Nerae's Exultant Diamond-Blue Pirogeth
Beauteous Nacre Egg
The uniform plain off-white shell of this slight egg camouflages shy beauty; when sunlight hits the shell at the right angle it reveals minute swirls of iridescence snaking over the surface. Medleys of colours are thus hidden: proud peacock blues intermingled with the modest gleam of roses, the glow of buttercup peeking out from behind a gale of spring green. Gifts of colour, hidden amongst an everyday hue: not as obvious as some other eggs, but just as extraordinary.

Beauteous Nacre Egg opens with minimum fuss, bestowing upon the Sands the treasure it protected for so long, a dragonet gleaming with egg fluids.

Exultant Diamond-Blue Dragonet
Glacial ice recedes from sky-sapphire headknobs and snout, pulling grooves of sun-dappled blue over sharp ridges and haunches, then melting into white iridescence down the length of broad, blunt tail. He's all angular bone structure and finely cut muscle, his hide reflecting smooth facets of color, faded azure ridged and limned in gold. White diamonds glitter at belly's curve and sharpen talon's radiant points.

Public Impression Message: Exultant Diamond-Blue Dragonet knows quality when he sees it, and makes quick work of claiming it. His eyes turn to Neraela, that she be complement and mate to his exquisite self.

Private Impression Message: Suddenly the heat of the Sands is quenched by the arctic winds within your mind, cold and clean, glittering with a rainbow of reflections and the unmistakable scent of snow. «You're perfect. I'm perfect! We're perfect together.» His mind is a maze of radiance, easy to get lost in, but he keeps you oriented to the moment - the now. «I'm your new best friend!»
«My name is Pirogeth!»

Name and Theme
The theme of this clutch is Wedding Anniversary Gifts. For the thirtieth anniversary, the traditional gift is Pearl. The modern update for thirtieth anniversary is Diamond. The Beauteous Nacre Egg represents that traditional gift, the oyster shell that hides its treasure, a single pearl, from view. Your Pirogeth, of course, is your blue diamond - and blue diamonds are some of the rarest, most prized, and most precious diamonds in the world. The Hope Diamond is the largest and most famous blue diamond, and we've taken that name a bit literally for your optimistic lifemate. The name Pirogeth was your first choice, and we were happy to give him the name you requested.
See the links below for more on Blue Diamonds and the Hope Diamond.
The Hope Diamond: http://web.archive.org/web/20040307125004/http://www.si.edu/resource/faq/nmnh/hope.htm
Blue Diamonds: http://web.archive.org/web/20040307125004/http://www.bluediamonds.co.uk/

At heart, your Pirogeth is a Hope Dragon. Optimistic, confident, and sure of himself, he has a certain sense of what the future must hold. His memory of the past may be short, but his anchor in the present and hope for the future know no bounds. He has a bit more patience than his clutchsibs, like Jereriath or Kalth, eager to fly high and fast. He knows that high or low, fast or slow, he'll get where he's going.

Still, his optimism extends to his abilities as well - he's a large blue, almost the size of a small brown, and he sometimes forgets that he's not in the 'turn-on-a-dime', fast and low school of flying. He'd outlast the smaller blues if he didn't try so hard to fly like them! He'll constantly think he's more maneuverable than perhaps he truly is, and you'll have to help him take advantage of his natural assets to overcome that overconfidence.

Like Xiphiath, he'll take to the water well, although Pirogeth's greatest joy will be those cold months when he finds the rain has changed - «Snow! Look, Nerae! Let's go out in it!» He'll love to sit out and soak up the sun on a wintry morning, contrasting cool winds with warm light. Sun-bathing will be a regular occupation, in fact, Turn-long.

Pirogeth will be your best friend, your listening ear, your friendly shoulder. All that you expect in a lifemate, and a soulmate, he'll provide. But life isn't all sunshine and glitter - this one has a fault or two.Your shiny blue has more than a touch of mischief in him; in fact, if you'll pardon the pun, there's a bit of the rogue in Pirogeth. He's just so cheerful, you see, with such a sense of fun that he can't understand why Lyaseth doesn't want her tail nipped, or why you don't always want to be splashed with the icy water that feels so fine on his hide.

Moreover, he has vanity to spare. He's gorgeous, and he knows it. He'll want the world to know it, too! He'll appreciate flattery and creature comforts, like sleek furs and fancy tapestries, and he'll want you to show yourself to advantage,too. If it were up to Pirogeth, he'd shower you in fancy stones and jewerly and expensive gifts, to show you off - to show you both off.

That vanity will extend to personal grooming, keeping himself neat, washing blood away after feedings, picking grass and dirt from his talons, and even chewing mint (whole plants will be necessary - better start harvesting now!) to rid himself of "firestone breath."

He's a character, certainly, but he'll never veer far from you - he'll want to keep you nearby, from the very first. Your absence will be cause of woe when he's young, and of patient but consistent queries in his adulthood - «Are you done in there yet? Is it time to go?» The greatest joy of his life will be flying with you - together, he has confidence you'll get far.

Mating Flights -
Pirogeth will find mating flights a glorious challange, and he'll rarely pass up a chance to show himself off to the ladies. That tendency to over-fly may cause a few problems at first, but he'll learn when to pace himself and how to use his assets to his advantage after a few Turns of experience. The more he matures, the more sharp and finely tuned his mating flight pursuit will become.

And he'll want you to share the wonder of it, to see things the way he does, to understand the draw and to hope for the triumph. His optimism will never fail him here, as he sees the future paths that may take him to his goal; and his roguish sense of fun will follow here, too, just to keep the proceedings interesting. He wouldn't want anyone to take this thing *too* seriously, after all!

On those occasions when Pirogeth catches, you'll find he proves to be a girl's-best-friend in truth, staying near the object of his affections for days afterward, renewing the memory of the moment, and he'll always treat those greens he catches with delighted familiarity afterward.

But don't worry, Nerae will always be the true mistress of his heart, and after those few days of devotion to a green, he'll want to prove it to you over and over again. «Greenth? She's nothing to you! You're the one I really love.»

Pirogeth will grow in fits and spurts, first along his length, then filling out. Sometimes it might seem that his arms and legs are growing in at different speeds, and that you'll never find the coordination to get off the ground. But Pirogeth has that patient optimism, forgetting all the confusion gone before in his dogged knowledge that soon, soon all will be well.

And so it will prove, as he levels out in the larger range of blues, almost the size of a small brown. He'll never have the maneuverability of smaller Xiphiath, perhaps, but he'll trade that for stamina and strength. His tendency to overestimate his own abilities may land you both in the Dragonhealers' a few times, so stay aware of how he's flying when possible to develop good habits early on.

His neck and tail will be your particular trial, as those will itch and itch, especially in his youth when he's growing in leaps and bounds. His wings, too, will need attention often, as their resilient membrane stretches over the spars.

He'll want frequent oilings, of course, and baths, to keep his hide sparkling and clean. He'd rather not go out if he isn't looking his best. (And the same goes for Nerae, in his mind!)

As he matures, he'll lose his adolescent tension and build muscle onto those limbs, developing a broad and solid physique, and despite the passing of Turns that radiant hide will neither fade nor lose its luster. This radiance is for life.

Ice, yes. The ice of the arctic storm, and the ice of the glittering gemstone. Pirogeth's voice is full of radiance, sunlight warming the facets of his mind with a thousand rainbows. There's blue there, with a hint of gold for cheer and a deep, hidden violet to rouse when angry - all of it followed by the tantalizing hint of snow on the air. Pirogeth's voice lingers in that point of calm, that moment of promise, before the storm.

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Isabeth
Egg: S'ren
Inspiration: B'nal, Jill, Zephre

Please note: This Inspiration is by no means set in stone. Feel free to take what you like, leave what you don't, or start from scratch, as you will. Pirogeth is *your* dragon and only you know how to play him best!

Posted July 17, 2003 by Zephre

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