Note about Rugen: Most of this is not known widely. I include it for possible TP opportunities. I'll separate the known and unknown portions.

It is well known that Rugen is the right hand man of Lord Bitra. If Bitra needs to get something done, who does he call? Rugen. Rugen loves the high life, and is well-connected for a simple cotholder's son. His official title or place in the hierarchy of the hold isn't exactly known, but wherever Bitra is, Rugen is not far off.

It is not well known that Rugen is Bitra's link to the pirates. He has helped organize, funnel marks and orchestrate targets for the rogue group. Jerran and Rugen hate each other to no end, but they'll work together for several reasons, not the least of which is the opposition of Marryn as Boll's next holder instead of someone of 'the Blood', possibly even from… you guessed it, Bitra. Also, Rugen has a private hatred for I'nigo Montoya and his family. In fact, he killed the Montoyas probably on order of the Lord. So, the feeling is definitely mutual. Sometimes, he gives a false name, Brue, to throw people off.

During Boll's Gather, recently, Rugen decided to stir up some trouble by stealing some buttons from a weaver's stall and sticking them behind some tanning supplies in the tanner's stall next to it. Toncho Barlord noticed him, but said nothing at the time. A couple nights later, he was drinking at the bar area, and trying to get information out of the proprietor of the Broken Staircase, Threndon. Then, Lord Amarik showed up. Now, previously, Rugen had given Amarik his real name in order to needle the man. So, he realized he must not make himself known. So, he caused a stir and hid behind a corpulent woman, using her mass to protect his face from the Lordling's eyes. So, he was put in Boll's prison. However, that didn't last long as he was broken out by Nienan and has slunk back into the shadows.

Also, he's taken up residence in the caves in the Underground. He has also started causing trouble at Ista Weyr by taking some hides from the stored ones in the storerooms, and replacing them rather quickly. No one knows so far that it is him doing this. He's befriended Mika, a candidate whose job between clutches has been as an assistant headwoman.

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