K'rali's Matchless Icecap-Blue Rhioth

Poison Kool-Aid Egg
A wide wash of violet, smooth as an overripe grape and as dark,
coats the reflective surface of this egg. Bubbles of indolent silver
sweep up one side, hinting at sweetening gone bad, confection
fermented. All in all, it's a torpid picture: the fruit, beautiful
and spoiled, the argent slash clearly marked on that side. And over
the parabola's apex, top and bottom, rivulets of a lighter purple hue
wind chaotically down to the focal point, down and beyond. Sadness
and euphoria, the call of fertility and the cadence of decadence, the
garden's gone wrong, grown all on top of itself until there is only
one way to experience it all: dive in.

Poison Kool-Aid Egg cracks more deeply, glass-glittery, glass-sharp
— and then, one side giving way, spills out a tumble of long-limbed
dragonet amidst great silver-bubbled shards. Who looks unsteadily up,
eyes whirling deepest crimson, and begins to strive for footing upon
the uncertain sand.

Matchless Icecap-Blue Dragonet
Frigid fire burns strength down this arctic dragonet's long bones,
glossing pale highlights about the ripple of muscles and tendons as if
glowing through his stormy sky-blue hide. More lightning licks along
every wingbone, and stripes the ridges running from forward-tilted
headknobs to the very tip of his lash of tail, but the brightest
brilliance is his eyes: arctic, antic, actinic.

Dive in. Golden lightning slams through your senses, your self —
the very sands fall away into that soul-deep crevasse, taking
candidates and audience with them, /all/ others — but he is not
other, that arctic dragon whose eyes clasp and claim your own; he is
your self anew. With that realization, the fire expands throughout
you — expands you — into an eternity of consummate, sunlit warmth;
he explains then, » K'rali, I know you. I am you. «

» I am Rhioth! «

What do we want to take with us into the new millennium?
Two things: the polar ice caps, and legends.

…Well, polar ice caps (see Dvath, who'd likewise be
endangered by global warming), and wouldn't it be nice to get
cryogenics really working, say? How about better control of the
weather more generally? One thing about ice caps, though, is the
amazing things found in them: they're not just lumps of ice at all.
Not only do they have the occasional mammoth and whatnot, they also
can tell us about what weather was like long ago through evaluation
of what's in them, from air bubbles to pollen. Pretty nifty indeed

Legends: As you likely know, the story of Rhiannon comes from 'The
Mabinogion,' a medieval collection of Welsh tales (considered a
masterpiece of European literature) which includes exploits of King
Arthur & his knights, the Grail, and Taliesin; we want to take with
us the great myths and legends of the earth, so that we may be
inspired to great deeds, poems, music, or works of art in the
centuries to come… or if nothing else, that we may have interesting
bedtime stories to get the young'uns swiftly to sleep.

Name: Rhioth comes from Rhiannon, and thus you — but it also was a
name that was volunteered independently, and that several crew
people listed as one of their favorites even before Talisen had the
brilliant idea of matching you two up. :)

And that egg, well, we really enjoyed what you said about it, how
you found it so '/awesome/ - interactive, if you will, and quirky in
an utterly appealing way.' It seemed to complement the frigid fire
that intrigued you in the Hale-Bopp egg, the frigid fire of Rhioth

Speaking of Rhioth:

Your Rhioth is long-boned like both sire and dam, anything but the
burly sort; he's made for racing high up in the chill blue mountain
sky, with you astride his neck and laughing into the wind, for all
that he's still more agile than the larger dragons. He'll be
somewhat clumsy at first, with a tendency to knock things over (some
of them human): think of a young colt, standing all wobbly on those
long, long legs, with those amazing wings to top it all off. Then
put that colt in a hurry to go, to get something done, to get
somewhere /first/…

As colors go, his might be reminiscent of parts of a certain
comet-egg: overall, he's a stormy, intense sky-blue, the sort of sky
that gets inklings of violet-grey within the blue, a storm that's an
afternoon with the sun somewhere behind the clouds rather than the
paleness of morning or the darkness of night. (Not Harper blue, we
can say that much! He's also a stormier matte-blue than Yolinth's
tropical, silvered luminosity.) Lightning's paler blue traces the
fan of his wingbones, leaving the mainsails untouched, and brushes
the leading edges of his spinal ridges; when he moves, shimmers of
coldfire burn highlights about his muscles, as if glowing through
from the bone.

Rhioth isn't coarse, icy as he is, but neither is he the delicate
sort: his constitution is strong, and he's apt to eat about anything
that's meat. His sensitive spots are his feet: he really needs them
taken care of well, and will be ever so glad when he can fly
everywhere instead of walking all the time. He'll like swimming very
much for that reason, it's just the, the, the sand between his
taloned toes! It tickles. You'll need to take especial care with
his feet, whether they're soiled by snow, sand or just plain mud.

As for his personality… heard of a bull in a china shop?
Had 'Kalmania' compared to one, perhaps? Well, Rhioth's the same
sort of deal — but a stallion. :) Just think of the two of you

Rhioth's so often off somewhere to /do/ something — and it
doesn't have to be a distant land, either, he's quite happy /doing/
here at home. He has something of a temper to go along with that
strength (aka stubbornness) and courage (aka bullheadedness). When
he's a young dragon, if there are bags of firestone to be lugged,
he'll carry them; later, if there's an auntie to be ferried up to
take care of a sick rider, he'll take her (but it may be a bumpy
ride); if there's a sweepride to be taken to the most dismal parts of
some-neck-of-the-woods, he will. Need something done? This dragon
/volunteers/. Aren't you lucky?

Rhioth's certainly social with other dragons, especially his
clutchmates, sire/dam and weyrlingmasters' dragons (his herd!), and
he even likes firelizards (albeit only in his own time; when he gets
bored, a mind-snort sends them off), but as for other humans? They
don't much matter; to them, he's indifferent, cold, remote, distant
like the mountains themselves. Search time may be a limited
exception, but even then he'd be very, very reluctant to communicate
with humans directly. K'rali can do that. She's /good/ at that.
For K'rali-Kalrania, he's all those nurturing emotions and prodding
thoughts and encouraging words and wild abandon to love — the things
you've told us she needs but doesn't know it, so she'll grow
stronger and taller and bloom more beautifully than anyone could have
imagined before… especially in his eyes. Will she be beautiful
to the world? That's an open question, but for Rhioth, there's never
any doubt.

Along those lines, remember the legend of Rhiannon, who was
forced to bear all visitors to the castle on her back like a horse,
because it was believed she killed her child? (It's listed in
Appendix A just in case.) Well, Rhioth won't /like/ anyone riding
him but his K'rali. He'll tolerate it, and it won't be a huge
imposition once he gets used to it — especially if he sees a lot of
the same human — but there's that … crawly sensation, that
prickling along his spine and mind like lightning about to strike.
K'rali, she's good, she's /great/, but no lingering and schmoozing
with anyone else. And getting scritches from all and sundry, even
now as a hatchling? Forget it. K'rali's likely to be the only human
who directly gets to know the gentler side of him; to others, he's
the strong and protective white stallion — Rhiannon is most often
pictured on a glowing white horse — uncontrolled and unknowable.

Rhiannon's also been deified as the protector of all living
creatures, and a champion of justice. Rhioth's the same way, for all
that herdbeasts and wherries don't exactly count in his book. ;)
(Even then, he's apt to kill them neatly instead of spreading bloody
bits all over.) Once he discovers right and wrong, he's apt to care
more than other dragons: » What is /Right/, K'rali? « If you
think someone's been unjustly accused or misappraised, he's right on
top of it.
Doesn't necessarily mean he's right, though: he might see
the spit canines through your eyes (he /likes/ looking through your
eyes, if there's somewhere he can't be) and con a firelizard into
delivering extra scraps to them … which, while well-intentioned,
may send them into an argument, or the scraps might be the human
scraps instead of that saved for dogs, which could get them into
trouble with the cook. He may become outraged when seeing a
runnerbeast being treated poorly by its master — but is his 'poorly'
when the runner's ridden with heavy spurs, or just ridden at all?
That's something you'll get to discover together.
As for his clutchmates, even though he's one of the smaller
dragons of the clutch, that doesn't stop him! He's as apt to tussle
as anyone, but should anyone get hurt, he'll do his best to protect
him or her — and call in reinforcements, if need be. (Read Tamora
Pierce's _Protector of the Small_? It's a good one.)
This will also translate to your relationships with others.
K'rali may have to talk him down if the weyrlingmaster gets on her
case. (Then again, he's likely to listen to said weyrlingmaster's
dragon.) Similarly, if K'rali gets involved with someone abusive,
Rhioth'll not like that a bit, and sure try to tangle her out of it
and set that person straight. :) He's not likely to try and set
K'rali up with anyone (after all, then they'd be around /him/), but
he might go along with another dragon's idea.

When he gets to be sexually mature, around a Turn and a half
down the road, Rhioth will certainly enjoy flights — no, he won't
be lurking around some green's ledge in case she'll start glowing,
but he might once she /does/. Even when he doesn't catch, given that
dragon memory, it won't be a bother for him the next time: were he
to put it into words (which he won't, and doesn't need to), it'd be
that it's part of life, it happens, and he gave it a good go. When
he /does/ catch, now… oh, after the afterglow he won't cuddle up
with her for sevendays on end, dragons don't, but still ever after
there'll be that lingering taste of possession. She's one of /his/
herd now.

Voice: Rhioth's physical voice, once it settles, will be a
surprisingly low, warm baritone; as for his mind-voice — think deep,
rich, golden sun, all warm and growth, peace, protection and health,
solace and strength, encouragement and welcome, like deep and
nourishing loam for Kalrania's soul-plant to grow roots in and become
K'rali, /his/ K'rali. (Unless he's in a temper, in which case,
watch out for that golden lightning.)

In short, he's yours, you're his, and the world is a china
shop of your very own!

Parentage: Arien's Katrineth + M'gael's bronze Theronth
Egg: Fiona
Dragonet: Zephre, Madieva and Arien

Appendix A:

One of the first legends about Rhiannon happens while she is a human
queen. She bore a son, who disappeared shortly after his birth.
Rhiannon's maids, not wanting to be blamed for his disappearance,
killed a puppy and smeared some of its blood on her, causing all to
believe that Rhiannon herself had killed the child. As punishment,
she was required to bear all visitors to the castle on her back, like
a horse, and tell them what she had done. After seven years of
this, it was discovered that the baby had not been killed by anyone
— he had mysteriously appeared in the horse-barn of a simple couple.
When his foster father realized who the child must be, he quickly
took him to the castle. The boy, in turn, would not allow Rhiannon
to carry him on her back. When all was revealed, Rhiannon named her
son Pryderi, which means "worry" in Welsh.

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