Dylzan's Genie in a Bottle Blue Saelhedith

Rebellious Hostage Egg
Sweetness and light is marred by determinate darkness; obscuring shades of peaches and cream are angry lashes. Streaks of chestnut slash through the egg, all but obscuring two vivid spots of blue. Despite the stubborn stain, pink and ivory dominate in frilly, playful puffs that embellish the oval's long, lusty curve.

Rebellious Hostage Egg seethes with overabundant energy. Sides heaving, the stretch of once-delicate shell raises brassy striations on the surface. Dusty cracks scatter across the spreading hue as the egg does a little jig in place upon the sands. It spins, it whirls, it does a little hop and then ­ pops. Literally. As the smoke-hued dust and debris finally clear, a large blue is seen, stretching, on the sand.

Genie in a Bottle Blue Dragonet
An imposing figure cloaked in indigo, this blue is a composition of impressive size and sleek magnificence. Charcoal clouds the perfection of long limbs and longer tail, while smoky tendrils of ash and lavender coil about a warrior's broad shoulders and hefty flanks. Large wings of un-occluded midnight, gathered close, form elegant folds against his sides. A countenance of sunken gaze, angled features, and a large, slightly hooked muzzle lends an air of sober contemplation to an otherwise stalwart physique.

Private Impression Message
A whisper tugs at the edges of your consciousness, tickling uneasily at the curve of your ears and the back of your neck. A strange scent invades your nostrils, a heady incense that dulls the senses and opens the mind. The whisper grows louder, indistinct words to tantalize your thoughts. « You… wish… » Reach for it. Smoke clouds your eyes ­blue, violet, ash- until all you can see is the whirl of blue-green gazing up at you. And then he's there, inside, all light, and smoke, and incense. His voice, deep and hazy, speaks. « Your wish is my command. I am Saelhedith, and you are Yl'za. »

Name and Theme
Yo ho ho! Our eggs this time around were based on Pirates, as they were clutched just after International Talk Like A Pirate Day (

Saelhedith. Deciding on a name for your dragon was difficult. Do I choose one of the names that you have supplied, or do I take you on your word that you'll take anything within the given parameters and surprise you? Well, it's obvious that I went with the surprise, since Saelhedith is certainly not a name you requested. He's based on Saladin, progressive and noble founder of the Ayyubid dynasty in Syria, and famous opponent of Richard Lionheart in the Crusades. Read more here:

I began with the full name of Saladin: SALAH AD-DIN YUSUF IBN AYYUB ("Righteousness of the Faith, Joseph, Son of Job"), then shortened it to Salahadinth. I felt that was a little too clunky, though, so shortened it further to Salhedith. I then took into account your preferences and added the ‘ae’ to make it Saelhedith. Throwing that at SC brought quite a few different pronunciations. My favorite is Sigh-EL-eh-DEEth, though you're free to pronounce it however you like.

Saelhedith is Dylzan's genie in a bottle. His ultimate purpose in life is to grant Dylzan's every desire, or see that appropriate steps are made to attain that goal. At the same time, he should be quite the challenge, a bit of a personality clash, and a grounding influence for the previously ungrounded young man.

Saelhedith is chivalrous to a fault. Like most dragons, he is brave, loyal to his leaders and to Dylzan, and willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Towards his fellow dragons and their riders, he is merciful, humble, and courteous. Above all, he is gracious and gentle with the ladies..

He is a very patient being. Although he has ambitions and seeks to fulfill Dylzan's, he does not push. He is too dignified to plead or cajole. He does not yell or threaten. He waits. He plans. He plots. And, just when the time is right, he'll pounce with a grace and poise no other can match. In the relationship between dragon and rider, this translates to a silently supportive, if not entirely approving, presence in Dylzan's life. Something he seems to need. With any other dragon, this might mean turns for any plans to mature, but this is Saelhedith. He has a brilliant tactical mind that he will not allow to go to waste, despite the Interval. This also means that, so long as Dylzan can keep up, the two of them will excel at the Spring Games. He is also very fond of chess.

With military genius comes the inherent ability to lead. At least, in your dragon, it does. However, Saelhedith will wait until Dylzan is ready for the responsibility of leadership. He does not want to hand his lifemate such a grand opportunity to make a fool of them both, but he does look forward to the day when they might stand together at the head of a wing of their own.

He is a very sober beast, your Saelhedith, spending a lot of time in quiet contemplation. It is not the whimsical musings of the innocent, but the humble devotion to following a righteous path. He believes strongly in moderation in all things and will highly disapprove of Dylzan's tendency to overindulge. While, again, he does not push, cajole, or threaten, he might quietly encourage his lifemate to learn to temper his habits.

He is not all military bearing and devout contemplation, though. Beneath the steely exterior, there is a living, loving being, and he loves Dylzan very much. He shows it by encouraging Dylzan to do those things that make him a better person, like his sewing, and discouraging those habits that really bring him down, like his addiction. He enjoys a few humble pursuits, like poetry, which he adores and would recite if he could remember anything beyond a day or two, and gambling (Or, he would, if he had the marks to dispose of). He also likes to spend lazy afternoons enjoying the simple things in life, and talking about nothing in particular.

Saelhedith also loves the ladies. He is not a player; he doesn't try to seduce anyone. Nor does he really offer any sincere pursuit, unless he intends to catch. He is the utmost gentleman, giving compliment to even the most homely visage, and employs every courtesy when it comes to the fairer sex, even when they will not return the same. He puts as much energy into flights as he might any other pursuit, even to the point of fighting for the fair damsel's favor. Any fighting he does, though, is entirely honorable.

Saelhedith will adopt any special people in Dylzan's life, be they family, friends, lovers or children. He'll keep a silent eye on them, and be ready to intervene physically if needed - but, of course, he'll leave all the talking to you. If Dylzan has a rider weyrmate, he'll treat their lifemate with courtesy and politeness, like an honoured guest. Over time, he'll become less stilted and relax a little, but he's most comfortable when it's just two. He does expect you to follow his example and treat the girls right - one night stands outside of flights will be viewed with disapproval.

From the moment the dust cleared, it was obvious that Saelhedith was going to be a blue of impressive size. He might never reach the size of a bronze, or even a brown, but for a blue, he's going to be pretty big. On top of that, he has the physique of a warrior—a waste, some might say, in Interval, but he'll find some use for it. Rather than being bulky, however, he's got that sleek magnificence that's a combination of raw muscle and length. This means that he'll have more staying power than your typical blue but, at the same time, he'll also have more maneuverability than a brown or bronze.

As a dragonet, that size translates into awkward growth spurts and a seemingly bottomless pit of a stomach. Like a puppy, his paws will always be a step or two ahead of the rest of him, his legs will be somewhat spindly while he's still growing, and his wings won't be quite so elegant. It is through the trial and error of his first couple of months of life, while his body makes a total nuisance of itself, that he develops the great patience that will characterize his adult self. Once he gets past the awkward stages, he will be a beautiful beast, with grace, dignity, and poise.

So long as you oil him well, Saelhedith won't have many itchy spots and, if he itches, he's too dignified to say anything about it. You'll have to keep an eye on him, and let your senses guide you. If you itch, it's quite likely that he does, too. That said, his favorite scratching spots will likely be just under the chin and around the end of his muzzle, between and above his nostrils. A note on coloring: the coloring that coils about his upper limbs, shoulders and flanks will seem to move when he does, giving the impression of a being clothed in smoke—much like a genie.

Saelhedith's mindvoice is, above all, deep and resonant—all the better to command others with. It is the voice of a trained harper or a strong leader. His enunciation is perfect. There are no slurs in this dragon's speech. Think something along the lines of James Earl Jones.

Surrounding this deep and resonant base are the frills to soften it. There is the thread of multi-hued smoke and the scent of the hookah: the sweet smell of tobacco mixed with molasses, honey, or fruit. And there is a play of light: light filtered through smoke, light filtered through water, light filtered through leaves or glass, or even pure, unadulterated light. Each one may hold a different meaning and it's up to Dylzan to figure out what.

Though he can make your ears ring with the power of his voice, Saelhedith will rarely use it, more content to keep a pleasant speaking tone, instead. When he is truly angry, however, everyone in the vicinity will know it. He will project his ire from one mind to the next, all flashing light and burning things.

Sire: Razgulth
Dam: Llydyth

Egg: ???
Inspiration: Diocelen, Savarna

You asked for a challenge, Dylzan (or should I call you Yl'za, now?), and we answered. We look forward to seeing you work your way through it and somehow mold both rider and dragon into a fulfillment of your own expectations. Feel free to follow your heart and make changes where needed. After all, this is only a guideline.

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