• Quienth — from 'quiescent', but mostly just selected for the

simple sound of it, with the rare Q being an added bonus.
Pragmatic Riverstone-Blue Dragonet
The river flows ever about this fledgling blue, lending fluidity
to his shape if not luster to his fine, dark hue; where joints can curve,
his do. The slant of water-carved jaw, the decisive spread of wingspars,
the splay of sharp-taloned paws: these bespeak a strength borne of
self-awareness and channeled by spartan simplicity. Nature's whim,
however, brightens the flow into vivid streaks along his belly and softer
smudges within his wingsails, barest allusion to a dash of dry,
delightfully diverting humor.

Intaglio Signet Egg
Maternal whimsy has infused this smallish egg with her own essence of
amber, so that it gleams all dusky yellows within its begrained setting:
lustrous, intense, ambiguous. As if carved into exquisite intaglio, umber
runes of tooth and talon ring the cabochon form to stamp its own idiosyncratic
seal upon malleable dreams.

Hatching Message:
Intaglio Signet Egg splinters into a myriad of sand-fallen daydreams, seal
stamped this once and never again; from the amber bed rises that last
impression, a large blue dragonet whose muzzle lifts questingly for the skies.

Impression Message:
As the river-blue regards you, in the periphery of your mind the sands' heat
shifts to dry, crackling flames that spark against fresh-cut spring wood:
not so much a flood as a gentle inquiry—becoming joyful certainty,
instinct that surpasses emotion:
» My name is Quienth! «


Quienth is going to be one of the larger blues when he matures;
already he's fair-sized, and matches some of his brown clutchmates, though
they'll outstrip him in due time. He's got Katrineth's long bones,
inherited in a different way than other dragons, though: Ysaleth got them
and they keep her lean; Quienth will get them and they'll provide the
framework for a gently, consistently round body. He's not fat, by any
means, and never will be, but where a haunch can curve, his does. It's a
very fluid roundness, a water-smoothed and shaped concavity which
juxtaposes one plane to another with hardly any indication that there's a
joint, however obvious it may be—it's the feel, like a pebble you can use
as a worry-stone, fingers gliding across its surface. He'll be big, but
again, it's not a get-in-the-way bigness; simply put, he is there and
things flow peacably around him. Yet he has his place in the world; life
would be different if he weren't there — the riverbed would be altered,
so to speak.
In coloration, he's similar to lazurite, which crystalizes in
compact masses of a fine, dark blue. His hide contains a dull lustre,
broken only by streaks of brighter blue against his belly and the merest
hint in his wingsails. He doesn't appear all that much at first glance,
simply another nicely-colored blue but nothing outstanding — but, oh,
wait until he takes his first swim! In water is where he shines: the dry
lustre is coaxed and brought out to a surprising shade, glimmery with
greenish-blue undertones. He's the special token that you might pick up
in a day's adventure: simple, /naturally/ polished, and far less delicate
than the carved facets of jewelry; this you can keep in your pocket, and
touch when you're feeling, er, blue. Dry and out of water, it doesn't
look the same, but in water, mmm; the hidden characteristics are brought
out. So, too, is it with Quienth.
Quienth won't have any particularly predictable itching points when
he's young (and old). His torment will be more a crawling feeling that
permeates his entire hide; one moment, under the wingbases, the next,
along the side of his neck. But he won't let you know about them until
they're /really/ bothering him, so you'll need to watch out for those
tell-tale twitches.


"It's a gift to be simple / it's a gift to be free…"

Quienth is both. His simplicity gives him that freedom. He's like
the Amish: hearkening back-to-his-roots, content and preferring the
spartan life, practical, pragmatic, and living in the here-and-now rather
than dreaming of later or dwelling on the past. He focuses on the Moment,
and really appreciates and enjoys that; he'll put up with your musings but
helps you to appreciate what you have now. He knows where he stands in
life and is comfortable there. Somewhat of a stay-at-home (cozy!), loyal
to Fort, not concerned about controversy. He doesn't crumble, but does
He's very attuned to the physical world, a down-to-earth dragon
who pays attention to the little changes in nature: the shifting of
seasons, the unexpected storms, the glorious bounty of summer. He'll have
an inner sense about changes in the weather. » It's going to rain; you
should move that plant off the ledge and a bit into the tunnel. « He's
not one to volunteer information on the shiftings except in circumstances
which require it; like keeping the plant from being drowned and destroyed
by the pounding thunderstorm. Yet at the same time, he relishes those
changes; nothing will invigorate him more than the cool refreshing
just-after-a-rain. He tends to predict your habits, too, instinctively,
and nothing gets him more attuned to those nuances of /you/ than a good
ol' douse of Nature at her best.
Quienth is pragmatic, practical, down-to-earth, and pleasurably
refreshing. Some people say the best friends are those who get along with
everybody, and Quienth does; while he may not have many close, personal
friends among the dragonkind — he's generally more the polite, amicable,
friendly acquaintance-type rather than close secret-sharing — when he
does it will be with a deep bonding (though nothing compared to the one
you share, of course). He has a closer link in general with other
blues. They're /blue/, after all. There's an inlaid understanding of
what it means to /be/ blue to which the other colors, while having their
own individual identities, cannot relate. He has a dry sense of humor,
and applies it at the oddest times: just a comment can turn a scene from
one emotion to another, from sad to silly laughter at the sheer
unexpectedness and yet appropriateness of the remark.
He's immensely helpful with this view of life: with healing, in
particular. For one, he's not squeamish, and has no qualms about getting
into the tough-and-dirty necessities of the job. He'd be a marvel if DF
had Thread. But since it doesn't, these skills are often turned in other
directions, like coping with befuddled riders after goldflights. The
vibes of the flight may often affect him (and thus you!), but he channels
what he can't help into productive usefulness; hey, you might even have
fun tending to those poor, afflicted riders. He seldom loses his head
over matters, simply applies them to something else.
Channeling is one of his most highly-developed skills. He's very
dedicated to the Weyr, doing his utmost to fulfill his role in its schema;
which role he knows very well and instinctually, whether it be wingrider,
watchrider, wingleader, or weyrsecond. It's not a stagnation, but a
well-applied equability with what he is and has. With that ability, the
pair of you might easily rise to wingleader or some such position. (Have
you noticed that those who power-shove and boldly make enemies as many
times as make friends are the ones who get passed over in promotions? The
one who has done his job dependently, competently, but not necessarily as
volubly gets the job; people are comfortable with him.)
Quienth exists very much in the here-and-now. Instead of dwelling on
the past or pondering the future, he focuses his energies on /this/. On
/that/. For the good of the Weyr, and, of course, you. Yet this
dedication is not met with workaholic syndrome. On the contrary. He
needs his day of rest, and will insist on it. He needs his time in the
sun to just tune into the dragonminds, feel you curled up under his wing,
and /be/. You could do knitting or what have you but only if it wasn't
work, it was fun. Relaxing. This may seem like a source of stress at
first, to not be able to always go-go-go, but really, once you learn to
plan around it, it's a good family, bonding time. Let off the titles and
just be.
'Being' is what Quienth does best. He's not one to flow towards the
extremes of emotions, but resides comfortably in the middle. He tends to
view life as that-which-will-happen, so why worry about it? At times he
might appear a little exasperating in these habits to others, but you're
in his mind, you /know/ just what he means. For example, if someone wants
to show him this marveling, exciting thing, or relate this fascinating
story, his reaction might be, » Mmm hmm. Nice. « and he'll leave it at
that. But you'll /know/ he truly likes it. At other times, though, he'll
be more forthcoming. After all, those are helped who help themselves, and
expressing emotion is natural except when it gets in the way of getting
things done; that's not an abstracted thought, it's just the way he does
it. He'll experience emotion freely until the river becomes a torrent and
actually becomes destructive instead of interesting and constructive. If
anything ever hits him /really/ /really/ hard — and he falls to pieces
he'll really be in for it and it'll be hard to put himself back together
again. Though fortunately this should be really really rare. He can
manage just about anything; he's a deep riverbed of assurance, both in
himself and you. Why should that change?
Quienth isn't opposed to change, he just never thinks about it.
Which is why you'll need to be there to prod him to it. He doesn't need
over-mothering, though. He's surprisingly self-sufficient for a dragon,
though of course he'll have more needs during infancy and adolescence.
But he will accept assistance /only/ from you. He doesn't like to
advertise that he has an itch, or is hungry, or needs his tail cleaned out
from constipation (which will be rare for him, anyway). He'll address his
needs privately to you; no one else will know anything is wrong until you
suddenly have to excuse yourself. And you won't be able to explain why
you're leaving, either, beyond, "Quienth needs me." Because his way of
expressing need will be in the form of: » Could you please come here? «
Once you're there, /then/ he'll tell you what he needs. He's very private
about such affairs. Firelizards may be welcome bathing him, but he'd
really prefer no other humans. Just you. Same with oiling.
He's not the type to fuss, but point things out with
sometimes-annoying matter-of-factness. He likes his weyr /clean/ and
uncluttered, and will beseech you to please remove those leaves from his
couch and sweep it while you're at it, too. The bare stone for him, thank
you. He's a spartan sort. He'll likely tolerate — and like! — all
types of greenery and other things natural in the weyr, but knick-knacks
get on his nerves. He doesn't have an innate appreciation of them as he
does nature. He may request that you clean up your part of the weyr, too,
but it's his personal territory that will chafe if not pristine.
In flights, when he matures, he'll follow much the same pattern
that he does in most other activities. He'll be the type to fly it
straight, a sure arrow against the sky as he waits, saving energy as he
can. He'll let the air flow off and around him; it doesn't push so
much against his body as divert to let him through
the pebble again.
He'll not tire himself out with fancy maneuvers, but let others do that
and thus weed out the pack. When the green dodges those trappers, he'll
be /there/. Flights are a part of life, and he may not court a proddy
green, but the actual flight really affects him: he's /motivated/,
enjoying the skill, the exhilaration, the thrill of the chase without
being terribly abstracted or intellectual. Afterwards, he'll like some
assocication with the green, but not for too long; one must get on with
things (like another flight!).
Overall, Quienth is an undemanding, self-reliant dragon. Yet he needs
/you/. Out there, on the sands, he made his leap of faith, and landed
himself in a bedrock which he knows will always be there for him, and he's
found the assurance from that to make an equal promise in return. He
fills a gap in your life you weren't even aware of, something no human
could ever really accomplish. To paraphrase the movie _Jerry McGuire_, he
completes you. You complete him. Neither of you will ever be alone.
Enjoy him as much as he'll enjoy you, Elenya.

The quiet after a good spring rain, the refreshing tingle of
getting back to one's roots, the sometimes brittle bending of a branch:
he's a flavor chock full of Nature. Warm browns and cool greens form his
mental signature, with undertones of crackling yellow. Physically, he'll
have a pleasantly low baritone voice, dry and comfortable. (He'll
likely have some settling to do as he grows; dragonet cracks will
smooth, tone deepening as he ages — he'll outgrow this stage much more
quickly than the majority of his clutchmates.) Yet he prefers
to communicate mentally; so much more is conveyed in a much simpler
medium. Simpler, more intimate — to last your lifetime.


Egg: B'nal
Dragonet: Arien & Kh'rys
Dragon Name:
Inspiration: Kh'rys & Arien

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