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October 8, 1995. Katrineth's fifth Hatching. Arien's distribution.

Sired by J'dano's bronze Zhanth, their clutch yielded 31 eggs of reasonably
normal distribution, of which nine were hatched as objects on-camera; of
these, 6 were PCs (2 blues, 2 browns, 1 gold, 1 green) and 3 NPCs (1 blue, 1
bronze, 1 green). The hatching started on time, and took two hours almost
/exactly/. Minor bouts with people's nets dropping them at inopportune
times, sending the hatching crew in a flurry of nail-biting, but other than
that, it went exceedingly well. Fun. :)

[Descs added in later; pre-hatching foo where folks first notice eggs
rocking and accordingly scamper around not included in this edition. Editing
of main log courtesy of Slaine.]

Hatching Sands
These sands /burn/, their heat immense, unrelenting, warping sight and
scorching feet. Chosen home to generation after generation of Fort queens'
clutches, the gigantic cavern easily engulfs its contents; the showy
galleries along the southern wall, even the serried dragons' ledges are mere
details in the vast obsidian fastness. The acoustics echo and reecho, the
slightest footfall reliving in memory the echoing, bone-deep thrum of
dragonkind greeting its own. Generation after generation: memories press
thick in each heated breath. Generation after generation: here have lives
changed — forever.
Dominating the sands, sire and dam ward their clutch; thirty-one eggs can be
counted by the patient: thirty, and one, the latter kept separate but not
solitary, where Katrineth's own had Turns ago waited.
You see Twilight Moonbow, Winter Solstice, Flotsam & Jetsam, Neap Tide,
Shifting Moonshadows, Summer Solstice, Harvest Moon, Flood Tide, Wind-Whipped
Waves, Katrineth, and Zhanth here.

Twilight Moonbow
Before the stars — after the rains have swept dusk from the sky — a
gibbous moon rides low, swaddled in final violet, below the horns of its
crescent sib. Light distilled from olive and myrrh spans the void between
orb and curve, there to transfix lingering wisps of mist, trapping them and
transforming. Silver-shot and diamond-caught, color bleeds an arc of
crystalline scintillation: a perfect, insubstantial prism crucified between
and by the moons for one breathless moment, dissipating in the next into
deepening dark. All the beauty, all the wonder, all the thin, frail rarity
— lost forever when true night falls.

Winter Solstice
Wintery waves wrack fleeting blue amidst the nightfall grey and green of
sea-flung spume. Fit to imperil the very molecules' cohesion, this cold
violence, crashing through fishers' nets, carving its whim on boats and docks
with convulsive, instinctual cunning — and yet bearing a certain terrible
beauty in the gloss of dark, roiling turbulence. Tidal. Inexorable. The
blackest night of the year, when the sane remain huddled by the contained
warmth of hearth and heart.

Flotsam & Jetsam
Spectral coral light floods the evening sky, shadows' fingers skittering to
pluck and choose from the tide's cherished oblation. Weathered silver,
waterlogged brown, wormy bone, gnarled and smoothed by time and test: they
shiver against the ocean's pounding squall, hazed by wind-drift and spume,
waiting to see which will be chosen, which swept back into the depths. Above
hangs, discontent, the sulking sun in its nest of whip-thin clouds: blood it
favors, blood and the littered fragments of human desire.

Neap Tide
Southern Boll. Shadowy, ghost-like shores stretch their pale valleys
beneath ocean's endless cerulean caresses; the lazy low tide ebbs languid,
revealing ridge after undulating ridge of olive kelp strewn abandoned on the
strand; occasionally it lingers in a spiderclaw-dwelling pool, the better to
reflect sunset's bemused flush. There, within the horizon's veiling haze,
ocean and sky at last embrace: stars as their witness, moons as their guide.

Shifting Moonshadows
Fraternal twins rise over the Fort cliffs, Belior full and Timor
three-quarters dusky orange; in the remote foothills, delicate shadows
manifest in a silent forest glade. Lacking the harshness that personifies
their cousins of the sun, instead these haze to evanescent, welcoming
softness: all subtly-shifting blue-greys and pale, virginal whites that
mingle, transient, with the dew-damp grass. Budding leaves stencil intricate
patterns across the forest floor, fanciful as lace crafted for a new bride's
gown; they blur momentarily as clouds lattice the moons, only to unveil in
renewed, shy splendour.

Summer Solstice
Waves of heat shimmer and shift as far as the eye can see, suncaught,
gleaming golden overleaf to a sea of deepest indigo. As crest slides to
trough, the colours drowse between blue to gold and back again before
settling at last into greeny depths: slow and heavy and full, nigh
overpowering in their lambent truth. This day of all days is not so much
immediate as lasting, dwelling within a drowsy expanse of time that lingers
for the senses' savour, the spirit's dreaming enlightenment.

Harvest Moon
Stark amber-orange swells the solitary moon, silhouetted against the abyssal
vault of starless night. Under the eye's dilated lens, it focusses to
stylized sigil of cornucopian plenty, fit to be brandished against winter's
coming cold, embodiment of harvest and hearth and hope — mere cutout, and
nothing more. Here, in the warming depths, is truest home: obsidian waters
cradle autumn's incarnate reflection, mottle her with dissonant,
idiosyncratic waves of ochre and bronze, burnish her with individual, however
occluded, glory.

Flood Tide
Crimson wracks the moonswept tide, its flux flooding silken shores even as
the roiling, tormented sky clasps earth and sea in painful embrace. Naught
lives beneath these seeping waters, although the precursor to this dead sea
cradled the primordial fundamentals of life; now it casts its inhabitants
against the sand, unalive. On the strand, abandoned eggs decompose in
clutches and singly, beaded along the shore like rotting pearls, yet the sea
does dwindle; the cycle turns; and the waters welcome life anew. The flood
recedes. And will return.

Wind-Whipped Waves
Air dances ephemeral steps with Water, the fleeting traceries curled and
flaked with foamy white and sun-silver. Deeper roils mystery untouched by
surface fancies; lucid turquoise overlays slow, strong, silent indigo like a
window into the heart of the world. The depths swirls with its own concern,
ineffable whorls of dark and darker; while far, far above, thin argent
describes an endless elemental courtship that laces and unravels with mad,
coy scintillation.

Flowing she is, and regal indeed: from intent scintillance of gaze to supple
sinuosity of tail, this queen dragon manages her slim-boned frame with
sensuous, fluid grace. Deep, true gold in hue, her suede-soft hide
coruscates with vivid highlights along the curve of her spine, echoes in the
scimitar blades of her talons, and reechoes along the leading edges of those
demanding wings; their lucent tissue rustles a constant, subliminal susurrus
as if tasting the wind even in these heated caverns.
Katrineth is 13 Turns, 6 months, and 4 days old.
She crouches, darkly burnished, over her clutch: spirit's luminosity
oriented on maternal protection.

He is style incarnate, this young bronze dragon whose long-limbed,
languorous length has grown to thirty-seven rawboned meters. Velvety umber
traces the sinuous hollows of throat and hindquarters; as dark as his clarion
voice and crisply curved talons, that shadowy underpinning brightens through
supple browny-bronze to a tinge of startling gold along starkly ridged spine
and the leading edges of long, broad wings. Water rather than fire for all
the mesmerizing heat in his deep-socketed eyes, he eddies from flashy
jocularity into inscrutable hauteur without pause or apology, only suave,
smug delight in showily tempered control.
Zhanth is 2 Turns, 11 months, and 25 days old.
Scintillant whirl his eyes, curves his tail: excitement's imminence.

The spacious, showy galleries of Fort Weyr's Hatching Cavern spread
luxuriously around you. Suspended high in the air by thick stone pillars,
you are afforded an excellent view of the mammoth cavern and all that it
Below is the focus of attention, the heated sands where Fort's queens lay
their clutches; along the north wall are narrow ledges. A draconic
counterpart to these galleries, during a hatching — or even a clutching! —
they're likewise filled by visitors and Fort residents, all offering support
to dragons and humans of all sizes and ages. Several spiral staircases lead
downward to the floor of the cavern and the huge archway leading out into
the bowl.
You see Orbrun, Samara, Tambourin, Macho, Shalom, Palaver, Ceridwen, Lian,
Grendel, Paprika, Aithne, and Pippi here.
Vae, Kyrie, Arise, Dickon, Teleri, Arielana, Analinia, Gwendolyn, Timora,
Belldandy, T'nar, Vela, Ed'ard, and Felassa are here.

Slaine walks in.

Ed'ard walks around a little, spotting a group of Ista Phoenix riders. He
waves and plops down in their midst.

Vela takes a moment to glance at all that are present before making her way
to a seat. After tripping over a few feet…"Excuse me…pardon me…excuse
me" she finds one with the perfect view of the sands.

Slaine pushes little Riendor before her, apologizing her way through the
growing crowd to a seat in the very front row.

Arise waves a hello to Slaine as she enters.

Belldandy waves to the stranger, "Hello:0 I see you have a gitar:)"

Above the sands, Meleketh flies in from the Bowl.
Above the sands, Meleketh wings down to the ledge.
Up on the ledges, Meleketh lands with a light touch, arranging herself

Slaine smiles at Arise as she and her foster-son grab seats, she quietly,
he with nervous, excited babbling.

Belldandy sits down next to Arielana. "Are you an up and coming Harper?:)"

Above the sands, Ashtoreth flies in from the Bowl.

L'lia walks in.

On the sands, Arien walks in from the entrance.

Up on the ledges, Palina swings down from her lifemate Meleketh's neck.

Arise moves down towards the front where Slaine is as she really doesn't know
anyone else here.

Ed'ard waves from the knot of Phoenix riders. "L'lia! Here!"

Above the sands, Belisanth flies in from the Bowl.

Up on the ledges, Palina moves down the narrow walkway to the galleries.
Palina approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

Above the sands, Ashtoreth wings down to the ledge.
Up on the ledges, Ashtoreth lands with a light touch, arranging herself

Above the sands, Belisanth wings down to the ledge.
Up on the ledges, Belisanth lands with a light touch, arranging herself

Slaine scooches Riendor over. "Join us, Arise?" she asks, peering up. "It's
been so long since I saw another weaver!"

On the sands, Arien fairly /runs/ in, skirt hiked up past mid-calf,
indulging in sight of dragons and clutch — already rocking, beginning that
last dance into a new life.

K'vair walks in.

Palina calls to Pippi, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

L'lia heads up the stairs, right in front of K'vair. Her eyes swing back
and forth as she studies the seats, trying to find a place to sit. SHe
turns to K'vair and smiles, "Shall we sit with Ed'ard and my wing, love?"

Pippi suddenly disappears ::between::!

Up on the ledges, Sh'lin climbs down the straps and then slides down
Belisanth's leg to land with a soft thump.

Arise laughs and sits down besides Slaine, "And it's been a while since
I've gotten away from the hall."

Up on the ledges, Sh'lin moves down the narrow walkway to the galleries.
Sh'lin approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

Arielana says, "This is really exciting!"

Kh'rys walks in.

On the sands, J'dano walks in from the entrance.

Timora watches the proceeding with wide green eyes.

a teasing grin at K'vair. "The call of the unknown, Kev."

Ed'ard smiles at the pair of L'lia and K;'vair. "Yes, clutchmate! We'll
make a space for a Griffon!"

Argent appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

On the sands, J'dano scrambles after Arien, one hand still hurrying through
his hair as he stumbles around the clutch's perimeter towards his thrumming,
swaying dragon.

Moonsong suddenly disappears ::between::!

Argent calls to Grendel, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.

Sh'lin waves to her cousin and pats the seat beside her.

On the sands, Arien pivots, skirt released to flare about her ankles, and
reaches bared arms as if to touch the cavern's height. While Katrineth,
rather larger, merely looks — well, not amused /exactly/, as those eyes
gleam fierce incandescence —

K'vair grins slightly, his tone mocking. "I suppose I can brave the danger,
this once."

Belldandy nods to the stranger, "BTW, my name is Belldandy. But you can just
call me Bell:)"

On the sands, Ariana walks in from the entrance.

Kh'rys leaves Ysa on the ledge and wanders over to join the group. Greeting
circulate from her smiling ,lips, until she finally settles herself beside
her cousin.

Slaine dances a nervous grin at Arise as her eyes wander with the
Weyrleaders' entrances. "I'm glad you came; someone whose shoulder I can
hide my face into if my sister doesn't Impress."

Palina scoots into a front seat place, leaning forward onto the railing as
she watches. "What's that bronze doing out there?" She points at Zhanth

Arielana smiles at belldandy and offers her hand. "Thanks! I'm Arielana."

L'lia smirks at that and heads over to her wing. She glances over at K'vair,
settling in, and she indicates the seat next to her, "AM I dangerous, love?"

Belldandy waves to Shai and then shakes Arielana, "Well met;)"

Above the sands, Alsath flies in from the Bowl.
Above the sands, Alsath wings down to the ledge.
Up on the ledges, Alsath lands with a light touch, arranging himself

Arise clasps her hands in her lap, "Oh, your sister is a candidate?" she
frowns, "What's her name?"

Kyrie calls across to Palina, "Probably being a mate. Who knows what bronzes

On the sands, Katrineth's low, belling bugle greets: talons slash the sands,
tail-tip scythes, guarding as does her mate. They will not find this so

Ed'ard cranes to her the answer. "Is she k'vair?"

Up on the ledges, Talisen swings down from her lifemate Alsath's neck,
landing gently with both feet firmly planted on the ground.

Argent runs in, clutching his stylus and several wax tablets. He thunks his
pouch, checking, then looks satsified, and begins moving through the crowd,
murmuring, "Who do you think will get the queen, eh? Taking all bets here.
The more you risk, the more you stand to win."

Up on the ledges, Talisen moves down the narrow walkway to the galleries.
Talisen approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

K'vair makes his way across the crowded galleries, apologizing to a few
burly MineCrafters he brushes against. Scooting in next to L'lia, he
smiles softly, "You _do_ carry a whip."

Palina looks confused. "But… elanth's the sire this clutch."

On the sands, Zhanth snakes around in a tight circle behind his feet-
shifting rider; umbered pinions draw back sleekly against his sides, but
his eyes continue to rage violet glory at the rocking clutch…and those who
would brave the sands.

Timora grins. at Gwenny.

Ed'ard waves. "Talisen!!"

Gwendolyn has disconnected.

Slaine nods to Arise, murmuring, "Ranye, my youngest sister. This is her —
second time."

Belldandy giggles at Argent

L'lia grins at K'vair and leans over to whisper in his ear, indicating the
sands. The comment about whips seems… forgotten.

Talisen slips in from the ledges hurriedly, sending a wave and a grin in
Ed'ards direction, and glancing around to spot the other Fort riders,
orienting herself.

Arise shakes her head, "I haven't met her before. Point her out to me when
she comes out? Then we can both cheer for her."

On the sands, Ariana steps over hurriedly, skirts swishing about her. Eyes

Gwendolyn has connected.

Kyrie blinks at Palina. Elanth's the — ah. Yes. Whatever. Turning away, she
begins a whispered barrage of scoldings at her infectuously grinning
wingriders: "No, you canNOT throw confetti off the galleries. T'nol! Give
me that bottle!"

On the sands, Arien grins white and wild to J'dano, extends wide-fingered
wave to Ariana — paces, paces, drawn to electric quickness by the humming's

Belldandy will bet on Ilonka;)

T'nar glances at Kyrie, then at the offending rider. He arches an eyebrow.

Sh'lin disengages SharMarali's claws from her hair then sends her winging
into the air.
SharMarali has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

Rala appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

On the sands, SharMarali walks in from the entrance.

Talisen spots a group of her friends, wandering over to slip into a seat
near them, swerving around benches and bleachers and the like.

Dickon waves at Rala,"HI

Slaine cranes her head to scan the crowd then nods to Arise. "Will do—"

Felassa rolls her eyes at Argent.

Rala waves

Starratiel appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Gwendolyn grins to her sister. "I'm looking forwards to this. The hatchlings
are so cute!"

Dickon smiles,"Glad to see someone he knows

Ed'ard has disconnected.

Argent makes his way over to Belldandy, and makes a note. "Got it… who
else? A mark is a lot of bubblies."

K'vair's cheeks color slightly at a whisper, raising an eyebrow. He leans
over whispering back to the Phoenix wingleader, then shoots Ed'ard an
encouraging look. "I think she'll treat you well, Ed'ard."

Starratiel comes in and looks round for somewhere to sit.

Rala moves over and sits next to dickon

Dickon will bet on Ranye

Arise leans forwards looking at Riendor, "And who's this one?"

Rala wiggles in excentment

Ed'ard has connected.

On the sands, J'dano tries to hold himself still, though his grin matches
Arien's gleam for gleam. Tense, he bounces briefly on his toes then heels
then settles before his dragon's hulking bronze bulk, eyes out for white-

Vae waves to Starratiel, her fellow apprentice.

Dickon smiles,"Hi long time no see," he then whispers,"Did you get my

L'lia chuckles at that, and reachs up with her left hand to touch K'vair's
face, lightly.

Starratiel finds a seat next to Vae, in the Healer section.

Rala says, "what messege?"

L'lia quirks a brow at K'vair's whipser, "Really?"

Timora nods. "I love the little babies!"

Argent wags his stylus at Dickon in acknowledgement. "Good choice as well."

Ed'ard shifts uncomfortably. "You know, L'lia, I wish you hadn't mentioned
whips. Lessara seems to have….oh, never mind."

Sticking close and slightly behind Slaine's leg, Riendor peers back at
Arise. "Rien!" he crows, waving a chubby hand as he's been taught.

On the sands, Ariana finds her way to a stance with the Weyrleader; eyes
glance upwards, fond on her lifemate on the ledges, before being drawn again
to the cacophany that is growing on the Sands as the dragons thrum, the eggs

Talisen pulls her brother, Visnie, up onto her lap. Hte child's eyes are
wide and his expression solemn as she tries to look down onto the sands from
his Sister's lap. "Loud," he informs her, quietly.

You overhear Sh'lin murmur, " Who do you … the … will choose? We've so
… good …" to Kh'rys

Dickon smiles,"I've never been to one of these have you?

Gwendolyn has disconnected.

Rala shakes her head and stares at the sand

Starratiel bounces. "Ooooh, I love Hatchings! They're so /exciting/!

Kh'rys eeys the candidate-empty ssands, then murmurs back to Sh'lin.

Above the sands, Dorianth flies in from the Bowl.
Above the sands, Dorianth wings down to the ledge.
Up on the ledges, Dorianth lands with a light touch, arranging herself

Above the sands, Sorileth flies in from the Bowl.

Vae smiles at Starr. "You've seen them before?"

Argent makes his way through the crowd, hearing like a bat where money is
involved, and somehow ends up in the vicinity of Kh'rys.

Rala cranes her head upward to stare at the dragons

Arise giggles, "Pleased to mett you Rien, excited about the hatching?"

Gwendolyn has connected.

Above the sands, Sorileth wings down to the ledge.
Up on the ledges, Sorileth lands with a light touch, arranging herself

Starratiel nods. "This is my third."

Up on the ledges, Dorianth claims a spot for herself with an extra loud
brassy bugle. She settles, all green and burnished hide dancing with the
excitement that fuels her whirling gaze.

Up on the ledges, Moiraith turns her head, eyes glowing, to greet Sorileth
and Dorianth both.

Dickon grins and stares at the eggs.

Vae smiles lightly. "My first."

Tulon has connected.

The humming throbs in Timora's ears. She glances at her twin. "Godsh, it's

L'lia glances over at Ed'ard, "Do tell.. what does Lessara thing?"

Rala turns back to the sands staring

Up on the ledges, Sorileth shoves aside a few dragons as she comes in for a
landing. Her thrumble could be taken for an apology, but she has eyes only
for the Sands.

Sticking close to Slaine, Riendor nods quickly, fair head bobbing brightly.
"Dw—drrrrragons," he stumbles under his foster-mother's proud glance.

Gwendolyn nods, covering her own ears to protect them a bit. "It is. I guess
they're as excited as we are.

On the sands, Winter Solstice rocks lightly, more pointedly, fleeting blue
against the brightness of Sand's sparkle.

Starratiel grins. "Oh, they're /really. fun!"

Rala gasps
Rala says, "where are the candidates?"

Timora ohs. "How beautiful!"

Ed'ard winces as he shifts his seat. "What, L'lia? Oh…nothing…nothing…
just babbling…you know me…"

Gwendolyn points the rocking egg out to her sister. "It's going to start
really soon!"

K'ran walks in.

L'lia nods, slowly, "I see." She turns, watching the eggs, and she falls

Arise grins at Rien and winks, then lets her gaze wander out over the eggs
a small gasp escaping her lips as one begins to rock.

Dickon just stares at eggs

On the sands, Arien paces. Noticeably thick-soled slippers crunch the sand
— as soon will dragonet paws, falling shards, serum of spilt amniotic sacs
— Katrineth glowers at one that hops immediately before her, then eases it
with a careful talon's touch.

Kh'rys glances at Sh'lin one more time, then settles down in her wonderful
(there are advantages to being a rider) vantage spot. A smile starts to curve
her lips even now, before the first hatchee.

Starratiel waves. "K'ran! HIiiiiiii!

Visnie scrambles out of Talsi's lap and onto the bench beside her, holding
a handful of sister-tunic in his hands, swinging his feet impatiantly.

Talisen waves, "K'ran!"

K'ran climbs his way in from the entrance, "Hmmm, a place to sit…. Where
to sit, where to sit.. Ahhhh, there's a spot." He sits on Sh'lin, "Mmmm,
comfortable too."
K'ran grins and nods to Starratiel.

Vela idly galnces around , seaching for anyone she might know from Ista
Hold. Not finding anyone, she sign(sighs) and turns her attention back to
the sanc(sands).

Timora smiles happily to her twin. "I hope so, I am going crazy!"

Argent murmurs to Kh'rys, "You being a dragonrider, and all that, and having
such an advantage, might care to make a small wager on that, hmmm?" He looks
interestedly at K'ran… "Or someone smart like you?"

Arise calls a hello to Tulon over the crowd and waves him down to where she
and Slaine are sitting.

Sh'lin sighs softly, leaning back and squeezing Kh'rys's hand once. "I can't
believe it's only been a few turns since… " She acks as K'ran sits on her.
She pokes him and dumps him to the seat on the unKh'rys occupied spot.

Slaine looks round from settling Riendor's tunic at Arise's call.

Gwendolyn glances at her sister, and then moves over to a spot beside Vela.
"Have you been to a hatching before?"

Tulon waves to Arise and moves over to where she is.

K'vair leans over to Ed'ard, commenting quietly, "It sure feels weird
different being up here, this time, doesn't it?"

K'ran gives Sh'lin a good pout, "Awww, I was comfortable."

Dickon whipsers to Rala,"After the hatching there is someone I must
introduce to you that for some reason has been dying to meet you.

Rala nods at dickon

Slaine scrunches further down the row. "Good seats," she grins up at the
third weaver. "Have one."

Kh'rys chuckles softly, eyeing the dumped K'ran, "yeah, I know, Shai."

Timora scooches over to meat her sister.

Sh'lin shakes her head and laughs. "Oh K'ran." In a fit of sudden
nostalgia, she hugs the man. "It was us down there only a few turns ago."

Ed'ard breaks into a big smile. "I was just thinking the same thing, K'vair!
That's why we came, though, isn't it? To see this from this point of view?"

Starratiel looks at K'ran. "Women are supposed to sit on /you., K'ran, not
the other way 'round. You're /way/ too heavy.

Tulon smiles at Slaine. "I will, thank you." He sits down near her.

On the sands, Telon has arrived.
On the sands, Lysalla has arrived.
On the sands, Weily has arrived.
On the sands, Victoria has arrived.
On the sands, Ranye has arrived.

L'lia grins affectionately at K'vair, "Watch the candidates, love."

Talisen pulls a few stray bits of something out of her brother's hair,
smoothing his tunic and reminding him to sit quietly, before turning towards
the sands, eyes flat.

On the sands, Nefra has arrived.
On the sands, Rajak has arrived.
On the sands, Adrian has arrived.

Rala smiles as the candidates come in

On the sands, Lysalla steps out onto the sands, holding tightly to Kessaly's

Argent shakes his head. "Tsk…" He worms through the croud, taking
murmured wagers, and hurries as he sees the candidates arriving.

On the sands, Larak has arrived.

Timora gribs. "Look! the Candidates!"

On the sands, Katrineth stares down the white-robes. A puff of air smokes
the dark cavern, and wings mantle wide over clutch's reach.

K'ran sighs as the Candidates come onto the Sands, "Yeah. That was us.. I
hope they have as much luck as we do.."

On the sands, At the edge of white, a raven-haired tassel to the blanket of
candidates that unfold from the entrance, Victoria tries to carry herself
with the respectful precision. She moves with the rest, drifting beneath the
fearsome gazes of Gold and Bronze with a little more haste than is seemly.
Her bow of admiration is awkward and brief, a mere token of the emotions that
roild within.

On the sands, Ariana steps back, closer to the wall, away from the circling
candidates as the begin to arrive. She counts.

On the sands, Zhanth sinks into a crouch with his head looming over J'dano's,
casting his rider in hot shade while violently vivid eyes scrutinize each —
and — every — one of the Candidates.

Dickon grins and watches as the candidates walk onto the sands

On the sands, Ilonka has arrived.
On the sands, Kessaly has arrived.

Gwendolyn nods. "Which ones do you think'll Impress?

Palina points to Rajak, grinning and telling anyone who will listen. "I put
marks on him!"

On the sands, Rajak bow respectfully to the dragons and to the Weyrleders,
before taking his place in the semicircle.

Ryka appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

On the sands, Thaddea has arrived.

On the sands, Lysalla drops to a low bow in front of gold and bronze, paying
respect to dragon and rider alike.

Slaine tugs on Arise's sleeve. "There she is!" Her hand, slightly shaking,
points out a short, pale-faced girl just entering. "Ranye—"

Rala grins excitedly

On the sands, Telon walks out onto the sands regally, his step calm and
composed…well, mostly. Ocean blue eyes glance around the sands, resting on
the pair of enormous dragons a ways in front of him. He digs one foot into
the ground and bows deeply, politely, to Katrienth, and then again to Zhanth.

On the sands, Kessaly enters, and slowly bows to Katrineth and Zhanth,
although her eyes twinkle.

On the sands, Nefra walks out, gasping at the Ground, which now seems bigger
as she comes up on the bronze and gold….Remembering, she bows low from the
waist, then walsk quickly over to the semi-circle.

Argent manages a shout to Palina… "Got you down, then?"

On the sands, K'lora has arrived.

Ryka looks for a familiar face to sit near.

Talisen waves Ryka over, "Ryka!"

Sh'lin grins to K'ran, pointing to Ilonka. "That's my soon to be cousin.
Did you know?"

On the sands, Holding onto Ilonka's hand with a death grip, Ranye minces onto
the sands, wincing at the heat in her bare feet. She stops before the gold
and bronze, bows stiffly, and with a slow, trembling breath she faces the

Felassa says, "Hello, Ryka."

On the sands, Kessaly takes her sister's hand and smiles.

Arise bounces a bit in her seat as the candidates enter. She cranes her neck
to look at the girl Slaine is pointing to and nods.

Felassa watches the Candidates.

K'vair blinks, his features registering a mixture of surprise, at the
candidates. He whispers urgently, pointing at a red-haired candidate on the
sands. "Hey - it's Vic!"

On the sands, Larak bows reverently to teh dragons, and respectfully at their
riders, then slowly, wonderingly, steps out onto the sands.

On the sands, Adrian flames against the tawny sands, a vision in blinding
white and exposed, hairy skin. Gold dragon. Bow. Bronze dragon? Bow. People.
Bow. Candidates already in a ring? Bow. Where are the stands, now? He needs
to find his Ma …

On the sands, J'dano folds his arms. Bracketed by gold riders, shadowed by
bronze dragon, he watches the white-robes, too, though his eyes are a little
more kindly than Zhanth's.

On the sands, Kessaly hisses, "Oooh, very hot!"

On the sands, Thaddea grins at Victoria, looking a little foolish. "See? I
almost went the wrong way! So, things will be perfect from now on!"

K'ran stands and cheers for the arrival of his Weyrmate, "Yay, Ki!! Oh wait..
She's not trying to Impress.." He grins and chuckles to himself as he sits.

T'nar grins at K'vair, "You didn't know? Well, I suppose you neglected to
visit, have you?"

Argent waves a hello to Ryka as he scampers around like a redbrown whir.

Ryka smiles briefly at Felassa and climbs over several seats, apologizing as
she bumps several folks and ends up next to Talisen where she finally plops
her large frame down.

Palina nods, bouncing, then stilling her excited bouncing, eyes shining as
she watches.

Tulon looks around at the people gatheres to watch, then down at those upon
the sands, seeking out the candidates he knows.

Vela's gaze dances over each of the candidates faces before resting on

Rala smiles and leans forward in her seat

On the sands, Ilonka walks out, stopping before the golden queen and her
mate. Her eyes drop to the sands and she curtsies deep and low. Respect

K'ran gives Shai a confused look, "Huh?"

Starratiel points to K'lora, grinning. "I bet that one will Impress!"

On the sands, Lysalla trundles across the sands to the awaiting eggs, taking
her place in the existing curvature of white bodies.

On the sands, Telon falls into place next to Nefra, giving her hand a good
squeeze as he completes his little section of the semicircle, face a rigid
wall, void of emotion. Quiet. Stoic.

On the sands, Candysa steps out quickly after the other candidates, finding
her spot at the far edge of the circle. Sweat already trickles across her
brown, inciting her blond hair into wild curls about her round, dumpy face.

K'ran says, "Don't you already have enough, Shai?"

On the sands, Weily proceeds onto the sands after a pretty redhead, who keeps
giving him wary looks as she half-skips over the hot sands. Of course, he's
not paying much mind to her after the first step onto the blistering sands.
He's too busy yelping! The cry is chopped short as he spies MS. Gold. Erm. A
nervous hand flits through the great wad of hair on his head, feet stilling,
burning. But are they smoking yet?

On the sands, Thaddea's thin sandals offer little protection as she steps
onto the sands so she moves quickly…

Visnie leans across Talsi to look at Ryka curiously, pointing a chubby finger
outward. "Eggs!"

Correl walks in.

Arise leans over and whispers to Tulon, "Victoria is your sister or cousin
or something, right?"

On the sands, Thaddea squeezes Victoria's hand, "Don't forget to bow!"
indicating the queen and bronze.

On the sands, Kessaly rocks from foot to foot, rythmically. "Yipes."

On the sands, Arien darts from foot to foot, one palm bracing the burnished
reach of Katrineth's shoulder — as if that would do any good, but mind's
thoughts blaze hazel gaze to sherry-gold, and the queen's rumble takes new

On the sands, Winter Solstice rocks decicively. One. Two. Shudders like
cold winds are racing it, bringing it to short consumption.

On the sands, Nefra winces, nearly hopping as she finally gets over into
the circle, looking about in awe at all the people here, her hand giving his
a squeeze as she whispers. "My whole family is here…"

On the sands, A girl of hair the color of flame enters the sands with her
head lifted high, her back straight and a half sneer, half smirk on her
face. She stands in the circle of Candidates, barely giving the others a
glace, so confident she is that she'll Impress.

Tulon leansover towards Arise. "How many commisions do you think'll be
ordered after today?" he asks quietly.

Rala turns to dickon and points to Victoria "i bet she'll impress

On the sands, K'lora moves in her usual hopping bursts, nothing at all to
do with the hot stands.. well, maybe. She bounces over to join the other
riders, moving to stand in the knot of people whose interest in the eggs
holds the excitement, but not the trepidation of the candidates.

On the sands, Ilonka rises quickly and hurries across the sands to her
fellow candidates. She slides between Lys and Nefra, smiles to both sides.

Ryka half-smiles, silver eyes peering carefully down over the sands.

Argent murmurs to Starratiel. Mmmm, business is better than expected… ohh,
there's Rala.

On the sands, Adrian shuffles to his place in the circle, every so often
doing an odd little hop-skip to shake burning sand out of his sandal.
Lysalla is … there. With a last, longing glance at the stands, he moves
to stand just behind her shoulder. Protection. From the, um, yeah.

On the sands, Thaddea bows respectfully in the direction of first the queen
and then the sire before taking her place in the semicircle around the eggs,
still holding tightly to Victoria's hand.

Gwendolyn grins as the eggs continue to rock, and the candidates start
looking more hopeful.

On the sands, Victoria barely breathes as she whisper to Thaddea, her eyes
flicking towards the stands.

On the sands, Flotsam & Jetsam quivers from base to tip; sunset flares and
dies, sinking into blooded ocean, as the egg rests quietly once more.

K'vair shrugs, and shakes his head at T'nar, reluctant to tear his eyes off
the sands. "Too busy."

Sh'lin smiles at K'ran. "I do have a big family, but the thing is that her
cousing Jander is marrying my sister Zhia."

Dickon smiles,"Think so? I bet Ranye will to."

Rala waves at Argent seeing him for the forst time

On the sands, Nefra smiles, seeing Ilka and quickly taking her handm
whispering that her family is here, then gasps as she sees an egg move.

L'lia grins at K'vair, her fingers tightening about his hand as she watchs
the sands.

On the sands, Ranye yelps as the first egg moves, and dodges to the back of
the ring.

On the sands, Lysalla clutches for Ilka's hand and smiles. The shift of an
egg catches her gaze and draws it in as she becomes hypotnized by the
sensations bombarding her.

On the sands, Rajak runs his hand nerviously through his hair. He realizes
he's doing it and places his hand back at his sides, watching the rocking

On the sands, Kessaly uncounciously begins to sing, sing, softly, with the
sound that the dragons are making, as she shifts, her face smiling.

K'ran winces, "But wouldn't that make her your cousin-in-law?

Correl moves up the steps to find an empty seat at the end of a row.

On the sands, Summer Solstice stirs amber and indigo, gleaming with the warm
heat of an endless summer day. Lazy shadows reach out from above, born in
the flight of dragons overhead, to touch the lambent sleep of the green and
gold, blue and emerald. No haste but for the insitent demands from within,
the egg begins the inexorable journey to night.

Arise laughs, "Enough for the tthree of us to be kept busy for sometime I'm

Talisen manouevers Visnie back into his seat, cocking her head a little and
asking Ryka, "Which egg first, do you think?"

On the sands, Harvest Moon's shine occludes as it shifts, nearly between its
dam's paws and certainly beneath her baleful stare: obsidian dominates, dark
and dissonant.

On the sands, Candysa shifts from foot to foot, rounded frame quivering with
her excitement. Eyes spark on the eggs, blue-bright, and she watches. Waits.

On the sands, Victoria's fingers tangle the cuffs of her robe, worrying the
already frayed edges as she shifts uncomfortablly on the scorching sands.
But there, beyond the sea of white robed candidates, the same hot sands
cradle the Eggs, and that makes it bearable. She smiles nervously to the
young lass on her right and moves forward with the rest.

Starratiel looks over at K'ran. "I'll wager a mark on Kessaly.

On the sands, Thaddea scans the stands for the briefest of moments, not
recognizing anyone, and turns her attention suddenly back to the eggs as
they begin to move!

Tulon grins at Arise. "I hope so."

Rala glances at dickon "what egg will hatch first do you think

On the sands, Telon gives neither nod, squeeze or twitch in recognition of
anything really moving, eyes focused in on the group of eggs as a whole
rather than one egg, one person, or one dragon. With a flick of his head,
the hair in his eyes falls back into place on his head, where it stays.

Sh'lin shrugs at K'ran. "I don't know, just know that the family's gonna
get bigger."

K'ran says, "WHich color, Star?"

On the sands, Winter Solstice rocks from its deep-sunk base, splashing green
and grey into seething blue with mad, heedless passion.

Ryka blinks her eyes over at Talisen, "Got me, lass, I'm just hoping for my
friends at this moment." She smiles shakily.

K'ran seems to share Starratiel's prediction.

T'ren walks in.

Starratiel hmmmms. "Blue or green, prolly."

On the sands, One of the last of the Candidates to fumble onto the sands is
a short, puffing, stocky lad who sews up the semicircle — but not without
a bow to the dragons and riders, and a glance further along the waiting
line, towards a particular tall, ashen-faced blonde lass.

Dickon shrugs,"I'm not sure, Harvest Moon maybe.

On the sands, Nefra sighs, as she sees her favorite, its warmth something
different from the one beneath her feet, which she shifts very now and again.
So much for sandals…

On the sands, Thaddea lets herself be drawn forward by Victoria's hand, not
believing where she is, what is happening, almost changing roles with the
other girl.

On the sands, Ilonka grabs ahold of Nef's hand and nods to her words, though
her eyes linger elsewhere.She leans into Lys on her other side, motioning
with her chin at the eggs.

On the sands, Winter Solstice shudders: winter's dark heart clings to wracked
cohesion — and then implodes, near-silent. The egg heaves sideways as a
long, taloned paw rakes for freedom; solstice cracks and crumbles to let the
paw gain first ground, followed slippery-swift by a glowing blue dragonet.

On the sands, Halcyon Blue Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, He sways in winter waters' cradle, a child of tidal patience
and wondrous cerulean luminosity. Dull argent swells through that vibrant
blue, up his short neck to feather about parted jaws, down the sinuous ebb
and surge of his crenellated spine. Long, tapered wings arch and spread
translucently wide to reveal more dramatic markings: fragile white
striations that ripple to naught at sails' trailing edges, lost in the
brooding sea. Compact, blunt, and round, he counters hatchling clumsiness
with steadily slow motion, and lifts glistening eyes from carefulness' balmy
nest to embrace — someday, and soon — the wild blue yonder.

Rala cheers on victoria on under her breath

Arise hmms, looking out over the eggs, "I wonder if a bronze will hatch

On the sands, Adrian breathes heavily down the nape of Lysalla's neck, will
she or no. "I really don't feel well," he insists quietly in case she might
be listening. "I have this fluttering thing in my stomach. Maybe I ate bad
mushrooms? Except I haven't had mushrooms in over a month, so maybe it was
some bad klah? Or sweetener. Must have been the sweetener."

On the sands, Kessaly's voice is a little louder now, not enough to disturb,
but enough to be heard by her closest neighbors, as she rocks her feet.

Ryka oooooooohs softly, "He's a lovely, eh?"

K'ran grins at the arrival of the blue, "Hey, fresh meat for Sorileth." He
winks at the fellow greenriders, "Neh?"

On the sands, Ilonka watches everyone doing the hot sands dance and giggles..
"you ought to have spent time in Igen first….A blue!

Starratiel oooohs. 'Blue! Cute blue. Pretty blue! COme on, head for Kessaly,

On the sands, Nefra gulps, looking as the blue emerges from his shell, her
grip on Telon and Ilka like death itself…

On the sands, Larak studies the Blue intently, no sound emerging from his

Tulon leans forward on his seat, hands clenched in fists under his chin, eyes
narrowed. A gasp escapes his throat as the first dragon breaks forth.

Sh'lin smiles at the dragonet. "Oooh! A blue… Belisanth likes him."

Charlton walks in.

Rala shivers in extiment

On the sands, Ranye squeezes her eyes shut as the first hatchling emerges.
Ohshardsohshardsohshards…she finds tall Thomal and stands behind him.

Argent takes any and all bets, and makes his way over to Ryka, clasping her
shoulder. "She'll do fine… and that stubborn healer."

On the sands, Lysalla finds herself swaying methodically from side to side
as suddenly a dragonet appears in her line of vision.

Kelson walks in.

Charlton slips in, looking through the crowd for a seat.

On the sands, Katrineth calls, low and long: greeting, to their first-born
son, and her tongue snakes to taste the emotions that ride the air.

On the sands, Halcyon Blue Dragonet stands still a moment, motionless,
frozen in that instant between hatching and clarity. Then, wings flutter,
talons dig, and he sets forth, clumsy motions bouyed by the brightness of
halcyon hide.

Dickon watches the candidates, not really knowing anyone he decides to cheer
for Ranye and Victoria and kessaly.

On the sands, Thaddea stares at the blue dragonet, unable to tear her eyes
from the sight of the first dragon she's ever seen hatching…

On the sands, Victoria's eyes widen unbelieving as the first hatchling
breaks free from it's shell.

On the sands, Telon catches his breath and manages a sidelong glance to
Nefra as he hastily pats the hand giving him the deathgrip, looking back at
the eggs with a casual glance at the hatchling.

Ryka smiles tremulously up at Argent and squeezes his hand briefly.

On the sands, Rajak watches, his eyes following the movement of the blue. He
lutches at his robes.

Dickon waves at Charlton

Correl motions to Charlton, sliding over to make room for the harper.

L'lia frowns at Starratiel's words, her attention drawn from the dragonetts
to the girl, and she shakes her head. SHe opens her mouth, as if about to
speak, and then snaps it shut, turning back to the hatching.

On the sands, Kessaly sways, and sings to the blue, her mouth smiling and her
eyes burning.

On the sands, J'dano grips his crossed arms more tightly as the first
Hatches. Zhanth just /glowers/ — at the white-robes, not his firstborn son.

On the sands, Candysa steps back, sharply, but delight gets the better of her
and she retraces the step. Eyes watch the blue, the others that hatch around
it, in unashamed delight. Perhaps. Perhaps one of them.

Arise looks down at the sands, her lips forming a little 'o' as she watches
the hatchling.

Sephrena walks in.

On the sands, Ilonka sighs, heart pounding like a watchtower drum. Eyes cast
over the first..handsome in all his newborn glory..

Kelson spots Chalton sitting down, and manages to squeeze in beside him. His
face breaks out in a wide grin as he spots Kessaly.

On the sands, Nefra blinks, her eyes catching Telon's glance, and she smiles,
her hands loosen slightly, as she turns to give Ilka a brief smile.

On the sands, Adrian winces as Lysalla moves and crouches down a little in
his robe. His rumpled head, peering over the border of the girl's shoulder,
bobs up and down as he attempts to sway with her. "Blue," he hisses. "That's
good. It's a healthy color, sorta."

Charlton slips in beside Correl. "Thanks."

On the sands, Weily is hastily remembering to bow to the queen as that first
egg sdplts. *Crack* is all he hears. And sands are what he sees. For a
moment; until snapping up his oddly largish head, and spying.. blue.

On the sands, K'lora's smile is wide, laughter lighting her dark green gaze.
She folds her arms against the heat, only serving to draw it in closer as
she watches the journey of the blue.

On the sands, Branvie shuffles his feet from his place in the circles of
Candidates, leaning from foot to foot and looking nervously from behind
Ilonka. His eyes bulge at the blue and suddenly his bravodo vanishes for a
second as he hides behind his fellow weaver resident.

On the sands, Lysalla dances lightly from foot to foot, disbelief glazing her
features, paling cinnamon skin and widening almond eyes.

Rala watches the new born blue

Ryka brushes damp palms over the trous of her leathers, eyes narrowing as she
tries to remember to breathe.

On the sands, Twilight Moonbow shudders lightly in night-times embrace,
swirling silver into cblurred pinpoints.

Dickon smiles as he sees the blue

On the sands, Wind-Whipped Waves slips green stillness as others froth
around it, oddly serene.

Starratiel crosses one set of fingers for Kessaly, one for Lysalla.

Talisen squeezes Ryka's arm lightly, "Remember, it was us not so long ago,"
she whispers.

On the sands, Ilonka squeezes Lys' hand tight, as she spys movement behind
as well as ahead, "come on up here Branvie." She reaches behind and pulls the
lad to her side.

Slaine chews her lower lip. Riendor has scrambled up beside her, standing
to peer over the railing; the weaver hisses him down without looking away
from her sister and the hatchlings.

On the sands, Kessaly laughs in sheer delight, eyes sweeping the sands. Her
crooning and singing continues, although she is unaware of it.

On the sands, Summer Solstice flickers with lazy delight, like wildflowers
content to sway ever so gently in the thick heat of summer. No night, no
shadows, just the amber of light and day, gentled to quiet beauty.

Argent sits on the other side of Ryka and wraps his arm around her shoulders,
squeezing. He watches Ilka like a hawk.

On the sands, Halcyon Blue Dragonet steps forth, head searching, eyes intent.
There. Someone, is there, and his thoughts sense it, seek it. To find it.
Tail drags behind him, even as wings sag.

On the sands, Adrian wavers indecisively. He stumbles once, losing his
balance, and for a split second finds himself open and exposed to the
dragonet's view … but nothing happens. Reassured, he straightens, squaring
his shoulders and turning his own blue eyes a safe distance elsewhere. The
other wall, for instance.

Correl whispers to Charlton, without taking his eyes from the scene below,
"You just missed the first Hatch! That beautiful blue down there…."

On the sands, Nefra hops from foot to foot, as if trying to get a better
view of the blue, even though no one is in front of her. She looks back to
see Branvie, letting him take her place beside Ilka.

On the sands, Branvie squeaks as Ilonka moves him forward. He squeezes her
hand tightly, very tightly as he look about and stares at the hatching
dragonets and the wobbling eggs.

Rala starts to bite her nail as the dragon looks around

Ryka chuckles very quietly and clasps her hand over Talisen's, "Nay, twas not
long ago." She leans back into Argent's arm, closing her eyes for a moment.

Belldandy has disconnected.

On the sands, Ranye loses her balance as Thomal moves to sidestep a newborn
green. Cursing the crafter soundly, she pushes herself to her feet and finds
herself face to face with said green. Eyes widen, terror reigns. The green
takes one look at her and moves on, and with an audible sigh of relief,
Ranye turns back around, determined not to be ambushed again.

On the sands, Lysalla glances down at the other fingers entwined with hers.
With sudden memory she gazes up to Ilka's face and smiles.

Slaine strangles a noise: her sister, face-to-face with a green—But no.
She clenches fists in her skirt, chewing her lip to ribbons.

On the sands, Victoria sways slightly, brown eyes rapt, full of the halcyon
blue. Nervous fingers play along the crease of her robe.

On the sands, Halcyon Blue Dragonet angles his course to some girls. There,
with blonde hair. A bit heavy. He stumbles towards her, insistant croon
beginning to rise in his throat, too hard to swallow.

On the sands, Rajak gives a nervious reasuring smiles to the candidate next
to him, watching the blue hatching, while keeping an eye open for the other

On the sands, Arien lifts her chin under that onslaught, adrenaline riding
high in flush of cheeks, Katrineth's scintillant gaze. Slowly, the queen
pivots, wings fanning, as first halcyon son — and another, green and night-
dark — choose to leave their havens, driven by instinct's demands.

K'vair leans over to Ed'ard, still eyeing the sands. "Doesn't seem like all
that long ago, does it?"

On the sands, Ilonka smiles down at her little friend, "Not to worry, I'm
here, see? Aren't they amazing?" She pulls him closer to the front.

Arise glances sideways at Slaine and grins a bit before looking back out
watching the blue's movements through the candidates.

Vela chew on her lower lip nervously as she watches Larak. Her heart and
stomach decided to trade places casu..causing her to sway a bit.

On the sands, Weily tilts his head. To the side. Regards. Considers.
Examines. Looks. Dragons. Little ones. And big eggs. And lots of jumping
candidates. Ignores the fact that he's one of those hoppity-hop white-clad
figures, Weily twists his neck around and about, seeking, observing.

Kelson leans over to Charlton, musing softly, "Sure is strange to see Kess
down there…"

On the sands, Summer Solstice swirls more insistently, the amber and inido
trickling down into the emerald as the endless day falls beneath the shadows,
demanding attention for what it hides, ever gently, from the outside.

On the sands, Drawn, perhaps, but the rock-hard determination that
straightens Ranye's back, Adrian makes his careful way to the other
Candidate's side. The two of them, back to back, together against the enemy.
"Psssst, Ranye." White tangles around naked legs, tightening a stranglehold
on their lanky spans.

Ed'ard just shakes his head. "Just like yesterday, Kev."

On the sands, Summer Solstice stills — but for the crack that widens at
summer's zenith and zags down through gilt blue into the sea slumbering
heavily deep below. Then the sleeper awakens: crumbling from the fracture
inward, the dream parts before the advent of angular bronze.

On the sands, Horned Moon Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Sun's shadow is he: a nightbound reflection of dayborne light,
embodied in draconic form with the burnished glow of a sinking crescent moon.
An even, dusky bronze, his hide bears cusps of true gold on his wingspars'
upswept scythes and the rawboned sickle of his spine, but velvet-dark are
both his talons' hooks and his full-throated voice. His gaunt, long-boned
frame rocks with normal hatchling awkwardness yet preternatural certainty as
well. Crimson perseverance ablaze in deeply sunken eyes transcends his
body's shortcomings as his spirit, cocooned in fire, seeks the sun quenched
in opposite soul's uneasy sea.

On the sands, Rajak has disconnected.

On the sands, Another pang wracks the smoulder and smoky sea of Flotsam &
Jetsam; it rocks steadily now, with a relentless moon-driven rhythm.

On the sands, Telon finally manages to appear a little nervous, or timid, or
shy, or any combination of the above. He swallows, smiling at Nefra uneasily
and frowning down at his sandals — some help they are.

On the sands, Thaddea swings her head around, trying to keep both dragonets
in sight and realizing that she won't be able to keep /all/ the dragonets in
sight in a few moments. She gulps, remembering stories…

On the sands, Kessaly's fingers slip ou of Lys' grasp and she watches

On the sands, Candysa clasps fingers into her robe, watching as the blue
approaches. Fear catches her, releases her, and she tenses to move.

Maarken walks in.

Starratiel oooooohs. "Bronze!"

On the sands, Ranye glances at Adrian, grateful for his aid. "Yeah, Adrian?"

Ryka swallows as her face flushes from the wafting heat of the sands.

K'ran bleahs at the next arrival, "Bronze.. Too slow. Sorileth won't like

T'ren ahhs, his eyes fixed on the bronze hatchling.

On the sands, Nefra gasps, seeing it move, then she sighs as the hatchling
appears. "Beautiful…" she breathes out, giving Telon's hand a quick

Rala says, "ooo a bronze"

L'lia whistles softly, and murmurs, "The new bronzes are always so…
striking. SOmething about that color…."

On the sands, Rajak has connected.

Charlton nods wordlessly to Kelson, his eyes searching for Kessaly among the
white-robed figures.

Argent mmmms… Bronze… but they don't hold much fascination for him

On the sands, Horned Moon Dragonet pauses for a time, letting the night
settle so completely onto his umber darkness. There, in the shells of his
egg, he swirls his tail and raises his gaze from the sands up to the follow
the flow of molten colors that bred him.

On the sands, Branvie looks up at Ilonka, lower lip quavering for a moment.
The he faces forward with a look of stern resolution. Unusual for a little 11
turn old boy, but he feels his heart skip a beat as a bronze emerges.

Maarken glances down, and sees the dragonets. His eyes take in the scene,
but he doesn't respond as the others do. Yes, they are beautiful, but….

On the sands, Adrian's eyes widen — dragonet, at one o'clock. Grasping
Ranye's shoulders with both hands, he stumbles with her out of the way. Brown
hurtles past, intent and oblivious. "That was a close one."

Dickon eyes widen at bronze

On the sands, Weily scarce gives the bronze a glance. Overrated. Now, that
charming little green over there, the one that dfidn't like Ranye. She's

On the sands, Kessaly's eyes widen at the bronze, and her croon catches in
her throat, briefly.

On the sands, Lysalla sucks in a raspy breath, waiting for an eternity
before expelling it softly.. slowly as her swaying ceases and she focuses
her all on the dragonets filling the sands before the candidates. Her mind
nearly ceases to function as hope swells within her.

On the sands, His jaw drops when he spies the bronze dragonet. Larak turns
in place, and takes an unconscoius step toward him.

On the sands, Zhanth growls quietly, but is no longer a mountain of
forbidding bronze. Perhaps the sight of newer bronze — with the same
markings as he — gentles his aspect. Or a muttered word from his tautly
drawn rider.

On the sands, Victoria continues knotting her robe, unconciously taking out
her anxious delight on the hapless material. Eggs crack, dragons hatch, Tori
watches. With an occasional smile, born out of confusion and rare
recognition as lifemates pair off, she stands with shoulders tense, and brown
eyes intense.

Rala wipes her hands in her pants

Arise smiles at the bronze and then glances at the candidates to make a guess
at which one will Impress it.

On the sands, Nefra sighs, now seeing that her egg held a secret all is one
and giggles, smiling, "And here I thought…"

On the sands, Harvest Moon gleams still occlusion as other eggs hatch, their
dragonets winnowing the white-robes: and then a vibration heightens, tidal,
threatening to wrack shell to flotsam's drifting eclipse.

On the sands, Dysa catches her breath in her throat, all words lost as all
else disappears n the joy of him — the love of him — and her. "Pierth!" her
voice rings, and Dysa and Pierth are one, oblivious to the rest of the Sands.

[That's Halcyon Blue Pierth, the first Hatched.]

Blas walks in.

On the sands, Ranye tries to catch her breath, presses her hand to her chest.
"Thanks, Adrian. I didn't see him…oh-oh. Blue, to your right…"

On the sands, Ilonka draws in breath thru her teeth, eyeing the newest
arrival.."Look Branvie..a Bronze, " Without realizing, she digs her nails
into the shoulders of the little man.."

On the sands, Rajak peers stunned at the bronze. He remembers to breath.

Sh'lin sighs softly as the first Impression of the night occurs.

Correl leans forward, almost falling off the bench as he watches first

Palina ooohs, leaning forward, eyes following Rajak as he disappears in a
sea of dragonet and candidate, looking for him to come out again

Belldandy has connected.

On the sands, Telon remains firmly in place, unmovable for now. Arms glued
to his sides and gaze glued to the sands, A weak smile graces his lips.
"Cute," he murmurs quietly.

Slaine swallows and smooths her hands down rumpled linen. Glancing at Arise,
she turns back to the sands with a determinedly, desperately blank face.

On the sands, Lysalla beams with joy as an Impression is made, though her
eyes do not drift to see.. only her ears here the outcry of joy.

Timora sighs, her breath shuddering in her throat. "Gwen, look… it
happened. Impression."

Belldandy has disconnected.

On the sands, Horned Moon Dragonet swirls the shadows, strutting out of his
shards with awkward intensity. He demands attention with his arch of neck,
and squeaks back to Zhanth as he heads straight for Weily with all the poise
he has — which isn't all that much. This child of night can never be

On the sands, Kessaly holds her hands out in front of her, smiling her
delight, she reaches out. Not to touch, but to welcome. She sings.

Tulon smiles faintly, very faintly, as he watches on.

Argent mmmmfs, hugging Ryka tighter, then releasing. Then making a note
about Palina's bet.

On the sands, Larak swivesl his head toward Dysa.

On the sands, Twilight Moonbow shudders again, then is still. Purpled
occlusion lights it, evanescent.

Belldandy has connected.

Gwendolyn nods slowly, her eys fixed on the sands. "They look like a good
match too. What did she say his name was?"

Dickon smiles as he watches both Ranye and Kessaly.

On the sands, Nefra giggles at Telon's word, looking at him and then the
bronze. "Yes…cute." She smiles again and looks to see where he heads.

Maarken blinks as he sees an impression. Something moves inside him, and he
moves closer to the railing, getting caught between shoving bodies.

On the sands, Arien cants a long look towards the galleries, fingers sleeking
cotton's melange to her thighs — pauses, and resumes the watch.

On the sands, Branvie squirms under Ilonka's hands and looks up at her,
tearing his eyes away from the bronze to whisper. "Yer hurting my shoulder's,

Blas pauses at the top of the stairs with a glance down the the sands..
Relieved that he didn't miss all the impressions, he moves toward the back,
looking for a perch to watch from.

Rala says, "who got the blue?"

On the sands, Adrian scrambles out of the way, clinging to Ranye as his
anchor, his wall of defence. "Yow. They're all over the place." Unheeding of
the ridiculous picture he poses, white flapping wildly around his arms and
legs, he skirts around the girl only to find himself face to face with a
newly Impressed pair. "Another one," he mutters, "safe."

Gwendolyn says, "Dysa."

On the sands, Ariana's smile grows with the Impressions, with the hatchings.
Fingers smooth wine translucencynof skirt, fingers move stray hairs, yet her
gaze never wavers from their intent study.

Ryka pats Argent's shoulder and leans forward, color high in her cheeks, an
absent smile gracing her mouth, knuckles white as they grip the railing in
front of her.

Dickon still watches the candidates,"not sure

K'vair murmurs proudly to L'lia, "Bronze is a wonderful, wonderful color."

Kelson has disconnected.

On the sands, Something registers in that wonderful peripheral vision.
Lovely invention. Weily swivels his head in that direction…. and gives a
very ungentlemanly *squawk* at the bronze bearing down on him. Feet panic
even as eyes bulge, wanting to go this way, than that.. but finally bearing
him off to the side a few steps at least.

Kelson wakes up. And looks like he was happier where he was…

Slaine's mask drops for the hint of a smile that fades once the Weyrwoman has
glanced away. Quietly she points Arien out to her bouncing son.

Kelson has connected.

On the sands, Ilonka giggles as she hears Nefra's words, but is shook back by
Branvie's.."Oh my , I am sorry..forgive?" She steps back a pace from the boy,
hands at her sides.

L'lia nods to K'vair, and points out a little brown, "That one looks like
Xornath did. Only.. XOrnath was more.. hyper."

On the sands, Horned Moon Dragonet continues his inexorably journey towards
the sea of candidates, all dusky bronze. For a moment, true gold sparks his
wingspars and he shifts attention, heading directly towards a knot of
candidates around two lean youths, one bronze and shaped like a wedge of
dragon head, and t'other lean and scrappy.

Kelson shifts in his seat, to gaina better vantage point.look on sands

On the sands, Lysalla reaches for a Harper's hand once more, lacing slender
fingers stained with tracings of red. Her feet continue their dance on the
hots sands and she leans forward, peering.. smiling.. and forcing herself to

Kh'rys slips L'lia a glance, a wry glance, murmuring, "That he was."

On the sands, Nefra has stop hopping on the sands, her eyes filled with joy
as she watches Wily, then looks over to Ilka. taking her hand again.

On the sands, Flotsam & Jetsam huddles; evening's discorporal touch scrabbles
over shell and deep within, plucking and prying while smouldering crimson
rocks and roils like heart's own blood.

Rala looks at the rest of the rocking eggs

A tiny crunching sound can be heard coming from Vela's direction as she chews
on a fingernail. Her gaze flickers over to the bronze dragonet and whispered
wish escaped her lips. She turns her attention back to Laarak and her
fingernail…*crunch* *chrunch* *OUCH*.

Ed'ard smiles at L'lia and remembers her brown. "Garath was just clumsy…
still kinda is, actually."

On the sands, Branvie rubs his shoulders, his normal quirky grin back as he
faces the bronze wandering over. "S'ok Ilka. I'm nervous too." A great
admission from the normally cocky young boy.

On the sands, Ranye tries to keep her back to Adrian's, surveying her area.
"I thought there were only 31," she mutters, and pushes backwards, to avoid
a careening brown.

On the sands, Larak sighs and clasps his shaking hands behind his back.

K'vair grins at L'lia, commenting softly, "Like dragon, like rider, I
expect." Grey eyes flash with unsuppressed mirth.

On the sands, Kessaly sings joyfully now, wordless - and with all of her
might, tears sliding down her cheeks but with a smile on her face.

Srindan walks in.

On the sands, Horned Moon Dragonet dismisses the dark haired female with a
flick of his enigmatic gaze. He looks beyond that one, attention fixed on
the fluttering of the youth behind her. As gaunt and long boned as the
youth, he lifts up his muzzle and squeaks out an imperious bugle.

On the sands, Taulloch paces awkwardly. The journeymen didn't tell him it
would be like this, and they're a long way from the Fishercraft, oh yes.

On the sands, Adrian shifts unhappily from foot to foot, his back placed
squarely against Ranye's. His head turns, his voice lifting above the
hatchling cries and human calls as he exclaims, "Thirty one? That's …
thirty -ONE-? Oh shards."

On the sands, Telon's weak smile broadens into a grin as dragons names are
shouted around him, and his stance relaxes a litlte. He lets out his breath
slowly, giving the as-of-yet unImpressed draonets a onceover for any
impending danger.

L'lia pinces K'vair, and mutters, loudly, "SHhs, you. I'm not Hyper." Yet.

Starratiel grins at Ed'ard.

On the sands, J'dano whistles a thin breath through his teeth while skating
shadowed eyes over the surging and ebbing line of Candidates, over the
shambling rise and set of dragonets.

Arise's head ducks and weaves as she tries to follow the movements of the
dragons, and the candiates. "Who do you think the bronze will choose?"

On the sands, Nefra blinks, watching as the bronze heads there way. She tries
to think, Telon, Branvie….she stops, moving back out of the bronze's path.

Marik walks in.

Sephrena has disconnected.

On the sands, Rajak smiles at Weily, givnign him a nod of encouragement. He
keeps his eyes on the eggs near him, and on the hatchlings. Even though they
are a distance from him, they may suddenly be near him.

Slaine says, "Can't see, Arise — that lad by Ranye?"

On the sands, Thaddea is momentarily distracted by the cries around her, and
looks wildly around, disoriented. So many dragonets!

On the sands, Ilonka takes up Nefra's hand again with a squeeze and a shake.
A wry smile in Branvie's direction, though her eyes lock on the the
happenings before her.

On the sands, Ranye freezes as the bronze stands before her. Swallows. Pokes
Adrian. "Um…Adrian…Adrian…?"

Rala crams her fingernails back in her mouth and stares at Victoria

On the sands, Horned Moon Dragonet falters and mimics the youth, shifting
unhappily from paw to paw as he searches the form that merges with another.
Night seeks the light, struggling in the darkness of to distinguish the one
that has been moulded for Him.

On the sands, Flotsam & Jetsam shatters with the setting sun: pieces of
abandoned desire fly, unheeding shrapnel, from the forceful insistence of
head and shoulders of a darkling blue dragonet who tramples the sharded,
shriven flotsam.

On the sands, Undertow Blue Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Scintillant eyes, fierce and possessive, stare out of an ocean
of deepening cobalt. More shadow than substance, the illusion crashes in
upon itself with the cresting hues of the surf: his neckridges and
wingspars give off a slight greening sparkle, sunlight on the wavefront,
while the inner curve of his belly and haunches sink deeper and deeper into
the abyss, approaching midnight of the ocean floor about his talons. Large
for a blue, those broad wings already show promise of great strength and
fury, aligned to instinct's immediacy and the fierce draw of nature to
nature, need to need.

Marik walks in, and sands off to one side to watch the goings-on.

On the sands, Weily breathes an audible sigh of relief as the bronze passes
by. Audible even over the squalls of the newborn. Feet shiver in the hot
sands as the young man once again turns his attention elsewhere.

On the sands, "It'll be forever," Adrian cries, eyeing a purple — blue? No,
blue, that threatens to head towards them. "Thirty one of them. Thirty ONE.
What, Ranye? What what?"

Argent pounds his hand a bit on the railing. "C'mon, Ilka… and you, the
mulish healer."

K'vair mutters indignantly to L'lia, "Hey!" and rubs the affected part of his
body exagerratedly. Turns back to the sands, watching the activity intently.

Arise hrmms, "Perhaps…perhaps not.'

Correl finally spots his best friend down on the sands. Pointing and calling
to anyone around him, he cries out, "Look, there's Thaddea!"

Dickon smiles at the new blue, he looks back at Ranye and the others

On the sands, Katrineth snakes a stare above the horned moon's finding —
hisses low, sibiliant accolade as cobalt blue hatches just beside.

Starratiel says, "Another blue!"

On the sands, Ranye's voice quivers, and she grasps at Adrian clumsily to
spin him around. "A-adrian…bbbbbbronze….." she points again, trembling.
So big! So close!

Kelson leans over to Charlton again, a wide grin on his face. "Sure is quiet
up here, without Kessaly yelling Saladin's name…" He chuckles, thinking of
the last hatching….

Maarken makes it to the railing and leans over, his curls tumbling down. He
blinks at the full sight laid before him.

On the sands, Undertow Blue Dragonet surges from his shards, and pays for
the release of pent energy with a stumble that flails him muzzle-deep in the
sands. Dark wings bate to free himself; tail lashes in impotent fury.

Charlton chuckles at Kelson. "Shhh."

On the sands, Flood Tide swells, then subsides; darkening shadows roil along
its surface as it quivers, just once, then lies still again.

On the sands, Thaddea ducks the shards flying towards her, so forcefully
expelled by the willful dragonet. She feels her fingers slipping through
Victoria's, and the tenuous contact is broken…

On the sands, Nefra blinks, smiling softly at the new blue, her eyes lighting
up as she finally chokes out. "Just like mystic…only much, /much/ bigger…"

On the sands, Lysalla another deep breath.. another expelled fluttering.. So
many.. Eyes bright with glistening tears that ache to fall, but are kept
under control. She quickly thinks on healer training too calm the nerves
that threaten to overwhelm her completely.

Rala takes her fingers out of her mouth

On the sands, Taulloch backpedals hastily from Adrian's area, half-running
over a redhead in his urge to get Somewhere Else in the shifting, catching

K'ran chuckles at the bronze dragonet and the Candidate he seems to be
choosing, "My, now there is a confused Candidate…'

On the sands, Ilonka catches her breath, eyes wide.. A blink, as her eyes
look downward, well my, these sands 'are hot. But her eyes swing back,
afraid to miss something…

L'lia nods to K'vair.

On the sands, Adrian whirls, eyes widened by panic. "What? Where?" There.
Blue halts, pinned by the hatchling crouched by Ranye — Katrineth, behind,
is instantly forgotten. -KATRINETH- isn't a threat. She already -HAS- a
rider person to straddle -HER- big back.

Starratiel awwws at the blue.

On the sands, Horned Moon Dragonet gives up playing the coy little dragon
and shoulders his way past Ranye and right into the already fluttering
stomach of Adrian. He stares up into the wellworn features, bronzer than the
hide that is His, and lashes his tail. There, beneath the harsh black
angles he finds solace.

On the sands, Horned Moon Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Adrian.

Slaine hunches forward. Yes, a bronze by her poor, defenseless sister.

Starratiel looks at Adrian and mutters something under her breath.

On the sands, Telon sidesteps an oncoming blue with a quiet, "Incoming!" and
gingerly avoids it with something suspiciously askin to practiced ease and
rejoins Nefra's side.

Rala cheers adrian

On the sands, Ranye gulps. "Adrian…he's big. He's Ayyyyee!" she falls to
the sands, muttering, "I knew that was gonna happen."

Sh'lin jumps up. "Yes!" she screams as Adrian faces the bronze. The she
looks around at all the people staring at her and she turns bright red,
nearly matching her leathers. "Sorry." and she sits back down, though the
smug and almost predatory smile is still on her face.

On the sands, Kessaly rocks, back and forth, back and forth, and she laughs
to see a tiny girl impress a large brown.

Tulon turns and smiles faintly at Shlin.

Timora sighs happily, her mind racing as she sees another Imopression. "Oh,
Gwen. It'snt it beautiful?"

Kh'rys smirks at Sh'lin, but she was seen uttering some quiet congratulation
over the railing, too, so who is she to talk?

On the sands, Katrineth gapes ivory maw, surges heated demand — into the
valley of death rode the six hundred — and then that rumble becomes a croon.
Successfully trapped, O Son.

On the sands, Adrian tips over, staggers, regains his balance only to plow
over Ranye unmercifully and unheedingly. "Israith? Israith? Israith!" He
falls, dropping to his knees beside the hatchling with wonder-blinded eyes.
"You're so -BIG-."

On the sands, Nefra moves to one side, her robe fluttering as the blue runs
past. She breathes deeply, retaking his hand.

On the sands, Rajak watches the bronze and the blue, then cheers
congratulations to Adrian. He looks on with concern at Ranye.

On the sands, Harvest Moon scatters hearthfire's fitful embers of orange-gold
into the twinned black cradles of sea and sky.

On the sands, Lysalla swivels her head at the sound of Ranye's 'Ayyye' in
time to hear Adrian's call.

Rala turns the person behind her and grins "you own me a mark

Maarken claps for the young man who Impressed. He peers at the man's
features… no, definately not from Bitra.

On the sands, Larak smiles in the direction of Adrian…and the bronze.

K'ran chuckles, "Better make that confused Weyrling…." He starts to break
into an evil laugh, "My Weyrling.. Heh, going to have fun with that one."

On the sands, Victoria suddenly finds herself surrounded by impressed pairs
making their way to the waiting sustenance. Feet tangled in sand and each
other, she barely saves herself from a embarassing fall.

On the sands, Kessaly hears Adrian, and turns, and bellows a congratulations,

Dickon smiles for Adiran and then focuses on Ranye.

Argent grrfs as another bronze impresses, and finds Ryka's hand, as much for
is support as hers.

Peridot blinks in from ::between::!

On the sands, A pair of eggs quiver, silver and blood-red standing side by
side. They crack lightly as they collide, a shard here falling, then one
there, before tiny talons atart to peek through.

On the sands, Ranye owowowows! Hey! I expect it from the hatchlings but…her
gaze fixes on Adrian, hears his words, and with a quiet swallow, she backs
away. "Congrats," she says quietly, and sits down on the sands.

T'ren smiles, watching the bronze hatchling impress. He mutters under his
breath, "…good choice…"

On the sands, Weily hears noice. More noise. Glances over. Ah, that dangerous
bronze that nearly skewered him is safely restrained.

On the sands, Undertow Blue Dragonet flounders, at long, humiliating last, to
stand upright. Sandy, but upright. Noise draws him towards a crescent of
Candidates, slowly, eagerly, darkly.

On the sands, Lysalla adds her own thrilled congratulations to the newly
Impressed pair.

On the sands, Nefra looks over at Adrian and gasps. Then snickers softly as
the bronze bowls him over. "I guess he sees he's a bit slow too…"

K'vair grins, nudging L'lia almost roughly, and pointing to the sands. "That
will be a good pairing, I'm sure of it!"

Ryka bites her lip, unknowingly drawing forth a delicate droplet of blood,
eyes darkening, silver fading as she nearly stands, though she remains half
in her seat.

On the sands, Branvie lets out his breath in a whoosh as Israith Impresses.
He looks a bit down for a second kicking the sand, but then looks up at the
nearby eggs as the too begin to rock.

Slaine whispers, "Come on, sister. I know you can—"

On the sands, Kessaly grabs Lys in a hug, spinning her in an undignified
circle, laughing and wiping away tears.

Leanna walks in.

Starratiel says, "YAaaaaaay Adrian1"

On the sands, Israith lifts his head to Adrian's caress, callused human palm
that flutters over the planes of his head with uncertain bewilderment.
"You're lovely," he murmurs, to the young bronze's croon. "You're just
lovely. Ma's going to skin me alive …"

L'lia smirks at that, "WHy.. because he's bronze?"

Rala turns her gase back to Vic

On the sands, Telon's eyes dart to peer at Adrian with an outright grin. "Bet
his Ma's thrilled," he remarks, aside, to Nefra.

On the sands, Lysalla collects Kess in her arms, steering to toward the
onslaught of eggs and dragonets. "Still more to come, Kessie."

Starratiel says, "I bet if his Ma tries, she'll get sat on by a dragon."

On the sands, Rajak chuckles at Telon's comment, as do the candidates next
to him.

On the sands, Nefra nods, tears running down her cheeks as she squeezes
Telon's hand. "Very proud…like the rest of us…"

Ed'ard glances at L'lia, noting the danger signs that he's seen in Lessara.
He winces for K'vair's next statement…

Arise looks out, her gaze sweeping the sands, "Don't worry Slaine, I'm sure
she'll Impress."

On the sands, Kessaly nods, laughing, and begins to sing again, singing as
she has never sung befiore, in utter happiness and awe.

K'vair winks at L'lia, grinning. "Undoubtedly, love."

On the sands, Larak growns (frowns) and turns to scan the galleries…

Slaine shakes her head, but doesn't answer, heart in her eyes.

Rala glances at the blue that seems to just be standing there

On the sands, Shifting Moonshadows cradles, for a moment, the duky orange of
twin moons. Pale blue and grey stir the shadows, occluded by the shifting
colors of the bright egg near it. But here, in its own bed of sand, it
absorbs the thrumming of dragons with a mere shifting of its quiet colors.

L'lia grins and kisses K'vair's check, lightly. "As you say."

Imrie *pops* into this reality, gushing cold air on everyone.

Ed'ard blinks. Brownriders. Sheesh! No predicting them…including himself…

On the sands, Katrineth slants dark-glowered gaze towards Zhanth — beneath,
Harvest Moon continues her slow, inexorable transmutation. Into the depths—

Argent manages to avoid biting his lip, for now, by the simple expedient of
biting his tongue. "C'mon, ILka…"

Maarken glances at the rocking egg. Hmmm… wonder what it'll turn out to
be. He sighs, and shifts his gaze back to the tense candidates.

On the sands, Adrian stands, swaying without balance as Israith hugs close at
his legs. Still more or less oblivious to everything else, he staggers at
Weyrlingmaster prompting to the walls, his bronze shadow trailing faithfully

On the sands, Ranye crabwalks out of the way of an approaching blue
hatchling, even getting up enough nerve to glare at it with a 'Don't even
think about it' expression.

On the sands, Twilight Moonbow quivers yet again, digging itself into sand,
hazy in the distorted heat of the cavern. Calm, as yet, serene in stillness
of its own world. All around it wends chaos, yet its continuance is slow.

On the sands, Nefra blinks, her eyes drawn from the scene back to another
shifting egg, quickly taking her hands from Telon's to wipe her face,
slipping it back into place.

On the sands, Harvest Moon vibrates to blurred tension's crescendo,
surmounting its abyssal vault; cracks puncture the sigil's whole, freeing
the dark flood of shards and serous fluid — autumnal gold yields to
burnished, the harvest complete. The hunt begins.

On the sands, Hunter's Moon Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, No careless hunter, she, for all the opulence of antiqued
saffron hide: the convex, byzantine curves of a drawn scimitar compose that
darkly luminous frame, honed by spirit's sheer intensity. But precision
cannot now match decision; overlong wings but hinder the golden hatchling's
movements as they trail to either side, their dappled bronze mares veiling
the smoky, subtle umber that shadows underbelly as well as jaw and jugular.
Still, the tenor of resonant strength lingers in the intent whirl of
jewelfaceted eyes, awaiting the fusion at last of desire and capacity into
clarion clarity.

On the sands, Undertow Blue Dragonet plows his way towards his target. No
doubt, no grace — just the blind upswell of confidence that glows his eyes
to rubies and hisses his tail through the sand like a rudder. Closer,
closer, following horned moon's trail—

On the sands, So many people. Can't tell if /she/ is watching. After a
final sweep of the crowd, Larak returns his attention to the eggs -and
candidates- around him.

On the sands, K'lora does, in the end, settle the new pairs of lifemates.
She moves forward with Adrian and settles him with Israith with an easy
touch. "Well done Adrian. Well done."

Rala reaches over and squeazes dickons hand "ooo the gold

Sh'lin sits up as she eyes the latest hatching. "Ohh my. The gold."

Maarken looks at the gold, rather amazed.

Dickon eyes widen,"Whow Gold.,"

Arise leans forward in her seat as the gold comes from it's shell, "Oh, my."

Tulon gasps sharply as he bretahes in, hands clecnhing into tight fists,
eyes peering at the happenign on the sands.

Argent says, "Oh shards, here it is… the gold…"

Slaine gives the new gold a glance, but only that: let Riendor gape then
tug at her, babbling incomprehensible about the 'bright bright SHINY dwagon'
— Ranye preoccupies /her./

K'ran once again speaks by his Dragonmeter, "Hmm, gold. Nope, Sorileth most
definitely won't like her… She won't even chase." *sigh*

On the sands, Lysalla staggers on her feet as the Autumn moon bursts from
her shell. A grab of her sister's arm as she trembles.

L'lia wrinkles her nose. Subvocalizing, "Yes, yes, I took note of her.
SHe's gold. You've never _caught_ a gold, don't know why you care."

On the sands, Thaddea gasps as the gold hatches, suddenly, strong, beautiful
—and dangerous, she checks herself.

His eyes opening widely, T'ren gazes at the newly-hatched gold dragonet,
then smiles as he follows her progress.

On the sands, Kessaly's eyes open hugely at the queen, and after a shudder
and an intake of breath, she sings to welcome her, as well.

Talisen straightens, looking over, bending. "The gold… there she is."

On the sands, Nefra takes in a breath and doesn't let go, her eyes fastened
to the gold dragonet as she …hunts. There's no other word for that sly
movement, the tilt of her head…

Dickon smiles as he feels the squeeze,"Comeon, Ranye and Vic

Ryka's eyes shimmer liquid, molten silver, caressing the form of the golden
hatchling, her tongue flicks out briefly to wet dry lips.

On the sands, There is, for a moment, the hush of silence that preceeds the
clamor as the large occluded egg bursts open to spill the weyr's future.
Lifting her dark-haired head ever higher, Victoria gazes across the sands
and wonders again why she was chosen for this. A Holder lass, beautiful and
prim, smirks with delight and moves forwards towards the Gold; shoulders
droop slightly, and Victoria remains, as ever, watching from the sidelines.

Correl gasps, spying the glittering gold emerging from her shell.

K'vair blinks, and returns his attentions to the sands, seemingly shifting
to an entirely differnt world, once again. "C'mon, 'tori," he mutters

Argent watches Ryka, then the tableau, and nods curtly.

Palina blinks, murmurring to herself, "There *can't* be a gold. There just

Arise grins, leaning forward to look at Riendor, "It's pretty, isn't it?"

On the sands, Zhanth shifts on his forelegs. Brown, blue, another brown,
and the gold. His hum mounts from a subliminal ache around senses' edges to
a full-throated rumble of thunder: tribute.

On the sands, Ranye's eyes fix on the gold as she hatches, and swallows
again and aagain. Leadenly she gets to her feet. Oh shards. She thought
Israith had been huge…

On the sands, Telon's eyes widen at the arrival of the gold, and he emits a
long, inaudible whisper. A quick glance at the female candidates around him,
followed closely by a pleasant smile as he observes the ongoings with a
feigned indifference.

On the sands, Neap Tide shivers luminescent shores in the wake of the gold's
hatching; small twinkles shine on shallow reflections.

On the sands, Thaddea's gaze is drawn back towards Victoria, so silent, so

On the sands, Lysalla sways once more to the music of her sister's voice and
to the beauty of this singular moment. Feet no longer shifting in
discomfort..that long forgotten.

On the sands, Larak blinks at the sightof the new gold, and a soft sigh
escapes his lips to disappear in the ambient noise…

On the sands, Rajak lets out a low whistle at the sight of the green. He
runs his hand through his hair, watching the dragonettes.

Rala whispers loudly "Come on Vic you can do it"

On the sands, The redhaired lass, nose still uplifted makes a step towards
the gold, but her face crumbles as the newly hatched queen walks right on by.

On the sands, Ariana's eyes soften, and again glance travels upwards to the
ledge. Her own lifemate, similar yet different, in the same circumstance.
She watches, eyes flickering around the cacophany that is the Sands.

On the sands, Hunter's Moon Dragonet emerges — /stumbles/ upon those long
wings, but even now her head lifts to survey the scene, nictate open eyes to
see for the very first time. Clarity, then, sought through the heat of
sands and roiling minds, as she claws her way free.

On the sands, Nefra grips Telon's hand tightly, almost as if she can't let
go. "She's beautiful, Telon…."

Dickon whistels lowly,"She sure is beutiful isn't she?

On the sands, Telon clasps Nefra's hand reassuringly. "Aye," he murmurs
quietly, his attention divided for a moment. "They all are."

On the sands, Ilonka smiles warmly at the tiny green, though she eases
closer to Lys, grabbing at her hand.."A pretty lass, eh?"

Rala stamps her feet in egerness

Starratiel oooooohs.

Hatcher walks in.

On the sands, Undertow Blue Dragonet skids to a stop nearly perfectly before
his victim. Her. Only her. He braces himself on foresquare paws and
levels firm eyes up at her, crimson to black-framed palest green.

Charlton punches Keslon(Kelson) in excitement. "She's magnificent, see?" He
points to the compelling gold.

Argent raises his tablet… "last minute wagers, any?"

Hatcher sneaks in late, and sits with the Harper contingent.

On the sands, Arien shivers once, gaze seeking as ever her life's mate.
Here /you/ had hatched—

Maarken scans the sands, doesn't see the green; maybe she's below the
balcony and thus hidden from his view.

On the sands, Kessaly sings simply, wordlessly, tears of joy choking the
purity of her voice. She clutches her sister's hand.

L'lia mutters, an undertone as the crowd oohhhs and ahhhs, "There is a
lovely _brown_ over there, K'vair, don't you think? ANd look at that _blue_.
ANd a pair of greens, in the northwest corner. Lovely, aren't they?"

Belldandy whaps Charlton, "Shhh!"

On the sands, Weily, he looks this time. Can't help it. Eyes widen. Pretty.
But not exactly in his league. After all, he's male. Course, if one follows
that logic a green wouldn't be either. Eyes strain away from the gold focus
and off, towards lighter repasts, towards that pale green.

On the sands, Lysalla finds a soft tune issuing from her throat. A lullaby
once sang to her many turns ago. It's remember melody comforts her, as the
feel of her sister's hand and that Ilka's beside her. Tears begin a slow

On the sands, K'lora's smile welcomes as she continues making sure dragonets
and their partners move off the sands to the sidelines. In the end, she
returns to stand near Adrian — A'dri and Israith, watching.

On the sands, Victoria has disconnected.

On the sands, Ranye's gaze is fixed upon the gold, not with wonder or
amazement, but paralyzed. A hatchling comes near her, looks about to run
into her, but ny some miracle manages to correct its course. Hands figit
with robes. Big…

Charlton grins and hushes. Relly.

Kelson nods, not able to tear his gaze from the sands.

On the sands, Undertow Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Ranye.

On the sands, Twilight Moonbow shivers, solitary, caught in endless time of
short-spanned perfection. Crystaline, it trembles.

Starratiel looks at Argent. "I wager a mark each on Lysalla and Kessaly.

Arise oohs and grabs Slaine's sleeve, "Look!"

Vela's lips purse up into the shape of an 'O' as her eyes revel in the sight
of the new gold She u..mutters something to herself as her gaze careesses
the brilliant form of the gold…mea..memorizing every shade and detail.

On the sands, Nefra blinks, finally tearing her eyes away from the gold,
finding the the blue and…Ranye?? She nudges Telon, pointing over in
Ranye's direction.

Dickon smiles as the blue looks on Ranye

Starratiel says, "Ranye!!!!"

On the sands, Rajak grins and cheers for Ranye. "Atta be Rayne!"

Argent is probably less reverent than he might be all around, but nods to
Starr, then refocuses…

On the sands, Thaddea has disconnected.

Kh'rys embarasses herself this time, jumping to her feet and shouting,
hurling congratulations down on oblivious ears. "Ranye!"

Gwendolyn looks distracted.
Gwendolyn has disconnected.

On the sands, Ilonka sighs deep and low, eyes tracing tiny wingsail and
tender muzzle..a smile directed towards Ranye..

Slaine's face drains of color. "Ma?" Riendor asks, tugging on her. "Look

K'ran's smile widens as Ranye Impresses blue, "Hey, even better… Good for
both Sorileth and I." ;)

T'ren has disconnected.

Rala continues to stare at the gold and bite her nails

On the sands, Telon blinks at Ranye, and then smiles warmly, offering a
congratulatory nod to the candidate to far away for a slap on the back.

On the sands, Thaddea has connected.

Maarken's gaze latches onto the Twilight Moonbow. His eyes drown in its
crystalline reflections, and he turns his face, not wanting to get caught
up in something he can't even imagine.

Arise peers at Slaine, "You okay?"

On the sands, Ranye stops. Blinks. Turns. "Ti-tisanth? WHo is that..who
is…" her eyes alight on the blue, and she almost falls over. She looks
speechless, as one hand reaches out, then snaps back. "Tisanth," she says
again, tentatively.

On the sands, From the edges of the sand, a small dark red egg, straited
with slivers of white rocks slowly, then breaks open with a great heave,
depositing a young dark forest green upon the sands.

On the sands, Victoria has connected.

Starratiel looks at K'ran. "Hey, I thought you were with K'lora."

On the sands, Hunter's Moon Dragonet vocalizes — sharp, sudden creel — and
wingspans taste the heat, drying warm, rich saffron beneath the detrius of
shard and sac. Awkward, yes, but inexorable, mind tracking passion's prey.

Slaine remembers how to breathe. "Nothing, Rien—/Ranye./"

T'ren has connected.
Gwendolyn has connected.

L'lia smiles at the impressions, her eyes flickering from Ranye to Thomas,
to another… back to Ranye. HEr head swivls over to look at Slaine, trying
to guage her reaction.

K'ran grins at Starratiel, "We are, but not for Flights."

On the sands, Shifting Moonshadows swells, lifting between Belior and Timor
as the colors shift from the silver and dusk of the sky to the leaf pattered
floor of the forest. Colors shift and settle, silent with promise.

On the sands, A'dri looks up reluctantly, prompted into awareness again by
the insistant nudge of his lifemate. "What? Ranye? That's nice." Back down
again. "Are you very -very- hungry? Or can you wait a few …?"

Arise cheers for Slaine's sister, even though she doesn't know her herself.

Starratiel nods. "I see..kinda. I don't really get this flights thing, but…"

On the sands, Nefra smiles, her eyes getting misty again as she watches
Ranye, then looks over to see a green hatch. She rocks back and forth on her
heels, not noticing again, the warmth of the sands.

Maarken does see this green. His eyes look at it consideringly, and he sits
on the seat behind him, now, letting the rail clear a little for someone
else to inhabit.

Rala lets her gaze dart between Vic and the gold

Ryka chuckles, eyes glazed for a moment as she whispers to her own lifemate,
"Aye, beloved, they are indeed lovely…"

On the sands, Small figures crawl free of abandoned kelp, out of hiding and
into movement. Neap tide wanes, ebbs, flows, fleeting gossamer against
grainy sand.

K'ran waves Starratiel off, "Later. Now is the hatching."

On the sands, Twilight Moonbow quivers in its light; time progresses,
continues, and this shell quivers rougher. Harder. Silver blurs with blues,
scintillant swirl of hues.

On the sands, Kessaly hears Ranye, and glances back, smiling. She squeezes
Lys' hand, and sings.

On the sands, Wind-Whipped Waves trembles in sea's froth, cast free by
instinct. Freedom.

Starratiel grins, and watches the gold, mentally chanting a certain name..

On the sands, Neap Tide swells with oncoming nightfall's power which urges
the kelp-limned waves higher and stronger, clawing the beach for one last

On the sands, Lysalla can do nothing but smile, face aglow with the pleasure
of seeing so many find their lifemates. A glance to Ranye and her newly
Impressed love and then to beauty that is the newly born queen… eyes
drifting from rocking egg to glistening dragonet.

On the sands, Ilonka laughs merrily at her fellow candidate, then turns
searching eyes upon the rocking eggs…

On the sands, Neap Tide yields tide to time: the inexorable inevitability
that flakes olivine ghosts from the surging whole, to outline in wavecast
disarray the green hatchling within.

On the sands, Sea Wrack Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, Whisper-wrought angularity carves her frame and demeanor,
water-smoothed curves strong against chance erosions. Darkly iridescent
hide reflects the deepwater spume that clashes against the coastline's surge
of wingspan and tail: an island, then, but one that this dragonet alone
inhabits — separate, distinct from world's infusion. Wide-flung wings and
sinuous neck compel, a siren's call; for all that, her mien is true
innocence, unaware of the illusions cast by her seafoam sides. Even now,
fine tail stirs the waves, talons grasp, intent gaze searching for her final

On the sands, Telon's watchful gaze returns to the dragonets and eggs; all
of which, given the oppurtunity, would undoubtedly like a good Telon under
their claws. He scuffs his feet absently in the sands, lifting his chin.

Slaine says, "—Blue. She — oh, Arise."

On the sands, Rajak watches the wind-whipped egg. He smiles at Weily, who is
two candidates down from him.

On the sands, Nefra turns back to the other eggs, her face, now losing color
as two of her friends have now gotten dragons…Another egg as opened…and
a green!

Starratiel wows. "Pretty green…very pretty!"

Arise leans over and whispers to Tulon, "Has the gold gone towards anybody
yet?" she turns back to Slaine, "She what?"

On the sands, Ranye reaches out tentatively again. "You're not so big.
Tisanth." She rolls thge name over her tongue again. Touches his snout
softly. "Gosh I'm hungry," she murmurs. "You, too?"

K'ran nudges Sh'lin, "Hey, green. Competition."

Tulon shakes his head at Arise. "I don't believe so," he rpelies quietly.

Rala glaces over at the green as she enters the world

Slaine points. "My sister," she whispers, tears scarring her cheeks.
Riendor frowns up at Ma. Uh-oh. Crying.

On the sands, Kessaly sings to welcome the green to the sands, smiling and
shading her eyes with her free hand.

Sh'lin nods sagely to K'ran. "We'll have to watch her of course." She winks.

L'lia winces, and tugs her hand in K'vair, "Hey, don't kill me!" Her eyes
glancece over at the sands, to Tori, "Relax."

Dickon smiles at the green and then looks back at the gold.

Sephrena has connected.

On the sands, Like tides pulled by the moons, the candidates swell towards
the Gold, leaving Tori stranded on leaden feet that refuse to answer her
tenous request for motion. She sways again, whistful amusement hooding her
brown eyes to a thick sable as she watches the arc of dragons stumble
outwards from the eggs. A flicker of blue compels attention, and she turns
to watch a creeling Dragonet stagger by — so close and yet. So much to see.
Too much. THe world becomes a sea of heat and sand and dragon.

Maarken sees the green. His eyes widen, take in the dark colors of the

On the sands, Weily is caught. Mezmerised. Green. Gorgeous green. Enticing
green. Prominently thick lips go slack as he stares.

K'ran says, "Corrupt her? Yay, we'll have to corrupt her. Make sure she is
only chased by the males our dragons don't like.:)"

Sh'lin chuckles. "But of course."

On the sands, Thaddea swallows hard, watching the green dragonet emerge from
/that/ egg. Still, the know of doubt in her guts draws tighter.

On the sands, Taulloch rubs his hands down and down and down his robe,
fighting to clean them or just burn off energy.

On the sands, Hunter's Moon Dragonet traces her way towards a group of girls
— past a haughty redhead, with nary a look for /her/ — nostrils flared,
flanks heaving with instinct's demand constrained by body's weakness —
darkness draws this newfledged queen, dark hair and a certain dreaming

K'vair glances over at L'lia, "Wha…?" Attention flickers down to sweaty
hands, which he quickly relaxes. "Sorry, love," he murmurs apologetically.

Argent wipes his hands on his new clothes, itching forgotten, and places his
hand on Ryka's shoulder. If he was given to nailbiting.. nothing left.

On the sands, Telon is equally as mezmerised as the nearby Weily, gaze
fixated on the newly arrived green. His grip on Nefra's hand goes slack for
a moment.

Arise ohs and pats Slaine's shoulder, digging into her pocket and coming out
with a crumpled handkerchief which she offers to the weaver.

Felassa watches the Gold with baited breath. Who *she* Impresses changes
the course of the Weyr, in large ways or small…

Ryka glances over her shoulder at Argent and smiles weakly, lacing her
fingers within his larger paws, squeezing tightly.

Palina murmurs, "C'mon, Rajak. You can do it." as she watches.

On the sands, K'lora watches, moving pairs out of the way as she watches the
rest. Green compels attention, of course, and she adds her laugh to
Dorianth's welcoming werble from there above the rest. A touch and Ranye
and Tisanth join the rest.

On the sands, Nefra now hops again from foot to foot, watching the green and
gold, her head never staying still as she takes a quick glane at both, then
Telon. She smiles slightly, then goes back to watching the dragonets.

On the sands, Twilight Moonbow begins its journey towards darkness, towards
the breaking of its fragile spell. Colors blur again in quicking rancor, in
desire to be free. To be out. Fragility is strong, though some stronger yet.

Rala leans forward trying to guess where the gold is going

On the sands, Larak begins shifting from foot to foot, the sands' heat
beginning to get to him.

Starratiel hmmms. "Either Lyslalla or Victoria, I think."

On the sands, Kessaly sings and sways, holding on to her sister, and then
leaning in to kiss her.

On the sands, Katrineth urges with a mantling of wings, green and gold, the
others that surmount the sands, crunch the abandoned shards, —

On the sands, Ilonka locks her gaze on seaswept green, her face smiling at
it's tenderness. So young and yet so perfect.

On the sands, J'dano slicks the back of his hand up his cheek, fingers
sweeping unabashed tears from smoked blue eyes. Above and behind him,
Zhanth settles in his wings' vast tent and loops his tail towards Katrineth's
for the merest whisper of contact.

Rala cheers softly "come on Vic you can do it

On the sands, Lysalla's dark gaze follows the path of the dragonets trending
about her. Healer's mind awhirl, she unconsciously shifts..

On the sands, Sea Wrack Dragonet brushes at stray shards, thoughtlessly, yet
unconsciously graceful and absorbing. A step forward, then two, grace
epitomied in greenshade and body. Head lifts, eyes look.

Dickon smiles as he hears the cheering. He watches the gold with eager eyes.

Marik sighs slightly as he watches the dragomettes, and the candiates Impress.

Argent watches Ilka and the green… he murmurs encouragement to both at a
loud decibel level.

On the sands, Shifting then, shadows slip across the forest shades in fingers
of silver and dusky bronze. As if in answer, eggs stir, restless, and hatch
an seemingly endless stream of dragonets.

Maarken looks down, again, having stood up unconsciously. He stares with
large eyes at the green, still not even imagining being Searched one day.
It's… just something he doesn't consider. No point to it.

Slaine accepts the hankerchief with a wobbly smile for Arise. She rubs her
eyes, muttering, "I never really thought—"

Kelson has disconnected.

On the sands, Nefra smiles a the green, her face getting a little of its
color back. This one seeks, not hunts, like /her/. Nervously, she gulps
again and loosens her hand from Telon's.

On the sands, Katrineth stills at the touch, not freezes but calms —
/watching/ — knowing — and her rider's carriage bears that same serene

K'vair leans over to L'lia and Ed'ard, commenting, "You know, there are some
nice brown hatchlings out there."

On the sands, Ilonka leans against Lysalla, support for support. Haunting
gaze cast out and over eggs, whole and broken..she shifts her feet, though
not from heated sands.

On the sands, The dark forest green slinks across the sands, crossing the
gold's path as she heads out for a gaggle of girls and boys, whirling eyes
searching for that one, the only one for her.

On the sands, Telon inhales sharply, standing on tiptoes to eye the green
appraisingly, a speculative glance stillg lued to her. Telon's arms finally
hang limply at his sides, and he watches. Watches. Watching.

Felassa reaches across to squeeze Slaine's shoulder. "He's a lovely blue,
that Tisanth."

On the sands, Taulloch's eyes fix on the queen's sweeping approach. His
hands still at his sides, and then he orients on a brown that bawls his way
past him. His face falls, and with it his eyes, on the cruel sands.

L'lia grins at K'vair, and murmurs, approvingly, "YOu are learning."

On the sands, Larak tenses, ready to dodge, should some of those hatchlings
flood /his/ way…

Leanna has disconnected.

Rala starts to drum her fingers againt the stone seats

Slaine gives Felassa that abstracted, blank smile. "And big. Hope she can
deal with that."

Felassa chuckles. "She'll learn."

On the sands, Ariana's eyes linger on the girls, quiet. Someone, one of them.
Yet the others all about are IMpressing as well; that boy from Nabol to the
brown, that girl from Igen to a fragile green.

Sephrena has disconnected.

On the sands, Lysalla trembles against Ilka, brushing a stray strand of black
hair from her sheen-covered face. A welcoming smile to the friend beside her
before eyes drift back.. waiting and watching.

On the sands, Rajak watches the green head down the line, having not found
her lifemate yet. He watches, watching the gold as well.

On the sands, Images flit and slide along iridescent hide as the Sea Wrack
green glides forward, tail gouging shallow furrow behind. Drown-deep eyes
whirl with an anxiety of search.

On the sands, Nefra takes her free hand and wipes it against her robe,
dampening the material as she watches Telon watch the green. She smiles a
bit, then squeezes Ilka's hand, her eyes also on the green now.

Ed'ard smiles at L'lia. "Finally getting K'vair trained right, eh,

Argent holds tighter with his hand, breath coming a little quicker. There be

Charlton's eyes fix on that impressee from Igen, and he remembers his own
anxieties. Still, she looks healthy enough.

Maarken, scanning the sands once again, doesn't recognize anyone. Maybe no
one from Bitra's there….

On the sands, Branvie looks away from the queen, not interested of course.
But he freezes, muscles tensing as a blue and a green scramble close, wings
dragging in the hot sands.

L'lia wrinkles her nose, "Trained? Hardly. I don't train the people I love."

On the sands, Ilonka watches, eyes transfixed by sweep of wing and click of
talon. Her heart sings out louder than Kess' tune. A brief squeeze of
Nefra's hand revives her a bit, but only for a moment before she's drawn
back in..ebb and flow.

Ed'ard starts to cough uncontrollably

Tulon has disconnected.

On the sands, Thaddea watches the green barrelling towards the knot of
candidates, the one she's standing in, trying to read it's intent… and
vaguely remembering advice and warnings, sidesteps to avoid talons that are
clearly not seeking her.

Rala starts to tremble with nervousness as the gold moves around the sand

On the sands, Victoria standing, eyes transfixed on the stark white robe
before her, not daring to look up at the crealing masses of hatchling flesh.
Breath coming in shallow gasps. The heat from the sands, the tension, all
stealing her breath.

On the sands, Kessaly sways, eyes taking in the scene around her. Her face
is flushed, a little, and she can't seem to stop smiling.

Dickon grasps Rala's hand as the gold begins to make its way about the sand.

On the sands, Hunter's Moon Dragonet growls, a low thrum as the green
disrupts her trail, as sand slips beneath her paws — but a shake, a
remantling of moon-mared wings, and she scents anew. Closer now, nearing
two girls in particular: and one narrow-boned, with her hair caught up in
white, silent but for the pulse that draws to pulse, breath to breath —

On the sands, Thaddea moves quickly to Victoria's side, murmuring, "deep

Vela reaches out to Larak with her heart, wanting to blanket him with
encouragement, snuggle him with hope, and smack him with some determination.

Argent forgets to breathe.

K'vair smirks at Ed'ard, glaring at him for the slightest instant before
returning his gaze to the sands, below. "Trained? Nobody _trains_ me,

Rala squeazes dickons hand as hard as she can..probably will be sore the
next day

On the sands, Nefra leans foward a bit to get a look at Kess and grins. At
someone is having a good time she thinks as she turns. Has /she/ made her
choice? She gulps, rubbing her hand against her tunic.

Felassa fairly quivvers in anticipation….

K'ran idly scratches at the top of his head, "Shards… I miss my hair."

Starratiel clenches her hands. "Come on, Lysalla."

On the sands, Thaddea looks incredulously from the gold hatchling to
Victoria's face. "Not a good time to hyperventilate!" she whispers, "Look!"

On the sands, Rajak shifts his weight on the sands, lifting a foot off the
ground abit, then sets it down. He wipes his nrow, sweating abit from the
heat of the sands.

Ed'ard thinks of some wonderful times with his weyrmate. "Really, K'vair?

Slaine looks up from the hankerchief and leans into her neighbors. "What —
did I miss?"

Blas has disconnected.

On the sands, Lysalla sways to the light tune of her sister as she watches
the queen approach Tori.. Tears of joy stream downward… Such beauty.

Felassa says, "Not much…the Gold is still making up her mind!"

On the sands, With her wings trailing in the sand, the dark forest green
approaches the gaggle of girls, not to far away from the searching queen
and fixes her gaze on one small boy, nudging him.

On the sands, Twilight Moonbow crenellates, delicate shell beginning to haze
with cracks. Colors fracture, striate. It shudders again, in rocking
motions, aching for its freedom.

Arise shakes her head, "I think the gold is about to choose."

On the sands, Telon remains still, absently running his fingers through his
hair for little apparent reason as he glances around him once more for any
incoming beasties out for blood. His blood, of course.

Dickon smiles, as he doesn't mind a sore hand if it relives her tension, he
whispers,"Don't worry, she'll do just fine, I have a good felling she will

Correl grins as he sees the little gold heading toward Thaddea and her

T'ren, overhearing the interchange between K'vair and Ed'ard, frowns
slightly at them, lifting his finger to his lips. He whispers, "Shhh" to
them before returning his attention to the sands.

On the sands, A — nudge. Taulloch's peat-dark eyes fly up, as wild as his
scrambling step back from whatever /touched/ him…then he freezes.

Belldandy squeezes P-chan in anticipation.

On the sands, Nefra smiles, almost letting out a sigh of relief as the gold
heads toward Tori, her face suddenly flushed. She laughs softly, then turns
her eyes back to the green, eyes bright.

On the sands, Greatful hand grasps for Thaddea's. Victoria spends all her
energies on slowing her breathing. Looking up at Thaddea's words, she sees
the beautiful glowing moon dragon moving across the sands, her breath stops
completely now.

Ed'ard tosses a grape at the back of T'ren's head.

K'ran sighs and gets tired of scratching a hairless head so he starts to
scratch Sh'lin's, "Ahh, much better. You lose something when there isn't
thing up there to scratch." ;)

Rala squeazes dickons hand harder

On the sands, Ilonka sways against Lysalla, though she knows it not.
Searching, watching , the heat rising close about her, as tiny droplets of
sweat touch her brow. She raises thin fingers to brush away her hair, but her
gaze never faulters..

Belldandy throws a Mallet at Kamran.

Dickon smiles,"Just as long as you don't draw blood.:) he begins to metally
cheer for Victoria, even though he never met her before.

On the sands, Hunter's Moon Dragonet stumbles again — too swift, too soon
but she will /not/ be daunted — that scintillant demand swings up, past
Thaddea's almond eyes, to her chosen's … and claims her prize, and likewise
is claimed, life to life and soul to soul. No more runners for /you/

Sticking close to Slaine, Riendor plays with his tiny Ista knot while his
foster-mother revives interest in the /rest/ of the Hatching.

Rala eyes are riveted on the gold as she holds her breath

On the sands, Hunter's Moon Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Victoria.

Timora has disconnected.

Colton walks in.

On the sands, A swift blow between Victoria's shoulder blades jump-starts her
breathing again.

On the sands, Sea Wrack Dragonet spurts forward, light reflecting enticing
shadows, flowing along those instinctually balancing wings. But she pauses,
slowly perusing, scanning along white forms with flaring red, brown and gold

Argent remembers to breathe when his lungs remind him with a fit of gasping.

Rala leaps up and cheers as lound as she can "YAhhh Vic!!

Starratiel says, "Victoria!!!""

Arise stands, "Oooh! Yeah Victoria!"

Dickon smiles as he watches the gold and victoria

Ryka breathes out as the gold Impresses, she smiles and cheers softly, eyes
flicking back to Kessaly and Lysalla.

Starratiel yells at the top of her lungs. YAAAAAYYYY

Sh'lin sits back with a shuddering sigh. "There. Our new jr weyrwoman."
She turns to K'ran. "Victoria. Not bad."

Colton shuffles up the stairs to the galleries and finds a seat quickly.

L'lia smiles, faintly, "SHe stood at Ista, you know."

On the sands, Thaddea whispers fiercely, "Go!" and moves back, out of the

Palina studies this candidate called Toria. "Hey!" she says quietly, "this
means I'm not the juniorest Weyrwoman anymore, doesn't it?!"

Dickon stands"Yeah victoria!,he then whispers to Rala,"See I told you she
would do fine:)

Charlton hisses with satisfaction, as the gold chooses.

On the sands, Rajak cheers to Victoria and her impressing of the gold.

Felassa says, "Looks like it, Palina!"

Maarken claps loudly as the queen chooses… he knows that it's polite to
clap at impression, even if it's someone he doesn't even know.

Talisen watches the gold, watches her choice, quiet, hands folded, eyes just
slightly shimmered. Unsurprised.

K'ran hmmms and ponders that, "Don't really know her.. Think she'll do well?"

Leaning downward just at E'dard tosses his grape, T'ren checks his boots,
before smiling as he sees Victoria impress. He rises again, as he notices
some object sailing over him.

K'vair points to Victoria, nudging L'lia. "Look—the gold chose Victoria!"
A huge sigh of relief escapes his lips, and he leans against the Phoenix
wingleader, as if exhausted.

Rala turns and gives dickon a hug

Belldandy goes light headed.

Felassa says, "What's her *name* Victora?"

On the sands, Kessaly sees Victoria, and hugs Lys close, swaying to keep her
feet cool.

On the sands, Twilight Moonbow shudders: the convulsive movement further
splinters crucified perfection into glances at brilliant, ambitious freedom.

L'lia hugs K'vair, and nods, "I see. She's a nice girl, I think."

Kyrie tilts her head back and smiles, gloriously, brilliantly, at the
emerald sheen of wings on the ledge above. "Victoria," she whispers, to a
mind's ears that can hear only her voice. "I win."

Dickon hugs Rala back

On the sands, K'lora's smile is one of relief and delight. She glances for
a moment to the Weyrwomen and Weyr leader, and then back at the impressions;
so many new dragons.

On the sands, Branvie holds the warm, soft muzzle against his chest, the
woodland green a sharp contrast against the whiteness of his robe. He
stammers her name to those beside him. "F-fabrinth, Fabrinth!"

On the sands, Victoria drops to her knees before the most precious being she
has ever layed eyes on. Tears streaming down her face, she reaches for the
beauties muzzle, "Oh! Rosalth! I love you more then life!"

On the sands, Nefra grins, her voice finally letting her yell a congats to
Tori, going back to quietly rocking on her heels, wiping the sweat from her

Rala starts to stamp her feet and cheers loundly

On the sands, Weily stands in sight of the green. He's planted himself there.
Roots, he must have. He's not bouncing anymore.

Correl catches his breath, heartbroken as he sees Thaddea move back away from
the young queen…. and yet unexplainably, a bit releaved.

Felassa cheers!

On the sands, Twilight Moonbow arches in the final spasm of climaxed
twilight. Prismatic color vents cold glory in an explosion of exalted light
that shards about the one who pierced its virgin dream: a shadow-caught
brown hatchling.

On the sands, Penumbral Brown Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Sanded smooth he'll never be: rough-hewn asymmetry leaps to
stark relief in this dragonet's bone and carriage. Moonwashed ivory defines
the crest of neck, the broad withers, the leading edges of wide-vaulted
wings; dense, night-dark sable conceals in startling chiaroscuro the details
of throat and abdomen, the ventral curl of tail. But for all his brawny
presence, extremities of muzzle and talons and wingspars' hooks blur under
the penumbral influence of ruddy copper; likewise, his pacing is aught but
wooden: inexorably and uninhibitedly driven to finish, to eclipse, to
complete immersion.

Argent wraps his arm around Ryka and holds her close, offering some way to
share tension, lest it have its way with both. All normal banter gone.

On the sands, Lysalla hugs her sister happily, sniffling.. "Don't they look
gorgeous, Kessie.. so beautiful."

On the sands, Taulloch does not, cannot breathe, with sea-green so close.
His own flame-bright head lifts in unconscious challenge: would /she/ look
at him?

Dickon claps his hand for the newly impressed

On the sands, Telon rubs his chin thoughtfully, tilting his head at the
seafomish green to look up sharply at Victoria, to whom he calls a jovial

Sh'lin turns to K'ran with a thoughtful look. "I've seen her about. A
pleasing young girl. I think she'll do well."

Palina sits up a little straighter, as becomes a new no longer most junior

T'nar smiles broadly as Victoria Impresses, then wings to K'vair. "Good luck,
wasn't it?"

Maarken glances at the green. Why hasn't she moved? He begins to look
vaguely concerned.

K'vair nods quietly to L'lia, watching the new pair on the sands. "Yes, she
is very nice. She will make a good queen rider, I have no doubts."

Ryka laughs silently, oofing as Argent squeezes a bit tightly, she grins

On the sands, Ariana's smile widens as she marks the new Impression — and
the young queen's name. She regards her a moment longer and goes back to
tracing the progress of othe rhatchlings — including the new hatched brown

On the sands, Kessaly nods happily, and wipes her nose on her sleeve.

On the sands, Thaddea slowly moves back, smiling to herself, so happy for
the quiet girl with whom she spent the last few hours.

On the sands, Ilonka's gaze faulters as she smiles warmly at Victoria,
bright eyes for her fellow candidate, but her eyes swing back wide to take
in the newly arrived brown. She tugs on Lys's sleeve and points..

L'lia shrugs, "All goldriders make good queenriders."

Peridot suddenly disappears ::between::!

On the sands, Nefra blinks, tearing her gaze from the green to a brown, her
breath stopping a moent to look him over. So very rough-hewn…

On the sands, Rajak pauses in mid shift of his weight, as he gets nudges by
a candidate next to him. He nods in agreement. "He is beautiful."

K'vair grins at T'nar, smiling proudly. "Hardly luck, I'd say. That gold
has taste."

Rala sits down still cheering softly

T'ren smiles again, as he watches Victoria. He nods his approval of the
newly-hatched gold's choice.

Hatcher mutters, "Three Harpers down there, at least one of 'em better

Dickon falls back into his seat still grining

On the sands, Lysalla's eyes are already transfixed on the emergence of the
brown from the egg that held her fasination for so long… No words, only
small noises of pleasure issue forth from her tightened throat.

Slaine hoods her eyes in thought. "I Stood with her," she tells wee Riendor,
who looks up from cheerfully unraveling his knot. "Look, she has a dragon
now. A gold one."

Starratiel nudges Ed'ard. "Hey look, a brown!

Above the sands, Lyramanth flies in from the Bowl.

On the sands, Wind-Whipped Waves hurry feverish dances faster, spume and sun
vying for supremacy above awakening depths.

Correl looks up at Hatcher distractedly. "Three?"

Above the sands, Lyramanth wings down to the ledge.
Up on the ledges, Lyramanth lands with a light touch, arranging herself

Up on the ledges, Chandari swings down from her lifemate Lyramanth's neck.

Ed'ard grins at the young dragonet. "A brown!"

Palina murmurs, "I've seen quite a few blueriders who would make good
queenriders as well"

Up on the ledges, Chandari moves down the narrow walkway to the galleries.
Chandari approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

Ryka leans away from Argent, flicking her eyes over the brown, gauging him
against her own and nodding in satisfaction.

Dickon begins to silently cheer for the Candidat-Harpers

Hatcher nods, "Kessaly's a Journeyman, and Telon and Rajak are staff of the

On the sands, Kessaly sings her welcome to the brown.

On the sands, Larak wipes sweat from his forehead, and returns to calmly

L'lia glances at K'vair watching him quietly. SHe turns towards Palina and
offers, "The dragons are never wrong."

Arise goes home.

Talisen has disconnected.

On the sands, Shifting Moonshadows lets attention flicker, content to stay
there in the shadows for a few moments. Stray light illuminates the gentle
colors for a long moment, and the shimmering of pattern and hue belies
movement within.

Chandari walks in quietly, standing near the entrance.

Rala tears her gaze from the gold and studies the brown

Argent leans forward as well, to watch… new opportunities…

On the sands, Penumbral Brown Dragonet stands with pacing intensity, firmly
wrought structure solidly built. Ivory chases sable in deepning opulance, as
he lifts himself to emerge from his shards.

Belldandy says, "So we might then have a new Weyrsinger in our midst?"

Sh'lin pokes K'ran's side. "A brown. Dibs?"

T'nar chuckles to K'vair, "So she does." Then he turns to watch the sands

On the sands, Thaddea tears her gaze away from the newly-IMpressed pair,
looking around for remaining dragonets and candidates.

Taspen walks in.

T'ren glances upward, spying Chandari. He smiles to her, then shifts to make
room, waving her over.

Hatcher nods to Bell, "Quite possible, if Kess Impresses."

On the sands, Nefra finally stands still. No more hopping, no more hopping,
no more…"Shards!" she calls out, nearly jumping a foot as she winces at
the burning sands.

On the sands, Ilonka draws in breath thru her teeth..a brown, handsome sand
swept, her heart pounds fiercely within her. She tightens her gaze on him,
and also on Lys' hand.

Palina grins at L'lia. "just pointing out we have quite a few good leaders.
And if they were all gold, the Weyr would have some serious problems."
Palina nods down to K'lora. "Weyrlingmasters, say. And Wingleaders"

On the sands, Sea Wrack Dragonet spots, spies, glimpses. And moves. Towards
that flame-bright hair, shining like a beacon through fog-laden skies; it
calls, clarion-toned. Wings flutter as she again glides forward in a quick
spurt of motion.

On the sands, Arien sinks back on her heels, breath released in a sudden
onrush; backs up one step, to Katrineth's winged canopy.

On the sands, Larak smiles faintly.

Charlton stands up to get a better view of the shadowy brown, then sits down
suddenly as an irritated spectator behind him jerks at his shirt.

K'ran jumps out of his seat and lands in the Smithcrafter sitting next to
him's lap, "Hey!! THat wasn't very nice, Shai. I was watchin'.. And you can
have him. I already have the brown I want." He winks and looks over at
Ryka ;)

Chandari catches movement from T'ren out of the corner of her eye and moves
over sitting down next to him. She quietly says, "Thanks." and gives him a
hug momentarilly and looks out at the sands.

Ruky appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

On the sands, Telon swivels his head to glance sharply at Nefra's expletive,
and wipes his brow, looking back at the assorted bunch of dragonets and
Impressees with a light smile.

Maarken jumps slightly as the still green suddenly moves, very quickly.

K'ran patpats the Smith and sits back in his usual spot, "Her fault."

K'vair squeezes L'lia gently, and murmurs, "Xornath chose well too, you know."

Ryka hears K'ran and flushes, shooting him a silver-daggered glare before
turning back to the eggs with a hmph.

On the sands, Larak takes in the scene—dragonets and candidates milling
about. He waits, wondering, if one of the young ones will seek out /him/.

T'ren hugs Chandari, briefly, then turns his attention back to the sands as

On the sands, Thaddea takes her own advice, forcing herself to breathe
deeply. A brown there, a green…

On the sands, Nefra whimpers softly, looking over at Ilka with an ambashed
expression. "And they wanted me to go barefoot?" she says to no one in

On the sands, Penumbral Brown Dragonet paces, slow, solid, towards the group
of white-robes. Movements quicken, intense, fleeting faster as he begins to

L'lia grins at Palina. "Too many golds is a problem, of course. They don't
like to share the sands."

On the sands, Lysalla caresses Ilka's finger slowly, keeping that sensation
fresh in her mind to hold her body to the reality of the sands.. of this
moment. Music dances in her ears as her chest heaves with the force of each
breath.. Dark, gleaming eyes remained fixed upon the brown that broke from

K'ran opens his mouth to say something snide at Ryka, but clamps it back
shut, "Naw, not worth it.. too easy."

Sh'lin grins at K'ran after seeing Ryka's look. "I don't know K'ran. You
might want to reconsider that."

L'lia smiles faintly at K'vair, "THanks, love, I like to think so."

On the sands, Kessaly sways and sings, dragging her eyes away from dragonets
to look towards the other candidates. Who is still here?

On the sands, Rosalth warbles lovingly to her lifemate. Strangely the dragon
seems to be helping Tori off the sands. The new Weyrling stumbles, tears
blurring her vision, her voice full of ever lasting love, "Yessss Rosalth,
You need food."

On the sands, Taulloch's jaw unhinges with Impression's blow; he sinks to
his knees, closes his mouth on a guttering gasp, and then embraces the sea-
wrack green, sobbing silently. "/Nessieth,/" T'loch whispers, and she

On the sands, Larak takes a deep breath on spotting the brown moving, toward
his group.

On the sands, Ilonka watches his movements, smooth, graceful..well as
graceful as a hatchling can be. Dark gaze, rich in depth and feeling.
Sensing more than feeling Lys' touch, she leans a bit forward, a better view
she seeks..

K'ran winks at Sh'lin, "Hey, she has nothing to do it. Riallath likes
Sorileth.. Especially when she is proddy. Isn't that right, Ryka?"

On the sands, Penumbral Brown Dragonet is drawn.. drawn towards a group of
girls huddled close together. Eyes whil in flooding takeover, seeking to
draw it in. One of them. There. And he continues towards them, chin lifted in
sharp, unruly angularity.

Ryka clenches her jaw and swivels around to K'ran, "Will you /hush/? I'm
trying to watch this." She turns back around and looks back over the sands.

On the sands, Wind-Whipped Waves rocks with tidal urgency, speeding whipping
waves to a new frenzy that can hold but a moment — before fleeting foam
flies to the winds, tracing the rise from indigo depths of a full, fey
moon's blue.

On the sands, Blue Moon Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Fey he is, sheathed in the pale, intense blue of full moon's
casting: an arch whimsy tilts the gentle dish of muzzle, a chancy freedom
illuminates those wide-set eyes. Light teases delicate grey mares from his
sinuous limbs, traces the veins that web the fragile, untested tissue of his
mainsails; night's inverted, indigo corona limns the heights of wingspars
and neckridges, all the way down to the precise, whispering sweep of tail's
tip. As for throat and underbelly, they shine luminous with silvered
vulnerability as he moves: chimeric, heedless, dream-swept.

On the sands, There, to steady the pair, are gentle hands and a quiet word.
Smiles accompany Tori off and Rosalth into the ocean of new lifemates.

On the sands, Nefra sighs to herself as the green finds her mate…and not
her. She grins however, shouting her joy to Taulloch, before seeing him.
Another blue.

Dickon smiles at the new blue

Analinia has disconnected.

On the sands, Thaddea stares as the brown comes closer—and is distracted by
a hatching blue.

Starratiel grins. "THis hatching is certainly big on blues.

Analinia has connected.

On the sands, Weily's face falls. Well, as much as a face /can/ fall, his
does. The beard extends down towards his feet, even his eyebrows droop. The
green's gone. Gone to that fireheaded guy. Grmph. Disconsolate, nut-brown
eyes disinterestedly scan the remaining eggs and hatchlings.

Maarken has disconnected.

On the sands, Kessaly sings to the blue, and then glances at the brown,
taking a step back.

On the sands, Telon smiles gently at Talluch and returns his attention to
the sands without so much as a flicker of approval or disapproval.

Argent rocks slowly back and forth, hands gripping the railing, tongue
between lips, knuckles white.

On the sands, Lysalla stills her deep breathing, eye alight. The remains of
tears stain her cheeks as she shifts but one foot forward.

K'ran starts to twiddle his fingers aimlessly. His gaze going from Sands
to Ryka to Sh'lin, just to see their expressions of course.

Without meaning to, Correl grabs the arm of Charlton as he sees a brown
heading toward Thaddea.

On the sands, Rajak watches the brown, placing his hands at his side, trying
to keep from being so nervious. Subconciously, he runs his hand again though
his hair, watching the latest hatchling.

On the sands, Nefra gently takes Telon's hand, giving it a squeeze as she
notes…a brown? no that brown, heading this way….

Sleepy_Guest walks in.

On the sands, Larak smiles. Maybe a blue. Both his adorable little
firelazards are blue, maybe d something about the color, maybe blues really
like me.

On the sands, T'loch and Nessieth get herded with another new pair, then
another, safely towards the sands' edge, rapturous.

On the sands, Ranye just sits on the sands in front of Tisanth, facing him.
Embroiled in a deep conversation, she is oblivious to the heat. The blue's
gaze fixes on her fiercely, her own expression perplexed. "I know, I know,
you said that…but why me?"

Elana walks in.
Elana hurries in, looking hassled.

Charlton grins and peels Correl's fingers away.

Belldandy waves for Elana to join the rest of the harpers.

K'vair whispers quietly to L'lia, pointing down to the sands animatedly.

On the sands, Eggs shiver, quaver with the frenzied energy of the soon-to-be
born. One largish egg, nestled amidst several remaining neighbors, splinters
razor-sharpf fragments; greenish-bronze rises to replace the shattered shell.
And abandon it with one large, awkward step.

Ryka reaches up touches the necklace at her throat absently, careless touch
of forefinger, leaning further over the railing, leathers creaking at the
slow movement.

Hatcher nudges a Harper Apprentice out of his seat to make room for 'lana.

Felassa shakes her head at Ranye. "Feed the poor thing, talk later!"

On the sands, Ilonka sways again, eyes held fast by brown, dark and warm. Her
feet shift the sands below her, as she edges around to see him in all his
glowing newborn glory.

On the sands, Penumbral Brown Dragonet marks his choice, pausing in front of
her with demanding eyes. His own scintillant eyes seek for tear-brushed ones,
seek cinnamon skin's touch. Wingsails flutter at soft rumbles query.

Elana moves to sit next to her brother shaking her head "I thought I'd never
get here."

Analinia has disconnected.

On the sands, Blue Moon Dragonet flexes pale-shimmered wings, uncrumpling
their tissue-thin spans; only then, wings wide in swaying balance, does he
leave his shell. Delicate his movements, practically nonexistent his
coordination, but some moon watches over this lad as he makes his way free.

Colton has disconnected.

Rala points to the sea wrack green "why isent that one moving?

Hatcher chuckles, "Didn't know you were coming, or I would've waited for you."

Dickon shakes his head,"DOn't know, hope she's ok

Slaine tells Felassa, ever distracted, "They can't have food on the sands,
else all the hatchlings would plow that way. Make a mess."

Rala nods

L'lia watchs the dragonets, her eyes moving from pair to pair, litting on
the browns and greens for particularly longer moments, the browns for her
memeories, the greens for her lifemates.

On the sands, A slender hand lifts of its own accord, hovering in mid air
before the brown that seems so close…

T'ren looks upward as he hears Elana's voice, then smiles as he waves to her.
"Hey, there!"

On the sands, Weily searches the sands for more traces of green. A couple
there, but so far awat. Other side of the hot sands. No use. He mopes.
Shaggy head droops, hands rub against hairy arms.

On the sands, Kessaly gasps as she watches her sister, and tears streaming,
she sings her heart out for her Lyssie, her beloved Lyssie.

On the sands, Nefra bites on her bottom lip, looking about to see just where
at brown is going. She looks over at Ilka, Lys, Kess….

Ed'ard has disconnected.

Elana waves to T'ren with a smile.

Felassa says, "Well, she should get the poor thing off to where the food is
before he expires…still, I'm sure he'll suggest it soon enough himself…"

On the sands, Penumbral Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Lysalla.

Rala smiles and claps

On the sands, Telon seems to notice the crowded galleries above the sands for
the first time, eyed widening at the sheer number of people. What /are/ they
all looking at? Telon sways a little himself, eyes wandering towards Lysalla
at the moment of her Impression.

Ryka stops breathing, eyes fixed on Lysalla and the brown. She whispers,
"Well, I'll be shelled."

Charlton leans back with a grunt of satisfaction. "I like Lys. Good for her!"

On the sands, Larak turns to whisper something to the candidate next to him,
still slowly shifting from foot to foot. Larak's foot comes down on the
other's, causing him to ouch loudly.

Starratiel looks down on the sands, smiling, lets out a cheer for her ex
fellow Healer. "YYAAAAAAAAY LYSALLA!!!"

Hatcher mutters, "If no Harpers Impress, at least the sister of a Harper

Argent manages a bit of a smile… "Hah! I new that stubborn one would
Impress… she'll make a good dragonhealer."

Sh'lin whoohoos! "Looks like we get ourselves a new dragonhealer guys!"

On the sands, Rajak beams at Lysalla and the brown, hoping for the two, then
cheers as impression seems to be made.

K'ran chuckles as Lysalla impresses, "Hey, she got a brown… Even better."
A quick wink at Ryka, and back to the Impressees.

On the sands, Blue Moon Dragonet tosses his head, discomforted at the
heightened outbreak of noise — constellations, unseen in the cavern's
vaulted height, guide him closer, closer, stumbling and swaying and yet
seeming to dance towards the interrupted line of candidates.

On the sands, Shifting Moonshadows moves now with insitent rapping. Silver
shadows shift across the forest floor and flicker faster. Intricate demands
give way to more blunt edged blows of shy splendor.

On the sands, Tori finally manages to get ahold of herself. The incredulous
expression that hass been pervades her features quickly changes to one of
deep concern. Casting around, she calls to those riders about her, "Food?
She is sooooo hungry."

Dickon smiles at the impression

Kyrie has disconnected.

Starratiel gives Vae a Hi5! "And another Healer Impresses!"

On the sands, Shifting Moonshadows unravel doubled lace with a delicacy apart
from its quickening, urgent quakes.

On the sands, The newly hatched bronze, large as large can possibly be,
stretches himself upwards, broad wings flaring wide — pale green streaks
along translucent membranes, to blend and blur at wing's spar. A gargantuan
head raises itself in barbarian energy, equalled by the barreling gait across
lumpy sands.

T'ren nods, approvingly, as the brown impresses. "Good choice… Good

K'vair twists his face, grimacing, eyes on the sands, but whispering to

Vae HUGS Starr!!!!!!

On the sands, Nefra smiles freeing her hand from Ilka's and reching over to
touch Lys's shoulder, then going back to watching the blue, silently, her
bottom lips going back between her teeth.

On the sands, Shifting Moonshadows shifts in forest's guise, from shy,
bridal night to the fracturing lattice of twin-lit shards that wash
unwillingly from a sculpted brown newborn.

On the sands, Sandstone Brown Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, A water-worn boulder in proportion and hue, or so seems this
stocky brown dragonet. Fickle waves might have softened his head's wide-
eyed wedge and tapered his pinions to broad, blunted triangles, engraved his
spirit with the ebb and flow of desire. As for his hide, it bears the
accumulated traces of that tidal artistry: the sepia and tan, the paler dun
and deeper umber that expand in irregular ripples over a grittily dull base,
lodge on the outcroppings of muscle and sinew. Steady on splayed, grey-
clawed paws, he gawks at the world in an artless frenzy at odds with his
impassive appearance.

On the sands, Ilonka steps back and away from Lys and the handsome brown..
hands breaking grasp regretfully..a smile, warm and true alight in her eyes.

On the sands, J'dano scrubs at his other cheek and casts Arien a darkened
glance. Another brown — blue — green…

On the sands, Lysalla cries freely, falling to her knees as she cries out….
"Khalith!" And she wraps her arms about her beloved and cries into a
glistening shoulder.

Starratiel hugs VAe back, then hugs Sh'lin, K'ran, and anyone else in range!

On the sands, Kessaly wipes tears from her eyes, weeping in joy, as she sings
for her sister.

Ruky has disconnected.

Sh'lin grins and pokes K'ran again, blinking at Starratiel. Then back to
K'ran. "Another brown." She grins.

You overhear Charlton murmur, " … bet Kessaly would impress … … …
…" to Kelson

Ryka jumps up and hollers a cheer for Lysalla, then flushes, blinking in a
slightly embarrassed way as she sits down.

Ed'ard has connected.

On the sands, Rajak whistles again at the sight of the brown and bronze.

On the sands, Nefra turns to see…no this is another brown, different as she
rocks on her feet, her hand loosening slowl from Telon as she watches him
step from his shell.

Ruky has connected.

On the sands, Thaddea watches as pair upon pair IMpresses, there the green
she had been watching, there the brown to Lysallashe smiles briefly for
the other girl
but where, where one for herself? The knot in her gut draws
tighter still, and she feels herself withdrawing…

On the sands, Ilonka cries out tears of joy for her very best friend, and her
precious dragonet. Circling the two, she edges over to Kess', hugging her as
she cannot hug her sister.

K'ran winks at Sh'lin, "I think that one will have to be mine… I've already
left my mark on her.. and she on me." He flashes Sh'lin the scratches upon
his upper chest and shoulders.

On the sands, Weily shuffles his feet. He's Depressed. In Despair. Ah, well,
might as well watch, No harm in that. His wild brushy head rasies itself
once again to twist about.

Marik walks out.

Argent pats Ryka gently on the back, then resumes his vigil. Each with one
to watch.

On the sands, Telon dismisses the people in the galleries with a curt nod,
and returns his silent gaze to the bustling activity on the sands.

On the sands, Sandstone Brown Dragonet ripples, shaking the designs that
trickle across his soft hide. He pauses, for a long moment, with all the
patience of stone and the sets in motion the avalanche of his own journey
towards fulfillment.

On the sands, Ariana runs fingers across her brow, sheened in the heat of
the grounds. Eyes light upon the littered Sands, emptying, and upon the
equally filled crown of pairs.

Sh'lin grins at K'ran. "Well, then, the new one's mine."

On the sands, Larak watches the blue, silently wondering what lucky candie'll
get that pretty one.

Rala leans back in her seat

On the sands, Zhanth hisses his tail back about tight hindquarters and paws
sunk talon-deep in sand. His head arches this way and that, bright-eyed,

Dickon leans over towards Rala,"What do you think Kess is going to impress?

On the sands, Blue Moon Dragonet glances briefly to almond eyes, as if
hearing — but his gaze, as it moves past, shifts and locks, and his
movements gain new focus. Another pair of almond eyes, now, and snarled
hair, and teary eyes.

L'lia says, flatly, her hand falling form K'vair's, "SHe left _you_. And
now she's a goldrider. And Polth's bronze."

Rala shakes her head"cant say maybe that blue

On the sands, Lysalla trembles against the brown that has claimed her,
sobbing incoherently with the joyous release of the moment.

Felassa smiles at Sh'lin and K'ran. "You'd think you'd wait until they're
dry from the egg before divvying them up amongst you…"

Chandari heads along the narrow walkway to the dragons' ledges.
Up on the ledges, Chandari approaches along the narrow walkway from the

On the sands, Kessaly sniffles and hugs Ilka, wiping her nose on her sleeve.

Dickon smiles as he hears his same thought, great minds think alike:)

Up on the ledges, Chandari swings up to Lyramanth's neck, settling between
two neckridges, and smiles down to her lifemate.

Up on the ledges, Lyramanth spreads her wings and launches into the air.
Above the sands, Lyramanth wings up from the ledge.

On the sands, The gargantuan bronze bellows abruptly, shattering the pitiful
mewling cries of his siblings. Silence reigns for one fleeting moment, and
he snorts, pleased. But restless. Something's missing. Not in his size or
stature, that's for sure. Too innocent and young to recognize the soul's
longing, the bronze turns scintillating eyes ahead, towards the strange
bunch of white-clad forms.

On the sands, Hope flutters in Thaddea's breast for a fleeting moment—but
only a moment, before the blue turns away.

On the sands, Ariana casts a glance towards the weyrleader pair, eyes bright
as always at thisparticular time: amazing what our dragons have wrought.

Sh'lin stickes her tongue out at Felassa. "If you think /we're/ bad, you
should hear our dragons!"

On the sands, Nefra wipes her brow again, looking up at the stands a moment,
wonder what her family is thinking right now as she stands here. Gulping,
she turns back to watching the brue, who seems to be looking at someone
close by…

Sleepy_Guest has disconnected.
The housekeeper arrives to remove Sleepy_Guest.

Ryka presses deep in her seat, then blinks, silver sweeping to black, lashes
shading smokey eyes as she clenches her hands into fists.

Correl watches the action below, tears coming slowly to his eyes as he sees
so many of the yound candidates find lifemates….. but not Thaddea.

On the sands, J'dano can only shake his head at Ariana's glance, eyes hectic-
bright above flushed, splotched cheeks.

Above the sands, Lyramanth wings outwards towards the bowl.

Talisen has connected.

On the sands, Ilonka turns her eyes to look upon perfect blue hide.
Glistening wet with newborn sheen. Tiny finger push hair from eyes again.

On the sands, Kessaly croaks out her song now, but is determined to sing,
eyes bright with tears.

On the sands, The umber traces of his sire flicker across the grit of brown
and dun, ignored by the Sandstone Brown Hatchling as he concentrates on
getting one grey taloned paw in front of the other. Poised for a moment, in
impassive splendor, his eyes betray the frenzy that fuels his awkward lunge
towards the remaining candidates.

On the sands, Katrineth snorts, herself, and casts a look from youngest
bronze to her mate, his sire. Wings rustle, their susurrus unheard in the
hatching frenzy, as if already tasting the skies.

Sephrena has connected.

Slaine gathers Riendor into her lap to squash his squirming; her murmurs have
little effect, but bared, wirily muscled arms do the trick: the boy squeaks
then hushes and watches with her.

On the sands, Rajak wipes his eyes this time, beaming for joy at his fellow
candidates that have impressed. He still watches the blue and bronze, having
to see who they choose and to cheer them.

On the sands, Telon absently brushes off his robe, for whatever reason, and
then frowns down at it. He straightens one hem and flattens a crease that
shouldn't be there, and purses his lips. He smiles at the blue, and the newly
hatched brown. Just smiles, the limit of emotion having shown tonight being
…a smile.

On the sands, Weily shakes his head slightly at the loud noise, glancing over
at the huge fellow. Loud. Noisy. *BIG*

On the sands, Lysalla clutches brown limbs as feet find purchase in the hot
sands. Stumbling, she and her lifemate make their way to join others.

On the sands, Flood Tide shivers in seeming pain-wracked frenzy, cracking,
fracturing, imploding in towards itself.

On the sands, Nefra blinks, her attention caught by the bellow, her head
whirlling to look a the bronze, her head tilting to one side. Can't be for

Rala cheers!!!

On the sands, Ilonka winces at Kess' notes and she sidesteps just a bit away..
brown, blue, her eyes dart between the two, she shakes the sand from her
sandals, hands hung loosly at her sides.

On the sands, Blue Moon Dragonet calls, himself, his tenor unmusical but
clear, twining somehow with wishful croak. Blue moon, riding high — and he
meets those eyes —
On the sands, Blue Moon Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Kessaly.

Rala says, "yeah Kess"

Starratiel grins. "Yaaay Kess!

On the sands, Sandstone Brown Dragonet continues his journey, tumbling
towards the knot of candidates. Attention torn, for a moment, between a
shurb haired lass and a youth on ther verge of manhood, he stops, one paw
help stationary between air and sand, motion and silence.

Dickon cheers for Kessaly.

Elana applauds and cheers loudly.

Nicki walks in.

Argent 's bets are forgotten as he watches the dragonets looking for life
partners. "Please…"

On the sands, Flood Tide unstrings its necklace of foresaken pearls, casts
them higher and higher up the blood-swept beach, remnants of unlucky life.

Hatcher smiles, "There's a Harper…good job Kess."

Vae cheers.

K'ran hehs, "Too bad, Ryka. SHe didn't get green." ;)

On the sands, Flood Tide wracks, contracts, in miscarrying — no, /birthing/
pain. A tidal twist floods beach and sky with a final vituperation before
the cycle turns and life, reanointed, climbs from mindless destruction to
gleam newest green and free.

On the sands, Riptide Green Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, A tempest builds darkly when she spreads her fledgling wings,
their demanding lines signalling the ominous ultramarine of an encroaching
maelstrom. Though her narrow muzzle is the vibrant turquoise of suncaught
water, it grows greyer and greener along the horizon of her neck, deepening
in tone along her body before culminating in the assault of oversized wings.
Silver overtones highlight compact flanks with every tail's lash, mirroring
the erratic emotions that storm in her rolling eyes.

Argent smiles, and hugs Ryka close, squeezing harder than he has a right to.
"See? It was bound to happen." He lets go.

On the sands, Thaddea's breath catches in her throat as the blue's croon
mixes with Kessaly's song. She's welcomed so many, now her own!

Charlton jumps to his feet and whoops for Kessaly, shaking Correl until he
rattles. "See? See?"

Sh'lin looks over at Ryka and grins, tickling K'ran. "Oh you stop that."
Then she goes back to watching the brown.

On the sands, Arien pauses in Ariana's long-ago look for a moment, taut as
she watches the last, the very last few — newfledged green, that brown,
blues and another brown in the distant sea-froth of clutch's possession —

Ryka laughs aloud, eyes closing as she relaxes, tension flaring briefly, then
leaving her as she pulls from Argent and turns to K'ran, "Shard you." She
says this calmly and turns back around, still smiling.

On the sands, Larak swallows, mouth dry and tongue glued to the roof oh his
mouth. Whee, but it's /hot/. Shifting his feet still, he looks at each of
the hatchlings.

On the sands, The gargantuan bronze shoves his way acros sthe sands. He has
the might, why not use it? A few candidates stumble hurriedly out of his
path, his heedlessness miraculously doing little damage. Funny poofy things
on that one white-clad one draws his attention.

On the sands, Nefra ooohs, poking aTelon softly. Another green. She smiles,
then points over to the remains of the Flood Tide egg. "Look…" She brethes

Sticking close to Slaine, Riendor squiggles. "Sisters," the weaver tells him
quietly, ignoring the crash and flow of the crowd. "They both Impressed"
"You, Ma?" "No

Starratiel looks at the green, smiling.:

K'ran squirms dutifully at the tickle, somehow forming a pout on his face,
"What? I've been good."

On the sands, Kessaly blinks. Sits down hard, and makes a eeping noise.

Correl laughs, trying to spot the one Charlton is cheering for. "Which one?
Which one?"

Talisen touches Ryka's hand gently for her own part, smiling at her friend,
"See, it all worked out for her, Ryka, so nicely, don't you think?"

On the sands, Were Telon's eyes able to go in two directions at once, they'd
go towards Kessaly and then green. Instead the shoot towards Nefra, and nods
hastily. "She's…she's very green," he observes sagely, eyes finally making
their rounds to the proper people and hatchlings.

Charlton grins. "Kessaly, of course. The harper girl." He sits back down,
still beaming.

On the sands, Sandstone Brown Dragonet watches the impression, eyes
struggling to focus for the first time. With a slow lash of his tail, he
falls down onto the grey silver talon, and moves forwards again. Unstoppable
now, his stocky form trails awkward wings towards a scrappy looking youth.

Argent settles back down to his own watch. Murmured, "C'mon, Ilonka…
c'mon, dragons…"

On the sands, Thaddea feels a trickle down her back, feels damp hair matted
to her forehead, blinks hot sweat out of her eyes, blurring the scene before

On the sands, Riptide Green Dragonet stands amid her shattered shards, free
from the flood of small pieces of shell. She shakes her head, eyes seeking,
wrenching towards the groups of whiterobes. Somewhere.

On the sands, Ilonka's attention scattered, so much to see..to feel. Brown,
blue, and now green. She catches the flash of blue near Kess, matching her
song, and with a smile, she steps back and away from her friend..hopeful for

Correl grins at the harper, his excitement lifting him again.

On the sands, Larak hurries to step out of the way as the bronze barrels his
way. Tripping on his own overheated feet, larak flss (la falls) to the
sands with an "oof!"

Hatcher mumbles, "…the brown, Telon, not the green…"

On the sands, Weily regards the barreling bronze with irony written in his
eyes. Why do /they/ all want to stomp over him, and not the lovely greens?

On the sands, Kessaly opens her eyes wide. "Hey Imbrith." She wipes her
nose off on her sleeve.

Ryka smiles at Talisen, "Aye, indeed I do."

On the sands, Rajak chuckles at the bronze making his way. There is still
the brow and now a green. He watches other next to him impress, then watches
the little brown fall. "Poor fellow. You can make it.." He encourages..

On the sands, Arien settles back on her heels, wide-eyed, arms half-hugging
torso as she watches through twinned sets of eyes.

On the sands, K'lora chuckles, gathering more weyrlings with a wry smile. Oh
joyous day. Yah. She tosses, for a moment, a long pained glance at the happy
weyrleaders and then smiles ever so sweetly.

On the sands, Nefra blinks, looking towrd the brown, then green with a
hopeful sigh. She takes a bit from Telon and tries to be passive, but she
can't help looking wistfully at all the dragonets about her.

K'vair looks at L'lia, sputtering, and manages to lower his voice to a
whisper, eyes flashing.

On the sands, The gargatuan bronze plants himself in front of Weily. Doesn't
know /why/ exactly he wants this strange person with the poofiness jutting
in every direction imagineable. But he does. His demanding trumpet turns
into a croon, a plea for approcal as he lowers his large head, nudging Weily
with surprising gentleness.

On the sands, Brown, bronze, green all blur in the sweat clinging to
Thaddea's eyelashes.

On the sands, J'dano stands alone and more or less straight: Zhanth does
lower his head for a hand's welcome brace against firm bronze cheek.

On the sands, Imbrith warbles and butts Kess' nose.

On the sands, Riptide Green Dragonet moves with erratic steps, silvered
shadows lighting in heflanks, narrow muzzle held high and taut. Her progress
bodes ominous; deep watered, dragging endlessly, pulling this way and that:
her presense.

On the sands, Larak follows the bronze, and smiles when he sees the
dragonet's target. But sands begin to burn through the thin white robe he
bears, and he wastes no time regaining his feet.

On the sands, W'ly blinks at the bronze. Not green. Not run over, either.
Stammered words emerge from his mouth, words like " Ma.. Ma… Mammoth?"

On the sands, Tisanth butts Ranye a little…maybe a little too hard. She
protests a little. "I am not too hot..I'm fine, really..ouch. Well, OK.
Maybe I'll move around just a little."

On the sands, Telon tugs on the ends of his ameteur fashioned robe,
skycolored eyes resting, locking, on the Riptide dragonet. He nods quietly
to it, a simple acknowledgement.

On the sands, Sandstone Brown Dragonet tilts his wedge of head from side to
side, regarding various candidates before a stray strand of dull mouse
colored hair veils, for a moment, the silvery gaze of the lean face.
Frenzied motion is muted by fledgling coordination and he resumes his

On the sands, Khalith nuzzles a tear-stained cheek and wuffs into Lys' ear.

On the sands, Kessaly giggles. "Quit that." She reaches her hand out to
scritch him. "Yeah, I'm hungry too. ANd my butt is hot, ow!" She
scrambles up.

On the sands, Larak clears sweat and stinging sand from his eyes, and seeks
out the blue one.

On the sands, Ilonka casts knowing eyes upon the hatchling that emerged from
her favorite egg..she smiles, pulled and drawn, yet only to be cast away.
The endless tug of tides, eternal.

L'lia glances at K'vair, and asks, cooly, "YOu sure?" No endearment, her
expression unreadable.

Argent lets out a long soft sigh.

On the sands, Nefra rocks on her head, letting go of both Ilka's and Telon's
hands. rubbing them on her tunic and balling them into tight fists. She
moves quietly from side to side, throwing a quick smile at Kess's comment.

On the sands, Mammoth rumbles delighted, gruff approval as W'ly reacts to an
unaware yearning and reaches a hand to scratch an eyeridge.

On the sands, Kessaly stumbles up, and sways a little. "Oooh, falling
over." She falls to her knees. Imbrith squeals and butts at Kess' head.

On the sands, Tori sinks into the sand, one hand a constant, from bowl to
maw. In between mouthfuls, Rosalth warbles a loving chorus toher lifemate.

On the sands, Rajak peers at the brown, brushing his hair again. He watches
the brown nerviously, ready to move if the brown wants or chooses someone

On the sands, Ilonka locks her eyes on the one from whom the cycle ends,
only to begin anew. Down silken wingsail, cast out over silken shorelike
sands. A beauty undenyable.

On the sands, Kessaly struggles up. "No, I'm fine…no, I didn't hurt
myself…no..we'll go now.." She tenderly puts her hand on Imb's back and
walks slowly with him.

On the sands, Telon doesn't quite seem to notice as Nefra releases her grip,
his gaze stoic and unwavering upon the sands. He wipes his brow with the
sleeve of his robe indifferently, straightening his shoulders.

K'vair says flatly, attention completely off the sands now, and on L'lia,
"Yes, I'm sure. Are _you_?"

Argent stands up and holds onto the railing again, watching, face determined.

On the sands, Riptide Green Dragonet sweeps demanding wings to her back as
she advances. Blonde hair, there it is; she rushes forth in wave-torn speed,
heedless of any in her path. Talons and flanks are spattered with golden
sands, settling grainy among water-washed silver.

On the sands, Sandstone Brown Dragonet wants nothing more than what he has
found. Here. Right here in the silvered rimmed gaze of the youth in front of
him. A struggle and the young brown manages the last few paces towards the
candidates and tumbles, completely smitten.

On the sands, Lysalla touches the burnished muzzle before her. "Of course
love.. I've food for you.. This way."

Rala watches the sands

Teleri has disconnected.

On the sands, Sandstone Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Rajak.

L'lia looks at K'vair, and mutters, "Let's not talk about this _now_. Its a
hatching." Her eyes, desperately, turn to the sands and she points out a
brow, "Look."

Hatcher sighs, "There goes our cook…"

Sh'lin cheers as Rajak Impresses. "OH yes!!!! A brown, a brown.." She
grins and contemplates something… "Rajak on the brown…" Hmmm….
"What's the name now?"

K'ran chuckles as he gives Sh'lin a knowing look, "So, what do you think of

Arielana yells to Charlton, "Hey Charlton! Kessaly impressed!

On the sands, Rajak blinks in surprise, "Sh-sh-shianth? Oh my…" He
swallows sevearll times..

K'vair nods curtly, lapsing into a stony silence.

Starratiel grins. "Go Rajak!"

Charlton laughs and waves to Arielana. "I know!" But he waits to see which
blond the green is after.

Palina Yess!s

Argent watches, and will not give up, will not.

Dickon cheers as Rajak impresses, already missing the cook's cooking

Rala grins

On the sands, Larak mops sweat from his face with a handful of his own hair,
breathing hard.

On the sands, Thaddea feels her breath coming more shallow as the knot in
her stomach threatens to overwhelm her. She withdraws, further, further,
until she finds the support of the stone wall enclosing the sands.

On the sands, Telon scuffs another sandal in the sand, hands fidgeting
nervously at his sides as his shudders involuntarily, swallowing, beads of
sweat making their way down the sides of his face.

On the sands, Ilonka sighs, eyes glazed and held by visions of renewal and
rebirth..haunted only in the minds eye. Gentle touch of sea on shore..her
heart is in her throat.

On the sands, Nefra looks about nervously, her eyes fixing on Rajak and the
brown. She smiles a bit, going back to looking at the green, and so few
dragonets left…

K'ran hmmms, "He Shai.. Did he say what I thought he said?

Correl grins as he watches yet another Impression. Amazing! Then he looks
around, realizing that he can no longer see Thaddea on the sands below.

Gwendolyn has disconnected.

On the sands, Kessaly waves!!!!

Sh'lin hehes to K'ran. "Now, R'jak is an interesting man…I quite liked
him from the last time. Shianth… does sound like my name doesn't it?"

Argent runs his fingers through his hair, straight back. Leaning over a bit
further than he should, maybe, but not caring much. He watches a lone

K'ran chuckles, "Seems he /was/ meant for you.

On the sands, Riptide Green Dragonet advances her way forth; eyes lift to
seek out boyish face, dark skin. A snort at the scuffing sandal as more
sand mars the ultramarine and grey-green of her hide. She gazes, waits.

Gwendolyn has connected.

On the sands, Arien absently snakes one hand to the other's wrist; pulls out,
from along the curve of bronze, fabric that twines well-worn, well-used.

Sh'lin licks her lips and then looks at the ledge. "Stop that Bel, let him
grow up first."

Slaine gazes out over the littered sands. "Is it — over?"

Ruky has disconnected.
Sephrena has disconnected.

Arielana waves at Ruky

Analinia has connected.

Rala points to the last little green

On the sands, R'jak has disconnected.

On the sands, Thaddea presses her back against the wall and forces herself
to focus on the Hatching Ground once again.

Slaine follows Rala's point with a hazel squint mimicked by squirmy Riendor.

On the sands, Nefra blinks, watching as the green slowly lifts her head…
to someone else….

Dickon watches the last green

On the sands, Ilonka draws in breath, letting it out in a slow even flow,
she sways, answering the ebb and flow of feelings marked by time and tides
touch..she waits..

On the sands, Telon pauses, going absolutely rigid for a moment, features
creasing in a frown as the green nears him — this scene is familliar. He
swallows, standing his grown and just gazing at it.

On the sands, Kessaly sits grinning, and goes down the list with Imbrith.
"Yes, I feel fine…no, my feet don't hurt too much…"

On the sands, K'lora stands once more, watching almost all the dragons pair
off. Green is good, and she chuckles quietly, eyes dancing.

On the sands, Larak smiles as he stares back at teh riptide green one, eyes
blinking away the sweat that seems to be flowing from his head like he was
being rained on.

On the sands, Riptide Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Telon.

Starratiel cheers.

On the sands, R'jak starts paying attention again.

Dickon cheers for Telon

On the sands, R'jak has connected.

Rala smiles as the last dragin impresses

Starratiel has disconnected.

Hatcher sighs again, "And now we lose our steward too…."

Nicki goes home.

Argent slumps a little, and takes a seat, rubbing over his face with his

Elana stands up cheering, forgetting the steward part for the moment.

On the sands, Nefra blinks, looking over at Telon, her face a myriad of
emotions as she finally smiles, giving Telon a push foward.

Rala looks over at dickon and laughs "oh you got one!

Charlton grins at the fine showing from harper hall tonight. Impartilality
isn't his long suit, anyway.

Arielana cheers for all she's worth. "YES! YES!

On the sands, Telon's knees buckle a little, eyes widening in absolute
surprise and disbelief as he falls to his knees, engulfing the dragonet in
a massive hug, the words resounding from his mouth in quick, short choking
gasps. "Sh" and then again. "I" a pause, as he frowns to collect his
thoughts. "Gaelth!" he manages, defiantly.

Dickon smiles "Yep, Rala this is moonsong.

On the sands, Katrineth's bugle swells her throat — clarion exultation as
the last, the very last, takes her mate.

On the sands, Ariana watches, eyes tinged with regret, as the last Impresses.

Hatcher counts the new weyrlings, "1..2..3..from Harper Hall. Three for
three. Can't be ashamed about that."

Vae goes home.

Arielana cheers "Go harpers! Yes!

On the sands, Larak goes home.

On the sands, Ilonka smiles warmly over towards her friend, worried eyes
take in Nefra, and she goes to her side, clutching her hand.

Dickon waves CHarlton over towards him

Gwendolyn goes home.

On the sands, Nefra smiles, looking over at Ilka, tears running down her
face as she looks back at T'lon now….

On the sands, K'lora does what all good weyrlingmasters do, and shepherds
the new pairs off the sands with a gentle nudge.

[Log ends.]

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