Chrysta's Resonant Imperial-Brown Saidith
The Flowers That Bloom Egg
This egg is at once sarcastically mocking and cheerfully carefree:
sweeping across the broad base, vibrant blues and violets bring promise
of merry sunshine; overlying the blooming colors, entwined rose and wine
reel in a dizzying hey-for-four, all backlit with a pale yellow that turns
the splintered tip into that much more of a broken-mirrored caricature.

The Flowers That Bloom Egg shudders, entwined roses and wine flowering
downwards, the trellis split into many shards of blue and violet: sunshine
dawns upon wonder as it unfolds, a blossom upon the hot, sweltering sands.
Again, brief images of … something slip from sheltering blooms, before
… what is within is sheltered, hidden, no more.

Resonant Imperial-Brown Dragonet
Forged discs of tarnished alloy command observation along this dragonet's
barreled chest to mark his throat's burnished brown hollow and underbelly's
reflective shadowing; his flanks taper in turn, brass underlying rust's
coarse touch. Taut wingsails resound over sculpted neckridges' hard-edged
jut, strength harmonized by etiolating verdigris along spar and
fingersail. Talons spread sharp support for his heavy structure, braced
and balanced by sturdy legs and tail's mallet straightness.

Warmth— heat. A sullen rumble, resonant ringing, as if from a gong in
the distance. Louder— thunder, the resounding thunder of wrath
enraptured. And then love, no other word for it, the thunder dying into
the soft hum of a brother, a father, a lover. And this one reveals his
name to you, haughty, imperious, but yours, even so:

» My name is Saidith! «

The gong was the instrument of ceremony within the Imperial
Chinese culture. It is said that it was used at all times, from birth to
death, from celebration to defeat. This brassy instrument was the
instrument of the Emperor, and an extension of his will. Men lived and
died with its sound.

Saidith, like his inspiration, the ceremonial gong of the Chinese
emperors, has a deeply resonant, throaty mind-voice, twined with incense
and a cinammon-warmth. When upset, it gets rougher, harkening to the
thunder of the ancient chinese dragon— master of air and sound.

From hatching, his wings will be a problem; he will be always
tripping over them, awkward as they are (and usually itchy to boot).
This will make him complain— constantly, as is his right, after all.
Somewhat naive, without the imperious, commanding quality he'll grow up to
have later in life, he will nonetheless /never/ deny you— you're /his/,
and he can't let /you/ get sad. Bigger than an average brown as a
hatchling, he'll continue to be a little oversized (a little
larger-than-life) even into maturity. And he'll take pride in
this…again, constantly….when he's an adult.

As a dragonet, he'll keep asking why he's different, why he's
bigger than his blue brother, or smaller than his bronze cousin. Very
concerned with status and appearance is Saidith, especially as he grows
older, and he'll balance an unabashed love of raw, bloody meat with the
desire to be dainty in the eating of it. » Am I messy? Do you think
Gyrfath won't like how I look? « And yet…for all this, he isn't /just/
about himself. Saidith loves— he loves you with everything inside him.
Be upset? Did something bother you? He won't stand for it. And he'll let
the whole /weyr/ know what's wrong. » She can't seem to get her straps
right! «

Saidith is /always/ right— even when he's wrong. And he'll tell
you so…but only when you disagree. Why try convincing someone who
already knows he's right? But Faranth forbid it if you don't stand up for
yourself— ever. Even against him. He'll be pushing, and prodding you to
stand up, do it, and don't let them push you around! Who cares if he's
trying that? That's what he's there for; indeed, even with all his
imperious nature, he is supportive of you— in typical 'familial' sense,
your welfare is more important than simple pleasures.

As he grows older, these traits will mature. He will demand less,
and try to convince you that a certain course is right; at his core, he
might even wonder if you're right. He will just know better— and
easier— ways to accomplish his goals. Imperial now, and not so
demanding, he expects respect, and gives it in exchange. A solid bulwark,
though still with his own quirks and contrasts, he is ireful one moment,
forgiving the next. But he is /yours/. Supportive, loving, and less
likely to demand things from you— he gives, as is proper for rider, and
dragon— again, that protocol-conscious side of the brown.

Indeed— supporting you, he'll need support to. Perhaps due to
his confidence in all things, public, he will have times when he'll need
comfort, and you to reassure him that /yes/, he is so very bold and strong
and … the list will go on. And on. Even in his downtimes, the brown
will want to /know/ that you love him, and that as you are his— he is

Regal, rather than demanding: as he grows into adulthood, Saidith
will no longer command— at least usually. Understanding the need for
structure, he'll follow the hierarchy— again, as is proper and moot.
This doesn't mean, however, that he won't complain— only to you, though.
One might even call it whining— but /never/ to Saidith. Surely not!
He'll even learn how to tell a joke, though quite often he won't get what
some of the other dragons tell him. And if he does— watch out. He will
latch on it like a child with a toy, and tell it to you till you're apt to

With maturation comes other things: soon, as the weyrlings start
to think about graduating, he will notice Girls(tm)— well, ok. Girl
Dragons. Much like his sire, Saidith is all business within the air,
trying to entrance the female with smooth words and flying. Due to his
size, he is perhaps less maneuverable, but oh— with size come advantages
in the air. And even so— he'll still love the flight for what it is…a
chance to prove himself to himself, and to his lifemate.

Bold and confident, pensive and worried, out to prove himself and
/knowing/ he is the one, the only one for a task. That is Saidith. He is
a conflict, a contrast in motion, with the only sure thing being one
thing: He loves— loves /you/.

Lifemate, friend, confidant, Saidith is a dragon at odds— you can
never tie him down to one thing. Like the ancient ceremonies, he is
everything— just /when/ he's a particular thing is the problem. He
decides. Good luck, Chrysta— and welcome.

Egg Desc: Kiris & Kh'rys
Dragonet Desc: Tr'vyn
Dragon Name: Z'lo
Inspiration: Z'lo, B'nal, N'fra

We realize that you are the one who knows your character best, who
knows what might mesh and what you'd particularly like to play. We've
constructed this dragon with what we thought you'd especially like, and
what we were 'inspired' by through our interactions with you. Please,
though, don't feel limited by what we've given you, or that you have to
follow it — you'll no doubt find your own niche, and as you play
Saidith, he will surely surprise you … and us! :D

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