Whimsical Pinwheel Egg
Haphazard swathes divide this egg into a kaleidoscope of bright
shades: gaudy reds, flashy blues, and reflective silvers wrap 'round
and 'round the thick shell, each vying good-naturedly for that
preeminent top spot; still, no victor prevails as those bold colors
twirl in a giddy dance of windswept gaiety and carefree exuberance.

Whimsical Pinwheel Egg rocks forward and back, gaining momentum —
then rolls, its colorful stripes released at last to spin freely,
and propels forward until smacking firmly into stone. Which, of
course, makes all come undone, and leaves its young occupant blinking
dizzily in the sand.

Quizzical Wilderness-Brown Dragonet

Hazy shale, sunlit tawny, autumn's ochre: a landscape's worth of
browns camouflage this dragonet's close-kept contours, and lend an
illusion of somnolence to canny contemplation. Indistinct are his
mottlings, yet smooth as the precision of broad wings' curve and
tail's knowledgeable tip; talons touch upon mountain lichen's russet
and green, those hues further echoed in the crevices between
dust-brown neckridges and emblazoned upon the broad wedge of his brow.

No trace of doubt fogs the sure, sharp regard with which he sees you,
nor mars the swelling certainty with which he claims you, a mountain
wind that rustles the leaves of your soul. You for him and he for
you, so it always was and ever will be, and his voice soars with
triumph as he tells you, only you, the first words of an unending
» My name is Quilath! «

Eagle: A symbol for the soul, the spirit and warmth of life. Controlling lightning and rain. (Perhaps he prefers more turbulent, challenging weather to fly in?) It had the ability to spiral upward, until it passed through a hole in the sky to the home of the sun. Ability to soar to great heights, and from here can survey all four directions. Greater sight and perception. Heroic nobility and divine spirit; embodiment spirit of the sun. Also, rediscovery of the inner child. A powerful new dimension to life, and a heightened responsibility for (spiritual) growth.

Owl: Expressive, sensitive eyes; associated with the night and with magic, with prophecy and wisdom. The owl, like hawks and other birds of prey, has a third eyelid that cleanses the eye, clearing its vision. Owls fly silently, unless they choose otherwise. Some owls have a balancing raptor. The owl is lunar and nocturnal, while some raptors are diurnal and solar. Owls and some hawks will share the same territory, one hunting and using it by day, and the other by night.
Barn owls are inventive opportunists. They are adaptable and will take their food wherever they can find it. Great horned owls are possessive of their territory and are noted for ferocity. Barred owls, on the other hand, have a benign nature and may appear threatening, but are quite harmless — they're great actors, and can put on quite a show! Short-eared owls are courageous and powerful, strong and fast and without fear, versatile and curious. Snowy owls conserve their energy and are continually observant, with a great sense of timing, accomplishing its tasks with timing and skill, not through intimidation. True strength is gentle, and this is what the snowy teaches.
Owl. Take these traits, and play with them.

…These last two, we could never decide between, so here, have them both, as seasoning. :)

Muskrat: Wealth, good health, playfulness, status, good luck—enjoys the water, too, oh yes.

Prairie Dog: Less for totem knowledge than for the desert; for popping his head out of holes and hurrying back in again. Early warning system for you, perhaps, when he's in the mood and visitors arrive!


Quilath, from the eagle; we knew you liked it, and we liked it.

Here's a confederate, a conspirator, who'll match you inside and out — and who likes to perplex you and play, whether it's cat and mouse (okay, feline and tunnelsnake), tag, hide-and-go-seek, and more complex games all your own.
Slow and lazy on the outside (ah, illusion!), Quilath's swift and deft on the inside — like an eagle soaring high overhead or an owl blending in with the foliage, comfortable and easy in the wilderness, until prey is spotted and he stoops.

Clumsy like any hatchling at first, he'll grow to grace, although — happy to be underestimated at times — he won't always employ it. Although on the ground his wings may, in youth, be more of a hazard… in flight they will take you both to new heights of aerial ability.

Expressive eyes swirl and play with the light of the fading sun, always alive..even in the darkest shadows of night. He is as much a part of the sun, as the sun is a part of him. He will hear what is not being said between you, and will see what is hidden within your deepest shadows — and you, he. You will not be able to deceive him about motive or actions… for long. Very versatile and curious, he reflects a blending of fire and air — stirring passion for life with fire the inspiration, awakening the imagination.

Very communicative is Quilath, and very aware of the cycle of life and his place in it — you two are together, are yourselves, and yet you're part of the clutch, the Weyr, and could not truly survive alone. Minds to minds play a complex web, some of it confusing, some of it tantalizing, all of it intriguing, and so he likes to explore and bring you back the juicy bits.

That awareness of cycles and how he, with you, fits into his environment sends him puzzling after other natural mysteries. He'll burrow down to follow a root for the sake of understanding how far a tree goes, (as far down as it does up?), and what are roots for? Flying past a cliff, Quilath will be apt to notice all the different layers of rock and dirt, and wonder why it's like that. Unique to him is a sense of time's vastness — not days or moments, but aeons and ages — separate from memory, which is no better than any other dragon's, surely not so fine as Imbrith's. It isn't details, it's the big picture he wants. He'll be interested in the fact that a forest, all that green seen from on high, looking so smoothly uniform, is really made up of hundred of trees, and from there will discover that a Weyr is made up of lots of little weyrs — and lots of indiVIdual people and dragons — which will invoke his quizzical nature even further. And of course he will need to ask you endless questions, but once he grasps a concept he will turn around and explain it ito you again, and want to teach whoever will listen. In fact, listening is optional.

Quilath's all charm and mirth (except when he's not), his large, river-deep eyes usually regarding those around him with a hint of laughter. Benign in nature, he will try to appear threatening but is truly harmless (to all but herdbeasts and the like, plus the evil vicious sock that you wiggle in front of his nose…), and an excellent actor who can put on quite the show if the spotlight is shining his way. Courageous and playful, he will be the one to always instigate… leaving more than just a handful to clean up!

While he'll be known for toying with his food, when his mind's made up Quilath is powerful and swift, and once he gets to use the feeding pens, he'll easily discard many a herdbeast with a simple, neat snap of the neck, utilizing those strong talons and muzzle. (But, he never overeats; waste not, want not.)

Speaking of strong talons and muzzle — physically, Quilath's close-kept, a little larger than compact, but springy enough that he could do some barrel-racing if he were so inclined … though they'd have to be pretty big barrels, since any dragon is huge! There's some length to his neck and tail, though, enough to reach, oh yes. Broad wings. Broad brow. But he's not a BurlyMan, though he'll have all the muscle he needs; he's the perfect middle man for whatever generalities or specialties you two choose to exercise.

His colorings are a wilderness landscape's worth of browns; hazy, dusty shale, warmly sunlit tawny, the ruddy yellow of autumn's ochre. They aren't intense so much as camouflaging, mottlings, overtones, a subtle progression one through the other, disguising the precision of his conformation. As for trimming (Dustin is, or was, a weaver), mountain lichen's russet and green both define (since they're different shades than the main part of his body) and obscure (since they're not exactly precise themselves) the talons, and as well the crevices between dusty-brown neckridges and blazing a streak down — or up, depending on how you look at it — his brow. Look at it. Look at it often.

A particular itchy spot will be the lower part of his neck, as he'll always be turning to watch and comment on what's going on, always studying his surroundings. Oh, how he does love his neck massages! And his straps will need to be fitted just right. Blue straps. Green straps. Gold straps…

The dusty, evocative scent and sound of the wind rustling through fallen leaves, peaking to a thrashing whirlwind when excited or upset or dying off to but the barest of breezes when drowsy or confiding in a secret for Dustin's thoughts only. By no means loud, its presence is always felt…always there and never to be ignored (by you, at least!). Comfortable in the way he 'speaks', he does so often and with, at times, careless abandon. He's more apt to use images/sensations than words, including kinesthetic sensations. His feelings aren't just mere whispers that just brush the mind. They….balance. The stronger the need, the stronger (if not louder) he is, reinforcing the 'natural' colors in the world; for example, contentment might float through a sky blue, sleepiness a grassy green. And he'll learn to be really good with that body language.
His physical voice will be similar, tenor when young, and deepening to a husky baritone.

In short, Quilath will open up an altered world to you, perceptive as he is, with a vision of others that you may not have recognized or acknowledged — and, best of all, a vision of you, you and he, forever sharing and shared.

Egg credits: Kh'rys
Inspiration credits: Arien, K'lora, L'nya, Madri, N'fra

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