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Above the sands, Eviyath wings in from the upper entrance.
Above the sands, Eviyath leaves for the Ledge.
Up on the viewing ledges, Eviyath wings in from from above the Sands.

Sidijith follows the drumbeats of dragonhearts, tracing the thrumming and drumming of the Pern's dragons to Ista. She hears and, like so many others, she comes. «

On the sands, Rhyolith prowls hence, wings slightly caped and N'lon onboard. The brown's head lifts to expose his throat in a medley to Niliath. When the greeting ends his voice idles in an infinite purr that signifies the birth of his offspring. With no straps to hinder him the Weyrleader falls noiselessly to his feet. "A day out of my estimations." Someone was wagering on tomorrow for the Big Day. "Come on, Kabs, look alive!" He makes a down to up shove with his arm.

Up on the viewing ledges, Eviyath goes out.
Above the sands, Eviyath wings up from the ledge.
Above the sands, Sidijith wings in from the upper entrance.
Above the sands, Sidijith leaves for the Ledge.
Up on the viewing ledges, Sidijith wings in from from above the Sands.
Above the sands, Eviyath soars out the upper entrance of the grounds, heading back to the bowl.
Up on the viewing ledges, Nomi swings down from her lifemate Sidijith's neck.
Up on the viewing ledges, Nomi heads down to be seated in the galleries.
Nomi walks down the stairs from the ledges above.

You walk down the stairs to the entrance of the grounds.

Hatching Grounds (#1689DJ)
This large entryway leads to the Hatching Caverns proper. The sand here is of moderate warmth. Its intensity grows further in, a short ways ahead. Dragons tend to watch the hatchings from the ledges above while other guests gather in the galleries.
Obvious exits:
Bowl Sands Galleries Ledges

You walk carefully out onto the sands, taking care not to disturb the queen or her eggs.
Sands (#1993J)
Waves of heat drape their stifling folds over breath and skin, a scentless perfume from the black diamonds that cover the floor of the Hatching Cavern. Scintillant, they burn the soles of bare feet; seduce the eye with their deceptive glitter in jet made prism and rainbow both. What cooler air there is flows in from the huge openings from the bowl, wreathing swift and teasing down the shafts of sunlight that ride them. At night it is the large baskets of glows that dot the walls which lend subtle illumination, the sparkling sands more subtle than starlight seen through a shroud of mist.
You see Niliath, Boogie Woogie and Trumpeter Egg, Run O Molly Run Egg, Jam and Spice Egg, That Lady Is a Tramp Egg, Macabre Delusions Egg, Mirrored Marvel Egg, Wild Dances Egg, And So You're Back Egg, Still Believe Egg, A Dark and Stormy Night Egg, Now it's 'Us' Now it's 'We' Egg, Pervasive Serenity Egg, Dlamn Gaelach Egg, Autumn in Istanbul, Intrusive Darkness Egg, Let Me Be Your Fantasy, Clandestine Promenade Egg, Ain't Enough Good Burn In Tequila Egg, Qaitlin, Rhyolith, and Qara here.
Kabrielle, N'lon, and Velura are here.
Obvious exits:

Bree glances towards the entrance to the sands continuing to move around opening glow baskets, as she moves around various eggs she peers at them clearing a bit of sand away from them. Niliat moves forward, throat still humming peering at eggs and helping to get them all at least half unburried. Neither gold nor Weyrwoman glance towards the stands through all this however. Eyes turn then of the Weyrwoman towards N'lon and she rolls her eyes, "I'm opening the glows, no one'll see anything without the extra light," she declares pointedly before darting a glare towards Niliath, "don't know why she always insists on burrying the eggs so, who knows how long the eggs shook whilst she was still sleeping they hardly can move with how she burries them."

M'cay walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.

Ryskim walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.
Corana walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.
Indiana walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.
Qiluin walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.
Seana walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.
Yandra walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.

As eggs become less burried they shake and shiver a bit more than before, not all are shaking yet, only a handful right now. Among those shaking though are the 'A Dark and Stormy Night', 'Now it's Us Now its We', and 'Ain't Enough Good Burn in Tequila' eggs. Bree moves back towards the gold as she hears candidates coming to the sands. As the candidates come onto the sands the gold hisses loudly in their direction though between hisses the gold continues to hum her throat thrumming lightly.
M'cay leads the Candidates onto the Sands, the Weyrlingmaster looking slightly pale. He bows to the queen and her mate before moving off to one side to await the first Impressions.

Velura stumbles onto the sands bleary eyed and ragged looking, she notes the Weyrwoman working the glows and helps near the entrance before taking a stand near the gallery to help newly impressed riders.

Mika walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.

A fair sized group of candidates move onto the sands together. Star leads the group almost pulling the slightly older Petra behind her whilst another pair of girls follow behind them whom look quite a bit alike (twins no doubt). Jigar, Hessa, and Madrid round out the ground their wide eyes glancing around them quickly. All of the group stop on the edge of the stands quickly bowing deep with Starr having to steady Petra before the girl falls over onto the sands themselves.

Kumar trudges just a step behind one of the groups, his shorter legs having some trouble walking in the robe. Already he's wiping a bit of sweat back into his deep brown hair.

Movements halting, shaky, Corana just barely seems able to keep herself moving along, all the while shaking her head, murmuring under her breath. She's not prepared, doesn't feel right. She does manage to bow along with the rest of them; the sands are hot, blisteringly hot through sandals with poor soles, and she'll stand in a large clump of Candidates, shuffling from foot to foot, all the while trembling still. Blue eyes cast about for familiar faces around her, in the Galleries, but from this angle she can't really tell who might be watching from above.

Ryskim files into the sands with the rest of the candidates, pausing at the entrance to dip low in a bow to the queen and the sire of the clutch, he idly runs his hands over his robes to wipe up the sweat on his hands, letting out another yawn. "Shards it's early, I really don't understand why they couldn't wait till morning." He murmurs to no one in particular, picking a spot around the eggs.

Yandra follows behind the other candidates, reaching up with her ams as she stretches, trying to get the last bit of sleep out of her eyes. She bows low at the sands out of respect, quickly hurrying to Ryskim's side, "I can't believe it's happening!" She whispers excitedly to him as she casts her eyes over the eggs that are all ready wiggling.

A Dark and Stormy Night Egg and Now it's Us Now it's We both shake and shiver on the sands where they sit next to each other on leaning against the other. As one egg shivers it causes the other to vibrate a bit from the pressure against it before returning the favor to the other.

Seana makes her way out onto the sweltering sands and immediately bows to the clutch parents before going a step further. Ticking off a gold is not a good idea, especially being this close. So, she follows the leader in the line and finally stands alone with her arms by her side. Quite nervous - it's apparent in her eyes.

Of course N'lon is dressed, but not courtesy of haste. This part of the night translates to his morning. Not dewy, he is still alert, and bright-eyed. "Why didn't I bring something to eat." He stands at a lean on Rhyolith's foreleg, hand so much whiter against dragon darkness. "But then I might Impress one, and what twat would want two dragons."

Indiana is one of the first on the sands, though she stops dead at the entrance, having to be nudged by an equally nervous Aludrad. The two lads follow Indiana, who makes a beeline for a small cluster of Candidates once she's made her bows to the cluthmother and father. In her own little bubble, she doesn't quite notice that, standing just to the side of her, is Corana.

Mika arrives toward the tail end of the group; the nervous young lady she was helping needed a few words, and Mika provided them. Calmer, she has seen this before, though always from the safety and shelter of the Stands. Now, here, the immediacy of queen and eggs and sand and heat touches her, draws her within herself in a moment of introspection. A smile spared for both Ryskim and Yandra, Mika pads over to where those two are, to create a triangle with them.

A regal bow bends Qiluin in half before the parental pair, and then he is off to seek his spot in the growing crescent around the eggs. Flinching at the heat of the sands, he mutters to Corana as he arrives nearby, "My boots would make this a whole of a lot more tolerable," as would his trousers and shirt as well. Tall, he stands like a flocked tree in the dead of winter, legs sprouting out beneath the robe like a lean trunk, feet rooting him to the heated sands.

Ryskim offers a nod in greeting as Mika makes her way over, smiling at her, "Heya, Mika." He says quietly, "I'm so nervous, can you believe it's happening?" He asks, looking between the two females, swallowing rather nervously as he casts his gaze on the eggs. He idly runs his fingers through his robes in his usual nervous manner.

Nilma and Nashida move ahead of their group going to one side and spreading out a bit mincing just where it is they step on the hot sands, not that anywhere on the sands feels cooler than another part. Petra and Star position themselves near Nilma and Nashida not far off from them and further along their group is Jadir, Hessa, and Madrid still moving along with them.

Yandra offers a sweet smile to Mika, wiggling her hand back and forth as the other girl joins them. "I'm so excited!" Yandra says, having a hard time keeping her voice down. She bounces idly on the balls of her heels, hard to tell they were just woken up at midnight. "Mika, are any of yours shaking yet?"

Shifting, fretting, Corana doesnt immediately notice Indiana, or even Qiluin as she passes, for that matter. She whimpers a little under her breath, eyes flickering every which way, focusing on eggs, faces, feet, and finally blurring a little through tears. Frightened, she remains there, until Indy is caught out of the corner of her eye. "How can you stand this? I'm not ready!" For all of Corana's worrying, she's done little to prepare for this moment.

When way clears so that Mika can see the gold and brown, she dips herself down, holds that pose for a long moment of respect, then straightens. Both dragons are observed for another moment, before a smile touches Mika's lips. She'll grin then, over at Yandra, and nod, indicating her favorite — there to the left.

Seana stands alone and would prefer to keep it that way. Not that she has any ill feelings toward anyone, but, she needs this time for herself. Alone. To collect her thoughts as best as she can and to be alert for any stumbling dragonets, as per M'cay's warning. It's clearly rattled her. So, she stands and allows her eyes to trail over the eggs, noting which ones are twitching.

Niliath hums louder her throat vibrating though she's stll hissing some towards the candidates not really mollified one bit by the bows the various candidates offer. Kabrie moves over to the gold and rests a hand upon her leg and the gold after a few moments backs up a few steps hissing a bit less between her humming. The Weyrwoman shakes her head slightly hearing N'lon, "I don't think your Rhyo would like you having another dragon anyhow."

Ain't Enough Good Burn In Tequila Egg feels threatened in the casket of sand still halfway up its length. The egg begins to bear stress lines, crack lines, life lines.

Left out of the line Kumar stands a little back from the group of girls, akward stance more nature than from hot sands.

Ain't Enough Good Burn In Tequila Egg quickly loses its center of gravity. It leans dangerously, next toppling over in the fashion of a true drunk. The base of black sand around it is a soft, but finite reminder that the only further movement will come from expulsion. There are no hairline fractures, just the shape of a very large head stabbing through the crown of the egg and followed by a cooperation of lean wings.
She's My Little Whiskey Girl Green Dragonet
Verdigris thunderheads siege a concave nasal bridge with wide nostrils and persist over high, downward plunging head knobs. Sagebrush clutches the sturdy virtue of this dainty dragon, completing color to a narrow, deep chest cavity. Agave green wristlets band each of her sturdy legs and stripe the height up to each dense wither. Her wings are scallop-shaped, lighter, as leaves raw with frost. Hemlock greens patchwork pinto onto raftered hips and a high-held tail which tip cedes to saguaro. A vivid dorsal stripe is loyal only to the spine while her ribs and flanks bloom in goldenrod. Whiskey gives fluid gold to her throat and ultimately blazes her forehead like crackling summer lightning.
Merlenne, Duvang, Ghassain, and Nirvana walking onto the Sands towards the back of the group, Merlenne and Duvang talking nervously together as they step on the hot sands together, the others are silent, but seem to be shaking slightly with each step. Each gives their bows to the parental pair in turn as they approach and then hurry to join the rest of the Candidates just in time to see the first egg shatter apart, and each gasps in awe of the event.
Now it's us Now it's We and A Dark stormy Night shake at the exact same time on the heels of the first eggs cracking open, both eggs surfaces stress and small cracks appear along both lines then more and they lengthen quickly moving around the eggs surface. Slowly in unison the eggs crack apart and a Blue and Brown both appear on the sands then lean a bit towards each other knocking against each other slightly.

Indiana glances sideways at Corana, eyes narrowed, though she tries to keep her expression straight as she mumbles, "Great, of all the people I could have stood next to, I picked you." She sighs, then shrugs. "Friends, for tonight?" Taking one step closer, she offers Corana her hand to hold, ignoring Qiluin. "Oh… oh my! It's a dragon! Lookit the green!"

Ryskim takes a rather tentitive step backwards, almost to hide himself behind the other two candidates at his side as the first egg cracks shell. "A green." He says to no one in particular, "Shards, it really is happening, isn't it?" Rather stating the obvious, isn't he?

Qiluin shifts positions, and moves to the other side of Indiana, and with a smile so soft it might rock any that know him right off their feet, the boy holds his hand out to the girl and echoes. "Friends, just for tonight?"

Yandra giggles quietly at Ryskim's words, reaching out to give him a nudge, "You'll be fine. Stop that." She rolls her eyes ever so slightly, quickly turning her attention back to the eggs, "Oooh, look at that green, isn't she lovely?"

Seana almost suffers from heart failure when a green dragonet hatches out of the Tequila egg. "Oh, Faranth…" Heart pounds against her chest and she swallows the lump in her throat, stepping back a bit to give the green plenty of room. She's not getting mauled as long as she remains alert, quick and agile. The green is watched like a hawk.

Petra shakes her head and leans towards Starr whispering to her when the first of the eggs hatch revealing the young dragonets. Star shakes her head and turns to whisper back though she loosens her grip on Petra's hand at the same time and the older girl quickly loosens her hand pointing towards the dragonets as she says something softly. Jivar, Hessa, Madrid, and the twins watch with Starr wide eyed as Petra runs off the sands moving past anyone trying to stop her quickly. The groups of candidates stare after her for some time but eyes can only stay away from the eggs so long and so down a number they turn back to the eggs.

Green, blue and brown grace the sands, and Corana can feel herself shrinking back just a tad. Angry or no, she grabs Indy's offered hand and holds it like a lifeline. "Friends," Corana echoes quietly, reassured somewhat. She seeks Qiluin with her gaze, he being a little more difficult to spot in white instead of his characteristic black, but she's for now rooted to the spot, fearfully.

Indiana offers Qiluin a little frown at first as she thinks, then shrugs. "Tonight only," is muttered as she grasps the lad's hand. Znitanox and Aludrad are holding hands just to the side of Qi, having been nudged aside by him. They're watching the scene with interest - Indiana holding hands with the two people she's done nothing but fight with these past sevendays? "Good luck, to both of you," Indy says, looking from Cora to Qi, unable to mask her nervous, yet excited smile.

M'cay shifts his weight on the edge of the sands and finally takes stock of his appearance. His shirt is re buttoned correctly and tucked into his leggings, and his boots are laced up. He even pauses to adjust his hair. Of course he forgot to get his Weyrlingmaster's knot, but oh well.

She's My Little Whiskey Girl Green Dragonet faces down a new world order. Her eyes, screaming signs of her hunger, are dragged coolly across the banks of sand. Her legs move in precision of motion, already the black sand upon her tall, wet legs. The candidates, clouds of white, speak to her and she Comes with a solid downstroke of her translucent wings.

Niliath thrums loudly at the three eggs hatch her head quickly turning to glance from one newly hatched dragonet to another before her gaze settles on the two males. Head tilts to the sides slightly and eyes quickly whirl. Kabrie frowns slightly watching the two carefully, "N'lon," she speaks gesturing towards the two dragonets, "don't think they hit their heads too hard do you?"

Wary glance toward the three hatchlings. Mika remains near her chosen pair, though, and spares them the barest of study; the dragons have her regard.

"Good luck, Indiana," and Qiluin leans around her, pulling hands on either side as he does, to speak to Corana, "And good luck to you too, lady." Then he is upright and staring at the scene before him, watching as eggs become jubilant, and the green makes her way into the world.

Seana must remember to breathe. Breeeath. So, she tries her hardest to do as such but when a blue and brown grace the Sands, she just about jumps out of her skin. Her expression is an eclectic mix of excitement, worry, and fear. Her nerves begin to get the best of her as she nearly backs into another candidate who steps aside and gives her a look. Still, the green dragonet is eyed.

Ryskim winces as Yandra pokes his side, "Stop that." He chides Yandra, laughing quietly as he turns his attention to the sands, "I hope they didn't hurt themselves." He murmurs, nodding to the two dragons, he slowly takes in a breath to try and calm himself down, letting it out slowly. "I just really don't want to be down here."

Yandra giggles quietly and shifts from one foot to another as her feet start to get warm from the sand, "Well, you're staying down here. I don't think they're hurt too bad, hopefully, anyway." She casts the two dragons a thoughtful look before turning to Mika, smiling. "Isn't she pretty, Mika? I wonder who she'll pick."

Corana catches Qiluin, holds him in her gaze for a moment. He's close; not close enough for her, but for the time being, her legs might give out if she tired to move. So she remains, and Indiana's hand in hers is more than enough. "I don't know what I'll do," the girl whispers, half-hoarse through tears while though silent, spill down her cheeks now, blurring her view of the lovely dragonets that have hatched so far.

The blue and brown who'd knocked heads finally shift apart from each other heads shaking just slightly and they slowly but surely stand up. The blue and brown glance around and suddenly off they take together step in step wings still wet trailing behind them as they move. With purpose and aim the two dragonets move forward going straight to the set of twins, Nilma and Nashida. The girls both stare in shock as the dragonets go to them one barely stopping in time whilst the other falls slightly onto her. Counteesth… Jacksonth one twin calls out on top of the other and then Nilma and Nashi lead the young dragonets off the sands to go feed them their first meal in such a rush after their slow start to things that a few candidates nearby are left shaking their heads and others breathing sighs of relief.

N'lon is not a hatching aficionado ever since his own moment passed on the sands: noise, heat, and a predatory Rhyolith. "He would if it were a green…" The man throws to Kabrielle with a tilt of his chin. The effects of warm clothing, geothermic heat, and a general intolerance of it shows up as shine on his face. "Dragons have hard heads, they're fine." At least his voice is a blow of cool Benden air.

M'cay hastens forward through the Sand to lead the new pairs off and away from the main part of the cavern. There's barrels of meat near the wall which he directs them to, as well as some barrels of oil and paddles. He's a little wobbly but lost in his duty as he gives them quiet instructions.

Indiana has a smile that may be a tad too bright for Qiluin, then she looks down at her feet, blushing. When she looks back up, she's just in time to see the first impressions - "Well done, Nilma, Nashida! They're lovely! And ohmyFaranth, this is really happening, isn't it?" The latter part, said in a softer, quiter tone, is probably audible only to the two standing either side of her. Znitanox lets out a little squeak on the other side of Qiluin, and ends up bumping gently into the lad as he sways with either excitement or Overheating Foot Sydrome.

Starr, Jigar, Hessa, and Madrid all offer congratulations to those impressed quickly and the four move closer to each other. Hessa and Madrid reach for each others hands for a moment giving each other a quick squeeze before letting go. None of their eyes stray from the eggs for long with this group though.

Mika agrees to Yandra, with a nod, "Lovely. Lovely. Yes." Her smile, encouraging, falls on the other young woman. A scuff and she'll step a bit nearer Yandra, gesturing again to 'her' egg, hope in her countenance. "Which did you like best again, Yandra?"

Ryskim sighs quietly as he closes his eyes for a moment, taking a step forward to stand between the two females. "Oh, look, they're all right." Rysk murmurs as the two dragons find their lifemates. He idly reaches out to offer his hands to the other two, shifting from one foot to the other. But it's more out of nervousness than the fact that his feet are starting to get hot.

Kumar is still stragling behind the girls when he nearly falls backward as the twins impress, "Shells this is a bit crazy …" he mutters to the girls.

Qiluin wears a mask of cool, seemingly gazing about with lazy tired eyes, and fidgeting against the heat and the nekkid expands of legs that feel odd in a room full of so many people. It's something one will never get used to, no matter how many times they stand, and /this/ had better be his last. He squeezes Indiana's hand in a supportive fashion, but his intense gaze is for the eggs.

She's My Little Whiskey Girl Green Dragonet kicks up her heels in a transference of energy, something that follows her like static electricity. Skirts are galloped past, under, while in that haste, one of the claws housed on her wings rips by Seana's thigh in an innocent casuality of motion. Faster she roams with a new agility bred into her, her large head leading her body and totally goalless.

Yandra lifts up a hand and idly points at one of the eggs, "That one!" She says, offering a grin to Mika, "Oh, look, they impressed! Congratulations!" She calls to the new dragonrider pair, grinning widely from ear to ear. "It's not really all that bad, Rysk, really! You're just over-thinking again."

Gold Niliath thrums louder still after a pause of a small rumble for the happy pairings. Neck vibrates from her thrumming and she sits a bit higher. Bree grins as she watches the impression leaning a bit against the gold still grinning even as eyes roll towards N'lon a moment.

Boogie Woogie and Trumpeter Egg shakes once, twice, then large cracks appear over the shape of the egg until a section of it pushes outward and a blue dragon head pokes up, already the vocal one, creeling loudly for all who would hear him. The rest of the egg then breaks apart as the small blue body now sits on the Sands in all it's egg-goo covered glory.

Seana can feel the heat of the sand through her sandals as she shifts, uncomfortably, from foot to foot to relieve them of any pain. Still, she's alone and alert. Nothing will get past her if she remains agile and prepared for any sudden movement. Arms hang at her side as she's scared to move and draw attention to herself. Quiet, observant. Turning toward the laughter of the newly Impressed pairs, she's momentarily distracted, off guard, when the little green barrels into her thigh, splicing it open. Redness seeps through her white robe and she falls back onto the scorching hot sands, letting out one blood curdling scream. Fear, pain, and shock grip her body.

Indiana's eyes are trained on the scene in front of her, darting from eggs to dragonets and back again to those eggs she favours. "That green… she's not impressed yet,"

Corana won't maintain such a public display for long; a short series of sniffles and a quick swipe of her arm to wipe away tears, and Corana sets her expression a little more stoically. "What do we do? Wait or move?" She's speaking aloud to anyone who will hear, most likely Indiana. A quick turn of her head, a short gasping sound in her throat likely a repressed sob, but she keeps quiet now, strength apparently found somewhere after the shock was over.

Indiana's eyes are trained on the scene in front of her, darting from eggs to dragonets and back again to those eggs she favours. "That green… she's not impressed yet," the candidate mumbles under her breath, watching the little one intently for a moment. "Wait, Cora, wait…"

M'cay gasps and springs forward towards the injured girl, pulling a bit of cloth from his waistband. Turns out it's a nightshirt that got stuck in his pants as he was hastily dressing. "Seana," the Weyrlingmaster says, kneeling beside her and keeping his eyes open, darting back and forth, "Here, press this against your leg. You'll be alright, you have to stay out here incase you Impress." He looks up and barks at the Candidates, "Keep an eye out!"

She's My Little Whiskey Girl Green Dragonet concentrates her distress in a rallying skhee-like sound, the feeling of blankness that begins to creep into chaos. Her grace of power is growing increasingly restless as her rampage takes her erratically all around the grounds. The wall she sticks to like it's not enough to hold her, she wants more ground to cover. A pain of one, snaps her still, head switching keenly, maybe even nervously. Her rolling trot approaches a girl of Fort Hold. Any apprehension starts to melt the closer she comes until she bows her head, just slightly, to Seana. Her offering. Better take it!
She's My Little Whiskey Girl Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Seana.

The little blue hatchling finds its feet quickly and it's little voice trumpets another greeting. It marches, more like a clumsy waddle, across the Sands, straight towards a group of Candidates, a group of girls, but then, with another call, it changes direction, nope not there, not there. Maybe over here? And then his feet slip from under him, landing him on his rump, and his big hungry, whirling eyes look up to meet those of the shocked Candidate, Asadel, and he bugles his greeting to the young man, they are now one.

Ryskim shifts from one foot to another, a hand reaching up to run through his hair idly. "Seana?" The scream causes his head to snap in her direction, his eyes widening in absolute horror, but he almost seems rooted to his spot, wanting to help her but unable to do anything. "Are you all right?" He calls over, worry obviously in his voice.

Indiana's biting her lip when she tries to say something. After it comes out as "mmph, mmph" etcetera, she unbites it and tries again. "It's all so fast, there's so many impressing and is that… is that Seana? Did that green choose Seana? Man, I was hoping she'd come over this way! She's so pretty…" She holds back on the congratulations until there's a confirmation that Seana has, indeed, impressed.

Seana's hands burn from the heat of the sand as she lays there, red oozing from her thigh as, instinctively, hands dart over to put pressure on her wound. No tears, no more shrieks, she's all about stopping the bleeding. It's when M'cay makes his way over to her that she allows him to put the cloth over the gash. "Get me off these Sands…" is hoarsely spit through grit teeth. Beads of sweat begin to form on her forehead as she deals with the painful heat from the sand and the torn flesh on her thigh. Suddenly, all is calm. Quiet. A lull washes over her and she looks over at the green standing near her. "Sorraiath?" Blinking a few times, she breathes the name as their minds mold and mesh together. They are one, now and always.

Gold watches over the dragonets, her daughters and sons. Occasionally she offers a bellow for various impressions but she doesn't pause much between her thrumming hum. Bree offers congratulations to those nearby and accepts a mug of cold juice from someone skirting the edge of the sands to get it to her before they run off just as quickly as they came onto the sands.

Two impresed, one run off, and 4 remaining the small group watch as eggs shake including the Jam and Spice egg. It shivers and shakes though it's not hatching, no it's not, not just yet. It shakes some more shivers some more but no cracks for quite yet.

Finally Jam and Spice egg gives a big shake and suddenly it cracks in half a pretty even and steady line. The egg shifts and a dragonet inside pushes at the egg piece on one side knocking it aside fairly quickly. A green steps forwards taking a few halting steps around peering about the candidates.

Asadel wasn't paying attention to the blue, his eyes were on the green and Seana, but then there he looked down, into the eyes of the bugling blue in front of him. Suddenly his expression changes, his eyes glistening, "He told me his name! His name is Jelerkath!" He puts his arms around the dragonet, and then helps his new lifemate back to his feet, who coos to him as they are led off the Sands.

Amidst all the worry over Seana Run O Molly Run Egg begins to shimmy it's way out of it's pocket of sand and a head, laying on it's back splits the side of the egg, the bronze inside shaking akwardly to free itself and getting liberaly coated in sands for his trouble.

M'cay ducks down as the green comes near, so as not to interfere with the Impression. He smiles widely and then nods to Sorraiath, but speaks to Seana, "Here, lean on me. Tell her that I'm not going to hurt you, that everything is fine. Send her soothing, loving and calm thoughts and we'll get you to the edge." He looks around and grunts with approval as he sees a Healer ready and waiting by the other Weyrlings.

Corana's silent now, her eyes upon the pairs leaving the sands, awed. "Seana just…" she trails off here, following the pair, "I just spoke to her…" The reality, the immensity of it, seems to fall on Corana suddenly. She straightens a little, eyes dart over the sands, and she murmurs to Indiana, "That was fascinating." And nothing more, though excitement and fright still glitter in her eyes. Qiluin gets a passing look, full of… something. Not something bad.

Ryskim seems relieved once Seana is carted off the sands, his shoulders falling limp and slumping in his position. He rubs his free hand over his face, "Thank Faranth she's all right, and she impressed that lovely green too. Congratulations!" He calls finally out to Seana, a grin pulling at his lips.
Clandestine Promises Egg goes from slight throbing to all out shaking suddenly and clearly preparing itself for it's next stage.

Znitanox and Aludrad let out little excitable noises when a bronze dragonet hatches, and they loosen their hold on each other just slightly - perhaps to appear more manly? It's obvious where their attention is focused, as they perhaps try to mentally entice the dragonet. Indiana sees them, and snorts. "The only time they've shut up…" But Seana's confirmation causes her to smile a big, toothy smile. "Well done, Seana! She's beautiful!"

Clandestine Promenade Egg is not slow or careful as it bursts at invisible seams, egg shards spraying out from the liberated creature within. Few shards land back on the blue dragon, his long form rearing up to spread over-sized periwinkle wings and creels in a bright soprano to announce his entrance.
Serenade in Pale C Blue Dragonet
Clear azure marks the face of this dragon; shadowed eyeridges in navy and midnight under his chin etch a masculine visage in dramatic fashion. From chiseled head to over-sized wings, cerulean and teals shade into periwinkle wing sales. More midnight along underbelly and down to tales spaded tip leave sharp contrast for the wiry muscles which wend their way over his body. This delicate seeming blue is longer than average but thin and has a demanding presence.
Hands sweating, Qiluin apologetically pulls his free of Indiana's, yet stays at her side. "It's, slimy," he explains, and then is caught by Seana's impression and snorts. "Now she'll be feeding her dragon those runners she's been riding." A certain wicked glee takes over the dark eyes that watch the pair leave the sands.

Seana pushes herself up, not being able to move her leg that well, eliminating the thought of pain from her mind as Sorraiath begins to fill her with delight and calm musings. "It's alright. We're just gonna move to the side…" is said to the dainty green. Wrapping an arm around M'cay, she stands and leans against him for support as she limps away with her new lifemate.

A shadow in white, the once-drudge, once wher-handler waits. Mika glances once, into the crowd, and perhaps then her eyes widen slightly. But to the eggs again, to Seana's injury and then joy, Mika will look. Moving away, finally, from a short parade of dragonets and new Weyrlings, Mika finds herself next to Ryskim. He, she grants a quick smile.

Let Me Be Your Fantasy Egg tremors slightly, and the colors covering the egg shell seem to pulse. It pulses again gently, shaking, but then rests easy for a moment, perhaps taking a break.

Barely paying attention to anything now the Bronze hatchling noses his way through the candidates, shoving and pushing through a line of girls until he pauses and takes a deep beath.

Starr points towards the green pointing it out to the other candidates around herself and suddenly they all laugh but Madrid. Whatever's said is lost in the commotion of the hatching itself.

Niliath croons this new arrivals and Kabrie lifts her glass of juce in a small toast. The green steadies it's staggering steps a bit and turns towards the group with Jigar and Hessa moving to them. Hessa is glanced at then Jigar and the green steps forwards firmly. Quroith, yes of course we can get some meat, speaks the lad, J'gar and the newly minted pair moves outwards towards the meat waiting in the entrance to the grounds.

Ryskim offers a faitn smile to Mika, "I'm happy she's okay." He says quietly to Mika, a sigh of relief escaping his lips as he casts his attention back to the eggs, blinking as suddenly there's more of those dragon things. "Shards, it's happening so fast!"
M'cay helps Seana to the edge of the Sands and makes sure she can reach the meat barrel to begin feeding, as well as some oil, while the Healer works at fixing her injury. That taken care of, he returns to his loose attention stance at the edge, waiting for the next Impression.

Yandra just moves a little closer to Rys, offering her congratulations to Seana as she Impresses.
Indiana wipes her now free hand on her robe, though says nothing. "I liked that egg that the blue just hatched from… do you think that means he might come on over here?" There's hope in her voice, as her eyes remain fixed on the blue. "Blues are cute, I wouldn't mind a blue… or a green, or a brown, for that matter. I'm easy."

Serenade in Pale C Blue Dragonet takes the time to streach wings and dip this way and that before setting off with slow purposeful strides to look over the candidates carefully. A sniff here and a nudge there.

Standing at her full height, Corana is more like a shapely pillar than a woman, though her expression seems much more lively now, darting around the sands as though somewhere between anxiety and enthusiasm. "I'm sure you'll get a lovely dragon, Indy," Corana murmurs, never fixing her gaze on any one egg, person, feature for too long. Her words however, are warm.
Let Me Be Your Fantasy Egg now starts to pulse again, this time in a steady rhythm, shake, pulse, shake, pulse. It stops suddenly and is still a long moment. Then it starts again, shaking in a new rhythm, more violently before, a strange sort of dance.

"So many, all at once." The words are breathed, to Ryskim perhaps, and perhaps as a response to what he said — an explanation. Or not. Mika remains where she is, her own attention caught by the blue dragonet, by his deliberate pace and direction. "Steady." A comment, voiced, perhaps so she can hear herself think in all the noise.

Seana manages to sit down, up off the sand on a chair, as a healer begins to clean and bandage her leg. Not being able to sit still for very long, she leans over to grab ahold of some chunks of meat and feeds them to Sorraiath who croons lovingly up at her. "I know, lovely. It's just a scratch." A flesh wound, even. "Eat, please."

Kumar is doing his best not to make eye contact with the bronze when the dragon rolls him over, taking the quiet akward boy as his. "Ooof Tenbrooth … I can't breathe like this!"

Ryskim offers a faint smile to Yandra as she moves closer, releasing another long breath to calm himself, his shuffling more prominent as the sands become hotter at his feet. "Shards, I hope we get off the sands soon, I'm not sure how long I can stand here." Another quick look to Seana, just to make sure she's still okay.

Let Me Be Your Fantasy continues to pulse in rhythm to it's unheard beat, rocking back and forth in time until it falls over on it's side, now rolling back and forth slightly on the sands, it's colors now blending together in the movement in a psychadelic mix. It stops, if only briefly as another crack appears, then starts to pulse again more frantically. Another crack, and a rather large head bursts forth, creeling a shrill descant to the music only it can hear. Tiny cracks crawl over the surface of the egg until it bursts open, and a dark brown, goo covered dragonet lays on it's back on the sands, a well earned break from it's frantic dance to escape the confines of it's egg.
Fantasy Remix Brown Dragonet
Prominent for this dragonet are slightly larger than usual head and wings. The rest of the body is smaller, save for his feet which seem a bit ungainly for his smaller size. The dragonet's legs and wingspars are a deep chocolate brown, setting the base of the dragonet. His underbelly is a slightly lighter burnt sienna color. A lighter brown contribute to the rest of the hide covering the body, mingled with burgandy tones on his hindquarters and shoulders. Wingsails are a lighter tan color, in contrast to the darker wingspars. His head has more reddish, mahogany tones.with headknobs that have an auburn quality to the color.

The bronze on the sands catches Corana's eye; she lingers there for a moment, before turning her head to Qiluin, regarding him silently, fearfully. "See that?" She asks him, jerking her head towards it. She knows he will know why she's pointing it out. The warmth, the fear, there in equal parts now, as she considers what this could mean.

"You'll impress," Qiluin says to Indiana, but includes Corana in the wide sweeping mark. A squint is made of the stands, but the distant figures are nothing but a blur to him, so he turns back to what he can clearly see, and the blue is given a nod of approval. "There's a nice dragonet… "
There's a collective sigh of disappointment from Znitanox and Aludrad. They look at each other, raises eyebrows and quickly compose themselves - must look more manly! "Brown's good," says Aludrad, and his attention is on the newest arrival, while Znitanox looks around at all the others.

Indiana looks from Corana to Qiluin, wanting to offer them the same hopeful thoughts, but the words just don't seem to come to her right now. So she settles for a slight shrug and a smile for them both. She's starting to feel the heat of the sands through her sandals now, and does her first hop of the night - up onto one foot, allowing the other to cool.
[Ista] Qiluin hugs Indi. We love you!

Serenade in Pale C Blue Dragonet trumpets in his clear soprano, showing off his voice and getting some attention so he can better pick through the candidates, not him … not her … one eye looks over a brown haired lad for a moment but something finally seems to have caught his eye.

Ryskim looks up as more and more dragons manage to break shell, his head going this way and that, trying to focus on all of them at once, only to make himself dizzy in the process. A hand lifts up to stop his head, fingers massaging at his temple. "Shards…how are we supposed to watch them all?"

Fantasy Remix Brown Dragonet creels pitifully as he is on his back on the sands, struggling to upright himself. Finally, he rolls onto his side and manages to find his feet. He calls again and starts forward towards a group of Candidates until… Thump! He falls again onto the sands, the red tones of his hide contrasted by sand that sticks to his body. He stands again and starts forward, but doesn't get far before… Thump! He falls again, clumsy this one is.

Yandra offers quiet laughter to Ryskim, "Silly." She tells him, "Just focus on the ones that get close, at least that's what I think we're supposed to do…" She drifts off into thought, shifting from one foot to another in a dance much like the eggs are doing on the sands. "Mika, are you doing all right?"

Seana is a flurry of different emotions, ranging from painful agony to sheer bliss as Sorraiath devours the slabs of meat. "Easy now, don't rush and choke. Little bites." Sounding much like her /own/ mother, the new weyrling just grins lovingly down at the baby green. And when the healer presses on the bandage to make sure it's firmly wrapped, she gasps a bit and tries to keep everything under control for the feasting dragonet. "It just stung a little, is all."

Madrid hessa and Starr keep twisting their heads around looking every which way in their small group. "Look't the brown there," comments Madrid and both Hessa and Starr peer over watching it a bit losing track of some of the others and they watch. The trio whisper to each other now and again as they watch.

Mika nods. "I'm doing alright, Yandra." Her answer is sure, and her attention returns to the other with an expression of gratitude. "Thank you. Hot. You?" Mika, noting Indiana's new slow-step dance, does try to shift her own feet, to see if that might slow the cooking of skin and flesh.

Serenade in Pale C Blue Dragonet perks at the quiet laughter, eyes the shifting feet. Yes … there we are. His wings spread he tries to walk and quickly realizes he needs to fold thm again and move toward the laugher.

"I'm starting to be cooked," Qiluin hisses, and moves around Indiana to stand behind her and Corana, right smack dab in the middle, though slightly back so as not to intrude on their connection. The blue, the brown, all of the wandering hatchlings are watched closely, with genuine interest, his gaze only straying to the stands where he cannot see. Are they there?

Ryskim wraps his arms over his chest, his attention slowly scanning over the dragons that are wandering the sands. "I'm hot too. He's rather odd, isn't he? He keeps tripping over himself, he's gonna hurt himself if he keeps doing that."

Does Corana feel the heat? Hard to say, but she's motionless, for now. Quick darts of her head seem to characterize her movement for now, while skin turns pink with the heat, begins to sheen from the gloss of perspiration. Gripping Indiana's hand even still, her palm might begin to seem more like a lagoon than flesh. "Shards, what do we do? It's going to fast!" The tones are quieter now, not so filled with panic as they were. Corana's moods shift faster than a dragons' eye color, even under normal circumstances.

Indiana swaps feet, allowing the other one a little cooling time. "My feet are baked," she says to Qiluin, nodding. "I like that brown… isn't he a pretty one? And the blue, too… I don't know quite where to look!" Her head is darting back and forth as the tries to watch everything at once, causing her braids, tied into two pigtails either side of her head, to rustle, with the occasional tiny tapping noise as the odd bead fixed in the ends touches another.

Pervasive serentiy egg shivers, testing, testing. Nope, apparently not ready yet, it stills itself, and you may never have known it once moved.

Yandra offers a grin to Mika, "Good to hear it!" She shifts from one foot to another, doing a rather silly dance now. "Ow, ow, ow, you'd think they wanted to bake us alive, wouldn't you." She can't help but laugh again at this statement, her gaze following Ryskim's. "I think he's funny."

Fantasy Remix Brown Dragonet calls out from it's position on the Sands. Then something catches it's eye, something or someone, and he clammers to his feet, trying to run, but falling over, picking himself up as he nearly charges a group of Candidates… falling over almost more than he is on his feet, Thump! Into the Sands, but it's not there, this isn't right, and he cries again.

M'cay rubs his hands together. Muahahah. It's working. They'll have baked Candidate for the feast tonight! Wait, this morning. Baked Candidates and eggs. Delish.

Mika watches the brown, and the blue as well. No real emotion — just vague hope, well-cultured to the nearly fathomless sort of expression that so well serves those in the lowest castes of Pernese society. Ready, waiting. And watching, is Mika.

Serenade in Pale C Blue Hatchling moves awkwardly but with a clear attempt at grace to a place in front of one group of candidates. Hazel eyes have promise, brown hair could do … yes, she will be his symphony, the perfect aria to complete his piece. Wings spread again and his glorious bugle goes with the whirling eyes that show his chosen is Yandra.

Serenade in Pale C Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Yandra.
Crew> » Allegrith has awakened! «

Yandra suddenly turns her attention to the blue that's now in front of her, blinking out of confusion, "Allegrith? Yes, you're right, it does sound right! I'll be sure to get you something to eat and clean you later!" And she waits for someone to lead her off of the sands.

Yandra watches as Allegrith wanders closer to her.

M'cay steps forward, there to lead the new pair off to the edge of the Sands where the others are waiting, "Congratulations," he murmurs with a smile, "This way, please."

Qiluin emits a cheer, losing his cool decorum as Yandra impresses. "I knew she could do it!" A grin from ear to ear widens his lips and sparkles in his eyes.

Indiana's grey-green eyes follow the blue dragonet's progress, and she watches with a mixture of excitement and disappointment - for herself - when he chooses Yandra. "Congratulations! He's lovely… and what a nice name!" Then her attention is back to the eggs in front of her, and she's hopping back and forth, not just from the heat of the Sands, either. "And /now/ I'm feeling even more nervous," she mumbles.

Ryskim suddenly puts a bit of distance between him and Yandra as the blue is suddenly by them, he seems almost rooted to his spot for a moment before a smile finally appears on his lips, "Congratulations, Yandra, he's beautiful." he murmurs as the pair is led off by M'cay. He watches them for a moment before his attention is dragged once more to the sands, taking a step closer to Mika for comfort. "It's just you and me now."

Kabrielle calls out some more congratulations seeing the various impressions. Her glass of juice is raised in toast once more and she sips from the glass, a hand stays on the golds leg whom watches her son move off the sands with his weyrling giving a soft rumble that interrupts her humming.

A grin breaks out for Yandra as Corana sees her Impress the blue. She doesn't call out, but the noise from Qiluin behind her startles the already shaky girl a bit, and she jumps, turns round to look. "You trying to kill me?" She'll breathe more easily now, a quick sigh and a grin full of mirth, her tension also effectively broken for the moment.
One of Ista's own, Holdbred, is perfect for And So You're Back Egg. The egg caves in a shower of shards and yields a bulky green dragon. She blows like an autumn leaf by Rhyolith's left and sneaks a peek to the gold who shelled her. With some self-importance she stumbles to a thick knot of candidates and selects Leenad among them to be elivated to the status of L'nad. Handsome, but pimply, the Istan cradles his dragon's chin in his hand. "I'm yours from now on, Elsarnth. Just don't hurt me, okay?" The recent greens have had their tribute in blood.

Fantasy Remix Brown Dragonet lets out another determined cry as he climbs back to his feet, not about to be defeated. But no, not this group, and he turns in the direction of another group, maybe over here, and continues his clumsy, over-enthusiastic run towards that group. No, not here either, maybe that one, over there, and he runs to where his clutch brother just found his new lifemate… Thump! he falls again. Thump! Again! Just a bit further, there's the one for him, he brings himself to his feet.

Mika smiles, "You and me and Qiluin and Corana and —" Mike points out to Ryskim, gesturing to the knot of Candidates still remaining on the sands. "I'm glad Yandra Impressed." Her congratulations will come later, in private. Concern marks her features as the Fantasy Remix brown flops along the sands. "That one — needs help." Mika's opinion, and in fact she takes a step toward the brown.

M'cay barks from the edge of the Sands, "Leave him!" towards Mika.
Mika stops that step, nearly as fast as she took it. A glance toward M'cay shows she understood. Back to being still.

Qiluin grins toothily at Corana and promptly apologizes, "I will whisper do forgive." The tease is plain, but distracted as he watched the progress of the brown. M'cay's yowl visibly startles him, and with a quick glance he looks around at the Weyrlingmaster.

Indiana's attention is drawn by M'cay's shout, and she looks over to Mika. "She was going to help him," she says quietly, rubbing her hand on her thigh, presumably to dry the sweat off. Her gaze swivels back to the brown, who gets a sympathetic look. "Poor thing, e looks so lost… I hope he impresses soon, so he can get a hand, if nothing else!"

Ryskim flicks some of his hair out of his face, lips curving downwards in a frown as he watches the clumsy brown, "He's not very steady on his feet, is he?" Rysk idly ask her, letting his hand fall back to his side, "I hope he doesn't hurt himself or anything. And I meant out of our little group. I'm happy that Yandra impressed though." He winces as he hears M'cay's yell, taking a hesitant step backwards as a result.

Thump! Fantasy Remix Brown Dragonet falls again at the feet of the Candidates, looking up. It's time for the fantasy to truly begin, though certainly this won't be the final one for this pair as the brown locks its eyes on Ryskim, and they join one in soul and mind, forever from this day forward setting each other free.

Fantasy Remix Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Ryskim.
Crew> » Seiketh has awakened! «

That Lady Is a Tramp Egg shivers sensationally. One half of its surface falls to tease the image of another green dragonet, her shoulder coyly cocked. Mirrored Marvel Egg and Wild Dances Egg make a concert in hatching while the first green, Vsanth, matches with Merle, once Merlenne. The latter two eggs also cough up two greens with one of them meant for Duvang to become D'va and Ghassain to graduate to H'sai. "Bezerath!" And "Traonth!" Their riders are almost in unison too.

Mika inhales, gasps, and steps back. A shake of her head and a true smile. "Congratulations, Ryskim. R'skim?" Tentative, that name, and she does not try more. Instead, the woman clears the area, lest one of those brown wings swings her way.

Autumn in Istanbul Egg stirs up black grains below it as it quakes gently. It's only for a moment, though. It is calm once again, soon enough. After another moment it shudders violently, denotes it's life, cries it out vividly, but all too soon it is still again, it's mystery contained yet for now.

"That brown is going to-" Corana catches herself mid-sentence as the dragon in question Impresses to Ryskim, and it takes her a moment to collect herself after. "Oh! I saw it happen!" She announces, exhilarated, and without thinking, with her free hand gropes from Qiluin behind her, trying to pull him closer now that her mood has bolstered itself. Indiana will not be let go of, Corana's pressure on her grip gentle.

Ryskim though his amusement had been drawn towards the brown, mostly because of the humor helped to settle his own anxiety. But when the dragon starts to draw closer, he's quick to stumble backwards, tripping on his own feet and almost falling himself. But he's quick to catch himself, hands held out for balance. His eyes slowly widen in awe, staring at the brown and only the brown, it's a long time before he finds his voice again, "Seiketh…?" He asks tentitavely, trying the name out on his own tongue. His shock eventually wears away and he can't help but grin in a wicked manner, "Of course! Food! We'll get food!"

Indiana lets out a little squeal of excitement when Ryskim impresses. "Congratulations, Ryskim! Seiketh? What a nice name! Well done!" She stops her hopping for a few minutes, wiping sweat from her brow with a sigh. "Not many more to go now, are there? Not many at all…"

"Oh, nice name!" Qiluin grins at Ryskim, the mild mannered handyman no more. "Dragonrider! He'll have to endure a little spice in his life now." A hand presses each of the girl's shoulders, spontaneous affection shared with both.

Autumn in Istanbul shivers and shakes more than it had been before. Bits of sand that had managed to get stuck to it falls off and the egg wobbles to it‘s side leaning a bit. It shakes a bit harder and the egg rolls once to flip around competely so what was thought to be up become down and what was thought to be down become up. A crack forms then another until it looks like the egg should simply shatter and finally it does. Shimmering lights from the glows reveal the contents of the egg, now freed from the shell though small pieces of shell cling to the hatchling here and there. Deep gold clings to this hatchling save for her wingsails that are a lighter sunnier color at least without closer inspection. The Innkeepers Black-Eyed Daughter Gold Dragonet has made her grand debut.
The Innkeepers Black-Eyed Daughter Gold Dragonet
A torrent of several deep dark golden hues cover most of this gold in a pattern that`s so subtle in it`s variance that you have to be within a few feet of the gold to see it, any further back and the the shades merge together to look as if they are one. There is only two noticeable differences in her coloring. The first is in the wingsails which are lighter by several tones going more towards a yellow gold and making them stand out easily against the rest of her body. The second difference in coloring is the darkened color that is so dark it’s almost black just above her eyes almost shadowing them. The gold`s snout is long and headknobs are of course atop her head just before the ridges start from there leading all the way back and down to the very tip of her tail proportionately sized just as the rest of her body is.

R'ki watches as Seiketh wanders closer to him.

Seana watches as Sorraiath wanders closer to her.

R'ki can't help but stare at the others, his mouth gaping in surprise. "Err…thanks…let's go get you fed, Seiketh." He gladly moves to follow M'cay, cleary still in shock. A hand slowly lifts up to touch the side of his head.

Still Believe Egg shudders and wobbles, and then cracks, and a little chubby green is now laying the shards of the egg shells, calling out a long welcome to the world. It is quick to find it's feet and wobbles around as it catches her footing on the Sands. She looks around, calling out, and there she meanders around the hatching grounds, seeming to swagger in her steps.

Keeping a firm hand on the shoulders, Qiluin shakes both girls, "There's the gold. Keep sharp!" A bronze rockets past him, and the hands are dropped, and then a blue stumbles close, and the boy falls just short of trying to help it to its feet, remembering M'cay's harsh warning. "Shards… it's going quick now."

Indiana takes a step back when the gold dragon hatches, apparently quite shocked. "Now if she comes over here, I'm running the other way," she says, gulping. "Don't wanna be no weyrwoman… Corana, you can take her. That'll give Kezia something to moan about." She shuffles her feet, being careful not to get sand in her sandals, and looks around. "That green… she'll do it for me."

M'cay groans softly. Great. His first time as WLM and he's got a gold to train. Great. Just great. The young man turns and crouches down, and is, again, quietly sick in a corner.

Corana's response to the shaking is to frown slightly, but the source will keep her from snapping. Her eyes do turn to the gold, briefly looking her over, but she remains where she is. Quietly, she'll intone, "I don't know, Indy, maybe we both should," and she doesn't move yet, though her eyes wander around, seeing that many girls have their eye on what she was just observing.

The gold dragonet looks around the sands from where she stands, looks round as the larger gold behind at the back of the sands looks over to her. A small rumbling croon is offered to the little gold and she offers one back to her clutchmom. No one presses her sharply nor harries her to move along. The dragonet stands and watches not moving a foot quite yet. Even without moving however her eyes are looking round for the prize she's after tonight.

N'lon tries to mark off each Impression with a naked glance and not much speech. Rhyolith has adopted a feline crouch with all four legs tucked. Now and then his banded tail moves with patient impatience. The Weyrleader seems to favor the speed these the chromatics will give him. It's a bit of personal relief when the Telgar gold egg breaks shell. Gritted, "she better be worth her twenty-five marks." His arms tighten across his chest, waiting to see whom she will name.

The chubby green parades around the hatching grounds, head held up high until her eyes fall onto a young girl, whom she butts her head into, pay attention! Eyes lock and the girl Elenaihj, calls out, "Okay okay, Yloth! Let's find you some food!"

Niliath hums loudly eyes looking towards her golden daughter as the gold peers around. Bree grins wider and peers around at the various eggs about, "only four eggs left to crack," she comments.
Mika attends the gold, with a real interest. Indeed, abandoned now by both her friends-turned-Weyrlings, Mika steps out to clear space around her. Presenting herself with steady look back to the gold. Watching. Watching.

The Innkeepers Black-Eyed Daughter Gold Dragonet tilts her head to the ground as she moves not in a straight line instead she twists around here and there as if following a ribbon set forth upon the sands. Her feet and legs move up and down, up and down, marching along her winded path. Gold Dragonet makes no sound at all. She pauses just a moment looks to the exit off the sands peering ot the bowl behind through the chaos upon the sands. She looks to the darkness out in the bowl and turns her head away from it moving along on the sands.

Macabre Delusion still is not ready. It remains still on the Sands, not a shake, not even a tremor of a shake. It's got it's own schedule, and it's going to keep to it, thank you very much.

Indiana's feet are burning enough now to keep her shuffling - she's pretty much unable to stand still. "Maybe we should," she replies to Corana, gulping. The gold moves, and Indiana lets out a little squeak, as if it shocked her. "Maybe it'd save a lot of people a lot of trouble if we did?"

Pervasive serenity and Dlamn Gaelach Eggs stir, stillness unsettled suddenly, but it's not time yet to break. Settling, they wait.

Qiluin is quiet, watching, reserving himself for yet another impression of his … friends. There are so few in this crowd that he can actually tag that title on, and even the ones he does, probably wouldn't share it with him. The galleries are gleaned, and for a moment he thinks he sees something… someone, but a shake of his head sends those tresses to fluttering and the boy shrugs it off.

The Innkeepers Black-Eyed Daughter Gold Dragonet moves forth glancing at candidates but she doesn't stop, no she doesn't stop yet. She looks in the moonlight as is casts it's glow onto the sands from out in the bowl. She looks in the moonlight for her partner, seeking amongst those whom stand there as she moves in the glowlit sands.

Intrusive Darkness Egg still looms. It remains primarily encased, cognizant of all that is happening, but not yet a willing participator. The psyonic network it weakly shared with its kin has been ruptured and in the nexus of confusion it prefers consummate silence.

Indiana's trying to edge inconspicuously behind Corana, her eyes not leaving the gold, save for to dart quickly to the unhatched eggs and then back again. "What's she looking for? She's just, like, staring… you don't think there's anything wrong with her, do you?"
Mara heads out towards the main bowl.

Corana remains still. Eyes wandering over the sands, they travel over the rocking eggs, then finally return to Indiana. "Trouble? It'd be far more. But yes," And she'll stride forward just so, keeping hold of Indiana's hand while doing so. Qiluin is spared a glance backward, longingly, but he may not see it. She stops a few steps farther into the sands, though seems to receive new tension now.

Macabre Delusions Egg was silent, but now rocks violently until it falls over, shaking until dark blue wings suddenly shatter the shell and then with a low sounding call, the dark blue head bursts out, crying loudly to all who will hear him.

Mara walks carefully onto the hot sands, making sure not to disturb the queen or her eggs.

Mika watches the gold with fascination. She is keeping automatic track of everything else on the sands. She doesn't want to get run over at this point in the hatching. With both Ryskim and Yandra impressed there are few she's close enough to deliberately gravitate to, so she simply stays where she is. Most of the shyness is gone from her manner as she is completely focused on the events at hand.

Not till the dawn it was heard; how the landlord's daughter, the landlord's black-eyed daughter, had watched for her partner in the moonlight, and found her in the darkness there. With a cry of joy the gold turns stops her rapid pace finding there the tall girl with strawberry blonde hair and pale blue eyes gazing with head uprised to peer up at Corana.

The Innkeepers Black-Eyed Daughter Gold Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Corana.
Crew> » Naomith has awakened! «

Intrusive Darkness Egg goes deadly still, not so much as a shudder going through it. Slowly a beat begins. At first it's a steady Thump..thump..thump before it grows in strenght until the eggs cracks spread and the shell shatters to dump the unsuspecting dragonet flat on his belly. Misery Loves Company Bronze Dragonet drops from the remains of his shell, laying there on the sands upon his belly while giving a plaintive cry. This is so not the way he planned things, it's undignified for him to be laying here like this. So with wings threatening to send him sprawling again, the new bronze heaves himself to his feet and takes a few tottering steps as his head swings about to inspect the now broken up line of white. Another bleat, this one stronger by far as he looks to his dame and sire as if he's sure they'll be the ones to bring the one that is his to him.
Misery Loves Company Bronze Dragonet
Molten bronze has been heated, cooled then heated once more before finally being poured into the perfect mold. Oozing copper seethes over this broad head, eyeridges high and wide with hints of duller metallic shades. Fiery forges could not match the red-bronze ore that is his limbs, a strange patterning of ebon strands give the appearance of tatto like marking upon both forelegs. Over back and hind the purified ore flows, dappled by a greenish patina where his wings rise from his body. Wings like heavy bars of bronze sweep out with sails solid and unrefined and sails seeminly fragile in their near golded haze. Completion is found in the long rope of dull metal that is long overdue for polishing, lean and snake like and again marked but this time only upon the glinting spade.

A pair of eggs, Prevasive Serentiy and Dlamn Gaelach splinter apart, one in a sudden burst, and the other in slow flaking of shell. One delivers green unto the world with a rapturous bugle that vibrates her body, knocking off the last remnants of her egg. Brown tumbles onto the sands from the other, wings tangling with his talons and keeping him in a confused ball while he struggles to right himself.

Brown rolls into a furrow in the sands, and after a good deal of tussling about, manages to pull himself together, slapping his wings sharply to his side in embarrassment. Green has no such issues, and spends a good deal of time peering about her, trying to get her bearings.

The hand leaves Corana's shoulder as if she were stolen away from Qiluin, his eyes glossy as he grins and curtails a sigh of sorrow at the same time. "Ah, good girl," he murmurs, turning away to wipe at the tears that well in the black orbs. That is when he sees the bronze that spills forth. All is lost. All is still. The room goes dark just like in the movies, all save for the spotlight on the cool molten dragonet. The boy just stands there riveted.

Corana's gaze turns slowly, to the side, down, and she doesn't so much fall as stagger to her knees, heat blistering without heed. Gently, with trembling hands, she reaches both out to stroke the gold's elegant head, as though she might be a mirage. "Naomith?" Corana's voice trembles, but she has eyes only for her, "My Naomith!"

Mika spots the impression and smiles, offering a "Congratulations" to Corana, though it's not certain if her quiet voice could be heard. Impression made she turns towards the other dragons on the sands and the eggs, attending to the rest of the hatching. The bronze is given only a nominal glance as a potential hazard on the sands. The brown and green hold more of her interest at the moment.

The dark blue dragonet paces in front of the gathered Candidates that remain on the Sands, calling angrily to them when they don't meet his standard. He paces between them, eyes whirling fast as he grows more frantic, and there, standing alone, as everyone else around her had already found partners. And there he is, and he calls to her, loudly, Nirvana standing alone. The girl jumps slightly at the call and looks into his eyes. Impression is made and she calls out "Xerasth! He is called Xerasth!" The newly christened Nira says excitedly.

Indiana seems almost relieved that her backing away from the gold worked. "Ha," is all she says to Corana, not, perhaps, in the nicest of ways, but it's not conveying anything /too/ unpleasant. "Kezia's going to have kittens. A whole sharding litter of them." She backs away to Znitanox and Aludrad, linking arms with the former and nestling against his side to watch the rest of the hatching.

Misery Loves Company Bronze Dragonet waits until the rumbling in his belly tells him he cannot wait for his parents sound advice whom to pick. With a heave of still wet limbs and wings, the little bronze gains his feet and stumbles forth to steal the scene from all those still hatching around him. Worship me! Fear Me! Come to Me! He seems to say as his body straightens and the trek towards the candidates begins. The lean tail lashes out at a scraggly Hold lad that draws to close, knocking him to the ground. Girls are passed over except for one rather boyish loooking lass but well after a moments inspection the bronze sneezes upon her and moves on.

Satisfied, both brown and green charge off to find their lifemates, only to bounce into each other in the going. Unperturbed, they move side by side to a ling of candidates, and green wastes no time picking herself Hessa from the pack whom becomes Essa announcing the green's name to the crowds, Selbafeth!. An impression is made. Brown is more fickle, and trundles down the line at a hobbling pace, searching faces as he goes before doubling back again to Madrid whom becomes M'drid and announces, Plorath of course we can find you some meat, and the two pairs move off the sands together.

Qiluin murmurs as he distantly catches the name, "Naomith," but is dully distracted. Angling around Indiana, he presents himself to the path of the destructive bronze, eyes glimmering keenly, teeth shinning sharp through the pregnant gap of his grinning lips. Slow quiet murmurings sound only to those close to him, "Come on, come to me. Cut me deep, I can take it."

Nodding to M'cay, Corana rises from her knees, blackened by sticking grains of Ista's sand, Naomith gazing up at her with silent intensity, sharply keen. There is a moment where the tall girl will look back to Indiana, and there her gaze linger for a moment, but on Qiluin it sticks. Smiling slowly, he's not watching, but she'll stay just a moment longer, her gold not demanding quite yet. Soon maybe? But she waits, watching. The fondness is reserved now for Qiluin, and shared equally with knowing glances at the young queen as she probes the girl mind gently.

M'cay leans in close to say something quietly to Corana.
You overhear M'cay murmur, " … him be, … … Naomith now." to Corana

Niliath peers around the sands watching the last of her clutch move around. As she watches she continues her hum though it is softer than before, perhaps her throats getting tired after all this time.

Mika nods once as both blue and green find their lifemates, leaving only the bronze. She makes a mental note to congratulate Ryskim, whatever his new name would become, when he had time. Perhaps at the hatching feast. She couldn't imagine that the Weyrlings would not be allowed to attend, after all it was a celebration of them! She waits to see which of the remaining males on the sands the bronze goes for.

Misery Loves Company Bronze Dragonet moves on, taking his time inspecting the troops. A brawny Fortian lad is nudged into a upright and tall pose with a wing tip, giving him a hopeful look that's dashed when the hatchling moves on. With the shifting about of his Dame, the bronzeling warbles at her as if asking for more input here. A few more steps, then he pauses, turns about and looks, then sneezes again and moves to the end of the line before heading back much like a drill sargent with his cadets.

Indiana loses her clinging grip on Znitanox's arm as the lad moves forward in hopes of attracting the bronze. She snorts, crosses her arms over her chest, and looks around the Sands, then over her shoulder at the exit. The bronze is given a brief glance - after all, she knows there's no way she'll be able to attract it - and then she starts slowly sidling over to the edge of the Sands, in the hopes of performing a quick disappearing act once he's found his lifemate.

There are so few eggs left, if any, and Qiluin becomes desperate, he /cannot/ be left again, and this dragon-lad is perfect for him. Two peas in a pod, and that should frighten anyone. One boy is sluffed out of the way, making room for the tall Igenite in the bronze's path. I'm here! Pay attention! A small boy next to Qiluin gazes up with bright hope, and a laughing bark heralds the dragonhealer's mirth. "Don't even think it… don't wish it," he warns.

Misery Loves Company Bronze Dragonet moves back down the line and comes to a complete stop. Then Charges like a bull that's seen a red flag, only to yet again come to a complete stop as he look up at a small group of perhaps four candidates. The girl, she's quickly dismissed with a snort. She's just not what he wants, but what he has in mind is here, right here, he just has to figure out which one he wants the most. Choices, choices, which on is the perfect one for him to push around.

Indiana hears that snort from the bronze and gives him a contemptuous look. "Hey!" she snorts back, pausing in her slow side-stepping to plant her fists firmly on her hips. "Just 'cos I'm not a guy…" She shakes her head, looking at the other candidates standing around. "Can you believe him? Huh, I'll bet he chooses a real… a real /Qiluin/." That's meant to be an insult, apparently. Hands on hips, she stands there, half-way to the side of the Sands nearest the exit, and watches to see if she's right.

Kabrielle finishes off her juice as she watches the final dragon. Niliath moves her head forward stretching her neck out though whether it`s to look to the dragonet or the exit is a bit iffy at this point. Perhaps the gold is now anxious to get off the sands even if she`s a bit torn with one dragonet left to choose.

Corana pointedly ignores whatever M'cay has just told her; her dragonet seems to appreciate that, somehow. But Qiluin is occupied otherwise, and though Corana wants to see, her Naomith is insistently hungry, though stalwartly refusing to whine about it. "Alright, food," Corana murmurs, leading the gold off the sands, ever so slowly. A look is cast back over her shoulder, watching that one Candidate she's got the same look for as the dragon at her side, but she'll keep silent. He's busy.

Qiluin heard that, and savors for later, Indiana. Savors. Enjoys. Delights, even. Desperation leaves a little edge to the lad's voice as he watches and calls, "You belong here. Come on… choose! Be decisive!" Not that he would, but impatience is welling! Worry lines begin to show, and sweat beads like never before upon his dusky brow.

Misery Loves Company Bronze Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Qiluin.
Crew> » Zhoreth has awakened! «

After stalking on the sands on legs that have rapidly gotten steady. Misery Loves Company Bronze Hatchling stops, straightens himself and moves to stand before a young man. He honors this boy with a steady gaze from his red whirling eyes before butting him in the belly to make sure he has his attention. Yes, You, the one that still smells of all things healerish, you have been bagged, claimed, and are now fated to live out your turns with him.

You overhear M'cay murmur, " My … time … and what … … … A … … a gold … with … Corana. … … going to be … … … of laughs, … … Kabrielle was … fool to … I'd … good … … … … … … … I going to … … … … … em' … … what … … … … … them … firestone all … … that's …" to himself.

Qiluin rocks back on his heels, shattered for a moment as a alien life reaches for his own, grasping him so firmly he has to shake his head to get his own thoughts clear. "Yes, Zhoreth. It's about sharding time! Where have you been?" Small tears caress his cheeks, and the tall lad leans in to wrap his arms around his new lifemate. "I know you're hungry… lets go stuff that stomach full of raw flesh." The grin is rapt for now and forever more.

"Oh, I was /so/ right," Indiana snorts when the bronze chooses Qiluin. She turns on her heel and walks over to the side of the hatching ground, arms folded across her chest and a frown set upon her forehead. "Must've been defective, that's the only explaination," she mutters to herself as she comes up to the side and leans against it, waiting to be dismissed.

Qiluin watches as Zhoreth wanders closer to him.

Mika nods once, with no more eggs on the sands she turns to walk off, tendering a few congratulations all around, though she does give Qiluin a brief, uncertain look. She's not certain what that pair bode for the weyr, not in the slightest. She's already making her mental to do list. Odds were she would get pulled to help with the refreshements.

N'lon's fingernails rub at the center part in his hair before maneuvering towards those enduring candidates. "It's a tough life, but it won't end for you here. Dragonriders can take you back to your birth homes or if you want, stay here. Your choice." A better, more empathetic, person should have done this job, but N'lon is persevering honesty. "Go get drunk, go get laid." His hands are thrown, dispersing them, while he is overdue throwing himself onto Rhyolith to go unfindable.

Corana watches as Naomith wanders closer to her.

M'cay gathers around the Weyrlings and waits a short time until all the dragons are fed. Then it's a push to get them all into the Weyrling Barracks before the young dragons collapse into a deep sleep, and the Weyrling riders are free to join in the early morning festivities.

"Get laid?" The thought hadn't occured to Indy, but she smirks a little at the idea. "Thanks, N'lon. I intend to drink a whole skin in late celebration of my turnday." Which will mean she has to leave the sands, of course - and she does so, turning on her heel and marching out.
Indiana heads out towards the main bowl.

Mika shakes her head, "I'll be staying, sir." And she heads back to the now much more empty candidate barracks to change.

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