Fort Weyr Npcs

The cornerstones of the Weyr
Most of the action takes place in the living cavern. From any angle you can catch sight of people who spend so much time there that they're practically furniture.

There's Harry, the barkeep. Harry's been serving inebriants to all takers for more than forty turns, and since he stands duty with more devotion than a watchwher, if anything happens in the living cavern, he usually knows all about it. When he's not there, his partner in crime is Ellie, the red-haired drudge. Ellie must be edging on forty by now, and she has at least two sons by one of the more prolific riders, N'danti. She's a woman of good sense, and everyone always thought she'd amount to more.

Ellie's seniority has earned her the right to delegate chores to younger drudges, like Challah. Brown-haired and skinny, it's rumored her mother named her after a type of light Telgarian bread. Challah isn't the brightest glow in the basket, but she's always biddable.

See those riders sitting in the corner with their packs of cards? The grizzled one who could use a haircut is G'blem, lifemate to brown Wagerth. He's played most every night, some nights up, some nights down, for almost twenty-five turns. He mostly grunts if you talk to him unless, perhaps, you'd care to play a hand or two … ?

Upstairs in the kitchens, the queen of mean, Grizelda, rules with an iron fist. If Harry's demesne covers the potables, Grizelda's extends over the edibles. Like Harry, she's been here since time immemorial, churning out meatrolls and cookies by the gross and occasionally straying into exotic cookery best admired from a distance. Even when rations have been slim, she's managed to keep the Weyr's stomachs from rumbling too much, so maybe she deserves her self-cultivated diva status. Check out a portion of her many menus if you dare!

Kletta. Need clean laundry - then see Kletta. Our resident hypochondriac laundress. She's a little odd and maybe your laundry might not be all that clean.
Johanna - Nanny to the weyrbrats.

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