From the insipid plains of the desert, to the luxuriant verdancy of a tropical island, Qiluin was a transplant, and sidekick to the equally sumptuous Quorra. Then he impressed to bronze Zhoreth, twins became siblings, and he became a rider and Dragonhealer named Q'luin. Now he splits his time between his native home Igen Weyr and his new home Ista Weyr.

Stylized ink etches a tribal territory on the bronzed visage to encircle one of his smoldering coal eyes. A duo of scars cut across mauve lips, while another lies hidden beneath the tattoo on his left cheek. Fastidiously styled for attitude, sooty curls fall to brush the sinewy apex of broad shoulders. He carries himself with a certain fiery intensity, as well as the urbane smoothness of a cultured upbringing. Tall, svelte, and audaciously large as life, this agile character wears his clothes to attune and emphasize the fine gifts that nature has afforded him.

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