. Hot!" Hand is swept across brow and Brooke pretends to
faint, stopping her play to look at Ducay somewhat jelously.
"Impression. She impressed, Tooth?" Mare recives a look.
On the sands, Daeron smiles as he notices one of the dragons has found her
lifemate. The look upon the green's eyes inspires happiness and
affection, but the haven quickly fades after an ephemeral moment, his
eyes returning to the clutch…
On the sands, Maggie eyes the braided beauty carefully. She too recognizes
T'nol's work and can't help but start giggling. Neither the place nor
the time, but she just cannot help it.
On the sands, Awkward and clumbsy, Krilin has neither grace, nor dignity.
Azure eyes gaze towards the impressions, a faint smile curling around
Krilin's lips. An impression! A lovely thing. Attention is then returned
towards the gold.
On the sands, Cylina grins at green's impression, best color in the world
of course. She waves to Tooth and D'cay, welcoming them.
On the sands, Ducay helps Tooth move over towards L'lia… all smiiles and
On the sands, With all the arrongance of a man who /expects/ others undying
adoration, Carvill practically leers at Matalin. And only practically,
because if his mama Nippy caught him leering outright, he'd be peelin'
tubers til the sun failed to rise.
Toria cheers the impression, squeezing Kevar's hand as she does.
On the sands, Rampant Ruby Ravager Egg stops just short of dissappearing,
stilling ominiously in the hollow of black sand.
On the sands, Maranne tugs idly at Brooke's robe. "I /know/, Roo; that's
what happens at these things." Mare can't help but be jealous. Such a
pretty green, she was. Messy knot is fiddled with as the wide-eyed
Candidate watches over the gold dragonet. Watching, hoping, /shaking/.

Arielana has disconnected.
Gilrel sits up on his knees and finally gets a good view until a group of
large men stand cheering something. He sighs and sinks back down.
Kevar cheers the squeeze.
On the sands, Kylandra watches the new pairs start to walk off the sands. A
small smile graces her face, then attention is back to the eggs and
dragonets. Who else..
On the sands, Lauren leans foward a bit, looking at the gold one, fists
going up and down a bit in mental concentration to help the gold. Of
course, the gold doesn't get these thoughts but Lauren thinks them to
help herself and herself alone. She whispers softly, "Up, m'dear.
Coordination is the key. You are doing just fine." What a beautiful
shinging one she is.
On the sands, Uakarik is finally managing to pay closer attention to the
dragonets, just to see the moment of impression. But that moment tugs
strongly at something inside, even if it is the vicarious pleasure of
seeing a friend impress. He shares a smile
to his neighbors, nudging them in encouragement.
J'dano walks in.
On the sands, Vae stays for the most part rooted to her spot, feet shifting
in motion just short of shuffling. Her free hand grasps at a generous
fold of robe - her own robe - and squeezes to dispell moisture. Watch.
Kevar leans in, leans close, and breathes down Toria's neck. "Was it much
different, for Rosalth?"
On the sands, Three shells burst in rapid succession, revealing in short
order a blue, another blue, and then a-bronze? A brown? -A bronze. The
first two zigzag happily around the Sands, one firmly entranced with a
particularly unappealing victim of adenoids; the third-born tumbles
triumphantly to the feet of a tall girl from Weaver and burbles up her
robe. (A brown.)
Anais silently wills Janah's robe to lengthen. This is a hatching. Not a
bistro. She sighs softly as another egg begins to release it's
On the sands, Tooth utters a soft croon for D'cay, her lifemate. D'cay
begins to feed her… Wonderful, nourishing, meat… Her hide shimers
with new-hatched health.
La-de-da-de-da, hatch-hatch-hatch. Kh'rys slouches in figure, but not
Ariana's smile remains, broadening with every hatching shell, every joyful
yell; her favorite part is this, the joingings.
Sylvie gasps in amazement, "three at once!" it's almost too much,
especially the beautiful blues.
Arien, sheltered in with Kyrie, waves to the man in grey-
On the sands, Janah nibbles on her lower lip, watching the queen tripping
closer, a backdrop of rocking, shaking, rattling eggs.
Toria nosd to J'dano as he enters, then leans close to Kevar to answer, "I
don't remember. " eyes glistening, "I was numb."
On the sands, Rampant Ruby Ravager Egg shudders, as the passions across its
shell tremble and fall way. Shards of the still brilliantly glistening
shell cling to the bright hide beneath it, as the hatchling stomps his
egg to miniscule pieces. Alone, the hatchling turns to face the much
larger world around him.
On the sands, Bronze Cross-Stitched Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Dark metallic hues run from the back of his head to the tip
of his tail, highlighting this husky dragonet to showpiece brilliance.
Muted orange-bronze melds into burnished umber, weaving subtle patterns
into his hide; the faintest hint of crosses pattern him, highlight to
the detailed expanse his burly-boned frame. Copper and pearl filiment
trace the undersides of expansive wings, foil wraps the curve of
so-sharp talons, while breadth of withers and lift of chin give give him
a care-crafted stature, placed for admiration's sake.
J'dano greyly lurks through the crowd to Arien and Kyrie, then, settling in
with a mutter about Zhanth taking the /long/ way to Ista.
On the sands, Lillian smiles at D'cay, helping to ready trays of meat, her
hands dark with blood from the juices.
On the sands, L'lia glances around at the hatchlings, and whistles as a
bronze hatchs. SHe smiles, "Pretty, that one."
Ariana sends a grin over, indeed, back over her shoulder as he sits. Right
behind. Fort contingent. Praises be.
Tekno ooh's at teh beautiful bronze.
On the sands, "A bronze- They can only impress to guys, right?" Brooke
pokes a finger into Maranne's shoulder repeatedly. Poke. Poke. Pokepoke.
Poke. Pokepokepoke. "Mara?"
On the sands, Jerlana's face breaks to a hint of grin. Bronze. Tally up
the marks. She'll win that bet yet.
On the sands, Cylina jumps as another bronze hatches, her eyes scanning the
candidates, having just a mild preference for bronze riders.
On the sands, Rayne lets out a small gasp as the bronze hatches, his blue
eyes tracing it's form in wonder.
On the sands, Cashar eyes become even larger as he see's yet another bronze
emerge, his palms dripping lie a fountaing, he nervously awaits, trying
to ignore the flaming heat of the sands
The Fort Voting Block? Okie…what do they have to Vote on? Z'lo grins at
the sands, tilting his head to wave at jed then returns to watching, a
finger tapping slightly on his leg.
On the sands, D'cay smiles. Tooth love meat from D'cay. "She says so."
His eyes gleam.
J'dano grins to Ariana - Toria - Z'lo - the rest of the Fortians -
everyone. Why not. Then he hunches in grey and pins his eyes down
On the sands, K'vair suddenly glances over at Polth, chuckling at some
private joke, apparently. A quick jab from Chandari's elbow just below
the bronzerider's ribs serves as a nice gag, however.
On the sands, A small machine-gun barrage of eggs begin popping across the
diminishing mound, shells splitting apart to reveal small pods of
wrinkled, newborn hide with their requisite coat of protein-rich slime.
A green. Another green. A blue. A brown. Another bronze, and then
another green. They lack, it is true, variety. Unfazed by their lack of
creativity, each unwraps itself with reckless abandon and begin their
plod across sands towards the Candidate circle.
Kh'rys twists around from her seat in front of Arien-Kyrie duo, herself and
Ariana bracketing Ketrion-who-wanted-to-sit-by-the-babes. Her mouth
forms a 'Hallo' muted by Sands' ever-burgeoning noise. Not to mention
the galleries themselves.
On the sands, Candleflame Gold Dragonet skims across the sands, even if her
gait is shaky and untrustworthy, she likes to think she's skimming.
Faceted eyes whirl with increasing rapidity as she searches face after
face. Too scrawny, too pink, too short, too tall, too… eww. /male/.
/He/ won't do.
On the sands, Lauren gives a respectful sigh for the bronze's beauty but
knows that she's not eligible for that particular hatching. So her
attention turns back to the gold to mark her progress and see which way
she's going to go.
Kh'rys aims that Hallo to Jed, that is.
J'dano accepts it, too. Even if he isn't a babe.
On the sands, Vae slips lids closed a bare moment: too much. Too much, too
fast, too /many/. Far too many.
Arien murmurs agreement back, and something about hopefully the winds at
least being good, and rests her head on coppery-bronze shoulder should
Kyrie be amenable. And, lazily, bright-eyed-"Look at /them/ go."
On the sands, Kylandra lifts one leg under her robe, standing like an odd
bird. Then she switches feet. Shoulda gotten heavier sandals. Bronze
dragon earns a smile, "Quite a looker that one.." she mumbles.
Kyrie makes a vague noise of greeting to J'dano, and returns to an
abstracted collection of numbers. One green. One blue. Another green. An
especially ugly blue.
On the sands, Maranne shoves moistened hands together in a tight
double-fist; poor Brooke's hand looks dreadfully anguished from
nail-pinches. "Roo! STop /poking/ at me!" Mare can poke at Roo, but
Roo can't poke at Mare-Mare's older, you see; it all makes sense. "How
should I know?"-is whispered back, followed by an underbreathed: "I've
never /been/ to one of these things." But that doesn't show. Really.
On the sands, Janah's eyes only widen at the bronze's abrupt hatching.
That one is not for her to dream over. Calmly, giving Kyla's hand a
quick squeeze, she watches the gold skim the girls, slowly making her
decision, too slowly for poor Healer's nerves.
On the sands, Matalin ignores the leering. SHe watchs the sands, following
hte gold with her eyes. Her figners cross, and she waits, expectantly.
The gold will chose someone.
On the sands, Back-Forth-Back-Forth; Krilin rolls franticly upon her feet.
Trembling increasing, her fingers clings tightly to her side, as she
watches the gold seize the candidates. The pressure-The heat.
On the sands, Alisia turns overbright eyes to Vae, "Another one!" like Vae
can't see this for herself. Bounce, bounce as a tall holder lad blocks
her view..hey can't see!
On the sands, Ostyn watches silently, shifting on the sands. Bronze. He
On the sands, Uakarik drops his jaw, mouth wide enough to be a danger to
firelizard's. "Crikey! I've just had a fought. Last If I impress now,
last night was my last chance for … Blimey!" He pokes Storr with an
elbow and drawls in an attempted imitation of some rider "Is he worth
it? Of course!"
K'it swings down from her lifemate Ilurath's neck.
Merf walks in.
On the sands, One of the greens waddles fussily towards Uakarik, each foot
placed just /so/ in the awkward rhythm of her gait. From the galleries,
a light baritone yells his approval: "C'mon, green. /Get/ him! He's
Charlton walks in.
On the sands, Aluranth keeps a careful eye on her golden progeny, scanning
the sands, the assmebled candidates, wondering who her offspring will
On the sands, Tooth accepts food from D'cay. Hungrily she gulps it down,
immediately asks for another slab. Hardly stopping to breath, Tooth
contiues to eat, and eat, and eat.
On the sands, Bronze Cross-Stitched Dragonet looms out of his hollow, wings
shimering in the light as dark eyes focus on the sea of white around
him. Far too bright. The ebony silk of sand suits him far better, and
he makes no immidate move to leave it, planning, waiting for them to
come to him.
Tekno bobs a quick greeting to his Master, then returns his attention to
the sands.
On the sands, Brown brown brown, three of them matched in tone and texture
prowl forward through the see of white; awkward limbs flail, knocking at
each other indiscriminently and the trio finally tumbles together in a
pool of klah-colored hide. Curlyth hits Moth slaps Larryth and before
the do anymore harm a butcher, a baker, and a glow-stick maker
apprentices three fall and claim their lifemates.
On the sands, K'vair goggles, too, at the bronzes, his chest almost visibly
puffing up. Good dragonets always come out of Polth.
On the sands, Candleflame Gold Dragonet is truly annoyed. /He/ definately
won't do. He is in the /way/. He is too tall, and now she can not see
the /one/. Well, not entirely true. She sees bits. At times. As if
someone were throwing bits out to tease her. How rude. How
Sylvie shifts excitedly in her seat, trying to keep track of the numerous
On the sands, Vae can see. Swaying slightly, she cracks lids to peer.
There, shimmering in the heat. Dragonets. Scads and scads of them. "Yes,
Alisia," she agrees, already sounding weary. Oh, and her arm gets jerked
a few more times too. Lovely.
J'dano keeps the muttering going (helps add to crowd noise), mumbly stuff
about /meat/ on the /sands/ and what's to stop a stampede or blood on
the robes?
On the sands, Rayne flexes large fingers at his side somewhat nervously,
not knowing quite what to do with his hands. He turns his head to take
another quick look around, giving Cashar an encouraging smile before
looking to the other guys - Rik, Storr, and Ostyn. He fights a grin as
he hears the call from the galleries before looking back to the
dargonets, his eyes seeming drawn to the bronze.
On the sands, Hand scratches neckline again. "Maranne. It tickles and
itches and it's getting all wet!" Pinches, pokes, both are forgotten
temporarily as itchy cloth is payed attention too. Brooke itches a while
more, until Brooke giggles watching the three-some of bebbies.
On the sands, Nimue spies bronze, looks away, after a moment. Not for her.
She watches gold. She /chooses/ so carefully.
On the sands, Daeron watches in amazement. So many dragons moving on the
sands, he simply has to turn slightly to notice another dragon finding
her lifemate on the sand. Krilin catches his glance for a moment, and he
takes the time to smile to her to relax his eyes. But surprise quickly
riddles his face, especially as he notices some browns and bronzes have
snuck closer during his lapse!
On the sands, Krilin arches behind her, fixing her azure-eyed glance upon
the remaining candidates. She watches as they rock-dance-and shift,
though almost mimicing their movements. The heat-It doesn't bother her,
it's the nervousness that is.
On the sands, Cashar eyes the bronze warily, he seemingly didnt want to
come out, he thinks to himself. Cashar glances about at the rest of the
candidates, trying to urge a gleefull smile to his mouth, but coming up
with only a slight grin.
On the sands, Lauren moves to stand in front of the tall candidate who has
somehow managed to get in front of /again/. A bit of a whispered word
goes to him as she nudges him on toward the bronze so that she can get
better view of the golden one who chooses most carefully and wisely.
On the sands, The green, cheered on by R'mid, swerves without a moment's
hesitation and Impresses one of the stubbier
Candidates-"Ch-<hic>-th!"-which fazes the greenrider in the galleries
not a bit. "That's okay," he yells full-volume down to the Sands. "Get
yourself a male, Icky-baby. Something round-rumped in blue!"
Anais pounds an impatient beat, defined in harper drum records 'Urgent' IF
Janah doesn't impress soon her winnings are cut in half.
On the sands, A certain holder lad nearly discovers just /why/ it is
they're supposed to pay attention to /all/ the hatchlings, as he is
nearly bowled over as the determined gold hatchlings heads for her
intended. Only quick reflexes spare him, though not, unfortunately, the
back half of his robe.
On the sands, Maranne fires Brooke that 'Sit Still Child' glance-the one
that says 'You shoulda gone /before/ we left…' and 'Don't play with
yer food.'-all in one simple glare. Attention resumes it's post upon
scattered dragonets.
On the sands, Matalin shifts again, glancing at the other dragonets,
dodging a bronze going by her - fast! SHe smiels, weakly, trying to
stay perfect looking despite the heat. SHe stays silent, aware that
candidates are supposed to be quiet.
From a ledge, Caith heard that and perks up, round-rump and all, and looks
about for R'mid's dragon.
Toria is praticly thrumming with excitement for the candidates, eyes
sparkling like energetic stars.
Ilurath climbs up toward the ledge.
On the ledge, Ilurath climbs up from the galleries.
On the sands, Janah watches gold dip and sway, trying to figure out who
exactly she's looking for. No nervous smiles or looks, she bestows only
a deathly calm glance at gold, bronze and rocking eggs.
On the sands, L'lia waits for the hatchlings to impress, scanning the
candidates with a quiet intensity.
On the sands, Alisia swallows another meep as the hatchlings stumble in an
intricate dance on the sands. Extra hand goes behind her back as
lectures repeat through a tired brain - Don't touch, give them room,
keep out of their way - and you expect this holder to remember all
On the sands, Kylandra continues to watch the dragonets wobbling around
pairing off. A small sigh is exhaled, it's warm out here.
Kevar has that same reaction, at times, and contempalates now the tangles
of dragons all over the sands. "Shells but that is alot of dragons."
On the sands, Bronze Cross-Stitched Dragonet deins to assend to the level
of the sands proper, stepping out of the burrow with a measured, careful
step. None of the brown threesome's antics for this fellow. He takes
to these sands as if he owns them. Which he will some day, to be sure.
On the sands, Candleflame Gold Dragonet is momentarily distracted by a
rather annoying white /thing/ which has entangled her paw. But
annoyance is fickle when confronted with the now attainable prize. The
tiny golden muzzle rises and *nudges* her choice. You. You are mine;
dance partners for all time. Neither rising nor the setting of the sun
shall cue an end to your waltz.
On the sands, Overwhelming Opal Oblation Egg shakes slowly in time to an
inner beating, an ancient rythm as old as the trees and hills.
On the sands, A small brown glooms dispiritedly through the remnants of his
shell, hide paling in negative reaction to the relative cold, the noise,
the companionship of /siblings/ (for Faranth's sake-) and - but a
chance reflection catches his eye, and he settles down with narcissistic
wonder to goggle at his reflection in a pool of slowly-drying birth
slime. Dude.
On the sands, Giggling at the overhead encouragement from afar, Uakarik
repeats to console himself after watching the fussy Green come so close
yet impress away. "I'm cuter!" Doesn't help much. He turns to see what
other dragons might be heading his way.
On the sands, Cashar eyes the bronze intently as he takes his first stpa
from the eggs "what grace" he thinks to himself as he once again nudges
Rayne, then his eyes catch a glint of the new born brown hide.
On the sands, Matalin watchs as the gold choses, her attention looking to
see who the lucky goldrider will be.
On the sands, An agressive blue stalks forward, intent on finding a
lifemate. Sand flies beneath talons as he steams forward, finally
breathing all over a startled Igen boy.
On the sands, Vae parts her grasp from Alisia's own, confident that the
Holder will soon find her own reassurance. Casting her eyes to the
Sands, she takes a step back; /she/ remembers the lectures, all.
On the sands, Candleflame Gold Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Alisia.
On the sands, Arched-browed glance flickers towards the gold, as Krilin
continues rocking upon her heels. Whether it is her the gold is looking
at..or someone else, a miniscule bead of sweat clings tightly to her
chin, causing her to blush even more.
Catey cheers for Alisia.
On the sands, Hatching notwithstanding, the couple from Ruatha are once
more doing their Ruathan thing in their own, private corner of the
Sands. Which is fine and all, except that several of the dragons,
distracted by their complete indifference to the goings-on, have settled
into a wide-eyed audience with rears a-wiggle in the hot sands. Go on;
don't let us /stop/ you or anything.
Z'lo stifles a cheer and grins instead, thoughhis eyes settle upon Vae and
others, and he sighs a bit, others still to go, he hopes.
On the sands, Telenia slightly, and smiles proudly.
Breia cheers for Alisia also!
On the sands, Autumn Amber Artifice Egg flickers, shell growing bright even
as the leather egg ripples in and out, quirking the grin that patterns
its side. In and out, in and out, some mutant breathing deep in side
the squash'd egg.
On the sands, Kylandra smiles as she watches Alisia's face, other dragons
forgotten for the moment.
On the sands, Alisia catches the golden hide with green eyes..then moves up
to swirling eyes, "Tamlyth!" and drops down to the sand in front of her
On the sands, Rayne looks at Cashar once more, flashing him another smile,
though this time not quite as broad. Sweat slicks both snow-white and
raven-black hair to his scalp. He quickly rakes damp hair back from his
eyes before looking back to the dragonets. Inevitably though, his gaze
returns to the Bronze.
On the sands, Daeron remains absolutely still as one of the dragonets
hobble closeby. He was never an attention-getter. And he doesn't want to
be if the dragon insists on pouncing on him! His eyes portray a strong
mixture of caution and wonder.
On the sands, Janah breathes out slowly, a grin lighting up her face.
"Congratulations," she murmurs too softly for newest Weyrwoman to hear.
Stiffening her shoulders, she turns to the sands, eyes watching her
favorite egg rock.
On the sands, Maranne beams over in Alisia's direction. Silence remains
upon her lips, not wanting to disturb nor distract the newest goldrider.
Flashing Brooke a quick look, eyes fall idly back over the Hatching.
Ariana leans forward. And impression, "Good, good," comes her delighted
Toria cheers, bouncing in her seat, then pulling Kevar over for a hug, "How
lovely.. I just love hatchings."
Charlton hurries in, betrayed by who knows what harper emergency into being
late, just in time to see the gold choose Alicia. He cheers his
pleasure, and quickly slips into a seat, noting the attendance of
harpers, greeting as noise permits.
Arien claps sentimentally, with the requisite glance to Katrineth ensconced
on ledge.
On the sands, Lauren watches as yet another pair is made and smiles gently
and then sighs softly as she turns her attention back to the eggs. Ah,
to be one of the chosen few. But, as we all know, the dragonets decide.
On the sands, Krilin twistsh her head slightly, arching forward to watch
the impression. "Alisia!" she whispers, cheerily clasping her fingers
together. A good pair-A very good pair.
On the sands, L'lia smiles, and waits for the new goldrider and her
lifemate to come to the side. SHe smiles, a soft, "Congratulations." on
her lips as she waits for Alisia to bring her mate to the side for
On the sands, K'vair stops his goggling for a moment, so that the look of
surprise which has creeped up on him unawares, can take over his face.
"My," is all he says, which, is of course lost in the ambient creels of
hungry dragonets and cracking eggs.
On the sands, Overwhelming Opal Oblation Egg rumbles and creaks, gathering
power form the energies of those surrounding it, infusing their
attentions and dreams. In a sudden burst, a head pops out of the top,
towering over the remnants of the shell and emitting a high pitched
trumpet of victory.
On the sands, Woodcarved Brown Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Sanded and varnished, the woodgrain surface hides subtle
power, creating a debonair ambiance. Mahogany and cedar and oak, grafted
together and sculpted whole, twisted branches sprout into wings, neck,
tail. Ponderous and deliberate, he moves slowly, with powerful muscles
rippling under his hide, hinting of future prowess. Large for his color,
coordination is already his worst enemy, and the subtle hint of darker
brown on his snout is more likely a sprinkling of sand stuck to his nose
than a true color variation.
On a ledge, Caith even gives up green-watching and turns back to the sands.
Great. Just great. Sure, go ahead, Take my candidate. I just wasnt'good
enough for you was I? Whining, griping, growling, the blue buries his
head under his wings and peers out, unconsoluble. Promised scritches
and all lost, she will forget all about ME now. I'll be stuck with
Maggie. Mournsighwhine.
On the sands, "Alisia?! Hey- I knew her. She talked to me, about walking..
Lady Yasmin's dog, I think?" Brooke honestly doesn't know anymore /but/
that's okay. Goldrider and gold dragonette recive attention for a while
- But Brooke's attention spam has a mind of it's own; eggs are focused
On the sands, Vae grips both hands to robe, now: and her smile is bright.
Congratulations, Fort.. the words are mouthed.
J'dano merely blinks. How nice. (Where's Zhanth, anyway? He didn't
/leave,/ did he? And miss the Ruathan show down there?)
On the sands, Cashar grins slightly as sweat drips from his brow, eyes
trying to take in all the action, while his feet try to find a way to
remain cool, but to no avail.
On the sands, Alisia encourages Tamlyth off to the side, not seeing
anything else in the confusion.
On the sands, Krilin jerks; crackling of another hatching disrupting her
glance upon Alisia. A blurr of mahogany grasps her attention, as she
twists to regard the new dragonet. "Brown!" she whispers, digging her
toes into the ground-Again.
On the sands, Janah quirks an eyebrow, glancing at the opal egg's rough
birth. Brown's form is dutifully noted, Kylandra's hand squeezed
roughly as she awaits the newest one's choice.
On the sands, Ignore him, if you can, Matalin. Carvill has faith you'll
come around in the end. Sparking eyes betray nothing more than than his
infuriating self confidence. He may not take over the world, but
believe you me, he'd have a hand in the doing of it.
On the sands, Uakarik feels a bit lost on the sands, too. Some many things
to be watching. As much as he's interested in the activities on the
girl's side of the sands … Wait! No. He reminds himself the sand is
always hotter on your side of the cavern.
On the sands, A forlorn blue paddles towards Vae with rear-end tracking two
half-moon grooves through the soft Sands. This is ridiculous. Look at
it; his long neck twists and butts - /nudges/ - the hanging buttocks.
He wasn't even finished right.
On the sands, Maggie just giggles again, "Shutup Caith. Leave'm alone. No
you can't sit on Tamlyth."
Z'lo quirks a grin, and slowly murmurs "Brown" to himself, fingers suddenly
gripping his seat tightly.
On the sands, Maranne nods to Brooke. "Alisia," is whispered, name
lingering admist the air before her as she watches the new pair. Eyes
dance back to the newest dragonet-the brown-while a hand quietly
searches for Brookes. Where /is/ that dratted scratch-post?
On the sands, Kylandra turns from the new pair, as a brown haches. A
muttered comment to Janah, "He's a big one." she returns the squeeze.
Will be a miracle if either of them have blood flow after the hatching.
On the sands, Lauren looks up suddenly as a brown spews forth from his
shell. A rich brown he is. Reminds of of Damrock's carved chairs back
in Crom. She waits to see what this one will now do and whom he will
On the sands, Matalin glances towards Carvill, and flushes. He's /looking/
at her. SHe stares intently at the dragons, shifting uncomfortably as
she realizes he's more interested in /her/ than the dragons.
On the sands, Woodcarved Brown Dragonet stands in the midst of his
scattered shell, slowly shaking his head to clear the shards. Slow
whirling eyes contemplate the group before him, studying without
On the sands, Or hotter on /Jerla's/ side of the cavern, Uakarik. Her eyes
roam the neverending stream of bare knees. Ah, to be surrounded by such
knees. Booll, perhaps…
On the sands, Bronze Cross-Stitched Dragonet bowls a pair of clutchmates
over with his agressive step, moving right through them as he goes to do
something about that hated white mob. Surely they'd look better burried
in the blackness? What an idea…a mix of black and white.
On the sands, L'lia smiles softly, "What a beautiful brown.."
On the sands, Scratch-post? Brooke's been reduced to that? Hmph. "A
bu-rown!" Brooke proclaims happily, although any person with un-blinded
eyes can see that themselves.
On the sands, Kalona's face betrays a tad of trepidation. One of
/Yasmine'/s ilk? At /Ista/? Oh /gawd/. The cavern will be overflowing
with peach decorations within the fort night! Call out all the wings!
Red alert! This is /worse/ than thread. /Pink/ could be invading!
On the sands, Rayne's blue eyes travel to the brown, a slight smile playing
across his lips at it's clumsiness. His eyes dart about, trying to watch
everything at once. Alisia gets a smile and a whispered congratulations
as she passes, and then Rayne is forced to dart to the side as a sleek
green moves past him, impressing the girl behind him.
On the sands, Cashar continues to shuffle his reddened feet back and forth
on the sands, the sandals feel as if they werent even there, His gaze
takes on the crowded cavern of candidates, hoping that all of them find
there path.
On the sands, Janah glances back, as frozen as the young brown. Bronze
holds no interest for her, save of which he will choose. Brown, now
brown is a possibility. She waits, though, moving nary a muscle except
to squeeze Kylandra's hand once more, the only sign of her nervousness.
On the sands, Krilin is mystified; staring aimlessly towards the brown, she
ceases rocking, focusing upon more interesting things, such as the
brown. Lithe fingers nudge into Daeron, as she again points out the
dragonet. "Lookie!" sh whispers.
On the sands, Ah-hah! Roaming hand finds its destination. Indeed,
Brooke's smallish hand, hanging droopily at the Candidate's side.
Maranne latches onto it, talon-like nails digging in, refusing removal.
She watches the eggs. And the dragonets. And her fellow Candidates.
Eyes whirl the disturbed tones of brown, dazed and confused beyond
On the sands, Such a still one that is. Lauren thinks that he must really
be taking his time in choosing his lifemate. She steps aside as a
hatchling moves past her and then retakes her spot, fascinated eyes
never leaving the eggs or the dragonets that are out on the sands.
On the sands, Matalin glances towards the brown, a green, and then back to
the staring fellow. She shakes her head, and stares at the ground.
Black sand.
On the sands, Daeron coughs for some reason, probably because of his
parched-dry throat. Feeling a bit light-headed, he moves his legs to get
a little more circulation inside. Don't need to faint on the sands. His
hands clapse together before him as he looks about, at one dragonet
after another, in hope.
On the sands, Vae starts - /jumps/! It's one of those boys from Crom, she
knows it is; they always /were/ so terribly mis-behaved.. and she spies,
behind her, blue. Eyes wide, she takes a step away, in case. Ooooh.
On the sands, It isn't as if Carvill is /more/ interested in Matalin than
the hatchlings, it's simply that his confidence in himself is so great
that he is not concerned over whether or not he will impress. The
matter is simply /when/ and to which.
On the sands, Hot sand. Nimue shifts rhythmically, watching the pairs drift
from the sands and the crowd thinning. Shift.
Anais holds out one hand, palm up. A grumbling man bearing a knot in lower
cavern colorations slaps a mark piece into her hand, and her fingers
close about the wooden disk in a greedy swipe. Eyes never leave the
sands. Never leave Janah's back.
On the sands, Matalin glares at Carvill. Arrogant. SHe steps away, moving
incidentally /closer/ tot he dragons, and she waits, watching. Her chin
up, she refuses to look at the boy.
Arien settles in for the long haul, eyes alight, elbows polite.
On the sands, The Ruathan contingent has broken up, an anatomy lesson
rudely interrupted by an insistant brown-He/LLO/, there are /children/
present,-who promptly Impresses to the wrong part of the pair.
Girl-soprano squeaks under the glowering stare of frustrated manhood:
On the sands, Alisia reaches for some meat to feed her companion, messes on
white robe ignored while satisfying her dragon's hunger.
On the sands, Matalin whirls, her /back/ to the dragons. Her hands find
her hips and she glares at Carvill, waiting for him to look away. SHe
challenges him, the dragons fading as she watchs him.
K'it merely sprawls in one of the few empty seats, akimbo and watching with
near gape-mouthed awe. Andfrequent glances toward the dragon ledges for
that beloved smudge of blue.
On the sands, Unlike Janah, Kyla's feet can't seem to sit still, bob,
raise, shift. Greens eyes are just as restless, flowing from one
dragonet to another.
On the sands, Woodcarved Brown Dragonet takes a slow step forward,
unwilling to leave the past behind, but the drive to find that one
person in the crowd that is his, overwhelms him. A conservative move
into the crowd.
Calyn slips in quietly and settles in a seat, almost perched there, as if
prepared to flee at any moment.
On the sands, Surreal Sapphire Sunfire Eggbegins an insistent internal
struggle… There is an indomidable spirit inside, breaking the
barriers to the outside… to life, and to world. Striated lines
appear, moving with lightning speed, along the oblong shape of the
On the sands, Lauren likes the way that this one moves. Calculated but not
shrewd. Conservative yet not overly so. She watches to see who he might
choose as his lifemate.
On the sands, And he's off-Flicking beads of sweat from her brown, Krilin
calms herself by tugging at her tunic. Wrong idea! She tugs so hard, she
removes a miiscule thread. "Shards.." she mumbles, fingering the thread
between her fingers, momentarily glancing to
Lazed quietly on K'it's shoulder, Tora-chan croons his own quiet
accompainment to the crooning and humming of the dragons, eyes dark and
fixed on the snapping of shards, shells, flickers, hide…
On the sands, Rayne's feet remained planted in one spot, the heat of the
sands ignored. His blue eyes travel through the candidates, dragonets
and few remaining eggs, but always seem to return to the Bronze, whom he
watches with admiration.
On the sands, Janah watches with widened blue eyes, silently urging the
eggs to hatch, the dragons to Impress, this to be over, the outcome
known. Kylandra's bobbing elicits a quick comforting grin. It will
turn out okay.
On the sands, Uakarik steps forward as the line of candidates has holes
left by impression. Or is that the sand is left with impressions?
Uakarik is impressed with the beauty of the hatchlings and wonders if
flattering their dam would be of any help. So he starts shifting himself
down the line of men, closer to Aluranth.
On the sands, Maranne watches over the brown. Move already. Jeez.
Chestnut eyes widen over the dragonet, creeping in a quick glance for
the bronze, before returning attention to brown. She nudges at Brooke.
"Quit fidgeting."
Catey forces herself to blink. Just once.
On the sands, Autumn Amber Artifice Egg continues to sigh and heave, shell
moulded again and again by the life inside. Grin.. to frown. To grin, to
frown, to grin again, the flambuoyant orange gourd falling in on itself
like a pumpkin left out in the cold.
On the sands, Vae is lost, now; all around her is white robe, black sand,
varicolored dragonets. It's all she can do to keep her eyes focused,
accomplished by shifting her gaze to her own feet. Toes in their
sandal-casement wiggle, and the Healer slips her eyes closed a second
On the sands, Cashar gaze is fixed on that bronze, the heat of the sands
almost making it unbearable to stand, He lifts one foot off the ground
in a feeble attempt to cool it off, but once again no luck.
On the sands, Bronze Cross-Stitched Dragonet strays after a bit of green
tail for a moment, his quest to ruin the white surplanted by other
interests, but only for a heartbeat. Afterall, his person is still out
there. His treasure to be found and protected. This one? Nope, too
white. That one? What an interesting color combination…
On the sands, Hand is shook up but Maranne's hand doesn't seem to quite
fall off. "I'm not fidgiting; I'm only trying to keep you from killing
my hand." Brooke shakes the hand some more- and some more- and yet
more. No new results, and attention is returned to dragonettes and eggs.

On the sands, Bronze Cross-Stitched Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon
On the sands, A challenge. Now /that/ is one way to /really/ illicit
Carvill's attention. There are few things he loves more than ripe
challenge, except, perahps, than one delivered from a sassy lass. His
grin broadens as the mahogeny eyes spark with amusement. Hey that
On the sands, Matalin glares at Carville. SHe waits. HE's fainthearted,
now, and not going to stand up to her, she /knows/ it. SHe stares,
ignoring the dragons a minute longer.
On the sands, Rayne gasps and drops to one knee on the sands. He calls out
"Shaitath!!" joy in his voice.
On the sands, Hey thar, sweetie, that is.
On the sands, "Quit shaking my hand, Roo!!" Maranne startles, Brooke's
motions nearly causing the older Candidate to go toppling over.
"Rayne!" A gasp, a cheer; eyes now bright beam over at Rayne. She
pokes at Roo with a spare fingernail- "Isn't this fun?"
On the sands, Surreal Sapphire Sunfire Egg shudders violently, the
intensity of life inside cannot be held within any longer. A massive
crack appears along the main length of the shell, and then with one
final, massive heave, the confines break apart, exposing to the world
the life and spirit of a new dragonet.
Breia s breath catches in her throat as she witmnesses yet another joining
…. eyes shine and wonder could she ever feel such joy?
On the sands, Surreal Sapphire Sunfire Egg sheds fragments one careful chip
at a time, each dropping delicately to the sands below until a
hatchling-sized opening is crafted, and then utilized.
On the sands, Glass-blown Blue Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Whirling eyes of faceted crystal dominate a wedge-shaped head
composed of strong planes and angles. The angularity continues through
shoulder and hip and crook of tail, softened by a hide of deep hot blue
which smooths over bone and muscle like the flow of molten glass.
Flecks of azure trail along his slender neck, catching the light with a
diamond sparkle. Lightening in hue toward their trailing edges his wing
vanes spread to reveal fine membranes of translucent purity. Of medium
stature, the blue carries himself with a sense of self-possession and
On the sands, Daeron smile at Janah and Kylandra, finally realizing that
there is someone else he knows on the sands aside from Krilin. He feels
remarkably alone despite the presence of all the friends in the world
surrounding him, and Rayne's impression comforts him further.
Toria claps for the new impression, "Oh!"
On the sands, Kylandra glances over as she hears Rayne yell, a broad smile
crosses her face. Quietly she mutters his way, "Congratulations.."
before turning back to the remaining clutch.
Sylvie tries to suppress another gasp, but this is just the most _beautiful
hatchling she's ever seen…
On the sands, Carvill is the furtherest thing from fainthearted. He waves,
or was that a descretly blown kiss just to infuriate her? Dashing,
isn't he?
On the sands, Janah flicks a glance to bronze and rider, clapping softly.
Brown, and now, /blue/ recapture her attention instantly. Breaking her
self-inforced silence, she sighs softly. "Blue."
On the sands, Cashar glances at rayne as the impression is made, His eyes
glisten with happyness, as he congradulates his old pal, then sweeping
away from that sight, he once again eyes the cracked and uncracked eggs,
waiting, always waiting.
On the sands, Telenia sighs happily, glancing over as one of the bronzes
Impresses. She closes her eyes, lost in the flush of feedback relayed by
Aluranthfspring find lifemates..
K'it leans forward at the hatching of the blue, the knuckles of one hand
bitten in anxiety and rememberence, a croon from the ledges lost in the
cacophany. She grins softly and stays forward, leaning toward the blue
hatchling as if to urge him on.
On the sands, Krilin emits a cheerful sigh, glancing towards Rayne with a
bright smile."Congrats Rayne!" she whispers.
On the sands, L'lia waves at Rayne and his lifemate, waiting for him and
Shaitath to join them at the food containers. She watchs the pair as
they head over, smiling slightly.
On the sands, Woodcarved Brown Dragonet spies her. That one for him.
But… there is an interloper, a challeger to his affection. He
throughs off his conservative thinking and makes a lumbering dash,
nuding aside the arrogant one, his nose pushing into her back. His.
On the sands, Rayne. /Rayne/. That name reaches ears of Vae and she
refocuses to cast her glance around for.. the familiar contours.. of..
"Rayne!" Joy is there, and warmth as well.
On the sands, "Sorry," Brooke grumbles, eyes on the azure-beast who's just
arrived. "Blue," she states, glancing over at Rayne: knew him too.
"H-e-ey! THat's /Rayne/!" A smile dawns her lips, as she realizes this.
Anais manages a grin through crackling nerves. "They really should try to
see if the golds would lay more eggs. This is better than runner races."
All this as she counts a new shower of marks bestowed upon her.
On the sands, Lauren smiles her congratulations to the lucky Rayne and his
new lifemate. She says nothing as she probably couldn't be heard anyhow.
She turns her attentions back to the sands to watch the brown one.
On the sands, Matalin glares furious at the boy and stomps her foot, and
then gets nudged, and she stumbles, falling forward. She turns around,
indignantly and then stares.
On the sands, Krilin watches; azure-eyes glances consitently following the
brown, she stares at him.
On the sands, Ed'ard stares in wonder, eyes as whirling as his lifemate's
as he experiences the joys of watching his children spring forth…and
his mind dwells on his own weyrmate, and the months ahead.
On the sands, Rayne gathers Shaitath up into his broad arms, stumbling
across the sands towards the foor containers. His face is a mixture of
awe and wonder as he numbly acknowledges the congratulations of his
On the sands, More eggs splinter. There are ever so many you see. For a
moment it seems green dominates, an entire gaggle of geeselike the
verdant dragonets trembe out of the eggs. All dragon's are created
equal, just some are more equal than others and a round short-snouted
beast falters near a holder, claiming him. F'rm knees to the sands, all
delighted glee "/Animalth./"
On the sands, Cylina cheers loudly as Rayne is chosen. Hmmmm… bronze
On the sands, Carvill oofs as the brown bullet dodges past him. Well, his
backside may be hurt but his pride isn't. He winks at two meet. "Hey
l'il fella. Nice pick." Carvill will have his turn, He'd bet the whole
home hold on it. If he were a betting man. But then again, maybe he
On the sands, Mysterious Moonstone Manifestation Egg shifts minutely in
it's space, etherial self digging crater of warm sand deeper 'round.
Grains fall away in rippled waves as it readjusts.
On the sands, Woodcarved Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon
On the sands, Cashar gleaming eyes become permantetly glazed on the
unhatched eggs, then towards the hatched dragonettes all around him.
On the sands, Glass-blown Blue Dragoneteyes the worlds about him with a
careful appraising stare. His poise and self-assuredness are evident,
for he stands as an object to be noticed and appriciated, his blue,
translucent hide gleaming with newly-hatched sparkle. One step at a
time, careful and with strong desire, he moves out of the rubble that
was once his shell.
J'dano blinks again and nudges Kyrie, pointing at the boy /carrying/ his
bronze. "If I'd've tried that," he informs her, "Zhanth would've eaten
me on the spot."
On the sands, Tayla hurumphs and snorts at the latest pair. Yet another
good one lost to bronze. Too bad really.
Ariana grins over her shoulder. "Ashtoreth dragged me, not the other way
On the sands, Jerlana gleams. Bronze. Another source of trophy pants. She
measures size, shape with a sweeping glance. Hmmm.
On the sands, Krilin twists again; another impression! Another smile slowly
lights up her face, as she congradulates Matalin. "congrats!"
On the sands, Matalin stammers, staring at the brown, "Pachydreth?" She
falls to her knees, hugging him. Just before she gets up, she gives
Carvill a cheeky grin, "Thought I wouldn't impress, eh?"
Tr'vyn mumbles something about chewed on boxers, and leaves it go at
On the sands, Enticing Emerald Entanglement Eggswirls in place, shivering,
shaking… bursting…
On the sands, Enticing Emerald Entanglement Egg vibrates ominously over its
surface, skittering over the black grains below with a hissing, sizzling
sound. Cracks appear gradually, the shaking builds to a shuddering roar,
and with a startling *pop*, the egg grudgingly releases its captive.
On the sands, Baking Bronze Hatchling emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Unbridled amber flares the bronze of this dragonet's hide to
spicy brilliance, rejecting subtlety in favor of hues throughly
out-of-hand. Autumn bonfires rage laterally up his flanks, offering
bold challenge to the barest hint of muted smoke that smolders about his
belly. Extremes burn within his nature: colosall size, monumental
voice, outrageous movements - even that grandiose hide plays but second
fiddle to this Nero's elemental cunning, visibly afire in blackly
faceted eyes.
On the sands, Maranne beams as the brown Impresses. "Aww," is all she can
muster-sentimental teardrops kicking in. Eyes focus back upon Rayne,
Alisia, and Company; fingers waggle a quick greeting. Fingernails
continue to seep into Brooke's diminishing hand.
On the sands, Cashar eyes behold the shining hide of the newborn blue boy,
Yes such a deep shade, almost a Harpers blue, he thinks, then the heat
of the sands bring him back towards Pern.
Kyrie mutters. "It's a pity you didn't try." It's that time of, er, month..
For Moiraith.
On the sands, Janah nods minutely, a soft smile announcing the brown's
choice. Yet again, she turns to the egg mound, blue eyes filled with
blue's sparkles, hand squeezes once more.
On the sands, Uakarik's path towards intending sycophancy is blocked by the
joyful tail of Shaitath. "Hey, Rayne. Congrats and all that. I'm sure
he's wonderful, but I fink you should tell him to watch his backside! A
bloke could get hurt!"
On the sands, Lauren chuckles softly at Matalin's comments to Carvill as
she turns her attention back to watch the blue and the newly hatched
bronze out on the sand. She has no words. the head of the sands is
finally getting to her and she begins to dance a bit more now, lifting
one foot and then another as she watches carefully as they dragonets
It's always that time of the month for Moiraith. J'dano bends a smile on
his friend, rolling his eyes to Ariana as he turns back to watch.
On the sands, K'vair glances over the scattered unhatched eggs, looking at
them worriedly. Those, of course, must be Garath's brood.
On the sands, Carvill only smirks. "Never crossed my mind, Dear. Never.
Crossed. My. Mind," he drawls. It seems he has the infuritating ability
to always be right.
On the sands, "Attack a dragonette maybe? That blue even?" Brooke mumbles
to herself about what Maranne can do, other than maul her hand- That
job can be left to dragons. "And 'nother bronze." She squints- "S'he
bigger'n the last bronze?"
On the sands, Hor. It's getting hot. Hoisting nimble feet into the air,
Krilin slowly shifts her weight, maybe rocking will work. She sighs,
focusing her glance upon the dragonets, then eggs..the sand.
On the sands, Cashar eyes cannot keep up with all the action, but they once
again catch the glint of bronze, <another, Wow> such a deep hue of it to
he mumbles as he steps from foot to foot.
On the sands, Rayne heads for the food bins. He flashes a grin at Uakarik
over his shoulder as he passes, all thoughts of apologising gone. For
On the sands, Baking Bronze Hatchlingthrows off the egg shards and goo with
a determined shake, light picking up the fire in his hide as his
whirling eyes burn over the crowd of white, searing over them all.
On the sands, Mysterious Moonstone Manifestation Egg Ever lonely being left
lone, the ovoid shifts more, seeking, searching. It's brothers long
cracked and memptied, it strains init's crater of sand.
Catey sighs. "He's so …"
On the sands, Matalin ignores Carvill, moving with her brown lifemate to
the sides of the sand, to get food for him. A terror,t his one will be.
Espeically if /that/ boy impresses, too.
K'it tugs absently at Tora-chan's draping tail, still watching *that blue*
with fascination, only infrequently glancing at theCandidates
On the sands, Cashar stands solidly, trying to hold his ground against the
flaming heat of the sands, as he glances to that poor weaver lass again,
his legs look like burnt noodles now.
On the sands, Vae sways to some unheard music; dancing now, yes, slow and
smooth with a partner unknown, intangible. Gold-streaked curls are
matted by sweat and heat, and the Candidate rolls her head back and side
to side, working out stiffness and tension. Watch? /Wait/.
On the sands, In a sudden flury of haste, Maranne releases Brooke's hand.
An itch has taken over her right thigh, after all; otherwise her nails
would still be /in/ Brooke's skin. ItchItchItch. Ahh. "Hmm, Roo?
Bigger?" Peer. Peek. "Dunno." Her gaze falls over the blue.
Anais bites her lower lip till it nearly bleeds. Whoops. Best antiseptic
that just in case. So thought, she takes a second swig from her flask.
There. All better.
On the sands, With chef's artistry, an egg cracks neatly in to spill out a
debonaire little blue. With a toss of his head he moves out of the
shards and into the crowd, shoving rudly through his candidates to plant
himself in front of a young harper. Aerc stares back at the dragon,
shaking his head, but le petit prince will not be denied and he shoves
his smokey muzzle close - Mais Oui. I am Triumpth. A'rc is born.
On the sands, Lauren watches the candidates as they thin out, one by one,
pair by pair. She wonders if she might be one to go and stand to feed
her own lifemate. Who knows? One and only one can answer that question.
Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue. She repeats it to herself as
if it's a mantra.
Charlton anxiously watches the sands, mentally matching harper candidates
to that crystal blue…or that bronze…or the brown.
On the sands, Glass-blown Blue Dragonet moves slowly with definite purpose,
as if his mind is already decided. Spying the group of Candidates and
the newly-formed pairs, he creels, as if speaking to the one for him.
He shakes away some errant flecks of shell, and moves carefully towards
the ones in white. His mind must be made, for he glides carefully in a
straight line… straight for the girl with fine golden curls.
Gilrel says to Sleepy_Guest, "Just talk to her, and tell her the
situation….She just might understand…"
On the sands, Mysterious Moonstone Manifestation Egg quests for someone,
something, so alone, so soulful, so /impatient/. Rocking wazes and
wanes as it rearranges more sand around it'self.
On the sands, Kylandra watches the blue bee-line to a bunch in white. She
peers trying to see who the lucky one will be.
A slow grin replaces the anxiousness. A good choice, it looks. Such a
blue. K'it glances up at the ledges yet again, then sinks back into her
seat with a contented sigh.
On the sands, Gothic Garnet Gourmet Egg stirs slighly, wakening with the
coming night, the time of life and hunger to be sated.
On the sands, Cylina grins as Rayne gets over to the side, sidling up to
him. "Congratulations. You'll make a great rider." Especially bronze.
On the sands, Daeron passes his eyes over the queen Aluranth, and then her
clutch again. Quietly hiding the war of emotions inside, he moves
towards the clutch now that many of the others have left the sand, after
making sure that none of the dragons are charging him this moment.
On the sands, Krilin stops rocking. Azure-eyed glances fixes upon the
candidates. Who will it be. Who will he chose. Pondering, she instantly
gnaws at her lips, almost threatening to chew it till its raw.
On the sands, Autumn Amber Artifice Egg hunkers, falling further in on
itself as the heat intensifies with winter's chill. Leathery shell
gasps, wheezing slihgtly, and struggles to stay squashed around the
dragon inside.
On the sands, Tayla snorts at her sister, "Oh don't spoil him anyfaster
then he hasto be!"
On the sands, Carvill casts another cocky wink to Matalin and her new
lifemate before deigning to focus his attention upon the sands. Time to
tackle the work at hand. Those burning eyes scan the sands, rapidly
tallying the hatchlings who wander aimlessly across the black expanze.
What they need is a little direction. And he's just the man to give it
to them. At least one of them.
On the sands, Darn tall people! Lauren moves yet again to get to the front
of the group since she is a bit of a shortie and just really can't see
well over all those /tall/ people.
Breia from her seat in the shadows high above watches the Moonstone egg
Catey snorts at that Carvill person.
On the sands, Rayne smiles at Cylina, looking a little flustered. Sweat
still slicks his hair to his scalp as he answers "Thanks Cyl …" The
smile turns to Tay. "And Tay."
On the sands, Janah blinks slowly, blue, bronze, eggs all encompassed in a
sweeping gaze. Blue's blond curled mate remains unmet, bronze seeking
his one, and, again, Janah watches stoicly, silently.
On the sands, Mysterious Moonstone Manifestation Egg stills as suddenly as
it moved. Eerie silence is it's game. Lurking, waiting, noticed if one
looks, but not trying to be noticed.
On the sands, Vae wraps arms tight about herself, dislodging herself for
but the closest-stepping dragonets. Her eyes already dark, her face
already tired, she watches. She waits.
On the sands, "A-a-h-h-h." A sigh of distinct relief emits from Brooke has
her hand is freed from Maranne's grasp. While rubbing it, she looks
around and watches.
On the sands, Baking Bronze Hatchling needs no direction. He knows exactly
what he wants as his gaze lands on one so like him, that same fire, the
same determination. Bronze streaks forward, nudging clutchmates and
candidates alike to get to his one.
On the sands, Alisia lifts eyes momentarily from Tamlyth's soft croons,
Vae's outline standing out from the rest of the whites.
Anais frowns in consertation, her eyes locked on Janah's robe. That had
better not be the lower half of what she thinks it is peeking out.
On the sands, Jerlana gloats inwardly. Bronzes aboutnd/ She /will/ win
the wager. Now, what to do with the marks?
On the sands, Cashar eyes once again land on the unhatched eggs, then
towards the undecided bronze, shuffling from foot to foot. Now seeing
that the bronze has taken a direction, a step.
On the sands, Daeron likes his vantage point a lot better, though if one
were to examine the trail of foot-steps, one concludes that the
candidate actually did not travel very far. The bronze and blue are more
than ample bait to keep his eyes, yet he remains as quiet as he usually
On the sands, Lauren moves aside so that the anxious bronze can get toward
his chosen one more easily. Perhaps /that's/ how she keeps losing her
place at the front sheer edge of the group.
Sitting on his knees, Gilrel finally sees a bronze streak heading across
the sands, Well thats what a hatchling looks like….or the streak of
Daeham edges forward trying to get a better view, "Excuse me," he murmers
ans he continues to push forward.
On the sands, Maranne pushes chestnutty tresses from out of here eyes.
Sticky, the hair presses against her forehead, bangs forming an even
/odder/ look than before. Blue hide is found among the crowd; eyes
squint in hopes of catching the site of his anticipated lifemate.
On the sands, Uakarik was distracted enough by Rayne's impression, he
belated turns to see watch action has occurred on the sands in the
interval. Hatchlings are ever so much bigger when your at sand level and
not just looking down from the galleries. He asks of Cashar and Daeron
"Where are you off to? And can I come to?"
Breia puts one hand to the pendant hanging around her throat and watches
more intently still…wondering how the Moonstone egg will play out its
wait for its lifemate, eyes scanning the remaining candidates with
On the sands, Glass-blown Blue Dragonet continues his direct line for the
one he is certain is his. Her arms are crossed, she has strength, thus
she must be the one… He nears the candidates, slowing, making his
great performance a work of art. Shimmering hide drying quickly, and
hunger pains lurching in his mind, his decision must be made. He nears
his one… A simple, yet resourceful girl,. NO arms to greet him?
Arms are crossed? but why? He bumps Vae in the chest heavily.
On the sands, Gothic Garnet Gourmet Egg stirrs, the dark egg threatening as
it digs itself into the dark dark sand.
On the sands, Cashar slowly grins at Uakarik as he whispers and points
towards the bronze, then motions him to be a bit more quite.
On the sands, Kylandra smiles as she finally sees who the blue chooses.
"Vae!" she can't help but exclaim. A healer impresses, it's a good
On the sands, -Of all the .. "Oof!" Vae coughs. No, that can't be his
On the sands, Lauren watches with a smile on her face as the blue dragonet
chooses his lifemate. She silently cheer's her on.
On the sands, Baking Bronze Hatchling focuses his whirling gaze on
On the sands, Daeron hears his name, and turns to answer…. Uakarik.
"Found a better view.. here." He grins, and then looks to see what
happened during the meantime.
N'fra nods. The blue made a good choice, indeed. She pokes Z'lo, just to
make sure he was watching.
Anais sighs, making money off other people
On the sands, Kylandra glances over at the egg of her choise. That eery
gothic thing, she notes it's movement. Waiting to see what will spill
from it's maw.
On the sands, Vae. Krilin quirks her lithe body infront of the group.
"Vae!" she softly exclaims, instatnly clasping her fingers together.
Catey cheers for Vae, then sighs wistfully. Shakes her head. Nope. Not for
such as me…
On the sands, See? Carvill /knew/. "Cajunth," he announces proudly and
perhaps with just the faintest bit of smugness. He /knew/ after all. A
little faith is a powerful thing. In his hands at least.
On the sands, Janah follows Kylandra's gaze, letting out a yelp. "Vae!"
she cheers, breaking her vow of silence. Bronze's Impression is noted
too, and Healer, smiling now, turns back to the eggs, to the excitement
of new births.
Z'lo oofs and was watching. He swears. He quirks a grin at N'fra, and
pokes back teasingly, then returns to watching the sands.
One long constant cheer, Toria happily greets each of the new arrivals.
On the sands, Cashar grins as he see's that Vae impressed her blue, he
whispers a congrats to her then returns his gaze toards the
On the sands, Gothic Garnet Gourmet Egg continues to dig its way into the
sand as it rocks back and forth. Determined to break free, it moves
with contined strength and exertion.
Daeham cheers louldlu for Vae and the other Candidate.
On the sands, Maranne reaches for Brooke's robe-intending to tug it-but
manages to slip her fingers around Roo-locks, pulling /them/ instead.
"Look, Roo! The blue! It's approached Vae." Smile for Vae reaches out
over the many heads about the Sands.
On the sands, "Vae!" Eyebrows shoot up, while smile turns to grin as Brooke
sees Vae with the blue- "You /did/ 'press 'im. Right?" Sands cause
confusion. Brooke can't be to sure of her eyes.
Anais sighs, making money off other peopl's fortunes and misses is tiring
work. But not nearly as bad as it must be for poor Janah down there. She
loks much smaller than even usual from above. A whisper to her nieghbor
and she places a last minute wager on the quivering Moonstone egg. Her
eyes tracing it with interest.
On the sands, Mysterious Moonstone Manifestation Egg dulls entirely, crazed
throughout by hairline cracks; a rock, a push, and it dissipates in a
cloud of shardlets about a very real, very damp newly brightened
On the sands, Basketwoven Bronze Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Dreamy simplicity shapes this light-boned dragonet: the pale,
variegated bronze of salvaged straw interweaves in tight geometry up
long limbs and sawtooth neckridges, while from lightly muscled wingbases
the origami unfolds into a homey wealth of expansive, free-from sheaves.
Neither grain nor wholly chaff, he's all plaited pliancy down to the
quaint, charming kink in his overlong tail; only his narrow talons so
much as attempt to root him, an earthen brown tipped in dusty gold.
K'it sets a thoughtful hand to her cheek, still watching the blue, but
distracted… just a bit… by the rocking of an egg. Dismal dark.
On the sands, Glass-blown Blue Dragonet sniffs the one in front of him.
Her strength is gone… for teh moment at least. He blows a soft
breath on the girls's chest, as if to give a farewell, and turns away,
seeking another. A sudden noise attracts his attention. Where did that
come from? Eyes whirl in sudden frustration. Just where is that /one/
to be?
Charlton loses marks as the glazed blue chooses healer over harper, but
strains to hear. "What was his name? Did anyone hear? Vae's a good
choice for him-Look! Yet /another/ bronze!"
On the sands, Gothic Garnet Gourmet Egg crackles and pieces drip off.
Something trying to escape. From this egg, perhaps soemthing hidous?
Still, the crackles and holes get larger and larger, a talon creeping
On the sands, Krilin stares; confusion pummels across her face, as she
watches the blue. Weight shifts upon her hips, as she glances about,
digging her toes aimlessly in the ground.
On the sands, Vae paws at her chest, bent, still coughing. And not so much
as a by-your-leave!
J'dano shakes his head and leans on crossed arms on his knees, since
J'dano shakes his head and leans on crossed arms on his knees, since
Ariana's closest for the comment: "Didja see that blue? Poor girl.
Probably thought it was /her./"
On the sands, Cashar eyes the Blue and teh new brown with increasing
excitement, he tries to wait patiently, shuffling from foot to foot,
will the heat ever end. The his gaze is caught by the new egg making a
desperate attempt to break free.
On the sands, Daeron says, "Krilin, look…", motioning towards the
remaining eggs. And one of them just hatched, too.
Ariana nods shaking her head as well. "It /is/. " She identifies. "Nasty of
him to do to poor Vae, then not even choose her."
Anais eeps softly, as a mark just placed in her hand is eagerly snatched
J'dano nods, mouth quirking sidelong for the vicissitudes of fate, and
leans back for a better look at the far side of the happenings.
On the sands, Tamlyth hides her head in Alisia's lap, the girls having
found a corner to curl up in, eyes now glued to the sands once more.
On the sands, Janah's eyes widen another notch. A bit more and they'll
fall out. Squeezing Kylandra's hand fit to crack bones, she murmurs.
"He doesn't want her. Why not?"
On the sands, Gothic Garnet Gourmet Egg struggles to get free, talon
forcing hte crack open a bit wider. STill trapped inside, the creature
within definitely wants /out/.
On the sands, Head tilts, brown locks receive a break from sweaty cheek as
they go falling down past bent shoulders. Maranne peers at the blue.
"Look," is whispered, nose nearing Brooke's, "it /left/ her. How..
odd." Is it odd? Maranne doesn't know. She watches the remaining
eggs. Aww, /hatch/ already!
Daeham leans forward, " Where are you giong blue demon? How many haerts
will you break?" she shakes his head in confusion as he sighs.
On the sands, Kylandra glances over at what she /thought/ was a pair. Green
eyes look confused, 'She bathed earlier today.."
On the sands, Carvill leads Cajunth over where the other weyrlings have
gathered, pausing to gift Matalin with a special How Y'all Doin' wink.
On the sands, Autumn Amber Artifice Egg is about at the ends of its
usefulness, the gourd collapsing as if rotting on rapid time. Faster it
melts and starts cracking, pieces of the dragonet poking through - the
end of a wing here, a sharp talon there, oh look! Ther's the end of a
slime-tassled snout.
On the sands, R'yne looks from the bins for a brief moment, long enough to
notice Vae impressing. He smiles broadly, calling out "Go Vae!!" before
looking back to his lifemate.
On the sands, "Not Vae? See- I was right to ask and make sure." Smugly
Brooke, eyes her hand: it's not /quite/ getting devoured by Mare-nails
just now which is good. "Wonder who he'll go to, don't you?"
On the sands, Cashar slowly urges the struggling egg on, the returns a
glance towards the still searchin brown, trying to sort the confusion.
On the sands, This is /not/ what happened last time. Variety is good. Vae
likes variety. Novelty - now there's something spiffy. Vae likes
novelty too. Not, however, when it runs up and /whunks/ her in the
chest. Still short of breath, she glances up at the others and waves a
hand: Fine. She's fine.
On the sands, Tossinng away stray ringlets, Krilin leans towards Daeron.
Focusing azure eyes upon his fingers, she nods towards him. "Yup!" she
says, adding a slight nudge to the candidates side.
On the sands, Glass-blown Blue Dragonet finds the source of that sudden
outburst, and his eyes lock with the one now in front of him. Ah, there
she is… One with power of spirit, and deep soul. One to match his own
character, one to share a life. He bumps this one, softly, in the
shoulder, for she is short. He breathes softly in greeting, finally
with the one he needs.
On the sands, Glass-blown Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Janah.
Ryka walks in.
On the sands, Basketwoven Bronze Dragonet is freed, and expands from the
confinihg space. He sits in his place, former home surrounding him.
Eyes focus on a bit of ashard, still left intact. Facinated, he leans
in for a closer look. Inspecting.
On the sands, L'lia gasps and smiles, "Congratulations, Janah."
On the sands, Maranne always wonders those things. "Dunno."-but she can't
ever seem to find answers. A beam for Janah. "Janah!!" It's about
On the sands, Kylandra yelps and lets go of Janah's hand, letting her mate
get to her. Now the squeal is aimed at this healer, "Janah!"
On the sands, Daeron blushes and smiles. Maybe one of them will head his
way! But Janah's Impression causes the normally quiet candidate to
cheer! "Janah!" He just /knew/ she would!
Toria nearly bursts, "Janah! Yay!"
On the sands, Krilin again raises her fingers into an enthusiastic clasp.
"Janah!" she exclaims, watching as the healer impresses.
Daeham whopps loudlu as the blue settles on Janah," Way to go Janah!"
On the sands, Uakarik ducks to see what Daeron is pointing at. He declares,
"I fink in this heat *I* will hatch soon. Yup. I can feel a claw
working… Oh nevermind. I had just left a needle in my robe. Did more
of the girls impress? Look!"
On the sands, Cashar slowly smiles as the bronze finally makes his
apperance, he then quickly glances about the cavern, making sure he
doesnt miss more than he has to.
On the sands, "Ja-" Wheeze. "Ja-aah!" Cough. Wheeze. "Jaa-aaanah!" Vae
squeezes the name out, finally: triumph.
On the sands, Gothic Garnet Gourmet Egg shudders, as a bit of another talon
comes out another hole. This dragonet is doing this all wrong, of
course, but it doesn't seem to know it. Getting stuff out, but no
dragon, a bugle of frustration comes from within the shell.
On the sands, R'yne lets out another whoop as he spots Janah impressing.
Once again, his voice raises as he calls "Congrats Janah!"
Anais sudenly finds herself rich enough to start her own runner stables.
"OH dear… oh dear…" She sits in numb shock: It really happened.
On the sands, Janah blinks once more, falling to her knees. Not Vae, but a
Healer none the less. "Kadarth." She closes her eyes for a moment,
clasping hands around the blue's neck, tears slipping down her face.
Charlton rubs his chin in conflicted satisfaction. "Well. If it /had/ to be
a healer."
Elenya appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.
On the sands, Shaitath prods R'yne, demanding instant attention.
Ryka stands on tiptoes near the entrance and looks for familiar faces.
Tr'vyn lets loos a screeeeeching whistle and thunders out applause for his
former Candidate-mate. "Janah!!"
Jary notices Elenya enter and welcomes her.
On the sands, Basketwoven Bronze Dragonetis intent on his shardlet. the
shape, the form, the curve of shell. Just as intensely, he looks up and
shifts focus. Shifting amass of whiteness sways into view. Intriguing.
He stands and sallies forth from the remains of his egg.
J'dano immediately sits up straight, waves both arms, and calls, "Ryka!"
Then he hunches back into the Fortian mob and awaits his clutchmate's
On the sands, Gothic Garnet Gourmet Egg shatters into a thousand fragments,
leaving its occupant out in the open.
On the sands, Watercolor Green Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, Verdant green washes her hide with the delicacy of sable
strokes, each touch of the brush highlighting her diminutive frame with
an artisan's skill precisely applied. Layer upon layer, a mantle of
rich hunter hues builds up over her tapered, whiplike neck and elongated
haunches before thinning out down under her nipped waist and bold linear
tail. Above, the stretched canvas of her wingveils flutter unmarred but
for the few grains of ground indigo that skirt the thin palette of
arches' curled lengths, highlighting each vein and gentle tracery in a
flicker of midnight shadowing of bone. If her color wanes, her spirit
flares undaunted in that wide-eyed glance, each motion a vibrant,
precise coordination of form set alive with fierce determination.
Elenya smiles at Jary and waves
Gilrel oos, getting to see the green hatch…
On the sands, Maranne shots Brooke a look. It says nothing, but it's a
look. She clasps the hand again-nails doing their job-as she watches
Janah. Breathing heavily, "Oooh. She's so lucky." As well is Kadarth.
Another smile for Janah, and /this/ little Candidate returns attention
for the newest dragonet-the green. Breathless awe; expressionless
gape; nails fall from Brooke's hand, and begin to twist nervously at a
twisted knot of frayed robe material.
"Baby green," Charlton feels obliged to point out. "And Janah's taken."
On the sands, Cashar looks hopefully at all the dragonettes, then gazes at
the remaining candidates, and hopes for them as well, as he grins when
the young green finally makes her way out.
On the sands, Alisia echoes the other weyrling as the healer impresses.
Mussed up curls bury in ochered hide, a tear released.
On the sands, Janah struggles to her feet, tension's stiffness swaying into
limp muscles. Rising majestically, she leads Kadarth to the edge, to
the WLM, and most importantly, to FOOD.
Ryka's eyes widen from their searching slant while she grins at J'dano.
Booted feet step lithely through the crowd as she crawls over and around
the crowd to reach the Fortian contigent. Her leathers still reek of the
cold of ::between::.
On the sands, Lauren is very pleased to see that Janah was the recipient
for the blue's attention and affection and now has formed the all
important bond with her. She smiles softly and nods her head a bit in
appreciation and admiration. Back to the eggs and dragonets present.
She blinks a bit as another emerges. Oh, yet another green! Such a
green, too. Deep dark and lush, like dark green grazing grass. Darker
On the sands, Kylandra tears her eyes away from Janah's joy, the green..ohh
the green.
On the sands, Basketwoven Bronze Dragonet is absorbed by the whiteness and
swaying of the Candidates. Robe swish and sway, he watches, head
swaying in time, bobbing on the wind. Inspecting one, then another,
robes all facination and fancy.
On the sands, "Green. 'Nother green. Green and i'm /sure/ it's green. Er-
Is it brown?" Brooke looks at Maranne, curiousitiy toning her gaze.
"Nah- It /is/ green."
On the sands, Krilin returns a brief glance towards the eggs; green-hues
flicker into her sight, as she again shift her weight. Can't get
comfortable. Arched brows regard the green, as though slowly seizing
On the sands, Daeron leans down and rubs his legs, and knees, with his
fingers. Shells, they feel numb! His skin is red and numb, all over.
Anais slumps forwards against the railing, suckling on her lower lip as she
watches Janah lead the blue hatchling, Kadarth, from the center of the
sands. Eyes condense and a single blink over wide pupilled eyes streaks
her cheekbones with tears.
On the sands, Shaitath gobbles hungrily, young talons rending flesh.
Swirling eyes constantly rest on R'yne, making sure he is paying
attention to the only one that counts. Himself.
Breia s eyes are still intent upon ther sands, her shyness and newnwess
forgotten in her awe….her glance constantly darts back to the
moonstone egg to see if there is any further movement…and watches the
candidates, sighing softly…m, smiling…
On the sands, Cashar smirks as the bite of the heat begins to tear into his
flesh, dancing from foot to foot, more quickly than ever, he looks
fasinated at all the dragonettes, thn at the impressed pair.
On the sands, Uakarik sees that Janah impressed and grins, "That shows a
hatchling don't mind if their rider only has legs as long as a tuber."
He smiles at Daeron, "I don't fink they'd mind if a bloke has red knees
On the sands, Watercolor Green Dragonetdances around the sands. Her
attention wondering, she searchs the candidates absently. Wings flap as
she moves through the area, her eyes whirrling brightly.
J'dano makes room for Ryka, but absently, his attention being politely
stuck on the sands. Eggies and dragonets and names, oh my.
On the sands, Basketwoven Bronze Dragonet wanders amongst the willowing
sways of white, nudging one over and out of the way here, there. All
llok alike, yet so wrong. He sorts the possibilities, sifting them out
as he passes.
Ryka scoots in with a gratefull glance and a clap on J'dano's shoulder. She
again reaches up on tiptoes to see the sands below.
On the sands, Breath recaptured, Vae straightens once more. Time starts its
inexorable roll again; no bones are broken, no lungs mangled, and the
Candidate wipes sweaty palms on her much-abused robe. Watch. Wait. But
watch /carefully/ this time.
On the sands, Cashar smiles as he nudges Uakarik, trying to supress a
ripple of laughter, His eyes gleam as the bronze begins to search out
his lifemate, knowing that the dragon is always right.
On the sands, As Janah and her lifemate wander off, Kyla feels alone and
stranded. She shuffles quickly over Maranne and Brook, saftey in
numbers, eyes never leaving the green.
On the sands, Krilin cups lithe fingers around her ching, patiently
watching the dragonets shift through the candidates. Each heartbeat
pounds upon her face, a constant surge of crimson flushing throughout
her soft skin. Nerves. Definately nerves.
On the sands, Daeron looks up to Uak again, blushing. A bloke? "They feel
funny, Uak," with a happy smile. "My knees do."
On the sands, Watercolor Green Dragonet moves to a group of gangly girls,
dropping her head to inspect them. None of them are dreamy enough, and
she passes them by, frustrated.
On the sands, Uakarik's attention is caught by the bronze making his way
through the candidates. "Maybe this one is pickier? He passed by Bevar
and his knees look funnier than yours, Daeron."
On the sands, Maranne grabs Kylandra's hand. "C'mere, Kyla!" Goody,
another hand for Mare to take command over. PINCH Here we go
again. Hey, where's Brooke's hand? Ahh, there it is. And another
pinch. Safe. Phew. "Having fun, Kyla?" Green dragonet receives a
watchful glance.
On the sands, "Oo! Janah- Hiya. Hiya Janah's blue lifemate." A quick grin
is spared for Janah and her blue and Brooke holds up a hand: "Check out
this hand! Mara's been attacking it! /But/ I've got to pay attention."
Breia watches, her eyes soft and a little distant….
On the sands, Daeron turns around, realizing that Uak must be talking about
the bronze. "Oh… um.. maybe. Probably."
On the sands, Lauren watches the girls down the line moving about under the
green's scrutiny. The ever present question is there which Lauren
refuses to think about.
Anais blinks long lashes repeatedly, and unself-concious of ettiquette,
wipes futilely at her eyes with the back of one sleeve. Her eyes follow
Janah's progression with Kadarth. OR will it be J'nah now? Her eyes dart
back to the remianing hatchlings and eggs. Then back to Janah. Ooooh.
which to watch.
On the sands, Kylandra winces at the pinch, and readjusts her hands.
Luckily the redwort stain has toughened them up a bit. "Oh..waiting,
sweating, favorite thing." A small a pause, "Better than
On the sands, Watercolor Green Dragonet glances towards a solitary figure,
but continues her slow search. SHe looks at each boy or girl as she
passes, and then pauses to inspect a soft watery shard.
On the sands, Basketwoven Bronze Dragonet discards this one, and another,
each seiving out of the mix as he examines and surveys. He pauses in
front of a small group, letting his natural curiosity spend more time in
consideration. He sits, as to be more comfortable as he does so.
Planted thus in the sand, he peers, leaning close.
On the sands, Concealing another surge of frantic twitches, Krilin grasps
tightly at her fingers; head tilted, eyes focused, she watches the green
shift-prod-and poke.
On the sands, Maggie actually leaves off looking at Ed'ard and contemplates
the dragons, smiling. "Actually, for a bronze, that one is pretty
On the sands, Autumn Amber Artifice Egg ripens, flaring brighter and
brighter as if burnt from the inside out; the leathery shell crisps,
turning roasted and dark at its edges as a stubby tail pushes out
through the gourd's gaping grin, the rest soon following.
On the sands, Paper Mache Gold Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, Awkward lines exaggerate the blunt, bronze-gold mold of heavy
muzzle and neckridges' jagged peaks, coarsening the wiry frame of
abdomen and haunch before flattening into tail's muscular stub; this
dragonet's substantial, low-set bulk charms with the childish simplicity
of her hatchling misproportion, the promise of breadth and power masked
by foreshortened limbs and soggy wings. Tawny mead dampens the flimsy
tissue of those oversized sails, while tequila varnishes detail onto
winghooks and talons; the glossy, brassy hue is otherwise solid
throughout, but for a dollop of dulcet yellow runneling between large
eyes and down to nostrils flared in merry, excitable glee.
On the sands, Cashar grins as the bronze one seems to have takin a break,
wondering why its awaiting its fate, Then there is Cashar, still
shuffling from one burnt foot to another.
On the sands, Maranne releases Brooke's hand-though for a mere second-to
again sweep some stray tresses from her eyes. Stay /out/, brown hair!
Brow wrinkles as the Candidate frowns. Wish she brought some twine for
the unruly mass… -and Brooke's hand is once again retrieved. Or,
that is: what's /left/ of it.
Catey gasps. ANOTHER gold?
On the sands, K'vair gives Maggie a sidelong glance. Yes, he heard that.
On the sands, Ed'ard sticks his tongue out at Maggie. "They're not *all*
bad…" He looks at Garath. "Then again…"
On the sands, Cylina blinks at the second gold, grinning over at her
sister. We were right.
On the sands, Daeron says, "It'll pass, Uak… don't worry about me…",
very softly as he watches the bronze, eyes flowing over the features of
the dragonet, not just in admiration but also in curiousity.
Toria's eyes widen, "Oh! Two golds."
On the sands, Telenia smirks, and winks to Maggie, "Aluranth is always
looking over the newest ones, you know."
On the sands, L'lia gasps, glancing in consernation at Lena, "Another
gold?" Her eyes focus on the new dragon, in confusion, "We aren't
supposed to ahve two…"
Ariana pauses. "Another! Oh my. Ista's fortune."
J'dano says, "Think of all the meat-"
On the sands, Tayla just smiles. Is she ever wrong?
J'dano quiets.
On the sands, "Egads! Yet another gold? Can that happen? Mare? Ja-anah?!"
Brooke peers around for some help on this question.
On the sands, Ed'ard blinks and looks at Telenia. "Really? I thought…"
Ed'ard blushes furiously.
"Two golds?" TWO GOLDS?" Harper lungs burst forth in surprise, that
baritone belonging to the masterharper. "Two golds in the same hatching.
Who would have guessed it?"
On the sands, Another gold. Brief, furtive glances are sent from Krilin to
the gold-then green. Beauties both of them, though which one better,
Krilin has a hard time deciding. Decisions..decisions. Frustrated, she
tucks her arms behind her back.
Anais snaps her fingers. Drat…. Enogh marks to buy Charlton even… and
she loses them all because of a cursed second gold. Oh, it is pretty,
and is wonderful that there's two. But all those marks… A forlorn
groan escapes.
On the sands, Kylandra gasps as the newest queen emerges, "Two.." she
breathes. Eyes glance from gold to green, both beautiful in their own
Ryka raises a brow at the queen, listening to the murmurs of surrounding
On the sands, Paper Mache Gold Dragonet squeezes out of the gourd, tail
first, and spills onto the sands. For a moment the world still seems
all dark and wet, what with her snout buried into the sand, but with a
boisterous shake of her head she rights herself and looks around - Hi.

On the sands, Lyramanth just looks smug.
On the sands, R'yne crouches beside Shaitath as he feeds, seeming lost in
the dragonet, hardly seeming to notice anything else.
On the sands, Kalona smirks at Tayla. Phoenix wingsecons are /never/
wrong. - At least, not when there's money involved. She idly wonders
how much richer the two of them are right about now…
On the sands, Vae shakes her head one last, last time to clear the
blue-planted - /Kadarth/-planted - cobwebs.. and lifts her eyes to
find: Another gold. The Candidate shakes her head again; something's
still not right up there.
Gilrel looks about at all the clattering, huh? two golds? Is that
On the sands, Cashar eyes see the Golds appearance, but turns his tention
back towards the bronze, wondering if the bronze wll someday be her
On the sands, Lauren is brought back to the very real present as she hears
another shell crack. She tears her gaze from the green who so carefully
chooses back to the clutch site in time to see another gold come from
her shell. My, my, my. Bet this one will chose slowly and carefully as
well as the rest have/are doing.
On the sands, Janah is busy, it seems. Busy tending to a crystalline hide,
crimson hand sliding down blue's side, Janah murmuring softly.
On the sands, Watercolor Green Dragonet sniffs as attention turns to a
different hatchling. SHe flaps her wings, then settles back to playing
with the shard, ignoring the candidates.
On the sands, Chandari gasps, and grasps K'vair's arm so tightly he gasps
as well, almost spilling out a few more colorful parts of his
vocabulary. "What?" he asks, trailing off as he follows the goldrider's
pointed finger to the gold dragonet.
On the sands, Green. No, Gold; No-Green. What's going on? Maranne
thought there already /was/ a Gold. Apparently so-Alisia's still
here-Hm. Candidate just smiles, she chooses not to contemplate it.
Instead, she watches over the two dragonets-difficult, it is. But
then, Maranne's talented.
On the sands, Maggie shakes her head, ignoring all of them but watches the
dragonets - they really aren't /that/ bad.
On the sands, Uakarik retorts to Daeron, "I won't worry about you, I don't
fink. Just like I wouldn't worry if someone fell asleep, I don't fink."
On the sands, Telenia glares at Aluranth, "But you /said/ …. " - no no,
best not to berate your dragon in front of a crowd. Telenia turns back
to watch the impressions, but by her expression, you can guess that
there might be a bit of internal dialogue .
On the sands, Basketwoven Bronze Dragonet's head tilts during inspection.
Something has drawn his attention here. One among many, wheat in the
chaff. Flex of talons in sand and he stares much more intently at one
among all the others.
Fasulkad blinks and reviews the ballads he was taught, then shrugs. "Yup.
Too much of the ol' klah."
On the sands, Basketwoven Bronze Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon
Daeham looks and then looks again, another gokld, from one clutch? is this
a good omen or a foretelling of things to come?
Kessaly walks in.
On the sands, Ed'ard wheels towards his lifemate. "Garath! You told me
that you…whatyamean "I'm so gullible?"
On the sands, Uakarik's smile broadens and his starts to make some wise
crack to Cashar. Then he freezes. Can human eyes whirl? Uakarik's are
doing something strange and the mouth starts to work again. "Good grief!
His name is Jsanth!?"
On the sands, Cashar smiles happily as Uakarik impresses the bronze, he
silently congradulates the young man and returns his gaze back to the
other eggs, and dragonettes.
On the sands, Ostyn arrives from a tunnel under the galleries and steps
onto the Sands.
On the sands, K'vair tears his eyes away from the gold long enough to grin
at Uakarik.
On the sands, "Yook!" Maranne squeals with the utmost delight. She always
/new/ that boy had class, ayuh. She looks at Kylandra, then Brooke;
hands are held firmly inside hers. Poking. Ever-poking. Hurt yet?
PINCH Now it should. Muhahaha.
Breia hopes the little green will foind the /one/ meant for her…watches
and smiles…watching the unfamiliar faces aruond her and below, feeling
more akin to the little lost ones…smiling…
On the sands, Cylina hmmmmmms thoughtfully at 'Rik impresses that bronze.
Yet another delicious bronzerider. A little younger perhaps, but….
On the sands, Daeron smiles to Uak, realizing what he witnessed so closeby.
"Congratulations," he replies to his friend, even if Uak is probably not
in the mood to listen.
Kessaly juggles a redheaded toddler on each hip and scans the onlookers.
Ah. There. Familiar scowl and big spiky hair. Right. She makes her
way down to the Fortians, nodding and smiling her hellos as she goes.
Charlton nudges his neighbor, amused. "That young man who just took a
bronze is the fellow that Jerlana had…"
On the sands, Watercolor Green Dragonet looks up, abruptly. SHe heads
directly for someone across the sands, swerving around the gold. Evena
s she takes her slow, head-in-the-clouds walk, she watchs someone far
away, intently.
On the sands, Jerlana's face falls. Yet another conquest that must /wait/.
Shardling bronze dragons. Her eyes seek to catch Uakarik's, those
immersed in new lifemate's gaze.
On the sands, Kylandra does the shift from one foot to another, green eyes
turn to Maranne with a glint. "Have you had a physical recently,
Maranne?" There…get her where it hurts.
On the sands, It hurt before, enough! "Eee! Ma-a-a-a-re!" Brooke all but
glares at her fellow candidate yanking her hand away; go get Kylandra's
if you want one.
Anais wows. And starts considering another way to gain riches. Bet now…
on wether Uakarik can wait through his weyrling period without violating
the no-fooling about rule. Betting against him could be a sure win.
On the sands, "Rik!" Krilin again exclaims, momentarily removing her hands
from her back. What an impression! Another great pair! Cheerily, she
returns a soft smile upon the dragonets, returning her arms behind her
On the sands, Lyramanth croons encouragingly to her newly hatched daughter,
eyes whirling in excitement.
On the sands, Tayla settles back to watch, counting her winning mentally.
Phoenix is gonna glean up tonight.
On the sands, R'yne grins up at Cyl, looking away from Shaitath for a
moment. "I guess you'll have to help me out with the oilbaths now,
On the sands, So bronze finds mate.. in Uakarik. Vae's smile is broad,
sincere, but somewhere far, far in the back there teases the thought: Oh
Faranth. Lock up the women and children.. he's Impressed to /bronze/!
On the sands, Cashar begins to shuffles again, eyes pasted towards the
green and the unhatched egg.
On the sands, Ostyn lifts his feet, one by one, wincing as the burning sand
scorches his tender feet. He watches the green dragonet and closes his
eyes for a brief moment, digesting the happening that go by so fast.
On the sands, Another pair happily made. Lauren smiles brightly as the
bronze chooses. She has nothing but good wishes for her fellow
candidates and can begrudge no hard feelings to anyone. The dragonets
choose. And that is all there is. Still smiling brightly, she turns back
to the green and the gold but keeps a watchful eye on the dragon parents
of these new 'children'.
On the sands, Maranne already has one of Kylandra's, thankyou. She frowns
at Brooke. Then at Kylandra. "What do physicals have to do with this,
Kyla? Is my grip not.. tight enough? Perhaps my muscles need a bit
more work." She'll have to remember that after the Hatching. Gold and
Green hides are spied from afar. Hmmmmm.
On the sands, So she's the last. And mightn't look so purdy. And her wings
are soggy and her tail stubbly and it looks like childre pieced her hide
together out of old paper. But she is /here/, and she is awake, and she
is hungry. Being she cannot do anything about where she is, and she
certainly isn't getting back in that egg - punt, pumkin goes sailing
- that leaves filling the emptiness. One foot finds the sands, then the
other, then she hunkers over both of them, teetering. Noise sets her in
motion and warbling back up to mom she heads out away from the dragons
and towards the light… er.. the white. Head towards the white.. head
towards the white..
Anais peers down at the sands. Eyes flick over to their corner at Janah,
absorbed in her new lifemate's care, then back to the hatchlings.
Breia watches the little green one…hopinh g its call takres her where she
is meant to go….watches and wonders…watches all the candidates….
On the sands, Kylandra snorts at Maranne while snatching her hand away.
"Nothing..nothing at all.." Eyes swivel back to the wandering
Ryka gets nudged in the ribs by an anonymous Fortian, who in light of
Ryka's deep scowl, points over her shoulder. WIth a belabored sigh, she
looks, blinks, uhohs, and waves her weyrmate over with a guilty smile.
On the sands, Tamlyth lifts a sleepy muzzle as her siblings search the
sands and another impresses..more playmates..yum.
Charlton quietens for a brief moment as he watches Anais, knowing the
sacrifice to come for her now.
On the sands, Daeron looks around at the green.. and then the gold! That
took him by surprise, another gold!
On the sands, Lauren tilts her head as she hears the young queen talking to
her mother. How cute! But there is that green oh so close to the
candidates. Has she chosen a mate yet?
Souichiro-san appears from ::between:: and flys around, spying on everyone,
until landing on a warm spot on the floor.
Renna walks in.
On the sands, Watercolor Green Dragonet takes her time, nosing about in the
sand. Her wings drop, making dragged marks in the black sand.
Fascianted, she goes a few metters, and then goes back, watching the
trail she is leaving and forgetting the candidates altogether.
Elenya watches the poor confused green silently urging her back towards the
Kessaly gratefully dumps a squirming Ressal onto his mother's lap. "Ask
/her/ if she has anything to eat." Taking the "If your butt is big
enough and your children squall enough people will move over and let you
have a seat" approach, she squeezes in.
On the sands, "That green- Her ma ought to keep her on track." Nutmeg
locks are shaken, while Brooke turns attention from the green to the
gold, to an impressed pair, to a candidate.
On the sands, Maranne pokes-with detracted fingernails-at Brooke's bare
shoulder. "The green. Look. She's /leaving/. Can she do that? She
can't!" Sharded thing-isn't even playing by the /rules/.
Kessaly sets Ressal down gently.
Breia wonders what on earth h the little green is about…urging her
silently to find her mate before she starves!! …eyes scan the
canidates, and the gallery….
Daeham chuckles with deep amusement at the green's lack of focus, " D'mon
green, that stomach of yours must be howliing, find your lifemate!"
Ryka lifts Ressal carefully.
On the sands, Kylandra watches in amazement at the green appears to be
playing? Shouldn't she be looking or whatever it is dragonets do before
they find their mate?
Arielana gasps.
Anais frowns. What /is/ that green doing? Every moment the dratted creature
doddles from impression is costing her. A snicker behind her is quickly
shushed as Anais' eyes arrow in on the culprit. "You haven't won yet."
On the sands, Ostyn watches the green dragonet, enthralled. He takes a few
steps toward her, then remembers himself. He picks self-consciously at
his robe, putting a hand to his sweaty forehead every once in a while.
He stumbles a bit, grinning like a maniac. "Can she leave?"
On the sands, Vae composes, eyes lifted once more to green, gold, the eggs
that remain. Watch. Wait. -And while dragonet-bump has sharpened her
attention, it has not erased those weary lines. So hot, so many, so
On the sands, Cashar eyes gaze at the few remaining eggs and dragonettes,
oh how time flys, glances around a bit, he notices that the number of
candidates has also fropped /slightly/.
On the sands, Bap-Bap, Krilin's eyes struggle to follow the green and focus
upon the gold at the same time. Covered with confusion, she lowers her
head for a moment-Got a little dizzy there.
On the sands, Paper Mache Gold Dragonet ignores her elder siblings. Oh, she
knows they are getting fed and loved and /she/ is not. Time to do
something about that. Weebling, wobbling, teeterign forwards like a
wind-thrown pinata on a string, the disproportioned gold struggles after
her verdant sister following in her footsteps. Walk towards the white.
Walk… white. The dragonet finds them, lifts her twitching muzzle, and
sneaks peeks at the candidates looking for just the right one.
Ryka settles Ressal on her lap and quickly pulls a piece of wherry jerky
out of her pocket, stuffs it into his mouth before he can squall, and
shrugs at Kessaly.
Essara peers with interest at the sands and pronounces "Pwetty."
Breia smiles again softly, knowing the dragons know who is right for
them…ther time they take is right for them…
On the sands, "Eck!" Krilin suddenly mumbles, prying a clinging robe from
her skin. Poorly constructed, the robe again returns to its prior
position, clinging tightly to Krilin's skin. Frustrated, she instead
looks at the gold, attempting to look partially decent
On the sands, Cylina grins absently at the unfocused green, chuckling
softly. Greens will be like that. Take their own sweet time about
On the sands, Watercolor Green Dragonet glances up, hearing someone chid
her. SHe stretchs her wings, albove the sand, and then watchs the marks
her nose can make. Muzzle to the sand, she pushes herself in a circle,
wings fluttering to help her keep her balance.
On the sands, Daeron looks at the gold, knowing that she won't come to him.
Yet the remarkable creature has a way of drawing attention to her.
On the sands, Lillian pushes sweat-soaked curls off her foreward and tugs
her blouse away from her skin. "I'm soooo glad I don't ride gold. This
is horrible."
On the sands, Lauren does her little dance. Pick up left, put down left.
Pick up right, put down right. And so the dance goes. Absent hand goes
to the back of her head to tuck in a stray piece of hair as she does.
On the sands, Kylandra shifts on the sands, watching the gold peer at the
candidates. Hand reaches up to shove damp curls back, and to reposition
her collar.
On the sands, Cashar smiles as the green once again begins to move, he then
looks at the lone egg on the sands, and wonders when it wll make its
On the sands, R'yne takes a peek over his shoulder at the sands, blue eyes
flitting quickly through the declining number of candidates as he
attempts to spot friends still out there.
On the sands, Tired? Tired? You cannot be tired. I am here! Paper Mache
Gold dragonet is too impatient to try and convince anyone of anything,
she works her way around the odd little green and plants herself in
front of her candidate, sending her sun-lightened muzzle moving ever so
slowly forwards.
On the sands, Vae shakes at intervals irregular, to Sands' dark, internal
pulse; feet are just barely coaxed into soft, shuffling motion at
insistant heat's behest. Her rewdwort-marked fingers that once clutched
at Alisia now grope emptily at the sultry air.. but find then that loose
string on her robe. Still there; aye.. still has to come off. Tug.
J'dano leans into Ryka's shoulder comfortably, dribbling a friendly murmur
in her ear about seven golds at this Weyr now and Riallath and Zhanth
simply /have/ to stop by more often in a couple Turns, right?
On the sands, Green snags attention: "Is she digging her muzzle in the
ground? Does she think she'll find food there? Or a mate there?" Brooke
pokes Maranne. "What do you think?"
On the sands, "What's she /doing/?" Maranne persists for an answer. The
Green. She's just … off in her own little world. Yah, ohwell. With
a shrug, the Candidate returns attention to the Gold dragonet. Quiet
smile reaches across her face-her robe has yet to fall.
Accomplishment, she thinks; she was /dreadfully/ afraid it'd be off
before she even reached the sands.
Ariana smirks faintly, watching. Ashtoreth and she will have to steer
On the sands, Ostyn glares at his sandals, one eye kept always on the
dragonets. He picks at the flimsy thing attatched to his foot and
sighs, "They /really/ need to make these things better. He watches,
with interest, the dancing candidates all about him. Once more
returning his attention to the matters at hand, he smiles, almost to
himself. "Hmm. Maybe the little green doesn't like us…"
Ryka bounces Ressal on her lap and simply grins at J'dano for a moment
before nodding.
Kessaly slides a look J'dano's way, eyes twinkling. "Indeed," she
murmurs into her weyrmate's other ear.
Breia smiles and watches, her mind wandering and dipping soaring….
On the sands, Watercolor Green Dragonet looks up, and then makes a mad
dash for a cnadiate, heading for her with lightning speed that should
not be allowed on the sands. SHe nearly bowls a few candidates over
on her way as she heads for The One.
Anais lets her elbows do the talking. And a hushed whispering in her
ear is hushed into a quiet 'oof'. You've won your marks from me over
dreamy down there. No nead to gloat.
J'dano widens his eyes most innocuously at the blue rider. What?
On the sands, Silly. So silly. Krilin conceals a soft chuckle with
lithe fingers, only emitting a brief gasps. To have energy; she too
begins to tire, lithe knees threatening to buckle, azure eyes
beginning to droop.
On the sands, Lauren watches as the attractive gold plants herself so
definitavely in front of her chosen one. She peers down the line,
trying to catch a glimpse of who that is while watching the green make
her final mad dash.
Elenya closes her eyes and wills the little green back to find a
lifemate among the candidates,
Ryka blinks and flushes between J'dano and Kessaly. Oh dear Faranth.
On the sands, Paper Mache Gold Dragonet is neither sultry air nor robe
strings, but she is a dragon. A single stop forward buries that pale
muzzle in Vae's arms, this time to stay. Tail loops through the sand,
stubbly but long enough to wrap around her candidate and she lifts
those soggy wings to hide her choice, hers and hers alone, she
On the sands, Kylandra catches movement in the corner of her eye, a
streak of green. "What's she doing?" she mumbles.
Kessaly grins back and primly straightens the bow in Essara's hair.
She wouldn't know anything about anything, not her.
On the sands, Cashar smarts at the Greens sudden intensity, wondering
who the lucky one will be. Then he glances down at his sandels and
notices that yes, they are still there, but it sure doesnt feel likeit.
Breia tries to see who the green has chiosen…smiling warmly…
Toria cheers loudly, "she's chosen!"
On the sands, "Mare? Mare?! Mare! Are you awake? Or shall I-" Brooke
giggles preparing fingers "-pinch you!" Fingers close, snagging
Maranne-skin between them. Haha! Get even time!
On the sands, Daeron steps towards Kylandra, Lauren, and Krilin,
closing the smaller semi-circle.
On the sands, Thread becomes something different; this is what? What
is this? Vae looks down into her hands, speechless.
On the sands, Watercolor Green Dragonet runs into Kylandra, dropping
her head into the girl's chest. She looks at her intently, even as
her wings flutter slightly, demandingly, waiting.
On the sands, Paper Mache Gold Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Vae.
On the sands, Maranne snatches her hand from Brooke's. "Keep yer
hands /off/ of mine, Roo!!" Maranne can pinch Roo, but Roo can't
pinch Maranne. Issa law. She watches the green. She watches the
gold. She smiles for Vae /and/ Kylandra.
On the sands, Kylandra glances down, wondering if this is another
bouncing Dragonet.
Charlton's mouth is shut, for once. But his eyebrows shout his
surprise and exultation.
On the sands, Watercolor Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Kylandra.
Breia hearet leaps as she watches the two, almost last..impressions…
Ariana loses track of the gold in wide-eyed startlement. Green, not
blue. "/Kyla/?"
Z'lo blinks a bit and prodes N'fra - let's hope it doesn't Bruise.
"3 Healers so far. /Three/!"
On the sands, Vae blinks back those tears that threaten; slowly,
softly, she lays her cheek upon her beauty's own, pale
muzzle. "Nyssath," she says quietly, hugging that blunted head. "Took
your time."
Renna cheers even as mentally she is having an argument about
directions with her dragon.
Daeham grisn like a fool, " Two queens, Ista's fortune must be
sealed. Good for you Kylandra, nice green!"
On the sands, Jerlana slips away from the wall. Smiles.
On the sands, Kylandra slowly slides down to gaze into her lifemate's
whirrling eyes, "Her name is Naibeth!" she exclaims in wonder.
J'dano says, "Your cousin, isn't she, Ariana?"
Kh'rys does have a response this time around. One she knows she would
deem fairly well Impressed, and that calls for cheers, wine, and umm,
more cheers. Right. So she hails a yodeling screech down Vae &
N'fra oof, poking badck. "Aye….quite a haul for Ista."
Kessaly smiles as the tiny queen impresses. "Ah. Lovely."
On the sands, Nyssath looks at Vae - So sue me, you coulda come closer.
Ariana looks away, with a quirk of a smile. 'She is, yes. Two, now."
Ryka nods her agreement, "Aye, and so many of them!"
J'dano says only, cryptically smiling, "Could've been gold, you know."
Ariana lughs softly. "That would have had me passing out then."
On the sands, Ostyn smiles slowly, the wonder in his eyes apparent.
He places a hand on Vae's shoulder and says quietly, "Love you.
Congratulations." Dizzy, padding walk over to Kylandra to do the same.
On the sands, Ua'rk is too preoccupied fetching meat for his new
lifemate to notice much else. He's making sweet cooing words like a
new father might with an infant. "Won't Mum be proud?"
On the sands, Desiccated Diamond Discontinuity Egg shines sickly in
the cavern's light, laying still on the black sands.
Essara leans over to pat Ryka on her knee. "Pwetty dwagon happy now?"
On the sands, Lillian smiles "Congratulations!" She starts to herd the
new weyrlings together. "Get them stuffed enough to stop squalling and
then I'll need to you follow me with them to the weyrling barracks."
On the sands, L'lia waves the weyrlings towards the barracks.
Anais twitches, irritable impatience. Almost done? She just has to go
congratulate Janah…
Ryka kisses Essara's downy hair and nods, "Aye, lass, the pretty
dragon is happy now."
On the sands, Vae tumbles at the tail end with Nyssath, neither of
their steps even. Coming, coming!
On the sands, Kadarth nudges Janah softly, noting L'lia's words. Her
eyes are, however, on the sands, her mouth stretched in a wide grin.
"Vae! Kylandra!"
Charlton edges from his seat, to finesse his way next to Anais. She
ought not be alone now.
On the sands, Lauren smiles toward the newly paired ones and mouths
'congratulations' towards them. She then realizes that there is one
egg left on the sand. Will it hatch? She looks between the adult
queens and that last egg.
On the sands, Kylandra rises in a daze and leads Niabeth over to the
meat. With a grin she attempts to acknowledge all the good wishes, but
Niabeth demands food.
On the sands, Cashar smiles as the two impressions are made rapidly,
then glances at the seemingly dead egg, wondering if it will do
On the sands, R'yne feeds Shaitath yet another piece of meat as he
casts a glance over at Ua'rk. "I bet she will." He blinks and looks up
at Lillian's words. "Oh … coming." With another smile for Cylina and
then Tayla, he moves off.
"Nice clutch - clutches," J'dano comments in conclusion, though he's
apparently still pondering the spectacle of Fort's Weyrwoman passing
out in public. "Good lot of dragons, good Impressions. Pity about
that egg over there, but that seems to happen, doesn't it?"
Stillborn. Another one. Oh dear.
Ariana peers at the last, still, quiet egg, and nods absently. "Rather nice."
Breia sits motionless, seeing the weyrlings led off…and watching the
motionless, solitary egg remaining, wondering if it will move…
On the sands, Tooth and D'cay look up at the Weyrlingmaster… and
follow in rush.
On the sands, Aluranth nudges the diamond egg to one side. Sniffs
it. No signs of life there. Casually goes about burying it with her
Ariana says, "Definitely surprising."
On the sands, Maggie stretches, joint's popping, and looks around.
Snaring some of the unimpressed, she actualy makes nice and leads them
in the oppoiste direction, back to the barracks and a cask of wine.
On the sands, Ed'ard blanches as he watches Aluranth, Garath nuzzling
him slightly. "Lena…"
On the sands, Daeron looks around, sensing the crowd leaving..
realizing what it probably means, though he is taking a
guess, he steps forward closer to Aluranth and her unhatched eggs,
giving a solitary bow to the queen dragon.
On the sands, Tayla steps on to the sands studying the last egg for a
moment before shaking her head, turning to the candidates with a sigh,
"It won't hatch. It hasn't moved."
On the sands, Jerlana frowns at the last egg. Happens. Toobad, but.
She pushes away from the wall and slips away in the shadows.
Kessaly pokes Ressal on his freckled nose. "There. You happy that
you got to see the dragons impress?"
On the sands, Ostyn winces and takes an involuntary step toward the
dragon. "Hey," he mumbles. "Can she do that? Is it dead?"
Questions come faster. "Will it be okay? What's wrong?" Confusion
and chaos…..
Anais frowns down at the sickly egg. Her attention unwillingly twisted
from Janah as she is led away from the sands. "Sad how there's once in
a while one like that."
Elenya feels a tear slide down her cheek the hatching was a happy,
donderful event, but her heart is torn for the one left. She sidles
quietly towards the door.
On the sands, Kalona grins at Tayla, heads towards the caverns.
Probably, anyway. There's no telling /what/ Kal is /really/ up to.
Espeically with that grin she's wearing.
On the sands, Cylina stretches, grinning at the new werylings as they
leave, the grin continuing for the rest of those on the sands.
Breia resigns herself…watching the great Queen bury the last
egg…nd rises to leave…
On the sands, K'vair turns to Chandari, speaking animatedly to her for
a few moments, before turning away.
On the sands, Telenia raises an eye for her lifemate's behavior,
superficially watching the candidates and weyrlings and dragonets
Pelagia moves near Charlton, whispering, "That on'es not going to
hatch?" Charlton is the masterharper. He knows these things.
Breia heads for the door, feeling as alone as that last li'
egg….softly moving to the stairs…
On the sands, Cashar glances sadly at the egg, and waits for instructions.
On the sands, Ed'ard breathes hard, looking at the egg, his eyes
catching the receeding form of Lillian. He looks confused,
afraid…and runs.
Ressal nods vigorously and nearly dislodges his wherry jerky. He
mimics his mother's accent more often than not, "Aye, momma. C'n we
see it again?"
On the sands, Lauren watches quietly for a moment as Aluranth buries
that last egg. And wonders if that happens a lot. Bent knee for both
queens and their mates as she turns and heads toward the hatching
ground entrance. Is that where she's supposed to go?
Sylvie stands to go…show's over, but ti sure was beautiful.
Charlton offers, quietly, to Anais, "There's always a touch of sadness
at the end of a hatching. Will you be all right, yourself…while
Janah's a weyrling?"
On the sands, K'vair peers after Ed'ard, quizzically. Must be woman
trouble, as fast as he's running. Poor guy.
clear, won't they.

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