Martial Obsidian-Brown Onath in Scrimshaw Egg

Egg desc:

Yellow smooths a patina of age over the surface of this midsized egg,
gentling the impression of painstaking etching, of torturous carving.
A thick, worn, dusty yellow, it softens the impact suggested in the
crevasses and cul-de-sacs writhing serpentine paths through pristine
ivory. And color leers sudden through false time's veneer: wicked
chatoyancy winking gold and green, pink and blue, working subtle in
the senses to play upon morbid fascination with tortured, living bone.

Hatch msg:

Scrimshaw Egg stretches and strains from torturous inner pressure
until its shell begins to crack along carved, snaky lines. Dark
talons chisel urgently at the remaining skin of bone and then arrow
through into air, swiftly followed by the tumbling bulk of smoky brown

Hatchling desc:

Smoke over sienna polishes the hard, clean lines and smoldering
volcanic hue of this midsized dragonet. Raw umber juts from
heat-forged glass, exposed by edges painstakingly chipped to the
quick: arrowhead muzzle and daggered talons, notched-bow ridges and
spear of tail. Light flashes lively reflections off the swoop and
curve of withers and stretch of slender neck, while shadow bands the
sun-darkened bravery of broad sails and tucked belly. Glossy, carven
brown shines translucently through, however, as piercing as his
streamlined silhouette or the spin of eager eyes.

Impression msg:

A cold wind whips out of nowhere and lashes your sands-lulled body
with clean, sweet relief. Shivers follow then, in confused and
confusing waves timed to the sudden insistence of a heartbeat — of
/his/ heartbeat, as deep-socketed eyes capture yours and a tang of
autumnal smoke penetrates you with one answering intent, one loving
focus, and one name, forever yours together:
» My name is Onath! «


You fed 'Oth' and 'Onth' to the Dragon Name Suggestion Box (yes, we
read and use suggestions!), and we liked this version. One related
word, especially, adds to the overall martial inspiration: onager, a
type of heavy catapult. Now, he's not so blunt or overpowering as all
that … but the Impression certainly was, wasn't it?

Physical and mental aspects:

Obsidian, glass forged from volcanic heat and pressure, comes in many
colors but especially black (best-known) and banded hues. Onath is
the latter: a strong, warm, uniform sienna smoked with shadow on
wingsails and belly. The color peels back from an umber undertone,
revealing raw, naked dark along spine from muzzle to tail and again in
his talons.

He's built like a weapon, or a collection of them. Imagine an
arrowhead's solid weight which thins out to chipped acuity around the
edges. He's that sturdy and compact at his center, but his silhouette
is sharp and clean, fairly slicing through his surroundings in
appearance if not actuality. Muzzle and tail narrow to balancing
points, and the talons … hook, cruel (again) in illusion if not
truth. He'll grow to be one of the fastest browns on Pern in short,
straight distances — an arrow loosed to the target, a Quarterhorse
loosed to the finish line — and his blinding raptor-like stoop to
prey will leave witnesses, including you, breathless.

Average of size, Onath will maintain that normality all his life and
stay comfortably midrange even in his physical voice, which will ring
a clarion-pure baritone once he gets past the squeaking stage. Closer
examination, however, pierces the nondescript appearance. In addition
to his sire's shadow and talons, he has the same deep eyesockets that
protectively hood quick-whirling facets. His dam's long bones support
her wind-hungry sails, and to stretch further back in his Bloodline,
granddam Ashtoreth lends autumnal hues that occasionally brush his
clear, silken sienna.

Both autumn and clarity fuse in his mental touch, into the crisp tang
of smoke scented on a cold, bright day. Mood might affect the
balance, shifting him towards warmth or winter, choking obscurity or
scintillating brilliance; but there always will remain that essential
thread of burnt flavor, like the taste on the wind that tells of
a hearthfire nearby, and a home.


Onath is investigator and instigator both. Unlike brother Jacinth,
who stops to smell the roses and what's that over /there,/ let's go
see! … your mate explores with purposeful forethought, possessing a
boundless but incisively focused curiosity as keen as his physical
appearance. He's forever asking questions, bubbly in quantity if not
quality, and you'll never quite shake the feeling that the answers are
going into some master computer between his headknobs, for later
use….He'll be a bungler while young, though, trying to sneak around
and find out without being found out when his body literally won't be
in it. Tripping on his talons. Snagging a wing against a rock.
Getting twisted up in his tail and, inevitably, you. Any undercover
spying missions will have to wait until he grows into his birthright
of coordination, power, and speed.

There is not and never will be any subterfuge with /you./ You're his
partner, his backup and buddy, less Lone Ranger and Tonto than two
scouts working reconnaissance in the field, depending on each other to
make it safely out and back. How could he not share everything with
you? /Every/thing, from what a hunted wherry smells like to the
aetheric chime of mind on mind? You're equals, and he will always
treat you as such, even when he's big-big-big and you're still
human-little. Be glad dragons don't high-five. :)

He's like Jacinth in providing his rider with a spurring impetus when
he judges she needs it — and Onath's judgment is excellent indeed, a
certainty in an uncertain world. You can always rely on his insights
and advice, coming as they do from hyperacute senses both bodily and
mental. If he says a risk is worth it, it undoubtedly is, and you'd
better jump in before it's too late and another seizes the chance.
He'll be jumping right along with you, unless he's busy conserving
energy for the next risk. He sleeps a good deal, more than many
dragons, even when full-grown; and he's an absolute sloth when it
suits him, lounging around your ledge or the bowl like a dishrag
drying in the sun. His mind never stops, hardly pauses, so of course
he needs time to recharge. He'll encourage you to do the same because
naps are so much better together, aren't they? You can get out, get
away, following his dam's heritage to some forgotten nook of Pern and
there spend hours dozing, talking, and just being. Together.

Despite owning a thick skin akin to obsidian's acid resistance, Onath
has his hot-headed moments: no creature without a long-term memory
could live without some impetuousness, and while his memory is good
for a dragon, it's not up to par with yours. You'll need to remind
him, when he gets hot under the neckridges about some idea or
situation or person, that you got in trouble last time this happened,
and he'll back off. Eventually. Along with rashness comes a temper
as volcanic as obsidian's birthplace: rare, but spectacular when the
peak does blow. Again, he needs you to ground and soothe him during
these times, even if you're the one who set him off. He trusts you:
even if you /were/ a feather-headed ninny who said or did the wrong
thing, you wouldn't steer /him/ wrong and you probably had a good
reason, to boot.

You don't have his sensitivity, after all … or do you? Onath fully
inherits Zhanth's telepathic potential, which would be downright
terrifying except that where the sire has no conscience about using it
when, where, and how he wants, the son is careful, judicious, and
wise. (He just might need some tutoring from Papa and others, and a
few wrong starts and burnt fingers, so to speak, before he learns.)
Subtlety and stealth, above all: he prefers to absorb ambience rather
than probe for direct thought, and as tightly linked as you two are,
you're inevitably going to soak up something, too. And then you'll
slip up and say it aloud, no matter your careful manners. It's right
/there,/ after all — the mood or general feeling or even thought
fragment — so how can anyone /not/ understand it, and respond?
You'll have to work on separating yourself from him (whose dinner is
that you're tasting?), and fuzzy impressions from tangible reality.
In the meantime, blurted comments ("Dragonth's constipated again, and
it hurts!") and questions ("Why is R'der always sneaking off to Ista
with that chicken in his jacket?") are going to chip away at your
shell until you can't imagine how you lived so withdrawn before /he/

He's completely at home in societal waters, see, because there's no
better way to learn than to engage other people in conversation. Any
people. Anywhere. At any hour of the day or night. He'll share what
he gets, of course (partners in reconnaissance, remember), even if it
means forcing you to pull a pillow over your head and remind him that
you have dawn sweeps in the morning. So? Information waits for no
entity, and you know you want to join the conversation because you
have the best ideas of the two of you and there's always room for
another perspective — hop on in!

Not to say that Onath will instantly and irrevocably transform you
into a total pro-social being. His effect is more subtle (his
keyword!), drifting like his mind's crisp smoke through yours and
leaving things … shifted. Your memories will be clearer, for one
thing, and you can deal with the painful ones more easily. His
unconditional love and support will back you and buoy you to explore
yourself as well as the great wide world he so yearns to understand.
Together — who knows what you might find? He's a hunter to go with
his martial appearance and mindset, and he'll follow a trail like no
other, right to the bitter end without being bothered by distractions.
Be the hunt for intellectual and gustatory satisfaction (he takes his
herdbeasts shaken, not stirred) or for the rising greens and golds
he'll chase like the very wind, to taste and /possess/ them … he's
in for the long haul, and you're right there with him. He can take
all the troubles and travails in daily life and make of them a grand
Adventure, thanks to an abiding optimism and enthusiasm for life —
life with you.

Onath is your crucible, Niera, who'll forge from his eager flames and
your raw elements a true partnership to last all the Turns, who'll
journey beside you through unexplored worlds … and with him, there
/is/ no final frontier.

Credits: J'dano (egg)
J'dano & Ariana (dragon)
J'dano, Ariana, Arien (inspiration)

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