High-Spirited Marigold-Brown Dragonet in Melted Marshmallow Egg
Nothing, not even his hatchling clumsiness, seems to stop the enthusiastic progress of this long-limbed brown for long. His powerful barrel-chest shimmers with smooth-changing colors like his dam's, but this time in marigold hues: varying from rich coppery-brown to a more golden, brighter tone, they darken and condense to a more uniform shade along the rest of his muscular frame. Broad, yellow-dappled wingsails quiver with his excitement, mirrored in the restless swishing of his tail; his gaze is intent as he searches his surroundings. His relentlessness is lightened, however, with an overarching joy that infuses every rippling of muscle or turn of the head.

Name: Riallath is from 'Rialla', in the Dragon Prince series. A 'rialla' is a festival, a big get-together, a Gather if you will.

Physically, Riallath is powerfully built, with a barrel chest and broad wings. That chest shimmers in marigold hues in the same way that all of Ashtoreth shimmers in autumnal hues: they variegate from a rich coppery-brown to a more golden, brighter-tone. As one looks along the rest of his muscular frame, one sees the colors darker and condense to a more uniform shade. Riallath's wingsails are dappled with yellow; his claws are dark brown. He tends to get itchy between his claws, and along his flanks. He's not the most agile of dragons, but he's pretty fast for short periods of time, and his endurance is good.

Personality: Riallath is high-spirited, enthusiastic. He's … well, fluid, and while he's relentless, it's like a river: responsive rather than running over topics and squishing them flat. He simply takes problems in stride without fussing over them, keeping on going with a certain joyfulness that doesn't cease. He delights in his surroundings, the sort that stops to smell the roses and soften your practicality without weakening it: intent, but not necessarily intense, as he doesn't get hung up on things. With you around, he'll sharpen his focus up somewhat, although hopefully never lose his even keel. Riallath likes to warble rather than bugle; his tone ripples with good humor. Oh, and he's also quite talkative. He's steady, even-tempered: the ultimate morning person. :)

Credits: Hatchling and egg courtesy of Ariana.

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