A'dria's Fathomless Freshwater-Green Orsylth

Champagne Hoarder's Egg
It shimmers under glowlight, a peculiar straw-colored, translucent
gold that cools the eyes and sifts down through the senses like
liquid silk. Tatters and shards of other colors speckle its
surfacefathomless bottle green, dense but sparkling black, gold
and everywhere the heterogeneous clusters of buoyant silvery
white tantalize the palate. This egg has pretentions of impeccable
breeding and queenly demeanor, but any baser metal can masquerade as
gold, and anyone could savor the contents herein.

Champagne Hoarder's Egg celebrates its collapse in a sudden burst of
confetti-like shards, black and silver and base-minted gold mingling
with the sands even as that fathomless green coalesces into a blur
of dragonet who's slow but sure to find her feet.

Fathomless Freshwater-Green Dragonet
She has whirlpools for eyes, this thin-boned dragonet, and a soft
hide the brown-washed green of deepwater lakes; milky waterfalls
froth her throat and belly, but her wingsails' translucent spans seem
netted upon spars of dark, finny seaweed. Through it all, her
presence does not flash but simply glimmers, a gentler intrigue that
extends to the tip of every shade-tattered talon, to even her tail's
barbed and relentless hook.

She drinks you, drowns you, even as she gazes into your eyes —
faint surprise wells up, how can such a thin, bony dragonet be so
powerful as this green of … of yours? /Yours/, it seems, this
crystalline lake of thought, its seaweed twining about your very
bones, stirring up thoughts and dreams of treasure. Treasure indeed,
who's found you for truth, and the very beginning of it all is:

» My name is Orsylth! «

What do we want to take with us into the next millennium?

Fresh water, definitely. It's one of the first items
mentioned in any survivalist pack. We love the idea that fresh water
/moves/ — from mountains into streams and rivers and lakes and
thence on to the ocean; it follows a lot of familiar yet
newly-revisited channels before it joins the rest of the water out in
the middle of the world. It also changes form, from rain to water
to ice and back again. It's incredibly necessary and occasionally
overlooked — to the observer's detriment — and that's your
Orsylth. (And keep in mind, lakes may look serene, but when they
get big enough, they make /waves/.

Why this egg? It caught Audria's eye at first sight, first
love, however chancy. We liked its theme of celebration — even
while recognizing the need for hoarding, for survival. And, well,
the colors fit your Orsylth so well. :)

Why 'Orsylth'? Oh, A'ria. Here's proof that we aren't
perfect; but all's well that ends well, and we think Orsylth is
lovely. It was one of the names that several people on search crew
listed as their favorites. The name's reminiscent of so many lovely
things: orioles, oracles, sylphs, sylvan green, Scylla from Greek
mythology. And it's got a wonderful round sound: A'ria and Orsylth.
We're glad you like it; enjoy!

Your Orsylth is not a large hatchling, but she may be a large
dragon, if she keeps growing as she's threatening to do: large for a
green, that is to say, which is still quite large indeed. Her
hide's ever so soft, seeming to drink up its oilings, and scuffs
easily for more, more, more oil. Its green is the brown-washed green
of deepwater lakes, the sort that's reflecting the mountain stone
and the mountain greenery. The vulnerabilities of throat and belly
are paler, softer, milkier green but green nonetheless, opaque
against the translucency of her wings that seem to pale in light and
darken at night against their seaweed-dark spars. As for her talons,
they're sharp, especially when she scratches them against the stone;
they also vary in color as might a shell, but in the subtlety of
tatters rather than anything more precise, more predictable. Her
tail's hooked, it's spiked, and quite nearly prehensile: she likes to
move things with it, twist it about things — well, about you.
You're best of all.

Audria likes chores, routine — Orsylth is all for channels and
heading downstream, but also likes to explore something other than
the norm. She makes waves for Audria. Purposely upsets Audria's
standard habits. » You always seem to polish those leathers the same
exact way. How about… « If Audria was the heroine's friend,
well, Orsylth seems to think A'dria is the heroine herself,
helpfully suggesting new and more thrilling ways to do things. (Yes,
Orsylth's a closet adrenaline junkie. You know those still
mountain lakes with their reflections, sweetness and stillness?
Well… they can hide a lot. Including bones.)

Orsylth may be noticeable, but not because she's flashy — it's
because she's intrigued by so many things as is her dam, avid to hear
stories and explore and to learn. Know. Study. Ponder. Which
means prodding and prompting A'dria to ask questions of these new
acquaintances; they may want to go discovering and exploring
uncharted waters, like Dvath, but Orsylth will be /prepared/.

Call her a navigator, a pilot of the skies — so much sky! Which
makes for topsy-turvy and swervy mating flights, too. (When she
becomes sexually mature and starts noticing those boyos, watch out
for long sessions of proddiness, less overt than simply … testing
them. Teasing them. Orsylth can learn subtlety, even if it's just
for that.) And an enjoyment of sweeps. During weyrlinghood, she
might even offer suggestions, » To the left, over, a little bit
more— « to her neighbor, whether or not it's wanted. She'll
/adore/ gliding, sailing on the currents, crashing over the waves:
this girl likes having a good time, all right. Remember that

And despite all that watery imagery, Orsylth just doesn't like
water itself. A'dria may have to step out of the background and try
and coax her to the lake for a scrubbing — or else just con another
dragon into splashing her. ;) She can be a bit of a beach bum, but
it's the sunbather, not the swimmer. Oh, but she /loves/ scouring
the beaches, digging in the sand to scratch herself good: lake's
better, it doesn't sneak up on her like that surf does.

'Voice': Physically it's medium and light with just a bit of
bubble, and sweet — but underlying that crystal is a lake bottom,
with the seaweed forests, the algae, the feet of water-skimmers
skipping atop, the clouds of mud stirred up by the movement of the
water, the bones and treasure hidden within. It ripples and dips
with her mood, and when she's excited, can she /ever/ build sand

Thing is, though, A'dria and Orsylth are alike in so many ways,
even as they complement each other: when A'dria's nervous Orsylth
can pull out strength, and the other way around, just as how you've
mentioned can happen in a crisis. Sometimes, Orsylth can push too
far and need someone to be there on the other end (imagine learning
to fly: » I'm up! …But how do I get down?! « ). You're each
other's lighthouses … which can be touch and go, with you always
being afloat, if only rarely just plain out to sea.

Parentage: Arien's Katrineth + M'gael's bronze Theronth
Egg: Vindanea
Dragonet: Zephre, M'gael and Arien

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