Sire and Dam: Theronth & Suryareth
Hatching Date: May 18, 2002
Theme of Clutch: Movies
Dragonet’s Name: Rhyolith
Impressee: Apocalon

Worldly Caverns Untold Egg

Aching for an opportunity to grasp life, this glistening egg of boundless treasures. Waiting amongst the countless treasures guarded by the watery blue eggshell are collections of everything conceivable to irk ones understanding as to what exactly the images are, but everything hazes together, in unison, covered by wavelets that disguise the appearance. Wonders abound in a dance of questions unanswered, knowledge unknown, love and life yet to be fulfilled. Still a sense of desire is present, desires to feel warm sands, journey out of the sea of shell and be unconfined for all to see the true beauty of such riches.

Hatching Message

Worldly Caverns Untold Egg shudders as if shaken to it’s soul by some unseen force. The blue ripples in anticipation (or is it dread?) of the inevitable. The trinkets tremble and could that be a jangling rather than a cracking? No, for tiny fragments splinter then skitter away by the force of the exit of the occupant. Nothing can be held for ever and thus the shell disintegrates revealing Shark in the Deep Brown Dragonet.

Shark in the Deep Brown Dragonet

Deep umber sweeps back over the solid shoulders to gracefully narrow haunches, folding over the whip like tail with reckless abandonment. Tight muscle coils under completely smooth hide, defining each angle sharply and flowing each fluid curve into the next in a tumbling cascade. Rich sienna caps the rounded eyeridges flowing down to the blunt, crafted muzzle. Splatters of the same hue fall between the ridges forming lighter streaks down the short neck and back. The almost too broad wings are filtered through with traces of blue and gold, like the faint glint of sunlight through the depths.

Impression Pose (what the audience sees)

Shark in the Deep Brown Dragonet turns his head suddenly to a group of white robed victims, eyes whirling bright blue and tail twitching impatiently. With a regal flick of his wings, he moves gracefully towards them, making a complete circle of the group as a cat on the prowl, taking his time singling out the chosen prey. He pauses in front of the raven haired lad with the solemn face. Nudging Apocalon's leg with his muzzle, his tail whips back and forth impatiently, as though to say, 'Well, are you going to stand there all day?'

Impression Message (what you see)

The faint rhythm of the steel drums invades your thoughts, accompanied by a cool blue and traces of tropical sunlight. Faint traces of green lace through the back of you mind accompanied by the gentle scent of water hyacinth and lily. »I am Rhyolith« The rich baritone rolls over you, then pauses as if waiting a breath before continuing in slightly more urgent voice. »Now are you just going to stand there or shall we eat?«

Mind Voice

His voice is a rich baritone sonorous as poetry and regal as the King himself. His speech patterns lilt with just a hint of Jamaican accent, adding spice to the smoothness. Words are tools lovingly used, and yet precision reflects his mood as much as any other aspect. The more intense his mood the more precise and clear his speech becomes. When he is at his most relaxed then his speech rolls together into a soothing tumble, all set to the rhythm of a steel drum. His physical voice is a light baritone, almost into the tenor range, but no less rich, if less subtle in many ways.

Mind Colors

Cool blue and bright gold mingle to form the base like a tropical sun on the water. Joy intensifies the gold to an almost white brightness, or pleasure mellows it down to a sparkling sandy hue. Melancholy will bring blue to dominance dripping with the shark mad reds of anger and storm greys of hate, but lacing through it all will be a lattice work of green, varying in intensity with his mood from bright coral emerald, to deep seaweed greens and everything in between.

Mind Scent

Spice dominates, mellowing with the hints of a sea breeze and the smell of salt. Violent emotions call up the stormy smell of ozone. While displeasure will bring the unsavory odor of sun rotting kelp to mind. Sarcasm, his favorite attitude, will accompany steel drum and sharp edged gold/green with the pungent scent of rum. Love brings the gentle scent of sea flowers and water lilies, with their being a slightly fishy scent to sincerity.

Physical Scent

Apart from the dragon muskiness, he has the vague tang to him, as if the rum in his mind scent had bled over, though sometimes it may edge to salt over the more exotic scents.

Eating Habits

Rhyolith isn't a picky eater; he'll eat just about anything he can get his claws on. But the meticulous manner in which he eats may leave you close to tears with frustration. He enjoys food in the fastidious manner of a lord; every talon licked clean after each bite, muzzle spanking clean of gore. Being smaller in size, this also means he'll put you through this at least twice a sevenday, if not more! There will never be any rushing him as he savors each bite and cleans himself up fully at the same time.


Rhyolith will never be bulky. He's sleek as a panther, small as far as browns go, but without the stocky physique smaller browns tend to acquire. Not skinny or undernourished, but lithe, almost willowy, tightly coiled muscle poured over a molten steel frame. As a hatchling he is already graceful, almost languid in movement. (though his huge wings will unexpectedly trip him if he's not careful) Maturity will couple this grace with a subtle power, giving a purposeful flavor to every flick of his wings and twitch of his tail. Proud demeanor will give him lordly poise and subtle condescension in his features, his head held high and tail never dragging, wings held aloft in the controlled posture of a king.

As for those wings, they were made for propelling and maneuvering, the almost too-large span carrying him at breakneck speeds that only such a light and nimble body can work with. In youth they will hamper him slightly in movement, as they will grow much faster than the rest of him. But as he gets older and fills out a little, what once seemed mismatched will become picturesque; think butterfly proportions, if you will. No longer will his earthbound grace be encumbered by a dragging spar at the worst moment. But in flight…though he may become grace personified on the ground, his beauty in flight will be a rare perfection. He'll never be an endurance flier, but what he lacks in stamina, he makes up for in speed, agility, and his love of showing off his maneuvers.


Flights are a joy for him. He is utterly indiscriminate as to the color of the female he chases, but he will always remain consistent in many ways: He is always a gentleman. Once he senses a female is proddy his sarcastic wit will completely cease and you will find yourself with a veritable Don Juan de Marco. He will woo the female in question, court her like some regal princeling, truly king under the sea. When it comes time to blood, he will be quick and efficient nearly as fastidious as when he eats, and yet he is no fool. If the lady in question takes to the air before he is done, he will abandon his kill to chase after her. He can clean after she has been won, or lost.

In flight he is a cunning creature, lacking the stamina of the larger browns and bronzes, gold is an end often dreamed of, rarely if ever achieved. Like a merchant prince eying the king’s daughter, or a sea urchin the daughter of Poseidon, he will tempt fate to try his luck, but not really expect to achieve the glittering prize. Which of course makes victory all the sweeter when it is achieved.

For greens he is a unique combination, agility uncommon in a brown is combined by a stamina matched only by the largest of the blues, even then it would be debatable if they could truly out last him. His movements in the air are more akin to those of a dolphin, the simple joy of flying, the joy of pursuit. While he is graceful ground bound this is the ultimate for him. His most intricate feats will be reserved strictly for flights, to woo the lady, to entice her too him. He will respond to curses with flattery and insults with grace.

That is in regards to the female. To the other males he will be bitingly subtle, picking their deficiencies with the accuracy of a marksman and the cool stillness of a becalmed sea. He is apt to linger with the female after the flight, if she lets him, though after a short while his normal attitudes will return, even should he catch a gold, which could lead to problems in the future!

Above all else he will live up to Don Juan's bold proclamation: No woman (or in this case dragon) would leave his er… wings unsatisfied!


Ah, now for the mystery of quirks that are Rhyolith. Where to begin?

Fearless. He is unafraid of risks, always ready to face whatever challenge comes his way with a fierce fire in his eyes. This is not to say that he goes out looking for trouble; oh no. He may be brave, but he certainly isn't irresponsible. He meets all challenges with a cool, calculating mind, be it mere flight or daring rescue. When trouble is afoot, he's definitely a dragon to have on your side.

Responsible. Even in weyrlinghood, his ways are not that of a mischievous young thing. Many the time will be that you are held back by his voice of reason when you are up to trouble. »If you skip out on your chores, Kyla will find out, and you'll have even more to do tomorrow.« not to say he isn't into fun, but duty comes first, then play. This may be taxing for you when all the other weyrlings are out pranking the riders, but having someone to keep you out of trouble is good sometimes. Really. :)

Clean. One cannot emphasize this enough. The end of each day will most likely involve you scrubbing Rhyolith's hide free of any dust or blemish. And you won't be left alone until he's satisfied. »No, I'm sure there's a patchy spot right there! Do you want me to have cracked hide when I go between? Well, keep scrubbing then!« He'll insist on a full oiling every night, a good scrub, and a swept weyr. (can't have him sleeping on dust bunnies, can you?) These will be the times you find yourself most fortunate to have a small lifemate.

Protective. He'd go through anything for you, and at a word he's at your side. But he also plays father to you, with his advice and his intervening. He'll be sure to let you know the minute you're doing something dangerous or just plain stupid. »No, I will /not/ put you down. I'm not about to let you jump off that cliff. You can /walk/ to the water, just like a normal person.« He'll be the inspector of all your acquaintances, dishing out comments that you may or may not want to hear. »Kr'lin hasn't got two brain cells to rub together; why on earth would you want to transfer to /his/ Wing?«

High and Mighty. Like royalty itself, no one is better than Rhyolith. Just ask /him/. This is likely his most annoying flaw, though he doesn't usually turn his holier-than-thou face on /you/. No, this applies to his less responsible clutchmates, and anyone else he finds lacking in character or breeding. When it comes to something he believes strongly in, there's no outranking him or out talking him. If he has something to say, Faranth help whoever takes it with a grain of salt. In his way of thinking, he's the voice of reason for the whole Weyr. It's up to you to humble him at these peak moments of superiority.

Witty. Rhyolith has one of those rare, subtle, /scathing/ senses of humor. It's more for his own enjoyment than to really be entertaining for anyone else, but he can hand out backslapping comments like there's no tomorrow. »Ahzraelth and /Daemith/? Hmph. Good thing she's a green. I hate to think what the hatchlings would look like.« Most of the time you'll likely be his partner in sarcastic crime, but watch out! He isn't too high to give his own lifemate a few low-blows now and again. »You've had enough to drink. Well, can you spell your name? Backwards? Just as I thought, you'll be dancing around in Katarra's clothes if you have much more. Oh, please, you know you were thinking about it.«



This egg was themed after the Disney Classic, 'The Little Mermaid,' specifically Ariel's secret cave in the movie and her longing to be free of her life beneath the ocean. If you haven't seen it, you should, because it's a classic.


Rhyolith is based off the word 'rhyol', which means 'roll' in Russian. Why the word roll? well, for one, doesn't the name just roll of the tongue? :) and two, think of rolling waves when you say the name. It goes along with the sea-based theme of Rhyolith.


A shark in the deep, of course! The reflections of water on his sandy hide as he gracefully hunts his prey. The sleek lines, the wings made for propelling. Closest thing to an ocean jaguar we could get, really. ;)


Personality-wise, we opted to mix two characters from the movie; King Triton and Sebastian. After all, the two were always together in the movie, why not in your dragon? His regal demeanor and proud, protective streak are products of the King of the Sea. As for his Holier than Thou complex, not to mention his subtle humor, these were drawn much from Sebastian's character.

Physicality-wise, he's part shark, part jungle cat. Shark to go with the theme of the egg, and jungle cat because of the mention you made in your application about the jaguar idea. Hopefully his sleek, compact frame will suit what we hoped you were looking for in a dragon.


Egg: Klari
Hatch Message: B'roughs
Name: B'roughs & Mesopha
Impress Messages: B'roughs & Mesopha
Dragon Description: B'roughs
Mind Voice: B'roughs
Mind Colors: B'roughs
Scent: B'roughs
Flight: B'roughs
Eating Habits: Mesopha
Physical: Mesopha
Personality: Mesopha

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