The lone wolf joins a pack now and again, only to be driven off. He seeks his own way, his own path to find where life takes him.

That was the journey of Santiago or more commonly just Tiago, wanderer and itinerant fighter crossing through the Northern Continent of Pern. But it was not always this way, his story truly began with Clan Dimitru, a group of traveling traders that operated out of the Nerat Penninsula. Life was good growing up with many siblings and cousins, till he was ten turns old when the caravan was attacked by holdless mauraders. Santi was left for dead, found later by would be rescuers from Nerat Hold and told he was the only survivor. He was taken in by the Hold guards as an apprentice/foundling, where he trained and learned to defend himself in ways that might have been useful if his family were still alive. As he approached manhood, he left the Hold and became a freelance sword for hire guarding other trading caravans all across the Northern Continent.

By chance, a stop at a Gather at Fort Hold borught some interesting faces and experiences into his life. After meeting some people from Ista Weyr, Santi(now known as Tig) journeys there and hires on as a Weyrguard. There he meets Rhikiad, a kleptomaniac teen from Telgar with whom he becomes quite attached while forming a rather turbulent association with the bronzerider Q'luin.

Months pass and Ista's new cook Tiarla turns out to be a member of Tiago's long lost family. Together they journeyed to Fort Hold where her parents had settled after the devestation of the rest of their clan, reuniting the orphan with the rest of his surviving family. Their adventures afterwards took them down into the Southern continent, encounters with pirates, wildlife, and more close calls than they ever imagined, they finally returned to Ista Weyr for good.

A clutch is laid at Ista, Tiago was not searched given his age at the time, but managed to stay close to his new family and friends who were candidates, such as Rhikiad for whom he had become rather obsessed with. He stood guard over the ground entrance during the Hatching while watching his cousin Tia impress. By chance, Tig looked down and to his and everyone else's surprise, bronze Sephiroth had walked up to entrance way and Impressed to him. Renamed S'tao, the lone wolf is no longer alone.

Weyrlinghood sped by quickly, ties to his clutchmates growing strong as they worked together to join the fighting ranks of the Weyr. His obsession with Rhik (now Rh'iad) had only strengthened and upon graduation, the two of them chose to be weyrmates and indeed S'tao learned to confess his love as well.

An accident during Fall claims the life of Ista's Weyrleader only a few months after graduation. At the next senior flight… Sephiroth catches Corana's Naomith. S'tao becomes the leader of the pack!

Through the subsequent turns, Tig has proven to be a capable Weyrleader despite his initial inexperience. The second time Naomith flew confirmed him in his position yet again and Corana's daughter Caytilin may well be his child. Sephiroth's successes in flights have been many, often striking unexpectedly while S'tao visited other Weyrs which gave rise to some embarrasing complications as well as turmoil with his weyrmate Rh'iad.

One flight at Fort Weyr with Hestiath resulted in a clutch as well, though none of the resulting weyrlings were transfered to Ista. However Weyrwoman Imogen presented S'tao with a daughter named Isthia who was fostered to her grandparents at the Dragon Spirit Inn near Fort Hold and not too far away from his aunt and uncle over at the nearby Runner Station.

Sephiroth's Inspiration: http://iw08.wikidot.com/tiago
S'tao's Livejournal logs: http://wolf-fight.livejournal.com

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