Yli's Salt-Edged Citrus Green Nyasuth
From: Pixie Shoemaker Egg
Scrolling their story across bland eggshell in the unprepossessing shades of brown and grey poverty, capering pixie figures enliven it with their deft helping of purple leather and brass-buckles over patent black. Inspired by gratitude, gnarled hands shape the silver-belled toes of azure slippers and tiny magenta doublets with surprising delicacy — crowning the top, splotches of colour paint the imps and their new clothes.

Hatching Message: Pixie Shoemaker Egg explodes outwards from the sheer force of the dragonet inside, who shakes herself free of the shards and gives a lazy stretch.

Hatchling Name: Salt-Edged Citrus Green Dragonet.

Hatchling Description: She's combined slinky prowler's grace with a square-shouldered and compactly muscular frame, her colour a vibrant, near fizzing lime green with a touch of briny salt around her headknobs that rides down that strong spine to her tail-spade, where it curls into whitened jade. Her broad-sailed wings are laced with kiwi over her base citrus, deepening at her pinions to a matte finish.

Impression Message: The heat is forgotten, the candidates dismissed from your mind in an eddying tsunami of sea-brine and citrus: «Feeeeeeyliiiiiin!» It's an imperious, determined throaty purr which insinuates itself through your consciousness until you're no longer sure which is her and which is you, so closely bound that you are. «I knew I'd find you.» and the warm, heady scent of palm trees and coconuts suffuses your mind along with the most important knowledge: Nyasuth!

Nyasuth…it has a clarity to it, a richness on the tongue despite the initial lightness: Nyasuth. I liked it for it's faintly Egyptian ring, because of course, the Egyptians revered cats and there's something so feline about both Yli and Nyasuth. Nya-sooth. 'Nya' was so light, so airy, and the 'sooth' so strong and sibilant - in keeping with your Nyasuth.

Your Nyasuth bears more than a passing resemblance in personality to the average cat - she's imperial, lazy, utterly self-assured and confident in her dignity at all times. Even when she's sprawled on her back for a belly-warm in the sun, she'll manage to carry it off with comparative dignity (or so /she'll/ think; the laughing crowd of brats might think something completely different). Like a cat, she's very independent - even of you -, but also like some cats, she has one special person: You. Nyasuth will forgive you anything (even if it takes a day or two), will allow you any liberty with her (even if she comments about it: «I Am A Dragon. Not a diving board.»), she'll defend you should anyone insult you beyond your capabilities to reply - and Nyasuth has a double-edged tongue; she can cajole and coax, and she can score deeply with her words. She's every bit as tart as you, Yli, and sometimes she'll even surpass you.

You'll be the only one she'll allow, however reluctantly, to call her 'Nya'. If anyone attempts to give her a pet name, they'll be treated to supreme indifference and icy contempt for a day or two, until the indignity fades from her memory. She's got a wry, droll sense of humour which can have you in fits of laughter -even if there's a malicious edge to it sometimes. She's possessive of you to a fault, as well - during weyrlinghood, she'll frequently stake a physical claim to you by curling around you if she feels that someone else - person or dragon - is threatening your bond. She'll permit you to initiate contact, but she'll rarely actively react to it beyond the odd tail-flick against you to show her deep love.

And she does love you, deeply, completely, and without surcease - even if she rarely exhibits it. It's not just because she's not by nature overly demonstrative, but because she doesn't feel a need for it - /of course/ she loves you. How could there ever be any doubt? Threats like - «If you don't do that, I won't love you anymore!» - are almost childish: she'll always love you. During weyrlinghood, she'll have a habit of resting her head on your stomach when she sleeps - watch out for when she gets heavier!

Every dragon has their quirks, and Nyasuth's is rocks. Nyasuth has a fascination with the things, however big and small, and when the time comes for you to choose your weyr and decorate it, guess what the main decoration will be? That's right! Rocks. During weyrlinghood, your couch will quite probably be ringed by the things, and if Nyasuth spots one that's too large for you to carry on your own, she'll insist on other people helping. And because like enjoys like, Nyasuth will most probably start a collection of cats and kittens - you'll find your weyr becoming home to most of the stray felines around the weyr.

Despite her catlike laziness, Nyasuth is impatient with rules - or rather, the lack thereof, as she's quite certain they don't apply to her, and will insist so when you try and explain that they apply to /everyone/. «But not /me/, Yli. Not to /me/. Silly.» She'll be quite a rule-breaker, or would be one, during weyrlinghood - she'll be fine at the beginning, when she's unaware of the rules, or when they allow her plenty of space to test out her abilities, but once she starts learning how to fly, she'll chafe at the restrictions she feels are holding her back. «I want to fly to the /sea/…Dragonth was talking about the sea!» And because she's so confident in herself, and in you, you might have to exert your will against hers - and believe me, your Nyasuth is as strong-willed as they come - to pull her away from something potentially dangerous. Because, like cats, Nyasuth will have a slight tendency to stick her talons in the metaphorical socket of the Universe and play with the light switch to see what will happen. And then she'll exhibit pop-eyed surprised innocence at the result.

When she's proddy, Nyasuth will become quite clingy and resentful of the time you spend away from her - «No! I want you to stay in the Bowl with /me/!» "But Nya, it's /raining/." «I don't care! I don't want you to go!» - and a lot more prone to exclamations of the simplest things: «Sun!» «Hungry!» «There you are!» «I'm cold!» and she'll stay proddy a little longer than the average space of time - she'll mature sexually, sooner than a lot of other greens, and you may find she's ready to rise by graduation, but unlike a lot of her sister-greens, she won't cosy up to every male dragon around. The contrast between her lime and sea-brine will be made a lot more apparent, and she'll likely spend long periods lazing around punctuated by frantic pacing and restlessness, until at last she rises.

Your Nyasuth, whilst sharing the brightness of her colour with Cea's Ayeleth, has nothing of her sylph-like frame; Nyasuth is powerfully built and fizzing with vibrance, compact for all that she's muscular, but this affects not a whit the easy elegance which radiates from her entire being. When she grows into her frame, she'll be an average sized green, but more compact looking - however, during weyrlinghood, you might find yourself worried by her lack of growth. She'll remain at half the size she should, ideally, be, until you're reaching the last stretch of weyrlinghood - then she'll seem to grow almost overnight, and be incredibly itchy in the bargain, until she's attained her proper growth. Don't worry, by graduation she'll be the right size, even after all that lagging.

Nyasuth will indulge other people when they want to scritch her, but she doesn't actively seek it - she far prefers you to be the scritcher to anyone else. She's a very one-person dragon. Her favourite spot is just under her jaw, and just along to the beginning of her neck - she'll hum with the sheer pleasure of it, and even though it's an embarrassing loss of dignity, she'll sprawl limply and bonelessly wherever you are. It's pretty much the only time she'll do it though, and she'll never let anyone touch that spot in a scritch.

She's a fastidious eater, picky to a fault, and you may have trouble getting her to eat enough when she's dissatisfied with the fare at Fort Weyr. «I don't like the herdbeasts. They aren't satisfactory. I won't eat!» She'll enjoy her blooding to the full, and she'll enjoy flying over the pens just to see her prospective meals run in terror, but she'll rarely consume more than one or two herdbeasts. Because of this, you might find she eats more frequently than a lot of her fellows. Also, Nyasuth will be exceedingly fastidious about cleaning herself straight afterwards, and with the exception of flights, she'll try and make the minimal amount of mess.

Her movements are graceful, like a cat stalking her prey, even when she's in fact just moving over on her ledge for a visitor. When she walks, she's more inclined to do the shoulder-jutting slink of the hunting cat, rather than simply moving, and when she runs it'll be the elegant, forelegs and backlegs away, together, away, together, race of the cheetah - and that'll enable her to move faster than a lot of her fellows.

In the air, she's capable of both powering ahead through sheer muscle, and of quick, darting manoeuvres - she's not anything special at the latter, but she'll love diving from a great height and pulling up just short of impact (and, incidentally terrifying anyone in the bowl). When you have a ledge, she'll develop an annoying habit of simply stepping off the ledge and pulling up into a glide only when she's going at scary speeds.

In the water, she can't build up the speed she's used to on both land and air, so she's more likely to lurk in shallow water or to come powering up out of the centre of the lake only to fall back with a tsunami of water - though she'll enjoy dropping from the air into the water, either going fast and silently to enter with the minimum of splashes, or with a terrifying, ear-shattering bugle as she arranges herself to create the largest wall of water hurtling up.

Her scent is that of palm-trees and coconuts, the essence of lazy days on the beach, whilst her flavour is the tangy one of salted lime slices and her colour alters with mood. Most days she's a vibrant, heady spectrum »Magenta« »Azure«»Lemon«»Lime«»Pineapple« of tropical colours. They mute to pastels when she's tired or miserable, or when you're ill, and flare into dark shades of her normal vibrancy when she's angry: >Violet«»Midnight«»Ochre«»Emerald« She's got a throaty purring voice, even when she's angry, and it's always imperious - even when she's professing her love for you, in her own terms and in one of those rare moments.

Dragonet Credits: Shendti.
Egg Credits:
Sire: Modrath
Dam: Edysanth

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

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